by Steve Moyer

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The essence of this issue is not "alien invasion" conspiracy theories or "end of the world" millenial hysteria. The core of the Hale-Bopp Comet Enigma is the unwillingness of the scientific community to entertain any notion outside of a pathetically narrow scope, and one which is established on a foundation of egocentric self-interest. When science is no longer in the hands of true explorers, it's time to consider alternative sources of information.

Hale-Bopp, a large comet (estimated to be between 40 and 100 kilometers wide) was discovered on July 23, 1995. Found at over 21 months out (666 million miles from the sun) a distance record for comet discovery, Hale-Bopp with its 2,364 year elliptical orbital path will be closest to the earth in March of 1997. Normally a comet cannot be detected until it is only a few months out, when a comet approaches the sun and its "corona" flares dramatically, thus making it more visible. What makes Hale-Bopp so unique is, despite its incredible distance from the sun, it has flared to gargantuan proportions, even displaying a remarkable seven jets of gas in its corona and tail. Hale-Bopp has flared multiple times since its discovery, but the peculiarities with Hale-Bopp do not stop there... there's something very strange about this comet. The question is, who will admit that Hale-Bopp is presenting itself in a manner unlike any comet to date and that it is being accompanied by another object, considerably larger and one which has properties which suggest a staggering range of possibilities...including alien intelligence?

Not Mr. Hale and his associates, that's for sure. But this campaign of disinformation and deliberate ignoring of facts in evidence, along with that of many others both in and out of the field of expertise tells us something is going on with Hale-Bopp they don't want the general public to know about. And only days ago, the convenient "stuck hatch door" of the Shuttle craft gave crew members an excuse not to go on a space-walk, and an extra day with a powerful photo-capable satellite in space to... well, who knows? Lately a lot of things related to the space program and the heavenly bodies is not making a lot of sense. As for Hale-Bopp and the enigma of the "companion" which is accompanying it in its orbit around the sun, there is much information demonstrating a cover-up is well underway. Here is just some of that evidence...

There Are None So Blind....

"On July 23 starting at about 2:00AM Mountain Time members of the Albuquerque Astronomical Society took a series of images of Comet Hale-Bopp displaying an oddity."

The image at left, was originally posted to the web by Russell Sipe at  in an attempt to clumsily "correct" earlier disinformation released denying any "oddity" such as that photographed by Chuck Shramek, an amateur astronomer in Houston, Texas, who in October extensively photographed this anomaly surrounding the comet and did some measurements of its size, etc. Mr. Hale spent a great deal of time telling the world Chuck Shramek was wrong not only in his assessment of the object, but originally that the object even existed! (see related images HERE and HERE) They first suggested that there never was such an anomaly, then shifted gears and posted images to the web complete with explanations. The web site spent a great deal of time criticizing Chuck Shramek in a most unprofessional manner, but the mere appearance of images of their own similar to Chuck's only demonstrated that they knew well ahead of time that there was indeed something "odd" about Hale-Bopp. In the course of presenting poorly crafted disinformation and what amounts to a pathetic cover-up, they stated that what Chuck had photographed was a "star" which his amateur star-mapping computer program did not recognize when set in a certain mode. There was indeed a star thereabouts, but nothing of the magnitude of the object below, as seen in one frame of Chuck's photos of the comet Hale-Bopp (below).


Chuck Shramek's Hale-Bopp Photo With Its Companion

Additionally, they claimed the "spires" of light which seem to extend from the object at a 45 degree angle were "diffractions" of light, and offered a few images of stars showing a similar effect (though the image provided had four spires of diffracted light, not two).

Nothing else in Chuck's photo displays this "diffraction" of light producing spires... not even the intense glow of Hale-Bopp itself, which shows its usual distorted, uneven flares and jets of gasses in the corona.


Diffracted light or not, that isn't the issue. The issue is honesty. The issue is telling the public the truth. But the evidence doesn't end with Chuck's photographs... or his telescope... or his computer software. Hale-Bopp can be seen on the left with its large corona. At right is the peculiar "object" that has been traveling with the comet.

Here is a posted pro and con on the issue of Chuck's imaging of the "star" by the people at the Hale-Bopp website. When reading it, remember two things.

(1) They claim it is a star that was photographed
(2) They claim Chuck's faulty software and telescope was responsible. Now that they have asserted this, and considering the evidence you will see here, this means that all other observatories presently offering the same unique photos must also have the same clunky software and same telescope!!

Later on this page you will see why this claim is an absolute farce!

