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  1. Who is who in the Cosmos reality

  2. The general rules of Alien Intervention on Earth

  3. Intelligent life on Mars and Venus

  4. The alien races living in disguise as characters on Earth

  5. George Orwell and the invisible alien cameras monitoring the surface of Earth

  6. The alien crystal of the spiritualized extraterrestrials on Earth

  7. Alien lizards and the metallic implants inserted in the bodies of their terrestrial collaborators

  8. The Matrix reality and the Alien War on Earth as a Spiritual War

  9. The alien technology of human cloning used on Earth

  10. The alien technology of teleportation used on Earth

  11. The alien satellite of the Confederates that orbits Earth

  12. The sons of Nirvana - the hybrids between a terrestrial and a spiritualized alien, conceived through invisible artificial insemination

  13. Alien war - the neutralization of Reptoid aliens by spiritualized aliens

  14. Alien war - the desertion of reptilian aliens to the group of spiritualized aliens

  15. Alien war - the neutralization of terrestrial collaborators of alien Reptoids by spiritualized forces

  16. Alien war - the liberation of terrestrial collaborators of alien Reptoids by spiritualized forces



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This is an allegory about the alien intervention on Earth, where the two alien groups that operate with characters living in the terrestrial society masquerading as terrestrial humans were euphemistically called "the Confederates of Nirvana" and "the Consortium of Animals from Dragonia".


It presents details about the principles of alien teleportation, how and why alien clones are used on Earth, the alien technique of human mimicry used to operate on the "jungle Earth", and the rules of the secret alien war between these two groups on the surface of Earth.


Terrestrial countries are ironically designated as "tribes" in order to consider the alien point-of-view. In some chapters, terrestrial concepts as diverse as money, fallen angels, angelic beings or pristine conception are given a new treatment.


A down-to-Earth approach establishes a connection between the choices of your personal life and which alien characters already inserted in your social circle of relationships in the terrestrial society you're going to attract, as well as the consequences of this attraction: an alien crystal or an alien implant inside your head.


Brief references to specific shows or movies like "V", "Star Trek - The Next Generation", "The day the Earth stood still" and "Wag the dog" are merely illustrative.







1. Who is who in the Cosmos reality

Once upon a time, in a distant little corner of the galaxy, there was a small blue planet called "Cosmos". Cosmos had three continents and a network of oceans. Each one of the continents is the dwelling place of a different civilization.


Two of the continents - called Nirvana and Dragonia - host two antagonistic societies with a very advanced technology and the power to easily travel in space. Their vessels were nicknamed "flying saucers" (some prefer to say "UFOs") and their capacity to transport groups of organized molecules through space was called "teleportation".


Nirvana is inhabited by the Confederates, and Dragonia by the Consortium of Animals - or in short simply "the Barbarians". Since the beginning of the known times, these two groups have been at war in space. They're like vinegar and olive oil: when put together, their essences do not mix.

The Confederates are formed by several races - mostly human - who value what comes from the heart and who share in complete harmony their very advanced societies, either spiritually or technologically.


They know themselves very well and have developed practically the full capacity of their brains, being able to dominate the elements around them. These capacities were nicknamed "paranormal powers" or paranormal faculties.


On the other side, the Barbarians that live in Dragonia constitute a mosaic of races of intelligent biped animals coming from different regions of space. Their societies are divided into castes and organized in a very rigid hierarchy. They are more dense creatures whose main motivation or natural impulse is to dominate the others.


In theory, they should concentrate on fighting their common enemy in Cosmos: the Confederates. In practice, however, they often split themselves into a myriad of factions, wings and sub-groups who are constantly betraying and killing each other.


The Middle Continent is called "Earth" and is inhabited by a miscellany of primitive tribes that divide their society in small pieces of land nicknamed "countries". These tribes are frequently fighting one another in the search for power and natural resources. They're also seeking a curious primitive resource known as "money".


Apart from a very select elite inside their governments, the inhabitants of Earth are unaware of the existence of the other two Continents. They believe that Earth is alone in Cosmos.


Their science and technology are still very primitive when compared to the sciences and technologies of the alien races living in Nirvana or Dragonia.

In the lack of a better name, the dwellers of Earth were initially nicknamed "Neutrals".







2. The general rules of Alien Intervention on Earth

Albeit at war, the soldiers from Nirvana and Dragonia have to follow certain protocols when dealing with Neutrals. The obedience to these protocols is supervised by very special observers comprised of supra-human entities appointed by an extraplanetary group called the Great Nirvana, formed of hyper-developed beings who have the power to interfere if these protocols are not followed.


One of these protocols establishes that the free will of each Neutral individual should be respected, so that each inhabitant of Earth should be free to opt between joining Nirvana or Dragonia. Another one says that certain types of alien weapons cannot be used on the surface of Earth.



In order to invade Nirvana, Dragonia has planned first to occupy the territory of Earth and transform its primitive inhabitants into an enormous herd of human cattle (see picture on right), part of which would be killed and industrialized as digestible human tablets - a source of food and enzymes for some of the alien races that constitute the Consortium of Animals from Dragonia.


Some other factions of this Consortium, however, were planning to pulverize first the human life on Earth by turning terrestrials against themselves in order to produce a nuclear war between some terrestrial countries, or tribes. They could then slice up portions of Earth between their several races and head to Nirvana - their real target.


Such catastrophic event, if occurred, would pollute some cities in Nirvana because of their geographical proximity to Earth. Since the beginning of the development of the nuclear technology on Earth, Nirvana has strongly opposed the dissemination of nuclear weapons.







3. Intelligent life on Mars and Venus

Near the shore of Earth, lies a desert island nicknamed Moon where both Nirvana and Dragonia have settled down military bases as well as positioned their Armies.


