Sixteenth Ark:

Multi-Phasing the Single-Phase Universe

  1. As individual universal singularities embedded in a co-created mutual singularity universe, we are in not only in a consensus reality together, we are in a co-created space-time cohesion basin together, which collectively forms a mutual singularity universe.

  2. Occasionally there is sufficient divergence of co-creative volitional intent to have a number of souls separate from one co-created mutual universal consensus quantum singularity into two different sets of co-created mutual singularity.

  3. There is a quantum physics of diverging volitional intent that can exceed singularity phase domain cohesion. This is where culminations from one reality singularity and its associated causal event stream, split into two separate phase states of the whole stream of spatiotemporal dimensional continuity.

  4. Dimensional reality mitosis starts with a single spatio-temporal parent, ‘the agreed upon past’.

  5. The hyperphysics of cohesion of a space-time dimensional continuum, is analogous to phase locked fundamental base frequency and harmonics. The base frequency is a measure of both frequency constant and relative associate phase locked harmonics, and as a whole establishes a given absolute metaphase position in quantum probability.

  6. When macro-quantum space-time singularities are bifurcated, or birthed, it occurs from a single parent due to collective divergence of volition that is mutually exclusive.

  7. The original whole singularity system phase position fishtails and wobbles its center to effectively counter-resonate against itself to separate into two relatively diametric or orthogonal children singularity frequencies and phase positions. Two different metaphase positions, or different dimensional hyperphase absolute positions are generated as a consequence.

  8. By deviating from the threshold of local quantum volitional convergence, the local boundary of collective volitional cohesion is breaches, and the originating phase locked singularity splits into two separately cohesive phase sate wavefront culminations of the originating singularity and sequence.

  9. Additionally, real-space singularities can be fractally embedded within another, and thereby many locally mutually exclusive proximal phase variants of different dimensional sequences can be embedded within one dimensional phase and sequence at a higher level of scale. This embedding feature provides a range of economical, elegant least effort path distribution of collective volitional accretion energies.

  10. Each separate space-time singularity system is at a golden mean phase difference to the next universal collective singularity, in order to phase isolate the energetics of differently self consistent vortical systems. The singularities may co-exist in the same meta-space, but in different non-interacting phases of that space.

  11. Initially, the bifurcated universes have the same relative traveling wavefront peak synchronization called present time, so they are still meta-phase associated. This means, different dimensional singularity present time wavefronts can resonate and marginally interact across meta-space.

  12. Different time-spaces with partially synchronized present time traveling wavefronts, or put otherwise, different wavefront accretion phaselock positions in the same meta-time, metaspace medium.


  13. An analogy is musical octaves and harmonics. The lowest octave note is the fundamental ‘carrier’, and is the longest wavelength in spatial terms. The fundamental note can be likened to the largest time-space singularity culminated dimension of cohesion. There is, for the fundamental note, a series of individual family of harmonic frequencies, all phase locked within the oscillation cycle and metaphase position of the fundamental tone.


  14. Within the fundamental tone, and all its derivative harmonics, there is a measure of phase variance permissible in relative terms between them, while still being effectively entrained within the overall phase locked oscillatory system. There is an effective frequency variety permissible within the phase unity, or harmonic homeostasis, of the system.

  15. If a fundamental singularity begins to vary its wavephase too much and too quickly due to divergent volitional culmination, it generates a resonance-counter-resonance event that produces a bifurcation of the energy involved into two different parallel, separate, and harmonically non-interactive quantum phases of macrocosmic singularity. They develop orthogonally to each other, generatively centering into two non-interacting, different phase basins.

  16. Conservation of volitional culmination in any macro-quantum frequency and phasespace of universal time-space singularity, produces a limited temporal stream of alternate probable causal sequences, based on the alternately culminating, locally cooperative participating volitional participants.

  17. The conservation of collective volitional culmination entrains minor variances and deviance’s into subordinate positioning in a single causal sequence eventuality.

