by Rick Martin

November 1999

from TheSpectrum Website


The following in-depth interview with Robert Ghost Wolf is a copy of the front page story of the December 7, 1999 issue of The SPECTRUM



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You’ve often heard the marketing expression "We sell no wine before its time." Well, as with fine wines, certain conversations are worth waiting for.

On November 4, I finally caught-up with Robert Ghost Wolf long enough to have this much-anticipated conversation and interview. As seems to frequently be the case these days, the conversation moved from one urgently relevant topic to another and, before you know it, four hours passed! In keeping with our usual policy, we’ll now offer that entire conversation for your spiritual and intellectual satisfaction.

I believe you will join in my enthusiasm and gratitude for what Ghost Wolf has to say, and perhaps you will better understand why we gave such a thorough background statement about him in the last issue of The SPECTRUM. As a side-note, it’s interesting (and predictable, these days) that the more important the message a speaker has to bring, the more he seems to be "villainized" by the adversary in an attempt to either silence or discredit the information. (We at The SPECTRUM are certainly no strangers to this phenomenon!) Ghost Wolf, too, has not been exempt from such efforts, however unsuccessful they’ve proven to be.

Ghost Wolf’s message to SPECTRUM readers is universal and deeply appreciated. This is the kind of article that’s a good read when you have quiet, uninterrupted time, perhaps sitting in front of the fireplace, with a clear view of Nature nearby.

We are reminded, while listening to Ghost Wolf, about taking time for the little things—the touch of a hand of appreciation on the shoulder, a kind word of thanks or praise, the aroma of a stately evergreen or the melody of a happy songbird along a winter’s walk—in short, stopping the merry-go-round long enough to enjoy and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, given to us by our Creator for our enjoyment and growth. There are many such reminders sprinkled herein. Also, this is the type of article that may be read once, then gone back over at a future time, for the message is as timeless in some respects as it is so imperatively timely and even urgent in others!

For those of you with access to the Internet, several of Ghost Wolf’s conversations with Art Bell are available on Art’s  website. You may also wish to look at Robert Ghost Wolf’s website directly HERE, HERE and HERE.

Let’s stop right here and move directly into a conversation that I believe you will glean much from, and the blessings contained herein are representative of but a small fragment of that which is to come. Enjoy!

Martin: I’ve structured a couple of what to many of our readers will be basic questions and will be, really, old ground for a lot of people. But, for some people, they will be new.

So, I want to ask you some of these pre-prepared questions as a springboard, so you can just kind-of go and run with it. Just let me know when you’re done talking, then we’ll go to the next one. Take as long as you need and, if we have to sit here all night, we will.

I’ll run out of tape, but we’ll sit here all night! (laughter)

Ok, let’s talk about "The Quickening". We’re in "The Quickening".

Ghost Wolf: We have been in "The Quickening" for quite awhile.

Martin: Right. And, you use the term "increase in octave". What, exactly, do you mean by increasing the octave?

Ghost Wolf: Where I am coming from with the statement "an increase in octaves", has to do with the understanding that absolutely everything in the Universe is energy—that we, ourselves, are energy. Essentially, in my understanding of it and my experience of it, everything that is around us, everything that we are connected to, is all connected through a matrix and the matrix is Light. We can get into a quantum physics discussion on that so the scientists get satisfied, but essentially—there is a movie called CONTACT. Did you see the movie?

Martin: I did.

Ghost Wolf: And in the movie there’s a part of the dream where she has this vision, if you will, and as she moves, everything moves. That’s really the nature of reality.

Martin: Much like What Dreams May Come.

Ghost Wolf: That was a phenomenal movie.

Martin: Much like that.

Ghost Wolf: Much like that. Now, when I say a higher octave, consciousness follows energy, because energy is the force that moves consciousness. If we’re dealing with just consciousness, we could be dealing with almost a catatonic state. Consciousness, of its own, has no energy, it’s just potential everything, but materially it’s nothing.

There has to be an energy that moves consciousness, and in the Egyptian words, they use the word ska, in the Lakota word, they use the word ska-skun, and that is "the mystery that moves things". We don’t know WHY it is, we only know that it IS. We could call it, in common vernacular, contemporary language, we could call it "The Life Force"—that which causes things to move.

It’s a Universal Law as we’re coming out of the darkness of our spiritual awareness, because for the last 2,000 years mankind has been degenerating in spiritual capability, as well as spiritual awareness, until we reach the present society where everything is technology.

I mean, kids can’t even count change anymore. They have to rely on a computer telling them how to count that change. Everything that we do is reliant upon technology. We have no concept or grasp, really, of how far we have become totally computer reliant. And, what we’re missing is that we are the ultimate computers.

We are, as living beings of Light, we are transducers of that Light, which means that we receive and we transmit. The Light comes through us and we transmit it. We transmit the Light through us as thought. How we become activated in consciousness is, there’s new thought that enters our realm of reality.

