by Amitakh Stanford
16 October 2007

from XeeATwelve Website


We are now on the cusp of the Second Major Cataclysmic Event. Thus, we are on the brink of when things will get decidedly worse on the planet.

Some of the evil aliens are led by one "God", some by other "Gods", whilst some deny the existence of any "God". All these alien-belief systems lead to the same point - they are driven by Darkness.

The "Gods" for man-made machines can be human scientists. The "Gods" for biological clones can be the same. Humans need other types of "Gods" to depend upon. However, those with True Spirits will resonate with love and an inner yearning for the Divine, regardless of their religious indoctrination or lack thereof.

There are many more clones on the Earth today than there were 20 years ago. These clones could look to their creators as "Gods". There are now very sophisticated biological robots that can be mistaken for humans by nearly anyone on the planet. Some clones have actually replaced humans and taken over their positions as members of the human "family". Others have just appeared as new residents on the planet. These clones are everywhere and they are either "soulless" or they possess artificial consciousnesses.

Alien wars are about to be turned up several notches. These wars are being conducted in the names of the various alien "Gods". Whilst nearly all of the alien crafts in the skies employ invisibility technology, these crafts can be seen by those who can override the invisibility cloaking. The crafts can tell when they have been spotted, and they quickly take evasive steps.

At this time, very few people can see through the invisibility shields, and this vision is not something that can be learned. Occasionally, though, the alien crafts' invisibility screens are down, at which times anyone can see them with normal eyes, telescopes or other lenses. At such times, even cameras can capture the crafts on film. Due to the invisibility techniques used by the aliens, sightings of their crafts in the skies have been restricted.


If only people could see how many crafts are in combat in the evening skies, they would be quite disturbed. Some weird storms are caused by large-scale alien combat in the skies.

The recent exposure of the "stabilizing" Olcar has speeded up many things that were previously suppressed.


The Olcar was holding things somewhat in check so that the Reptilian plan for world domination would take effect in the manner most advantageous to the Reptilians. This would have amounted to a controlled, yet chaotic appearing takeover by the Reptilian ruling elite. Now that the "lid" has been lifted, many "rebel" aliens are coming out to challenge Reptilian-dominated establishments.

It should be remembered that world affairs are strongly influenced by various alien groups around the globe. These alien groups look to their respective "Gods" and masters for instructions and guidance. Unbeknownst to the majority of the people of the Earth, aliens are behind world affairs. The acceleration of the alien wars will be conducted in the names of the aliens' respective "Gods". Despite all the alien activities in the skies, most of the battles in the alien wars will be fought by aliens in human bodies and humans who are under the influence and dictates of aliens.

Before the Olcar was neutralized, it was easier for the various alien groups to make alliances with other alien groups around the world. Now, the alliances do not hold together unless the various states or nations are under the influence of the same alien "God".


This is why many alien groups will now behave more in keeping with their nature, and apparent alliances will shift. However, many of the smaller alien groups remain under either the Vulturites or the Reptilians. This means that many of the smaller groups are being forced to follow alien "Gods" that are not necessarily of their choosing, and are forced to co-operate with the stronger aliens.


This is one of the reasons why most of the Greys will change allegiance from the Reptilians to the Vulturites. However, some of the Greys will remain loyal to the Reptilians.


This will cause much confusion, mistrust and suspicion amongst the aliens.

Some of the alien groups are under different demigods, and these demigods are all in battle for the supreme position. In other words, they are striving to be at the head of Darkness. Hence, Darkness is in the midst of rebellion. In the past, this has suited Darkness because it kept everyone separated and divided.


But, now, it is getting out of control, and with the neutralization of the Olcar, the battles will rage with viciousness previously unknown to the Virtual Reality. This has never before been fought on such a scale. The battles will be insanely fought on behalf of insane "Gods".

Nearly all religions speak of a Creator(s) - the one or ones responsible for bringing this existence into being. Most of the religions threaten their followers to be obedient to their "Gods" and their imposed dogmatic beliefs or else they will suffer consequences. Any being who would threaten to punish people for disobeying it cannot be a loving "God".


Only an evil being, who claims to be "God" or omnipotent, would threaten to punish those who would refuse to worship or obey it.

Therefore, when there is a demand for worship and obedience, that is a very strong indicator of a jealous and evil "God", or an indication of severe corruption of the being's original message. Either way, anyone who blindly follows the dictates for coerced worship of or obedience to a "God" or a religion is on notice that there is something very wicked about the path they are on.


Such religious doctrines have enslaved many spirits on Earth.

