by Dr. Michael Salla
December 2021
from Exopolitics Website

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Part 1

Cabal Leaders go to Antarctica to Surrender to Extraterrestrials and Earth Alliance

December 16, 2021


News has recently emerged of Global Elites (aka cabal) going to Antarctica for a secret meeting...

We know from public tweets that,

Claus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, and Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank attended a secret Antarctica meeting.


Two others present were Brad Garlinghouse and David Schwartz, respectively the President and Chief Technical Officer of Ripple Labs, a computer software company specializing in online payment systems.

The four tweets by the above elites, which began with Lagarde tweeting back in July 2021 that she was going to attend a meeting in Antarctica, has generated much speculation.


To learn more about the Antarctica meetings, I contacted Elena Danaan to find out if her off-planet sources could supply answers to what was really happening in Antarctica.







Elena received answers from Thor Han Eredyon, a Commander with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and Oona (aka 'Una') from the Intergalactic Confederation (aka the Guardians).


The answers were stunning...!


It appears that a major turning point has been reached and Global Elites are being summoned to Antarctica to meet a delegation of extraterrestrial races and Earth Alliance leaders to negotiate the terms of their surrender.


Antarctica was chosen for the meeting because it contains a portal that can transport Global Elites to a distant world in another galaxy where they will be well provisioned, but forever banished.


Prior to leaving for the new world, however, they have to first help the transition of the global financial system, and to undo much of the black magic that has been cast to keep humanity and the Earth itself in bondage.


Here is the first message Elena (E) received from Thor Han (TH) on December 14 about what transpired at the Antarctica meeting.

TH: By the decision of the High Council of the GFW, following the recent agreements set on Jupiter between the Earth Space Alliance and the Galactic Federation of Worlds, the Council of Five and the Zenatean Alliance.


The Terran elites under enemy leadership complied to meet on the southern continent, with our representatives, in order to hand over to the Earth Alliance their powers upon the global financial system...


This ancient system is to be replaced by the new system that is to be put in place by the Earth Alliance. They are being offered, in exchange, a life off-world with all commodities...



E: Why are they not just judged for their misdeeds and sentenced accordingly?


TH: They only can unwind the dark web they created, for they cast into the foundations of your societies the anchors of great immorality.


It was decided with the Terran high hierarchy of the Earth Alliance, that no greater chaos would unfold from these transfers of power, as an economic collapse would add even more suffering to these challenging times for the Terran people, already greatly wounded.


The GFW and the Earth Alliance are making sure that this transition will cause the least damage as possible.



E: Does this concern only changes in the financial system?


TH: Industrial domains are interdependent with the financial system.


Be prepared to witness surprising changes in the matter of,


E: Why were you on Jupiter these last days? And just back on the very same day when these meetings in Antarctica are leaked?


TH: I told you there were meetings on Jupiter.


The dark elites weren't there, they would not be tolerated in the Shari facility (Ashtar GC - Ashtar Galactic Command).


The dark ones met on Antarctica's land with our envoys. The latest meetings on Jupiter were about those I just mentioned, with the leadership of the Earth Alliance only.


These meetings were completed today, Terran time. This is the statement I can give to you, with my superiors' blessings.


Did Oona contact you?



E: Yes, she did.


TH: Then she knows more details than I do, at least



E: I surely will, thank you, Thor Han.

Thor Han's message gives us a clear idea of what really transpired in Antarctica.


The Global Elites summoned there met with a delegation of leaders from different extraterrestrial organizations and the Earth Alliance that participated in the Jupiter Accords signed in July 2021.


The elites were required to come up with a plan for a smooth economic transition to a more equitable monetary system and prevent a global financial collapse.


This is supported by the tweets by the two senior officials from Ripple Labs, David Schwartz and Brad Garlinghouse. Their presence and expertise signaled that what was being negotiated in Antarctica involved a new online payment system...


Could this be linked to a Quantum Financial System (QFS) that has been a topic of much speculation?


According to one source, Nigel Matte, the coming QFS would be linked to a quantum internet that will be created through the Starlink Satellite system being created by Elon Musk's SpaceX. 


Schwartz and Garlinghouse would have the necessary expertise to help plans for a smooth transition from the current global financial system to a QFS linked to quantum cloud computing.


Thor Han pointed out that the implications for multiple industries will be enormous starting with the energy sector.