I’ve also said, along with "The Quickening", that we’re moving into the 5th World. Now, there’s a lot of interpretations of that and a lot of them are incorrect, meaning, we are now in the 4th World. The 1st World was mineral, with spirit. The 2nd World was mineral. The 3rd World was vegetable, or plant. The 4th World is animal. This is the experience that we are in now. Mankind has been here in this 4th World for—we’re not certain how long—depends on which school you talk to.

The Sphinx that I found in Colorado is well over 200,000 years old. There are scientists who are estimating that the age of the Sphinx in Giza is well over 28,000 years old, based upon what they’re looking at. If you go to Mayan history and you speak to the Mayans, they speak about civilization in the Mayan culture as being well over 30,000 years old. We speak to the Hopi, they talk about their remembrances of their beginnings go back 12-14,000 years. When the prophecies were given to them on the Hopi tablets, we’re talking, roughly, 10,000-10,200 years ago.

We are moving now into a higher vibratory field. The shifting of the 3rd-Dimensional World into the 5th-Dimensional World, or the 5th World—and the 5th World is where man walks upright, owning his spirit. He returns to his origins and becomes God-Man-realized. We become realized beings-of-Light. We take the responsibility for what we are; we are awakened to what we are; and we are awakened to our natural abilities.

What happens as these worlds merge, as you merge from a 3rd-Dimensional World into a 5th-Dimensional World, you’re going through many warpages of reality. They could be considered distortions of reality, where people are losing a sense of time. They become disassociated. They may walk around their house for hours not knowing what they really did. They may start out going some place, and they know that it takes two hours to get there and, somehow, they made it there in an hour and twenty minutes. They can’t figure out how that happened. They’re also going through changes in personality where they become almost like different people, through the course of weeks and months, which is why we’re seeing a lot of difficulty in relationships because relationships seem to be breaking up. You seem to have a whole lifetime in a couple of years, and then, all of a sudden the couples outgrow each other and one goes in one direction, and one goes in another direction.

We’re seeing this also played out in the observation and acceptance of our spiritualities, our religions, our theology, where we were once—and, a very short time ago, I might add, we’re talking ten or fifteen years ago—we were accepting without question of a totally different kind of paradigm where we accepted the stories of Adam and Eve, these kinds of things.

Now we go, "Well, that’s not really the way it is!" Now we sit there and we can sit down with a bunch of scientists and doctors and statesmen and talk about the potentialities of our involvement with extraterrestrials.

Where is all this thought coming from? We’re coming up with new ways of healing. We’re coming up with the understanding of energy and how to apply energy, and it’s changing the whole medical profession. It’s changing the way we deal with illness, the way we deal with almost everything that’s around us.

Where this is coming from is this higher octave of energy. When the higher octave of energy moves-in, when the higher frequencies move-in, what happens is they disrupt the paradigm; they disrupt the thought patterns. And these thought patterns are what most people build their core-beliefs upon. This is how we know that red is red, and a daisy is a daisy, and this is a father and this is child, and this is a family; I mean, literally, everything—how we perceive the world around us, how we perceive our social conditions.

All of this is going through tremendous turmoil and tremendous change. It’s going through a period of chaos that could be looked upon as what’s happening—it’s "the end of the world".

It can also be looked upon, when you realize what’s going on, from another perception. The perception being that all Creation comes out of chaos. You cannot create something new from that which existed. You have to create something new with new substance, and you have to create it with a higher energy than perpetuated the original circumstance.

Am I making some sort of sense with this?

Martin: Sure, yes, keep going.

Ghost Wolf: So, "The Quickening" is that we are responding to the higher frequency literally; it is a quicker frequency. It’s a more rapid frequency, so that we’re—for instance, I get emails all the time, I get letters all the time, people calling me up. I have someone, right now, calling me from Sweden because there’s this valley over there that people are being driven out because of what they’re calling "a hum"—ok?

Now, the first time I ever heard about this phenomenon was, maybe, in 1992-

Martin: Taos?

Ghost Wolf: -1993, up in Taos, New Mexico, where they talked about "the Taos hum", and how it was driving people crazy, and people were moving out of the neighborhood.

What we’re dealing with is that all Creation was sung. This world was sung into Creation. You know, if we go to the aboriginal people, they do sing-songs when they travel through the desert and it tells them, and guides them, to where the water is or where the game is. They know where they’re going because they follow the song.

The Navajos, the Danay people here, have a similar kind of chanting that they do, and it’s the toning, it’s the harmonics of the toning that cause things to occur. What we’re experiencing is a toning that’s happening between dimensions, as the dimensions shift, and where the life-force energy in the Earth is really strong and waking-up, people are actually hearing the vibration.

It’s like if you were sitting in your living room and suddenly you were hearing these tones in your ear and you were wondering where they are coming from. And sometimes they sound like a low, droning motor, and people start walking around the house and going "Is there something on? Is it the refrigerator? What is this?" And yet they realize that the sound is actually coming from inside them. This is part of the activation by the higher frequency.

