Are We Looking At a Sign?
Comet Lee May Have Fulfilled the Prophecies of Nostradamus
by Clarence Gregory
April 18, 2000

from TheMilleniumGroup Website


Have you finally written Comet Lee C/1999 off? Do you believe that it was a trumped-up non-event? What youíre about to learn may change that. It may worry you. It may worry you a lot.

This article examines the facts presented in the most popular article ever published on TMG: Solar Eclipse as Seen From Turkey, Thereís a Surprise You wonít Believe! by Marshall Masters, Former CNN Field Producer, Science and Technology Features.
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From from TheMilleniumGroup Website



As I viewed this movie for the first few times there were a few things that immediately struck me. I am, as always, more than happy to leave the conclusions up to you. I greatly appreciate Marshallís efforts and his expertise on this film. He is nothing but a gentleman and an intelligent one, interested in the same truth that we are seeking.

1) In the first few seconds of the film, watch as the ring of the visible sun disappears behind the moon. When it is almost gone and barely visible, the small portion of the ring left, smears and moves toward the top of the frame. In many previous images, that NASA provides the public of comets and other objects, the frame is inverted or turned inside out if you will. Iím unsure of exactly why this is done, but my suspicions are that it is to confuse the layman as to direction and keep them from drawing any conclusions of relationship between two or more objects. This practice was seen over and over in the observance of Hale Bopp. One time the body was aligned one way in the frame and then another time aligned another way. Very confusing. Of course the answer to this confronting question will be that "telescopes invert images". Well of course they do, however, all astronomers - even amateurs as myself knowing this can easily align them properly for the lay public prior to their exhibition. Other images of the eclipse that I have viewed clearly show the solar disk disappearing behind the moon in the lower left hand quadrant, where it actually occurred visually.

Please excuse me for being long winded about this, but the point here is that if this is true, the camera appears to move to the upper left when moved. Again, this is merely my opinion and could very well be wrong. The importance of this matter is that - in this direction - lies our friend Comet Lee.

2) In my opinion, as a lay person, the film appears to be edited, cut if you will after the sun is completely blotted out. The film does not appear to return after several key elements occur as point out by Marshall above. When it returns the corona suddenly cuts on to whatís called the *Diamond Ring*, in one frame - these frames are as many as thirty frames a second and clicking thru each frame reveals that compared to other movies of the eclipse, it has been cut into the middle of the eclipse. Again the Diamond Ring is in the wrong visual position.

3) In the middle of the sequence, there appears several objects. The object that caught my attention more than any other, is referred to as object *C* above. You can clearly see a center brightness or spot, surrounded by a "cloud of haze". The center appears to be in a very familiar shape. This shape is what I refer to as the *horseshoe* and was seen in Hale Bopp as it passed perihelion. It almost appears as a quarter moon shape, or golf club head shape. The foggy cloud also appears to sweep back toward the other objects - *A* and *B*.

Now just a few questions to end with:

  • Is this the comet? It appears to be in the correct position and the construct suggests a comet indeed.

  • Is there more film of these objects, that we could take a look at?

  • I really doubt that we will ever see the rest of this film. So we are once again left to ourselves to come to our own conclusions.

  • What was the person told that edited this piece of film? Was he/she told anything?

It mustíve needed to be up in a hurry as this was a NASA feed. But of course absolutely still possible to be done. I wonder if the editor was told nothing, as to keep the info in the inner circle. Again, just conjecture - you decide.

If this is a comet, then what are these objects in its apparent tail? To be honest, I personally am not a follower of Nostradamus, and have not followed his writings. But considering the previous piece by Colonel James Ervin, when I saw these images and identified what I believe to be a comet, and at least two accompanying objects in the tail, I got goose bumps real quick. I suppose the argument could be that I am seeing something that I want to see. But believe me, I do not want to see this or believe him. Take a good look yourself and let us know what your opinion is. I am interested.

Meanwhile weíll wait for more criticism from our friend at JPL, yet we will continue to ask for access to the data and images. We will likely not get it. We will not make predictions as we have been accused of doing. We will not claim aliens in the tail of the comet, as we have been accused of saying. We will not kill ourselves or compel anyone else to, as we have been said to be associated with. We will wait for the truth. And we will invite Mr. Morris to an open dialogue if he so desires. We have no hard feelings toward him or any other individual.

