Martin: Let’s talk about the right use of will. How would you see that in relationships?

Ghost Wolf: Again, we’re talking about, I call it—life on Earth is a course in mastership. We can either be "reactionary" or we can be "causal". When a person is causal, they walk into a room and the whole room can feel their presence. I’ve seen this with many speakers. I’ve seen this when Dannion Brinkley walks into a room, or when I walk into a room, or when Humbatzman walks into a circle of 200 people who come from all over the world, and they speak different languages and different paradigm beliefs and perceptions. He walks into the room—he’s in possession of self, he does not shift and allow "reactionary consciousness" to take him over. When he speaks, he speaks focused upon the intent of the message he’s trying to deliver. When he moves, he moves deliberately and with intent. There’s no accidental occurrence.

We put purpose into our lives. When we put purpose into our life, we become causal.

When we move within us—as we were just speaking—the male/female aspect, in harmony, when we are connected to this incredible Life-Force that is there for us to constantly draw-upon, it never, ever runs out. It is never, ever exhausted. But it requires that you’re in balance to access it! When you’re doing that, you’re operating from right use of will.

Right use of will has to do with "what is human"—human is flesh and bone, living in 3rd-dimensional reality, meaning expressing upon an electromagnetic field.

If it was not the electromagnetic field, we would not have bodies. What is the condition of the electromagnetic field? Polarity! Electromagnetic field has polarity. We have polarity within us on a spiritual level in that we have male/female, we constantly have a polarity going on. When we move to the center, when we move to a place of neutrality, this is where creativity comes from; this is where balance comes from.

When we move to the center, when we’re not on either extreme, we walk, as they would say 40 years ago, we walk the "middle road". The "middle road" never meant, don’t have emotion, don’t try, don’t feel; it meant walk with purpose and in balance. Walk without getting into either extreme.

The minute that you do that, you’re in contact with the God-Force. When you’re in contact with the God-Force, everything that you do comes from the higher octave. Everything that you’re doing is the Will of Creation; it’s not to suit a personal agenda, it’s the Will of Creation.

When you’re walking with that Energy, you’re using rightful will, the right use of will. You will not cause harm, because it’s senseless. How can you harm your other self?!

The Mayans say, when they look into your eyes, in l’akesh. In l’akesh means "I am your other self". We are ALL our other self!

Remember a little while ago we spoke about every action and interaction between two people is a mirror image of your own emotion and your own energies? Well, that’s what it means.

When you’re in harmony, you can only cause life to perpetuate. There’s a state of IS, and there’s a state of IT. Spirit is formless. It comes into us on the breath, and when we pass over to the other world, it leaves on a breath. So, spirit has no form.

We can see the physical proofs of that here. We are constantly trying to put spirit into a form, and it has not worked. For over 35,000 years it hasn’t worked. Spirit will seek its own fulfillment. Just like love seeks its own fulfillment. It doesn’t have to have a point-A-to-point-B linearity. That’s left-brain thinking.

IS is the result of spirit. IS is what is.

Your whole life you spend trying to wake up, to read books, to study, to do meditations, to do breath, to travel to India, to travel to the Black Hills, to travel to Maya-land, to travel to aboriginal teachers, to travel to Shaolin priests, so that you can fulfill some spiritual longing. And the spiritual longing, all the time, is right there with you; you’re carrying it.

We simply allow IS—because that’s where we come from. The Creator IS. The Creator is neither male, nor is the Creator female. The Creator is not Black, the Creator is not Yellow, Red, White, Blue, or Reptilian. The Creator is much more than that, because the Creator is ALL THINGS. We cannot even comprehend how vast IS is!

What happens with IT—this is where we lose will—is, Light comes down, it coagulates, it becomes matter. Spirit then resides in that matter, for experience. In order for it to experience its environment, it must create an IT to experience in. The IT is not the reality, it’s the condition. The reality lies in the one having the experience; the one having the experience is in the constant state of IS.

Am I being linear? Am I getting—

Martin: You’re doing fine. Keep going.

Ghost Wolf: So, what happens is that when we lose self, when we lose the balance, we move into a warped perception.

Grandfather Foolscrow used to say to me:

"The problem with man is that they’re looking at the world through the wrong side of the eye."

Now, I spent a long time trying to figure out what he meant by the statement. And he was talking about IT and IS. When we lose self, when we lose our connection to Spirit, when we lose our connection to the Source of Life, the God-Force, the Creator—whatever name makes you feel good, it’s a matter that you recognize the feeling—when you lose your connection to that, what happens is that the IT becomes very big.

All of a sudden it’s the IT that’s causing everything to you, and everything to happen to you, and every experience that you’re having, every mishap, every ecstasy, it’s all a result of the IT. That’s the philosophy of the material world.

In actuality, the IT can change in a moment through the right use of will, because the IT is simply the result of IS. So you could say, in a manner of speaking, IT isn’t! All there is, is IS.