[Editor’s note: And so, too, some of the low-frequency sounds heard are due to underground tunneling or other secret projects, usually associated with some nearby secret underground military installation.]

What is the higher frequency causing? What the higher frequency is causing is: 1. It’s causing us to think faster. We think a lot faster than we can move, most of the time. We’re sort-of constantly trying to catch-up to the speed of our Internet. And sometimes the human mind works that fast, but you can’t get from Tehachapi to Washington in the amount of time that we can think it. (Laughter)

Martin: Right.

Ghost Wolf: And so, this is causing everything inside your consciousness to go into upheaval; it’s going into dis-order. It’s going into dis-order for the purpose of creating a new order. And this is basically what the higher octave is about. Again, like I said, we could get into quantum physics about it. It makes it so that all of life is moving faster.

Martin: How does this relate to the concept of the holographic planet, or the holographic universe?

Ghost Wolf: Well, what we’re talking about, we’re talking about higher octaves of Light IS the holographic planet. Around every living thing there’s a field of energy, and the field of energy as we have perceived it and tried to explain it, as we go back, let’s say over the last 75 years, if we go back through the teachings of Alice Bailey and Blavatsky and Krishnamurti, we could even go into Ram Dass, Sathya Sai Baba—what we’re dealing with here is that, we have called this an aura, correct? Everyone has an auric field.

The terminology of auric field, when you’re looking at the energy field around people, is not entirely correct because the auric field can go out as much as 75 miles. If you had one individual in the middle of Death Valley, in the desert, and this was the only individual in that area, if you walked into that area you’d be able to feel the presence of that person. You would know that there was something or someone there. The energy field that people are talking about that they call aura—and this is all connected to the holographic explanation—if you take your finger-tips and you put your arms out all the way, approximately where your finger-tips end, if you were to draw a complete circle around you in all six directions, that is how far your energy field goes out.

Now, inside that field you see color, yes, but what you’re actually seeing is the inter-playing of emotions and thoughts, ok? Your emotions have color, because they have frequency. If there’s a frequency, it’s going to have color, it’s going to have sound, and it’s going to have intensity. So, there’s also a sound involved in that field. Every individual has their own sound.

When medicine people go out and they walk through the woods and they walk through the desert, and they’re gathering herbs, they rely on both seeing that field, and feeling and hearing that frequency. You can stand some place and you can hear the frequency of what you’re looking for, then you follow it empathically and it will take you right to the bush, or whatever it is you’re trying to find, to work on that specific dis-easement, for instance.

Thought also has color. When we sit in a room, and I think most people can relate to having sat in a room, and you see little dots of light moving around in front of your eyes or, you’re out in the woods and you see little flecks of light moving, and people go "Oh, look, they’re little spirits!" They’re not necessarily little spirits. What they can be is, actually, your thoughts interacting with the energy-fields of the trees, because trees have thought; they have feelings; they have emotions.

We’ve evolved to the point that we know plants react to us. If somebody walks into a room—and they’ve done numerous experiments with this—if they walk into a room with the intent of doing harm to the plants, they can actually register the frequencies on the computers. Now, these colors that we’re seeing really are an interplay of our thoughts, thoughts coming into our energy field, and our emotional reactions to them. If we’re seeing someone who’s depressed, the colors tend to be brownish or blackish; they’re clouded over. If we’re seeing somebody who is full of anger, we will see a lot of dark red. We’ll see orange. And this is through auric vision, what we call auric vision; the ability of the eye to perceive that. That’s a physical thing. It’s, literally, a physical thing.

Animals, when they look at us, do not see us in our hard bodies; they see us in our light bodies because animals, in their eyes, still have rods. And it’s the amount of rods around the pupil of the eye and the retina that determine the ability for us to perceive light.

We have developed in our forced, or imposed, perception the formation of cones around the pupil. So, what happens is, we see hard reality. We see a brick wall. We see a person wearing a suit. We tend to see the attitude of the person by the body language. We are totally disconnected from the subtle fields. That’s the whole thing about the holographic world, it’s the subtle matrix that connects everything and causes the interaction between things.

I’ve broken it down in my books to three basic fields within your energy field. You have thought. Then you have feeling, which is how you perceive the thought. And then you have action, which is how you react to your perceiving. This comes toward you—if you were looking at an auric field around a body there would be three layers, with thought being the outer-most layer; feeling more toward the body; and then right around the body itself there is a thin layer that’s the "action field".

That is then absorbed on the inner body and reversed, ok? It’s sort-of like St. Elmo’s Fire; it comes in that way, but it comes out reversed. So that the first thing that happens to the body is the body feels the action or the reaction to the outside environment, then it thinks about what it’s feeling. It’s trying to perceive what it’s feeling. What am I saying, in other words? It’s perceiving it’s feeling. Based upon the feeling, we take an action, whether the action is right or wrong, incorrect, it’s immaterial. It’s how that process works. And everything, absolutely everything on this planet interacts with each other in accordance to that matrix.