The ocean that is located between Earth and Nirvana is called the Solar Ocean, also known as Oceanus Solaris.


There's a city in Nirvana on the coast of the Solar Ocean right in front of Earth which is the closest city to Earth and because of that it is used as a strategic nodal point that centralizes all the operations of Nirvana towards Earth.


This city is called Mars and has a satellite city denominated Phobos which was artificially projected. Phobos shelters a huge military base - the biggest of Nirvana. The inhabitants of Mars are called Martians.


radiotelescopeVenus is the second city of Nirvana in proximity to Earth. Because of that, Venusian soldiers also have a significant presence in the alien war on Earth.


Mars and Venus are so close to Earth that the Confederates of Nirvana have observed very carefully the scientific development on Earth of telescopes (see image left) and other astronomical devices that could lead to the discovery of intelligent life on Mars and Venus.


Space programs and terrestrial expeditions in the outer space of the Solar Ocean were accompanied very closely as well, by extraterrestrial forces. Space probes and other vessels launched by terrestrial tribes towards the cities of Nirvana couldn't find out the true nature of reality regarding Mars, Venus and some other cities.


In order to preserve the structures of terrestrial society without interfering in the free will of earthlings as a whole, Martians and martian hologram Venusians have dispatched to Earth special military units with the specific mission of altering the lenses of these telescopes and space probes.


They have manufactured palpable holograms on Mars (see image right) and Venus using alien technology so that Neutral observers from Earth would find only craters, rocks, boulders, deserts, incompatible atmospheres, too high or too low temperatures or poisonous gases.


Mind reading capability and alien disinformation techniques have also been used on Earth so that terrestrial scientists would never be sure about the existence of intelligent life on Mars, Venus and other cities of Nirvana.


Dragonia has also covered up evidences about the presence of their soldiers on Earth, although some of their alien races presenting a relatively lower level of alien technology have been involved in disastrous accidents in space or unexpected incidents on the surface of Earth.


The aliens of Nirvana and Dragonia consider that reality is only a description: a dynamic description. For them, you can't imprison reality in a cage. If you can't repeat an experiment or show it live simultaneously on several channels of national or international television on Earth, then it has never occurred.







4. The alien races living in disguise as characters on Earth

The Armies of Nirvana and Dragonia can operate on the Earth chessboard, provided that they do not interfere with the main structures of the Earth society.


To do this, they need to use terrestrial shapes and live as characters on Earth: aliens in disguise behaving exactly like terrestrials do. They have developed the art of human mimicry, acting as chameleons in a jungle: the jungle Earth.


These alien characters are able to pretend behaviors, opinions, emotions, preferences, likes and dislikes, prejudices, little manias and idiosyncrasies, voice frequencies, and so on.


They are capable of producing deliberate accidents for their very characters, and of improvising routinely calculated errors in their ordinary actions. They're able to meticulously measure their words and for example avoid demonstrating too much knowledge of a subject that is unrelated to his or her character.


They can also fabricate apparent illnesses (they are apparent to the instruments, too) and manipulate coincidences, among many other things.


Each one of the characters is different from each one of the others, and is given a character guideline with all the details that must be followed.


In order to create a character, they need to fabricate the character's biography, and this can be easily arranged. A biography is created by over-carefully constructing in a consistent basis on the interlocutor's mind a detailed image about the places and persons and events that are allegedly part of the alien character's past. They're trained to do this, much more trained than a terrestrial conventional spy. To facilitate things, often the alien character comes from a different place (a small town, another state or region or country, etc.)


Furthermore, when the character in question is of a famous personality - especially politicians or entrepreneurs - who will have his or her past investigated by terrestrial authorities, then either some of the investigators are alien themselves, or false clues are introduced during the investigation. False documents can be meticulously planted in places like schools or hospitals, and providential testimonies of planted witnesses can also be carefully arranged.


Additionally, the aliens of Nirvana are able to easily read the minds of all the population, including the persons coming from this or that specific place, which means that they can use everything in the memory of these people so as to build a consistent image of their pasts.


On the other side, the aliens of Dragonia have the habit of washing the minds of their terrestrial collaborators using their alien technology and thus extracting from their memories any fact or image they need.


Using techniques similar to the ones showed in the movie "Wag the dog", the Confederates of Nirvana and also the alien creatures from Dragonia are able to easily create physical elements with the intention of reinforcing for the minds of their interlocutors a perfect and detailed description of reality regarding their fabricated pasts.


Elements like for example aged photos of the alleged childhood of the character, or an "old medal" that is an alleged "heritage" from a grandfather. They can show you a scar on the leg that was supposedly acquired in an accident. They can talk enthusiastically about an old TV show or radio program that they allegedly used to watch or listen when they were younger, even when the character has been first "activated" at the age of 54, for instance.


In some cases, they can activate a character or a group of characters for specific purposes during a certain period of time, after which they simply deactivate these characters as if they have never existed.


In order to deactivate a character, they don't need necessarily to create a pretended death for this character. The character may just disappear from the surface of Earth without a trace. The excuse varies from case to case: the person can be "transferred" to another state or country, or changes job, moves to another town, go study abroad, and so on. Whenever convenient, supporting witnesses or small elements like answering machines or P.O. boxes can corroborate the present "existence" of the character.


The aliens of both sides can literally imitate every little aspect of human behavior on Earth, in order to deceive Neutrals regarding their alien condition. In certain situations, some aliens of Nirvana manage to delude even the alien characters and cameras of Dragonia about their real origin, through the use of advanced techniques of disguise, specific behaviors and aura camouflage.


After the end of a tribal war that is known on Earth as "World War II", the proportion of aliens living in disguise among locals skyrocketed to the millions.

Nirvana dispatched over 30 million soldiers (trained citizens) to live as characters on Earth, the majority of which came from the cities of Mars and Venus.


