by The Nexus Seven
Feb 1999

from SoulResonance Website






  1. Spacetime is a Living Torus in Hyper-Spacetime

  2. Multiple Universal Singularities Support Alternate Timelines

  3. Universe and Multiverse Complexity Follows Soul Growth Complexity

  4. Mass Quantum Volitional Resonance of Souls and. Styles of Growth

  5. Divergent Trajectories of the Quantum Global Earth

  6. Three Global Futures Immediately Before Us

  7. Three Distinct Earthly Resonance Pools of Soul Growth

  8. Emotional Resonance and Quantum Entrainment, Not Entrapment

  9. Embedded Networks of Alternate Space and Time

  10. Future Timeline Re-Engineering for Soul Growth

  11. Soul Populaces in Different Quantum Global Vectors

  12. The Evolution of Love can be Graceful or Painful

  13. Time Density, Space Torsion, Life Curls in Space-time

  14. Hyperspatial Torsions of Real Space-time

  15. Hyperspace Allows Many Kinds of Time and Singularity

  16. Multi-Phasing the Single-Phase Universe

  17. Conscious Personal Continuity and Truth

  1. The Great Discontinuity, the Great Awakening

  2. The History of Time as Economies of Diversity

  3. Evolving Into Alternate Probable future Histories

  4. The Timeline Nexus at the beginning of the Third Millennium

  5. Globally Embedded Fractal Time and Trans-time Feedback

  6. Angels, Men-in-Black, ETís, Dark Future Tricksters

  7. Souls Seeking Optimal Future Evolution for All

  8. Quantum Causation and the Mutable Future

  9. More Souls In the Ark of Optimal Future Trajectory

  10. Overcoming the Negative Quantum Attractors

  11. Three Global Doomsday Quantum Timeline Attractors

  12. Three Global Success Quantum Timeline Attractors

  13. Secrets of Holism and Quantum Volition in Nature

  14. Humanity Saving Humanity

  15. Effective Quantum Reality Participation

  16. The Alpha Omega of Temporal Evolution is Love