Many wars are being fought on the Earth in the name of one "God" or another "God". Some believe that Jerusalem is a holy city, whilst others take it a step further.


For instance, it has been said that:

"He that touches Jerusalem touches the apple of God's eye... And if we decide we're going to wrest East Jerusalem away from the Jews and give it over to the Palestinians, we're risking the wrath of God on this nation [USA]..."

Such utterances cannot be made on behalf of a loving, caring God.


Such threats, coming from any followers or leaders of any religion, identify the hearts of the ones so expressing. Many would urge murders on small or massive scales (wars) in the name of their "God". What kind of "God" could be vengeful and bloodthirsty? Only a ghoul would thrive on vengeance and blood. The True Creator is loving and would never encourage such horrible behavior.

Truth can be healing, liberating and joyous for some, yet it can be painful, frightening and devastating for others. Truth remains the same, whether it is accepted or denied.

Jerusalem has a long history of blood and suffering. The favorite name of Darkness is "Jerusalem".

Likewise, Israel has a long and bloody history. In the twentieth century, a nation state was re-established in the Middle East that is presently known as Israel. The ruling elite created the newest version of the nation state of Israel. At the centre of the controversy surrounding the Middle East dilemma today is the city of Jerusalem.


Should it be an Israeli city, or a Palestinian city, or a shared city?


Such is the suffering imposed upon the people of Jerusalem by Darkness. Darkness thrives on suffering, and those in a city bearing Its name are destined to suffer as long as Darkness reigns. A change of name of the city would certainly mitigate some of the suffering of the people living in it.

The USA policy regarding Israel has been based upon its belief that the extant Bible accurately predicted what was to come for Israel. As long as the belief in the extant Bible holds, the USA will continue to maintain a Middle East policy that shelters Israel. However, the writing is now on the wall. It is becoming obvious to even the most indoctrinated of the leaders in the USA that Israel is crumbling, and that holding on to it is a liability that the USA can no longer afford.


Therefore, Israel will be left on its own in the near future.

Contrary to popular belief, Israel is not the keystone of the last days as the corrupted Bible states, nor is Jerusalem. Whether Jerusalem is held by Palestinians or Israelis will not matter in the overall outcome of things. The aliens have set up Israel, the Palestinians, and especially Jerusalem as decoys in the upcoming alien wars. The aliens have used both sides to set up a false premise and both sides suffer greatly for it.

Eventually, the Palestinians will have their own nation state. This will not be due to any desperate moves being made for political expediency today. Instead, it will occur because of the alien alignments of nations and regions that will soon become more complete.

Extremists from all religions are dangerous. These are the ones who would drive religious wars and wage them in the name of their "Gods" without regard for the innocent people caught in the middle of their fundamentalist pursuits.

The two main Anunnaki groups - Vulturites and Reptilians - are followers of the two main Anunnaki "Gods".

  • The Vulturites are an openly bloodthirsty group of Anunnaki.

  • The Reptilians can be either subtle or open in their demonic ways.

Ironically, were the crude Vulturites to be victorious in their New World Order quest, things would be a little more bearable for the survivors of the war.

For years, tension amongst nations has oscillated because the Olcar had adequately suppressed opposition and kept things relatively peaceful in a very chaotic world.


Whilst wars have raged, they have been "controlled" and smothered when necessary. It was a state of forced calmness. Now that the Olcar has lost control of world affairs, every alien group has more opportunities to express their ways. As different alien groups are scattered throughout the world, there will always be pockets of loyalists for various government or opposition parties.


Both domestically and internationally, mistrust will become more and more intense. People will become more and more hostile towards some and less tolerant towards others. This will be one aspect of the alien expression that will become more and more obvious as the days go by.

As the world's politicians are pulled in various directions by their respective puppet masters, situations throughout the world will become unstable and unpredictable until uncontrolled wars finally break out.

Civil wars and international wars will boil over as the various alien alignments of the two major groups become more and more obvious. Some countries that have pretended to be allies of others will no longer be able to hold up the fašade. Others who have feigned to be enemies will be revealed as friends. There will be many surprises as the nations re-align to match their alien masters.

Many prominent figures who have been encouraged or forced to resign positions in politics, entertainment, media, sports, education, medicine, military and other endeavors have used the code term that they were quitting for "family reasons". This code sends a message to specific sources. It is quite a complex thread that the code sends, and most of those who utter it are totally unaware of their participation.

