by Noel Huntley


excerpted from Chapter 6

"ETs and Aliens - Who Are They? and Why Are They Here?"

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As we mentioned briefly, the Zeta-human hybrid genetically is the same as the extraterrestrial race referred to as the Essassani.


This means the hybrids are on an evolutionary path to become potentially a successful benevolent race that corresponds to the Essassani. It does not, however, mean they are on the same time line. That is, if, say, we imagine this hybrid species dying out now it will not wipe out the Essassani.


The energy is similar and will contribute to the Essassani race which is, in effect, in the future. Similarly the very existence of the Essassani will have contributed to the success of the Zeta-human hybrid. Thus the Essassani is a future version of the mass hybridization program in which the Zetas have been involved.

They identify themselves by the name Essassani but this is actually the title of their planet. Their race is the Sassani. The Es means 'place' and the full name Essassni means 'place of living light'.

We are told by an Essassani ET, named Anima, that their planet exists about 500 light years in the direction of the Orion constellation but it is no longer in our frequency band and not detectable by us. They live in a future period equivalent to our 23rd century (not necessarily on our time line though). This being reminds us that confusion is a wonderful thing - such as that occurring in the Zeta-human interaction - it leads to new realities.

Their physical appearance could be described as about half way between human and Zeta.


They are about 5 feet tall with greyish skin. Only the females have hair, which is white with some exceptions. The head is not as big proportionately as the Zetas; nose is small and mouth is smaller than humans but larger than the Zetas, and is functional. Eyes are large and black due to pupil size, with some grey. The extraterrestrial states that the male and female energies are balanced.

All experience is in the present; they don't judge experiences. They do not cause polarities (which is separating self from the experience and perception) but exist in the unity of all things - and create their own time.


They took a path of evolution which was learned from others,

  • Pleiadians

  • Earth people

  • the Zetas,

...and chose 'the play that worked'.


Anima added that 'you have all chosen to have us play this role'.

The Essassani using the name Bashar, meaning messenger has been communicating material to Earth for many years through Daryl Anka. A great deal of information has been accumulated, mainly available as audio tapes. Bashar confirms what Anima reports.

Their planet is a little smaller than ours, and gravity is about 85% of ours. Although they do have a physicalized world, as he states, they do not follow the flow of keeping track of time. They do have days based on a single rotation of the planet and slightly longer, about 25 of our hours.


Since their planet is about 120 million miles from their star (we are 93 million from our Sun), their year is 454 days. Their star is hotter, compensating for the increase in distance.

There are no major structures on their planet; it is mainly park-like and very green. A population of approximately 250 million exist mainly in city ships, and the planet surface is used for recreational purposes. The tilt of the planet is three to four degrees, giving a relatively constant temperature throughout the year.

The city ships range from one to ten miles in length. They are used to explore galaxies and contacting planets within the Association of Worlds.


He explains how the energies of planets and civilizations are related in triads; Earth, Essassani and Sirius is one triad. This is a kind of hierarchy in which just as humans evolve and also individual planets, also whole civilizations with planets move up, so to speak, the same framework of ascension steps.

The Essassani live to around 300 years. They die consciously, even with their eyes open, chosen to be the right time to move on and expand. There is no decay of the body; it converts instantaneously back into universal energy.

They have a synchronistic civilization typical of all advanced races. No governments are required; they operate more by networks, on an individual and group basis.

Individuals or groups provide a needed service in such a manner that no monetary or barter system is necessary; everything is free. There lifestyle is always 'very spontaneous, very joyful, very ecstatic'.

They emphasize the harmonic number 'three', even to the point of having three-sided scout crafts, that is, triangular shaped.


Bashar's craft is 8 feet thick/high and length of a side is 40 feet. It is powered by light, piloted by computer mind-link with a navigator, and the ship hulls are a crystalline-metallic composite 'grown' on force-field templates. In the centre of the craft is the central power with peripheral control panels and telepathy chamber.

The Sassani's planet, Essassani, is in a star system with six other planets orbiting their star, Sha. There are a total of 27 moons.

Bashar has channeled a complete book, Blueprint for Change, full of remarkable wisdom in simple language. He has communicated many tapes with positive quick-fire unhesitant speech and lucid answers to questions.