  18. Major collective divergence of volitional energies can and will generate a counter-positioning into more than one eventual sequence outcome, where each will occupy their own temporal phase of quantum state-space.

  19. There is no violation of physical laws in a time-space singularity bifurcation event, since to the phase locked, self entraining, linear sequence of space-time, as the creation of another separately phased locked reality, is a natural process of migrating volitional energies into an available phasespace side-band position.

  20. The originating space-time causality matrix produces, by volitionally divergent choice, a secondary causality sequence. This second singularity, is projected from and created by the collective volitional ‘energetic’ participants. The volitional energy preference that generated the different future sequence no longer exists within the original singularity, as it has shifted to the second sequence eventuality.

  21. The one timeline eventuality splits into two timelines of eventuality, where each line’s ‘present time’ focus is a traveling wavefront peak within its own total transtime envelope.

  22. There is a paradox of individual versus collective volitional generation of space-time sequences. The existence of an individual within a given volitional collective is permanent, and cannot be detrained. However, the existence of an individual volitional free-will is also inherent and sovereign in the equation.

  23. The solution of the paradox derives from the individual freedom of choice that associates a volitional source (soul) in or out of the volitional collective consensus agreement singularity, in or out of the singular macro-quantum phasespace reality.

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Seventeenth Ark:

Conscious Personal Continuity and Truth

  1. Within a given physical cycle of existence a bifurcation of soul energy can occur to accommodate two mutually exclusive life path choices. This means that other versions of oneself can exist in other phases of time-space that each accommodate a volitionally useful variance in spiritual evolution.

  2. If a volitional agency (a soul) migrates out of one macro-collective-singularity into another, their presence in the abandoned singularity continues, minus the volitional energy (soul components) that have migrated.

  3. Therefore, the body does not migrate, only a portion of the soul, with its functioning energy body, migrates.

  4. From the view of the migrating soul component, there is no conscious difference, as the abandoned singularity does not exist to them. In their reality they were not hit by a bus like in the one they would have been if they had not exited. They have moved into another chosen temporal accretion eventuality.

  5. From the view of the migrating soul, all the collective co-creative volitional contributors to their universe were never left behind, as they still exist, fully consistent with the destination timeline singularity to which they have migrated.

  6. From the view of the human that remains one singularity when someone leaves it, to their perception, there is nobody leaving town. The only shift is the soul components of the remaining volitional agent no longer catch the eventuality attractors associated with the migrated soul components that have move to another collective dimensional singularity.

  7. Even if all the soul components migrate away from a given macro-quantum singularity, the remaining volitional agencies, in their own entrainment of self consistency, symmetry, and volitional expectation, ‘create’ and thereafter ‘project’ the existence of the missing volitional agency.

  8. The idea of the ‘rapture’ is an assisted, intervention aided migration of soul components to a self generated alternate time-space singularity where disaster does not occur.

  9. The phase position bifurcation reflects the same singularity into two separate wave pools of phase.

  10. One person can be bi-located or bi-phase associated into two separately spatially culminated singularities, each with a separate, non-interacting causality sequence,


  11. The generative evolution of divergent phase states of spatio-temporality into bifurcating temporal causality sequences, has fractally embedded features.

  12. Each sequence operates as a volitional phase variance envelope, or considering linearity of sequence, tube.

  13. Multiple phases of sequence can be embedded into less phases of variance at a larger scale. There may be the same newspaper headlines at a largest scale but several mutually exclusive dimensionally orthogonal back-page stories on a local scale.

  14. At the highest levels of perception and meta-reality, there is only one singularity, one soul, and one volition that is self-reflecting, or phase-space fractally propagating, and expanding into an optimal requisite variety set of required derivative evolutionary sequences. This requisite variety supports all the volitionally desired diversity of evolutionary process.

  15. In each alternate singularity reflection, in each insular center of entrained phase position, in each alternate center of volitional gravity, exists a hidden unity of all centers.

  16. At the meta-temporal, hyperspatial carrier medium, the creating energy for all reflections is equivalent to any individual reflection.

