by John Lash

1 June 2011


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1 June 2011 Andalucía
Last day of double shift under Bhuvaneshvari and the Wrathful Green Tara, the Selector.



When Pistis saw the impiety of the Lord Archon she was filled with anger.


Acting in her invisible form, she spoke in this way:

"You are mistaken, blind one - false deity who cannot see. There is an immortal luminous child, the Anthropos, who came into existence before you and who will appear among your modeled forms (plasmata).


This luminous child will trample you in scorn just as a potter's clay is pounded (into a lump). And you will sink away to your proper zone, the abyss (of gravity), along with those who belong to your legion.

"For at the consummation of your work, the entire defect [of Archontic illusion] exposed in the light of truth will be abolished, and [that illusion] will be as if it never had been."

- On the Origin of the World, 103.15-30


Speaking on Grok-the-Talk in April 2011, I ventured a rather grandiose claim: namely, Sophia's correction commenced on March 19, eight days after the Fukushima earthquake.


If Gnostic teachings surviving from the Mysteries are correct, this event would be of singular and momentous import for the human species and the future of the planet. For one thing, it means that the Terma of Gaia Awakening which I discovered in August 2008 is now fully underway as an interactive event going forward in linear time  - and possibly, as well, in parallel time.


By "parallel time" I mean a bifurcation event that involves humanity taking two different courses simultaneously: di-orthosis, dual or split solution.


To make as clear as possible the various aspects and prospects and of this fantastic opportunity, I offer this essay.


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Divine Dare

Right now, going on three years since the discovery of the Terma of Gaia Awakening, the correction (Greek diorthosis) of the wisdom goddess Sophia stands a chance of becoming a topic of considerable intrigue.


Her correction is the single outstanding element of the fallen goddess scenario or vision story of the Mysteries that was left open, undefined. It is also the key to human interactivity with Gaia-Sophia:

the human role in her correction somehow determines the way it will be achieved.

Why so?


Well, according to the Gnostic textual sources, that is how Pistis - name for the goddess who has confidence in humanity - wishes it to be! So the myth informs us, as recorded in a major cosmological text, On the Origin of the World (cited above).

The correction involves a kind of cosmic challenge, or divine dare. An act of defiance by the Aeon Sophia in her pre-terrestrial form, directed against the Archon forces and assuring them of their ultimate defeat. Her defiance of the deceiving powers that threaten the divine experiment on earth is a statement of pistis, her confidence in humanity, the key species in that experiment.


Greek pistis: "faith, confidence."


Archontic figure

seen floating over Gaucin, Spain. April 2011





Alien Dreaming - The Enigma of The Archons presented the image of the Archon embryonic type ("like a premature fetus"), resembling a gaseous leak that exudes from the Coco De Mer (CDM).


There are two versions of the CDM, this being the one that represents the trimorphic protennoia or three-body system of Sophia's original intention. The CDM depicts the world seed, the germ of the three-body setting for a divine experiment in human potential.

In her dreaming of a world where one strain of the Anthropos might emerge and evolve, enacting a divine experiment, Sophia previsioned a star, a planet, and a moon or satellite. As the earth was not yet formed, the central part of flesh of the preterrestrial CDM has no X to mark the spot of Sophia's metamorphosis into a living planet.


Prototypal sun-star and moon are dark blue, suggesting that these bodies have not yet emerged from the dark cosmic background.


In the second version of the CDM, the world seed is pale green, the sun-star is red, the moon is mauve, and a soft X or quadrated slit marks the spot where the earth has appeared:





This CDM (above image) is the icon for the world dreaming of the Aeon Sophia as it came to be realized by her metamorphosis into the setting of the divine experiment she had previsioned in the Pleroma, the galactic core.


The original three-body system is intact but it comes to be captured in the celestial clockworks of the inorganic planetary system constructed by the Archons. Such is the two-world perspective of Gnostic cosmology.


What is the "confidence" of Sophia in humanity?


Consistent with the plot-line of the Gnostic myth, she expects the Anthropos to realize its original potential in the three-world system, even though captured in another system. In other words, she counts on the human species to wake up and break free from the Matrix of the Archontic powers and engage the divine opportunity of life on earth, interactively with her own awakening to the nightmare of human history.


Now there's a neat proposition for imaginal practice.

The CDM of the preterrestrial moment shows there is a kind of leak or flaw in the original dreaming. Sophia did not expect that the deviant influence of the Archons would come to bear on the divine experiment with the Anthropos. Under that influence, humanity is subjected to a second, surrogate or simulated reality.


