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From: Exopolitics
Date: 04/12/07 21:54:17
Subject: [exopolitics] Government tried to ruin the best young science minds

Aloha, below is a very revealing personal statement from George LoBuono, UFO researcher and author of Alien Primer. It details the harsh treatment against promising scientific researchers who discover "over unity" devices, and how anyone utilizing such energy sources can be tracked by government agencies even in remote locations. This replicates what happened with Otis Carr and the development of the first civilian spacecraft.

The statement also explores the exopolitical relationships that emerged during the Eisenhower administration, and how this factors into suppression of new technologies. Many aware of this technological suppression believe it exclusively arises out of the vested interests in the energy sector. For example, Tesla's difficulties in marketing wireless transmission of electricity are typically attributed to J.P. Morgan's and Co's exclusive focus on profiting from wired electricity.


I think the role of such vested interests is only the surface of the underlying dynamics behind technological suppression. The suppression of alternative energy is done not solely to preserve the financial interests of elites who could easily adapt to new technologies and find ways to profit, but to suppress the evolution of human consciousness. So technological suppression really derives from an underlying "war on consciousness" that is designed to limit human potential by getting humanity to exclusively use outdated technologies and energy sources. This fact is increasingly being recognized by contemporary authors, see for example, Paul Levy.

While I cannot endorse all of the views in what follows, there is sufficient merit in them for seriously considering why the brightest scientific minds are being systematically targeted in ways that defy common sense, the evolution of consciousness, and the true national security interests of democratic nations.

In peace,

Michael Salla, Ph.D




Personal statement from G. LoBuono (George L.)


Recently I met with a scalar energy researcher whose case rings a familiar bell. Back in 1984 when he was only 24, he’d completed undergrad and graduate work at UC Berkeley in physics. In 1984 he was working at Lawrence Berkeley labs, the various accelerator and other labs just up the road from downtown Berkeley in what’s called Strawberry Canyon. One day, working in an area just beneath one of the complex’s accelerators, he put together a device using electrical materials stored in the room. His supervisor ok’d his use of the materials.

He’s very bright and gentle (he later married Russel Targ’s daughter before she died of cancer). He speaks honestly and is the kind of person who inspires trust, being a man of new age, nonviolent nature. In the underground room he set up an apparatus using a piezoelectric crystal. The crystal was barium titanate, and he soldered a wire to each end of it (a.c. wires).


He attached an oscilloscope plus an amp meter and a voltometer. Then he worked to adjust the oscillating wave interference patterns. It was a simple design and he says other researchers fail in the same kind of effort because they didn’t consider the basic cosine function, which he did. The crystal allows for a concentration of the electricity inside it, which caused the crystal to hum audibly. He says it was an over-unity device that put out 2.5 times more energy than the amount of electricity put into it.

He went home that night without telling anyone, even in his lab, about what he’d accomplished. The next day, when he got to work the Berkeley police were there, angry and they grabbed him in front of his coworkers. He asked what he’d done and they said, “You know what you did,” then handcuffed him and hauled him off while 11 coworkers gawked, wondering. They took him away, then handed him off to UC Berkeley police who put him in a holding cell down in the basement of Sproul Hall, the building at the end of Telegraph St. where the Student Union is, plus a plaza that has been site of important demonstrations.


They tried to intimidate him and made him sign the same procedural document eight different times. He finally was allowed a phone call and his girlfriend came with bail money. He paid it but wouldn’t leave until they told him why he’d been manhandled (he was only 24, optimistic but confused by the Orwellian treatment). Finally, one of the cops said okay, here’s what you did: you fell asleep in the women’s bathroom and were trespassing. He was aghast, as was his girlfriend. It was entirely false. He knew it was all bout his over-unity experiment, but how did they even know about his experiment?

So he left, bewildered. Next day he went back to his workplace and told coworkers that he hadn’t done anything wrong; he’d merely rigged up a piezoelectric barium titanate crystal that achieved over-unity (put out more energy than was put into it). He asked his boss to vouch for him---his boss had ok’d the use of the materials. Meanwhile, all of the materials had been removed from the room where he did his experiment, and his apparatus was gone, too. His boss cut him off and said, “We can’t have people like you working here. You’re fired.”

A few days later, he decided that with his skills and background, he would apply for another position in the labs. As he approached the applications office, the UC Berkeley police ran a car up onto the sidewalk separating him from the front door and four cops jumped out, grabbed him. They threw him into the car and said there was a restraining order to keep him away from the university.


They drove, high speed, up into Strawberry Canyon and turned left (beyond the old Bevatron accelerator but before the public museum up on top of the hill) into a driveway down to an accelerator. The car headed for a wall without slowing, which alarmed him, but the wall opened up (sliding electrical doors) and the car drove down several stories of circular ramp. There, also, was a larger holding cell/jail - likely a remnant of Reagan’s mass arrests as governor.

