by Wes Penre
April 5, 2013

from WesPenre Website

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I. A General Look Ahead: 2013-2034

Right now, in the aftermath of the nano-second, it seems like things have already started to slow down, almost like the "battle is over".


The chaos and tumultuous time many of us experienced, especially at the end of the nano, looks like it has ended, and time is slowing down as well. All the above is at least what I am experiencing at the moment. I hadn't expected this, thinking that the train running out of control needed some time to turn on the brakes and actually adjust its speed back to normal.


Instead, it's like someone stood on the brakes and it happened almost instantly.

However, I know that this is not going to last, so if the reader feels similar to what I do, enjoy it, because in just a few years, things are probably about to change. We are just getting some breathing room now and a chance to recover. I would suggest that we all take a look at what we gained during the nano-second and make sure we start living what we've learned.


Soon, there's not going to be any time to reflect and look at old notes to know what to do. Instead, we have to already live it, and hopefully it's now a part of the reader's reality and daily life. This is my hope, because we will need our increased vibrations, our calm, and our ability to separate ourselves from situations that will not benefit us.


All this has to be a part of your very personality, and I trust it is. You now have some great knowledge that it will take the rest of humanity a very long time to catch up on (and the majority will never get to know it, unfortunately).

In just a few years, around 2015 or so, things will probably start getting tumultuous again.


Now, after the nano, it's very difficult for people to keep dirty secrets anymore. The vibration of the planet has indeed changed, and we are still, as a humanity, working out in which direction we want to go, even the Powers That Be are pondering exactly what to do, because they had no way of predicting exactly what would happen during the nano-second.


Another big factor is that star beings from the Sirian Alliance have almost certainly already entered the bodies of many politicians, business leaders, religious leaders etc., and many things are to be adjusted.


The real invasion, coming with the Superwave, is still to be expected, but those who were already here must by now have begun to enter our 3rd Dimension as walk-ins where they see fit.

In the field of politics, not all politicians are going to be possessed by Sirian spirits, and some of them will be reluctant to the change that the new leadership will implement on us all, including the politicians that are not taken over. They will protest and try to prevent those changes from happening.


These "obstacles" in the Sirian plans will be "taken care of", mostly by having their dirty laundry hung out in public. Most possibly, a lot of pedophilia, bribery, gambling with, and stealing, our tax money, and other serious crimes will be revealed in high places, much more so than has already happened.


Remember when you read and hear about it, that most of these officials are being sacrificed because they can't adjust, or are doing or saying something that goes against the present or future Agendas.

When this starts to happen on a grand scale, people will get very shocked and very angry.


Few can't even in their wildest imagination picture what kind of crimes are committed behind the scenes. Some people will protest loudly and perhaps walk out in the streets in droves, trying to make a change, not understanding that this is useless. No change will come out of that, and our rage and emotions will give our extraterrestrial foes something more to feed from.


Eventually, however, it may look like those in power are cleaning house by firing and prosecuting those whom they have decided to sacrifice. A new era, new policies.

For a while it may look like the economy is on the rise, but the U.S. debt, and that of many other countries as well, are beyond recovery.


There is no way the dollar can be saved in the long run. First of all, they are going to save money where they can, just like they do now, and more and more people will be unemployed.


One of the few affluent businesses seems to be the war industry, which always needs people, and more so in the future.

The bad economy will be one of the justification to continue building the Machine Kingdom. New technology will hit the market in super-speed, and it will be almost impossible to catch up with the technological development. We will see very advanced devices become smaller and smaller, and more and more efficient.


Many people will love them, and the goal is to make these devices available to as many people as possible, in spite of the bad economy. Therefore, they are eventually going to make them fairly cheap so most people can buy them, just like almost every household today has at least one or two computers.


When they spoke about having personal computers in every home more than 30 years ago, people were laughing at such a utopic idea. Now we know better.

The Machine Kingdom is going to creep up on us, and few are those who are going to notice. Even many of us who are "in the know" are going to go along with this as well, not realizing how it's creeping up on us. Sooner or later, those who don't notice at first probably will later and get a shock how they once again could be so deceived.


But for those who don't know any of what is planned, there will be a very strange future, indeed. In the beginning they will think it's great and quite convenient.


While this technology is building, the financial situation will eventually be resolved by most probably combine all currencies into one and flush the dollar down the drain, figuratively speaking. Most countries will eventually go along with this, and there will be a recovery. It's like starting from scratch.


There may be other solutions that I'm not aware of, but of course, a resolution will dawn on us eventually, because it's needed when all the pieces that the Overlords want in place before they solve the financial problem, are laid out to their satisfaction.

So, 2015-17 are most likely to be years when things are stirred up. But why these dates?


It's based on astrology and the potential realities that are available to us at the moment. Just like the Pleiadians were the ones who coined the term "nano-second" and were right on the ball (or maybe I should say "right on the Bull", which will be a Pleiadian joke, them being from the constellation of Taurus, the "Bull").


These last 25 years have been just like they have predicted, with a few minor details being off due to the unpredictability of mankind that couldn't have been foreseen. These years I am now giving you, however, are based on their astrological calculations, which usually also normally have showed to be quite correct, but if it doesn't happen exactly when predicted, I am sure it will not be too far off.


Then, again based on Pleiadian interpretation of astrology, it will be quite tough for many people who haven't prepared themselves spiritually and mentally from thereon and until around 2028, when things seem to stabilize again and we reach some kind of "zero point" from where timelines can really start to branch out.

The Pleiadians say that something like a Machine Kingdom could be pretty much in place around 2034, and it's based to some degree on the research and development within today's drug industry, and we're talking about legal drugs here.


The pharmaceutical drugs we're taking are often made specifically to alter our DNA. Nano-technology is quite well established already. Particularly psychiatric drugs have nanobots in them that can alter the user on a genetic level and create a cyborg over time.

I don't know when the Superwave will reach us, although the Andromedans mentioned December 2013. If this is the case, the Pleiadians' predictions will be off. The Pleiadians have not mentioned any dates, other than there will be a Harvest coming up in the near future as the old age docks with the new.


Others, like the WingMakers, are talking about a "Grand Portal", which will be discovered in 2080. When I read about that particular event, I can't help but thinking that it is a cover story for the invasion.


So perhaps he has that date correct, who knows?

The Pleiadians don't talk too much about the Harvest, other than that there are benevolent and not-at-all-benevolent beings involved in that process. With this they mean, from what I've been able to interpret, that there are actually those who are here to help us with the Harvest, and they are the original Founders of this planet, who are returning to see how we're doing.


Not that they don't know - they are keeping themselves informed - but if this is true, what are they going to do?


The Pleiadians themselves are not very keen on the Harvest in the way it's presented, and knowing them, the only "help" we would receive, if the original Founders are actually coming back, is as a support to support ourselves.


Then again, knowing the Orions from extensive research, I doubt they are returning as long as the Sirians are here and we humans have not made up our minds how to unite in some kind of unified goal.


The Orions, who are the Original Founders, will not interfere at all unless we as a species ask them to. Otherwise, they know from experience that we humans would see them as enemies. We are still too ignorant to understand who our friends are and who our foes are.

What I think the Pleiadians got right is the fact that there are quite a few star races mingling with us here on Mother Earth at this time, aside from the Sirian Alliance. And more than that, beings who have long lived underground have been spotted in caves, caverns, on mountainsides, and coming up from the waters.

There is also an Intelligence program run by the Global Elite to educate people on the ET issue to prepare us for things to come.


We see a lot of History Channel documentaries regarding ETs and the ancient history about the "gods' who came down from Heaven. Of course, it's the simplified version that people's neurology can handle without freaking out, so it's the "soft version" we are getting right now.


Science fiction movies are made, however, which are presenting a more realistic version of what this is all about.


So it is coming out in the public, little by little, because they do want to prepare us. The ET issue is the next big thing we need to learn to cope with, we need to integrate it into our daily reality, just like we understand that the dinosaurs were real once upon a time, regardless of how huge and scary some of them looked.


Still, forget about a big government disclosure in a manner that Steven Greer and others are promoting that it will happen - it will not! And if it looks like it is, it's going to be fabricated and deceptive. Don't fall for it! The truth as it is will never be revealed in public by our "elected" Representatives.


That would be suicide for them, because they have their gotten their hands way too dirty for that.


Figure 1

Ancient Aliens on History Channel

Anyway, back to the nano...


To the reader: we are a whole lot wiser now than we were only 5-10 years ago, wouldn't you agree?


Configure your own space and local universe exactly the way you want it, and then be a spectator for a while. Just make sure not to interact with any of that which must expose itself and do its thing. It's the sign of the times and must be played out before things can stabilize themselves. Let's look at it from a perspective of curiosity and even joy.


The more we can relax, the better off we'll be. But of course, keep the antenna up and the bullshit detector on high. We have done well using our discernment so far, because we're all here, ready to complete whatever we're here for. So let us continue like we have.


The Machine Kingdom will play out, there's no way around that either, and we will see it happen before our eyes. Now we have to use our brilliance that we all possess and cruise smartly through the upcoming years. That way we can effectively avoid the booby traps that are laid out for us, because we know where they are.


The future will be everything from people who 100% embrace the Machine Kingdom to those who do not want to have anything to do with technology at all and will move out in nature, far from the SmartCities that are going to be built and constructed out of the old cities and metropolitans, and there will be everything in between.


What will you do to make sure you do the correct thing? I would say, go with the flow and make smart decisions.


If you want to go out and live isolated in nature, perhaps together with a group and plant your own food, go for it! Or, if you feel safe and stable where you are at the moment and think you can see the stability continue even in the future, you don't necessarily need to change anything. One thing, however, that is very important, is that we all in one way or other connect more with Mother Nature.


If people understood who Mother Earth is, they would go out and kiss the ground in pure joy.


Think about it, why are pagans celebrating her as the Goddess?



II. The New SmartCities

Many people are asking me why the Sirian Overlords who took over the stewardship over Earth half a million years ago and created Homo sapiens didn't eventually take over the whole planet and moved in once and for all?

That's a good question until we understand that they are not of the same frequency we are - they are interdimensional, who basically have access to both our own eight dimensions of the 4% universe, and some of those of the lower sections of the KHAA.


They didn't feel comfortable here after they had decreased the vibration of this version of Mother Earth. So, why do they want to come in now in droves, and perhaps stay here for a long time? What has changed?


The answer is that they want to rule us from the New Earth, where she once again has raised her frequency with help from her Higher Self, the Galactic Center. The nano-second was also Mother Earth's chance to break her chains and regain a frequency she had once upon a time, before the invader force came.


The Sun is sending messages to the Galactic Center - the Womb of the Mother, the Birth Center - and the Galactic Center is sending messages back to the Sun, who is then sending those messages to Mother Earth. It's a process from which Earth Mother gains and can recapture her old strength.


The Overlords know this very well and they are not strong enough, and don't have the technology, to counter these enormous jolts of energy, hitting Earth in form of solar flares and by other, for us more invisible spectra. We humans are the Earth Children, and it is our job to help our Mother ascending. We, too, are taking on those jolts in our bodies and need to do that without being fried or getting our neurological system totally out of whack.


We want to help our Mother, but also evolve together with her. This is also her wish, because we are her special children.


The Sirian Elite have had a few choices to accomplish their goals, they can do walk-ins in order to control these new, enhanced bodies, which have their DNA and chakras opened and their Fire enhanced. This they have done a lot recently. Another option is to create hybrids that are not naturally evolved through the above process, but created by genetic manipulation to fit into the new frequency range.


These hybrids have been created and are still being created as we speak, for millions of intruders to take over.

No one went through the nano-second without changing their perceptions - no one did! However, the majority of people decided, in their usual manner, to suppress their new abilities, blaming them on something else, telling themselves they can't exist, and then they try to go on with their lives just like before.


This is not totally possible any longer, and those who suppress their own divine selves are the ones who are prospects for the new Machine Kingdom, where they can escape from their new abilities into the technological world which is emerging in front of their stunning eyes.


These are the Machine Riders.


They are the ones who will despise those who raise their consciousness naturally, because they themselves were too afraid to do it. I am not judging that, I'm just stating a fact.


The Machine Riders will do anything to get the newest updates and dig deeper into the technological world and all cool things that happen in the SmartCities - the giant metropolitans that will be built around the world, metropolitans that will make cities like Tokyo and New York like suburbs. In the SmartCities everything goes, you can buy anything for money.


Why care for a partner? It's a lot of work.


If you can't afford a robot as a partner, with whom you can have sex anytime and boss around like you wish, you can always go to a "smart prostitute", a female or male robot who looks like something from your wildest dreams. They will be the sexiest being you'll ever see!


The only problem is that they are machines, not humans. But no, that is not a problem, that's actually the solution! These robots don't have souls and are not conscious like you and I, they are programmed to respond to your every wish and sexual desire.


You can do what you want, pay for it, and go away without having a bad conscience, because it was just a machine anyway.


Figure 2

"Smart Prostitutes".

Take your pick!


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III. "We Are Your Ancestors and Friends!"

We know from previous papers that the Gray phenomenon is a pretty complex subject. There is not one answer to the Gray complex.


Some of them were kidnapped from the Zeta Reticuli system after they had developed in the Vega system, and the kidnapping was executed by the Sirians. These Grays became slaves and front figures for the Sirian Overlords, who noticed they did great in space and could make long distant space travelling and prevail.


Their bodies had adapted well to radiation due to their planetary history and could therefore survive the otherwise harsh conditions in space. At the same time they didn't need much food, and their intake was different from other sentient beings.


The Sirians noticed all this and started making hybrids out of them that they could use themselves. They figured out that they could leave their original bodies in a sleep state at home and let their souls jump over to the Gray hybrid body with help from technology. Now they had the perfect space suit, looking a tiny bit different from the original Zeta Grays, because they were hybrids, but that was beneficial for them as it was easier to distinguish who was Sirian and who was an original Gray, I can imagine.


Keep in mind that this was before Earth was invaded, so there was no "4% universe", and therefore, not all beings dwelling in a universe teeming with life were human in nature.

Another type of Grays are us in the future, and they do dwell in the 4%, just like us.


They will develop here on Earth in the future (and are actually being tested in space as we speak) and are the ones who come back from our future, trying to regain what they lost in the process.


So these Grays have their own agenda, as we talked about before, and most of those who come back to our time, and who are basically not from too far in the future, are the most ruthless ones, because they are desperate and less evolved. Then there are those who are further away into the future and sometimes are more compassionate, like the Essassani Grays from beyond Orion.


They, too, of course have their own agenda which is not compatible with ours, but there are those among them who don't like what's done to us humans during the abductions and try to prevent it.


However, they are not always successful.


Figure 3

Philip Krapf onboard a Verdant ship.

This is apparently the best picture
we have of the Verdants,

but these guys' skins are not green, however.