But how long can the people of the world be told they are ignorant, that they are unable to understand?

Gary G. Goodwin


UPDATE: 8/17/99

I received this email from a fellow that provided me with obvious legitimate credentials identifying him as a professional videographer. He asked that I not use his name. Those associated with film would likely recognize this fellows name.

In a message dated 8/16/1999 7:00:29 AM Pacific Daylight Time:

O.K. can use. But I reworked it a bit. I had forgotten about one other possibility. I am an Independent Producer / Director, my latest documentary on a famous artist. Rather not have you print my name. Youíre obviously being watched.

I can only tell you, as a professional Videomaker that clearly something is not right with the sequencing of the imagery; after the moon completely overtakes the sun, and we then see the objects, we then get what we call a "jump cut" to the return image of the eclipse, where the moon is just encompassing the sun again (except with a much brighter end glow). Get it?

Twice in a row. This was edited. Unless two things.. 1. The cameraman yanked out (or electronically subtracted) a few neutral density filters he was using for the occasion, to get better exposure on objects, which MIGHT account for the sudden change and a certain backlash of light (causing a repeat effect). But I donít think so because it was too dramatic a change and the first shot seemed to secure a total block for light to splash back.

Strangely, when I called up the video, and at the last frame of the eclipse before objects were seen, I took a crayon pencil and outlined the arc on my screen and then advanced to the eclipse arc after the objects and found a good BUT NOT PERFECT match. Comments anyone?

The other possibility is that the station cut between two cameras, and the other camera was at some far away point from the first possibly accounting for the repeat. But I donít think so either. How far away would you have to be to account for roughly two seconds of delay?

About Object C: the supposed Comet. It bothers me its distinct image last only one frame. A flash of light escaping the eclipse gave it luminance??? Was there "missing time" (no because the other objects didnít skip a beat) or graphic manipulation (easy to do these days), but they would have required time to exercise manipulation being that it was live (First of all today "Live" can mean a thirty second delay. They could possibly have a channel they could cut to in a hurry on the board, or no one noticed it at the time but if millenniumís tape was obtained after the broadcast Iíd be suspicious).

Also the most frightening of it all is how Object A is NOT A DOUBLED IMAGE because of a motion pan (Trailing). The object holds together throughout the pans right and left indicating to me that if this IS an object, it is elongated and bigger than you think.





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At TMG, we continually marvel at the huge popularity of this story. After the article was first published, scores of Nostradamus web sites disappeared, and many posted notes of disappointment in Nostradamus claiming that his prophecy had been a bogus one after all.

Yet, despite the waning interest of the Nostradamus community, this article has consistently ranked in the top five TMG stories each month in terms of page views since it was first published in August 1999. Consequently, weíve been asking ourselves why does this article have legs? Why wonít it die.

That answer has finally come from Clarence Gregory.

What Clarence tells us is that Nostradamus prophesied a sign - not an event. Those who turned their head with bitter disappointment were looking for an event, which is sad, because Clarence shows us how the Eclipse of 1999 could very well have been the fulfillment of prophecy because Nostradamus prophesized a sign!

This summer, Clarence Gregoryís forthcoming definitive book on Nostradamus will hit the bookstore shelves. (It will be a thick one so bring stock up on lamp oil.) A few members of MCORE have had the opportunity to preview a few chapters and feel that his historical method of analysis of the writings of Nostradamus will firmly establish him as a leader in his field. After you read this article, youíll know why.


In a recent conversation with Marshall Masters, I was intrigued by his sighting of a comet he called "Object B" during the Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999, and that there has been an extensive effort to discredit that sighting.

It is widely accepted by prophecy scholars that the works of Nostradamus are coded some way. Many of these scholars assert that his quatrains are written in mixed order so as to further disguise his meanings.

Perhaps this why many secretly wish to discredit the "Object B" sightings are doing so because in fact "Object B" represents the fulfillment of quatrain 10:72 as prophesied by Nostradamus. But, in their haste to discredit Marshallís discovery of "Object B" they often misused or misinterpreted the writings of Nostradamus.