When the consciousness of a people begins to degenerate or decay, when they no longer have a strong sense of self or origin, what will happen is, everything in their environment will begin to degenerate, to fall apart, to go into chaos. And I think that the way we are seeing our society today is evidence of that.

The holographic world, in many ways to people who are in shamanic understandings or shamanic ways of expressing their lives here on this planet, we work with that subtle energy constantly, every day, every hour. We understand feelings more than we understand words. The hardest thing is to put that understanding into words.

So when you say "What is the holographic world?", it’s the world of the ACTUAL reality. It’s not the result of. It’s the actual life process and how it works, how energy interacts with energy, how thought becomes an energy and it manifests the nature of reality. It’s in the subtle worlds, the worlds that we call the invisible. And yet 98% of everything in our life, including illness, is based upon our perception or our mis-perception of those subtle energy fields, which IS the holographic world. It’s all Light.

If I walk into a room and you and I are having a conversation, and some other people are there with us, and we’re all of like mind, there’ll be an energy in that room. If someone comes in from the outside who is totally unrelated to what we’re talking about, they just came from a traumatic experience or they come in and they’ve had a few drinks and no one else in the room is drinking, everyone is sitting here meditating and working with Tibetan bowls—the whole room will react to the energy of that other person. And what they’re reacting to is the holographic geometry, the geometry that is set-up from the Light being manipulated by our emotions and our thoughts, and we, literally, create geometric patterns.

Does that sort-of explain it?

Martin: Yes, it does, beautifully.

Ghost Wolf: And I think that what we’re going into now is, we are learning—because we are becoming more and more receptive to these higher octaves—how to perceive on that level. We are now starting to understand that dyslexic children are not retarded; in fact, they are overly bright. And most dyslexic children work with right-brain. They don’t work with left-brain. There are some people who can learn very well from words, and reading books, because they know how to recite. They know how to remember, and they can recite. But is that really intelligence? Is that really comprehension, or is that simply the ability to mimic, where the person who relates from the inner, who relates from empathic ability—meaning the ability to understand and translate emotion or feeling—can actually understand a whole, broader spectrum at one time?

They might be thrown for a moment because they are perceiving so much, in comparison to the person who is just being linear and totally left-brained, that it takes a while for them to digest it. The Mayans have a way of saying "we are thinking, feeling spirits".

And what we think, we create pictures in our minds, and the pictures in our minds are then empowered by the emotions that we allow or disallow, and depending upon our ability to control that emotion is how well we can manifest reality. So that, to me, is about as good an explanation, without getting scientific and losing half the people, of what the holographic world is. It’s more real than this world, because everything in this world responds to it. You see?

Martin: How do you see the average person’s daily experience changing, as these frequencies gear-up, from a perception standpoint?

Ghost Wolf: A lot of my work has had to do with the emotional storms. I talk a lot about the emotional storms. I talk about the changes in the behavioral patterns that we’ll see, because I felt that that was more important to understand than trying to look down a totally shredded time-line and figure out what geophysical event was going to occur, because when you do that you, number one, don’t see things with dates. Dates are ridiculous. The only time you see a date is if you happen to be doing something and you happen to see something, and you happen to be in front of a newspaper—seriously. There’s no way that you can tell what date this volcano blew-up. All you can see is that this volcano blew-up.

So what we’re seeing, when we’re seeing these things, we’re seeing a sequence of events. We can calculate things happening by a sequence of events. The human species, right now, is going through tremendous turmoil trying to adjust to the speed with which we’re getting the new information. The rate of speed that the new information is coming in is ten thousand times faster than it was ten years ago. If you look at some older people, who basically still have their faculties working, they can’t comprehend how fast the world is moving.

Look at our language. The English language is an amazing example of watching how we have progressed through changes. We sit down now—and I sort-of got this when I was at my daughter’s wedding, ’cause her grandfather is close to 80, but everything works, the faculties all work. He got up there and "Lindyed", showed everybody how to do that kind of a dance, and nobody knew how to do that. But, when he looks at the world around him and we’re sitting around having what we perceive as normal conversations, he does not understand what we’re talking about.

Martin: Right.

Ghost Wolf: It’s almost like we were speaking a foreign language.

Martin: Right.

Wolf: And, yet, they’re the same words that we spoke 40 years ago, but the words themselves now have entirely new meanings. What I see happening with people right now is a lot of stress. We’re under constant stress. We’re moving beyond what we once comprehended and was taught to us to be the foundations and understandings and perceiving of time, so that we now go through a day and we don’t have enough time to complete anything. And, yet, we’re doing half of what people did 20 years ago, in the space of a day. I remember, 20 years ago, you went to your job, you came home and took an hour to meditate, and then you went over to see your friends. Then, you turned around and got back and had a dinner. And then maybe some people came over or you did something, and you worked on a project, and then later on that night you turned around and you go through another hour of meditation.