This is the state that every spiritually-driven human being tries to attain. It’s the knowledge; it’s the "Keys of Enoch". Because the moment that you’re in the IS, there’s no more conflict. You don’t have any place to defend. You don’t have anything to justify. You simply ARE.

And in that moment you realize that your Energy can move all things, and you realize that all things are a result of how you feel, and all things are affected by your compassion.

So the healer walks over to the person who has lost their sense of IS, and they’re caught-up in IT, and the healer lays their hand upon the person, and through the healer becoming as a hollow bone, with no agenda—there is no self involved, it’s a selfless state—the energy of IS moves back into the lost person and they call it a miraculous healing!

All you’ve done is help bring them back into balance. They did everything on themselves, on their own, because illness is the result of disharmony—usually, 90 percent of the time, emotional. When you remove that imbalance and you come back into harmony, what happens is that the physical structure, the molecules, the body, then goes into the state that it was created from, which is IS, which is Perfection.

In that state of Perfection, illness cannot exist! Illness only exists in disharmony. It only exists through conflict, and we can take that to any level. We can take that to quantum physics, we can take that to biochemistry, we can take that down to what happens when antigens come in and when they’re fighting pathogens and when things are happening in the body—and it will still come down to the same basic understanding of energy, because all things are energy.

When the energy flowing through you is connected to the IS, the IT does not exist because you KNOW that IT is the result of IS, and you’re the only one with access to IS. That’s what makes us such a walking miracle.

The condition of the world and all maladies that are going on, and the chaos, and the Earth changes, Y2K—look at all these ITs that are threatening us, no matter where we go!

Every four weeks I get a new prediction coming across my computer about "this is going to happen on this date". And we sit there and I listen, and I go:

"If you choose that to happen, it will occur. What’s wrong with your hypothesis is that not everyone is embracing the same thought. Some of us are embracing a higher octave. Some of us are embracing love and compassion, and we see a brighter outcome. And you can’t change that, so, therefore, the IT that you speak about will not occur with me."

How can the healer walk into a sweat lodge—let’s create a hypothetical situation: You’ve got 14 men. They all have AIDS. They all have lesions. They’re dying. And yet the healer could walk in there, perform the lodge, move into the higher octaves of spirit, and what occurs is that the people come out of that lodge and they’re healed.

Depending on how long they can hold the frequency of what occurred there, and not slip back into their own IT, determines the permanency of the healing. If you keep walking back into your old patterns, if you keep walking back into your mindless existence—and ITs mindless existence—you don’t know why you do what you do—you don’t know why you get angry, you don’t know why you respond the way you respond. Is the whole world suffering from post-traumatic stress, that we have no responsibility for our actions anymore? We have no responsibility for our thoughts anymore?

If that’s the case, then that’s called insanity, and there’s nothing that can be done in a state of insanity. There’s nothing that can be accomplished; there’s nothing that can be changed, because insanity is a total, reactionary state. It is the perception of being "the victim". And, in fact, there isn’t a victim on the face of the Earth. We ALL were given free will.

Martin: Ok, I’m going to shift this a little bit.

Ghost Wolf: Are we losing it?

Martin: No, you’re fine. I want to shift this just a bit. I know that our readers are going to want to hear from you, specifically, about the 5th, 6th, and 7th Thunders, and Mayan prophecy. Now, take as much time as you need on this one.

Ghost Wolf: That’s quite an enfoldment.

Martin: Yes.

Ghost Wolf: The 5th Thunder has already occurred. Most of the people who are familiar with that term, and with me, remember me talking about it on the Art Bell radio program. And I talked about it more than once. But it sometimes is very hard to get a linear conversation out on the show (laughter), because you’re only given 12 minutes in every half-hour.

[Editor’s note: Those of you who regularly listen to Art Bell’s late-night talk-radio program, especially over the past several years, have had to endure a steady increase in commercial messages along with Art’s rising popularity and ever-expanding listening audience. However, until Robert made the above comment, the problem was not really brought into focus from the point of view of a guest on Art’s show trying to get a few ideas across to the listening audience amidst this tidal wave of commercial interruptions. Several years ago one could expect about 21-22 minutes of non-commercial program space per half hour of show; now that number has shrunk considerably, yet another reflection of so many other aspects of runaway materialism in our modern world. And yet we must give Art due credit for providing a most unique "awareness service" through his radio show. At least one gets to hear about one such as Robert Ghost Wolf—even if one does not get to hear too much directly FROM the guest!]

The 5th Thunder has got to do with the Little Devils, and the Little Devils come from the sky. Understand that the explanation of this comes from visions of indigenous people, so there’s an area of perception and poetic license with how do you perceive what they’re seeing? When you see a vision, you don’t see things labeled and named and categorized, you simply see a picture of something.

The elders saw a green mist coming from the sky. And they saw the green mist coming to the Earth.

Martin: Now, may I just ask you one question? And I hate to interrupt you.