The Key to Understanding Nostradamus

I would like to point out that my work up to this point has concentrated purely on correlating the quatrains in their proper order to known historical fact. I have spent very little time in attempting to predict the future due to the inability to document the unknown. I claim the title of interpreter, not prophet, but I can fill you in on the possible outcomes of these quatrains in relationship to other quatrains that follow in numerical sequence. In my studies I have come to accept two rules:

  • Nostradamus rarely gives all the facts within one quatrain. He usually adds detail with quatrains that follow the original, and any quatrain that refers to a date, usually denotes that quatrain as the beginning of a thought that will be added to later.

  • Nostradamus rarely discusses an event as such, but rather, alludes to the outcome of the event. This makes it very difficult to identify until all of the facts are in. The process can take years and this is why I believe that several quatrains that follow the 1999 eclipse quatrain, in numerical order may add to the original thought, and deserve further attention

The historical timeline method of analyzing the prophecies of Nostradamus, which I will present in detail in my forthcoming book on Nostradamus, reveals a clear and consistent pattern in how the quatrains are organized.


The Historical Timeline Method

The basic thought needed here is to understand that the quatrains follow a timeline based on the quatrain numbers only, regardless of the Century or Book that they were contained. If this timeline is utilized, then any quatrain from 67 on, (regardless of Century), refers to the present and future as the numerical system advances.

Other observable aspects of his works further support this timeline methodology, by demonstrating that Nostradamus was also consistent in several other aspects to include:

  • Recurring Preludes

  • Favored Topics

  • Planetary Codes

The fact that Nostradamus used codes is thoroughly understandable, given that he wrote his prophecies at the height of The Spanish Inquisition. During that time, heretics were routinely tortured to death or burned at the stake.


Recurring Preludes

Nostradamus did not want his labors to be missed by even the feeble-minded. For this reason, he repeats most messages twice in the form of obtuse and acute observation. He does this by preceding each era by a prelude that basically tells the reader what to expect in the coming era and then gives a more precise observation that combined with the subject matter in the prelude paints a very clear picture.

For example, the history up to the time of the Cold war consists of five eras or chapters, each preceded by a prelude. This takes up most of the quatrains, (618), and leaves us approximately 368 to come to the present, (1/66), and beyond.


Favored Topics

Nostradamus primarily about France, Italy, Napoleon and the church, these accounting for the subject matter of 54% of the 447 quatrains I was able to interpret. The overall distribution of topics by subject matter area, is as follows:















Opinion of the writer
















As you can see the first four topics listed account for over half the subject matter of the work and this is to be expected, as the man was a Catholic, Frenchman who spent many years in Italy. The remainder of the topics is brought up as needed but its clear they are the minor characters in the scheme of French History. As the reader goes through the work this will be made clearer through the obvious laments that the writer makes for his precious France. He exhibits national pride two hundred years before it was invented.


Planetary Codes

I would like to present the reader with a code by which to decipher Nostradamusí choice of planetary names and their meanings. Many times, particularly, in the Twentieth Century these are parts of an Astrological dating system and this makes sense. Given the changes in the standard Gregorian Calendar over the Jovian Calendar, this would provide a foolproof method of dating that would last the centuries.

The majority of the time, however, the names merely apply to a particular country or complex situation such as war or having to give up the spoils of war as examples of the latter. The following table will assist the reader in interpreting the quatrains:




Full Whiteness

The Spoils of war

Ottoman Empire




The Sea

The righteous cause

Napoleon or The Pope

*Most of these terms are clarified in quatrain #5/24.


Why the August 1999 Eclipse was Widely Misinterpreted

During my conversation with Marshall, he mentioned that he felt it was a disappointment for many, that this sighting of Object B during the Solar Eclipse did not match with quatrain 10:72, also known as the "1999, seventh month quatrain."

Nostradamus 10:72

The year 1999 and seven months
From the skies will come the great king of terror
To raise again the great King of the Jacquarie
Before and after Mars to reign by happiness

He also expressed the opinion that he was delighted to be wrong. At that point, I knew I had to break his bubble. The fault in Marshallís reasoning, like that of so many others was that he chooses to take a literal stance in the interpretation of 10:72.

This misinterpretation was common because folk literally took the words, "Sept month", to refer to the either the months July or September. Please keep in mind that that in later quatrains, when Nostradamus chooses to name any month, he does so directly.