Martians and Venusians are very spiritualized human entities that do not need to sleep. Their genes enable them to stay awake indefinitely. Their characters in the terrestrial society, however, can pretend to be sleeping, or somnolent, especially if someone else is observing them. They can also yawn or talk animatedly about the alleged dreams they have had. And you can't cheat, because they know first if there is someone keeping them under surveillance.


They have energy enough to stay away from food for a very long period. Sometimes in the Backstage reality they eat something resembling a special bread, very energetic and soft.


On the other side, their characters on Earth are part of the terrestrial society and therefore they have to act accordingly. They have to buy food when they go to the supermarket for example. They have to put some food in the refrigerator and also in the kitchen cupboard, in case they receive a visit. And they have to place rests of food and empty boxes, bottles or packages in the trashcan as well, so that any potential curious person observing their trash won't find anything strange at all.


But do they actually eat the food?


Well, unless someone else is watching, they don't need to. They have the power to dematerialize the food if they want, or yet the option of secretly transporting part of their food supplies via teleportation to orphanages or homes for old people that they maintain in many places of Earth.


They have an original shape which is their real shape and that is also human, albeit presenting little differences as opposed to the terrestrial human shape. This shape functions like a matrix mold for all the shapes of the characters that can be created over it. For them, physical shapes are like modeling clays.


They use terrestrial shapes like someone wearing clothes. They can change shapes in a question of ten seconds if necessary, just like an agile actor does in the backstage of a theatre. They can also borrow shapes from each other.


A same Martian has the ability to use up to three terrestrial bodies at the same time if necessary, although this can consume a lot of energy. This means that one only Martian can play up to three characters at the same time on the surface of Earth, especially if they're physically near each other. The only requirement is that all three must be of the same sex.


Their original shapes consist of very developed bodies for terrestrial patterns, either male or female shapes. Their original shapes are like the bodies of terrestrial bodybuilders.


Sometimes, Neutral persons witness the activities or the appearance of Martians, Venusians or other Confederate aliens in their original human-looking shapes and refer to them as "angels" or "angelic beings".


They have been observed as they really are several times near a terrestrial mountain known as Mount Shasta, in California, within the tribe of the United States. One of their hundreds of alien bases on Earth - also known as "Operation Centers" - is located precisely there under this huge mountain.


They have also been watched during a localized tribal war known on Earth as the "Vietnam War", where they used to appear to some Neutral soldiers in their original shapes.


And before that, in the tribal year of 1954, they have established formal contact in their original shapes with a terrestrial known as President Dwight Eisenhower, of the tribe of the United States, inside a tribal military base.


On the other side, Dragonia sent over 150 million soldiers to operate as characters on the surface of Earth, comprising several alien races: three main types of alien lizards (also known as reptilians or reptoids), that leaded the Consortium, and a number of other alien races claiming their own slices of the territory. Alien races like frog-faced aliens, Easter Egg-faced aliens (or Big-headed aliens), scaled aliens, and many others.


To this number, you can add millions more from Dragonia that couldn't operate as characters because their bodies were too small or too different from terrestrial humans, like for instance the alien race known as "Grays". These ones had to operate only outside the visible world, in their vessels known as "flying saucers", in alien bases or underground facilities, in the desert island of the Moon and also in the outer space.


alien lizard

The shape of one of these reptilian alien races that live as characters in the terrestrial society was portrayed with astonishing precision in a terrestrial TV show called "V" (see image right). The creators of the show knew very well what they were doing.


They simply created a race of alien lizards identical to one of the main alien races from Dragonia already living in disguise as characters infiltrated on Earth. At least in this particular case, fiction was based on reality, not the opposite (the character and the show are fictitious, but his alien shape is not).


The aliens of Dragonia have developed the technology of covering their alien bodies with human skins. The blood cells of the epithelial tissues are also provided with red blood, in order to avoid the risks of an accident involving a cut in a finger for instance.


The results of their medical examinations are manipulated either by another character of Dragonia occupying the position of a doctor, nurse or employee of a hospital, private clinic or other medical facilities, or by altering the very instruments using alien technology.


For some of the alien races of Dragonia, a certain doses of genetic manipulation is necessary to operate in society, as characters on Earth. For some other alien races, they have to mutilate their alien bodies, cutting off the tail for instance, or yet scrapping away their scales before wearing their human skins.


From times to times, the corpse of an alien lizard or of other alien race from Dragonia is captured by terrestrial authorities, usually as the result of an incident on the surface of Earth involving an internal battle between two or more factions of Dragonia operating in disguise as characters in society.


According to the aliens of Nirvana, the Government of the tribe of the United States alone is in possession of around 1,500 alien corpses from several alien races of Dragonia, which are spreaded all over the tribe and kept hidden in top secret military "alien mini-zoos". Some other tribes of Earth are in possession of hundreds more alien corpses as well.


Because of their spiritual development and advanced technology for alien patterns, not a single Confederate alien has been captured so far.


The aliens on Earth - either from Nirvana or Dragonia - do not need necessarily to form an all-alien family so as to operate as characters on Earth. They sometimes infiltrate terrestrial families through marriage for instance.


Regarding this type of inter-Cosmic marriages, the main difference between marriages involving the Confederate aliens of Nirvana and marriages involving the reptoid aliens of Dragonia is that in the first case the terrestrial wife or husband always knows about the alien origin of his or her partner; and in the last case the terrestrial part frequently don't know anything about his or her partner being an alien lizard.







5. George Orwell and the invisible alien cameras monitoring the surface of Earth

Although smaller in number, the Confederates from Nirvana presented an important advantage. They are very spiritually developed and because of that they can easily read minds and wisely analyze auras of terrestrial individuals.


However, they cannot read the minds of the aliens from Dragonia.