Ghost Wolf: Go ahead.

Martin: Do you think that the green mist is the ergot mold that Ed Dames and others have seen impacting the plant life of Earth?

Ghost Wolf: I think it’s that and more.

Martin: Ok.

Ghost Wolf: I think that Ed Dames is close, but I don’t think that he’s looking at the holistic picture. And what I mean by that is that, some of this—when the elders said "it came from the stars", one of the first perceptions that we had, when we first heard this 25 or 30 years ago, was that there was a comet going to come or something was going to come from outer space. And, then, if we go back to around the time that the now infamous Hale-Bopp was up in the air, there were some who talked about a projectile that seemed to come out of the comet, or whatever it was, and that it was headed toward Earth.

That brings us into some of the stories, now, about the Sun Cruiser, which is up on my website, which now Richard Hoagland and everyone else is starting to talk about, the anomalies of these strange structures around the Sun that are being seen. Are they UFOs or are they not? Well, the one thing that we know is that they’re not natural.

There’s another thing. Some of the technology that we have, that we’ve developed for bio-warfare, with the chemical experimentations that we’ve been doing for the last 50-60 years, some of these things, we’ve created some pretty horrendous monsters, from AIDS all the way up. There are thousands upon thousands of genetically engineered, mechanically-constructed viruses.

What do I mean by mechanically-constructed viruses? I’m talking about holographic viruses. I call them "stealth" viruses. When I looked at a computer analysis, one day, of the different things that would happen to the computer, and they called it a stealth virus in the computer, as I was looking along one side of the board at what was happening to the computer—what was happening to the loss of memory and the miscommunications between software programs, the disintegration of work that you’d be working on—I realized that, as I looked, on the other side, and I looked at the diseases that were starting to come up, and the new viruses that were coming up in man, that the symptoms were the same.

At first it scared me. Am I losing my mind, or are these the same symptoms? Computers are losing memory, people are losing memory. Computers are having their programs and documents being eaten-up, we’re suffering from ebola. How come these things are all similar? I mean, there’s a parallel between each one of them.

A lot of these things that have been developed, some of them coming from contrails, regardless of what is said, I know that I’ve been faced with both sides on this issue. I was talking to a scientist the other day who said that the whole myth about they’re killing people with contrails and the diseases that are coming about, is misinformation. What they’re really trying to do is—and this is a very high-up NASA scientist, who is working with the military and talking about the strange weather anomalies and the contrails—he said that what they’re trying to do is that they’re trying to repair holes in the ozone.

I said, "Oh, really? That’s interesting." We talked about the nature of these contrails. We talked about the fungus that comes out of the contrails. We talked about the phosphorescent type of clouds that seem to appear, and how, all of sudden these clouds—you’ll see these contrails go over—and within a period of an hour to two hours, they’re sometimes shorter, all of a sudden, instead of contrails, you’ll have a completely overcast sky. Then, from the overcast sky, you suddenly see these little, tiny, cumulus clouds forming. And the clouds are always phosphorescent. And he’s saying that the nature of what they’re using to try to repair the ozone is what’s causing that to happen.

Then he gave me all these wonderful explanations and I said,

"Well, that’s great. How come everybody down below is suffering from a whole myriad of illnesses, usually respiratory, usually skin disorders?"

And he said—finally he admitted—that

"Well, part of that is a side effect, but it’s ok, because you have to look at the fact that if we repair the ozone, we’re going to be saving millions and millions of lives."

And I said, "So, that sounds like good-ol’ World War II, John Wayne, military intelligence. If we have to sacrifice 100,000 people to save everybody, well, then, that’s what we’re going to do."

That’s what they did when they blew up the astronauts, that time that the 7 astronauts died, when the Shuttle took off, and they had the problem with the o-ring. They were all still alive. The order was given that this would probably go awry, and it could probably land in Tallahassee and would probably kill a quarter of a million people. So, it was better to do away with the 7 people up there, and a button was pushed. It was a "self-destruct". And I’ve talked to too many people about that, from David Adare all the way down the line. Everybody knows what happened with that one.

And since we haven’t got a lot of time, we might as well talk about the truth.

I’ve seen the fungus that comes out of these contrails, and I’ve seen the effects of it. I’ve seen thousands of birds laying dead in the woods, up here in the Pacific Northwest, thousands of birds. They all have fungus on their beaks. They all have fungus on their feet. I’ve turned around and seen blight on plants, on vegetables, and in trees, and there’s no reason to have the blight.

You try to grow a garden, and suddenly everything dies and withers. It looks like it was burnt by the Sun, and you go over to it and there’s this fungus on it. I’ve seen the fungus on caterpillars. I’ve seen it on beetles. I’ve seen it on the wood decks of houses. You turn around, and you pour bleach on it, and it doesn’t do anything. It comes right back, ok?

Martin: Now, we’re still on the 5th Thunder, I presume?