  17. The paradox of small and large, individual and collective, unity and separation, are resolved in the apprehension of the whole system as a meta-verse of reflections of one meta-universal singularity. However, each subsystem exists within its exclusive phase-locked insularity and yet each has all the characteristics of universal inclusion.

  18. There are several Earth global event line dimensional bifurcation potentials running in this present, circa 1999.

  19. Currently, passage between world quantums of probable event lines is as simple as can be, because of the alignment of causality, at first, with almost all conjunct, on the same joint causal sequence line.

  20. Then, in time, in response to several bifurcating joint consciousness intentional evolutionary requirements, several distinct global lines will have evolved.

  21. Many predicted lines have been suspended or considerably lightened.

  22. Migrating between collective dimensional singularities is easier than usual right now because there is such a significant confluence of multiple time-space singularities right now.

  23. We are having a nexus of temporal event synchronization and coincident phase states and spatial curvature between several alternate timelines. This creates permeability between associate alternate phase centers, as separate singularity potentials, from the point of view of any phase embedded volitional agency (soul).

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Eighteenth Ark:

The Great Discontinuity, the Great Awakening

  1. We are at the crossroads of a multiple temporal singularity bifurcation event.

  2. The magnitude of this event is coincident with the divergence of many future alternate singularity time-lines that have already generated from this event from the view outside of the time-space worlds super-envelope.

  3. The magnitude of this event is evidenced by the many volitional agencies which are actively traveling back on their timeline (into their past) to attempt to influence and tweak the temporal ground zero generation of their particular collective timespace singularity.


  4. Timeline engineering is rampantly active upon our current temporal nexus of singularity, since the extreme evolutionary acceleration event that is coming will spawn several mutually exclusive singularity universes that will, in their own futural timing, need to return to this birth event to trimtab their evolutionary heading.

  5. The time travelers who do this influencing of their own effective ‘past’ in our ‘present’, if successful, may lose contact with their originating future singularity line, if a different phase instantiation of consequence and eventuality occurs.

  6. An original line diverges into multiple lines. From the point of view of each of us as volitional agents and participants, we never know about any different time-space timelines than the one we are resident within.

  7. The metaverse accommodates as many evolutionary useful singularity variants as are volitionally desired, as evidenced in the existence of multiple alternate pasts, presents, and futures.

  8. The coming temporal discontinuity is a confluence event that implosively coheres into several different time-space macro-singularity phase centers. Each phase center or basin functions as its own independent energy sharing system, and thus several major future timelines branch out.

  9. These separate, insular futures, have in many cases developed undesired long term consequences for the soul evolution of the volitional participants.

  10. With spiritual or physical technology, some resident volitional participants (souls) have chosen to attempt to return to a greater point of influence, and change, repair, salvage, or heal by means of back-propagating their soul and sometimes body components up their originating timeline to the point of the maximally sensitive volitional butterfly effect that generated their line its collective momentum. This maximum sensitivity butterfly threshold point of any space-time singularity is just prior to the moment of its birth or bifurcation.

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Nineteenth Ark:

The History of Time as Economies of Diversity

  1. There is linear time. There is more than one line of linear time. There is non-linear time. There is fractal time. There is cyclical time. There is meta-time or trans-time. There is also no time.

  2. The key factor in the complexity of time is the complexity of the evolution of all souls.

  3. Mother Nature’s economies provide for the existence of many parallel, alternate, space-time dimensions as necessary, and no more.

  4. Near dimensions to present time Earth have, at the global level, their own separately evolving Earths. They exist in a parallel dimensionality.

  5. Sometimes near dimensions are synchronous and thus morphically porous and overlapping and easy shifting between singularities is possible.

  6. There are a limited number of alternate global present day timeline realities.

  7. At this time in our history there are an acute number of overlaps and interconnects between dimensions in special ways.

  8. Populaces of creating consciousnesses can cause the splitting of one dimension of Earth present timeline reality into two different ones. This will probably happen more than once over a 20 year period (1990-2020).

