Eighth Ark:

Emotional Resonance and Quantum Entrainment, Not Entrapment

  1. From this beginning, shaky as it is, the original future lines are commenced and, in time, in their full individual blossoming, there will be souls migrating back to this time of the great push off event complex, and attempt to make causational residence course adjustments.

  2. These timeline adjustments will occur even to the point of entirely jumping reality trajectory history into one of the better main lines that ‘already’ happens following the push off event.

  3. The three main trajectories occur and their first trans-time echo in hyper-time produces a loop back migration of souls wanting to catch a better ride, more conducive to the evolutionary imperative of which they are now aware.

  4. Catching the better ride cannot be faked somehow. The ride you take is based on what you in co-creation with your higher soul-self feels you need to authentically grow the fastest.

  5. Those that grow best with major emergency as their fear based motivation for change and daily touchstone, may take the worst or medium case path.

  6. Those that grow best with only powerful beauty and love as their motivation and daily touchstone, may take the medium or best case path.

  7. Those that fall in between, into the medium case, will in the near discontinuity echoes be repeatedly checked for readiness to either sink or swim, through crisis, with fear or love, cruelty or kindness, and will have a mixed bag of challenges that can spin one over into a better or worse case heading.

  8. Best case path souls can ameliorate and effect an umbrella for Medium and Worst case path souls to inhabit, as grace to be in a less harsh world, but Worst case and Medium case motivating souls cannot move their global destruction into the Best case path.

  9. Emotional resonance tickets to Best case attractor path:

  10. Emotional resonance tickets to Medium (Worst) case attractor path:

  11. Emotional resonance tickets to Worst (or Medium) case attractor path:


  12. The reason people continue to inhabit all the dimensions that split, including the one they ‘left’, is complex. Firstly, the dimensional phase mitosis using universal energies creates two ‘equal’ but differently temporally vectored earths as a mutual causal affair. Secondly, if your genuine soul existence has left one reality you can persist in the quantum hologram reality you left behind for another person or people who expect your presence, and you may leave there the part of your soul that wanted to continue on that path while you are now living a parallel life at the same present time but in a different quantum phase space on a different path.

  13. But you may only exist as a projection of their quantum intent, as a dreamed person who yet is physical and seemingly separate all the same. In effect that person grants the phantom ‘shell’ you full physical existence in their real world reality, to the point they create a ‘real’ you that you yourself may not know or experience, since you, as a continuing point of focused consciousness in a wave of quantum creation, are now gone. It is not as big a deal as it seems.

  14. Or you may yourself have mixed intents and soul growth desires, and end-up splitting off a soul segment to pursue the alternate reality vector to cover both sets of ground, learning wise. One way or another, you phase lock into one vector, and sometime more than one of the three primary field paths, and then deal with the consequences.

  15. The larger picture entails detailing some additional variant global quantum bifurcations that happen to each of the three once they have bifurcated from the one-has-all worldline we now inhabit.

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Ninth Ark:

Embedded Networks of Alternate Space and Time

  1. There have been a number of significant previous global quantum temporal accretion bifurcations that have already happened to the earth over the last 40 years.


  2. We continue to exist in a world that holds a resonance that has not destroyed itself.


  3. The dimensional sifting of soul resonances into different groups desiring different growth promoting ‘discontinuities’, holds that whomever exists in our own global reality vector is somehow a common soul.

  4. It holds that whatever souls on a mass level that we coexist with in the present are souls that chose the same path as we did in the longer global pathway of divergent dimensional accommodation.

  5. Personal split-offs can occur to accommodate different real paths of growth.

  6. A path of growth, is any path that helps one to learn, immediately or ultimately, about love. That is the ‘singular’ singularity creation factor.

  7. If the only way you can develop an ability to love and to learn to receive love is under great stress and with pain and great suffering then you are personally resonating to join a universe that has those supporting collective operating stresses and attributes.

  8. Once the major first order bifurcations occur, there will be a time that souls who took a path they can improve upon will have the chance in some cases, to jump over to the other vector that has recently occurred.

  9. The longer the global Earth realities diverge in time and causation, the less likely there is enough individual energy to make the leap across the quantum phase gulf, and the soul more or less gets caught in the gravity well of that phase of global Earth space-time. The simple picture is one of boats going separate paths, and for a while you can step across, another short while leap across, another while swim across, and soon the other boat is out of sight.