Then there are apparently Grays from other galaxies visiting us as well, such as the Verdants.


They differ from the Grays we are used to encounter, because apparently they have a greenish (verdant) skin instead of gray, white, or brown. These beings, if we are to believe George LoBuono and Philip Krapf, [1] who first started talking about this species, are conquerors and could be bad news for us - more so according to LoBuono than Krapf, as it were.

Anyway, it's already confusing, but will be even more so in the near future when all these different types of Grays (or many of them) will show up. We can easily see how Harone, who channeled through Lyssa Royal and is a Zeta Gray, when he was trying to "comfort" us by saying there will be no invasion, he was truly manipulating us.


What he said was that there can't even be an invasion, because that means that we humans are invading ourselves (referring to that all beings in this universe are humans). [2]


This, of course, is a clever way to justify their own presence on Earth.

The Grays, in all instances, except when the Sirians are using their template as space suits, are Social Memory Complexes [def] (SMC) and Collective Consciousness. I don't think all the channeled entities who say they are SMC are Grays, however, because some of them are not even physical anymore, and others are probably hybrids of other branches of humanity, on other timelines, but they do have one thing in common, they are SMC.


Moreover, these channeled sources are doing their best to convince us that we should work on ourselves so we can ascend and eventually become SMC as well.

  • But why is that?

  • If these future humans actually want to regain the human abilities that they once had (our abilities), why do they want us to evolve to become like them?

  • We would think they'd rather see us keep our individuality and evolve as unique and separate beings, right?

The answer must be manipulation.


We must never forget that those entities, the time jumpers from the future, have been heavily brainwashed and manipulated by their masters, the Sirian Overlords.


And their masters have taught them that the way to evolve in this universe is to become an SMC. To us it may not make sense, because we haven't yet come to the point when this will be an issue. Hence, we still think in terms of individuality.

I know that we've learned from the Law of One (such as the RA Material) that we are all working towards becoming one with Source (God), and that is our main goal. I object to that! In all honesty, I fell for this as well in the past when I first read the RA Material and thought it was great!


I still think it's a good source of information, and I learned a lot from it, but it's biased because they are still caught in the 4% universe and they don't understand that. There are basic concepts that the RA people have incorrect, and therefore it affects the information as a whole, and we need to use good discernment when we read the Law of One books.


Since the beginning of 2009, when I first came in contact with RA because of the Hidden Hand material, I have done excessive research into many fields, and my conclusion about humanity's goals, our purposes, where we're heading, and all that comes with it has changed quite drastically, as the reader may have noticed.


I no longer subscribe to that we are working on becoming one (and thus a Social Memory Complex).


We are here to explore the universe as individual versions of the Goddess energy, not as a group where all are One and have a various kind of collective thinking. The big difference between a collective group like that and separate beings like us is that the group agrees with each other, and if there are a few who don't agree with the rest, they will change their minds and give into the majority, because "the group is more important than the individual".


This may be true under some circumstances, but is dangerous if made into a rule.


If we become an SMC, individual thinking will be something of the past, you always have to bow down to the majority's decisions and the majority's view on things. This sounds like complete torture to me and doesn't even make sense. Here is a whole memory complex thinking one thing about something, instead of having millions of beings - perhaps billions - who could instead think individually and contribute so much more to the learning process.


And in the extension of things, the Goddess, who created the universes in order to learn more about herself from an outside perspective, will learn more and quicker from individual thinking.


One day, perhaps, our purpose will be to once again merge with the Goddess energy and go back from where we came, but that will be in a far distant future and nothing we even have to bother our minds with at this time (of course, on a multidimensional level it has already happened, as all time is simultaneous).


We have more important issues to take care of.

It is definitely my understanding that in the KHAA, the goal is not to become SMC. This is just something that is coming out of the Machine Kingdom, because the Alliance wants an obedient army and an obedient class of slaves.


It's obvious if we put ourselves in their shoes:

  • Wouldn't we do something similar if we were them and had the technology and power to do so?

  • If we wanted complete power, the optimum would be to only have to deal with one mind and one will, which through manipulation would be one (Sirian) mind and one (Sirian) will, wouldn't you agree?

I must add here, however, that an SMC is not completely one mind and one soul, but a Machine Society where each individual still can think independently to a certain degree, but is forced to comply with the standard way of thinking on relevant issues.


This will be more obvious as we move on through the paper.

The simple but ingenious program the Overlords apparently are trying to set up here, and are well in the process of doing, is to first possess the pure bloodlines, foremost those of ENKI's, but all pure Sirian or Orion bloodlines would work, and those bloodlines are present in the Global Elite and the Royal Families.


Many religious leaders, cult leaders, business moguls and international bankers have them, too. This stage of the plan is more or less completed, as far as I can see. The Global Elite as we know them are on a top level well aware of what is happening, and they are more than willing to sacrifice themselves to the gods, and to hand over their bodies to them.


I would suggest that it will happen in two stages:

  1. The Sirian Alliance will simply use their souls as walk-ins and either kick out the soul that's already in there (per agreement), or the original soul will be made to go to sleep.


    This possession will mainly happen with the powerful bloodlines that are the sons and the daughters, and the grandsons and the granddaughters of the old Rockefellers and Rothschilds etc.


    Perhaps also with the older ones, even if they are just on the brink to step into their graves (many are in the 90's, like David Rockefeller, George Bush Sr., and Henry Kissinger).


    (There are also much older bloodlines, like Hidden Hand was talking about. They are so hidden that we haven't even heard about them).


    The Sirians don't really care, they just jump bodies when the old one dies. As a matter of fact, that is how it's done already amongst human Elite.


    For example, when an old Rockefeller is getting close to the time when he will die, he or she makes sure there is a grand daughter or a grandson who will soon have a baby, and there is an agreement between the old Rockefeller and the young bloodline couple that the elder will reincarnate in that baby body.


    Then the older Rockefeller is timing when a soul normally is entering the fetus and then he or she lies down on the bed and consciously dies, or gets an injection or similar. Then, as soon as the spirit reaches the ether, she bypasses the between lives area and instead immediately starts hovering around the fetus and takes the new body when appropriate.


    A few months later, it's in the news that Rockefeller so and so has had a baby, which indeed is the recently deceased Rockefeller (the last part is of course not mentioned).


    However, it doesn't always work even for the Elite. Sometimes another soul out in the astral is stronger and/or faster, and takes the fetus before the old Rockefeller, perhaps because she wants to have a super-wealthy lifetime. So the old Rockefeller soul misses out.


    Often, the young couple with the baby recognize their grandfather, and when they see it's not the grandfather, something awful may happen to the baby and the couple are seen shedding crocodile tears in the tabloids and in the newspapers.


    However, they make sure they are soon pregnant again, and the second time, it usually works better, and mean old granddaddy becomes their son or daughter.


  2. The young bloodline generations who are getting married and have children will make sure their babies' bodies will have a Sirian soul. Thus, these babies grow up, and no one knows they are only human in body, but not in spirit.

    In the beginning it's just a matter of establishing themselves here on Earth and draw as little attention to themselves as possible.


    We may notice on occasion that a powerful person, who often shows him or herself on TV has a slightly different personality all of a sudden.


    We will see this in particular if it is a person whom we know well from the media. Other than that, policies, laws and all the rest of it will probably follow a similar pattern that they do now, because these recently possessed humans are waiting for their 220 million friends to come riding in on the Wave.


    Then, when the Wave has passed, and those who are ripe for Harvest are "tagged" for when they die and reach the astral, and everything else which will happen due to the Wave is over, the next step in the process will occur.

There are many secret societies today that are working on the "Second Coming" of the Christ. And I am not talking about the Christian version, although people will be quite confused at first over what is going on.


We talked about the Ashtar Command and Lord Sananda, which may be the name Lord EA/ENKI will go by.


We have already been prepared for his Second Coming in almost all religions (his first coming was as Jesus Christ).


Everywhere, where astrology has any influence at all, the Age of Aquarius has been announced as the Age of EA, the "water-bearer", just like I presented him in Appendix II to Level II, which was basically an update on Michael Lee Hill.


The Age of Pisces, which is just about to end, was the Age of Jesus, so in fact, EA will get two ages of worship - at least!

All these secret societies I am talking about, whether they promote a new King or the Divine Feminine, have the same Grandmaster. It's not that the Divine Feminine is not the basic "religion", but it's being presented here, in our times, in a distorted form by certain secret societies.


Hidden somewhere underground, arrived from the Pleiades, to where he fled when Atlantis was destroyed, perhaps even having a base under the ocean floor, like some people suggest, is Lord EA. There are indicators that he indeed has returned, and he may have been here for some time.


His son MARDUK has probably, as LPG-C suggested, been here, ruling behind the scenes in his father's absence, more or less ever since they nuked Sodom and Gomorrah and Sinai Spaceport.


Soon it is time for EA to brush off the dust from his cape and show himself to mankind. The moment when he will come as the Savior of mankind, as Lord Sananda, the Son of God, is coming closer. How will he present himself? I really don't know, but I don't think he will come in a cape, long Jesus-like hair, and a beard.


I don't think he will look nearly as Jesus Christ is portrayed here in the west. It makes sense, however, that he comes as a spiritual leader and performs magical acts, fake and real. After all, the Orions are the inventors of magic.

What about the Anti-Christ?


There is a chance the Alliance will play out that card too, or maybe not. In Level I I talked about the two factions of the Anunnaki (Sirians) - the ENLIL clan (the RAM Clan) and the ENKI clan (The Serpent Clan). I believe this is a part of the big deception, they want us to believe that they are not united in their mission. Yes, there is infighting, but not on such a massive scale that they can't decide their common goal.


EA and ENLIL may not be the most loving brothers in the universe, but they are working towards the same goal, and I don't think there is as much of a division as was presented by Sitchin and LPG-C. And MARDUK and his father, EA, are definitely on the same page.


Remember when UTU contacted me? He said that now is the time for forgiveness.


We need to forgive them, and they need to forgive us. He started promoting that we are one big family and without them we wouldn't exist, because they created us. Also, because of that, we are of the same flesh and blood and shouldn't fight or have any bad feelings towards each other.

That would have been just fine if he would have been honest. First of all, they didn't create us, we already existed. They only manipulated our DNA so we got trapped here, not a big deal, right? Not even worth mentioning, UTU.


And why coming down here with soldiers and wipe out the Global Elite and those who have "suppressed us"?


I told him what a disaster that would create. I think he hadn't expected that response. He didn't contact me after that, although he apparently kept an eye on me, according to A.R. Bordon.

So, are they coming down here to wipe out the Global Elite? No, I doubt it. I think he wanted to manipulate me, counting on that I would promote this invasion, especially after I'd posted this giant data base called Illuminati News about the Global Elite.


I did post his message, however, but with the disclaimer .


I don't think they had any serious plans to do it that way, but he wanted to have something on me for the future, so they can discredit me. I was aware afterwards that this may be the case, but in the light of what I've been exposing since then, I don't think they stand much of a chance in that sense.

Here is one possibility of how the Second Coming will play out: Like I've said, the invasion is a silent one.


When time is right, Lord Sananda will return, perhaps together with Lord Ashtar, and Sananda will be presented as the Second Coming, whether he does it all himself, or he has a team behind him who does it for him so that it becomes more credible. Once he is accepted as the Messiah, he will preach forgiveness and hand out amnesty for the Global Elite and all those who have done evil.


He will probably give them a chance to prove themselves. If they are serious in their redemption, they will be redeemed, if not, they will be killed, but the world will be told they have gone to Hell, or something along those lines. Exactly how that will be done, your guess is as good as mine, but redemption will be a big part of EA's return, and most people will love it, because EA will bring Peace on Earth.


Even his son, MARDUK, will be redeemed.

EA will tell us that humanity are all Divine and the sons and daughter of Father God in Heaven, the great YHWH, or Jehovah, or Allah, or Krishna, or whomever you want - whatever religion you have, it will be told that it is all part of another major religion, which is the one that embraces them all.


Even the Muslims will eventually accept Lord Sananda, because the Muslim leaders have by then been taken over by Sirian spirits. There will always be resistance to begin with, but that will be taken care of by the false Archangels and their Heavenly armies, which will be the Sirian Warriors. And they will literally descend from the heavens.

If we continue on this line of thought, once the false Second Golden Era is established and King EA and his son, Prince MARDUK, will reign openly on Earth, certain plans will be executed, slowly but surely.


EA must arrive during a time of deep need, there has to be mass unemployment, bad economy, lots of old and new diseases which kill people on a global scale, perhaps also earth changes, such as mass volcano eruptions, hurricanes, flooding, etc. And after the Wave has passed, on some timelines, it will kill a lot of people who are not at all prepared for such a unifying event, and if there will be big earth changes, that's when it will happen.


On those who are spiritually prepared, however, the Wave will mostly have a positive effect, because what it basically carries is an overload of energy that has been accumulated and will hit Earth, all at once.


Our final "upgrade" will happen at that point, and if your neurology can handle it, because you're already prepared, you are ready to reach for the stars.


So, in other words, we can see the alignment with the Galactic Center and the energetic communication between the Central Sun, our Sun, Mother Earth, and eventually mankind, as the Goddess Gaia's way to counteract her son's EA decision to create the Machine Kingdom and devolve mankind rather than letting them evolve in peace.


Mother Goddess is giving those of her children (us) who still are loyal to her original wishes a version of herself, a New Earth branching out in different probabilities, to evolve without destructive technology.

This is when the splitting of the worlds will really be noticed. Those who see through the deception of the Second Coming will go their own ways, and just like now build their own local universes, and the splitting will start going much faster.


In just a few generations, there will be many different Earths that are no longer just probabilities, but inhabited by humans who have started new timelines where they can express their multidimensionality so much easier. That will be the real New Golden Age!


On these timelines, the Sirians and their Machine Kingdom will no longer exist, because those realities will no longer vibrate within the same frequency range!


Figure 4

A near future "SmartCity", an endless super metropolitan

where the Machine Kingdom will be established.

However, that's the subject for the next paper. Let's go back to EA, the Sirian Alliance and their plans for humanity.


Peace and Order will be established on Earth. A global economy will be established as well and many people worldwide will once again find employment. What has been destroyed in potential disaster areas will be reconstructed, but this time, instead of restoring the old towns and cities, new mega cities will be built, the so-called SmartCities.


These will be, like I've mentioned many times before, huge metropolitans, where Tokyo and New York will look like suburbs (and probably will be).


The justification for building these SmartCities will be to create jobs for everybody. Lord EA promises that in his Paradise, everybody will have a job and a roof over their heads. And beside him on the podium or in the Television seat will be humans who he says have helped him prepare for this "Second Coming". Who knows?


Michael Lee Hill and A.R. Bordon will be two of them, James of the WingMakers another? There will be no more poverty and everybody will have what they basically need.