This is the realm of the "planetary spheres" where the earth is captured, described as a prison system in Gnostic writings. Hence the prototype of the "prison planet," a meme associated with the infowars movement of Alex Jones.


Telestai (Gnostics as we understand them today) described the Archons as wardens and gatekeepers in the labyrinth of the planetary prison. The penitentiary enclosure indicated here is not the earth, which is the Edenic setting for a divine experiment in freedom, discovery, and novelty.


No, it is THE MATRIX, the holographic maze of Archontic deception in which the human race appears to be the progeny of off-planet gods, enslaved by intra-species predators who claim descent from such gods, or who purport to act as gods lording it over the rest of humankind and claiming all the resources of the planet for themselves, or who are falsely attributed with godlike powers by humans who come under their spell of mind control, even in the very act of exposing them, etc etc etc.

The lordship of the Archons, of course, is the widely accepted claim of the Sitchin Anunnaki scenario, which I have shown to be theocratic disinformation, exposed and deconstructed by the telestai of the Mysteries.

"And kingship (theocratic authority) descended from heaven," as the lie is stated in the opening lines of the Babylonian creation myth, Enuma Elish.

With the Sophianic vision story as a guiding framework, this lie can be exposed and the true account of the prehistory of our species can be developed, consistent with astronomical and evolutionary science (though not necessarily the current and accepted notions of science).

The preterrestrial CDM introduces the sub-plot of "alien dreaming," i.e., the scheme of the Archon mind-parasites to insinuate themselves into human reality and take it over, making human become like them, robotic, slavish, incapable of intention, discovery, or novelty.


In reality, earth, moon and sun are immune to the Archontic presence, off-limits.


Like the human immunological system, they can suffer sporadic attacks without being entirely crushed. Thus Archons make sporadic forays into the three-body system but they cannot remain there, cannot achieve any lasting effects, and cannot conquer and permanently inhabit either the sun, the moon, or the earth.

The three bodies function as a unity, structurally coupled to use a term from Gaia theory.


They in effect form a single super-organism with the earth as its central sentient core. The threat of the sun wiping out life on earth, i.e., being essentially hostile to terrestrial creatures, or the moon being an outpost for predatory ETs, and other related scenarios along these lines would have to be dismissed as delusional paranoia, if the telestai were correct in their perception of cosmic order.


If they were indeed right, their view was epistemic and thus can be tested. However, the testing has to be conducted in rigorous observation of the continuity of the vision story, i.e., fitted into the plot.


Such is the challenge to human imagination posed by the supreme participatory myth that has been produced by our species.



Acari Insects

The leak in Sophia's dreaming came about due to the spontaneous generation of the locust-like Archon species due to the impact of her living and intentional plasmic luminosity (Organic Light) on the chaos (shadow matter) of the galactic limbs:

A veil exists between the world above [in the galactic core], and the realms that are below [exterior, in the galactic limbs]; and shadow came into being beneath the veil. Some of the shadow [dark mass] became [atomic] matter, and was projected apart [partially formed into elementary arrays, the dema].


And what Sophia created [by her impact] became a product in the matter [the dema], [a neonate form] like an aborted fetus.


And [once formed] it assumed a plastic shape molded out of shadow, and became an arrogant beast resembling a lion. It was androgynous, because it was from [neutral, inorganic] matter that it derived.

(The Hypostasis of the Archons, II, 4, 93:30 ff, with my glosses in brackets.)

The creation myth of the Mysteries can be understood, not as a myth in the sense of a baseless fiction or invention cooked up due to ignorance of facts, but as a true account of events that happened in the cosmos, rendered in mythopoetic and metaphoric terms.


This description is not a mere allegory but a functional metaphor that encodes facts, phenomena, processes unfolding on the cosmic scale over long periods of time.


Plutarch, one of the last known initiates, condemned allegory and insisted that the myths were descriptions of real events:

"Whoever applieth these allegories to the blessed Divine Nature, deserves to be treated with contempt. We must not however believe that they were mere fables without any meaning, like those of the Poets. They represent to us things that really happened.”

(Isis and Osiris)

When I originally restored the Gnostic creation myth with its vivid description of the spontaneous generation of the Archons, I wondered how anyone would give credence to such an outlandish event.


Since then, I have discovered the remarkable and still unexplained case of abiogenesis of Acari insects:

In 1837, Andrew Crosse reported to the London electrical Society concerning the accidental spontaneous generation of life in the form of Acurus genus insects while he was conducting experiments on the formation of artificial crystals by means of prolonged exposure to weak electric current.