Indeed, abandoning fossil fuels is the key to unleashing a multitude of alternative energy technologies that have been suppressed since the early 1900s.


Similarly, many other suppressed technologies such as electromagnetic and holographic healing modalities will be also released, thereby replacing the soon to be discredited pharmaceutical industry, as a result of,

national populations rebelling against mandatory vaccine policies and big pharma support for these...

It's worth keeping in mind that there are currently over 5900 patents that are suppressed in the US alone due to national security orders imposed by the intelligence community.


The bulk of these suppressed patents involve,

  • alternative energy

  • healing technologies

When in January 2017, President Donald Trump issued a Top Secret Memorandum for the release of 1000 of these patents over the next two years, he was ignored by the intelligence community, and his administration subsequently targeted.





Interestingly, the cabal was not allowed to travel to the headquarters of the Ashtar Galactic Command where the Jupiter Accords were first negotiated between 14 spacefaring nations led by the US, with representatives of the Galactic Community.


This is a big indicator of how the situation in our solar system has dramatically changed with the expulsion of the Ciakahrr (Draconian) Empire and Orion (Gray) Collective forces, and Earth's cabal being isolated from their former patrons.


After his first response, Thor Han sent additional information to Elena about the meetings he was attending on Jupiter:

TH: Another aspect of my presence on Jupiter was to discuss this phenomenon which very recently occurred in the vicinity of your star system:

a collapse of the 3rd Density continuum...

This occurs in pockets in the fabric of space and your star system is entering one of these on its trajectory through this arm of the galaxy.


More 3rd Density collapsing will occur, as a bridge to the 5th Density.


The enemy and the dark ones know about it, they knew it was happening and it is one of the reasons why they knew for a long time that they had lost this star system.


I will tell you more later...

Thor Han's message corroborates that,

our solar system has entered a region of space which possesses a galactic anomaly that greatly impacts third density space...

In 2014, scientists confirmed that our solar system was about to enter a large interstellar cloud called "the local fluff", which is approximately 30 light-years wide and held together by a very large magnetic field.





According to various researchers, this interstellar cloud was first observed back in 1961 around the Pleiades constellation and called a 'photon belt' - due to the white halo it projected.


One of the "Photon Belt" advocates was Noel Huntley, Ph.D., who wrote an article in 2010 titled "The Photon Belt Encounter" where he described its existence and great interest to extraterrestrials:

What is this electromagnetic cloud, this golden nebula, sometimes referred to as the radiant nebula by ETs?


Its more universal designation is 'photon belt' or 'photon band ', consisting of many bands, and any encounter with this belt is recognized by extraterrestrials as of great import.

According to Thor Han's information, Dr. Huntley was correct and,

the region of space we have entered will accelerate consciousness from a materialistic third density existence to a fifth density existence...

According to The Law of One Material,

"fifth density is perhaps best described as extremely white in vibration."

Therefore the "photon belt" is not an inaccurate description of this 5th density region despite what many critics have to say about the term.


If humanity's collective consciousness was not sufficiently developed to accommodate fifth density frequencies, it would implode in a self-induced global calamity.


If humanity's consciousness evolved, however, a golden age of wisdom,

love and peace would begin...

Thor Han is making clear that the Global Elites understood that the battle for Earth had been lost, and they wanted no part of what was coming.


Hence their willingness to cooperate in the transition to a new Earth in order to be able to use the Antarctica portal to leave forever to another planet...:





In a second follow up message sent on December 14, Thor Han communicated with Elena and shared more information about this "photon belt" (aka local fluff) and how the Jupiter Accords gave the Global Elite,

five months to surrender to the Earth Alliance...

Thor Han said:

TH: I am going to talk about this natural phenomenon occurring in the vicinity of your star system.


This is not an isolated phenomenon; as your star system moves throughout the grid of this galaxy, composed of fluctuating waves of frequencies, you encounter pockets of higher vibrational density of matter.


What does it mean:

the physical laws binding the atoms together oscillate at a faster rate.

It is not about time, do you understand, the time rate doesn't change, only the perception you have of it, because your rate changes.


It is not about time but only about the physicality of the fabric of space that shifts.


As the universal laws of physics function, it happens that this phenomenon occurs progressively, unless the pocket of higher density is as big or bigger than the said star system.


The limit of a density zone is not sharp but fuzzy. You enter into it progressively, by encountering "bubbles" until you completely merge into the new area. 