Ghost Wolf: Yes, we’re still on the 5th Thunder. This all has to do with these three Little Devils. They happen to be pathogens. Now, this goes into the question: how do bugs breathe? Bugs breathe through their bellies. So, what do bugs do, besides fly and annoy you? They crawl, they crawl on everything, correct? And while they’re crawling on everything, they’re picking up the fungus and they’re breathing-in the fungus. They’re taking it in with their food supply. They’re excreting it through their waste. It’s now on everything.

You turn around and you touch something, you eat something, the rain comes—usually after you see the contrails—it all washes into the water. You have the fish turning belly-up. You have the fish growing strange growths on their bodies, all sorts of funguses, dying by millions. Fish dying by the millions. I just got a telephone call from a fellow in Texas who said to me: "Ghost Wolf, you talked about this stuff and I’ve got to tell you that there’s this really strange thing happening down here. Is there any sort of enlightenment you can give us about what’s going on?"

I said "Well, what’s going on?"

He says to me "Well, all the red-wing blackbirds all died one day."

I said "What do you mean?"

He said "Everywhere, all over the fields." Everywhere you went—it’s like a big, popular bird down there, it’s a popular bird to his people, he’s a Kiawa. And he said "They’re all dead."

I was sitting in Idaho, another incident, and one day there were at least 30 hummingbirds flying around. And my friend had the feeders out, and they had been doing this for years.

All of a sudden, the next day, there were NO hummingbirds—in one day! We turned around and we said "Well, what was it? Did it get cold last night? Did something strange happen?" Nothing happened.

It appeared that—this is the talk amongst people everywhere, because the people up here in the Pacific Northwest like to live in the woods, and they like things that live in the woods, like deer and birds and rabbits and butterflies—well, it seems that the hummingbirds are dead everywhere.

Then people started to find them in the woods, and I asked them to bring them in, and let me see them. They all had this fungus growing on their beaks, encrusted around their eyes and on their feet.

We’re now sitting, in this country—and the medical proof is there folks, you just gotta go out and look at and read it—but greater than 95% of the people in America have tuberculosis. It may not be active to the point that they can’t breathe from it, that they’re dying from it yet—but they’re all suffering from chronic coughs. They’re all suffering from pains in the lungs, chronic flus, chronic respiratory things. The hospitals are filled beyond capacity with these new forms of TB that are immune, totally immune, to any antibiotics that they can come up with.

We have another thing going on, with these other things that are going on. It seems that everybody is suffering from a form of immune deficiency. There is no such thing as immune deficiency.

That’s a pretty powerful statement; you’re stepping out on the line, Robert. Ah-huh, I think everything’s working fine.

I think that what it is, and from our research and from working with different friends I have who have capabilities and labs that I don’t have, and I would say this is what I’m looking at—the behavioral patterns of what I’m seeing—what’s happening to everybody’s immune system. How come you have so many people coming to your house for healing? How come you can’t keep up with the amount of herbs that you’re making? How come these people are going to the doctors and the hospitals and they can’t get rid of the cough, and they can’t get rid of this thing, and having heart palpitations and heart attacks, and they’re getting migraine headaches, and they’re all suffering from lack of energy and intestinal things. What the heck is going on? And what they found out is that the pathogen—and this sort-of borders on science fiction—remember Kurt Vonnegut? Did you ever read any of Kurt Vonnegut?

Martin: I did.

Ghost Wolf: Well, we’re in Kurt Vonnegut-land now. You’re sitting here and you’ve got this pathogen that is holographically imprinted into a molecular form, the basic building-blocks of life, the proteins. They spray the trees, they spray everything. This causes a fungus, and the fungus becomes a breeding ground for these pathogens. The pathogen is ingested or breathed into the body, it’s drunk through the fluids, because every time it rains everything in the woods goes down through the creeks. People forget where the water comes from that they drink in L.A. It all comes from where we’re walking and looking at it, up here in the hills.

We’re looking at everything, that’s around the water, dying. We’re looking at the birds dying. We’re looking at the willows dying. We’re looking at the insects dying. We’re looking at the butterflies disappearing. We’re looking at ducks and geese laying by the sides of the creeks dead. We’re looking at hundreds and thousands of fish laying dead.

You walk along the pathway in the forest, the birds just laying by the side of the road, and you’re going "Wait a minute! What’s going on here?!" When we started to open up some of the birds, we found out that some of the birds—they all had brain lesions inside, their intestines were all being eaten-up alive. The same thing that happens when your dog goes out and accidentally eats rat poison.

It’s a form of ebola. We started to ask,

"Well, what’s happening and how is this working on the immune system?"

Well, if you, holographically, take the conditions and the frequencies —if everything is truly energy, and everything is truly frequency— and you "broadcast" it into the protein, and the protein then responds to frequencies, it responds to frequencies but you ingest the protein —whether you take it in through liquid form, through solid food, or through breathing the dust— it goes into your bloodstream; it’s sitting in your blood.