It’s almost like we don’t have enough time to do that anymore. Where is the time going? One of the things we could say about that, and the phenomenon of how the frequencies are picking up and "quickening", is that our 24-hour day, based on the 24-hour day that our parents had 20 years ago, we’re talking about 14½ hours vs. 24 hours, so that we are actually compressing our day into a shorter period of time. But, we’re taking on more. This is causing tremendous stress.

The other thing that we’re seeing is, as the frequency is causing the internal changing in us—because I emphasize again, that we are, in fact, a race in transmutation—we are becoming a new race within ourselves.

Everyone talked about the Cecil B. DeMille kind of end-of-the-world and something was going to happen, and the Golden Age was going to appear, and whether it was the ship that was going to come from the sky or the magic trumpets that were going to be blown by the angels, and then the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were going to come up, and this whole new race was going to happen. We didn’t perceive how that would happen.

And how that’s happening is that we are, eternally, becoming different beings. Not only do we not have the time, it appears, that our ancestors had, and we’re talking 20 years ago, but we also can’t even eat the same diet that they ate. We cannot eat the same kind of food. We digest everything faster. We move faster. We’re moving to a quickening beat. The heartbeat has picked-up. The metabolism of the body has picked-up. The way we communicate thoughts has picked-up. We’ve changed our language to adapt to the speed with which we’re trying to get the thoughts out.

We are learning how to move into hyper-space. As a result of this, we are having problems in relating to everything holistically, so that there’s a lot of children suffering. The children are suffering because it just doesn’t dawn on the parents that four days have gone by and you haven’t talked to your kid. And the kid’s standing here wondering "Ok, when are they going to talk to me? Did I do something wrong?" You know?

There’s another phenomenon happening with the kids because of the frequency change. They are tremendously brighter than we could ever have hoped to have been. (Laughter) I mean, I can’t tell you how many times my 12-year-old son will come up and go, "Oh, well, the problem with your computer is you have to do this."

Martin: (Laughter)

Ghost Wolf: You have to go "Oh, ok." I’ll sit there and I’ll sweat going through the manual, trying to make my Adobe-thing work, and my 18-year-old son will come over and go "Dad, can I sit down for a minute?" because he’s learned not to tell me I don’t know what I’m doing, right?

Martin: (Laughter)

Ghost Wolf: He’s respectful that way, but yet, he’ll sit down, and in five minutes figure out what just took me seven hours of trying to figure it out, and I’m in total frustration.

We’re also seeing young children who have an ability to speak many languages, rapidly. I took my own 12-year-old son to Mexico, and within a day he was conversing with people, ok? So that the whole—it’s like, how do I put this in a simple way? We were raised on a matrix and we were taught a matrix when we were younger, 20 years ago, 30 years ago, 40 years ago, that worked on 60 hertz. Now the guys are working on 360 hertz. Everything is moving that much faster.

Because of that, we’re stressing-out. We’re going through nervous breakdowns, and we’re taking all of the supplements to keep us balanced, and everybody is on St. John’s Wort, Valerian Root, because we are burning-out the myelin at the end of our nerves. We’re running at such high frequency, trying to perceive everything that’s going on, as fast as we want to perceive it, that we are causing ourselves to have relapses. We’re causing ourselves to go through many little burnouts. And we’re starting to find out the other problem, which is why this is happening—is that nutritionally, even though we eat better in this country than anywhere in the world, and everyone’s got a belly, we’re starving to death.

We don’t have enough nutrients in our food anymore to turn around and move the thought. We don’t have enough minerals in the blood to carry the thought, because the blood and thought has to travel through the body. It’s no different than if we were doing a tape recording of an orchestra. What makes one particular type of bias tape better than the other? It’s the amount of metal in the tape, otherwise it’s all celluloid.

When we don’t have minerals in our blood, when we’re not taking the proper minerals in our food, we are iron deficient. We are mineral deficient. When we are mineral deficient, we cannot pick up all these higher octaves. So we tend to walk around in a fog, and everyone is going "What’s the matter? Is it Alzheimer’s disease, that I can’t figure this out?"

No, it’s that we’re starving to death. We’re suffering from malnutrition. We’re not getting the right supplements. We’re not getting enough minerals.

Then, the other effect we’re getting out of that malnutrition condition is chronic fatigue. Everybody’s tired; everybody doesn’t have any energy. They can’t get up and do what they used to do, and they’re not old. I’m not talking about old people. I mean, I just came from my daughter’s wedding in California and I’m looking at people in their late 20s, and they’ve been married for a couple of years, and I’m listening to the conversations.