  9. Humans from the future beyond are bending space and time to visit for a range of purposes. Time travelers of many different evolutionary grades have moved in time and traveled to many points of history of Earth, and in many parallel Earth realities, especially the current era.

  10. Extra-dimensional time travelers and ET’s are present in some histories and futures, but not all.

  11. In some past and past parallel singularities, present and present parallel singularities, and future and future parallel Earth reality singularity lines, there is great cataclysmic havoc.

  12. The problems derive from the need for new timelines after recognition of changes needed in past created and influenced timelines.

  13. There are original timelines, of the original Earth, and evolutionary values of allowing and creating subsequent or alternative future developing timelines.

  14. These sought soul evolution values, when back propagated through the forward time sequence, are active volitional progress towards literal renewal of futures that have, in previous timeline unfoldings, failed, and missed the mark. This is appropriate tampering that helps to save souls, by course correcting their timeline trigger events and momentum.

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Twentieth Ark:

Evolving Into Alternate Probable Future Histories

  1. In the original Earth future line, of one macro-singularity, time travel is invented, and a whole host of races over many millions of years become practiced time-space travelers. But this doesn’t stop here.

  2. In alternate singular universes that have evolved, or did evolve and are parallel to us, relatively speaking, there are time traveler migrating back upstream who are tinkering with their causality sequence.

  3. They begin to tinker with their own histories and discover they can generate, or initiate, the split-off of their given reality into a more optimal eventuality.

  4. There is no paradox in time created when fun travel back in time and change something in your past. Only new timespace singularity generation, in different phase positions that coexist but do not interact.

  5. A new timeline is created, which deviates the course of one of a few major Earth alternates in nearby quantum universal space.

  6. The new timeline phase adjustment can allow for migration of the focal point self conscious soul sentience of identity in the future line across and into the alternate improved line.

  7. What was reality becomes as a dream, and what was as a dream become the new reality.

  8. Volitional agents are embedded into the resonant pool of the reality vector they choose to adopt, and mutually co-create.

  9. Once entrained into its gravity well basin, it is more difficult to shift into another periodic system. The probability distribution of creative free-will is difficult to estrange from the singularity being occupied and cogenerated.

  10. If a soul’s free will does diverge enough outside the locked resonant system, then it begins to sympathetically vibrate with and entrain into adjacent or distal systems that operate at a similar or mutual entraining frequency and phase.

  11. Thus you are drawn to the attractor that fits four resonance and hyper-phase.

  12. You automatically, individually conjugate into the collective volitional system that most closely pattern matches your conscious growth focus.

  13. The old, or abandoned timeline, if abandoned by most of the volitional participants, gradually loses singularity amplitude, and the singularity of that universe can ultimately become a chimera of its original self from the view of the émigré. The old timeline future becomes a faded future timeline from their point of view.

  14. In its own terms, in an abandoned timeline, if there are no co-creative participants, no volitionally motivating forces, the entire existence of that singularity slowly collapses, becoming a faint, hollow, sepia-tone virtual, or probabilistic image of what was once full bodied, colorful and vibrant reality.

  15. The newer alternate timeline becomes the stronger consciously experienced timeline, once itself only a dream. The departed reality retreats to dream in the relativism of the volitional participant, and the joined reality advance from dream into full bodied reality.

  16. The logic of the new timeline envelops and reorients the old timeline to be as if a dream to the conscious self.

  17. The soul’s conscious sense of biological identity can migrate from one alternate reality to another, even though strictly speaking, the conscious self exist in both timelines independently.

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Twenty first Ark:

The Timeline Nexus at the Beginning of the Third Millennium

  1. The many space-time currencies of alternate reality Earth timeline, are unusually and permeably connected at this time in history.

  2. It has been discovered that many populace filled future timeline singularities are birthed from our era, and many have sent time travelers back to influence their own initiating past.

  3. Each dimensional singularity is an entirely self sufficient universe

  4. In a temporal mapping sense, the new timelines are being created by influential agencies in earlier or original timelines.