Now your immune system is checking everything out, and it goes "There’s nothing wrong. All I see is protein, everything is fine." It goes right by. Now, what happens is, depending upon where you have imbalances in your body and the frequencies alter, it’ll tend to coagulate. As it tends to coagulate, you’ll come out with a variety of symptoms, based upon what you, yourself, are projecting. So, if you’re prone to the frequency of cancer, you’ll produce cancer in your body. If you’re prone to the frequency of tuberculosis, you’ll produce tuberculosis. If you’re prone toward having cysts or tumors in your body, it’ll manifest that way. And it can’t be detected by the immune system, because it’s, literally, hidden in the protein. It doesn’t have a form as such. It’s a mechanically engineered, holographic virus. You can’t see the damn thing under a microscope, but it will respond to frequencies.

Martin: Well, fortunately, our readers have read enough interviews that I’ve done with Len Horowitz that this will not be too abstract for them. They’ll get that.

Ghost Wolf: Len and I have done some work together. This has to do with the mist.

As we’re moving from the 5th to the 6th, we’re moving into some of the things that we touched on earlier, which is the higher octave frequencies, causing a shifting of dimensional realities. As we shift in dimensional realities, we’re not only having an experience of different thoughts, we’re not only perceiving colors that we couldn’t perceive before, but these also have physical effects.

We’re seeing, upon this Earth, as we come into the 6th Thunder, things that come from other dimensions being leaped back into this dimension, such as chupacabra—things that were blocked out of this reality for so long that they became myth. We’re seeing new forms of animal life, and we’re seeing the old forms of animal life begin to disappear at a startlingly rapid speed.

The whales are almost gone. There are certain fish that don’t even exist anymore. I just had a report here that came into my newswire service, because we put out a magazine called The Wolf Report, and they sent me this report. On the East Coast, all of the lobsters and the crabs, from Maine all the way down to Georgia, are dead. They’re not there. They grow to a certain size, then they die.

So, the whole fishing industry back there—never mind all the other effects that it has on down the food chain—it’s completely falling apart. And it has been progressing that way over the last three years, to now they’re just not there.

There’s places where they’re just not there. For the most part, 90% of what they used to use and catch and harvest, is now defunct. Now that reminds me of things that I heard a certain lunatic talk about back in 1989, by the name of Jacques Cousteau, who tried to tell us that 80% of the oceans are dead. But they took his show off the air after he made that statement.

We’re seeing new forms of life. The new forms of life are happening in the microbiotic world; we’re seeing new forms of plankton being formed. They’re mutating—life will mutate—we have two philosophies to look at life: monomorphic and pleomorphic. If we go toward the original concepts of allopathic medicine, and we talk about Pasteur, and we talk about his theories of mono—everything comes from one cell, everything is related—next to pleomorphic, multiple forms, that life will transmute to adjust to the condition. Well, this is what we’re seeing, number one, in these viruses. These viruses tend to have their own intelligence. They proliferate themselves. The basic nature of the virus, as it enters the vehicle, whether the vehicle be the rabbit or the human, it then takes over the system. It adjusts the system and causes chemicals and things to be released in the system to change the environment within the system to better suit it.

Then it winds up taking over the consciousness of the person—I told you where we were going—because, all of a sudden you start desiring and craving certain foods. You start desiring and craving certain things that cause certain emotions, that cause your body to release adrenalin, that cause your body to become acidic, that cause your body to better "host" this pathogen.

So, what’s happening to you? You’re being taken over. It’s no longer you telling you what you want to eat. It’s no longer you telling you what kind of an emotion you’re going to have. You’re totally reactionary to this mysterious, mechanically engineered pathogen that’s moving inside of you. This is happening in all walks of life.

We’re seeing, also, as we’re moving into the 6th Thunder, and the dimensional shifts start to happen, we’re seeing many people deciding to leave. I talked about how, all of a sudden, people would even start leaving in groups. How whole groups of people would stop having children, because they would realize that the End Times were imminent, and that the shift was here, and until we’d gone through the Purification, there was no need to keep reproducing. Now we’re seeing evidence of that in many indigenous tribes around the world, where they have simply stopped having children.

We’re seeing where people are, literally, selling everything they own and going up to live in the woods because there’s no point in it anymore. Amongst our own indigenous Native American people, we’re seeing many of the elders totally stopping what they were doing. They’re going:

"There’s no point anymore. There’s just no point anymore. The game’s over now."

We’re seeing thousands and thousands and thousands of people dying every day, especially amongst the elders who have the wisdom, because nobody is listening. This would be the beginning of what they call "the sorrows", because as that started to happen, there’s a balance that happens in this Earth.