These latter ones, on the other side, are not able to read minds at all. They use instead an apparatus similar to an invisible flying little ball that can follow a person and read his or her humor or general feelings. They also use invisible plasmic apparatus and other invisible weapons capable of draining off one's energies and feelings.


A terrestrial psychologist known as Victor Tausk (disciple of another one known as Freud) wrote in the tribal year of 1933 an essay called "On the Origin of the Influencing Machine in Schizophrenia" where he described in details - albeit in a disguised manner - the use of these apparatus.


Using their alien technology, the aliens from Dragonia installed millions and millions of fixed invisible cameras on the top of stakes, lampposts, traffic lights, malls, subway stations, and other places of great movement all over the Earth, especially in the big cities of the main tribes, so that they could monitor the life and whereabouts of any terrestrial or character passing by.


Flying invisible cameras could also be dispatched whenever necessary so as to follow a specific person. Military facilities and bases, power plants, nuclear missile silos, top governmental buildings and palaces, and the media industry facilities were among the main monitored places as well.


Moreover, the alien creatures from Dragonia have developed the technology of using little alien robots with the appearance of terrestrial animals carrying microcameras: cats, cockroaches, newts, small dogs and ravens, among others. Whenever necessary, they could make use of this option.


A terrestrial writer known as George Orwell wrote in the tribal year of 1948 a book called "1984" where he depicted an allegory of this situation involving aliens living in disguise on Earth, symbolically talking about an oppressive Government called the "Big Brother" that controls the life of its citizens through the use of cameras that were installed everywhere.


The aliens from Nirvana also installed their invisible cameras in order to monitor the activities of Dragonia, but in a reduced scale: thousands and thousands of cameras throughout Earth.







6. The alien crystal of the spiritualized extraterrestrials on Earth

To compensate this apparent disadvantage, the Confederates have made use of a spiritual tool that they call crystal, which is a non-physical device placed inside their brains that in many aspects is similar to a personal computer and that enables a series of activities.


Activities like for instance:

  1. the mental communication to any other person having an activated crystal in their brains

  2. the mental access to information organized in the form of a giant multi-language library stored in an alien satellite of Nirvana over Earth

  3. the capacity to read auras and understand and analyze very deeply the colors and their meanings

  4. the transmission and reception of images from one crystal to another, in such a way that anyone having a crystal is potentially a live and walking camera

Those among terrestrials who have joined the Confederates used to receive a physical crystal with the task of activating it through meditation.


Terrestrials having already an activated crystal can make use of additional features (that aliens do not need) like for example:

  1. the gradual development of the so-called paranormal powers, through continuous exercises

  2. the capacity to unglue from their bodies, also known as astral projection

  3. the reception in internal mental screens of entire educational programs presenting didactically the reality of the alien presence on Earth, the modus operandi of the alien lizards, and teaching a series of techniques of disguise and procedures regarding the alien military operations on the Earth chessboard

This alien apparatus is intelligent and dynamically respects the present level of spiritual development of each individual. It's like a mental computer with many programs and many internal tools. As long as you spiritualize yourself more and more, new features are progressively unfold.


For instance, the communication channel inside the alien crystal of a certain individual initially allows a low range contact within - say - a radius of fifty miles.


With time, this radius increases till it reaches the whole Earth and depending on the case also Mars and Phobos, just like if it was an international call.







7. Alien lizards and the metallic implants inserted in the bodies of their terrestrial collaborators

The alien races from Dragonia, on the other side, had also their collaborators among terrestrials, who were usually attracted by the characters of the lizard aliens living in disguise on Earth to their alien bases with promises of "personal advantages" like easy money and orgiastic sexual pleasures, in exchange for their participation in Dragonia's activities on the surface of Earth, which could range from disseminating hate or prejudice or nationalism among terrestrial tribes to selling drugs to harassing or emotionally abusing other people to committing violent crimes or acts, among other activities.


What these persons didn't know, however, was that they were dealing with aliens on Earth.


These people chose the wrong side and so they had to pay the lab ratprice. And the price was physical slavery, consummated by the forced introduction of one or more metallic implants into their bodies, mainly between the eyes.


These alien implants are capable of transmitting images and sounds to Dragonia's alien bases on Earth, as well as of producing physical and mental pain to their possessors (when they refused to do what was demanded), just like a terrestrial known as Pavlov used to do in his experiments giving electric shocks to lab rats (see image left). The difference is that these alien shocks are worst.


Compared to them, Pavlov was an angel.


The possessors of these alien implants were induced to practice virtually anything on the surface of Earth, including violent crimes. These unhappy individuals were remotely controlled by one or more alien lizards from Dragonia.







8. The Matrix reality and the Alien war on Earth as a Spiritual War

Because of the free will of earthlings that aliens are forced to respect, the real war between aliens on Earth is actually a spiritual war that happens inside the hearts and minds of each Neutral individual living on Earth. Everything else is just a consequence of this fact.


Aliens do not recognize the structure of power on Earth, so that each human being is important: each heart, each mind. It is the will of each one of the inhabitants of the Earth that represents Earth's will in order to define which of the sides Earth will join: Nirvana or Dragonia.


The choices that each human being living on Earth makes in his or her ordinary life are the core of a matrix reality that shapes happenings produced by characters and that generates strong reverberations into the Backstage reality, including the physical war between Nirvana and Dragonia, with alien guns and alien technology.


By exploring the dichotomies that are present in the terrestrial tribes (concepts like right and wrong, rich and poor, beautiful and ugly, famous and anonymous, giving versus receiving, gaining versus losing, success versus failure, sex versus true love, among others), the characters of the aliens on Earth involved in this Cosmic War - either the Confederates or the Consortium of Animals - induce each one of the inhabitants of the Earth to "lose his or her soul", so as to accelerate the process of defining which one of these alien sides each one of terrestrials prefers, in order to establish an open and definitive contact with Earth in the near future.


