by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.
April 1, 2012

from Exopolitics Website

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Yesterday, I made the trip from the Big Island of Hawaii to the adjoining island of Maui to see David Icke do a one day event on the theme “Remember Who You Are”.


I had some years earlier read two of Icke’s books and many of his articles where he discussed the secret hierarchy in control of our world. This was my first time seeing him live. I was looking forward to the experience, and was not to be disappointed.


About 450 people were there at the Castle Theater to see Icke deliver an impassioned ten hour presentation broken down into four parts. It was wonderful to see the Hawaiian audience react so positively to the message he had to deliver, which covered the full spectrum of his understanding of our global situation, and how humanity can break free of our “Reptilian” overlords by riding a powerful “truth frequency” wave sweeping into our world.


A metaphor that resonated swell with the Hawaiian surfers in the audience - including myself.

The first part of the day dealt with "Remember Who You Are".


In it Icke explained how the universe is little more than various frequencies, and that the consciousness at the core of our identity uses this energetic frequency field to generate a holographic image of our physical bodies. He persuasively argued that we are eternal beings of infinite consciousness having a holographic experience.


Our bodies are little more than physical vehicles, like cars, that accommodate us for short periods, before we let them go for a new model - reincarnation.


Icke explained the importance of understanding how the energetic frequency field around us, is the substratum of the holographic image that is created by our five senses. Understanding how this holographic image is created - our physical body - not only is important for remembering who we are, eternal beings of infinite consciousness, but also how we are manipulated to believe we are powerless.


That took us into part two of Icke’s Remember Who You Are.

Icke showed how historically humanity has been controlled by those whose energy frequency field is more expansive than our own. This allows humanity’s controllers to manipulate our perceptual field which is made up of all that our five physical senses take in, and is processed by our brain.


Essentially, the controllers own sensory inputs processes more of the energy frequency field around us. The way they manipulate humanity is to implant our junk DNA with information that allows us to be manipulated to varying degrees.

Those humans who have the right bloodlines (DNA) are steered into positions of power by our controllers.


These human elites - bluebloods - are genetically hardwired in a way that allows them to be manipulated even more directly by our historical overlords that oversee this vast genetic intervention.


As to who are our overlords, no surprise for those following the work of David Icke - they are Reptilian multidimensional entities whose perceptual fields and abilities allow them to overshadow our perceptual reality. Our Reptilian overlords, according to Icke, have been here for a very long time and evidence is found in many cultural traditions and artifacts.


They act like shadowy puppeteers in pulling the genetic strings of elites prominently placed in the hierarchical control system.

I was especially impressed by Icke’s explanation of how the moon is in fact an artificially created satellite whose chief purpose is to transmit electromagnetic frequencies that allow humanity to be controlled.


Icke quoted a number of authors saying the same thing over the last hundred years or so. Basically, it appears that the moon’s position, the way it precisely overshadows the sun during eclipses, and its influence over human emotions, female cycles, tidal patterns, etc., is no accident.


This made a lot of sense.


 Unfortunately, this was not the case for Icke’s explanation of the role of the planet Saturn in the control system manipulating humanity.

Icke explained how historically the planet or ‘god’ Saturn has been the center of many religious and cultural systems as a figure of worship. He claimed that the word “Satan” has its roots in Saturn.


The fact that so many past imperial cultures, and Satanist groups, have venerated the planet or god Saturn, makes it part of the planetary control system according to Icke. This is where Icke generated some controversy when he tried to explain how the Star of David was an image of the Saturnian belief system with Satanic aspects.


Given that the Star of David is a venerated symbol for the nation (state) of Israel and Jewish identity, this would naturally trigger some powerful emotions.


Icke tried to rationalize it this way. He was against Rothschild Zionism which historically has manipulated Jews in fulfilling a planetary agenda that would culminate in a Third World War. The Star of David was part of the agenda of Rothschild Zionism and had little to do with any core Jewish identity.


One audience member repeatedly tried to challenge Icke on this, but was not allowed to ask any question. Later in the day, the audience member rushed the stage in frustration causing quite a commotion. More on the Star of David symbol later.

The third part of the day dealt with our current geo-political system. Basically, the planetary control system is in high gear trying to counter the rising consciousness of humanity caused by an incoming truth frequency. The controllers realize that they are about to lose power, and are making every attempt to intimidate and frighten humanity into submission.


This is why, according to Icke, the Obama administration has gone to great lengths to implement legislation that enables it greater control over every aspect of American life:

The final part of the presentation was the kind of pep talk one would hear from a general giving one final exhortation to his troops before battle.


Icke was taking this one last opportunity to motivate all to realize who they are - expressions of infinite consciousness having holographic experiences - to say “No” to the controllers agenda, and to rally others to do the same.


The time for nonviolent revolution is now!

Overall, it had been an inspiring performance by Icke, who despite some obvious health challenges, made it through to the end of his ten hour marathon without collapsing as probably this and other mere mortals would have done. This takes me to the downside of my day long experience with David Icke.

It became obvious that this was to be a very one way experience.


Icke was to speak uninterrupted for close to ten hours in all without any questions or interruption from the audience. This created quite a paradox with what Icke was intending to achieve. It became clear that he was downloading a lot of information and conditioning his audience to be informed of the problems confronting humanity, and to take action according to his prescription.


Given that the main problem confronting humanity was conditioning by its secret Reptilian overlords, it is no minor paradox that Icke was doing something very similar. If he really believed his audience comprised infinite expressions of consciousness having holographic experiences, then perhaps he could learn something from them to improve his own understanding of what is occurring at a planetary level.