Throughout numerous strict experiments under a wide variety of conditions utterly inimical to life as we know it, the insects continued to manifest. The great Michael Faraday also reported to the Royal Institute that he had replicated the experiment.


Soon afterwards, all notice of this phenomenon ceased to be reported, and the matter has not been resolved since then.

Organic Light, the living plasmatic luminosity of the galactic core, is the natural energy form of the Aeons or cosmic divinities.


It is not electrical as such but carries a light electrical component. This fact is evident in direct contact with the OL, inducing in the witness a subtle surge of stimulating force, like a mild electric shock, that produces a fine cold sweat.


Significantly, Crosse's experiment only required a light electrical charge to generate the insects in an inorganic medium of particulate matter comparable to the dema of the galactic arms.


I rest my case.

Considering this cosmological event, the emergence of the Acari-like Archons prior to the formation of their eventual habitat, the solar system, it is important to bear in mind the cosmological sequence as Sophia herself lived through it:

  1. In the Pleroma or galactic core Sophia in tandem with her consort Thelete ("the Intended") engineers the human genome, the Anthropos. They encode it with evolutionary capacities in a fivefold manifold: ennoia, metanoia, dianoia, epinoia, all variations of nous (divine intelligence), and charged with enthymesis, passion or desire.


  2. The Anthropos is seeded in the galactic arms, deposited in a molecular cloud in the Orion Nebula where it could spread via free-floating spores (propagules) and take root in various planetary systems. Hence panspermia, stated by Gnostic seers millennia before Svante Arrhenius in 1903.


  3. The Aeon Sophia engages in unilateral dreaming, without a consort or Aeonic counterpart. Doing so, she envisions a three-body system where one strain of the Anthropos could emerge and evolve according to her designs, her preconception of a divine experiment in novelty and learning - a totally open-ended experiment that does not terminate in any final event or outcome determined beforehand by Sophia or any other Pleromic divinity.


    She sets the initial conditions and leaves the outcome open. In other words, Sophia envisions the experiment unfolding within certain guidelines consistent with the capacities endowed in the Anthropos, but without imposing a prescripted "divine plan" of that species. She herself does not know the end-result or ultimate fruition of the experiment.


    In keeping with the sublime generosity of the Aeons, Sophia wishes to see how the human experiment plays out independently, on its own terms.


  4. Due to the intensity of her own enthymesis, desire, Sophia is drawn away from the galactic core, the Pleroma, realm of infinite potential. Outside the defining boundary, she falls or plunges into the region of the Kenoma, the realm of shadow matter and finite potential.


    The goddess actually undergoes contradiction and confusion: now she is dynamically involved in the experiment for which she has not determined a specific outcome.


    No longer detached, she is implicated in the outcome! As the initial conditions of the experiment with the Anthropos unfold, so does Sophia's hypostasis, her downscaling enmeshment in the physics of the carousal arms of the galaxy. This is an anomalous and unanticipated development in the cosmic order.


  5. Sophia's impact in the dema, the dense elementary matter arrays of the galactic limb, produces a fracture zone where the locust-like Archons arise by spontaneous generation, like the Acari insects in Crosse's experiment. This is the first unanticipated event in Sophia's adventure in the carousel arms.


  6. The Archons swarm in a circular mass like bees. They are a mimic species with a hive mentality, possessing none of the capacities or attributes encoded in the human genome. They are inorganic drones, robotic in nature, yet they excel in imitation and simulation, HAL, the technique of virtual reality.


    Sophia encompasses this bizarre swarm with the plume of her Organic Light, shaping herself into a kind of uroborus, a serpent biting its own tail. In this way she attempts to bound them off, herding them into a space with definite frontiers. Within these boundaries, the protoplanetary disk of the emergent solar system will take form.


  7. Stranded in the galactic arms, and gradually losing contact with the Aeons of the core, Sophia hovers in proximity to the Orion Nebula where the human genome is deposited like a pattern of dew in a spider's web.


    At the same time, she confronts the Archons and witnesses the emergence of a violent mutation in their midst. A drakonic or reptilian figure assumes the role of hive-master: the Lord Archon, Ialdabaoth (Yaldabaoth) also called Samael and Saklas, "the blind one." This is the second unanticipated event in her adventure outside the galactic core.

    Here the myth gets rather complex. Interactions between Sophia and the Lord Archon involve several cosmological episodes on a vast scale. I will cover these events in detail in another essay... For now, let's consider the scene described in On the Origin of the World.