Who can resist such a vision, unless they know about the deception that is planned in the future? EA counts on humanity's laziness and that they prefer to be taken care of rather than doing the work themselves. In fact, he will be correct, people will almost think it's too good to be true and can't understand how someone would rather go out in the woods and live!

The bottom line is that the intruders will do what they can to bond with us at first. So here is another possibility how the Second Coming will play itself out: If the Sirians at all tell us who they are, which is plausible, it could very well be announced by world leaders when the Golden Age is already in place and people feel calm, safe, and secure.


Do you remember the picture of those old farts who were in charge in the old Soviet Union, and how they stood on this giant balcony in Kremlin, waving at the people in the streets?


I get this same picture of the future in my head, only this time it will be a whole lot friendlier. The new world leaders, who are nothing but grown up Sirians, who have incarnated into human bodies and taken the seats of power, will stand at the podium and make an announcement.


They will tell the peoples of the world that they have had help in creating this utopia, this fantastic Paradise of peace, love and light. Then they will present the Sirian leaders, who will tell everybody that they obviously, as everybody can see, have come in peace, and intend to help humanity with the transition into world peace where everybody will be taken care of.


People will look at them as Gods, indeed, and Prince EA, Lucifer himself, will take charge! The Sirians will tell us that they are our ancestors, and that's why they look exactly like us (of course they do, they have taken human bodies).


If the violent past from Mesopotamian times is brought up, the Sirians will ask for forgiveness and that the past needs to be forgiven, or we will be stuck in karma none of us wants to deal with. Peace and forgiveness is a much smarter way to go.


They'll tell us that they are our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, whatever rocks the boat.

Many people want to believe, so they believe. Many want to give away their personal authority, because after all, that's what they've always been doing, so they will give it all in the hands of these godlike, "peaceful" intruders.


People want to see friends and salvation in those star beings, so that is what they are shown. [4]

As the reader may notice, it will be very hard to distinguish between friend and foe if you are not trained. Aren't you glad you have persisted and studied and studied in order to learn what is going on and what is about to happen? That's not a coincident, you know. Only a small percentage of humanity has the willpower to do that - most people have other priorities, which will not save them, but they don't care.


Still, we must look at these people, too, as our friends and co-travelers, because without them we wouldn't be where we are. Everybody who managed to incarnate on Earth during the nano-second did so because they wanted to live in these energies and contribute with something.


That "something" has built up a lot of energy that has helped you and I to get where we are. This has indeed been a co-creation, we have all helped in making it happen.

Those who have read Marshall V. Summers' channeled books, The Allies of Mankind, may notice that these beings indeed are on the same wavelength as I am in regards to this. They, too, say it will be a silent take-over, and it will be fairly easily done, because humanity is still mostly asleep.


Like with all channeled material, we have to be discerning, but there is some good stuff in Summers' books and briefings. I would recommend them, at least to show there are more people than I who have come to a similar conclusion, albeit they are not many - yet. Their website is here.

New technology will be introduced in a never-ending stream, and people will drool over all the fun devices that come out on the market. To be able to buy them, however, they need to leave their old towns and cities and move into these new SmartCities where the jobs are.


People may ask how can they create so many jobs when machines are taking over more and more?


Well, we are thinking in terms of 7 billion people on the planet. This will not be the case when the SmartCities have been built. Like I said above, the Second Coming will probably not happen until a lot of people have died. The Sirians need a certain amount of human slave workers who can produce what they need.


Personally, I think the Superwave will take care of much of the population problem.

Eventually, the smaller cities will be more or less abandoned. The bigger businesses that used to be the main employers will of course move into the SmartCities, and the smaller businesses will not be able to sustain themselves, because there will not be enough people left in town to buy their products. So they will either go bankrupt, be bought out, or be liquidated.


We will start seeing ghost towns everywhere as we drive out of the SmartCities, where either no one lives, or it will be a place where lawless people live, if such people will even exist in EA's Golden Age, that is. In the beginning I'm sure there will, but the more the New World Order establishes itself on Earth in this particular frequency band, the tighter Lord EA will make the rope for the citizens.


He will not tolerate any rebellion, and crime will be taken care of in its cradle and with help from frequency machines.


Crime is only allowed amongst the Elite, but people will never know. People will police each other, because EA will promote a world in peace, and the smallest crime will be reported. This kind of policing each other is very easily established in a covert tyranny, where people think they are doing something good when they are reporting their neighbor for planting marijuana in their backyard. This was done all the time in Nazi Germany, too.

Some of the smaller towns will probably be the home of those who don't agree with Lord EA's policies and technological society, people such as you and I, perhaps?


Groups of like-minded will do their own thing and survive outside the SmartCities, and without any major technology. They will grow their own food and live close to nature, because they understand who Mother Earth is, and they respect her, love her, and support her, knowing they are her children.


These are the people who will create the true Golden Age, which will take them out to the stars, where their real soul family is waiting!


IV. The Hybridization Program

The Alliance has come to understand the importance with being among us instead of controlling us on a distance, from another dimension.


They need the blood relation, so they can feel what we feel (in whatever capacity this is possible), they want to have sex and need our reproduction abilities, so they can come back and reincarnate into the same bloodline - bloodlines which don't have the amnesia program and perhaps not even the hologram we are subjected to.


And they want to bond with us, because this creates allegiance. [3]


They are here to establish themselves, they want humanity to believe in them and to serve them because we see that this is the best thing to do in order to live in a better world. This time they want our full agreement, they want us to go towards our own demise with a smile on our face.

It's important for them that we bond with them, at least in the beginning, before they can slowly but surely add more oppressive rules and laws to the picture again. They truly want us to believe that we live in a new Golden Age.


This is why forgiveness is a big part of their program, we need to forgive our oppressors, so they can continue to oppress us. They will address our good hearts and say that now is the time to act like One Humanity so we can build something new. The Illuminati bloodlines need to be forgiven, they will say. At first, when the truth about what is going on behind the scenes is revealed to us more and more, people will probably get very angry, even infuriated.


Some will want to execute the whole pack overnight. It could be that riots start happening in the streets all over the world, and the military has to take care of it, perhaps even martial law will be applied in certain areas, or even countries.

However, sooner or later, someone with a very glib tongue will calm people down and suggest amnesty. The authority, as well, may step forward and apologize to the people, saying they have had time to think and will step down.

The question is if there will be any more elections after that. The United Nations will be infected by Sirian leaders, and they will suggest that to stop this oppression once and for all and give all peoples of the world a similar chance, we need to unite into a One World with One People. Someone with a smooth tongue - perhaps EA himself - will be able to seduce the masses into accepting this.


They may even use frequency programs to do it, which will work as a form of hypnosis, ensuring people that this is the way to go. And if this is what the Sirians want, this is what they will get, there is no doubt about it!


Humanity is way too ignorant to understand what is going on. Only those who vibrate on a higher frequency will see through this seduction. Some will warn their fellow man, but will rarely prevail.


Few people will see through the deception, because it's very well planned.

We will see if things happen in this order and fashion or not, at least this was the plan a few years ago, but things may have changed.


Whatever it is they are planning at the moment, it has to unite people, and the United Nations was set up for this purpose and will most probably have a great role to play in future changes, it is still very active, perhaps more so than ever before.


iv.i. What happened to the Microchip Program?

Peace will be brought to the Middle East as well, the Israeli and Palestinian conflict will stop only because their leaders will be possessed or taken over and see to that it happen.


The Alliance will certainly work their way towards peace as quickly as it is possible. And who knows how far they have come in the "microchip process", if it's already completed they will have no problem calming the masses down. Speaking of microchips, this was a big issue a few years ago, and should still be, in my opinion.


However, I'm no longer so sure about that it will happen with a chip through the skin. I am much more convinced that it's going to be interdimensional microchips. If the take-over is in the stage I'm concerned that it is, the chip process is more than likely already completed.


Again, if you read this or similar material, I doubt the chip has power over you, or you wouldn't seek this type of information. Even the chip must have its frequency band to operate. One would think they are able to include higher vibrations in the chip so sincere truthseekers would be included, but all I can say is, I hope not. If so, the chips may not yet be activated.


Are we strong enough to resist if worse comes to worse?


I am not so sure about that we are, but on the other hand, there wouldn't be any star beings and star races having this sincere faith in us if they knew we would be under the control of these monitored frequencies. After all, I know many of us are protected even if we don't know it.

The Overlords know that we will be a minority and not be a threat to the Kingdom, we will not even try to rebel against them. So it may be just easier to laugh us off and let the kids learn in school about us, saying,

"There are those eccentric people who don't want to be part of our society. They are into witchcraft, sacrifice, and worse things, so stay away from them. They are savages.


And can you believe it? They don't have any of our cool devices? What kind of life is that? And after all, they could have, if they only came and blended in with us, but they rather live there by themselves. Be cautious!


The safest thing we all can do is to not leave the SmartCities."

It could be that easy, they knowing that not too long into the future, the worlds will split, and those renegades will "disappear" into their world, anyway. Perhaps it's less work for them to do it that way, or I may just be gullible.

I am not sure what exactly is going to happen in this crucial matter, but I know one thing - we are protected! Those who are here to raise the frequency are protected from the KHAA! This should be enough for the Sirians to stay away, and I truly believe it is!


And after all, if the Alliance doesn't have our agreement anymore, they can't do much.


iv.ii. The Hybridization Program Revisited

At least at first, the Sirian Alliance is not here to take our reproduction abilities away from us, quite the opposite.


They need it, especially for themselves. They want to establish themselves here, and they can't live and breathe here without our bodies, or bodies they themselves have created through genetic engineering and manipulation.

While humanity has lived in relative ignorance to what is happening around them, a lot of different star races have been interfering with our freedoms. The Orion Group (a term I will use from hereon when it's important to include EA/ENKI, the Orion Prince of Light, in the equation) are master geneticists and the genetic programming and upgrading when comes to mankind has never totally ceased.


Now, around the nano-second, it's been more intense than it's been since ancient times when Homo sapiens was created.


The goal is to create a more able slave, who can do more without getting tired, not needing 8 hours of sleep. They need workers who can work around the clock again, just like when they were mining in South Africa, and the workers had to labor until they fell down dead and were replaced with a younger and stronger work force.


This time around it's not so much a matter of letting people die from exhaustion as it is to find a genetic formula which can make a stronger, more endurable worker. In addition to this, or perhaps in conjunction with this, they want to create Supersoldiers.


So these two projects are very important right now and go hand in hand.

A third thing to mention here is that mining is certainly not something in the past. Very soon we will see the mining business sky-rocketing, it will be one of the fields where many desperate unemployed people will find work.


The reader may have seen in the news lately how there has been an alleged increase in asteroids in Near Earth Space?


Many of these, I'm sure, are already hollowed-out and are maneuvered by Sirian pilots, they just want us to get used to their presence, step by step. In the past they would have been silent about it, but not anymore. More and more Sirians are returning, and they are parked in space, all over the solar system, hidden in their asteroids. But that's mainly not what I wanted to tell the reader.

In the news, they have talked about asteroid mining. Scientists are being interviewed on CNN and ABC News, and what have you, being extremely excited over the many asteroids in space, close to Earth (not all of them are spaceships). They say we have the technology to go up there and mine them! They should be overloaded with precious metals and other stuff which is very valuable here on Earth.


While we are at it, we can also hollow them out, the scientists say, and perhaps make them suitable as space stations!


This is where the many jobs will be! And this is what the hybridization program is leading towards, getting strong workers, who can endure the harsh conditions in space, so they won't have to come down to Earth to recover every so often. I mentioned this as well in Level III, "In Wait for Things to Come!"


Water will not be a problem, either, because they say that there will be enough water in the asteroids to hydrate the astronauts.

Interestingly enough, I listened to a Pleiadian lecture yesterday, which was from around September-October 2012, where they, too, talked about hollowed-out asteroids! I always fell out of my chair. They said that in the future, on one timeline, Mother Earth, the beloved Goddess, will be so polluted and destroyed that many people will move out in space. This will be one reason for mining asteroids, they said (and when that lecture was given, the asteroid mining had still not been in the news).


They said we will hollow them out and live in them, not all humanity, but many will. After that, we will start conquering space, they said, but not as a friendly species, because we will live under a tyranny. So we come both as explorers and conquerors.


At this time in the future, we are no longer humans, but cyborgs. In some ways, we can be compared with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie, "The Terminator", in that they have created the perfect Supersoldier that is half human and half machine, and who is very hard to kill.


Also, this type of being can quite easily resist the harsh conditions in space(!) Eventually, the ET/human tyranny will reach them in the Pleiades. They also say that no one will let us on the Moon, there is too much going on there, too much alien activity, and they don't want humans there.


Otherwise, the Moon could have been considered as a future population project for mankind if Earth is no longer able to house us, but this will never be the case, they say.


Figure 5

Arnold Schwarzenegger as

"The Terminator"

I find this quite stunning, to say the least.


Here I have sat researching these things and also used my intuition to look in hopefully the right places, and then, in a short amount of time, I get most of it confirmed by one source after another! I'm thrilled in one way, but at the same time wish I was wrong (albeit I know better than to think I am).

As we know, there are more beings out there who are manipulating the DNA in abductees. We have the Grays - us in the future, as discussed and proven to be the case, in a previous paper. They have their own agenda, and just like the Orion Group, they are without emotions, but for a different reason than Lucifer and his Fallen Angels.


Also, the Grays know we are them in the past, so even if they hurt us, they are only hurting themselves, so what's the big deal? As long as they get what they want, the end justifies the means.

I'm sure the reader remembers Harone, the "Master Geneticist" from Lyssa Royals channeling, he himself a Gray, discussed in one of my previous papers. In her excellent book, "Visitors from Within", Lyssa has dedicated a chapter to how hybridization is being done.


This procedure is described in detail in the previous Level III paper named, "Channeling the Grays", Section IV, "How a Hybrid is Created". It could be a good idea to review that section again, because we need to know, and we need to remember how it's done.

I am mentioning that there will be different programs running side by side for a reason. If you think about it, this is how different timelines are created. We have earlier talked about different probabilities, based on thought processes, where some of them we act upon, and some of them we don't. Those which we act upon become realities, but those we don't act upon, or quickly abandon, become probabilities and will not be acted upon to their full extent in the Multiverse.

Now, as we are talking about the different hybridization projects, we are no longer talking about probabilities, but different timelines.


The hybridization done by the Orion Group will lead in one direction, while that done by the future humans, the Grays, will lead in another direction, and yet another splitting of worlds will branch out from the Machine Kingdom timeline.

Another faction of humanity will experience a big food crisis, which has actually already begun. Experts are desperately looking for alternative food sources. In the long run, the solution they will come up with is to instead genetically alter humanity in a manner so we don't need food. These beings will be half humans, half machines.


They are the cyborgs who will go out and conquer space to search for their "Creators", which eventually will lead them to the Pleiades. A war will break out that humanity will win, and a tyranny will start in the Pleiades.