Again, it was an Orwellian scene. No specific charges, just intimidation while the desk cop pored over a large file about my acquaintance. He got out, later, and went into hiding for a couple of months, then went to live with research colleagues in southern California, where he used a fake name to remain inconspicuous. Together, they built a lab in a bedroom of their house, but a few days before he could test his new, improved piezoelectric crystal device, he arrived home to find the entire room cleaned out--- everything was gone. He ran out looking for signs of the culprits - he’d only been gone two hours that night - and he found only one of his file papers in the gutter down the street.

Again, it was Orwellian. How did they know he was there? Maybe it was the fact that he’d ordered the piezoelectric crystal from a science supply co. He wasn’t sure. Years later, he was hired by Joe Firmage to work on Firmage’s ISSO Co. research into over-unity devices. Also working on the project was Kirk Hawkins, the man portrayed in the Robert Redford movie Sneakers, about a hacker who’s hired by the NSA to teach them what he knows. The Firmage project had brilliant, inspired talent but may have been targeted by the men in black. Due to disconnects, seemingly untraceable snafus and more, the project didn’t go as planned.

Next, he worked for a corporation called the Sara Corp. There, he finally met other over-unity researchers and people who talked about how they’d worked directly on “alien technology.” There he was told the reason why he’d been arrested, Big Brother style, back at Berkeley labs. US black budget structures had a system of scalar energy detectors that, like the scene in The Last Mimsy, can immediately triangulate the location of anyone in the US (perhaps the world) who was tapping into scalar energy (i.e. with his over-unity device).


Tom Bearden writes about how electronic detectors pick up scalar energy signals and how they sometimes emit sounds like a woodpecker’s tapping, hence the name “the woodpecker grid.” You can hear the sound HERE.

The news is important for two reasons. One, the US and probably all industrialized nations now have a system to locate and conceivably disable any dangerous weapons use of scalar energy devices. They’ve had a system of the sort since 1984, perhaps earlier, given fears about Soviet scalar technology. In other words, if someone like the fabled Yakuza or the Japanese cult or an irresponsible government tries to do seismic or scalar damage, a global system of reverse-streaming scalar devices can locate it, blow out its circuitry and prevent damage to the planet by the new scalar technologies.


In other words, we can now openly discuss and research such technologies, plus aliens, given that safeguards are in place. Although it was born in Big Brother fashion and is now partly under black budget mafia control, it shows that the necessary infrastructure for public disclosure about over-unity devices AND aliens is already in existence. But there’s one very ugly catch (noted below).

My acquaintance spoke with others who’d achieved over-unity and they were met with that same brutal police tactic, a brutal repression of the best scientific minds in the US, and this continued until the end of the Cold War. Since then, or thereabouts, experimenters haven’t been so brutally assaulted. But when they try to license and manufacture such devices, someone invariably shows up and worms into their finance, or ruins their effort’s funding. It’s nightmarish. One researcher tried, in earlier years, to do his experiments, but police arrived either in helicopters or in cars. On one occasion they broke through the windows of a house he’d rented far up in Alaska to escape detection and ground his face into the broken glass, cutting and scarring it. Is that how you treat the best minds of a nation?

I’ve come to the conclusion that the structure that targeted my acquaintance for removal from early research is essentially a kind of operation COINTELPRO against scientists. (COINTELRPO was mob-controlled J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI program to ruin the lives of anti-Vietnam War activists -I’ve met some of them personally.) The most disturbing aspect of the scientific version of a COINTELPRO-like program is that it attempted to hobble the lives of the best, independent human thinkers, apparently in order to prevent them from putting forth relatively harmless but trenchant, original human thought about new physics, the universe, and technology. The goons and cops no doubt thought it was all about security and dangers of weird technology. In a sense, they couldn’t possibly have understood the creeping Big Brother implications of the black budget structures.

However, the MJ12 and PI40 structure that terminated presidential and all elected control of alien-related programs when Eisenhower let Nelson Rockefeller reorganize his government in 1953---has been distorted and steered toward preventing the best human thinkers from succeeding in continuing independent research and historical discourse on such subjects. (“The Political Management of the Extraterrestrial Presence”) When Roosevelt and Truman were in office, alien-related programs were under executive (presidential) control. The military did all alien-related technology contracts under its control, hence the president had direct oversight. But Nelson Rockefeller betrayed the people in an epic way. He removed all such programs from presidential control.