For aliens, nothing is intrinsically right or wrong. It depends on the heart and on the beliefs of the person. You cannot lie to the aliens of Nirvana: you can only lie to yourself.


This process of accelerating the spiritual choices of Neutral persons is gradual and customized for each Neutral individual. It is a process that evolves slowly from city to city, from region to region, from terrestrial tribe to terrestrial tribe, till all the Earth is taken by this "spiritual hurricane". It is actually a Quiet Revolution that evolved simultaneously in several fronts: the Alien Quiet Revolution.


The alien influence is carried out secretly in the ordinary lives of everyone: it is present through the performances of characters that are workmates, relatives, friends, classmates, boyfriends or girlfriends, even wives or husbands, of the targeted persons.


The manipulation is so big and so tremendous that virtually nobody is able to survive a situation like this without losing his or her soul.


The key point is that nobody remains a Neutral person after losing his or her soul: indeed, the person makes a choice between one of these alien sides - an involuntary choice, without having previous knowledge of the alien reality on Earth.


After choosing between Nirvana or Dragonia, the former Neutral is no longer considered a Neutral: it is now a member of one of these alien groups.

Generally speaking, those ones who regret what they did involuntarily join the aliens of Nirvana. They are taken by surprise, have their brains unexpectedly operated and receive within their minds what is called an alien crystal.


On the other side, those ones who do not regret what they did are generally attracted by the characters of the alien lizards of Dragonia to one of Dragonia's alien bases on Earth, where they receive one or more alien implants within their bodies.


The new members of Nirvana - now with their alien crystals - receive then a character guideline: they learn how to pretend hypocrisy and at the same time spiritualize themselves out there in the Backstage reality.


The remaining Neutral persons cannot suspect about what is going on until it is their time to lose their souls and choose between the alien sides. After all, their free will must be preserved.


Therefore they can only talk about the reality of the alien presence on Earth in a disguised manner. Everything has to be deliberately reduced into symbolisms, archetypes or small compartments of reality: songs' lyrics, movies, everything - even propaganda.

alien ship in orbit


These newcomers have then access to an entire new reality (see picture): the reality of alien intervention on Earth, involving alien ships, teleportation, alien holograms, paranormal powers, alien orbital stations, alien little gadgets, intraterrestrial aliens and intraterrestrial alien bases and cities, alien technology in general, alien weapons, and the secret performances of aliens as characters on Earth.


With time, they are ready to see Martians and Venusians as they really are, in their original shapes: very spiritualized beings that some call "beings of light".


The aliens of Nirvana believe that there is no formula for happiness. For them, happiness is individual.


You can be happy being rich, poor, middle-class, or a millionaire. You can be happy being single, married, divorced or widowed; being in love or not; having sex with a lot of partners, with a single partner or practicing sexual abstinence; being beautiful, "normal" or ugly; being faithful or unfaithful to your wife or husband. You can be happy being famous or anonymous, a scholar or an illiterate, an athlete or a handicapped, a successful professional or a complete failure, a vegetarian or a flesh-eating, living an honest life or a corrupt one.


Nothing is coercive or indoctrinated. You can change your present condition, if you want, and you'll be helped in doing this. You just have to be honest with yourself, and follow your heart. In their system, someone cannot intend to be happier than the other persons, and one's happiness cannot be reached at the price of abusing or causing deliberate suffering to other persons.


Furthermore, it is impossible to follow your heart if you at the same time consider that you're being selfish or taking advantage of the others. But what happens when you change your own beliefs ?


Some of these dichotomies may be polemic for Neutral minds. How can you be honest with yourself and at the same time be corrupt or unfaithful to your wife or husband? How can you be happy and at the same time be a handicapped, an illiterate or a complete failure in your job?


Well, if you have never seen the reality of the Backstage, have never left Earth and have not a an alien crystal in your brain, then it is difficult to transcend these dichotomies. It takes time. However, once your brain is accustomed with the alien reality "out there" in the Backstage, your perception of the world changes, and when this perception changes, everything else changes, too.


If you have constant access to the aliens of Nirvana, their alien ships, original shapes, Operation Centers on Earth, teleportation technology, orbital stations, alien technology in general, and to the performance of their characters on Earth, you do not take your everyday life on Earth so seriously any longer. You enter the world of characters.


As of the tribal year of 2001, the "spiritual hurricane" had already covered about 98% of the Earth population, which means that at this moment only 2% of earthlings are Neutral persons who are still unaware of the alien reality on the surface of Earth. Everybody else is a character belonging to the group of the Confederate aliens.


A small minority of alien reptilians from Dragonia still operate in the areas where the "spiritual hurricane" is in development or on the way.


These areas comprise among others the tribes of Taiwan and Nepal in Asia, Angola and Guinea in Africa, and Nicaragua in Central America, as well as some regions in the interior of the tribal territories of China, India, Indonesia and Africa.


Neutral immigrants - newcomers - or tourists coming from the regions cited above can also be found in cosmopolitan cities like London, Paris or New York City.


As for the tribe known as "United States", the last remaining mini-oasis of Neutral persons could recently be found in some areas of the sub-tribes of Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and South Carolina.


The characters of some isolated alien reptilians are still active in some of Nirvana-controlled areas, especially because Neutral persons are not forbidden to travel to these areas.







9. The alien technology of human cloning used on Earth

The Confederates of Nirvana dominate the alien technology of human cloning with great perfection. Not only the external appearance is cloned with precision, but also the internal organs.


To facilitate the access to the Backstage reality, the members of Nirvana can sometimes be replaced by a clone which is an exact copy of them, the same way actors and actresses are replaced with stunts in a terrestrial movie.