  10. The global grace factor is that mass volition generating the best case future Earth allows for causational ‘sheltering’, or ‘carry-in’ co-residency of people that would otherwise ‘normally’ be in a worse case future course reality vector. But ‘sheltering’ still requires choice and willingness of individual souls to inhabit the more optimal vector, and in-that sense there is no free ride.

  11. Volitional agencies of the best case future are more fully inclusive of the variety of life experienced on Earth. This is an unconditionality, suspension of any spiritual judgment based on behavior, seeing only the best in others, and bringing it out by the soul entraining forces of authentic love and caring. They are seeing inherent spiritual worth in all things, knowing all things are alive, that the universe is a diversity of differentiated souls and material agencies in cooperative, inter-accommodating, co-evolution.

  12. With this, there comes a personal level selected global participation bifurcation that is allowed and cushioned to occur.

  13. The part of the soul personality expression bound and determined to stick with low road growth tactics, can co ahead and truly live some version of the expected negative future reality.

  14. The part of the soul personality that is willing to grow with more gentle motivators, and face the challenges of change, will resonate into this available positive future, a more optimal phase-space singularity.

  15. Some souls will be splitting their conscious point of focus into growth patterns in more than one singular future bifurcation path, since that is an economical, multi-path manner in which to grow.

  16. Some souls will not be generating a soul split off, but will be holding their resonance in one or another of the main future vectors along.

  17. Opportunity and ability to migrate into more optimal vector futures is dependent on individual choice as demonstrated by ‘who’ they have become in life.

  18. Entrance into Earthly physical future heaven or hell is not psychosocial consciousness entrainment as much as individual personal option, as phase-resonant association.

  19. Personal choices, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and feelings become either toxic or nutritive to being in one future vector or other.

  20. It is complicated in description, but simple in experience. From a soul’s higher point of view, knowledge, intelligence, and mental creativity, when operating without love, compassion and empathy, in the Omega analysis, is always considered a doomed evolutionary track. In the long run it condemns most varieties of free-willing emotional energetics as interference to mental control and static perfections at all levels. Mind is at odds with the heart on a grand evolutionary scale. Mind applied without any context of compassion and empathy for the world, is a form of evolutionary insanity, however permitted and explored by many.

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Tenth Ark:

Future Timeline Re-Engineering for Soul Growth

  1. Many time traveling visitors, with some help here and there, are looping back from dead-end future worldline mega-vectors, vectors that on first order trans-time propagation from what is coming will have happened. They are looping back directly back to this point in their own historical vector genesis, and doing a umber of things.

  2. Some are trying to alter their own future to a more optimal course, which depending on who you are can mean different things.

  3. To mind-without-heart, control-oriented negative-future evolutionary advocates, they have time travelers specifically coming back into our pre-discontinuity late 20th century global temporal stream to get more converts.

  4. Some are actively attempting to prevent certain courses of development from occurring that can endanger their own selfish future. Men-in-black fit this profile.

  5. Some time travelers are going back in to try to harvest more souls into their mass singularity cause, since their own future reality wants quantum reinforcement.

  6. Loopback time travelers are largely looking to shift some outcome that is reflective in their future from which they looped back. The thought is if key precipitating events are changed, which otherwise would have led to a given very undesired outcome, then the mass soul migration into that future may be changed.

  7. Some time travelers want to avert sequences, others want to amplify a sequence.

  8. The question is, newly sequence to where? In Omega analysis, more love is always and only the answer. In the interim analysis, pain can be an indicator of the degree of absence of love.

  9. Because of the successful efforts of some first generation loopback time travelers, second order future consequence vectors have propagated through transtime.


  10. The reality and the residents of the first order sequence still exist, but as much of their soul energy and conscious focus is migrating to the newer alternate future, the original future is effectively retracted, although remembered if desired.

  11. Optimal timeline soul migration effectively attenuates the singularity energy associated with that original less optimal negative future vector.

  12. Each global future vector is comprised of a group of co-creating quantum soul agencies.

  13. Second future loopback (feedback) time travelers also exist. They are again trying to correct course, further refine global or regional or personal soul growth vectors. It is a form of macro-temporal feedback regulation, or worldline re-steering.

  14. Second future loopback travelers, can generate, and have generated, some third order future Earth propagation’s through transtime.

  15. The interesting fact is that all these travelers are coming back during this pre-discontinuity, pre-global bifurcation period to do their stuff.