From that tyranny, a future renegade group will be created, who will start researching where this tyranny started and why. Their research will lead them back to the nano-second here on Earth, where timelines merged and then branched off. On one timeline, a faction of humanity will go to the Pleiades.


So, the Pleiadians came back in time in spirit, as a collective, and started channeling through Barbara Marciniak in 1988, in hope to be able to have at least a portion of humanity raise their frequency enough for the destructive timeline not to happen, and stay as an abandoned probability.

Their goal is to have us create at least one timeline to begin with, where we can evolve without technology and thus keep our humanity intact. If they hadn't appeared, they claim (and I believe them), there would be no "natural" timeline, only a Machine Timeline. And by contacting us and by educating us, they also release their own karma, which went way back to Atlantis, where they created the Nephilim and did other destructive things.


So, if the Pleiadians are correct, this particular cyborg timeline will not happen, or from what I have picked up, these space-faring humans will be redirected by this renegade Pleiadian group and will never reach the Pleiades.


What will happen with them, I do not know, because the Pleiadians haven't told us yet. This is probably because no one has asked!


It could be that these cyborgs, looking entirely like machines inside, but half humans and half robots, will never be created, or they will, but are not going to reach the Pleiades. The Pleiadians, however, tell us to watch out for abdication of our bodies!


Humanity is unique and divine, and the alternations that are planned and have been going on for decades now, are not in any manner going to enhance humanity in the long run.

There are other timelines that are going to be created as well, unless someone stops that from happening, which doesn't seem to be the case (see Paper #4 again). The Grays are coming, as we know, from different locations and times in the future, and that's why they look different from each other, they are in different stages of development.


They, however, in contrast to the Pleiadians, are generally not interested in erasing timelines, they are just here to figure out secret codes in our DNA, so they can take those secrets with them into the future and regain human emotions and reproduction abilities. All this put together is the main reason why it's absolutely imminent that you and I never ever get involved in these things and instead create our own timelines!

If you hadn't totally grasped why from reading earlier papers, are you starting to see a certain picture emerge now?


God knows what will happen in all the chaos that is created as we speak, certain timelines may be altered from the future and cease to exist, and so will the beings living in them - just like their lives never happened, or their lives will be altered in the Multiverse, so that their entire lives will be different.


This is why it's so incredibly important to educate oneself, can you see that?


If we fully understand what is going on, and the consequences that can be the end result of experimentation and timeline issues, we realize that we need to step - not backwards and not forwards, but aside! We need to step aside and let the trains run to their destinations while we walk away from the railroad tracks and into the wilderness, sit down in Mother Nature, talk to her and talk to her creations that are all around us in form of plants and animal life, and even the soil itself.


Let's show her that we love her and respect her and know that she is alive, and that she is the Goddess manifested to have a 3D, 4D, 5D experience etc., in her own universe. Let her know that we understand that we are her children, and it is our duty to guard her Living Library and start using it the way it was intended.


Tell her that there are those of us who are willing to build and guard the new version of herself and do our absolute best for this disaster not to happen again. We are the New Humans, the Aware Humans! Let's tell her that we are very grateful for being chosen by her to be her Guardians and her special creation, and that she is our true Mother.

Then, we can live wherever we want, in places where we can create our own reality the way we want it, in a way that makes us happy and honors the planet from which we were born. This doesn't mean we need to build a cabin out in the wilderness, let our beards and hair grow, and isolate ourselves totally from everything.


Of course, it's nothing wrong with doing that either, and that way always live close to nature, but that was not the only way of living that Mother Earth intended for us. It's nothing wrong to use the resources Mother Earth has if we do it with respect, and thank the Earth for what she's giving us.


We can build houses, even cities if we want to. We can use some technology, which will really benefit us as individuals and as a group. We just need to be sure we plant new trees and vegetables when we use them.

The important part is that we create our own local universe, which I have stressed many, many times. Let the insanity reign all around us. Know that it is there - always be aware - but don't let it affect you or be part of your own space and your own reality. If you do this, you may notice in the extreme that a hurricane is destroying everything in the town next to you, or even in parts of your own town, but your house will still be standing when it's all over.


This actually happened to my wife when she was younger and raised the kids as a single mother in Hawaii.


A terrible hurricane swept over the island and tore houses to the ground all around her, but when it was all over, her house was the only house that had not been affected by the hurricane. Trees had fallen all around her property and sort of isolated her, but it showed afterwards that she was the only one on that part of the island who still had water.


So it is definitely possible and it's not a fairytale or wishful thinking - it works!

All the three "Levels of Learning" which are now coming towards a completion, have all been about educating those who are ready to learn what is really going on. When you are finished reading, you should feel a great calm inside you and an assurance that you can manage your own reality much better than people in your environment who have not taken part of this material.


You will feel much stronger and mentally stable than you did before you started. You will also feel that you have raised your vibration considerably compared to before.


This will help you to make decisions which will be survival for you and your environment, and you feel inside that you are ready for the "Splitting of the Worlds".



V. Life in the SmartCities

Maybe they will even call it the Golden Age, or perhaps they will call it the New Age, and maybe they will stop the year count and start again from Year 1, I don't know.


But I have no doubt that after sometime of unrest, the majority of mankind will go along with the Sirian program, because that's what seems to be the only thing that makes sense to them. It's too seductive to say no.


The technology and the "comfort" people will be promised if they follow the Golden Age Plan is just too incredible for people to resist.

The Overlords know what they are doing, although they start to become quite predictable by now. If we for now forget Nazi Germany, Tesla, and a few other examples, the U.S. Government was in the early 1950s visited by the Sirians (whom the channeled material call the "Orion Group") in their "space suits", presenting technology that could bring the United States fast forward to become the most powerful country in the world, and outdo the Soviet Union almost overnight.


And of course, these visitors promised to keep this treaty they were creating between the two. In exchange they wanted humans they could abduct and experiment on. We have heard that story before.


The reason I bring it up again is because that's where things started to take off. In fact, they were visited by more than one group, the story goes, and the "good guys" were rejected by the U.S. President, while the "bad guys" won his trust.

Shortly after that we started building giant computers, clumsy and impractical in the beginning (they sometimes took up a whole building). Since then, technology has developed superfast. The U.S. Government, on that level, was stupid enough to trust the star beings. First of all, they abducted much more people than they were allowed to, and they didn't bring all of them back, either.


But not only that!


These "Grays" visited other governments in other countries, too, and offered the same, or similar things, included in the visitations was the U.S. competitor, the Soviet Union. [5]


What it led to was a new technological era, which many scientists wanted to name the "Second Industrial Revolution", because everything happened so fast. Soon we were in space (years before Jurij Gagarin - unofficially), and a few decades later we had the PC and the Internet. Once Wi-Fi was established, the cell phone industry took off and the computer programs (the software) and the devices (the hardware) became smaller and smaller.


Today there is hardly any teenager who doesn't own an iPod, iPad, or a smart phone of some kind (everything is called "smart" these days, deliberately so), and it basically go for adults too, although we may not always have the latest editions. However, the next generation of adults will!

Now, park your car outside a college or a university anywhere in the United States, close to a crosswalk which the students will use. Then watch.


As the students show up when it's time to go home, or in the morning when they arrive, everybody, without exceptions, are texting on one of these small devices. Friends may walk in groups of 5-10 people, but they are barely talking to each other, they are busy texting somebody else.


Also, they are not lifting their heads to see if cars are coming that may run over them, but just cross the street. Most of them have learned to see with their peripherals if a vehicle or bicycle is coming. But the rest of the mind is lost in the little device.

What do I mean when I say "the rest of the mind is lost", actually? Think about that. Where is their consciousness? Is it in the body? No. Is it in that little device? Yes, very much so. What is consciousness? Most would say, the soul.


So, the soul is leaving the body, "squeezing" itself into that little tiny phone device and is becoming part of that machine and whatever is going on in there. The body, on the other hand, is going on auto pilot. And it's doing so literally!


There is no one home in those teenage bodies, and for one thing, they are wide open for possession.

Still, we have only seen the beginning of this. What we are experiencing now is what the "gods" experienced thousands of years ago. They, too, had those little devices they called Meš, which held a lot of information, and which they fought over.


Now we're there again, but this time it's the humans doing the same thing as the gods did then.


Anyway, this will be developed further, with better and better technology, which will totally seduce the population. It's very scary when we see our children already having their souls sucked into these devices, which I can tell you are Stone age compared to what is to come. Are you still doubting that man and machine will become one and the same?

What I am trying to say here is that the Overlords have already prepared us for the Golden Age, which I call the Machine Kingdom, by giving us all these "teasers", because that's all it is. We think we're technologically advanced now, well, wait and see.


Then, when they come to us and present the real "gifts" to humanity, few people will say no. All disputes will be forgotten and forgiven.


If it wasn't for the destructiveness of all this, it would be a perfect way to unite us! And unite us it will!

Now, there's another side to this as well. We may think that the Internet is a brilliant network which is connecting people all over the world, so we can share our knowledge, our lives, our cultures, and more with each other, and become more like "one people".


Others think that it's a perfect tool to share information that would otherwise be censored, or not allowed to reach out to a larger public.


Those who never would write an article in their entire life if it was up to them, now gladly create their own blogs and start blogging like it had been their life purpose all the time.


But what is really going on here? Why is this allowed? Many ask me why they let people like me expose things like this on the World Wide Web.

Here is one answer. Alien star beings don't understand the human psyche, we are a mystery to them. They have studied us on a distance for centuries - yes, even millennia - and they have abducted us, but still not figured us out. The reader knows it's because we are Divine and the direct children of the Mother Goddess, and we possess her Fire and have a code embedded in our DNA which the ETs want in order to understand what we are.


The Sirian Alliance, and many other star beings in the background, want to understand our emotions and how we tick. The Internet, with its Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and other programs where people willingly share their information, is what these star beings want.


They are studying us through the Internet to see how we function, and they are quite confused to say the least.


Not even Lucifer himself totally understands, because not even he was born with the qualities that humankind has, and this, too, makes him jealous and quite revengeful. Now, when they think they have figured out much of what makes us tick, the Alliance has finally decided they can start mingling with us for real and blend in.


If they don't understand us, they will never be able to blend in with us, we would soon notice there is something different with them.


v.i. Welcome to the Machine!

Once the new agreement with mankind is made, and the Sirian Alliance is allowed by the majority of us to operate here, and not only that, but to operate as our executives, things will go fast.


The Overlords know that they are safe, and no star race will interfere, because they have humanity's consent to be here. So, a majority of mankind is going to screw up again, this time it's going to be a devastating choice! Building these mega metropolitans called SmartCities are going to be the big priority, and it will happen in no-time.


More or less simultaneously, the mining project on the asteroids will start taking off as well.


Many unemployed people will find themselves as miners on asteroids in Near Earth Space, mostly young people, of course, who have the stamina to do this. Mass education in this field will also be a priority. Of course, eventually the mining project will be taken over by human hybrids, the bio-machines, but we're not yet really there.

How EA and his cohorts are going to present themselves to humanity will determine how the space program will develop. I would think that in the long run it would be more beneficial for them to present themselves as our saviors and put EA, or someone he's appointing as the CEO of the world and the chairman of the United Nations.


The economy can't be saved the way currency is working in the world today and the unemployment rate and a new financial low will definitely be in the stars. Regardless of how these star beings will present themselves, they need to choose the correct opportunity when we need help the most. If we're going to accept an overt alien intervention of sorts, we'd better be desperate.


And with all this denial of UFOs and star beings, it doesn't seem like an easy task.


However, I just read about that FBI has released a paper written in the 1950s, I believe, which has now been declassified together with a lot of other information on Al Capone, Ted Bundy etc. This particular paper was about three UFO crashes involving 3 feet tall aliens who had been recovered from saucer-shaped spaceships.


The person who is in charge of the FBI library was interviewed by the media, and he said that of all the amazing stuff that has been released to the public, this short document was the one which got the most hits! So, Hollywood, the media, and the alternative media have done a good job educating people about UFOs and aliens lately, it seems like, and raised the interest.


In some respect, the Sirians are actually grateful for all the different UFO theories out there on the Internet (most of them being incorrect), because it helps them catching people's interest. This makes an overt, "friendly" invasion more possible.


Look at Dr. Steven Greer in this respect, would you doubt whom he's working for?

Even if I may be wrong, let's for now go for the hypothesis that it will be a silent takeover, however - only because that seems to be the easiest way to go about it, and we want to present all alternatives we can think of. If they just blend in, they don't need to explain who they are and what they are doing here.


The "savior" will be a combination of "brilliant minds" (EA and his cohorts) who have placed themselves in executive positions and can present quick solutions to the world.


Maybe the whole thing with a Maitreya/Messiah in the sense we are thinking of it is just a distraction after all. Perhaps those who are waiting for a powerful deity to take over their "prepared hybrid bodies" are actually going to be used for something entirely different, which we haven't figured out yet.


It will be interesting to see, because if that is the case, it will happen soon, in our own lifetime.

People will be offered jobs in the SmartCities, but not in the old cities, so there will be a mass evacuation of the towns and cities we know of today. The Overlords will figure out a way so that everybody will get a job eventually, but they also need to concentrate on reducing the world population. The Sirians certainly don't need seven billion people anymore, it's way too many to control.


If there is a silent invasion all along, wars and conflicts can continue like "business as usual" - no problem.


The Golden Age of peace and harmony can very well wait until the population is on a manageable level. We also see already now how more and more young people are being infertile, and couples can't have kids. Some will adopt and some will pay ten thousands of dollars, or more, to get impregnated artificially. However, many won't be able to afford it, which of course is the plan.


Make it too expensive for common people, and that will take care of a part of the problem.


A food crisis could take care of some reduction of the population, while implanted diseases in form of incurable new viruses, created in laboratories and released on the public, will help out to some large degree.


Other means could be HAARP induced catastrophes of a major kind, like giant earthquakes, floods, and volcano eruptions, tornadoes etc.


I am sure there is no shortage of ideas how to reduce the population tremendously, and I am quite positive that it will happen one way or the other. All this will preferably be over and done with before the invaders will start working on the later plans, such as SmartCities.


Therefore, let us assume that we are dealing with a much lesser population when we continue here. And let's not forget the Superwave.


Figure 6

Aaron McCollum,

"Supersoldier" in Sirian service.

What people will notice when they move into the SmartCities is that most of what has been promised will actually become true.


People will get roofs over their heads and jobs will be distributed as needed, almost like in a Communistic society. Things will be very different from how they are now, because the control policies will change. The invaders want to start building their Kingdom so that Supersoldiers can be created and trained as quickly as possible.