So an alien clone can follow the ordinary routine of a character (going to work, to the school or university, to the course, to the gym, etc.) while the actual person is in the Backstage reality doing something more important or urgent like participating in the alien war, neutralizing alien reptoids of Dragonia, or rescuing Neutrals imprisoned in some of the Dragonia's alien bases on Earth through the rapid use of teleportation.


These clones can also be used in dangerous moments of confrontation in the terrestrial society with the characters of alien lizards of Dragonia, especially by new members of Nirvana that do not have yet enough training to face them in certain situations.


When a character is no longer necessary on the surface of Earth, or when the person simply wants to leave Earth (or to leave his or her character) forever, a pretended death can be arranged. The person is then replaced with a clone, and the body of the clone "dies": it may be an accident, a disease, a heart attack, anything.


A human clone using alien technology can also be used if a person will stay outside the surface of Earth for a long period but intends to return to his or her character in the future.







10. The alien technology of teleportation used on Earth

The alien technology of teleportation is widely used on the surface of Earth and enables a dynamic movement for alien operations on Earth. It plays a decisive role in the secret war between alien groups on Earth.


Both alien sides of this war make use of this technology: Nirvana and Dragonia. However, the alien teleportation technology developed by the aliens of Dragonia presents a lower technological level. It is considered a more rudimentary technology, either in quality or in range.


The aliens of Dragonia used to need ten or more intermediary teleportation cabins so as to travel on foot to the other side of Earth. The Confederate aliens and the members of Nirvana in general do not need to take all this extra work. On the contrary, it is much easier for them.


The alien teleportation technology used by the Confederates on Earth is based on the optical principles of camouflage.


At the precise moment of the teleportation, a teleportation field is generated around the person. This field creates a set of mirrors that aligns the external image coming from any potential external angle with the image of the exact opposite side of the field, producing the illusion of transparency to any potential observer.


Thus, the alien teleportation can take place literally in the middle of a busy street or inside a mall for instance. The person do not need to go to the restroom or hide in a dark alley.


The eyes of a potential witness are deceived by the images. No special effects like rays or lights are produced. The teleportation occurs instantaneously: everything is so quick and natural that the brain of the observer is deceived, like if there was a rapid cut in the mental image being processed by the brain and in the next moment the image continues (altered by the teleportation operation) with the person being teleported in or out of the place. Any mental suspicion is barred by the rationalism of the observer's brain.


The alien teleportation for the members of Nirvana is performed by the means of an easy-to-use portable device. Coordinates may be manually given but the device can automatically calculate the best exact position in the destination place. In the case of a military emergency, the device automatically transports the person to any safe place in the surroundings.


The Confederate aliens and also the more spiritually advanced and trained members of Nirvana have developed the paranormal faculty of mental self-teleportation - an advanced form of telekinesis, where the person transports himself or herself to another place. This usually consumes a lot of energy and therefore the distances are not very big: no more than a few miles.


Albeit widely used in the alien war on Earth, the teleportation technique is NOT used unless it's really necessary. It is not used by alien characters on Earth in their ordinary lives as a means of self-indulgence or personal comfort. Their values are totally different from terrestrial values.







11. The alien satellite of the Confederates that orbits Earth

Around the tribal year of 1950, the Confederate aliens reached the conclusion that it was safer and more strategic to build an intelligent satellite to oversee the activities of Nirvana on Earth and manage the major part of alien operations and communications on the surface of Earth.

alien ship


A satellite smart enough to deviate from any attack of alien ships from Dragonia and also to deviate from the primitive space devices launched by the terrestrial tribes. An alien satellite with the power to drastically interfere in the physical reality if necessary.


An alien satellite that could be the key to the Alien Intervention on Earth. (see pictures)  


alien intervention

The satellite was immediately built. It has the power to suspend all the electricity of Earth; paralyze all the motorized vehicles (civilian and military) (see picture), and all the nuclear ogives; interrupt all the electronic means of communication, like telephone, radio, TV or Internet; and lock the triggers of all existing guns.


It foresees intelligently several exceptions like not suspending the power of the emergency sector of a hospital, or not suspending the electricity of a cable car in a ski resort, for example.


All civilian planes and ships en route to their destinations are also not interrupted by the Confederates' alien satellite till they arrive in the first safe place. Military aircrafts are escorted by alien ships and invited to land immediately.


A symbolic representation of the power of this alien satellite was shown in the tribal year of 1953 in a terrestrial movie called "The day the Earth stood still".

Later on, the Confederate aliens constructed supporting satellites to complement the functions of the main one.







12. The sons of Nirvana - the hybrids between a terrestrial and a spiritualized alien, conceived through invisible artificial insemination

Approximately between the tribal years of 1964 and 1973, the Confederate aliens of Nirvana introduced a new element in the alien war on Earth: the hybrids, that they call "pans".


The term "pan" was chosen because it corresponds to a prefix spoken in the tribe of Greece that is used by the languages of many other terrestrial tribes, meaning "all, the whole of; relating to the whole or to all parts of something".


A pan is a child born on Earth of a spiritualized alien father from Nirvana and a terrestrial mother, especially when the child, the mother and her terrestrial husband are all Neutral persons and consequently are not aware of the alien presence on Earth.


In this last case, the conception is performed through the teleportation of the semen of the alien father inside the uterus of the terrestrial mother, who then becomes pregnant, develops normally the baby and delivers the child: the pan.


The terrestrial families in which these children are going to be inserted are meticulously studied and very well chosen. In general terms, the terrestrial parents of these children have sincerely prayed, asking God for a child. In a certain way, it is a form of fulfilling the sincere wishes of these couples.


Martians, Venusians or other Confederate aliens living on Earth analyze previously the auras of these terrestrial parents, their jobs, their web of relationships in society, the general condition of their relatives, their neighborhood, etc., and foresee their probable future, before authorizing the conception to take place.