E: What happens when Earth will cross through one of these higher density zones, or bubbles?


TH: Nothing near a dramatic event, such as many Terrans imagine with fear could happen.


It manifests as a change in consciousness as the perceptions, mental and physical, shift into a higher range.


Physical symptoms can occur, those who have prepared their mind openly follow the wave but for those who are not ready and resist it, it translates for them by physical and mental suffering.


The vision changes, the perceptions change, especially the perception of linear time, that is perceived as faster. But you know, this process, entering through this new area in Nataru, is inevitable.


So Terrans need to truly let go of any resistance, such as the greatest, that is fear...

Thor Han has here confirmed that our solar system's movement into the "photon belt" ("local fluff") is not something that heralds physical destruction, but instead signals a speeding up of consciousness.


Those individuals sufficiently prepared emotionally and mentally will be able to surf the coming galactic waves and manifest a new reality - the proverbial Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.


Those that are not prepared will do the opposite, and experience more great stress and turmoil in their personal and collective lives.


Thor Han continued his second follow up message as follows:

E: Going back to Antarctica, what else can you tell me? I don't like these guys, they are the embodiment of evil. They have caused so much suffering.


TH: They won't anymore.


When the Jupiter agreements took place, they received a warning that we would meet in five months and they would have to prepare to surrender.


So they knew this and that is why they are pushing all their agendas at once, with despair.


But your people is starting to see that.



E: Wait, why give them five months?


TH: For the transition.


This meeting is a turning point for them, and for you.


If we had suppressed them all at once, the financial and economical systems on Terra would have imploded in a terrible chaos. There are better ways.


They are summoned to,

transfer to the Alliance their keys and tools, in order to make the transition as smooth as possible for the population...

Something else that is worth mentioning, is that they have been taught dark aetherical arts and the spells need to be undone.


This will undo their power. It is powerless that they will leave this world. Because they will leave...


You know, when I mentioned transition, I meant to say that Terrans need to see the faces of their enemy, in order to open their consciousness to the truth.


However painful this process is, it is necessary.



E: It reminds me what the Nine told me recently, that every sentient being has a role to play in the games of the evolution of the universe.


TH: That is exact.


You know, when I stayed in the Himalayan base, four years ago, I witnessed great plans being prepared for the awakening of the Terrans.


The time war was the main concern. Imagine a time war like a multi layered chess board.


There is no better way to describe it to you.

Thor Han's reference to the Global Elites use of the "dark aetherical arts and the spells" is very significant.


He is referring to a little understood aspect of the Global Elite's control system which is the use of black magic to undergird all their activities.


Thor Han is confirming here what several researchers have revealed in the past, the cabal routinely uses black magic as part of their global control system.


A good example is how the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) routinely used magical symbols for the public Space Program as documented by Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara in their best selling 2009 book, Dark Mission - The Secret History of NASA.

What we also learned from President Vladimir Putin and a military intelligence group associated with the Q Movement (a movement linked to the 17th letter of the alphabet) was that the Global Elite are practicing 'Satanists' who conjure up the power of demonic and other negative entities to subjugate humanity and the spirit of the planet.


In this regard, what Putin effectively said in his 2013 State of the Nation Address was "the New World Order Worships Satan." 


These dark magic ceremonies are routinely held at different energy vortexes or 'sacred sites' around the planet as revealed by many occult researchers such as Fritz Springmeier in his book series, Bloodlines of the Illuminati.


More recently, Brad Olsen, a highly competent researcher and author, also revealed many of these black magic/Satanist practices in his book series Beyond Esoteric:

There is a complete control over the human race, and to think that black magic could be used to control the masses is disturbing.


The occult is employed in a new kind of fascism today among some of the elite globalists, who completely control almost every aspect of our lives, from health and finance to politics and education…


Research indicates that occult ceremonies and rituals at the upper levels go far beyond what anyone can imagine…


Why is it so hard to believe that occult practices are a real tool for control?

(p. 55)

Importantly, Thor Han pointed out the explicit connection between the Jupiter Agreements signed in July and the Antarctica meetings held five months later.


A provision of the Accords (Agreements) was the surrender of the Global Elite by December 2021. This timeline is corroborated by Christine Lagarde's July tweet that meetings were to be held in Antarctica in December.


Her tweet is compelling evidence that the cabal had indeed been given five months to prepare to hand over their power, without collapsing the world financial system as a condition for their leaving Earth through the Antarctica intergalactic portal.