  8. Sophia confronts the Lord Archon by invoking the presence of the Anthropos, which that entity cannot see or comprehend.


    She tells him,

    • "There is an immortal luminous child, the Anthropos, who came into existence before you and who will appear among your modeled forms (plasmata)."

    With her own attention fixed on the Anthropos, she reads the Lord Archon his fate: to be defeated by humanity at the moment when he consummates his work, that is, the act of deception by which the human race is deviated from the divine experiment as Sophia originally dreamed it.


    In a nutshell, this is the pistis of the wisdom goddess: her confidence in humanity to detect and overcome the Archontic powers, the Authorities or Rulers.


    Dialogue of the Savior, NHC III, 5.85:

    • Judas said, "Behold, The authorities (Archons) dwell above us, so it is they who will rule over us."
      The savior said, "It is you who will rule over them. But only when you rid yourselves of jealousy, and take on the protection of the Light, and enter the nymphion (bridal chamber)."

    From the scant surviving textual evidence of the myth, it is clear that the telestai imagined that Sophia could foresee the threat of the Authorities to humanity and the divine experiment of her original dreaming.


    Fine, yes, but the question to be asked now is:

    • Did she anticipate the extent to which that influence would go before it was detected and defeated?

    Even before the earth was formed by the metamorphosis of her own energetic currents - another unanticipated event in her adventure! - Sophia reckoned on the intrusion of the Archons upon the divine experiment.


    But was she able to foresee the full extent of that intrusion?

    Perhaps even the wisdom goddess herself did not anticipate how far the Archons would penetrate human reality and deviate the divine experiment she previsioned for the Anthropos. This might explain, in mythological terms, why it takes until the last minute before she catches the error and initiates her correction.

    On the Origin of the World presents a kind of prophetic warning pronounced by the wisdom goddess, suggesting a last-minute turnaround:

    • "For at the consummation of your work, the entire defect that will have become visible in the light of truth will be abolished, and will be as if it never had been."

In this scenario, Sophia, before she morphs into the earth, foresees a moment when the Archontic powers will be defeated, the moment of the consummation of their works.


In other words, their defeat comes at the moment of extreme desperation when they complete their agenda, the eleventh hour.


In 2011 we are living in that eleventh hour and even toward the end of the hour. 11/11/11 is a date that compels close attention and perhaps even an obsessive fixation of interest.



Archon Plexus

Many of those who purport to expose the "alien agenda" of the Authorities (New World Order psychopaths, or NEWOs) attribute something like magical powers to those perpetrators.


This is hype which, to my way of thinking, the perps do not deserve. It invests them with an aura of occult power, as if they are masters of the universe, as invincible as sci-fi comic book monsters. It mystifies them to the exclusion of any consideration of the magical powers inherent to the human race as a whole. It exaggerates their skills and their visionary, planning capacity.


Beware of this kind of credulous hyping of intra-species predators.

Granted, the globalist masterminds use or appear to use certain symbolic dates or numerological keys and chronological codes in orchestrations of social evil. These patterns are undeniable but it may be an error to regard them as indicating deliberate magical operations.


In reality, there may be another mechanism operating in the advantage of the Authorities, quite distinct from the skills and strategies attributed to them by exposés such as David Icke, Michael Tasrion, and Maxwell Jordan.

And what would such a mechanism be?


The R Complex (Archon Plexus)

consists of the extended part of the brain stem

embedded in the limbic system or mammalian midbrain (outlined in yellow).


Based on my long acquaintance with these entities, combined with the instructions acquired in shamanic trance, I propose this:

Archons and their human counterparts gain control over humanity through a particular "seizure" that operates in the back of the brain and in the field of peripheral vision simultaneously.

The back-brain "seizure" of Archontic spellbinding power can be detected in the functions of the R Complex: pun on Archon plex, the Archon plexus or reptilian brain in its deviant or exaggerated mode.


When this part of the brain dominates, overwriting the adaptive programs of the midbrain and forebrain, human behavior takes on a fiendish, rigid, repetitive bent which can be read as ritualistic.


But ritualized behavior is not the same as intentional ritual action, i.e., acts of deliberate magic.


A preprogrammed robot does not act ritualistically for there is no self-determined intent behind its spooky mechanical gestures. Its actions exhibit pre-determined mimicy, not self-determined autonomy: likewise for Archons and Archontified humans including globalist predators and serial killers, who are one and the same breed of conniving, murderous deviants.