These children grow up in a Neutral environment, although part of their genes are alien. Their lives are carefully accompanied by the spiritualized aliens of Nirvana living as characters on Earth. Commonly a member of their families - like an uncle or an aunt - is a spiritualized alien of Nirvana that have married someone from the family who knows everything.


These children are physically protected against accidents by the alien satellite of Nirvana that surrounds the Earth. And although they're not aware of this, they're also protected against physical attacks of the characters of the aliens of Dragonia. These attacks are a consequence of the fact that one specific race of Dragonia's alien creatures has the ability to identify a pan in the middle of a crowd of Neutral persons.


The "pan" Neutral child frequently has the sensation that he or she is not from Earth. Usually during the childhood and adolescence, he or she is consciously unaware of his or her situation, but feels that his or her real place is not on Earth. The pan has a whetted sixth sense.


The "pan" has a gigantic potential. He or she doesn't have immediate access to the mental powers that derive from the alien genes. These alien genes are encoded, and it's up to the pan to develop the spiritual capacity to unlock these codes.


Likewise the spiritualized aliens of Nirvana, the "pan" has also an alien original shape. The original shape of a "pan" presents an intermediary form between the terrestrial human shape and the alien human shape of the Confederate aliens.


This "pan" original shape, however, is not immediately available to the "pan". It is encoded in his or her alien genes.


Unlike what happens with a spiritualized alien, a "pan" cannot move in and out his or her original shape unless he or she first abandons the terrestrial shape forever. Once abandoned, the terrestrial shape that a pan had been using up to this very moment can't be ever used again. The "pan" may use a similar shape, even a lookalike, but the shape cannot be exactly the same.


It's like if the "pan" was opting for his or her alien nationality. When a pan is prepared enough and is totally aware of the alien reality on Earth, he or she is able to make a choice in his or her life.


If the "pan" chooses to abandon the terrestrial shape and assume the alien original shape, he or she will then be able to move in and out any other terrestrial shape of the same sex different from the previous one he or she was using before.


In this case, the "pan" will be able to operate any shape (and character) of the same sex on Earth, for a short (or long) period of time, always returning to the "pan" original shape when he or she wants.


Unlike Martians, however, "pans" cannot assume more than one only terrestrial shape at the same time. Thus, in order to use a new shape (with a new character) on the surface of Earth, a "pan" always need to leave first the previous shape.


This generation of pans consisted of about four million children all over the Earth. Approximately ninety percent of these ones have exactly half of the genes from alien origin and half from terrestrial origin. The remaining ten percent of the pans present a 51-49 proportion of alien genes vs. terrestrial genes, respectively.


Pans are like alien seeds. They were born in strategic families across the Earth, especially families connected to the so-called "intelligentzia" of each terrestrial tribe: intellectuals, journalists, artists, teachers, lawyers, scientists, physicians, politicians, judges, entrepreneurs, and so on.


These children were spreaded among these influential sectors of society with the intention of placing the right people in the key positions in the right time.

From this initial sample of four million individuals, a small part was selected - the most strategic ones, using the spiritual and the military viewpoints.


Between the tribal years of 1985 and 1990, these last ones were contacted by the aliens of Nirvana living on Earth. They have received a specific training as disciples of their alien masters.


Depending on each individual case, this contact may have happened in several forms: personal contact with the character of the alien master, for instance, or contact via impersonal channels like ordinary mail, telephone, and - more recently - via e-mail.


These pans were spiritually and meticulously prepared by their masters for several years to face what they didn't know would come then: the force of the alien manipulation during a "spiritual hurricane".


They were trained not to "lose their souls" during this delicate period in which their own Neutral relatives, friends, workmates and neighbors were being tested by both the alien sides. They were like spiritual lighthouses that helped guiding these persons around them.


They were trained to confront directly the characters on Earth of the alien lizards of Dragonia in social situations involving abuse, fear, harassment, insinuation and deceit.


And in many cases, just by following their hearts they have paved the way for the Confederate aliens to neutralize alien reptoids and principally to neutralize the characters of the terrestrial collaborators of Dragonia already inserted in their social circle of relationships.


Some of them have lost their souls during the passage of the "spiritual hurricane" through their cities, from the tribal year of 1993 to the present time. Some have survived.


The spiritual choice that a "pan" has to make if and when he (she) loses his (her) soul, however, is of a different nature. Because of the alien genes they possess, and also because of their different mentality, "pans" that lose their souls don't choose between joining Nirvana or Dragonia, because they are members of Nirvana already.


The choice that he (she) makes has a connection with the future of his (her) personal life either on Earth or elsewhere. Frequently this choice is made between sex and true love.


When the "hurricane" comes, these previously trained "pans" usually are in love with a Martian, Venusian or other Confederate alien living on Earth, and it is this love - a true love - that functions as one of the main engines of his (her) spiritual growth.


So this specific "pan" that loses his (her) soul - that some prefer to nickname a "fallen angel" - has to make a choice between having sex with other girls or boys or marrying the true love of his (her) life, which is a spiritualized alien from Nirvana.







13. Alien war - the neutralization of reptoid aliens by spiritualized aliens

The rules of alien intervention on Earth apply not only to Neutral persons.


There are specific rules for the secret alien war between characters on Earth.


In certain specific situations the members of Dragonia - either alien lizards on Earth or their terrestrial accomplices - can be neutralized by the Confederates.