Remember when we talked about IS and we talked about IT. One of the conditions of IT is that, when you forget the chain of consciousness, when you go out and you carelessly take down grandfather trees without realizing that they are beings of tremendous consciousness, that they hold consciousness, when you start losing all of the whales, and the whales hold the memory of the planet, they hold the memory of all that happened, when you start losing all of the dolphins, when you start losing all of the animal forms, when you start losing all of these ancient things, and you start losing your own people, the mysteries, the knowledge disappearing with them, what happens?

Consciousness begins to implode.

As the consciousness begins to implode, we would then suffer from an even greater abnormality. How we could once see along timelines, and how we could tell what would happen, we would no longer be able to do, because mankind would have gone in and manipulated that matrix that they call "the web of life" to such an extent that it could never be repaired.

We would start to see the fabric of time begin to dissolve, and we would start to see the consciousness of the planet—which is US, we are the ones who live on the planet, we dictate the nature of the consciousness here, at this point—as this began to dissolve and break apart, there would be a new consciousness that would come in, but they did not know what this new consciousness would be. That life would, among certain people, transmute to those who came and lived in the natural way, who lived according to the original teachings.

In small groups, life would transmute to be able to adapt to the new conditions on this planet, like interdimensional shifting. We would experience even further abnormalities because we would understand that people, souls, were being inserted into bodies; that you would be sitting there talking to a person who would not be a human being. They would look like a human being, but they would not be a human being. They would not have the feelings of human beings. They would not have the normal responses that we do to life of human beings.

I said, "Well, what did you mean by that?" That’s where, in Winds Of Change, I wrote about what the word waichitchu means.

We’ve all seen the Indian movies, and we’ve seen Dances With Wolves, and he’s running up to the Indian camp and the woman goes running back to the camp, and she’s going "waichitchu, waichitchu!"

As a colloquialism we have come to accept it as meaning "Oh, it’s those bad, evil White guys". But it has nothing to do with that. It has nothing to do with race. It has nothing to do with culture.

Waichitchu means "soul-less beings". This comes from an understanding that all beings who are here from The Source, from the Original, gave out emanations, just like Source emanates Itself. We draw our energy from Source. We, ourselves, are nothing but vessels through which that Energy moves. Depending upon our connection to Source and our center, and our right use of will, we can connect to that Source and we are constantly replenished. The living proof of that is that, in every culture, even the Judeo-Christian culture, they talk about how our ancestors lived for very long periods of time.

But we don’t live that long anymore. Now our life is being extended because of technology. We now live to be 85. Probably in 20 years we’ll live to be 150 or 200, but there won’t be as many of us.

So, what are these soul-less beings? What do you mean, emanations? If you take a light and you put a light through a crystal, through every facet of the crystal a beam of light will come out, and every place that that beam of light hits, it will reduplicate the shape of the crystal. What that is, is an emanation of the crystal, but it is not the source of the light. It is simply a reflection.

What they’re talking about with the emanations is, they’re talking about beings, literally, being inserted into bodies. So this gives some credence to the talk about reptilians and other things.

Yes, things are occurring. They are not strangers to our world. There is, in every ancient culture, stories of these beings, and the stories of how they interwove with our society here; the story of how they interbred with our society here. It’s in every culture. It’s in every science, even the Judeo-Christian.

But you have to go to the "black robes" and you have to go to ancient vaults in the Vatican where all this stuff was hidden, and then that gets us into the little, interesting stories about the Illuminati and the Knights Templar and the Masons and all the secret societies that we’re not talking about now.

They talked about these souls being transferred in. They talked about the appearance of "walk-ins"—one of the phenomena that started appearing in the ’80s with people who would be coming out and they would be channeling. And they would say "Well, where are you getting your information? What’s this?" And they would say "I’m a walk-in".

Well, when I grew up that used to mean that you could walk into the barber shop and get a haircut, right? Walk-ins accepted. (Laughter) Now we understand that term from a whole different paradigm. And this is what they saw happening.

The other thing that they saw happening in the 6th Thunder was the total degeneration of the human spirit. That the human spirit—what I refer to as the tonal—the tonal would begin to weaken, along with the implosion of consciousness, and when this happened, other forms of life began to disappear because we were living without conscience. When they say these things, they’re not being moralistic. So, we have to understand it from that perception. They are simply talking, objectively, about why the result is happening.

Living without conscience means:

  • You kill 3,000-year-old cedar trees along the West Coast and you don’t care what happens.

  • You turn around and you change the course of a river, and you don’t care what happens.

  • You go out into the Pacific Ocean and you do sonar testing and you kill 5,000 whales, and you don’t care what happens.

  • It means that you turn around and you hold experiments by spraying contrails all over millions of people to see what the effect would be, and you don’t have a conscience.

  • It means that you turn-around and you put Ritalin and fluoride and all of these things into the water, which, people don’t know what they are.

They tell you that it protects you from cavities. That’s the biggest bunch of malarkey in the world.