Observation of dates and numbers by the Authorities are not proof of their mastery of globally spellbinding black magic, but evidence of their "routinary minds," as Castaneda noted, concerning the flyers (see The Active Side of Infinity.)


They repeat these agendas to keep themselves on track as they have no guiding autonomy, having abdicated that aspect of our divine endowment in favor of the Archontic illusion of power, enacted through arcane games of deception and domination. Is that clear enough, Snoopy?

A psychotic serial killer works compulsively in strict routines, often using repetitive patterns preserved in codes, ciphers, and symbols.


But given this is so, can you say that such a murderous, deceiving person is performing true and efficacious magic? I think that would be over-attribution. He or she is merely acting out the rigid, fear-driven behavioral compulsions inherent to the Archon plexus of the "psyched-up," over-worked back-brain.


This distinction is imperative.

To fall under the spell of the Authorities is to concede power to their false magic: under the power of deception, we deceive ourselves about what power really is and lose all sense of our own power.


Our power inheres in the unique opportunity of our role in the divine experiment of Sophia, interactive magic with the wisdom goddess. Claiming this power is the only sure and direct way, and the ultimate way, to detect and defeat the illusional power of the Authorities.

By this definition, which is purely telestic, the Authorities are human beings deviated by the overworking of the Archon plexus, the reptilian brain. In large measure, the quasi-magical or occult power attributed to globalist perpetrators is a hoax, operating under the Wizard of Oz effect.


Note that to enforce their presumed magical powers, the perpetrators need to exert enormous continual efforts of two kinds:

brainwashing through the media, and threat of force through the military.

Without a constant dual-barreled barrage, requiring the complicity of human beings to suppress and deceive their fellow creatures, their vaunted magic would quickly fade and dissipate.

In reality, the NEWOs can only sustain the illusion of magical supremacy as long as they suppress and deviate human potential, where the true magic abides: that is, in our species' innate capacity for interactive magic with the animating powers of the planetary goddess.


Unless the NEWOs can suppress that capacity in a brutal manner all the time, it will naturally and spontaneously assert itself. When it does, the true magic of the Anthropos, the "luminous child," will immediately spring into action. This is what Sophia herself wishes: for humanity to own and enact its true potential for magic and use it to defeat the Archons and banish them to their proper domain, the gravity well (abyss) of the inanimate planetary system.

In terms of geophysics, the force of gravity not inherent to the bioenergetic laws of the living planet allows the Archons to colonize the R Complex and manipulate human behavior by exaggerating the rigid, routinely patterns of the reptilian brain.


I repeat, the repetition that becomes evident in numbers, symbols, and codes is not proof of genuine magical skill but merely of repetition compulsion that is the mark of the reptilian area of the brain: reptilian repetition.


The functions of the R Complex have a limited survival value, but when exaggerated they act against survival and enforce and enable the Archontic powers to deviate free human impulses into a behavioral grid of robotic enslavement.

That deviance into mindless robotics is the essence of Archontic influence: it is due to nothing original on the part of the alien parasites but merely the exaggeration of pre-existing tendencies in the psychosomatic structure of humanity - in the plasmata, modeled form of the Anthropos.

In physical terms, the Archons enjoy this seizure of the back-brain functions because the earth is captured in the gravity well of the solar system.


Consequently, objects on earth appear to fall at the same rate, no matter what their size. An erroneous myth of science claims that Galileo proved this phenomenon by dropping two objects of different weights from the leaning tower of Pisa.


This is a nice fairy-tale, at best.





The assumed experiment may never have happened.


In any case, it can be repeated with quite a different result. With close observation, it is clear that objects of different weight and mass, or objects charged with a magnetic field, do not fall at the same uniform rate.


The claim of uniform fall for all objects regardless of weight, size, and mass is false - an Archontic "special effect" that has become an established dogma of science.

And there is more to this dogmatic deception.


Established science teaches that falling objects demonstrate acceleration by gravity: they fall at increasing speed, gaining velocity at a rate of 32 feet per second, per second.


This increase in freefall velocity is set forth as a universal law of physics, as if nothing could be otherwise in the cosmos. True, there is a detectable effect of acceleration of falling objects. It can be observed and measured, but what actually causes it? And it is really universal and invariable, as assumed?

Acceleration by gravity is blind repetition of a mechanical effect:

freefall velocity increasing each second by the same, endlessly repeated quantity, 32 feet per second.

Purely Archontic...