People are talking about they don’t have healthy relationships. They don’t have any sex life, everyone’s too tired; everyone’s going to sleep. We’re talking about people just don’t have the mental energy to stay up and read books anymore. They want everything presented to them on video and audio tape. They just don’t have the energy to be self-motivated. We’re talking about people who are constantly, constantly tired.

Again, this goes back to two things: The speed at which we are moving, because we follow energy, and energy follows thought. The thought moves, you project a thought, it projects the energy, it causes things to react to, to respond to. When you are moving at that rate of speed and your metabolism has slowed down because you’re not getting the proper nutrients, what happens is, you feel a lag. It’s literally like jet lag—only people are suffering from it chronically.

So, we’re seeing a lot of physical things happening to people right now, through the shifting. We’re seeing a lot of people, also, going through dietary-shifting. All of a sudden they can’t eat the foods that they’ve been eating for years because they seem to get sick from them, or there’s a lot of people suffering from intestinal things because they’re not digesting their food properly.

We’re seeing a lot of physical ailments and people can sort-of pass that off and go "Well, that’s ok, that’s not important." But then, I think that they should ask the question "How come the hospital rooms are so overloaded now that in many areas they’re closing down the emergency rooms except for cases of extreme trauma because the emergency people are so overworked they’re on seven-day, eighteen-hour shifts?" They can’t handle the amount of people coming in.

People are then translating these kinds of things to psychic attack. They’re trying to put spiritual superlatives on it, and what it really has to do with, is that your physical body is not moving as fast, it is not as pure as it should be to keep up with your energy.

So, one of the most important things that people can do at this time is to understand the importance of purifying their bodies. And I’m not talking from a moralistic stance. I’m not talking about going out and suffering and fasting. I’m talking about common sense.

We are getting about 40 percent of the minerals that we used to get out of food 10 or 15 years ago. We also have problems going on because of the additives in the food, because of the preservatives in the food, and because many, many foods are filled with everything from Aspartame to polymers. The body does not digest polymers. What happens to the polymers is that they build up in the body, they build up in the intestines, and your intestines, literally, become coated with plastic.

So, now, you’re eating food that has 40 percent less minerals than it had 15 years ago, and you’re absorbing maybe 20 percent of what you eat because everything is clogged-up. So, now what’s happening to people? What’s happening to people is that this clogging-up of the organs is causing them to have stressed livers, stressed kidneys, stressed pancreas.

What happens when that happens? Well, you then start suffering from toxicity. What happens when you start suffering from toxicity? You’re chronically ill; you’re chronically tired; you have no energy; 80 percent of your energy is going to fighting the toxicity; you’re constantly fighting pathogens; your immune system is exhausted; your adrenal system has flattened-out; you have no energy; you turn around and you go for the supplements.

Ok. What do the supplements do? Well, the supplements put you on overdrive. You can go on overdrive for a period of time, but eventually you’re going to burn out the organism.

You know, the Hopis and the Mayans, and others who I’ve worked with, we talk about the body a lot as if it were understanding the universe. We talk about, there are 12 basic organs in the human body that keep everything in harmony. And we talk about that there are 12 planets, which now we’re coming into the realization of, thanks to people like Zecharia Sitchin, who came out with a book. Thank you, NASA, for finally admitting that - since we caught you with the teleshots - that there really is something out there.

There are 12 planets in our solar system. There are 12 organs in our body. When we have these things all in harmony, then we won’t have this problem. Sai Baba said, a few months ago, in a talk he was giving at his ashram, about the importance of the purification of the body; the importance of eating the proper nutrients, so that we could sort-of hook-up to and merge with the new frequencies of consciousness that are moving into our plane. And then, unless we did this, we simply would not be able to perceive it. We would be blocked. We would not understand what was happening.

I believe that, as we look around us and we see so many people suffering from these various illnesses, what we’re looking at is, our planet dying. We’re looking at the human race, dying. They’re falling asleep, simply because of malnutrition and improper diet. And the tendency is to blame it on everything outside. And it’s not anything outside; it’s everything on the inside. So, if that makes sense, it’s not a prophecy of doom-and-gloom, it’s good ol’ common horse-sense.

If we’re moving into being bodies of Light, one of the things that we have to do is purify our bodies so that the Light can come in. The other thing is, we have to put into our bodies that which will hold the Light. The other thing that we have to contemplate is how do we put Light back into the body?

If we’re moving into a holographic world, that is a world based upon Light. Sacred Geometry is simply the geometrical language of the holographic forms upon which, and through which, Light expresses. It has everything to do with Light.

So, if we’re eating impure foods, if we’re filling our bodies with Aspartame and poisoning our minds, if we are eating genetically-engineered foods that have no life-force in them whatsoever, then we are not putting into our bodies, Light.