Did you know that fluoride is the same thing that Ralphia was, that the Romans used to put into the water to control the moods of the people? It’s just a chemical version of it. It’s a tranquilizer. And what does it do, physically, to the body? It throws the pineal gland into absolute atrophy. What does that mean? It means you can’t use your third eye, I don’t care how many mantras you use. You can’t because your pineal gland is drugged, it’s totally drugged.

They turn around and they’re spraying these chemicals on cigarettes. Is it the chemicals that are causing the cancer? No, that’s not causing the cancer. But you know one of the things that the chemicals absolutely do? They paralyze your thymus. Now, do you know what the thymus does? What the thymus does is, the thymus regulates the reproduction of the cells. The thymus is, literally, the ductless gland—it’s right by where the center of your heart is, in your chest—and the thymus, when you’re born, is probably about the size of an apricot pit. By the time a person is 50 or 60, it’s usually the size of a very small pea, and it’s all shriveled up, like a raisin, because it goes into atrophy because of all the chemicals and toxins.

Well, when that happens, what happens is you automatically kick into your body a "death hormone". It’s an automatic process. The body doesn’t have a mind. The body comes from IS. The body doesn’t have an agenda, it comes from IS. It reacts through a mechanical matrix. So, you throw on the death hormone and you stop reproducing cells. You stop rejuvenating. Your skin starts to sag. Your mind starts to slow down. Your muscles don’t rejuvenate and replenish. You start to get aches and pains. You can’t move up and down the stairs. You’re not able to pump enough oxygen through your system, and you’re suffering from chronic fatigue.

There’s nothing wrong with you except that you’re suffering from the effects of these things. These are all the things that we saw going into the 6th Thunder, which was preparing for the 7th.

The 7th has two possible scenarios. In the 7th Thunder, human consciousness would reach a state of such complete collapse that we would, literally, be taken over by another consciousness, so that life would continue here. But as we perceive humanity, we would no longer be. That could mean, as this world once was, it would be the home to many people, from many different parts of the universe.

There are many races out there who are dying because they have lost the gift that we had, as humanity. The gift that we had as humanity was our emotion, or feeling. They don’t know what love is, they’re bewildered by it. They don’t even have tears. Tears are like precious gems to them. They come here and they experiment with us. They experiment with our bodies. Can anybody deny the rate at which children are, literally, disappearing in this country? It’s unbelievable. We’re talking about tens of thousands of children every month. Read the reports.

You see, they fill us with all this other stuff, and a lot of static, so that we don’t get focused and look at these kinds of things. But last year alone, in the state of New York, 8000 children disappeared under the age of 16. Where did they go? That’s only one state.

So, where are all these thousands, and tens of thousands of children, going? Where are they disappearing to? What are all these mutilations going on? What are all these abductions going on? And, now, we can sit down and we can talk and we can have a show, and we can listen to Bud Hopkins and Ed Dames will get on and a couple of other people, and we’ll realize that, well, Whitley Streiber is doing a narration, then we realize that, well, these things are really going on.

Ok, so we’re starting to wake up, but are we waking up fast enough? If we do not take the responsibility of this Earth, then someone else will come in and take it over, because it was never ours to begin with. We just became the dominant species. And everything in our history, and everything that we’re relating to, does not come from myth, because you can go to the ancient buildings that are still there, and the writings are there, if you know how to look. They’re coming up with discoveries every day that are talking about things that we’ve thought, even 20 years ago, would have been impossible.

I’m working on a dig, an archeological site, right now, where we have Grecian, Hebrew, Egyptian, Sumerian art artifacts, things that have nothing to do with Native American Indians. We’re talking about vessels in jars, and we’re talking about tablets that have Hebraic writing, Venetian writing, Celtic writing—it’s right here in the U.S.A.

It’s not something that we found over by the Great Pyramid. We found 12 chambers. Originally we thought there were only 2. These things are now coming to the surface. That was something else that I spoke about in Winds Of Change, which was: all things hidden shall be revealed.

Two scenarios, I said. To touch on what happens between the 6th and 7th, I have to touch on something that I’ve spoken about for many years now, which is: In 1953, something happened near Bear Butte, while Eisenhower was President. They made a movie in this country called Close Encounters, right? It wasn’t based entirely on fiction. There was information that we got, based upon what we refer to now as the Montauk experiments, or the Phoenix experiments, there were many, many experiments. They’re still going on. There were thousands of experiments. They’ve experimented with time.

It started with the Nazis. It started with the Germans. There’s a major underground complex in Antarctica. Part of the problem in Antarctica is that the underground city that they have there is so big that the heat that’s being generated from it is cracking the ice. It’s melting the ice. It’s causing it to fall off in chunks that are unbelievable. They think they just lost a chunk there, a few weeks ago, that was the size of Rhode Island.

If we go to the ancient teachings of the Mayans and the Tibetans, we have to understand something first, and be able to—or, let’s say, rather than understand, we have to be willing to look at a possible other scenario.