For instance, members of parliaments, state premiers, state governors, and even heads of state have uttered the phrase recently to justify early retirement or outright resignation. The same code has been used recently by television actors, military leaders, media personalities and others to justify leaving their respective posts.

The New World Order is now being implemented. Citizens all over the world will begin to feel their liberties being stripped away. This is now in full swing in many countries. Other countries still maintain the illusion of freedom for their people.

Young people are being poisoned by their abuse of various substances, some legal and some otherwise. As people become less useful to the ruling elite, they will be discarded by the authorities. The sorting has already commenced. Those who are discarded will be summarily "executed" by many means. This is horrendous.

Cloaking devices are used more frequently now by humans. Trains and other vehicles that travel on land, on the sea and overhead are being cloaked to avoid being detected. This is not science fiction!

Dimensions are closing in on one another so much so that there are intervals of clashing activities amongst nearby dimensions. Some might mistake such occurrences as hauntings, delusions, hallucinations and so on.

Many elections throughout the world are being rigged more openly now. Australia will soon "elect" a new government. It will not matter who wins, because a Reptilian-influenced figure will ultimately take over the head of state.

The Reptilians have openly challenged the USA. The USA could have effectively rebuffed the Reptilian confrontation up until midyear 2007, but the time has now passed. The Reptilians within the USA are making it difficult for the Vulturite-influenced government to effectively implement their plans. As the USA weakens, many of their so-called allies will let them down.

On all sides, betrayals will become the norm as the alien alignments become more and more pronounced.

Race, gender, nationality and religion will no longer be such strong controlling factors in the future. The main factor will be the alignment of the respective alien influences that will determine people's behavior and decisions.

However, the viable True-Light beings throughout the world, in whatever types of bodies they reside (human, animal or otherwise) will remain neutral in their hearts in the upcoming alien wars.

Conflicting programming is being imposed upon unsuspecting "civilians" throughout the world to bring about political, social, economic, spiritual and other agendas. This will result in friction, confusion, aggression, docility, apathy, conformity and other incompatible behaviors.

Rampant take-overs of human bodies by alien consciousnesses are occurring everywhere. This can cause radical changes in behavior of the victims. They may undergo periods of stupor and dysfunction before settling into their previous activities and behavioral patterns. They may also dramatically change personality, and many relationships amongst workmates, peers, and family may become strained as a result, or fracture totally due to the onslaught of these alien takeovers.


However, there will always be exceptions, and some of the takeover victims may not demonstrate radical changes at all, or their family and associates might accept the changes in their behavior as being caused by stress, depression, anxiety etc. Whether people want to believe this or not, it is happening.

A new force field currently engulfs the planet that is causing much difficulty with mind-energy interaction. This is further exacerbating situations.

Finances are in much more difficulty than the ruling elite are revealing to the public at this time. The Financial Being is faltering, and it is facing rebellion from some of the money entities. Some of the central bankers are trying to solve problems by raising interest rates, whilst others are reducing them and still others are holding rates constant. This is resulting in currency wars, which will further heighten tensions around the world.

As people express more and more of their coarser nature, humans and animals will be horribly and openly victimized. Cruelty towards animals is nothing new. Despite many efforts by those who try to protect animals from cruelty, open cruelty towards animals will become endemic. In the past, poachers and other fortune hunters were most responsible for atrocious acts of cruelty towards animals, all in the name of economic progress and outright greed.


Very soon, even ordinary citizens will become demonic in their treatment of animals.


Already, veterinarians, animal carers and government authorities are behaving wickedly with regard to animals. Some are more open than others about this right now. Soon, all manner of animal abuse will be tolerated as acceptable behavior by the populace.

One of the "leading" aliens currently resides in a very young female body. She has been given unprecedented international opportunities and media attention whilst mustering support under the guise of protecting animals. This youngster is up to no good, although she has mesmerized many unsuspecting people. But, her cover will soon be stripped off by a counter-part from another evil alien camp.

In the midst of all the turmoil in the world, there remains hope for those who have held onto their Will.


In their hearts they can sense joyous whispering:

White Dove from the East flying over oceans wide and deep.
A silver lining is cast over the sea of sparkling lights.
In a split moment, all is peace.

No matter what you see or hear,
Your heart will know the truth.
Feel the bubbling of the dancing light within you.
And let your being be absorbed into the power of the Source.

Your smiles shall be big, your laughter healing and open.
All things shall be made new.
The light within shall open up to merge with the Great Light of True Love, Power and Purity.

The time is come, the Ship is near.
It is almost time to leave the dregs behind
And enter into the Great Light.