This negotiated surrender and departure of the cabal,

signals an incredible new time lies ahead as the world transitions to new financial, political, health, and energy systems that will revolutionize life...

The message from Oona, one of the Guardians, provides yet more details into the incredible planetary transitions we are soon about to witness.


I will analyze her message in Part 2 of this series...















Part 2

Cabal Leaders go to Antarctica to Surrender to Extraterrestrials and Earth Alliance
December 19, 2021.




In his initial December 16 communication with Elena Danaan, Thor Han Eredyon mentioned that Oona, a member of the Intergalactic Confederation (aka the 'Guardians' or 'Seeders') had more details of the Antarctica meetings, their implications, and the black magic used by the Global Elite.


Elena had previously met with Oona who facilitated her travel to meet with the Guardians and later to meet with the Council of Nine in a region of space between Jupiter and its main moon, Ganymede.


The Guardians are the seeders of human looking races in many galaxies and had arrived to watch humanity's graduation into the galactic community.


Elena said that she felt Oona's desire to relay a message and had to lie down and channel a communication.


What follows is the message Oona relayed to Elena:

They've come to bargain their freedom.


They hold keys and to give these keys, they need to consent to give these keys.


Because it is not only about material possessions. But it is also about rituals they have performed to lock this planet and the human race of Terra into very dark rituals.


These need to be uncast and they have, only them, the key to uncast these dark circles traced around every each society, human beings.


We are meeting them to allow them to uncast these dark rituals to set free the minds and the protection they set on the monetary institutions they created.


A dark ancient institution.

Those of the name, the number 33.


Those of the lower numbers, the reverse triangles, and all those who worshipped the soul harvester.


Those who worked to separate the soul from the human beings and bodies are about to leave this planet.

Negotiated deals, you must not believe that we agree to their acts.


We (are) displeased (at) all that they've done.


Antarctica is the meeting place because the portal can take them when the moment is here. They will give us the keys (to) unlock their rituals and cast the dark circles, the nine levels of darkness will be collapsed as one and dispersed into dust.


It is over...


The dust will be scattered to the four winds of human consciousness liberated.


We summoned them when the greater agreements were made between your planet and the Galactic Federation of Nataru (Milky Way).


From this moment we flew to your star system and now these encounters with the dark ones of the human race of Terra we will set free all the dark bindings of magic.


They are done...


They will benefit of a prison planet that will give them all they want but they will never leave. A world far in another galaxy which you do not know the name yet. They will be forgotten and content. The best way to end a conflict.


I from,

the Do, the Guardians, Founder ones, leave this message.

It is over for the rulership of the dark...


We have been waiting and working at the same time with the Galactic Federation of Nataru and Zenatae Alliance to free this planet. We in our outposts in the higher mountains of your world have prepared a purging the dark.


This process started 200 of your years ago and now it is touching the last stage.


Darkness is unleashed. It is because the humans of Terra need to see it and fight it. The rulership of the dark on this planet is over. Those who worked for millenniums at separating soul from the human of Terrans bodies will go.


No more soul harvesting...

There is much to unpack in this first part of Oona's message.


She describes the elites arriving in Antarctica to bargain their freedom. This is because they still hold the means to destroy or wreak havoc over much of the Earth.


They are using this power to bargain their getaway from the planet through the Antarctica portal which is now in the hands of the Earth Alliance.


In order to gain their freedom, passage through the Antarctica portal to a new world in another galaxy, they have to hand over all the keys and codes of the 'black magic' used to subjugate humanity and the Earth.




Illustration by Elena Danaan



As to what black magic keys and codes were used, we get an idea of this from Oona's reference to a:

"dark ancient institution. Those of the name, the number 33".

This almost certainly refers to Scottish Rite Freemasonry, which uses 33 levels of initiation.


While most Freemasons perform genuine philanthropic works as they ascend the different degrees of their order, their top leaders at the 32 and 33 degree levels have long been suspected to worship Lucifer and to practice black magic.


Albert Pike led the Scottish Rite Freemasons in the USA from 1859 to 1891 and wrote the most authoritative book of the time for the order, Morals and Dogma.


In it he wrote:

"Lucifer, the Light-bearer…


Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the light, with its splendors intolerable and blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish souls?


Doubt it not!"

