Interview of Alex Collier by Val Valerian

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Hale Bopp: The Blue Star and the Empire Strikes Back

According to Moranae, Hale Bopp is a protocol ship from Orion. It has four spiral structures on it, and it carries two moons behind it. When it enters our solar system in 1997, the two moons will go into orbit with Mercury, and our government is going to make a "They're Here" public announcement. They are not here to help us. They are here to make sure control is maintained. It is due here February-March 1997. This "comet" has changed course three times. Comets don't do that. Some reporter asked NASA about these course variations, and NASA replied that it was because of the gravitational pull of planets. Thank God the reporter was smart enough to ask "what planets?" The discussion with NASA ended there. Change is coming, and you should get ready for it. We are running out of time, and we can do this. We can do it ourselves and we can be proud of the fact that we can do it. When UN helicopters start flying, don't turn on each other - it is exactly what they want you to do.

Q: What I understood you to say before was that evil was a function of our own beliefs - and, that matter is a function of our beliefs. Do I have that right?

AC: Yes sir. So, everything is a belief system. So, what is the intent behind what we believe? I will go back to what Morenae had said earlier, that it is not so much what you believe as to why you believe it.

Q: So, if you stand on those two things, there is no matter and there is no evil.

AC: Technically, that is correct, but I am not at that level.

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Hale-Bopp Draconians Might Visit The United States First

(Because The U.S. Military Will Attack Perceived Aggressors)

Val: We had discussed before the subject of the Hale-Bopp complex in terms of the assessment that part of the complex consisted of "protocol ships" from the Orion Group. Relative to this planet, do you have any information on probabilities of where they will come first?

Alex: They will come to the United States first.

Val: Why?

Alex: Because our military will challenge and attack them. So, they will be here first, and then move to Russia. It's a foregone conclusion that they will be here first.

Val: So, again, another aspect of this submitted question is: what should one do when encountering these beings from Alpha Draconis? Are there details on precise protocols as you gave relative to peaceful beings?

Alex: I have a protocol for the Alpha Draconians. Run away.

Val: That's pretty precise.

Alex: That's all I know, is to stay away from them. There is literally no way to challenge them. It's suicide, to be perfectly honest with you. If they are in the mode where they want to do you harm, it's going to happen. The best thing is to avoid them at all costs. You have to remember, Val, that the Alpha Draconians, the Ciakar in particular, if they come down here, are going to come out of their huge craft and they are going to look like dinosaurs.

Val: Do you consider embarkation by reptoids a part of the Hale-Bopp scenario?

Alex: I don't believe that there are any Ciakar on Hale-Bopp.

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Who's Staffing the Hale-Bopp Complex?

Val: What or whom do you feel is on Hale-Bopp?

Alex: I think they are staffed by warrior-class reptilian, Draconians that are seven to ten feet tall that have the stubby tail. They are skinnier than the others and considered the warrior class of the reptilian hierarchy.

Val: Why do you feel that Sirius B humanoids and the Alpha Draconians are the ones associated with Hale-Bopp?

Alex: The Andromedans have said that Hale-Bopp is a protocol ship from the Orion Group, and that it contains reptilians in cryogenic stasis.

Val: How exciting...

Alex: They are waking up as we speak, I'm sure.

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The Hale-Bopp Complex as an Incredible Control Scenario

Val: There was one aspect of the Sheldon Nidle paradigm which is plausible and perhaps the case, and that is that radio frequency messages from the Hale-Bopp complex have been received by governments, and I would guess this is on your "ask list" to try and confirm that with the Andromedans. I was informed that the messages contained both a greeting, of sorts, and a warning. The warning said essentially, "do not bother to try and attack us with your thousand-year-old weapons or we will obliterate you." Now, with the U.S. military setting up hundreds of these little complexes in the boondocks around the United States with missiles and high-tech electronic equipment, obviously ready to shoot something down from above, this is a little worrying.

Alex: Yes, it is. At this point I cannot confirm that this is true. I will say this, however. If you were informed correctly about the content of the message received by the governments, then we are looking at an incredible control mechanism on its way here.

Val: Well, one would presume a control drama with the Draconians on the way.

Alex: Yes, it would be true with any of the regressive groups. From what Morenae has said, that is exactly what these groups do. They find a planet inhabited by a race less evolved and technically competent, and they conquer it by whatever means. One of the first things they do is "put it down". They try and make you feel inferior.

Val: I guess at this point an overall holistic question relative to this whole Hale-Bopp scenario would be, why now?

Alex: I have no idea.

Val: Considering the assumed dimensional type shifting, would it be logical to assume that someone desiring to assume control would try it now, rather than wait until later when it might not be possible? Could it be that they are fully aware of the Andromedan Council edict of "all ET's out" by 2003 and are ignoring it?