Supersoldiers already exist, and quite a few of them, such as Aaron McCollum, have been interviewed by Project Camelot's Bill Ryan and Kerry-Lynn Cassidy. [7]


The soldiers that already exist in the Secret Government mind control programs usually don't remember anything from their missions. Afterwards, keywords or a key phrase is communicated to them and they forget all about it.


These Supersoldiers are often time travelers, advanced remote viewers (nano-travelers), and shapeshifters (which works just like I've explained in Level II, you manifest whatever you want via your avatar), and they can bi-locate. They have been reported to be able to cloak themselves as trees and sometimes whole forests to distract enemies.


This has been done both on Earth and on other, distant planets, according to whistle-blowers and metaphysical sources such as the Pleiadians.


McCollum, for example, has quite a story to tell. He is, of course, a multiple personality through trauma-based mind control such as MK-ULTRA and its many offspring programs like Project Monarch and Project Mannequin. Today's Supersoldiers are often 100% human, but the PTB have for a long time also experimented with human hybrids, who may more easily be able to do the job.

The idea with hybrids who are half biological and half machine, doing the work as Supersoldiers, is their apparent invincibility.


These days, due to Sirian-Orion technology, more or less any body part can be replaced quickly with a machine part which corresponds with an injured organ. You're a soldier in a war and you lose a leg or an arm? No problem.


They throw you aside and quickly transplant a machine part that can work just as well as a real arm. Then it's back to battle again. A few days later, one of your legs is blown off by a grenade? So what?


There is a mechanical leg ready to be attached, working just as well as a biological leg. Do you think I'm exaggerating? I'm not. This is already being done (see fig. 7).


This young lady just got a machine arm implanted, which follows the commands from her mind, just like a real arm.


Figure 7

Claudia Mitchell, the first woman to have a "bionic arm",
which follows the signals from the brain,

just like a normal arm

Figure 7 is copied from a Facebook page by one of the leading UFO researchers in the field.


He posted this picture, and the followers of his Facebook commented on it. There were a lot of comments, and they were done by those who are supposed to be "in the know" in the UFO and exopolitical fields (as much as you can be in-the-know).


All of them were very excited and made comments like,

"science go!", "Science rocks!" and, "I have friends who came back from war with amputated limbs. They could have benefitted from this. Science go!".

No one realized what it is that is being promoted with this kind of technology - no one.


Everybody thought it was being done for the benefit of mankind. That is very sad.


I am not saying people won't benefit from such implants, but the point of making them is not because science has developed something as a favor to mankind. It's a part of showing off how it will be in the Machine Kingdom, and it's being promoted in the media, naturally, so people can respond like these "enlightened" researchers and truthseekers.


Do you believe me now when I say that the Machine Kingdom will be creeping up on us?

The Sirians will probably be eager to meet our needs in the beginning, and the new illusionary freedoms will sit pretty well with mankind. Work will bring income so that people can buy the products, and the whole cycle of commerce will start working again.


HAARP and similar institutions will be expanded, and mind control happen on a global scale by frequency (this is why it's so important that we keep our own raised frequency intact), which will keep people in check.


Once the population is reduced to the optimal amount, wars and certain lethal diseases will suddenly stop and cease to exist. Now the trick is to keep the population on that level, and there are many ways to do that. One method, which will definitely be implemented, is to make mankind unfertile.


How will they do that? By creating cyborgs.

Keep in mind that what I am describing now is a long process, although there are those who say it will all be put in place and quite functional by 2034, thanks to nano-technology and the Big Pharma. If this is correct, and nanobots are put into our medicine, I agree with the Pleiadians.


Nevertheless, mankind will soon find themselves surrounded by advanced technology, based on nano-tech.


People will start working long hours and not have time for serious relationships, and they will also lose the skills how to interrelate with other humans. Their homes will be cleaned by robots who will be more and more sophisticated.


These robots will then be made to look like sexy males and females and even have genitals, skin, and all the rest of it to make them look and act like human beings. Instead of having intimate relationships with each other, people will prefer to have sex with the robots. No responsibilities go with it, and when the act is over, they don't need to pay any more attention to the robot.


Many, many people will find this convenient. Today we are deciding whether gay couples should be able to marry per law or not, but in the future the issue of marriage will be raised in regards to whether humans should be able to marry their robots or not.


This is very likely, in my opinion.

People will love their small devices and disappear into the world of virtual reality, leaving the body vacant, spending almost all of their spare time in virtual reality, which is just another hologram within a hologram. The Machine Kingdom is basically a thought form out there in the universe, and once that thought form is acted upon, the machines can eventually get their own intelligence.


This is something the WingMakers are warning us about as well with their half allegorical and half realistic "Animus", which I spent a whole paper on in Level I. The realistic part of it is that the Anima do exist as our future selves - the Grays.

Eventually, this is the direction quite a few timelines will take, the Sirians want to create the Supersoldiers, who don't need food and don't need sex, but still have a biological mind and a soul.


This, and much more, is explained in the concept of "Transhumanism", which we will get into now.


It's a very scary future that is painted for us, because nano-technology has so many potentials.


However, in the wrong hands..!



VI. When the Robots Outsmart us!

Dirk Bruere is a British scientist and magician, which are two trades that go hand in glove, one can't work without the other.


Dirk contacted me after had read some of my papers and said that his material could be of assistance for me. He has written a book called, "TechnoMage" and a number of articles and essays on the subject of nano-technology, singularity, cyborgs and "Artilect" (artificial intellect).


I started reading from his website (another websites of his is NEOPAX), and found his material fascinating to say the least, and has the scientific backup I need.


Figure 8

Dirk Bruere,

scientist and magician.

It's a scary but highly adequate world Dirk is presenting to us.


Contrary to myself, he thinks that a future with a lot of technology is inevitable, and we just have to face it. Nano-technology, the creation of cyborgs, and hyper intelligent robots, even Messiahs with artificial intelligence - all that is part of Dirk Bruere's world.

In Level I, I addressed my concern about nano-technology, and that billions upon billions of dollars of our tax money (and I'm sure a big chunk of the black budget) is going towards research in this field. In fact, it's considered the perhaps most important field of research right now, because the PTB know that whomever controls the nano-world is in control of the universe.

Now, what is nano-technology all about? We already use nano-technology in computers and have done for decades, so what's the big deal?


The big deal is when we not only are able to create devices built on nano-tech, but also have them self-replicate! Think about that statement for a while, and you may realize where we're heading with this.


What else is self-replicating? Exactly! The 3D bodies! Not only human bodies, but nearly all life forms on our planet.


This has been something we just know is happening by itself, without any interference, and that's what keeps the Living Library alive and going. 3D is all about matter self-replicating itself. This is a "technology" known only to Creator Gods and the Goddess herself, but in just a few decades, mankind has gone from what we now may consider "technological stone age" in comparison, to becoming Creator Gods.


No one is going to be able to say to me that this is only due to brilliant human scientists. Of course not! We have had help from those not from here. And this is not a matter of some big machine running software at the nano scale, but the machines themselves are at nano size.


These, so called "nanobots", can then self-replicate.

Imagine what you can do with this knowledge. You can of course use it for a lot of things, but the main subject is creating new life forms and have them self-replicate, i.e. we can create artificial bodies, so-called cyborgs, and make them intelligent. And that's exactly what the most brilliant scientists on our planet are working on now.

We are certainly going to come back to creating artificial life in this paper, but first let's mention other things nano-technology can be used for, which also is a magnificent way of introducing this science to the public and get their approval to continue to the next step, which will be artificial intelligence.


This technology will change almost all type of manufacturing.


Dirk Bruere says,

"The promise of nanotech is immense and many see it as not only the future of nearly all manufacturing but something that will form the basis of nearly every future technological enterprise.


It is no less than programmable matter and as such is one of the technologies critical to the Transhumanist vision of the future." [8]

This means that in the future you no longer have to go to the store and go through all the different types of utensils until you find a set that almost, but never totally, falls in your taste.


As it is now, most of the time when you go shopping you may get what you want in accordance to what is already on the market. However, you may have your own vision of how a product, say utensils, should look like, but these exact ones are nowhere to be found because they don't exist. Not so any more. With nano-tech, you can push buttons and learn how to make choices and fine adjustments, and they immediately show up on the screen.


Then, when you have adjusted the product exactly to your liking, you hit the Go button and the technology produces an exact copy of what you want, down to the exact atom.


You can get anything you desire - the only limit is your own imagination. You will of course be able to save the settings in the computer system until next time, or if your friend happens to love the product you created, you can give them the settings, and they can get that exact copy themselves, or make adjustments to it.


This way, people with less imagination can get inspired by those who have more, and an exchange can be made. This will also lead to a new kind of business, where a staying at home mom, for example, with a great imagination can sell her "settings" to others and potentially make good money out of it.


The opportunities in this field are endless.

But these options are just candy for the masses. While the highly manipulated humanity en large is merely occupied and drooling over the next "invention" in an attempt to fill their own inner emptiness, those with higher minds, who do the thinking, are working hard behind the scenes in creating what none of us need, paving the road towards our own demise.


Bruere's highly sophisticated work has many layers and must be read in its entirety to be fully understood, but I will touch a level of it that tells the story as it most likely will develop in the future. The thought form is there, the minds to create something from that thought form are there, and the technology is there, and there is no great resistance against it.


This means everything is there to create a true timeline where there otherwise might just have been a potential. The PTB would never miss a chance like that. The next few years will be extremely important for them, and with PTB I mean both our human Elite, the extraterrestrial among them, and those still on proxy.

There are also beneficial application of nano-technology, such as within medicine.


Surgeons could inject nanobots, which are machines of nano size - self-replicating or not - into a patient with cancer, for example, and be able to attack the exact cells which are considered cancerous and leave the healthy cells alone, in contrast to chemotherapy, which also kills healthy cells. It may seem unfair that I leave out many of the positive effects of this technology, but it's outside the scope of this paper.


So it's enough that I mention that they definitely exist. If we lived in a world where our best minds had our best interest as their priority, these technologies could be very beneficial, but in the wrong hands...

Bruere says he believes that in perhaps 60 years we could build computer memory of which less than a ton of it could store the memories of everybody on this planet.


He continues by saying that,

"if we get within a few percent of theoretical limits one kilowatt of electricity, enough to run a one bar electric heater, could provide enough processing to exceed Human brain capacity by a factor of around ten thousand." [9]

But, he goes on, one kilowatt is what one square meter of the Sahara desert gets in term of sunlight!


Hence, if we cover that space with nanobots, the power has increased up to a thousand trillion human brains. That's the raw material, but what can we do with it? Create a God? Or a whole lot of gods?


This is not science fiction, but indeed something that scientists who are working with Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) are trying to accomplish in the form of Artilect. [10]

Thus, we could build a robot which is so smart that none of us is able to compute it, it goes beyond our capacity as individual beings to think about it. So far, no one knows exactly how to build such an Artilect, but there is no shortage of ideas to test, says Bruere.


But reader, don't get fooled! We're talking about how much is known in the scientific field that is accessible to us, and not what is available on an interdimensional level. The problem how to do it, I'm quite sure is already solved, but we are not supposed to know that. The rest is just a show for the masses. In fact, Lucifer (EA) and his Fallen Angels don't want to do this for us - they want us to do it!


They want us to develop the Artilect, they want us to be the "Creators".


Although they are giving us the technology how to do it in exchange for something else, they want us to figure out the details and actually build this stuff. On one level it's because then they can blame us afterwards and get away with it, because we did it, not them.


But there is another, more sinister reason why Lucifer wants us to do the dirty job, even if it takes much longer to accomplish compared to if he had his scientists do it. The reason is revenge! What I mean by that will be obvious before this paper is finished. Indeed, it's the ultimate evil.

Someone mentioned to me that the Grays are indeed us in the future, just like I've concluded, but that they don't live in the same kind of universe we do.


Instead, they live in a synthetic one, and the person who said that was absolutely correct. Bruere mentions the synthetic universe as well. He says that the self modifying programs the Elite is planning to develop as a solution to the software problem of creating an Artilect will mimic biological evolution as they mutate and replicate.


The Artilect is thus evolving in a synthetic world. In retrospect, looking back at the Gray hive community, or the Social Memory Complex, can we now start to see where this is all heading? But by all means, let's continue. We're far from done yet.

Transhumanists like Bruere, who postulate that as a step in nano-technology we could create a super-intelligence, whether we want to call it Artilect or Singularity, and make it smart enough to compute and solve the most urgent and complex problems the world is facing, are concerned about the ethical part of such an Artilect.


Will it be benevolent or not? His conclusion is that it doesn't necessarily have to be either, but in the long run, after it's outsmarted humanity, it will treat us as "collateral damage", and that would be the end of mankind.


What good would we be to such an intellect from their point of view if they are even going to be self-replicating and evolving in their own synthetic universe?

Therefore, say Bruere, it may be important to actually create a friendly Artilect, which like a Messiah will save us from ourselves, or our foes, if such are present. And of course it is. The problem, as I see it, is not whether such an Artilect will be friendly or not, it's already well-established what and when it's going to be, and like everything else the Alliance is creating, it has to do with power and control. An Artilect would be the ultimate power over our minds.

This is why I say that the Transhumanists are the soft version of the Machine Kingdom. They have realized that something similar to a Machine Kingdom is on a rise, and there is nothing we can do about it. Humanity has the power to play with nano-technology, and therefore they will, they conclude.


The Transhumanist's task will thus be to see to that these technologies are used as benevolently as possible. To be able to do this, we may just as well start the transition into a Machine World as soon as possible. The longer we wait, the more we have to fix, and the more extreme the measures. And in the long run we can use all this technology to help mankind evolve.


This is where I and Bruere disagree, because I believe mankind can, and is supposed to, evolve without technology.

There will be science magazines online that are going to tell the latest stories about the achievement in nano-technology, but this is not something to drool over, playing games may be fun, but getting extinct is not.


This is not about humans fighting some alien force, where the aliens invade, looking like stiff machine people with bombs exploding and humanity eventually winning the battle. It's rather a subtle way of losing our sovereignty once and for all and have a machine think for us.


We may be able to make easier decisions in daily life, but instead of having corrupt politicians deciding what is going to happen on a higher level, we are now going to have a Supercomputer so vast that it can generate thought processes many trillion times faster than a human brain. All problem will be solved! At least this is what the gullible will think will happen.


Instead, it will be programmed to solve problems that have to do with a certain agenda, which goes far beyond the purpose of mankind, although we will be dragged into it, as usual.

The sad thing is that if this Machine Kingdom is inevitable (on certain timelines), people will not understand the goal with such a society.


Like Bruere says, if worse comes to worse, not even death is a refuge. These machines with their super-capacity could even resurrect people from the dead, so that not even death is an escape.


Bruere and his likes seem to be giving their hope away to the goodness of mankind, which would ensure that we come to our senses and take the best from our human traits and put it into such a machine. Maybe we can make a Buddha God or something of the sort, who is able to show compassion?


