-  About Branton


 -  And There Was War In Heaven


 -  Conflicto Cósmico y Las Guerras de DA'ATH


 -  Cosmic Conflict and The DA‘ATH Wars


 -  Dreamland in the Rockies


 -  Holy Hollow Earth Expert and Deep Cover Dulce Mole



 -  Los Ingenieros de la Línea de Tiempo de Montauk - Alemanes Crearon una Grieta Espacio/Temporal en 1931


 -  Manipulating Those of Us on the "Surface"


 -  Martyrs of the Underground Resistance


 -  Project RedBook / Subterranean Worlds-Underworlds



 -  Reptilian Humanoids - (Homo-Subterreptus) - Case Files



 -  The Battle at Dulce



 -  The Cult of The Serpent


 -  The Dulce Book


 -  The Dulce Caverns And Pueblo Mythology



 -  The Late Karla Turner Speaks of Reptilian Atrocities



 -  The Montauk Time-Line Engineers? - Germans Created a Time/Space Rift in 1931


 -  The OMEGA Files - Greys, Nazis, Underground Bases, and the New World Order


 -  The Secrets of The Mojave


 -  The Underworld Empire


 -  Y Hubo Una Guerra en El Cielo



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