This was not to be. Icke had worked it all out.


All the audience had to do was absorb Icke’s message and act on it. So I’ll take this opportunity to share what this individual expression of infinite consciousness would have pointed out if given the opportunity to ask questions.

First, the Star of David is a very old and ancient symbol, and not at all an exclusive negative symbol that furthers a Zionist Rothschild control agenda.


The Star of David has been described by various authors as a two dimensional representation of two interlocking tetrahedrons (a star tetrahedron) that have tremendous transformational power as part of something called sacred geometry by Drunvalo Melchizadek, or hyperdimensional physics by Richard Hoagland.


There is much information about the transformational aspects of the Star of David, and it is in many ways a sacred symbol. I certainly sympathized with those objecting to Icke’s crude depiction of the Star of David symbol, and attempt to caricature it as a symbol of oppression.

Second, according to Icke, all forms of hierarchy are bad. This includes an alleged spiritual hierarchy called the “Great White Brotherhood” that has been silently intervening in human affairs for a positive future.




There is abundant evidence that such a secret ‘spiritual’ hierarchy had intervened in many ways to help guide humanity’s evolution, but doing so largely behind the scenes so as to not have too inordinate an influence in human affairs. It appears that they have been doing something similar to what Icke is now doing, but for a lot longer, and arguably more effectively given that humanity has not self-destructed.


With up to 60,000 thousand nuclear weapons having existed in weapons stockpiles over the last sixty years that have been controlled by corrupt elites, it’s nothing short of miraculous that humanity has survived.


The alleged Great White Brotherhood, according to many sources did intervene on many occasions to prevent a nuclear holocaust.


If there is a dark control pyramid of power running our world as Icke suggests, correctly in my opinion, then it would be natural to assume that a benevolent hierarchical counterforce comprising enlightened beings exists.


I have written articles analyzing witness testimonies describing how such enlightened beings, whom I call celestials, have regularly silently intervened in human affairs.

My third point concerns the authority figures in the U.S. government and military that are largely depicted as puppets taking their marching orders from the shadowy control groups directing human affairs.


This ignores evidence that there is in fact a powerful behind-the-scenes constitutional faction in the U.S. military and various federal agencies, fighting effectively against such things as a new war against Iran, and preventing false flag operations using nuclear weapons.


Two examples come to mind.

  • One was Admiral William Fallon who was at the apex of a U.S. generals revolt over Bush administration plans to attack Iran in 2007

  • The other was an incident concerning a B-52 bomber from Minot Air Force Base loaded with nuclear missiles that was ‘discovered’ at Barksdale AFB in 2007

The Bomber was enroute to the Middle East in a covert operation orchestrated by former Vice-President Cheney.


What happened was that there was a faction within in the U.S. military that objected to the covert operation, and leaked information to news sources. This effectively prevented what was likely going to be a false flag nuclear operation.


So the planetary control system is not at all monolithic, but comprises different factions that are battling each other.

Finally, in his first book, The Robot’s Rebellion (1994), Icke stressed the role of a “Luciferian consciousness” at the apex of the control pyramid directing human affairs.


In 1998, with his book, The Biggest Secret, he replaced this “Luciferian consciousness” by Reptilian overlords.


While Icke during his day long event did admit to the possibility that there was probably something behind the Reptilians, this “Luciferian consciousness” was not anything he explicitly mentioned. While he did mention Satan and Satanic rituals, the context suggested that these were activities directed by our Reptilian overlords to place humans into fear.


This is opposite to his first book where the Luciferian consciousness manipulated not only humanity, but also extraterrestrial species. This reversal appeared to me to be a major step backwards in the evolution of Icke’s thinking over the last two decades.

Why did Icke reverse his earlier position?


It appears much less persuasive to argue in favor of Reptilian overlords given the historical evidence of a Luciferian consciousness at the apex of the control pyramid in our world. The Reptilian overlord thesis made it easier to ridicule Icke’s entire corpus of work by those skeptical that various royal families and political elites are in fact shapeshifting Reptilians.


I admit it did look rather childish to see green Reptilian images with sharp teeth at the top of the control structure given what other major researchers such as Fritz Springmeier have found when it comes to the role of a Luciferian consciousness directing human affairs.


The most impressive recent expose of this Luciferian consciousness was a dialogue initiated by someone calling himself the Hidden Hand on the Above Top Secret forum in October 2008. I wrote an article about the Hidden Hand’s revelations and how this Luciferian consciousness went beyond human affairs, and affected all extraterrestrial life, including Reptilians.


This leads me to question whether David Icke,

  • Was effectively misinformed at some point when it comes to discussing the apex of the planetary control pyramid?

  • Was he directed to Reptilian shapeshifting stories by witnesses to effectively jettison his earlier position about the Luciferian consciousness?

  • Did Icke get too close to the truth with his first book, The Robots Rebellion, and was subjected to a disinformation program to steer him away from the most damaging part of what he was learning?

All questions I would have loved to ask.

The entire corpus of David Icke's work undoubtedly helps inform a sleeping humanity about the secret control system and the role of certain extraterrestrial groups in the planetary hierarchical control system.


There is much evidence supporting Icke's claim of intervention of Reptilians extraterrestrials in human affairs, but are they our planetary overlords?


I seriously doubt it, and think this is clever disinformation by the ultimate planetary controllers - a Luciferian consciousness - to sow fear and distrust about one of the extraterrestrial species resident and/or visiting our world.


Despite my lingering unanswered questions, I joined the Hawaiian audience in giving David Icke a thoroughly deserved standing ovation for a marathon effort in helping us Remember Who We Are!