But one can imagine a different state of affairs, a different operation of physical laws: each object would begin to accelerate (otherwise it would remain suspended in space and not fall at all), then reach a unique limit of descent velocity depending on its mass relative to the earth. In other words, by another set of physical laws all objects would fall to earth at a constant, non-accelerating speed determined uniquely by the relation of the mass of that specific object to the mass of the earth.


This is how freefall might happen if the living earth were not captured in the gravity well of the inorganic planets.

Conclusion from a Gnostic angle:

acceleration by gravity is the insinuated phantom effect of the Archontic planetary system upon the living dynamics of the earth, not an inherent property of the earth or the three-body system.

This same effect operating upon the human body allows the Archontic mind parasites to "seize and freeze" the instinctual functions of the R Complex.


Consequently, Archons grab us by that part of the neck that feels a tickle when subjected to a steady stare from behind. They actually do achieve a grip on human behavior in this manner, and simultaneously they freeze or stymie human perception through another kind of paralytic hold they exert within the field of peripheral vision, frontally.


They get us coming and going, as the old expression puts it.



Disclosure Made Official

On the Origin of the World informs us that the defeat of the Archons is a last-minute affair that depends on their reaching the full extension of their phantom powers over humanity.


The outcome depends on the intervention of humanity at the eleventh hour. The myth clearly indicates a sudden, drastic turnabout.


Sophia warns the Lord Archon:

"There is an immortal luminous child, the Anthropos, who came into existence before you and who will appear among your modeled forms (plasmata). This luminous child will trample you in scorn just as a potter's clay is pounded (into a lump)."

Instead of molding humankind in their image, the Archons will be reduced to pulp, like the discard from a juicer.

In April I was in the white town of Gaucin at sunset when I noticed a cloud formation in the sky (pictured far above). The sun had just set behind El Hacho and over the rooftops of the town floated a figure that reminded me vividly of the image of the Archon I had designed in the early days of this site.


The resemblance was striking, especially at the first moment I observed the long horizontal cloud formation, before I realized I could photograph it with my cell phone. Over a period of half an hour I saw the head of the creature morph from the ET-type skull to a dog-like or monkey-like appearance. It assumed the head of a dog-monkey.

For what it's worth, NHC cosmological texts such at the Apocryphon of John mention both monkey- and dog-headed Archons.

I was deeply haunted by this apparition in the skies over the postcard village in Andalucía. It stuck me as an omen. Upon rereading the above-cited text, I could see what that omen was perhaps indicating:

the moment of "disclosure," when the Archontic powers reach the full extension of their powers.

At that moment, the true form of the Authorities will finally be revealed.


Their presence on earth as phantom powers operating through human surrogates will be exposed for all to see.


Typical Hollywood image of hostile alien invasion by ETs with high-tech aircraft.

Actual event, holographic illusion, false flag operation, psiops, Archontic disclosure,

or combination of the above?


In the Gnostic view, disclosure is not the moment when governmental authorities announce the presence of ETs on earth, thus making it "official."


Nothing made official in this world counts for anything but another tactic in the globalist hoax, advancing the agenda of the Authorities. But for the Archons to make their final move, they must reveal themselves.


Since their nature is deception, they will do so deceptively. Even in showing their presence, playing their trump card on the human species, they will deceive, because that is all they ever do, all they can do.


The test of that moment falls upon humanity: to see how the Authorities are scamming the world with their specious magic of mind control, the vaunted global psyops.

Sophia intends that humanity have the opportunity to play out the divine experiment she originally envisioned for it, free of Archontic deviation - that is, free of the hoaxing coercion of the Authorities who claim that their agenda of domination insures social security and freedom from moral chaos.


But this type of freedom is really enslavement.


In Sophianic terms, freedom is the true anarchy of life on earth, distinguished from the false threat of social chaos contrived by the Authorities.

What final measures will be required in the Archontic endgame? How far will it go before the consummation of the works of the Lord Archon? And when the crucial moment comes, will humanity perhaps be able to use psyops against the intra-species predators themselves? To zap them with their own tactics?

It might be assumed that the Archontic factor in human behavior will play out in several ultimate moves, not just one event.


For instance: World War III, part staged and part real. Also, a simulated alien invasion event using holographically cloaked weapons developed in black op programs. Also, an Armageddon event fulfilling Biblical prophecy, including the return of a messiah (Operation Blue Beam), perhaps coordinated with WW III and a nuclear strike on Jerusalem?


Whatever the case, Archontic deception will not end until the final act of the script has been dramatized in world history.


That final act is written in the Book of Revelation, the age-old script enforced and enacted even by those who do not really believe in it.