Alex: Yes, I believe they are aware of it and are ignoring it, because both Morenae and Vissaeus have both mentioned about sitting down at the Council with representatives from the Orion Group and Sirius B. I am not sure the Draconians were there, but I am sure they know about the edict.

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Hale-Bopp Draconians Possibly a Rogue Group

Val: So, with reference to Hale-Bopp, we are in essence talking about a rogue group of reptilians.

Alex: Yes, I would think, or it is a decision by an entire race of reptilians to act independently. No one speaks for the Draconians. No one. They could also be coming here and actually be on their way to somewhere else.

Val: Then, in that case, we would be just assuming that they would be impacting the civilization here because they are coming in this direction.

Alex: Well, they may come and attempt to do their "thing" and move on to some other part of the sector to continue doing what they're doing. They are probably not coming in this direction solely to "get us". There is a much bigger picture here that is all about control of this sector of space. There are 21 other solar systems in this sector with planets who have civilizations in basically the same boat we are in here on Earth. So, we are part of whatever it is but it is not just about us.

Val: Well, if this rogue group comes in here and takes marginal notice of the fact that there are a dozen or so thousand-mile-wide Andromedan Council ships parked in this solar system, like they are at present...

Alex: It could be that they will just fly by and not attempt anything. Between you and me, that's truly what my heart wants.

Val: Well, this rogue group would potentially be in contact with reputed groups that are here and would know that they are under the gun and at an impasse with the military industrial complex which has presumably been holding them off while trying to acquire technology for a defense...?

Alex: I think the regressives know exactly where we are on a technical level, and I don't they are concerned about all of that in any way. But, they would be concerned with other races in the solar system, like the Andromedan Council, who are sitting there and projecting the message "leave Earth alone". The other factor is that those reptoids inside the Earth would probably have the chance to leave here. I don't know how that will happen, but I think they will have an opportunity to leave here voluntarily, and if the Hale-Bopp regressives come in here and try to be aggressive with us, I think their chance of leaving here peacefully, in the face of the Andromedans, would be completely over with.

Val: In other words, the rogue reptilians would be challenged by the Andromedan Council fleet now in the solar system and all we might see is a big "light show" in the sky as they battle it out.

Alex: Right. I would not at all be surprised by that. That kind of scenario has been foretold by many individuals, even Apolloneus of Tyana, who spoke of "wars in heaven" in 79 AD. The proverbial 'war in heaven'.

Val: Do you view the alignment of planets in May 2000 has having any effect on this system?

Alex: They have only made reference to how much of a pole shift we would have.

Val: So, the Andromedans have never mentioned any significance relative to 5/5/2000 or any planetary alignments at any specific timing?

Alex: No.

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The Hale-Bopp Companion

Val: Another question which was submitted is as follows: In view of the probable scenarios forthcoming in February-March 1997 and the arrival of Hale-Bopp, if in fact the companion to HB is larger in mass than Earth, will that create mass gravitational effects on Earth with geological consequences?

Alex: No, it would not, because it is a craft, not a planet. It generates and controls its own force field, and the extent of it, from within. It is different than when you are dealing with a solid mass. It has an energy field which can be manipulated. It is totally controlled. The only way a ship of that size could cause a problem is if they specifically wanted it to cause a problem.

Val: Now, when we are looking at the HB complex, I was informed by a friend who actually went out there out-of-body and looked at it, and he said that he saw a long tubelike propulsion unit with four pie-shaped components, presumably the occupied areas, attached to it. If you looked at it from the end it would seem to be a cross-shape in the middle of a circle. What about the companion?

Alex: All I know about the companion is that it came out of a star system in the constellation Cancer. That's all I know, but if you remember when I first started talking about Hale-Bopp in 1995, the Andromedans had said that another craft was on its way from the constellation Cancer and would join it. That was two years ago, and here it is.

Val: Has there ever been any kind of discussion that involves what part of the HB structure will go where when it comes into this system?

Alex: The only thing that Morenae has said specifically was that two of the three "moons" in the tail of HB, once it passed us, would go into an orbit around Mercury. He then said, "then your governments will need to tell you that they are here."

Val: Why? Nobody here can see Mercury anyway. Why would the government feel a compelling need to tell the public about this?

Alex: I don't know. Morenae did not give me any more than that, and maybe that was for my safety, or maybe it was because the information would tip-off others to the plans of the Andromedans. So, I don't know why, and I don't know if that has changed or not.

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Potential Hale-Bopp Tail Debris Impact on Earth

Val: Another question that was submitted to me is as follows:

"There is a rumor that the northern hemisphere may be actually impacted by some sort of projectiles coming from HB. Is that correct, and if so, what can we do to protect ourselves. Is that why the military has built so many underground facilities?"

Alex: Well, my understanding is that it won't be projectiles, as we understand it, but simply debris from its "tail" that may impinge on the planet, because it is dragging along some natural material along with it. It is a small probability. The military has build the underground bases primarily with the thought of a pole-shift in mind.

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