I do a lot of work now with the Mayans and with the Hopi. The reason why I do the work with them, extensively, is that they never denied the existence of star people. They never denied the existence of the great teachers in the other world. And they never denied that we are, actually, the children of the stars, and that means literally—that the beings who came from the stars came here and created us. They’ve never denied that; they’ve never lost that knowledge. They’re not so steeped in traditionalism that they do not talk about it to the outside world.

The Mayans speak about it freely. There are not that many Hopi left, who are true Hopi, who are Hopi Sinom. Last year I lost 8 elders, including Chief Dan Evahema. He’s the last Hopi chief. They have no Hopi chief now. He was the last high priest. So, the Hopis, right now, are in a sad place. They’re waiting for the children to come up. But the children are coming up in a world that the Hopis never thought they would come up in. There’s no one to turn over the information, there’s no one to hand down the information to them. The Mayans have been luckier than that.

When we experimented with time, when we traveled interdimensionally, when we moved the U.S.S. Eldridge in the Philadelphia Experiment from one place to another, we ripped open holes in time. Beings came here from other places. They exchanged knowledge with our leaders, because they needed something. They needed to repair what they had that got here that was damaged. In the exchange for what they needed, they gave us information that they never thought we would do anything with. They never thought that we would be able to figure out and calculate time-travel. But, we fooled them. We did it. Despite all the bad qualities, you know, of being an American and not being cultured, and not being smooth, and being crazy cowboys and yanks, we are tremendously ingenious. We can figure out anything. And we figured it out. When we did that, we changed everything.

In exchange for the information that we kept getting from the ETs, the ETs asked that they would be able to experiment with us, with our cattle, with our planet, in a relationship with them, with the world leaders, so that they could help their own dying races, they could help their own situation. The abductions began, the mutilations began. The contracts that were made, whatever those contracts were, the date that those contracts were up is 1997.

In 1997, things started to happen, in the UFO world, if you look back. All of a sudden there were sightings everywhere. It wasn’t just Billy Meier talking about things, these things were everywhere. I mean, we were getting reports from the Swedish airport, from Mexico, from Argentina, from China, from Paris for crying out loud, from England, everywhere. The ships were being found everywhere, they’re everywhere—10, 12, 20 at a time—almost, sometimes, on a hourly basis in some places. It began. And what they began was, they turned around and they gave us an ultimatum. The ultimatum was that we had 2 years to get this Earth back in order, because it was so environmentally unbalanced it was set on a time-clock for self-destruct. If we did not get this Earth back in order, if we did not get our social orders back in order, they would intervene.

The 7th Thunder—we have two alternatives. Again, if we do not get our planet in order, if we do not come back to our original understandings, teachings—understanding that the value of life and the importance of it being based upon your spiritual evolution, not the technological evolution—if we didn’t stop enslaving our own people, if we didn’t stop manipulating our own races and consciousness to build slave races, that those who had original claims to this place would return. There is much talk in many cultures where the term is used "This will be yours until the end of time" or "This is here until the end of time" or "May the Gods be with you until the end of time". It was literal, it wasn’t metaphorical.

The time-space continuum, if we understand what time is, time is not linear. Time is spherical. The other peculiarity about time is that time stands still. Time goes nowhere. What gives us the perception of time passing is our moving through time. If we go into the studies of ancient geometry and the ancient texts of the Mayans, the Tibetans, or the Egyptians, we understand that moving through time, moving through dimensions, didn’t have to do with angles, it had to do with curves. We understand the different sciences and the physics. Now we have this incredible new school, or church, that was started by the great priest Einstein, who talked about relativity: E=MC2.

You see, he understood energy. He understood the holographic universe. He understood so much about it that he couldn’t even communicate to half the people around him because, back then, they didn’t know what Albert was talking about. But he was talking about the very knowledge that we’re talking about now.

We have, within our bodies, 22-24 strands of DNA. Some of the new children being born into the planet have 24 strands of DNA. They are immune to every disease and every stealth virus. At the age of 4, 5, and 6, they can speak 3 or 4 languages, they can work out calculus and mathematics, they can play music. They’re absolutely amazing. These children are being born up in Canada, they’re being born down in South America, they’re being born in what we would call the "outback" countries. You know, not where the sophisticated technology is.

We tend to think a lot that the whole world is Silicon Valley and nothing exists beyond it. And that’s a fallacy. Because, in reality, that whole part of reality at this time is the smaller part of life on the planet. But, because we do everything on the Internet, we do everything through the media, and we do everything on television, we do everything in the movies, we don’t go out and experience life for ourselves, so we’re buying the package. We’re buying the programming of limitation. We don’t realize that that represents less than 20% of the planet. That the other 80% is living a totally different reality.

These new children that are being born with 24 strands of DNA, again, have tremendous abilities that we’re seeing thus far. This has been going on for the last 10 years. We’re seeing, also, that they have tremendous telepathic powers. They also have abilities to turn around and control their parents, at will.

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