Moral Illusion

In an optical illusion, you see with your eyes something that is not actually there, or at least not there in the manner you suppose.


Hence, a mirage. In a psychological illusion, you project into external reality something that exists in your own psyche. Such as "Satanic," a catch-all term for paranoid projections from the human mind. In a moral illusion, you attribute to human behavior capacities or conditions that do not apply to the way humans really act.


For instance, the religious dogma of original sin attributes guilt to human action even before there is anything to be guilty about. To make people feel and act out of guilt, and then claim that they do so due to a previous event that no one has experienced, is moral illusion in absurd extravagance.

The Pagan assumption of innate goodness (see Marcus Aurelius) may also be regarded as a moral illusion. But the evidence that people act from innate goodness, without having to be told to do so, is strong enough, and it stands in contrast to guilt-driven action which has to be contrived and enforced from without - by threat of eternal damnation, for instance.

Moral illusions can be subtle or gross. The subject is a huge quagmire, perfect ground for the Archons to take their last stand.

However the Archontic endgame plays out in world events - a false flag alien attack combined with the advent of a holographic messiah, seasoned with a strong dose of nuclear war, perhaps? - the m.o. of the alien mind parasites reveals two outstanding features: moral illusion and the factor of absurdity.


The latter will be eminent, if not pre-eminent, in the consummation of their works that must occur before they are defeated by humanity.

For the delight of the Authorities is bitter and their beauty is depraved. Their enjoyment is deception and their design is the lack of divinity.

NHC BG 56.6-8

And the plan they devised about me [the Revealer], to release their error and absurdity - I did not succumb to them as they had planned.”

NHC VII, 2, 55.10

The moral illusion of the Archons is about "authority."


Since they may be called Authorities or Rulers, this illusion applies to their own nature. In other words, they enforce the illusion of their nature to execute their effect upon humanity. They lie to enforce the deception about what they actually are: mindless drones propelled by a mix of envy and enmity.


As they have no agenda, absurdity becomes the endgame tactic, the signature of the ultimate reach of their exertions against the Anthropos.

The supreme moral illusion confronting humanity operates like this: those who falsely assume authority over others demand obedience to their commands on the claim that disobedience would result in social chaos and anarchy. They claim to preserve social and moral order by rules and constraints imposed and maintained by sheer brutal force.


The self-assumed authorities propagate the belief that human beings, left to their own impulses, would produce a world of disorder, conflict, and chaos. We are all potential terrorists in the mind of the Authorities. In our natural state of freedom and autonomy, we are dangerous to ourselves and must be curbed, leashed, and protected by a higher power.


In short, the self-declared authorities claim to save humanity from the chaotic or anarchistic tendencies of human nature.

They want us to believe that left alone, without their domination, we would create a world of social chaos. In reality, day-to-day evidence shows that they deceptively orchestrate chaos to maintain their attempt to control the world. More and more often they do so to the point of theatrical absurdity that would produce guffaws of ridicule performed on a stage before an audience.


Yet it passes for normal.


TSA patdown of a child suspected of terrorism.

An example of the extreme absurdity of the Authorities "at the consummation of their works."

Unfortunately, absurd behavior of this kind is an act of violation.

It can also be murderous.

Psyched-up and granted legitimacy by the authorities,

the R Complex makes people act inhumanly.


The lie about the self-endangering nature of human impulses is deeply insidious.


It represents the root of all variations of social evil. This particular moral illusion is the ultimate challenge to human discernment, the supreme test of the genuine moral integrity of our species.


Breaking through it is the key to liberation from Archontic deception.


Gnostics taught that evil is not an autonomous power in the cosmos, rather, it is a phenomenon of deviance that emerges under cover of deception. Without deception and concealment, evil cannot be committed. Why not? Because in being exposed and opposed, it would immediately be defeated by the natural tendency of human nature to choose truth, goodness, and coexistence.


But the authorities claim that our natural tendencies must be repressed and controlled, if not totally eradicated and replaced by robotic obedience.

The power of the Authorities is a moral illusion enforced as a lie so transparent that it needs continuous application of brute force to be sustained. This lie is the opposite of the truth: only freedom to explore and express its natural tendencies will allow humanity to reach its true potential.


This freedom is the true anarchy of life on earth. It is the basis of the confidence of the wisdom goddess Sophia, the foundation of her reliance on the species she designed.

Gnostic texts that develop the theme of what the goddess wishes for humanity, or through humanity typically call her Pistis, "faith," or "confidence."