  16. Most time travelers don’t know of each other for the most part, but still all attempt to operate as temporal singularity piano-tuners.

  17. Where will it all end-up? Stay tuned, or shall we say, get tuned up. Watch out for temporal piano tuners wanting to tune you into their mass quantum vector. Apathy gets the booby prize.

  18. Many time traveling visitors, ET visitors, interdimensional visitors and observers galore from afar, are all converging to watch the coming resonance wave that is culminating on Earth, the coming establishment of reality vectoring resonance and resonances that will spawn a range of future Earth bifurcation space-time vectors.

  19. Why are they here to watch? These futures could very seriously influence temporal soul growth rates and vectors in the universe at large, vectors that are far, far beyond our Earthly sphere.

  20. The implication of the coming discontinuity wave of standing resonance and each human soul agency’s participation in it, is that depending how you energetically hold the wholeness of who you are and the world at large, selects which global bifurcation path you will be thrown into when the discontinuities hit.

  21. Make no mistake, the presence of self, love, caring, empathy, and forgiveness, are the touchstones that auto-select a human being into the more optimal reality vector.

  22. Willingness to be motivated to grow your soul by love and joy, is a soul phase-locking into the future Earth vector that supports and substantiates this. Willingness to only be motivated by fear and pain, places a soul into the reality that corroborates this modus operandi for growth. From the higher soul’s point of view, either path will eventually get the soul growth job done.

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Eleventh Ark:

Soul Populaces in Different Quantum Global Vectors

  1. People on Earth currently divide into largely three categories, love involved people, apathy involved people, fear and hatred involved people.

  2. Love leads to the ways of embracing, apathy leads to ways of isolation and numbness, and fear and hatred lead to the ways of control and manipulation.

  3. Depending on the soul’s touchstones of growth, as a summed resonance complex, personal center of gravity of phase entrainment makes the difference as to which mass quantum Earth timeline someone ends up vectoring towards.

  4. Some optimal vector advocates are vowing to take all the dismal vector adherents with them into their vector, if willing.

  5. Can we stand the idea that there is no need for a catastrophic species-level reboot of humanity? That maybe we are really in for an upgrade instead??

  6. If you can’t stand a minimum-pain scenario, then it options that part of your conscious expressing soul into the more negative outcome vectored future.

  7. The worst case future still remains to bifurcate off, for those conscious souls whom are bound to stay their negative course. But for those worst case future predispositioned conscious souls, the best case conscious souls are offering easy refuge in their flourishing future vector, if willing.

  8. The act of forgiveness takes a leap of paradigm in the whole conscious soul operating style. But the waveguide is there, nonetheless, offering soul passage to entrain into higher phase torsion. This is possible given inherent clues within the conscious soul that energetically qualify them at more minimal threshold or phase lock entry into a more gently, best case vectored future.

  9. The simplicity of it is understanding that goodness and badness, goodwill and bad will, refusal to grow, think or feel, are not really good or bad in absolute terms, rather they are either elegant or inelegant chosen paths of soul growth.

  10. You get what you ask for. The universe accommodates the quantum cocreative request of the participating souls. Ask and ye shall receive is true in this instance.

  11. In this light it should become clear how it is also okay to trust in Allah and still see it fit to tie up your camel. There is no contradiction in expecting the best and preparing for something considerably worse. So long as your genuine authentic conscious desire and prayer is directed to the more optimal outcome.

  12. It is in your hands, personally. It is not out of your hands and only in the hands of God.

  13. The whole point of evolutionary culminations are to boost the growth of life not kill it.

  14. The idea of the discontinuity being a globally destructive event is only mass volitional quantum viable assuming a real need to re-boot humanity and civilization, and assumes an evolutionary dead-end situation is happening that deserves pre-emptive dead-ending, as if to promote some envisioned rebirth of humanity. This could occur if the judgment of humanity was at hand, but God likes this action too much to mess with the works, now that there are very real signs of very powerful love evolving on this planet.

  15. So with regards to the grace factor, the question comes down to this: Is there love enough in the world for the entire world? And how much of the world is willing to be cushioned in that context?

  16. If you are resonant to the best case dream future vector, “you know there is” and are actively involved in your own way to make sure of it, especially. (Optimist, dreamer, unselfish, unique, forgiving).