What happens when you’re not putting the Light into the body? Well, very similar to what happens to plants when they can no longer conduct the process of photosynthesis. They cannot use the Light and transmute it into energy. We can no longer take the higher octaves and transmute it into thought. We do not have the energy to understand it because we are suffering from malnutrition. We’re suffering from over-toxicity. We’re suffering from all of these physical things that we’re putting into the body. It has nothing to do with God cursing us, or our spirits getting angry at us, or somebody zapping us with radionic waves.

That stuff exists. Yes, there are people who use that for malevolent purposes. You know, it’s like we say about the sacred pipe, or any of the ceremonies that I do—you can use these things to heal. You can also use these things to cause harm. That’s why they’re not just given away freely to people.

Everything in our universe is energy. Everything in the holographic universe is energy. If everything in the universe is moving up to 18,000 cycles a second, and you’re slowing down to 8,000 cycles a second, you will not be able to sustain life. Does that make sense?

Martin: Yes, it does. Let’s move back—this is a little off from where I wanted to go, but we’ll get there, eventually. Let’s move back to what you were saying about inter-personal relationships and stress, and just, generally, people feeling stress. I’ve observed that also, especially in the last few months. Do you have any real suggestions for our reading audience concerning stress management in a 4th-dimensional world?

Ghost Wolf: Twenty-five years ago, Titus, who was a Hopi high priest and elder, and I worked with him, and he taught me the mysteries of life through his corn field. And he would say:

"If you want to understand the mysteries of life, understand how the corn grows. Understand how you make it grow. Understand how you sing at the rain, how you sing at the water, and how it responds, and then you will understand why my corn field is twice as high as my neighbor’s. Because my neighbor just plants things, and then doesn’t pay any attention to them."

He also gave me another wisdom. He said:

"In the future, things are going to speed up. They’re going to speed up very fast, and children won’t have time with their parents because the parents won’t have time. And they won’t have time with their grandparents, and everybody is going to be running around at a speed and it’s going to make them crazy, and what you have to learn how to do is, slow down."

Twenty-five years ago I could look at that philosophically and metaphorically. Now, I’m seeing it physically manifesting in front of my eyes! We have to slow down and find our own rhythm. We have to not move faster than our emotions can comprehend.

In a relationship, one of the most important things that we can understand, now, is the necessity to communicate, and to communicate clearly. To not just THINK that we said something, but make sure that the other person understood what we said, and make sure that we understood what they said. That will stop the miscommunication, which later leads to outbreaks of violence on various levels.

I mean, an argument is violence, it’s just one level. I mean, it builds up to a psychotic-type impulse, and then the psychotic impulse builds up to, all of a sudden, somebody hauls-off and hits the other person. Then you have domestic violence. It’s really just a different degree of intensity of the same emotional stress cracking. We go through that, and that happens when we no longer feel ourselves.

I think that the most important thing that we can do in a relationship is to understand the relationship within ourselves. The male-female relationship externally is played-out in accordance to how we deal with the male-female relationship within. If we understand our emotions inside, and if we allow ourselves grace and poise, and we allow ourselves the time to truly understand and put our attention on what’s going on inside—like Titus would say, he put the attention on his corn field, so he communicated with it—if we stop taking our own emotions for granted, and we stop taking our own bodies for granted and just ASSUME that they’re going to work on some magical automatic pilot, then we will be focusing our attention on that. We will be activating the Life-Force within us.

As we come into a harmony and an allowance within—which comes down to, there’s basically two roads left for us to follow: one is love and compassion, and the other is hate and chaos. Love and compassion within is going to cause us to have love and compassion outside, because again, consciousness dictates the nature of reality. It’s not a probable, it’s an absolute.

If I create within myself a state of grace, then that is how I will deal with the outside world, whether it be another person, or whether it be my job, or the person I’m interacting with on my job, or the person that I’m interacting with on an everyday level.

Everything is a relationship. Human being means in relationship. There’s no way that human being can live alone and solitary without relationship. It’s been tried, and when that happens, you become lunatic. You are no longer human being. You have to interact; that’s part of the human condition.

We die from loneliness because we cannot interact. We are dying from loneliness right now because we are not interacting properly. We are not communicating with each other, so everybody is feeling unloved. Everyone is feeling the tremendous lack of compassion. Everyone is screaming, like little spoiled brats, "What about me? What about my pain?"

You have to work on your own pain now. And working on your own pain, you’ll have something to give the other person. And you have to understand, when you’re looking at the other person, that they may not be reacting directly towards you. They’re reacting to their pain, as well.

So, it comes to a point where we have to say, "Where do we stop the merry-go-round? Where do we stop the whirlwind? Where do we stop the labyrinth?" We have to stop inside. We have to get a hold of who we are; we have to commit to who we are; and then we have to start declaring to the outside world, with compassion, not as a tyrant: "Wait, this makes me feel uncomfortable. I’m really not suited for this kind of experience. Why can’t we just sit down and talk about this?"