Pistis Sophia, "the faith of the goddess" means that the mother planet has confidence in the pet species, humankind. This confidence shines out in the divine dare that Sophia expresses when confronting the Lord Archon in that episode of On the Origin of the World.


The cosmological drama is the cosmic setting for a social and existential challenge that comes to be enacted on the world stage in our time, right now.

Their fruit is a poison without cure and their promise is a living death. And as for their design for life, their implant that falsifies the true design, I shall teach you about the mystery of their ways.


It is their counterfeiting spirit (antimimon pneuma), the hoaxing power within them, that leads them astray. So they in turn lead us astray, deviating the true potential of the Anthropos in order that you may not know your own fullness, your infinite gift.

The tree of their design is bitterness and its branches are darkened by death. Its leaves are hatred and deception, and its aroma reeks of evil (poneria).
NHC BG (Apocryphon of John) 56ff

The genius of Gnostic mythmaking inheres in the dual aspect of its message to humanity:

it presents a clear and veracious description of events that really occurred in the cosmic realms, involving the Aeon Sophia and the Archons, and it converts that cosmic scenario squarely into the framework of social, psychological, and existential conditions, reflected in actual situations facing humanity in the test to own and enact our divine potential.

"Knowledge of that which is alive can alone banish terror."

To face terror, the signature of the Authorities, you must look into yourself and ask,

What is most alive in me?

Is it not your love for freedom, to do and be as you please without harming others? If it is anything less than that you may be well groomed for the globalist scheme of enslavement that is right now approaching its EndGame scenario.

The Sophianic vision story of the Mysteries is actional, able to be enacted. Such action has to be supported by specific knowledge, the savvy for human survival. Foremost in our savvy would be the capacity to detect predators and psychopaths. The new genre of ponerology introduced by Polish psychiatrist Andrew M. Lobaczewski can be hugely instructive to this end. It represents a kind of telestic forensic method for detecting the murderous deceit of the Authorities.


Derived from the Greek word poneria found in Gnostic writings (above), ponerology is the diagnosis and deconstruction of the causes and mechanisms of social evil. Lobaczewski uses the striking term pathocracy to describe the domination of a society by a faction of psychopathic members, estimated to be 4-5 percent of the population.

If you cannot profile a psychopath, you are not a responsible member of human society.


If you cannot detect and defeat psychopathic behavior as it presents itself in your immediate personal reality, you are not qualified to live in a free world. Freedom isn't a free lunch. Such is the humble view of a warrior in Kali's Band.

Finally, it could be said that the challenge presented to the Lord Archon by Sophia represents the way humanity will engage in her correction and return to the divine experiment, free of Archontic disruption and subterfuge.


The wisdom goddess counts on our species to do just that...


But it might require too large a stretch of imagination to realize this proposition of divine confidence in mortal humans. To put the same proposition in strictly secular language: we cannot realize our true humanity without beating the Authorities.


There is more than one way to do so, but the central and decisive way is to choose anarchy in defiance of any authority that does not demonstrate benevolence toward life in all forms.

The true anarchy of the human species is Sophia's guarantee of the success of the divine experiment she preconceived for the Anthropos, without setting a predetermined end to it.


Gnosis today is the open source spirituality of imaginal and moral empowerment that optimizes the prospects for creative anarchy. Thus in Gnosis we can fulfill the Edenic promise of life on earth.

Even the word carries the essential message:

an-arch, "against authority, against archons."

I have noted before that engagement in Sophia's correction is a volunteer process that involves an act of de-selection for each human individual. Backing down from the menacing absurdity of the Authorities, you deselect from her correction.


In doing so, you also abdicate your true identity as a human being, the opportunity to live and thrive as an acting member of the Anthropos.

"The Archons made me do it."

No, you forfeit a role in Sophia's correction. You defeat yourself by missing the greatest opportunity life can offer.


The Authorities only have the power ceded to them through ignorance and denial of our divine potential, our endowment from the planetary animal mother and the Aeons.

A passage in The Second Treatise of the Great Seth (64.4f) captures the basic tragedy of the human race:

to be misled from its true potential by simulation, falling for a false version of itself.

This warning seems to be unique to the radical protest of the Gnostics.


The words applied here to Jesus, Moses, and the Patriarchs can as well be applied to those of the human race who succumb to the moral illusion of the Authorities:



They never knew truth,
nor will they know it
for there is a great deception
upon their soul, and they cannot
ever find the mind of
freedom, in order to know
themselves, in true humanity.