Furthermore, by marking this date concerning a, "king of terror", Nostradamus chooses to name the seventh month without naming it directly. This leads me to believe that he was referring to an astrological month, as it is well documented that he was an active practitioner of the art.

The seventh month of the Zodiac, of the calendar year 1999 is Leo, July 23 to August 22. This places the Solar Eclipse and subsequent sighting right in the middle of the prescribed time period.

My attention was also drawn to this quatrain, with its unique date, during the August eclipse, but I had dismissed it as light hearted. This was due to my considering a Solar Eclipse to be of insufficient significance to warrant an interpretation of such far reaching possibilities. This all changed with Marshallís news of the presence of a comet (Comet Lee or "Object B") during the eclipse.

Solar Eclipses have been noted and predicted for centuries, but how often have the observers been treated to the unexpected appearance of comets during these events?

The presence of Comet Lee or Object B does indeed, present us with a unique situation. Its presence, along with the above correlation of the date, compels me to elaborate on why I feel this event may well be of extreme importance.


Possible Futures Resulting from Comet Lee

As I stated earlier, no single quatrain describes an event accurately and very few events are described as they accrued, but rather, by their effects on European society. Considering all things, including the future in historical context, we realize that even, "kings of terror", donít come about by adding water. The process of considering future events involves, unfortunately , a lot of time spent waiting.

All of this having been said, I would like to list four quatrains that I fall within the proper timeline and may be related to the 10:72 quatrain. My hopes are that they will provide us with a more accurate picture of what we should be looking for. The future is not something I claim to be able to predict. I only offer possible scenarios.

The first of these quatrains would be number 70 in book 2.The dart from the sky will make its excursions

Death in speaking, great execution.
The stone in the tree,
the fierce people surrendered Noisy human monster,
purged by expiation

Letís compare this to the 1999 quatrain, the 72nd of book 10.

The year 1999 and seven months
From the skies will come the great king of terror
To raise again the great King of the Jacquarie
Before and after Mars to reign by happiness

There appears to be a correlation between the two in the sense that the object is now refereed to as a dart in quatrain 2/70. The stone in the tree could refer to the tree of Israel as some have suggested and that would match with the King of the Jacquarie, which I believe to be of Jacobite origin. This would certainly match with the tree of Israel, as many in Europe believe the Jacobites carry the bloodline of Christ. (This however, is a topic for another website.)

Furthermore, this quatrain provides us with the possible fate of this king. All in all, this quatrain coupling deserves further study. The next two quatrains that may be considered are numbers 91 in books 1 and 2.

The Gods will make an appearance to humans
That they will be the authors of a great conflict
Before the heavens seen serine swords and lance
That toward the left hand will be greater afflicted

The sun rising, one will see a great fire
Noise and light tending toward the north
Within the round death and one will hear cries
By sword fire hunger death awaits them

These two quatrains when juxtapositioned with the 1999 quatrain describe a war of celestial origins, which most of us would take as the last Biblical war. Again, if Israel were involved, it is wholly possible. The second of these quatrains refers to a war that is already happening. This isnít too hard to identify because at the time of the Solar Eclipse, Russia was committing troops in earnest to its Chechen area. This area, by the way, would lie directly north of the path of the eclipse of August 1999.

The last of these quatrains is number 96 in book 2.

An ardent flame in the sky will be seen
Near the end and beginning of the Rhone
Famine sword too late help provided
Persia turns to invade Macedonia

The ardent flame is pretty easy to connect, as well as the path of the eclipse, as it passed over the Rhone. Famine is a common enough occurrence lately. What is of concur here, is the advent of a war that has yet to occur. Any student of European History, however, can tell you that future war in the mentioned area are more probable than not.

A lot of speculation has gone into the possible physical effect of this comet on our planet. For me the jury is still out.

My current concern is that this sighting of a comet along with a Solar Eclipse, could well be taken as a sign of rapidly escalating events to come. As far fetched as this may sound, it brings up the notion of a chain of events dictated by a history of humanity, as seen by Nostradamus, and not at all dependent on the physical effects of other astral bodies.

All of this I propose not as predetermined fact, but as a possible future relating to the sighting of a comet during the Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999. I do this in the hopes that others with knowledge to add will do so.