Why does a disagreement between a couple have to turn into an argument? The disagreement just shows two different perceptions, but the reaction that is chosen, the emotion that we choose to let loose, well, if we choose anger and we react out of chaotic emotion, uncontrolled emotion, then what we have is an argument. And then, what always happens in the argument is, you get caught in the current of the argument and you don’t even know what you’re arguing about by the time the argument is through. But you’re so caught up in the current of it, it’s like a magnet. It’s like an electrical force that holds you into it.

A lot of what I see going on between couples—and a lot of this comes from my own experience, and how do I correct my own life because my life is extremely stressful. I’m constantly on the road. I’m constantly dealing with people 24-hours-a-day on the phone, all over the world. I’m constantly going to seminars, or going to ceremonies where I’m dealing with hundreds, sometimes thousands of people.

I have 500 emails a day that I’m trying to work with. And I am just one person, with a voluntary staff, trying to do something. I know some people think that it’s a big corporation and it’s not. So, it’s not that I’m trying to talk esoterically or piously, from up on a hill like the hermit in the cave who’s not involved in swimming along with everyone.

What I’m talking about is, I’m right there with you. And what I found that works in my life is to try to understand my own emotions so I can express them. To make declarations about what makes me feel good and what doesn’t make me feel good. That can be as simple as saying "I’m not going to go to the Caboose Restaurant every morning and eat that greasy fried breakfast, because every time I eat that greasy fried breakfast I’m sick for two hours, it throws my metabolism out, and I’m in a foul mood." So, it’s like, we have to break the patterns.

We’re being given an opportunity to see the patterns. A lot of what happens in the stress that happens between a relationship is because the couple involved, or the two people involved, refuse to see the other one’s point of view. The reason why they refuse to see the other person’s point of view is, usually, because they don’t understand their own. Make sense?

Martin: Yes.

Ghost Wolf: So, once we change the inner, we’ll change the outer. And whenever we’re dealing with anyone, whenever one human being is interacting with another human being, we’re always dealing with the mirror of our own emotional storm. If we’re in a state of poise and grace, then the storm that’s going on around the person just outside of us will calm down. They use this when they have a suicide patient or a psychotic patient and the guy’s up on a building and is going to jump off the building because there’s been too much stress and he can’t handle it anymore, she can’t handle it anymore. And they’ll send someone in to start a communication line. And what can happen that’s successful is simply because the person is skilled in taking the time to emotionally touch the other person, to allow them to release, to listen.

Nobody LISTENS to anybody anymore; we simply REACT. Most husbands don’t listen to their wife. Most wives don’t listen to their husband. So, they keep getting caught in these two third-dimensional forces, crashing up against each other, with no release. The minute somebody puts the magic ingredients in it: "Let me listen to what’s really going on here. What are you really trying to say?" then suddenly the person becomes animated and alive, emotionally. They feel like their emotions aren’t just going out to nowhere. They feel like they’ve got a purpose, that they’re communicating. They feel that they—they’re connected to life.

The frustration that so many people feel right now is that they’re NOT connecting to life, you know: "You’re not hearing me. My dream isn’t coming true." This isn’t what happened. They don’t spend time getting to know each other. It’s one of the things that I spoke about at my daughter’s wedding. I said: "The most important thing in your life is what comes through your heart, and what your heart feels. As you go through life, your head is going to create a lot of pictures and a lot of scenarios. You’re going to listen to people on the outside. You’re going to have many influences on you that will tell you that you should be this way and you should be the other way. What are you doing with that person? How can you let them do this to you? How can you be treated in this manner? What matters is: what does your heart feel?"

So, I think this brings us back once more—you know, the Iroquois have the oldest philosophy of life, running and existing in this country. Many things that are American come from the understanding and the wisdom of the Iroquois people, and in the Iroquois way of looking at things the most important thing that we have is the Sacred Fire of Life. They call it the hearth.

This hearth burns inside of you, that you have within you the male and the female aspect. When you learn how to balance this, you then go into a relationship with a woman or a man, depending upon what gender you are, and you then expand that relationship. And that’s the beginning of a family. From the family, you then have children. The children then have uncles, brothers, sisters, it’s all part of the same matrix.

There’s no difference between that family hearth, and the hearth of the society that we live in. When you lose self, you lose the ability to communicate. When you lose self, you lose the ability to hear and understand. And then you are caught in a reactionary mode, where all you are doing is reacting to everything around you. When you do that, your heart [energy] center shuts down. You no longer can perceive your feelings. You are caught in the current of a wild emotion. It’s like holding onto a wild horse.

When you do that, you lose contact with the God-Force. You forget that you ARE God, in action. You are God experiencing in this plane. And you start to fall into your limitation. When you fall into your limitation, you are feeling disconnected, disavowed, disempowered, and you feel that everything is happening to you, because you’re isolated. This is what I see happening in relationships.

So, the road to take is compassion, compassion with self, because once compassion is exercised with self, it’s easily implemented and understood with all things around you.

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