  5. There is a temporal singularity network, a web of temporal consequence alternates, with the center of the web apparently somewhere nearby our present near future.

  6. The newer timelines are efforts at shifting local and global continuities of existence into new tracks of global causal track, that in turn generate and ripple into new probable future time, as a shifted far-future, that begins to become a new soul migratory refuge and redemption for inhabitants from the ‘earlier’ created unsatisfying future eventualities.

  7. Nature provides for serial creation of parallel timelines on the macro-scale.

  8. In effect, a whole new history is tried by changing key past events. Since quantum observer-participant reality is malleable, changes to individuals that do not change larger scales of events, permits multiple timelines to be embedded fractally within a larger global timeline.

  9. Timelines are weaved together into a toroidal traveling wavefront fractal flower of eddy frequencies, where patterns of many alternates exists within different levels of contained scale of the flower.

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Twenty second Ark:

Globally Embedded Fractal Time and Trans-time Feedback

  1. The one meta-temporal meta-singularity universe that encompasses all space-time possibilities, probabilities, actualities, all individual singularities.

  2. The original Earth evolution timeline, long forgotten except in oldest myth.

  3. Set of main alternate global Earth timelines that do develop

  4. Many regional alternates embedded in each alternate global Earth line

  5. Many local alternates embedded in each regional line

  6. Many individual alternate lines embedded in each local line

  7. Many individuals in concert create new local-to-global reality timelines

  8. At critical times in creative temporal history, a major multi-timeline clustering event occurs.

  9. The current second Millennium AD period on Earth, in the temporal history of the universe, is probably one of the largest timeline clustering events ever witnessed.

  10. This present day timing and history is an ongoing major temporal reconstruction and regulatory project on the part of many different groups of time travelers.

  11. Many on Earth have migrated their soul consciousness several times to subsequent and different alternate global timelines, and the current Earth reality timeline we find ourselves in, is and will be producing an explosion of a alternate singularities.

  12. Many timelines that ‘go dead’ are simply abandoned. The less conscious co-creation parties involved, the less quantum evolutionary energy a universe contains and preserves. The singularity weakens.

  13. Relative to a new timeline and dimension, if there is no conscious sentience magnitude in an old timeline “any longer”, the reality relatively retracts its magnitude of instant speed of expected future probability as a propagation into trans-time, and a new pattern reflects.

  14. Relative to our point of “present time” point of conscious quantum actualization, the view from our standing wave, the prior mass-quantum causality relativistically “uncreates”, in the sense its ‘previously experienced’ conscious point of focus is now past and subsumed under dreaming of the “current” self.

  15. Relativistically speaking, the current tachionically present quantum conscious soul energy is no longer concentrated there, so the timeline decays in quantum attractor power, in effect, it becomes quantum recessed. The history and soul growth that happened in those domains, when it happened, relativistically, is not abrogated at all.

  16. But from the soul evolution point of view, in an optimal future, the “earlier” global reality accessibility and inherent co-creative quantum energy levels are attenuated. From one view, the only difference between dream and reality, is quantum relativistic “probability” and “actuality”. This in turn is the difference between Bohm implicate order quantum enfoldment, (after a post explication manifestation event). This is the difference between morphic fields that don’t or do reach our relativistic physical explication potential.

  17. Manifestation history dimensionally enfolds itself relative to subsequent present time, it exists as dream information but no longer the center of gravity of lifeforce. Time and space as past or future, is relativistically enfolded.

  18. Depending on evolving soul quantum-learning loads, scalar torsion generated by consciousness in space-time can propagate information instantaneously, anywhere, to any time. All consciousness propagates morphic information and causality, outside of linear time, into non-local, trans-time reflection.

  19. This super-temporal feedback loop provides “post-event” trans-temporal reflection “backward” in linear time. The future trans-time feedback loop couples back around quantum initiating “precursor events” which are quantum signal projections “forward” from the relative linear present.

  20. This hyperspatial signature transmission system is the means by which the quantum universe phase conjugates appropriate co-creative mutuality, creation, accommodation, economy, least effort, in effective response to human quantum free-will and creative evolution.