This will not happen, of course, unless the Overlords have a certain agenda which includes such a being, which I can't see. The scary part is that the human scientists may want to play with different personalities when they create Artilects, just to see if they can.


In the long run,

  • What will happen then?

  • Will the different personalities, perhaps with different goals and purposes, start fighting each other on a synthetic thought level, totally outside of our control?

  • If that happens, it's not only a threat to mankind's survival, but that of the whole universe, and maybe beyond, because where would they stop?

Not until they meet their superiors - if they exist.

Bruere says that the solution to avoid an outbreak of Artilect would be to upgrade ourselves to match their evolutionary capabilities. He suggest we'll do that by merging with them as adjuncts to our minds, which would provide the core direction for the goal of Transhumanism - the PostHuman.


Well, actually, it is not the ultimate goal of Transhumanism, there is one vision even bigger, to transform dead matter to Mind. They are talking about starting with our galaxy and expand from there.


Apparently, these scientists don't understand that matter is not dead, it is only how we perceive it! Transhumanism will try to make a God out of dead matter by transforming it to brain power trillions to times more powerful than our own intellect. Thus, we will live in a living, thinking universe, made up of nanobots as atomic particles. I am sure this will not sit well with the Orion Empire and the already Living Universe.


I mean, these guys say they are trying to save us, for heaven's sake! And they don't know what the consequences will be to try to overcome the Goddess!


Haven't we heard that before? Surpassing the Goddess in power and intellect? Well, if you can't do it with who you are, try technology! This is telling me that whoever came up with Transhumanism, or the ideas that led to it, before Bruere did, still had the old Lucifer's Dream in mind - to take over the universe and make us the ultimate Creators!

God help humanity if something like this will be developed. And it will not be developed by the Sirians, but by us, with their technology!


We will be the guilty ones. We are supposed to be adults and know better, and if we refuse to learn when the cards are on the table, face up, we have to take the consequences as well. The consequences for something like that is extinction! Not as a form of revenge, but in a way to save the universe from such evil that we humans are creating (with the Sirian Alliance in the background, defending themselves by pointing at us).


The Queen's Court will definitely not look upon it as a minor crime, the Goddess has to think of the survival of the whole universe, and I can imagine has little patience with those who try to destroy it, wittingly or unwittingly. Blindness beyond reason is no excuse!

Transhumanism is also using the term Golden Age (like in a Second Golden Age) for the end product of their vision, and to distinguish ourselves from their goals, I prefer to call our future not depending on technology the New Era instead.


If we change its name in the future, that's fine, but at least for now, for distinction purposes.

Bruere is just as concerned as I am about the Machine Kingdom coming in the wrong hands, the difference is how much faith we have in scientists and alien toys coming into their greedy and insensitive hands. Bruere is more optimistic, while I'm not, because I know that this is not entirely up to humanity - there are forces from outside, which are so much stronger than us at this stage of development that the comparison would be like that between a human and a dog.


And these forces are on a mission, something Bruere may be ignorant of.


Anyway, in his book, "The Praxis", he is quoting I.J. Good in a statement from 1965, about his concern creating machines more intelligent than us:

"Let an ultra-intelligent machine be defined as a machine that can far surpass all the intellectual activities of any man however clever.


Since the design of machines is one of these intellectual activities, an ultra-intelligent machine could design even better machines, there would then unquestionably be an 'intelligence explosion,' and the intelligence of man would be left far behind.


Thus the first ultra-intelligent machine is the last invention that man need to make." [11]

Then we have Vernor Vinge, popular science fiction writer and mathematician, who gave a lecture containing the now famous statement in the 1980/90s.


He wrote:

"Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly thereafter, the human era will be ended" [12]

If Vinge had inside knowledge, which almost all science fiction writers have, we are talking about a time which corresponds with now up to 10 years from now.


So perhaps the Pleiadians, who suggested around 2034, were not so far off after all?

Bruere, who is a little bit more optimistic from my point of view, suggests that something like this might happen a little later, around 2060 or so, based on mathematical calculations rather than astrological.


He says, let's pretend we then have computers that are both cheap and much more powerful than the human brain, and that an Artilect is already created and ready to be implemented into a computer (or computers) with enough processing power.


The Artilect "jumps" into this hardware and literally in a matter of hours things change, and there is zero time for us to adapt! Is brain power will outclass us like we humans outclass the brain of a goldfish, says Bruere. The world changes from biological dominance to Artilect dominance, which is synthetic! And remember, this is not science fiction, scientists behind the scenes are in fact working hard on this!


And they are doing it with our tax money, which we gladly give away to create our own demise.


All the big establishments of today, the military, financial systems etc., will be totally dependent upon a Cyberspace that it's a child's play for an Artilect to subvert into something else. If it just decides to crash the system, it will most certainly result in billions of deaths, says Bruere, let alone actively turning it against us!

The "good" news is that yes, it will be turned against us, but not as in the sense of a war between machine and human, but as our new Leader, what in some spooky sf movies is just called "The System", a central Supercomputer which decides who's to live and who's to die, and what is best for humanity and our future.


Crazy? That's just the middle name.

And so the "gods" have returned and established themselves once and for all on their mother's planet, controlling their mother's beings by transforming them into a synthetic race, dependent on a super-brain which we can't defeat.


Only those not-from-here know how to control a Beast like that - hopefully? The Beast 666, couldn't that be it?

Now, there is one more thing that needs to be done before the complete take-over is done! We need to upload our minds into computers, which will then be transferred and integrated with the Beast [def].


But why on Earth would humans want to do this? The answer is simple and will be promoted as "cheating death".

How exactly will we do that? Well, imagine how scientists and geneticists will show you how they have created synthetic bodies which are much more powerful and durable than the bodies we have now in our biological, "fragile" forms. Also, backups can be made of your own mind in case an accident would happen, just like you back up your computer at home on an external hard drive.


So say you die in the future, there is a way to reboot the "deceased", and you can continue as before, perhaps with some minor memory loss, but without going through death, afterlife, and reincarnation.


Of course, people in the Machine Kingdom will not be famous for being spiritual, and the fear of death is one of the biggest issues in this future world, because no one will tell you the truth of what will happen after you die. All you will hear is horror stories of either getting lost in the astral or that there is no life after death at all.


This will be stressed, and it will terrify people.


The "research" into this field to come up with a solution to death will be heavily supported, and big funds will go into this, which is just a side project of the greater aspect of nano-technology.

Bruere goes on with the following concerning statement:

"Uploading into a virtual reality worlds run at a resolution where detail is comparable to the existing world of the senses, but the effective size of the 'universe' is vastly bigger than Earth.


Or worlds which can be tailored to individuals or groups where the laws of physics or environment can be programmable, or fantasy base, or... anything.

Merging our minds with vastly more powerful intellectual prostheses rivaling Artilects in power." [13]

The way to do it is to scan the brain so that the original brain of course survives the procedure, it's just a cloned copy of the brain that's being made, including backups.


However, this can't be done, says Bruere, until when his PostHuman is almost completed, which means that with nano-tech they can insinuate nanobots throughout the whole nervous system so the recording and transmission of data can be done.

And Bruere and his fellow scientists are hopeful that this will happen as soon as possible.


He quotes his critics, and here is one of them:

"The capability to move the mind into the machine will mark the attainment of the final goal of the Gnostics, that of overcoming the body completely, living in a psychic Nirvana with the constraints of nature, time and history left behind." [14]

"Hopefully he is correct", adds Bruere. And I say, "I hope he's not."

This is the old dream of philosophical visionaries, however, to live in a constant Nirvana, apart from our bodies.


This, however, is not what life and living is about at all. We are here to experience and explore, and we humans have a purpose and a goal that is far greater than 99.9% of our population realizes, according to my own estimate. Staying in our bodies and becoming multidimensional in a world free from interference and oppression are the goals of humanity.


Everything else feeds the cosmic vampires, wittingly or unwittingly so!

Bruere continues talking about fear of death and dying in the Multiverse. What happens after body death? Because of the fact that people don't know due to the way our DNA is reconstructed so we have amnesia, people want to avoid death at all cost.


Also, growing old and "deteriorate" is another big fear - the fear of not being attractive, or that the body will get sick and disabled.


In cyberspace, like Bruere says, we are either healthily conscious, or dead with no intermediate states of Limbo.

"It's a lot safer".

People will buy this!

So now we have a clone of our own mind in the computer system, and it's being integrated in a compatible Supercomputer, which is also emotional!


Let us say that we have 2 billion people on the planet when this stage of development is finished. That is 2 billion brains integrated into this Supermind. What does this mean? It means that humanity gladly transferred the mind of the human soul group into a Supercomputer and willingly moved into a Virtual Reality, "where everything is possible".


We're suddenly in the Matrix movies! No longer are we biological beings, but beings living in a synthetic universe, which is run, not by us, but by those who run the Supercomputer! Humanity will think it's them, but we know who they are - the Sirian Alliance!

Don't think for a second that this hasn't been planned for eons. The first step in the development of mankind in this slightly twisted 3D frequency, which is enough twisted to be out of range for other dimensional beings, unless they know the exact coordinates (we talked about this earlier), was for humanity to keep having a separate experience to build up a mass consciousness - an enhanced human soul group.


Enhanced according to Sirian standards for mankind. Now these standards are met, and it's time to move on into creating a hive community.


Hive community? Where have we heard that before? Oh yes, the Grays, channeled material, but foremost - the Orion Empire!

Lucifer is Orion, and so are his Fallen Angels. I call them Sirians, because that's where most of them evolved, just like we evolve on Earth. However, after the Peace Treaty, the Sirians became Orions too, thus the "Orion Group", like I've explained earlier.


In Level II I spent a whole paper talking about life in the Orion Empire, and I talked about the Bee Hive Society, where life circles around the Queen.


This is how it is in Orion, but in a beneficial way. People there are not run by machines, everybody has individual thinking, can make their own decisions, and their society in general supports the individual, who naturally also supports the soul group, something that unfortunately is missing here on Earth.


EA was born in Orion, and brought up in Orion before he rebelled.


He understands the Orion Society very well. Now he is trying to distort the Old Ways of the Mother Goddess by creating a mass consciousness which is not centered around a Queen, but a Machine.


The Machine is God (not even the Goddess, but God - masculine), and it will run human society.

So, what is the next step after that? Well, EA needs soldiers - Supersoldiers. How does he get them? From genetic engineering, manipulation, and cloning! The sciences he knows best and is a master in.


Although all human brains eventually will be connected to the Beast, individual thinking to a certain extent will still be possible, every individual's brain is copied into the computer, but the humans still have their bodies to move around in, and can think, although it's harder and harder to have original thoughts, because each brain can be set into whatever frequency the controllers of the Beast wish, and if someone has a thought that could be considered rebellious, or is not supporting the mass consciousness, the thought will be "culled", and the sheep who was running a little bit astray can easily be corrected and steered back into the fold.

And why does each individual need to be able to think at all? Why not let the Beast do 100% of it?


No, the Overlords need individual thinking as well, because every now and then they need a new permission from mankind and make a new agreement with them so that they don't force anything on us against our will. Bodies, for example. We can't go into space in biological bodies. They are made for planetary travel, but not for long distance space travel.

We already know what kind of bodies are the most resistant to the space environment - the Grays!


The Grays in different shapes and forms. And humanity wants immortality, and now they have it - in mind, but not in body. How about having a body that is not getting sick easily, and lives forever, because it's mostly synthetic and machine-like? And better yet - with this new type of body, we can travel to other star systems!!!


That sounds thrilling enough, and there you go.


You now have Grays, and you now have the Gray hive community, and mankind is ready for space travel. However, these new bodies, needing very little to eat, also don't have reproduction abilities, because the Sirians don't want us to reproduce anymore.


They haven't been able to figure out our sexuality and our abilities to have this tight connection with the Universe of the Goddess if not imprisoned, so instead of giving up and letting us go, they will suppress our sexuality and make us into cyborgs, sexless biorobots, controlled from a Supermind in a Supercomputer, living in a virtual reality, a universe slightly different from our current one.

Thus humankind will sacrifice the most holy and sacred thing they have, the human body, out of fear for it.


Out of fear for their own bodies and out of fear from that their bodies will get sick and deteriorate, they will let another star race, who has no business here in the first place, replace our sacred, Royal and Divine vehicles with artificial bodies which can't do anything near what the original, biological bodies can do! Fear of cancer is part of it, and that of ovarian, prostate and testicle cancers will make mankind willing to sacrifice their reproduction organs as well.


They will be convincing us that children will not be needed in the new Golden Age, anyway. The amount of people on the planet is perfect, is what they will be manipulated to believe, and if we create more people, there will be survival problems.


After all, those who are living now, they are told, are immortal anyway, and don't ever need to be replaced. There is no longer any death. It will of course be put in much slicker wording than I can accomplish here, but in one way or the other it will be done.


We even have the evidence for that - the Grays who say they are us in the future are lacking sexual organs.

We have the Supercomputer where all the brain power of the human soul group is stored, including emotions. It's not farfetched to envision how every "human" being on this planet will be hooked up to this Artilect, just like the Borg in Star Trek, or like in the Matrix movies, although it doesn't have to happen physically, but through frequency control.


A hive community and a group thinking will be the result.


Each individual may still have their individual thinking abilities intact to a certain degree, but the group thinking - the survival of the group - comes first and the individual is not as important, other than to contribute to making the group mind stronger.

Another thing is that the range of emotions that make us human will eventually not be needed, either, and is not even wanted by the Sirians. Many of the more compassionate emotions we inhabit are not desirable in the world of Sirians.


They have lost all that themselves, and after all, they are a warrior race and looks upon all these kinds of feelings as weakness. If they want to make Supersoldiers out of us, the last thing they want is something that even slightly reminds them of weakness. Many emotions that are totally unique for humankind will be erased from the mind of the Supercomputer.

Supersoldiers will be trained in bodies where body parts can be transplanted easily if the soldiers get injured.


Perhaps it doesn't even hurt to get shot. Bruere thinks it's science fiction that we will create Supersoldiers such as Schwarzenegger's Terminator, because the New Human will be beautiful, he says, much more beautiful than today's bodies. I must disagree to that. On the other hand, Bruere is not familiar with the Sirian involvement in human evolution, so it's understandable.


The new bodies will be those of the Grays, both those who live on Earth and those who go into space. However, the Supersoldiers are different. They have to be made almost invincible, and to make that happen, they can't be fragile and prone to being hurt when shot at. In other words, these bodies must be almost purely machines, perhaps with skin around the machine parts, so they look human.


They may come in any size, from dwarfs to massive giants, depending on which kind of mission they are assigned to.


These Supersoldiers will be trained to be fearless, because even if they would be shot to pieces after all, the mind lives on in the Beast back on Earth, and death is impossible.


