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But Look What SOHO Cameras Captured In March Beforehand Looks Like

a War Out There



Soho has gone down in another "bakeout" phase but look what the C2 Lasco camera captured before the pics were shut off.

What is up with this picture? About two-thirds of this image has been blocked out.


Why?  What's more, take a look at the upper left hand corner! Yikes!


3/29/04 at 11:00 hours UTC on Lasco C2



Looks interesting up there in the corner but its hard to make out


So, we've isolated that section of the picture and enlarged it, nothing else. Now our anomaly is shown enlarged

Let's look zoom in closer








Do we have Torpedoes Fired?

Note that the larger white beaded line is on a slightly different trajectory from the line that has just emerged from the main object (a.k.a. "sun cruiser").


The small second line close to the object seems to be running on a slightly different heading just like a submarine commander would do with a "spread" of torpedoes.


We're not saying that the above is definitely some sort of "torpedo" - only that it reminds us of such. We've seen many such similar shots before over the past 6 years of SOHO watching and the NASA/SOHO folks can not provide a good explanation. In fact, one of the key scientists for the project has admitted that they don't know what's going on with some of the anomalies that have been captured by the cameras.


So for lack of any better references or terms, we here at A-O coined the term "torpedoes."

But it sure does seem like that is the case here with this picture and with so many others. Now let's see what else has been going on earlier this month.



March 28th

March 28th


Another Torpedo?
March 28th at 20:40 hours UTC on Lasco C2
Upper right-hand corner closeup

Torpedo or Exhaust Contrail? This suncruiser did some moving around




March 21st, Lasco C2 - 21~22 hours







A few hours earlier ... on Lasco C3 camera



28 minutes later - Look what "pops out"
The "sun-cruiser" or as in this type of profile shot

we call it the Phoenix Rising - named for the mythical pagan-deity bird of prey that rose from the ashes of sacrifice. You'll see it off to the right of the blue solar disk cover.

A Closer Look






First you saw it ... now its gone! Vanished! Poof!





Next Study in Anomalies for March 15

Upper left corner near the rim
at 21:42 hours UTC on Lasco C3 camera

A Closer Look


Another Torpedo Firing?






March 11th Lasco C3

04:42 hours UTC

Then 10 hours later ... down below the sun ...

11:42 hours UTC on same Lasco C3 camera

Upper left on the outer edge



Closer Look


Look straight below the solar disk shield about halfway between the sun & the bottom of picture

Closer Look



Closer look yet




Less than an hour later at 12:06 hours Lasco C2

Close up enlarged to twice size








Prior Updates

Updated 3/8/04


Including newly published photos dating back to last December with "Flying Crosses" Again!. Scroll down to see these incredible pictures.

Meanwhile... Current Question... Future Signs? Should We Get Ready For More Solar Blasts? Sun Is Looking More Ominous Again!

See the bright areas on the far left of the center of the sun?


Those stormy areas are rotating around to face Earth this week. We could see "stormy weather" if Sol shoots off more flares.


That could trigger truly stormy weather on earth and we don't just mean radio reception and satellite or phone static and interference. We mean this activity could enhance already severe thunderstorms or tornadoes in North America.

Image below taken 3/8/04 at 01:06 UTC time





Now For More Mysteries



The Return of the Sun Cruiser?
March 7th, 2004, 06:06 UTC on Lasco C2 camera


enlargement of unknown

enlargement of unknown



2 Days earlier we see the cruiser above the sun
March 5th, 2004 at 03:30 hours UTC on C2 Lasco Camera



From February

What is this? We have no idea what is going on here, but we've seen this sort of anomaly before. Note all the other items shooting off willy-nilly elsewhere in the picture




Mysterious Visitors Photographed In January and December

December 17th 2003


December 25th 2003





Later the Next Day  December 26th 2003
21:30 hours on Lasco C2 Camera.  Flying Cross?









Then again 24 minutes later



Here it is again on the other side of the solar disk, but with a companion object as it fires a laser?

Another enlargement of the area







Then in January, 2004 ...






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