Eisenhower later felt that both he, and the American people had been betrayed. All alien program research was thereafter put under the control of corporations, for whom the military was but a second tier. Eisenhower went so far as to say that it was the gravest danger to our freedom in 1960. Rockefeller’s family has been guilty in many crimes against humanity, and they earlier betrayed Andrew Jackson’s noted accomplishment: the end of the Second Bank of the United States, which had previously printed money and had threatened to turn the US into an aristocracy, not a democracy. Read the Framers’ various warnings about it.

Andrew Jackson ended the Bank, which was effectively controlled by the Rothschild family at the time, a long-time enemy in Britain. (One of Rothschild’s men was later the Treasury Secretary of the Confederacy) The War of 1812 probably figured in Jackson’s mind when he dissolved the Second Bank of the United States. Jackson had guts, and the US remained free of Rothschild’s dirty fingers, except for J. P. Morgan, who’d been a Rothschild agent-banker in Britain. During the late 1800’s Morgan proceeded to set up monopolies that removed control of both the money and the political structure here from popular control.


John D. Rockefeller was also a Rothschild stooge--- so much so, that his family betrayed Jackson’s epic stand against royalism when, in 1911, Rockefellers combined with Rothschilds to sneak a bill past the US Congress allowing setup of “The Federal Reserve Bank.” The Fed is private, controlled by Rothschild interests and their puppet, Rockefeller (plus Rothschild in-laws the Warburgs, and the Schroeder Bank in Germany). In other words, the US government doesn’t even print our money; the Rothschild/Rockefeller cabal does. They’ve used that power to manipulate economic crises and put the US into debt, effectively betraying both the American Revolution and the Constitution (Bush Jr. is but a latter-day puppet of such operatives).


The vote on the Federal Reserve Bank was sneaked in when most of its opponents had gone home for Christmas break in late 1911. Then came WWI and the beginnings of N.W.O. structures. See Aaron Russo’s story about how CFR board member Nick Rockefeller said the CFR plan is to microchip us all, take away our freedoms, and somehow cull the human population (through epidemics and war?).


Eleven months BEFORE 9-11, Nick Rockefeller told Russo that a “big event” would soon happen and the US military would soon be in Afghanistan and Pakistan looking for enemies in caves. He said the US would move into and try to control the whole Middle East.


How did he know BEFORE 9-11?

Back to our main subject. A scientific COINTELPRO program targeting the best US scientists is the pawn of corrupt forces who’ve been bent to prevent humans from taking credit for human research on scalar sciences. What we’re seeing is a bizarrely corrupt black budget structure eating out of the palm of “joint arrangement” interactions (black budget mafia and aliens, say human sources - see below) in labs with aliens of the abducting alignment. The black budget empire is now the largest mafia drug dealing network on Earth.

So why did Rockefeller conspire to remove it from executive control?

Re: alien technology programs, whistleblower ret. Gen. Steven Lovekin told CSETI researchers that Eisenhower later said that “it isn’t in the best hands.” Eisenhower’s warning about the dangers of that military-industrial combine was prophetic---it killed his successor and has violated much of the globe, ever since.

The scientific COINTELPRO scheme is typical of any imperialistic effort to discredit a target people’s identity and institutions in order to decapitate them and replace them with an aggressor’s preferred identity. In this case, the aggressor is the combined, corrupt human cabal and abducting alignment aliens who now lead such goons on a relatively short leash.


The MJ12 - PI40 mafia gets alien technology in return for a deepening alien presence here, which is openly tolerated by compromised military-industrial sectors. Read,

  1. Sgt. Clifford Stone’s reports about aliens in US facilities

  2. Bob Lazar’s story

  3. Dr. Michael Wolf

  4. airman Charles Hall and the “tall white” aliens

  5. Col. Steve Wilson (who said that after working with black budget cabal for whom he either killed or targeted various whistleblowers, he felt dead inside; no emotion)

Read the stories of other whistleblowers who warn that abduction was allowed for a while, until military men realized that it was out of control. By then, Rockefeller had betrayed humankind and had removed all control of the alien incursion from decent, elected control.


Like past human colonizer’s attempts to obliterate independent traditions, and like the brutality of slavery and the oppression of women, the scientific COINTELPRO is evidence that, as Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs maintain, the offending aliens have gotten in too deep with their breeding program and have compromised human safeguards. By stepping on the lives of pioneering human researchers, thus preventing them from documenting and continuing their research, deeply compromised black budget goons allow “joint arrangement” aliens to slowly dribble their technology into human hands, instead.

This weakens human claims to have done what Tesla, Brown, and others did. It addicts corrupt, mafia-like profiteers to science that isn’t even theirs. It trashes original human research and allows the abducting alignment to do what they want to do: control all such events and act as though humans are incompetent to control themselves. It’s a colonizer’s strategy.

We are all in danger, as a result.