The Between-Lives-Area in the Astral will probably by that time be deserted and not even used, it's not needed anymore. No reincarnation, no babies, only rejuvenation of bodies, with souls and minds trapped in the Beast.

The manipulation will continue. The human soul group will be told that now when they have overcome death, there is only one direction, and that is UP! They will be told that they shall eventually evolve to higher planes of existence, higher densities, and higher dimensions, and become the Gods of the Universe.


Now, when they are a Collective Consciousness, half of the battle is already won. The reward will eventually be Heaven itself, and they will merge with God, the One Creator. In fact, they are God as a composite, and all they need to do is to take back what is theirs, but was taken from them, they will be told. Of course, they will never be told that those who "took it from them" were the same beings who told them this story.


Instead, they will blame it on the Orions...


On some timelines, they call themselves Social Memory Complexes. Where have we heard those terms before? Our channeled sources again! The RA Material, Elohim, Lyssa Royal's "Grays", Bashar... the list goes on!

But what happened from the point that these collective consciousnesses were created until the time when they returned from the future as channeled sources, talking about 4th and 5th Dimension, Harvest, and Compassion, Love and Light?


To even have a clue, we need to tell another story from very long ago, long before there were any humans at all on Earth, early human experiments which led to the Namlú'u and Homo sapiens - none of these had been implemented.


This story is probably billions of years old, and it's partly told in the Urantia Book.


This is the story of Ultimate Evil and Revenge in its highest and most vicious form. It's about power, Ego, remorselessness, ruthlessness, intolerance of love and compassion. It's about the opposite of what humankind is in her basic form stands for. It's the story about Lucifer, his Rebellion, and his ultimate plans for the future.


It's a sobering story, because all clues leads to the same conclusion - that this story, in its essence, and I am sure in most of its details, is true.



VII. The Larger Story around Lucifer's Rebellion

There is a much bigger agenda with all this, and I've mentioned it before, but without explaining all the details.


I said that the Sirian Overlords, the Patriarchs, want to be the Kings of the Universe, and steal the Goddess title from the Mother Goddess. This is what Lucifer's Rebellion is all about, of course. EA/Lucifer thought he was perfect and could do things much better than his mother, the Goddess herself.


He was jealous of her power and tired of just being "number 2" forever. Yes, forever, because the Goddess will of course never die. So, with his slick and glib tongue, he seduced a third of the Goddess' special guards and tried to overthrow his own mother. This, of course, was an effect from his pride, and it didn't work.

Archangel Michael, the leader of the loyal guards, threw EA and his angels (the Sirians) out of Heaven (the Orion Empire).


This whole Lucifer story was excluded from the Bible, again most possibly because of EA's pride. He and his son MARDUK wrote most of the Bible, and Lucifer didn't want humans to know that he was defeated, it was too much of a trauma for him, and his Ego was severely hurt.


The story, however, was told in details in the Urantia Book, which was allegedly brought here by non-physicals in the astral (4th Dimension). This is why the Council of Zendar/Saturn, in the RA Material says that the Urantia Book was never passed or approved by the Council.


Of course it wasn't, if the beings who brought the information to Earth had gone through the Council first, the material would never have been approved, because the Council of Zendar supports Lucifer!


Of course, the Urantia Book was brought to us during a period of war on Earth, which reflects in the book.


It has a military overtone to it, which is natural, because the non-physicals who delivered it wanted us to be able to easily be able to relate to the information.


Figure 9

Lucifer and his Angels cast out of Heaven,
the Orion Empire,

by Archangel Michael and his troops

So, EA and his rebels were thrown out of Orion by Archangel Michael and his warriors, and the rebels were furious but not the least willing to give up.


They wanted revenge, but what could they do? They couldn't storm the gates of Orion, the Empire was way too powerful and they would all succumb if they tried - this much Lucifer had realized. However, there was something else they could do.

After perhaps millions of years in exile, EA felt that his pride started coming back and his Ego once again rose almost to its former proportion! There was a way Mother Goddess had manifested herself in this universe to have a physical and metaphysical experience, and that was in the form of Mother Earth! She was the Goddess transformed into matter.


Now, what did the rebels do?


They flew to Earth, noticed it was populated by EA's mother's selected beings, an earlier form of mankind called the Namlú'u in some scriptures. They were the shepherds and the Guardians of the Goddess' Living Library.


But the Lús were not the only intelligent beings on Earth, something EA soon was about to experience. His mother had also put her personal "ambassadors" on Earth, the Titans, thus establishing Earth as Orion territory.


Other star races were also present on Earth, and they were all peaceful in nature.

This, thought EA, shouldn't be too much trouble for him. Earth was probably one of the most beautiful planets in the universe and had enormous riches and resources that EA and has angels wanted, but this was just a part of it. Most of all he wanted on trying to intimidate his mother and take revenge for the unfair treatment he thought he'd gotten from his own flesh and blood when he was cast out of Heaven.

So, a war broke out, which I wrote about in Level II and called "The War of the Titans".


EA and his allied troops defeated the Titans, and all star races residing on Earth had to leave. The Titans returned to Orion and it became known what had happened. Orion sent an armada to Earth in order to once again defeat Lucifer and the Fallen and release Mother Earth from this invader force, but this time it showed not to be so easy.


The Orion Group used the Namlú'u as their shields, and there was nothing the Orions could do without sacrificing this magnificent human species. So the Orions returned home, waiting for a better opportunity. And they are waiting still...

EA was excited! He now considered Earth as his, and even named her after himself (EArth).


The Namlú'u were not made for war and knew nothing about it, and with time, the Sirian Alliance managed to manipulate this human species into starting to work (slave) for them in the mines. In the meantime, EA and his scientists started working on creating a more sturdy and enduring slave race, because the Namlú'u died in droves in the mines.


The rest, as they say, is history, and is discussed elsewhere in previous papers.

Back to present time. Now they are here again, in direct contact with us like in the old days. What do they want this time? Well, the Machine Kingdom is of course not the goal, only the means to reach a much vaster goal. The goal is still the same as it's always been - revenge! After all these eons, EA is still the same kind of being and has not grown. His Ego is still running him, and he is obsessed with taking control over Orion.


He already took control of a faction of the Empire by taking over Mother Earth, or Gaia, the Goddess manifested. [6]


Figure 10

Gaia, the Earth Mother

Again, he finds humanity not up to the task he is preparing us for.


He wants cyborg-like Supersoldiers, who are more or less indestructible, and totally fearless in battle. He wants them to be part biological and part machine, so they can switch body parts quickly, in case someone loses a leg or an arm, for example, but they must be biological as well, perhaps so EA can show off what an excellent geneticist he is, being able to create such beings.


Also, he needs them to have psychic powers, being experts in remote viewing and time travel, and also be able to travel interdimensionally. In other words, he is building a huge army to use as a shield and as foot soldiers in an upcoming war with Orion. This is obvious to me, but in spite of all his preparations, I don't think he will succeed.


I may pull in his rage for writing this, but so be it!

The sad thing, however, is that those who follow him into the Machine Kingdom will experience a hell of a future, literally speaking. Also, there will be no escape, as the between-lives-area will probably "close down" eventually, and his human slave souls will reincarnate instantly into the cyborgs after they have died.


No time for them to reflect, no time to decide goals anymore. EA doesn't want to waste his time training all these souls and then let them escape. And where have we heard about these cyborg troops before? That's right!


They are the ones who in the future will reach the Pleiades and create a disaster there. And how are they described by the Pleiadians themselves? As more or less indestructible bio-machines, type the Terminator a la Schwarzenegger.

So, this is the plan that is not spoken of very much, although it's so obvious.


There is a reason why I end the last Level of Learning with two papers called, the present one "The Machine Kingdom" and "Evolving without Technology". I want people to have the chance to choose after have had both main routes we can take from here on presented to them.


The Machine Kingdom in its extreme, and the evolving of mankind without technology are two main roads, the main crossroads. From there, lots of timelines are branching out in different directions, but if we choose the Machine Kingdom, don't think that any timeline that branches out from there will take us out of the trap.


The sober truth is that once we're in that reality, we're pretty much stuck there for a very long time, perhaps until the bitter end, even. As we have seen, not even death will be an escape! The souls are immediately routed back into the Machine Hive.

EA/ENKI is a notorious liar. He and his son have done an excellent job rewriting history to their advantage, and people look forward to the Second Coming of EA, the "water bearer", because after all, when the Flood came, he was the one who saved mankind, so we owe him our lives.


Also, because he did that, he must be our ally.

It is sad that it's come to that. Unless people brighten up and start looking into this a little deeper, EA is going to be welcomed as a long lost King or God by the New Age society, and also by many prominent researchers. Even politicians and people in high position in society will welcome him as the Savior. ENLIL, on the other hand, is the bad guy, so we need to watch out so he doesn't come back.

Now, from all we know, perhaps ENLIL was the better of the two brothers?


EA and his son changed so much in the old records and included these changes in the old teaching of his Secret Societies, which still are run by the Power Elite today, with EA or MARDUK, respectively, as Grandmasters.

Still, ancient unaltered records that were hidden once upon a time by those who wanted the truth to prevail, are being found on occasion. Some of it gets in the wrong hands and is once again hidden from people, now in the hands of the same secret societies that created the lies. But a few did reach the public, such as the parts quoted below, which are old Babylonian texts.


Some of it is very revealing, to say the least, and tell a whole different story about the Tower of Babel and the Deluge.

We have been taught that it was ENLIL, as the impostor YHWH, who tore down the Tower of Babel and created all the languages so man became separated from each other and could no longer communicate (in reality, it sounds like genetic manipulation all over again, where part of our DNA was rearranged and/or cut off, so we could no longer understand the language of the gods and had to develop our own languages, which were programmed into the genes).


We have also been told that it was EA who saved a faction of mankind from drowning in the Flood. Well, even if he did, what was the purpose with that?


Of course, EA wanted to save the Elite bloodline (Noah and his people, who were direct descendants of EA himself) to include in his future plans. And more importantly, who was it that with his lies and manipulation managed to see to that mankind could not eat from the Tree of Life and become immortal like the gods? ENLIL, right?


Well, the scriptures tell us otherwise! Let's see what the ancient scriptures say.


This one is called "The Babylonian (Akkadian) Tales of Beginnings: The Stories of Adapa and Etana".

"The Tale of Adapa

Like "Adam," its cognate in Hebrew, the Akkadian word "Adapa" means "man." Adapa was the first of the seven sages of Eridu who lived before the flood.


These sages talked with the gods, performed their rites, and helped them bring order and civilization to mankind. The story of Adapa begins by saying that Ea disclosed "the broad design of the land" to Adapa, giving him wisdom, but not "eternal life" (Dalley 184).


Like the flood hero Atrahasis, Adapa is described as "extra-wise," and as particularly faithful and observant to his god Ea (Enki), baking bread and making the proper offerings of food and water every day. Adapa is also in charge of ritually assuring the fish supply, so one day, he sets out to fish, letting his boat drift rudderless in "the broad sea" (Dalley 184) - no doubt the Persian Gulf.

The South Wind (who is female) kicks up, and overturns Adapa's boat. Adapa is "plunged into the world of fish" (Sandars 171), so he curses South Wind, threatening to break her wing.


Since Adapa's word is law,

No sooner had he uttered these words
Than South Wind's wing was broken,
For seven days South Wind did not blow towards the land.

(Dalley 185)

The sky god Anu wonders about this, so he asks his vizier Ilabrat why the South Wind has not blown for seven days.


Ilabrat tells Anu about Adapa breaking the wind's wing. Anu is furious. He demands that Adapa be brought before him. Ea, who knows what's going on in heaven, touches Adapa and advises him to go to heaven in rags and mourning. Adapa is to approach the two gatekeepers of Anu, Tammuz and Gizzida, and to tell them that he is mourning their absence from the earth.


Ea predicts that the two gatekeepers will be pleased with this display of grief:

"They will look at each other and laugh a lot, / Will speak a word in your favour to Anu".

(Dalley 186)

In addition to this advice, Ea advises Adapa on how to behave in the presence of Anu and the assembled gods:

They will offer thee the food of death,
Do not eat it. The water of death they will offer thee,
Do not drink it. A garment they will offer thee,
Clothe thyself with it.Oil they will offer thee, anoint thyself with it.

(Heidel 150)

An envoy from Anu arrives and takes Adapa to heaven.


At the gates, everything befalls as Ea predicted. Adapa's claim to be in mourning for the two gatekeeper gods, Tammuz and Gizzida, causes them to "laugh a lot."


But Anu shouts at Adapa,

"Why did you break South Wind's wing?"

(Dalley 186).

Adapa explains that he was just trying to fish for his lord Ea when the wind dumped him into "the world of fish," so he cursed the wind. At this point Tammuz and Gizzida speak a word in Adapa's favour to Anu.


Anu's anger is softened somewhat, but nevertheless he grumbles,

Why did Ea disclose to wretched mankind
The ways of heaven and earth,
Give to them a heavy heart?
It was he who did it!
What can we do for him?
Fetch him the bread of (eternal) life and let him eat!

(Dalley 187)

Another translation renders the two middle lines above as,

"He has made him strong (and) made him a name".

(Heidel 151)

Despite these translation difficulties, it is clear that Anu is not pleased that Ea has given Adapa magic powers like the ability to curse the wind.


But as a host, Anu must show Adapa some respect and offer him food and drink, in this case the bread and water of eternal life. Adapa, however, follows Ea's instructions to the letter and refuses what he thinks are the bread and water of death. He does clothe himself with garments they offer and anoint himself with the oils they provide.


Anu wonders at his guest's lack of appetite:

'Come, Adapa, why didn't you eat? Why didn't you drink?
Didn't you want to be immortal? Alas for downtrodden people!'
'(But) Ea my lord told me: "You mustn't eat! You mustn't drink!"

(Dalley 187)

Anu commands that Adapa be sent back to earth and laughs at the cleverness of Ea.


Anu says,

"Of the gods of heaven and earth, as many as there be, / Who ever gave such a command, / So as to make his own command exceed the command of Anu?"

(Pritchard 80)

The text comments that Adapa, who broke the South Wind's wing, "the man child of man" (Sandars 172), has brought illness and disease "upon the bodies of men" (Heidel 153).


The text ends with a prayer to Ninkarrak, the goddess of healing, to heal the sickness of men and women." [15]

So, in this old, original scripture, it clearly says that it was EA/Lucifer who refused mankind eternal life, and in the extension of things he also started the recycling of souls (reincarnation), together with his son, MARDUK.


EA and his son, by altering some prominent texts, and with some help from Sitchin and other "translators", have blamed ENLIL for being the god doing this to us. But let us not end here. Who isolated us here by separate us from each other, cutting off our ability to use the language of the gods and spread us out over the planet so we had to create and establish new languages wherever we went.


This action from the gods has created not only separation between humans, but also instigated wars and conflicts because we no longer were able to understand each other. I said "gods", but again, ENLIL as YHWH has always been the one blamed for this crime, falsely so.