  17. If you are resonant to the medium case mediocre future vector, “you doubt it, but have hopes otherwise that it could be possible”. (Realist. skeptic, insincere, fence-sitting, preoccupied).

  18. If you resonant to the worst case nightmare future vector, “you know there isn’t, and are actively involved in your way to confirm there isn’t, especially since you’re in pain”. (Cynic, prejudiced, self important, judgmental)

  19. Each of these futures acts as a differently tuned chaotic attractor for souls of similar growth modus operandi.

  20. Populace Best _______ Medium Worst Self-Operating 15% 65% 20% (self factors) Macro-Effective “1” 65% 25% 10% (divine grace factors)
    Approximately only 15% of the populace has achieved individual soul growth disposition to vector into the best case future. However, at current, half of the whole planetary population will upgrade to the best case precisely because of the existence of the self operating best case souls. At this time of measuring, almost two thirds are heading into the best case vector. Only ten years ago, only 3% were self operating the achievement of that vector. So reaching 15% has permitted a graceful migration path into the best case future vector for half of humanity.

  21. In 1980, the soul population on Earth vectoring for worst case future was almost 40%, so a tremendous growth curve has been achieved in the last twenty years, in addition to more recent generations of people having stronger attraction to the better case vectoring. There is a lot of people waking up spiritually now and a lot of children being born with extraordinary spiritual aptitudes.

  22. However, the tag-a-longs from medium and worst case vector predisposition, cannot coast, or they will slip. The mass temporal soul path vector upgrade is not a free lunch, it depends on taking the opportunity, not living off it.

  23. The most elegant soul growth future of 15% of us, is keeping the door open and providing a gift of presumed qualification for those who are not quite there yet. This a conscious compassion of sorts, because self interest is defined fairly mutually.

  24. Sure, the more passive emigrants into the best case will have room to slack, but sooner or later the reality will encourage those behaviors that qualify you to be in the better reality. That is the signal momentum of that reality vector.

  25. The global grace factor is another expression of the compassion that resides within each one of our hearts, a compassion that God wants us to develop, and has gifted us near infinite potential to evolve.

  26. In the other alternate migration scenario, where many good souls die in a heap, there are advocacy’s that want this outcome.









    20% (love factors)

    Macro-effective “2”



    45% (hate factors)

    In this macro-effective space-time Earth future vectoring map, certain events occur that entrain a large percentage of the Earth’s soul populace into the worst case future. These events are being advocated through black-ops by time travelers from these negative future vectors.

  27. The set of circumstances that swing events towards Macro effective #1 (very positive for most) or macro-effective #2 (very negative for most), are still in flux.

  28. There is, in effect, a covert war of going on right now of immense trans-temporal proportions, and the souls of Earth are the booty.

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Twelfth Ark:

The Evolution of Love can be Graceful or Painful

  1. The current status is that although many predicted global events have changed, they are still strongly resonant in the trans-temporal matrix.

  2. As a result, people will still see these negative futures in visions, dreams, and remote viewing.

  3. However, the timetable has changed and the event sequence has changed. Certain predicted events will still happen, but at such a low magnitude that they will be growth boosting events, not life stopping ones. The cosmos is adjusting its energetics to accommodate this shift.

  4. The future can still hold the worst case future however, but it will now be very precisely generated only by acts of human folly, not acts of God.

  5. All of the previous visionarily seen events, horrors, Earth changes, can all still result as a sequence of negative actions by humanity on itself.

  6. This will force the conscious geosphere to effect serious damage arresting action: precipitating earthquakes, vulcanism, sea level rises, poisoned air and water, lethal weather, mass death, disease, and loss of most of humanity, if not all eventually.

  7. The only way is to avert and dismantle it, to disarm and defuse the negative future vectoring forces.

  8. The negative vectoring future forces essentially will continue to make their best attempt within the next thirteen years to keep people asleep or ally them into their negative future.

  9. Is your number one ally fear, love, or apathy? Pain, compassion, or indifference? Control, service, or passivity? In the final analysis, it is not one feature is judgmentally better than another, but is the willingness and “creative-emotional-mobility” enabled in the evolutionary sense.

  10. The more willing and emotionally mobile you are, the more gentle the reality feedback system can function.

  11. The more refusing and immobile you are, the more harsh and externally undeniable the reality feedback system functions.

  12. Reality gives you what you need as a conscious soul, not necessarily what you think you want. Feelings and emotional make-up dictate future Earth timeline vectoring more than anything.