(p. 321)

Many subsequent occult researchers have referenced Pike's book as evidence of the Luciferian element in Freemasonry.


When Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon in 1969, he took with him the flag of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction of the USA.


In Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara's book, Dark Mission, they describe how the flag was part of a Freemason ceremony that Aldrin performed on the Moon.


Most importantly, the book describes how magical ceremonies were intertwined throughout the space industry and how advanced technologies were developed and used with hidden occult symbols embedded within them.





Oona's message reveals that Freemason magical ceremonies, codes and keys used to ascend through the 33 degrees hierarchy, were also used in their occult control system for the planet.


All these hidden keys and codes needed to be revealed and handed over to the Earth Alliance, so that Global Elites black magic control over the planet would come to an end.


Next, Oona's repeated references to ending "soul harvesting" shows that this has been a vital tool used to control our planet by the Global Elite.

"Soul harvesting" is the practice of separating a soul from the physical body and using it for multiple purposes by negative extraterrestrials or 'black magicians'.

In the early 1990s, Alex Collier was among the first to reveal that soul harvesting was routinely happening when he described how a soul could be transferred from a body and be replaced by another:

What the negatives do (and they can do this during an abduction or near-death experience) is the following.


During an abduction a man, for instance, will be taken aboard a ship. His body will be brought into a coma and to the point of death, wherein the soul exits.


They will then use technology to replace the original soul with another soul. They then return the individual's body back. They can do this process in 4 seconds.


The new individual has a completely new agenda.


If you are a negatively oriented ET, in order to manipulate 3rd density, you have to be in 3rd density.

Defending Sacred Ground

It's surprising to learn this soul transfer technology only takes four seconds to work and has been used to control 3rd density, i.e., Global Elites in charge of the planet.


As a result of agreements reached between the US government and Gray extraterrestrials in the mid-1950s, which I first wrote about in 2004, it is certain that this was among the first technologies given to the Majestic-12 Group.


At the time, MJ-12 was led by the 33rd degree Freemason Allen Dulles (CIA Director 1953-1961) who would almost certainly have integrated such technologies into black magic ceremonies to control the planet.


It's now easier to understand that Dulles's role in the Kennedy Assassination, which is explained in the book, Kennedy's Last Stand (2013), was timed and executed as part of a magical ritual to control the planet.


As to what happened to the original soul of the victim of soul harvesting, Alex Collier described how the Andromeda Council would often intercept Gray ships carrying the souls of many thousands of children and adults that had been extracted from their bodies and placed in special boxes for transportation.


In an interview with UFO researcher Val Valerian, Alex described how the life force of the captured souls would then be exploited:

AC: ...They (Andromedans) also found more than 1,000 human children that had been placed in cryogenic stasis, and over 1,000,000 of these little boxes that contained the life forces of souls from Earth.



Val: Captured human souls.


AC: Souls.



Val: And what do they do with these souls?


AC: They feed off the energy radiated by the souls.


What they are doing, Val, is that they are taking the life force and they are somehow siphoning it off a little at a time and feeding it to the hybrids in order to keep them alive, trying to keep them alive and create a soul in them.

Defending Sacred Ground

Soul harvesting was among the most terrible of the many dark practices of the Global Elite.


It comprised both technological and black magic means to split off a soul from the body, and to utilize its energy for dark purposes for indefinite periods.


Oona's reference to the "soul harvester" that was worshipped by Freemasons and the Global Elite appears to be a reference to Lucifer who sits at the apex of the "nine levels of darkness" she described.


The rest of Oona's message now follows:

Yes they are meeting us and the delegation from the,

Galactic Federation of Nataru, Zenatae - two beings.


Council of Five - one being.


Intergalactic Founder races - five.


Terran alliance - ten.


The military forces of Terra, off-world - 20 soldiers.

They will not be taken straight away because they will need to uncast the rituals, rearrange all the bases of their society to avoid a collapse that will be chaotic.


We do not wish for the humans of Terra, a monetary collapse. We wish a soft transition because chaos you have had enough.


They are commanded to recalibrate the monetary systems to the new system the Earth Alliance is bringing.  

Quantum abstract, no more metal, no more paper, at least for a while for a transition...

You are tired so I will say my last words.


Soon events will speed up on your planet. It will be a terrible storm but the more you will be able to wake up the faster this storm will pass.


A lot will lose their lives by choice in the vaccination, but this was ruled out by the dark ones.