You don't have to be someone who believes in bigfoot and little green men to see that it is quite common for the government, the military and the established order, which is governed by the almighty buck and protecting their positions of power, to lie, cheat, steal, murder and crush opposition to its smoother running program. Those who step out and upset their comfort are in for certain difficulty.

The plot thickened when they sought to discredit Chuck Shramek at the "official" Hale-Bopp web site. The pressure on Shramek mounted and Chuck was forced to leave the state for a time to get out from under the crushing attacks being launched by the "professionals"... professionals who had already openly lied and were making a hack attempt to cover their lies by putting up their own images, though they claimed originally such did not exist. The fact that their photos predate Chuck's by several months was obvious. The question began to take interest among amateur and professional astronomers alike, and with the assistance of a late night radio personality, Art Bell, the story began to bloom. But was this just a one time anomaly or merely, as suggested by many debunkers, "a diffraction effect" in the lens of Chuck's telescope, thus making the magnitude of the "unseen star" grow to enormous proportions? The answer, is No. The fact is, what Chuck photographed was not a star.

In a matter of weeks more and more data began to pour in regarding the enormous anomaly, and it turns out that observatories around the world were tracking this same "companion" to the Hale-Bopp comet, and most of them in a far more professional manner than conducted by the Hale-Bopp research team. Soon, the evidence from other observatories would show that not only did Chuck Shramek photograph an actual object roughly 4 times larger than the earth accompanying Hale-Bopp (the size of which is no more than 40 - 100 kilometers), but that the object was moving independent of Hale-Bopp, sometimes within the tail of the comet, and sometimes beside it. It was not a star... it was not a freak event or camera problem... and it certainly was not a "diffraction" effect in the lens of his telescope creating its intense light and spires.

Another big question was, if this was really something this huge and this peculiar, why wasn't The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) snapping extraordinary images of it continually? Well, it may have been! Secrecy with NASA has become commonplace. Nasa's refusal to even consider taking detailed photos of the peculiar areas of Mars which have generated substantial controversy, as well as Nasa's involvement in the establishment of a ring of very powerful, classified spy satellites demonstrates that Nasa is involved in the web of disinformation regarding a dozen or more issues (and perhaps the most recent "diversion" tactic, the announcement that "ice" had been discovered on the moon.


Assertions by scientists over ten years ago of this possibility brought a hail of insult and the very notion was considered laughable by the establishment in Nasa, but now, in obvious cooperation with the Pentagon to divert eyes away from the Hale-Bopp controversy, ice on the moon is no big deal!). Images from NASA of Hale-Bopp taken by the HST were quickly removed from the web and little is now said about the Hubble Telescope and its involvement in this controversy. The following is a letter I submitted to Ron Baakle of the Hubble program regarding this issue, and his reply:

Mr. Baalke, My question is, considering the fact that several observatories, and amateur astronomers have concluded (and have photographic evidence) of a highly peculiar anomaly with the Hale-Bopp comet, one which by recent estimates is 4 times larger than the earth itself, shouldn't the Hubble be watching Hale-Bopp instead of watching the weather patterns on Neptune? Certain members of the astronomical/scientific community have totally dismissed the findings, then turned around and admitted that such a peculiar object does exist accompanying Hale-Bopp and they themselves have photographed it (including Mr. Hale himself).


It seems a few people out there of some importance are avoiding the issue in a very unprofessional manner. I'm curious what NASA plans to do. How often is Hale-Bopp the subject of Hubbles picture taking? This is one of the most profound astronomical occurrences of human history, and it's all but being ignored by the United States' most prestigious and most capable agency.


The reply from Ron Baalke:

Date: Sat, 30 Nov 1996 23:51:51 GMT
From: Ron Baalke []
Subject: RE: Hale-Bopp/Hubble

>My question is, considering the fact that several observatories, and

>amateur astronomers have concluded (and have photographic evidence) of a

>highly peculiar anomaly with the Hale-Bopp comet, one which by recent

>estimates is 4 times larger than the earth itself, shouldn't the Hubble be

>watching Hale-Bopp instead of watching the weather patterns on Neptune? Sorry to burst your bubble, but the so-called "peculiar anomaly" is not other than a diffraction effect in SAO 141894, a 9th magnitude star. For more information on this, see the following home page:

Hubble Telescope image, Late October

How predictable! I was merely referred to the very web page which originally attempted to make Mr. Shramek look like a crazy person! Hardly a professional or realistic response to my questions. And notice, no information about the Hubble's involvement in photographing Hale-Bopp at all. And all the more suspicious considering that a horrendously vivid photograph of Hale-Bopp taken by the Hubble in October was mysteriously removed from the Jet Propulsion Laboratories web site shortly after this controversy began. But here is that very photo: see left image