  13. The words of the great prophets, seers, and saviors, all say the same thing, but in parable and prosaic terms. Love is the answer, especially when hate is the question.

  14. On increasing love, the only operational issue is ‘how’, not why. The re-vectoring, or enablement of yourself to track into a more optimal future, is a function of learning about love, in all ways.

  15. Decoy emotions and feigned conscience will not let souls con their way into a temporal future upgrade. There is no fooling ourselves, since it is all based on actualized soul growth and operating growth style as self-selected by how they phase-torsionally vibrate. This is self selection into one global temporal vector or another based on evident emotional resonance factors, not by some declaration by the mind.

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Thirteenth Ark:

Time Density, Space Torsion, How Life Curls in Space-time

  1. The present time of our serial timestream of physical reality is a concentrated traveling wavefront.

  2. The moment of the present is a mutual continuing experience in synchronization with our local spatio-temporally cohesive universe.

  3. Present time is a complex, mutually entrained harmonic quantum event, between observers as they intersect in the space-time singularity of the one reality we know, as we exist in it, together, in cooperative cohesion.

  4. Time has individual field scale embedded layers, pockets, greater or lower density concentrations of relative local motion, and complexity. Local motion propagates it’s electromagnetic signature across spacetime at relativistic speeds. Different rates and patterns of motion each generate a spacetime field curvature ripple at relativistic speeds. The larger spacetime fabric can be likened to having volumetric density, based on different local pressures of time as measured in terms of many kinds of descriptive temporal relativism, including:

    1. Measure:

    2. Qualifier: _______________ Example:

      1. Rate of Random Motion as Discontinuous Linearity radioactive decay

      2. Rate of Periodicity as Sequential Linearity day and night

      3. Degree Fractal Repetition as Novelty of Patterns repetition across scale

      4. Homeostasis Regulation as Temporal Embedding limit cycle basins

      5. Scalar Cohesion as Energetic Synchronizing phase conjugation

      6. Morphic Field Process as Process Non-Linearity co-invention

  5. We live within layers of different types of temporal torsion, envelopes within envelopes, stressed altogether in a synchronized aggregate.

  6. Time as a real-time “present”, as a continuous energy exchange wavefield, maintains torsional parity and singularity encapsulation, with embedded variant density.

  7. Time has torsional distribution along different thresholds of field density packing, and spatial localities can have temporal embedded complexity.

  8. The existence of separately ordered time functions and syntropy functions within different scales of life complexity and distribution un space allows for local closely-coupled systems and global loosely-coupled systems, supporting locally pocketed stabilities.

  9. Time pockets have density fill-limits based on the torsional stress functions in the larger scale of ‘present time’.

  10. Time pockets are spatially and temporally local basins of higher temporal complexity, embedded in the overall lower complexity singularity surface we inhabit together.


  11. Time in this conception is partially an ‘additive’ synthesis function, with time density coupled out of local contributing causational complexity.

  12. Occasionally, temporal density in a given locality can be extremely high, thereby able to squeeze tremendous relativistic motion into a very limited density pocket, despite spatially surrounding temporal relativistic metric stress pressures.

  13. Time is also partially a ‘subtractive’ synthesis function of basin eddy variation limits within immediate enveloping temporal torsional wavefield scale. These are coupled space-time accretion field pressures that limit local density packing, but do not order it, in relative space-time.

  14. There are ongoing carrier field waveguides, in this case, relativistic spatio-temporal torsional stress limits from the larger continuum of the space-time singularity field as to how much we can do in the local wavefield.

  15. In the Earthly enveloping singularity field scale stress, locally embedded temporal continuities and densities can be embedded as linear (ecliptic), cyclical (orbit), fractal (eddy), or nonlinear (orthogonal) forms of time-field incidence.

  16. Present time is a continually renewing quantum actualization Gaussian peak wavefront in the field of observer mediated physical reality.

  17. The aggregate circulating frequencies of differentiated but common, volitional influence, produce a cocreated space-time mass, as well as phase-fit within existing space-time mass. This global quantum scope of mass participation, is a volitional mutual association that autocorrelates us into a common universe of evolutionary growth pattern.

  18. There is more than one track of harmonic resonant correlation in potentiation: Best case no catastrophe, Medium case some catastrophe, and Worst case massive catastrophe, three levels of human evolutionary discontinuity. This idea spins there is choice in the matter, which material global world endgame you end up in.