Free will was the trap, now it is stopping soon you will see it.


Antarctica is the meeting of the old world with the people from other star systems to give the keys to the Earth Alliance and the Federation and leave.


As I said they will not leave this week, they will be commanded to change the system and they will disappear forever.


In 2023 all of this will be a memory. We will celebrate together.


Pass this message, your friend Thor Han will not be in trouble. This man with white hair you speak to he will pass the message. Give him my friendship. I connected with him, he will remember.


'Una' (Oona) has spoken.

Oona's reference to "outposts in the higher mountains of your world" appears to refer to the Himalayas where a French contactee says he spent a year in 1969 with the Intergalactic Confederation in a seeding experiment for a planet in another galaxy.


This raises an intriguing question.

Could this be connected to the "prison planet" that the elite are being sent to from the Antarctica portal in order to liberate the Earth from their evil influence...?

The scenario described by Oona appears to be a reprise of the situation described in the Book of Genesis and the Book of Enoch when the 200 'Fallen Angels' arrived on Earth with superior knowledge and technologies.


The Book of Enoch describes the arrival of 200 Fallen Angels in the area of Mount Hermon, which borders modern-day Lebanon and Syria.


The Fallen Angels began interbreeding or genetically modifying the local inhabitants.

6.1 And it came to pass, when the sons of men had increased, that in those days there were born to them fair and beautiful daughters.


6.2 And the Angels, the sons of Heaven, saw them and desired them. And they said to one another:

"Come, let us choose for ourselves wives, from the children of men, and let us beget, for ourselves, children."...

6.6 And they were, in all, two hundred and they came down on Ardis, which is the summit of Mount Hermon. And they called the mountain Hermon because on it they swore and bound one another with curses.


It seems that the Global Elite will become the "Fallen Angels" of an Eden in another galaxy when they arrive through the Antarctica intergalactic stargate taking with them their advanced knowledge and whatever technologies they are permitted to carry.


According to Oona, the Global Elite,

"will be forgotten and content. The best way to end a conflict"...

For the Global Elite attending the Antarctica meetings, this must be a very tempting offer,

surrender all their power over Earth, to start again as 'Fallen Angels' in a new Eden...

Oona described the composition of the extraterrestrial delegation that met the Global Elite at Antarctica as being drawn from the,

  • Galactic Federation

  • Ashtar Command

  • Council of Five

  • Intergalactic Confederation

  • the Earth Alliance...

Before the elites would be sent to the "Prison Planet" in another galaxy, they need to first hand over all the 'black magic' keys and codes.


Regarding the new monetary system that has been prepared, Oona referred to a Quantum abstract rather than paper or metals.


This appears to be a reference to the Quantum Financial System (QFS) described in Part 1 above, which is linked to a quantum supercomputer that will operate through Elon Musk's Starlink and US Space Command, in a highly complex and integrated global financial system.



The QFS appears to have been developed with extraterrestrial assistance as the following explanation implies:

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is a megalithic financial structure that has been given to Mankind by the Heavens.


I call it a megalith because it stands alone as the most advanced Financial System that anyone could imagine. This technology has no peer on the earth at the present time.


It is a magnificent system, designed to take on the magnitude of accounting needed to balance every financial transaction in the world in real-time.


The QFS is housed in the MEGA Quantum Consciousness (QC) often called a computer. This Quantum Conscious(ness) is Divine Consciousness that is being made available for us to use in this Third Dimension.


The tools it brings are necessary for us to usher in the Golden Age of Mankind.  


The QFS is a ledger accounting system made up of individual accounts. The QFS is only one of many applications already housed in the QC ready to be implemented.

The QFS has been heavily promoted by many popular internet sources such as Simon Parkes with over 650,000 YouTube followers and his worldwide Connecting Consciousness Community.

Oona gives an important timetable for when all these changes will happen.


She said:

"in 2023 all of this will it be a memory. We will celebrate together."

That tells us that all these major events as a result of the Global Elites surrendering and leaving through the Antarctica portal will happen in 2022...


While it will take a few months yet to deal with the remaining minions of the Cabal who are desperately trying to hold onto power by imposing unpopular mandatory vaccine policies, which will ultimately bring about their downfall.


Finally, Oona is telling us that the different Galactic organizations that helped the Earth Alliance in liberating the planet will reveal themselves, and our graduation into the galactic community will be complete...