Although the analysis of the situations may vary from case to case, in general terms the characters of the alien lizards of Dragonia operating on the surface of Earth can be neutralized (that is, killed):

a) if they first try to kill any of the members of Nirvana (legitimate defense)

b) if they first drain off the energies of a member of Nirvana who is a survivor using specific invisible alien weapons or technology, provided that this survivor responds correctly:

b-1) following his or her heart

b-2) recovering from the loss of energy

b-3) acting appropriately - not being taken by anger, for instance

Regarding alien creatures of Dragonia, the positions of their characters on Earth are not really neutralized: only the very creature who was operating under that skin at that moment is neutralized. After being neutralized, the aliens of Dragonia have the right to replace the creature with another creature using an identical skin.


Sometimes the same alien character is neutralized several times in a sequence, each one of them being always replaced with a new identical one, just like if they were units of a production line.


The memories of the neutralized creature are partly reinserted (through the use of something similar to a "back-up") so that the new creature using the same skin of the same character will not forget important details of the life of the character.


But even when this process fails, practically everything about this character could have been recorded by their invisible cameras anyway.







14. Alien war - the desertion of reptilian aliens to the group of spiritualized aliens

The only exception for this replacement rule is when an alien creature from Dragonia spontaneously leaves the Consortium of Animals and deserts to join the Confederates of Nirvana.


As a rule of thumb, alien lizards and the other alien races comprising the Consortium are very dense creatures, full of animality and hate inside their hearts.


Sometimes they use rude characters to operate in disguise on Earth, sometimes sympathetic ones, but they're always full of an instinctive hate inside their hearts.


From times to times, however, an alien lizard or other alien creature from Dragonia can't stand the bestiality and dishumanity of his or her own alien colleagues and choose to join Nirvana.


A terrestrial writer known as Gene Roddenberry once portrayed symbolically this specific situation of an isolated alien creature from Dragonia deserting to join the Confederates by creating a character called "Lieutenant Worf" who was inserted as part of the crew of a popular series called "Star Trek - The Next Generation" (the character, the show and his alien shape are fictitious, but the situation is not).


When a desertion like this takes place, the character of this alien lizard infiltrated in the terrestrial society is transformed in a member of Nirvana and can't be used by the Consortium of Dragonia any longer.


The opposite case never happens. Nobody from Nirvana has ever deserted to Dragonia so far. They have seen all kinds of atrocities perpetrated on Earth by the reptilian aliens of Dragonia, and they know what would be waiting for them.







15. Alien war - the neutralization of terrestrial collaborators of alien reptoids by spiritualized forces

In the alien secret war between alien forces operating on the Earth chessboard, there are also specific rules for the neutralization of terrestrial collaborators of Dragonia.


Specific individual situations may apply in a different way, but generally speaking collaborators of Dragonia can be neutralized (in other words, killed) in the same cases described above for the neutralization of the alien lizards of Dragonia, that is:

a) if they first try to kill any of the members of Nirvana (legitimate defense)

b) if they first drain off the energies of a member of Nirvana who is a survivor using specific invisible alien weapons or technology, provided that this survivor responds correctly:

b-1) following his or her heart

b-2) recovering from the loss of energy

b-3) acting appropriately - not being taken by anger, for instance

When a terrestrial collaborator of Dragonia is neutralized, his or her character in the terrestrial society is substituted by an alien clone of Nirvana, presenting exactly the same human shape of the neutralized person.


This character in terrestrial society is considered then a territory of Nirvana, and cannot be used by the alien forces of Dragonia any longer.


The clone has to follow the routine of this neutralized person as if nothing had happened, but depending on the case can now soften or smooth a little his or her behavior so as not to be so rude or violent as the person was.


Frequently there are Neutral persons in the family of this neutralized collaborator who do not know anything yet about the alien reality on Earth. This may include the wife or husband of the neutralized person. So the clone has to act exactly as if it was human, in order to minimize the trauma that the relatives and friends of this person will have to face in the future when they discover for themselves the true nature of reality on Earth.


The second hypothesis above that may justify this neutralization (item "b") only applies if the terrestrial collaborator of Dragonia has negotiated with the alien reptoids a personal advantage in exchange for this dirty job: a price or prize for the survivor's head.


The Confederate aliens of Nirvana - like Martians and Venusians - are capable of reading the minds of the terrestrial collaborators of Dragonia (although they cannot read the minds of Dragonia's alien creatures), and thus they know very well what are the intentions of these collaborators.


Due to the fact that these latter ones have metallic alien implants inside their bodies and are mentally influenced and threatened by the alien creatures of Dragonia, sometimes terrestrial collaborators are forced to do what they do not want to, in order to avoid being neutralized by their own alien controllers.


In this case, a terrestrial collaborator is not neutralized by the spiritualized aliens of Nirvana even if he or she hits a survivor of Nirvana with an invisible alien weapon capable of draining off or exhausting the survivor's energies.


It is considered that in this case they have regretted their participation in the atrocities of Dragonia and want to be released from slavery.







16. Alien war - the liberation of terrestrial collaborators of alien reptoids by spiritualized aliens

Terrestrial collaborators of Dragonia often live in an oppressive situation. They are frequently terrified by what they see and by what they are forced to do.


Part of them want to be released from the physical slavery and from the implants embedded in their bodies.


Differently from what happens with the alien lizards, terrestrial collaborators of Dragonia cannot simply "desert" to Nirvana, because they are remotely monitored and controlled through the alien implants inserted in their heads. As long as they have these implants, their location can be traced. And if they do any suspicious movement, the lizard aliens of Dragonia can literally blow up their heads by remotely blowing up their implants.


Sometimes these collaborators of Dragonia are very lucky to find a Confederate alien around them who shows them that he or she is capable of reading their minds. This is usually the first step for the liberation process.


The aliens of Nirvana can make use of an alien device projected to block, inhibit or cause interferences in the transmission of commands between the alien lizards of Dragonia and the alien implants of its collaborators, but this is a risky operation.


Depending on the situation, telepathic instructions on how to proceed may be directly given to the collaborator who wants to be released from the implant slavery.



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