  19. Our collectively accreted reality is not just a mutually intersecting space-time basin, it is mutually energized. We are mutually embedded in the serial, linear causality structure.


  20. In the ‘continuing’ and ‘present moment’ of ‘now’, we are partially, cooperatively generating a reality.

  21. We are all together, in phase, a harmonic complex of all frequency and phase entrained to the singular big reality signal system in which we find ourselves.

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Fourteenth Ark:

Hyperspatial Torsions of Real Space-time

  1. Once entrained into one or other resonant space-time spectrum, we become ‘thrown’ into prevailing psi-tropic winds of the mass consciousness resonance pool associated in that spectrum.

  2. We are ‘thrown’ into predisposition to operate in a distinct cycle of quantum reality. We integrate with creation forces that have their benign or cruel itineraries, in both personal and collective consequence, based on our quantum creative predisposition.

  3. Our wavefront of present time always remains a traveling peak antinode of concentrated quantum actuated amplitude of physicality on the outer hemisphere of the circulating toroidal vortex of our space-time.

  4. The hemisphere is the expressed yang point of the quantum actualization engine.

  5. The twists the wave makes between toroidal hemisphere and center are the trajectories of possibility into possibility squared as streams of probability, and some fully accreted, as probability squared (possibility cubed) manifest physical actuality.

  6. The inner center of the torus, is the zero-point null yin energy node of the vortical energy period, of possibility without actuality.

  7. In the periodic system of quantum reality creation there is a multiple participating wavefront coherence of volitional observers. These observers are coupled individual singularity agencies, and represent the butterfly attractor sensitivity point of quiescent alternate potentials.

  8. The hyperspatial quantum zero-point - like the pendulum pause point - is the maximum butterfly attractor sensitivity point of the system, a hyper-singularity access-port to space-time trajectory control.

  9. The toroidal center point, being the eye in the storm of the energetic periodic cycle, is the center germination point of novel trajectory.

  10. The centerpoint is the quantum wavefront nightside. The human creative volitional imagination via hyperspatial realms. These possibilities, as a kind of developed skill for particular evolutionary style of “physical dreaming” ability, direct soul trajectory and is the flashpoint of creative mobility.

  11. In quantum creativity terms, time is a measure of relativistic motion, fluency of change, from stasis or zero-point, to dissipation or coherent complexity of motion, with different kinds of embedded, enfolded complexity, on an energetic or informational scale.

  12. Time has spatially relative density, variance of dimensional concentration, or explicate morphic complexity.

  13. Time can be locally functioning in space, relatively faster, creating spatio-temporal compression, or scalar pressure, in the relative continuum.

  14. Temporal acceleration or deceleration effects can occur relative to linear incremental constants.

  15. Temporal continuity over the space-time fabric remains entrained to a space-time phase-space correlated frequency set.

  16. Temporal spatial density depends on vital soul force energy levels, and associated variety and complexity of relative motion.

  17. In general, higher life-force complexity produces higher spatial compression of temporal incrementation and encyclic enfoldment which produces a space-time fabric depression, representing the increased regional pressure of temporal causational density.

  18. A current expression of linear causational flows generates a trans-time propagated probable matrix profile of reflections of consequence.

  19. The trans-time matrix is a virtual collective of temporal propagation and consequence, as a trans-time accretion.

  20. The trans-time matrix is reflectively generating a probable linear flow consequence, in advance, throughout the entire temporal extent of macro-quantum singularity motion from the present condition.

  21. This probable trans-time propagated future, is probabilistically and energetically significant responsive to changes in current present actuality wavepeak conditions.

  22. There is resolvable paradox between present time existence and future time pre-existence as a function of temporally relativistic actuation energy in a mass-quantum effective sense.

  23. To the relative point of the view of a conscious point of focus of an individual soul in the current present time moment, the future exists as vector from this genesis moment.

  24. As the present moment changes the future vector in pre-existence can change self-relative to the extent there are non-linear consequent causality sources in the system that are not predictable in transtime propagation terms. Probable linear, fractal and cyclical consequence pattern reflections have changed in a nonlinear, discontinuous, manner.

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Fifteenth Ark:

Hyperspace Allows Many Kinds of Time and Singularity

  1. We are collectively entrained into different, or mutual, or polarized patterns in morphic hyperspace.

  2. Our aggregating macro-quantum volitional course as a species and biosphere, is a crowded bell curve world of volitional varieties, all existing in a singular space-time locked universe.