The Photographic Evidence

Below are several images from various sources, all from professional astronomical facilities from around the globe. What Mr. Hale and others wanted to conceal and claim was an anomaly of one mans telescope and computer program became something they themselves admitted existed and was photographed as well... and now, observatories across the globe are releasing their own remarkable evidence, condemning Mr. Hale and his associates all the more, and likewise, waking us up to a startling fact:


Special filter reveals HBs unique "seven jets" in its corona

Hale-Bopp is not merely another comet, but is bringing with it a phenomenally large object which is defying many of the principle laws of physics (its size would normally have incredible mass, much in the way the earth captures the moon within its gravitational field and causes it to "orbit" the earth. Hale-Bopp should be orbiting this object which is roughly 4 times larger than earth... but it isn't!

The object is, rather, effecting the corona and gas flares/jets in the tail of the comet. It clearly has mass, but nothing we can comprehend at this time! It is as if the object is hollow or perhaps composed of a matter we do not yet understand. Its movements are entirely unpredictable, suggesting possible intelligent control. It has been photographed "behind" Hale-Bopp, increasing the comets corona, as well as to its
side in various positions and distances.)


Notice in this recently released photo from a leading Japanese Observatory, the photograph is time-lapsed. This shows relative stars surrounding Hale-Bopp as slightly "streaked" or "elongated" showing their movement apart from the comets path.

But notice the distinct, glowing companion of Hale-Bopp (right) is not elongated at all. It is also not flaring with a corona. It is clearly not a "9th magnitude star" as as claimed by debunkers.

If it were a star at all, it would, like all other stars in the image, appear to be elongated or streaked. Also, notice the strange, dark "funnel" or "jet" coming from the object to the right of Hale-Bopp.


No similar oddity appears in the photograph (the original of which is considerably larger; this is a cropping)


Why The Images Look As They Do and How is the Object Size Determined? - 

Confirmation Begins To Come In

On 12/2/96, a scientist familiar with official astronomical studies finally stepped forward to speak about this bizarre object. Another Astronomer of some renown and associated with one of the largest and most prestigious astronomical observatories in America is expected to also step forward and speak about this, despite the obvious consequences; in the meantime, however, Dr. Lee Shargel, a graduate of Northeastern University and who holds degrees in Industrial Engineering, Robotics and a Doctorate in Materials Science, has worked for NASA as an engineer/scientist with Top Secret clearance on the TDRS, Hubble Telescope, and SRBOC projects, has stepped forward to both announce that this in no anomaly of any telescope or misguided software, much less a ball of swamp gas, flock of geese or a trick on the eye. In fact, Dr. Shargel possesses his own set of 17 photographs of this object accompanying Hale-Bopp, which will soon be revealed at the web page hosted by Art Bell.

You can hear Dr. Shargel's report on the Art Bell program if you have RealAudio. Just go to AudioNet's Art Bell page and select the file in the Nov '96 archives dated Monday night/Tuesday morning 12/02/96.

If you push the slider to the far right, you can skip right over the AudioNet commercial that loads with every rebroadcast tape, and once the Art Bell program loads, push the slider into the 2nd hour of the program (as indicated in the timer bar at the bottom of the RealAudio player panel) and listen for Lee Shargel's portion on the program.

Shargel has gone one step further than merely announcing the objects existence, he has asserted that this is no less than a space craft, a "probe." His conjecture on what the Hale-Bopp companion might be is rather interesting considering the stunning "low" or "no mass" effect this huge object is producing, and also because he wrote about it at length in a novel he produced in 1990! Much like Arthur C. Clarke's many techno-prophecies which have come to pass, Dr. Shargel seems to have hit this one on the head.

The other still unnamed Astronomer who is expected to come forward also has startling news regarding radio signals received from this object; radio signals that are not only intelligent, but one which Dr. Shargel says have been almost entirely decoded, and contain both a "greeting" and a "warning."

Is it merely a coincidence that right now one of the largest UFO flaps is taking place on earth? That the people involved in the infamous Roswell Incident are now stepping forward, one after another, to speak out and tell of harassment by government and military personnel in the late 40's; to tell of alien beings, one of whom was still alive when the bodies from the wrecked ship was carted off by the U.S. Military? It seems we are being prepared for "first contact." What that means is something else entirely. Everyone will simply have to keep their ears perked, remember the lies and cover-ups already conducted by the government, the military and now leading university astronomical facilities and make up their own minds. But few can claim ignorance of these basic facts... something is happening. Something is so disturbing to both government officials, Nasa and leading astronomers that they will do anything to keep the facts from the public. This could very well be Roswell II before it's all over.