Here is an excerpt from another text, called "Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta".


Chant to him the holy song, the incantation sung in its chambers - the incantation of Nudimmud:

'On that day when there is no snake, when there is no scorpion, when there is no hyena, when there is no lion, when there is neither dog nor wolf, when there is thus neither fear nor trembling, man has no rival!


At such a time, may the lands of Cubur and Hamazi, the many-tongued, and Sumer, the great mountain of the me of magnificence, and Akkad, the land possessing all that is befitting, and the Martu land, resting in security - the whole universe, the well-guarded people - may they all address Enlil together in a single language!


For at that time, for the ambitious lords, for the ambitious princes, for the ambitious kings, Enki, for the ambitious lords, for the ambitious princes, for the ambitious kings, for the ambitious lords, for the ambitious princes, for the ambitious kings - Enki, the lord of abundance and of steadfast decisions, the wise and knowing lord of the Land, the expert of the gods, chosen for wisdom, the lord of Eridug, shall change the speech in their mouths, as many as he had placed there, and so the speech of mankind is truly one'." [16]

There is no doubt here that it was ENKI/EA who created all the languages, "as many as he had placed there", and blamed it on ENLIL.


It makes us wonder who of the brothers did what. EA and MARDUK are clever, what they have done throughout history, on the most part, is to take the truth as it is and totally turned it around so that which is true becomes a lie, and what is a lie becomes the truth. And it has worked like a clock on mankind, we have swallowed it all - line, hook, and sinker.


This is the best way to create a lie that people will believe in, because the truth is embedded in it for those who have eyes to see.


Not that I think ENLIL was innocent on all accounts, and he and EA had quite a few conflicts, but I do believe that ENLIL has been falsely accused of things that he is innocent of.

Regardless of that, people of today are willing to follow EA's ways, and as long as we do, we are walking willingly right down into the bottomless pit. The truth is here, and I know that many people who had embraced EA will read this. So now there is no justification for promoting EA as a "good God". EA is Lucifer, the angel who rebelled in Heaven where he created havoc. He was cast out and then came to Earth.


And what did he do here? Create even more havoc!


That's the nature of this "god", and everyone who follows him will go towards his or her demise and drag everybody else with them. And no, Lucifer was never redeemed, like Supriem Rockefeller said, that was another lie.

Like if this wasn't enough, consider this: EA is the eldest son of the Mother Goddess.


She had big plans for him. She educated him, because she saw his brilliance and his almost endless talents, and she loved him dearly. He could have been a great angel in Heaven. Instead, he became jealous of his mother, and because of his brilliance and seductive brainwashing techniques, he managed to gather a third of the Goddess' Angels against her, and EA attacked his own Mother.


Of course, EA had overestimated his brilliance and didn't stand a chance against the Archangels and the Goddess' soldiers.


Michael cast Lucifer and his "dark" Angels out of Orion and told them that they were not welcome back unless they could show that they had truly changed their ways! This was a heartbreaking event for the Orion Queen, who is the Goddess manifested as the Queen of the Orion Empire in the KHAA.

Lucifer, however, had no intention to "change his ways".


Instead, he felt badly mistreated and his big Ego was incredibly hurt. Anger, hate, and revenge were the thoughts that ran through his head, day and night. For perhaps millions of years he browsed the universe and probably created havoc wherever he arrived.


But mainly, his thoughts were occupied with how he could take revenge on his mother, overthrow her and take over the Orion Empire, and after that, the whole universe.

Now, think of this from the Goddess' perspective. Here his son descends from the heavens, down to Earth, and starts a war against his own flesh and blood, the Titans. He drives them away and decides to use the Goddess' most beloved creation, the Namlú'u, as a slave race, and he lets them die in the mines. This was done by her own firstborn son!


But as if that wasn't enough, he altered their genetics and created a new race, which was a mix of other races, and made their bodies into a trap.


He took the Namlú'u spirits, and other highly evolved spirits from the universe, and trapped them into these genetically altered bodies and reduced their perceptions with 96%!


In addition, Lucifer created new souls from the energy of the universe and manipulated those into the altered bodies as well. Now, Lucifer had created the worst abomination and crime a being could create - he had totally devastated the Goddess! Then he kicked these new beings, Homo sapiens, into the mines and let them slave for him until they died.


The few Namlú'u that were left on the planet decided to leave. In addition, he and his Fallen Angels raped the earthly women and created children with them, something which is a high crime according to universal law!!! You can't go to an evolving planet and have sex with its evolving habitants.


That's a very serious crime, and in this case, it was like raping Mother Earth herself.

Now, Mother Earth had been totally hijacked by her own son. In addition, he changed the frequency of the planet and sealed it off! Only Lucifer could now decide who was allowed on the planet. He also set up the Council of Saturn to make sure no uninvited visitors entered the solar system.

The Mother Goddess love Homo sapiens, even though we are just watered-down versions of the original Namlú'u human race which she once created. But humanity still has the Fire of the Goddess, and this is something she could most certainly enhance in us from being the Earth Mother. Lucifer could never take that away from us.


But his plans didn't stop here. He wants to totally intimidate the Goddess before he takes over Orion and the rest of the KHAA. Therefore, his plan is to manipulate mankind to such a degree that we in our ignorance and total oblivion agrees to being made into machines and to start a war against our original Creator God and her helpers - the Mother Goddess!


This is Lucifer's ultimate evil plan, to use the Goddess' most beloved creation against her in a devastating war, where the Queen of Orion has no other choice than to open fire against her own human race, who will furiously attack her, not knowing any better! In the process, most, if not all, of humanity will be eradicated and their avatars blown to pieces by the "weapons of the gods".


This is the future in which the Machine Kingdom is just the beginning! Want to join? I didn't think so.

Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if EA doesn't care too much whether he wins the war against Orion or not. I can see him sit in the background, laughing hysterically while humans are killed in droves before his eyes. Even if Lucifer loses the war, he may consider that he got his revenge anyway. He had his mother being forced to kill what is left of her own creation.

Remember that this is his plan! But will he succeed? We don't know, we really don't know.


The odd thing here is that we have been able in these papers to look way into the future with a lot of certainty thanks to the channeled sources. The Grays, who are us in the future - the "time jumpers" - have showed us where humanity is heading on any and many of the timelines that branch out from the Machine Kingdom. We have been shown what is going to happen thousands and thousands of years into the future.


But here is the odd thing: it stops with the Essassani Grays (Bashar). They are the "end product". What happens after that? We have no clue, it's like time stops there and we can't go any further. Why?

What about if we speculate then?


It is my understanding that Lucifer wants to create Social Memory Complexes (also called "Collective Consciousness) in order to more easily manipulate us into this war against Orion. However, it seems like this war is not happening. Instead, somewhere along the lines of time, mankind either manages to break out of Lucifer's grip and become left on their own, evolving as Social Memory Complexes.


However, after have been manipulated for so long by Lucifer and his Fallen Angels, these collectives are still trying to evolve beyond the 8th Dimension, but have no clue what is waiting there for them. When RA is asked that question, they say they don't know what's beyond this "Octave".


It sounds like somewhere, perhaps still on Earth, this Supercomputer still exists, manipulating the future mankind in form of a Social Memory Complex, in the same fashion it was basically set up. On these timelines, such as that of the RA people, EA may still work in the background, but there are Grays from the future, who seems to be independent from Lucifer's grip and able to come back here in attempts to switch back to our present DNA set up, so they can become humanized again.


I see no reason why Lucifer would let them do that, unless they are renegades, just like the Pleiadians. It's hard, if not impossible to know.

Nowhere, however, do we hear about a future war with Orion. This makes me think that Lucifer/EA was stopped somewhere along the line, or perhaps, on the timelines available to us, the war hasn't happened yet. Like I said, we can only speculate. I have clearly seen his plan, but I can't see the outcome.


Knowing what I know about Orion, I don't think that even with humanity's help, EA would be able to defeat the Orion Empire.


That to me seems out of the questions. What seems totally plausible, however, is that humanity will go along with EA's plans, and as usual be used as cannon fodder and run towards their own demise, all because they never bothered to find out what was really going on. Therefore, in their ignorance, they will choose the wrong side.


Only a small percentage of mankind will survive, and those are the ones who choose to evolve without alien technology!


We are humanity's only chance, and the only ones who will acknowledge the Goddess as our Creator and honor her manifestation as Mother Gaia. In a future version of herself, we will nurture her like she will nurture us in a symbiosis where balance and happiness is restored, and the New Human of the New Era will be the beginning of a new species.


We are the survivors!



VIII. The Hell Dimension

There are apparently only eight dimensions in the 4% universe we humans are entitled to explore as long as we are under Lucifer's command.


However, there is a sealed off part of one of the dimensions that he has created for a specific purpose, something that I heard from the horse's mouth. Anton Parks brings it up too in his research on the "Anunnaki".


The Orion Group has created what they seem to call a "Hell Dimension". I hope this is only a scare tactic and that it doesn't exist, and I have waited until now with talking about it, going back and forth whether I should mention it at all.


Then I thought, why would I start keeping information from from people now, when I have revealed all this other stuff?


I know it's not pleasant, but none of it is, and after all, it's always better to know than to live in oblivion.



Figure 11

The Dimensions according to Anton Parks.
The ANGAL is equivalent to the KHAA (the VOID) and
KUR-NU-GI is the "Hell Dimension"


Those who want to see Anton Parks's description of the Hell Dimension can go to the website created by the Zeitlin couple, who are good friends with Parks and have translated parts of his work from French to English on their site.


Here is the page describing the different dimensions, and check out the KUR-NU-GI dimension in particular.

The reader can probably imagine that I've been under attack since I started writing my papers. Especially so since I started writing Level II and all the way up to present. It has come in waves, and I can see that certain papers are more "sensitive" than others and have most certainly bothered and annoyed particular people in power.


The worst attack I had, though, was in dream state, where I was shown the "Hell Dimension" and what it actually is. It has nothing to do with Eternal Fire. Let me explain by telling you about my dream:

The dream started with that I was on the ship that was used in the "Philadelphia Experiment".  [17]


People started getting stuck in the walls and on the floor and became "one" with the ship. Everybody was screaming in fear and terror and running in all directions, trying to get away from this nightmare. I was running in one direction together with three or four other people. I didn't recognize any of the faces in the dream.

Then everything went dark for what I perceived a long time. There was nothing besides darkness.


My body was gone and it was only me left, the soul/Avatar. Then, all of a sudden it got a little lighter, but still quite dim, I couldn't see any details. The next thing I know, I (my soul) bumped into some kind of black box on the floor, bounced one time and landed on the floor beside the box.


Again, it was only me without a physical body. I had no particular feelings at the time, except confusion. I didn't know where I was.

I did what I could, trying to orientate myself and floated up in mid air. Then I noticed that I apparently was in a room of some sort, and it was dark, like I said, but dim enough for me to be able to see the walls. So I was apparently in what looked like some kind of room, about 25ft2.


I thought,

"OK, at least I am alive. Let's see where the door or the opening is".

I floated around in that little space trying to find a door or a way out, but couldn't find any.


I was trapped in a 25ft2 space with nowhere to go. I was thinking that due to that I was in spirit form, I could maybe float through the walls, but I just bounced! That's when I started feeling desperate. I sat still for a while, listening, but it was extremely quiet, the quietest place I've ever been in. There seemed to be no one around.


I started shouting, "Hello?", but of course I didn't have a voice like a body does, so it was more like a telepathic thought that I transmitted. No answer.


That's when I totally realized that I was trapped and there was no one around, and no one was going to come and let me out! For a second I thought, "They have to come and give me food soon!", but I realized that souls need no food!


The last thought I had was a devastating one:

"Oh no! I am trapped here forever! They can keep me here for an eternity, and I can't even die! It's the ultimate trap! And the worst thing is, I have no idea where I am! Am I on Earth? Another planet? Where????"

I remember I was totally desperate and terrified. Then I woke up, chipping for air.

The next morning, before my wife woke up so I could tell her about the dream, I told a friend of mine about it. That's when I realized what this was all about. The Sirians had visited me in dream state and threw my soul into their "Hell Dimension", so I could see how it is!


And I also then remembered a quick thought I had in my dream,

"If you don't stop, this is what's waiting!"

Then I had little doubt that they had actually showed me Hell, and that's where they want to put me unless I stop writing. It was quite a hard decision to know what to do next, but I decided that I am not going to let them stop me.


If what they threatened me with is actually true (and it was pretty true while I was dreaming it), and that's what they are planning for me, it's not a pleasant thought, but this is so much bigger than I, and if this information is not coming out now, no one else is going to do it, either.


At least not any time soon, and then it may be too late.

I know that this will scare a few readers, and I am sorry about that. It's not my intention, but this is what happened to me. Will it happen to you? I doubt it! It may not happen to me, either, but was just a threat to stop me from continuing. The soulution is still to evolve like we have talked about. When we leave our bodies, we know who we are and we vibrate on a much higher level than they do.


Put a bubble around you when you leave this world and let no one come inside that bubble, no matter what. Then, if you have decided what to do, do it and let nothing distract you! More about "Exit Plans" in the last paper!

I want to end this paper on a good note! While I was writing the Lucifer section of this paper, a Pleiadian Newsletter came in the mail.


They said they are very excited, because mankind has managed to energize the timeline where we evolve without technology! They told us in the letter that what they had come here to accomplish has been accomplished by us! What this means is that enough people have raised their frequency enough to change the positive timeline from a potential timeline to a real timeline.


Enough energy is put towards creating this new reality that it is actually going to happen!


If this is true (and I really believe it is, because I can feel it in my heart!), it's the best news we've received in years and years. We have done the right thing and now we just have to follow through and continue doing what we're doing, and we can eventually achieve our goal to live in a world free from oppression and Sirian presence. Congratulations!

The Pleiadians continued by saying that they will still be here long after the nano-second and communicate through Barbara Marciniak as long as she is strong enough to hold their energy (only age and sickness can stop her from doing that, and she is after all 65 years old).


This Pleiadian renegade group wants to be here and guide us and answer our questions in order to help us rebuild a new society.


However, as always, they tell us that we are the ones who have to do it, they are just here to observe and give advice when asked for.


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[4] In this respect, I am totally in line with Marshal V. Summers and the "Allies of Humanity". I don't agree whole-heartedly with the information this ET group is giving us, but again, it's not necessary. They are another piece of the puzzle, and I'm glad to have them there, because their information will probably be considered helpful in the near future, like mine hopefully will be as well.

[5] Some say that the tension between the U.S. and the Soviet Union after the war was just a play for the masses, and the "Cold War" never existed, that too was only to keep people on their toes. There is evidence enough to back up those statements, but on a lower level government, the Cold War existed. Remember how everything is a hierarchy and on a need-to-know-basis.


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