  3. An observer is a sensing, volitional agency (conscious, unconscious, subconscious) a capability, a motivating, quantum state influential agency.

  4. There is a volitionally responsive, collectively aggregate, self cohesive macro-quantum space-time singularity associated with any self contained, self consistent universe.

  5. The universe exists as a matrix of collective culminated volitional manifestation, we call physical reality.

  6. We, together, create our own reality in conjunction with also allowing our participation in a conjunctive reality generated by many sovereign soul agencies.

  7. We each, as individual creative souls, are our own separate sovereign universes, in all ways.

  8. Each human soul is a space-time singularity operating in phase together with other souls.


  9. And, we, together, as a collective of creative souls are co-creating a largely mutually cohesive collective intersecting universe. We call this personal and interpersonal reality.


  10. The co-created consensus universe has individuality and singularity. The mutual consensus world has a mutually effective blueprint for its state-space evolutionary track - its probable sequence eventualities. These probable sequence eventualities exist for a given resident space-time universe, with its inherent potentiating diversity and change.


  11. For the linear, periodic future within any universe, there exists an in-phase matrix of reflection of probable outcomes, informationally resonant and phase locked in the trans-time layer envelope around the whole time-space singularity bubble that looks like a toroidal vortex ball lightning theoretic model.

  12. Transtime is that which has been accreted as an advanced sequence reflection across linear time into meta-time and back as a trans-temporal loop. The whole causality probability reflection loop exists as a functional, collective singularity resonant phase coherent standing wave in trans-time, outside of linear sequencing.

  13. The embedded linear, cyclic, and fractal nonlinear time sequences of experiential volitional culmination’s all exist as a singularity event horizon converging/diverging toroidal vortex traveling wave activity. This traveling wave has a linearly dominant peak traveling wavefront standing wave accretion, called the present.

  14. Resonant and reflective of the traveling wavefront peak of ‘mutual maximal volition interactive aperture called ‘present time’, is found the whole system phase propagation speed conjugation, called the Matrix in the transtime envelope. This matrix is a transtemporal resonance existing as a hyperspatial envelope. It is enveloping the time-space singularity vortex bubble we call the macro-quantum universe.

  15. The hyperspatial conjugate accretion of virtual wavestates is a state-space matrix of whole system probabilities, in the sum of all transient, periodic, or fractal sequencing within the singularity envelope.

  16. In the time space singularity basin of a self consistent, phase-locked narrow probability distribution of co-creative influences, there is a limited diversity permissible within the convergent standing wave or traveling wave peak.

  17. Outside of that permissible range of proximal phase variances, there can be enough emotional gravity inertial shift off the phase center in the singularity to generate another phase positional probability.

  18. That new probability generates a separately phase positioned mutual, co-creative collective singularity.

  19. The mutual singularity is a sharing of singularity phase position momentum of all the individual participating quantum singularities, a concordance of souls.

  20. Our purpose in coming together as creator fragments, is to succeed in training ourselves enough about love, caring, and relationship to become more of who we are.

  21. The redemption is we, as descendents of angels, progeny of the high forces of creation, are ascending back to heaven in unity of diversity, as celebration of individuality in communion, not loss of individuality.

  22. We are holo or fractal fragments of the creation’s creator, whom is wanting to create creations with us not for us.

  23. Our first major task is to re-create the existing mother universe we find ourselves within with all its conundrums. Solve the unsolvable evolutionary problems.

  24. We learn to pick up the ball in our training wheel practice universe before we even want our own.

  25. And we want to learn very carefully, and so we use time to do it in a serial manner. That is the game.

  26. It is a game of learning about love, because love, as the force of both generating diversity and unification, change and continuity, is the driving force of evolutionary existence.

  27. Survival is only a morphic sub harmonic of love, it cannot define it.

  28. Each creator fragment that is a human soul, ultimately seeks its origin and return to home.

  29. We are all, in the long haul, in a sense, angels in-training, learning to love and nurture our individual and co-creative mutual universes.

  30. Our job is to achieve spiritual evolutionary acceleration sufficient to help solve age old problems of spiritual evolutionary inertia in the universe.

  31. The crucible of fastest evolution is the soup of maximum intelligent diversity, including evolutionarily unresolved diversity.

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