  21. The new timeline is a probability emergent into actuated physical existence. The old timeline is a once invested actuality returned to mere probability of existence. From mere possibility to probability to actuality, and back to possibility again. This is soul migration from lesser to more evolved timelines. The timelines are abandoned or completed. Actuality recesses back to probability and ultimately mere possibility again. The soul components migrate to other more useful universal singularities of existence and evolution.

  22. This is the sense of things in the long scope. It is the structure of physical dreaming by and between humans and the mutual causal creation.

  23. All of the ‘once created’ realities exist in their own time, space and phase, with all their resident energies, but in evolutionary time. in relativistic evolutionary time, realities that succeed generate and develop more energy than ones that are abandoned.


  24. The perception of life in a timeline is a function of what timelines you are looking from.


  25. Each individual sees the global timeline within which they are embedded, but usually cannot seem to consciously influence it.

  26. To the degree you genuinely do influence the global line, it can either move you to an alternate Earth that already exists with you in it (you got there earlier in an earlier split), or generate an entirely new timeline of global quantum singularity to some level of scale.


  27. You need only enough volitional participants to generate a separate macro-quantum space-time universe or singularity.

  28. If many individual volitional agents have symmetry of evolutionary intent together, then they morphically associate or join to co-creatively share consequence. This is a least effort, minimum duplication law of universal like-attracts-like inclusion.

  29. Global timelines are collective volitional accretions, consensus agreement realities. Different alternate global Earths, reflect different consensus agreement basins, different mutual consenting reality co-creation and involvement of a group of sentient beings operating in symmetry.

  30. Again the economy of timeline creation is a clustering of conscious sentience in evolution along differently vectored paths of mutual agreement. The mutual agreement between many individuals generates a global current of time that is moving its way into a distinct future.


  31. Think of meta-time as an ocean, and each alternate time line as a different but nearby almost self contained current, self contained within its own phaselock to the meta-singularity, each existing in a differently coupled phase position in the encompassing hyperspace. There are little null zones, or nodes, between the major current trails of activity, or antinodes.

  32. Continuing the ocean analogy, the regional waves and individual water molecules all join together to produce a main current.

  33. If the energy of a current is reduced enough, it can eventually stall, or decay, its constituent energies absorbed into nearby stronger currents, whose wave action and water motion entrain the remaining energy into system homeostatic coherence.

  34. In the temporal map of meta-history, the time of early 21st century earth is the subject of a multi-dimensional temporal energy tsunami.

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Twenty third Ark:

Angels, Men-in-Black, ET’s, Dark Future Tricksters

  1. There is a time-space map that shows how to navigate the impact of this temporal discontinuity. It reveals all the major timelines and their critical and sensitive connection, overlap, and split-off points. And it by definition must map the activities of the time travelers from the future past and future future timelines that are involved in this multi-wave event, and ongoing event reconfiguration.

  2. It is an exciting time to live here in the late 20th century. In reality, it is the top destination of time travelers, so to already be here in the first place means you don’t have to invent time travel to get here.

  3. Why is this discontinuity, this tsunami event, this space-time wave current convergence happening? What makes Earth so special? Somehow, Earth is a key player in how and whether a whole host of very positive universal evolving timelines, or very negative universally infesting realities timelines develop in the future and propagate their influence down-line.

  4. We are somehow the unwitting kingpins, not pawns, in a cosmic evolution experiment.


  5. Something that happens here in coming Earth history produces several distinct different Earth dimensional split-offs, some of which will be failures and some successes, spiritual evolution wise.

  6. The future Earth timeline failures are the ones sending the most time travelers back to this timing to try and effect a timeline course change.

  7. The most successful future Earth timelines are sending back time travelers so evolved that we might call them ‘angels’, and they have only our best spiritual growth interest in mind.

  8. Time travelers from the most successful futures don’t use physical time machines as they have evolved technology of mind to move their bodies across and between time.


  9. The most evolved future humans in the farthest future times don’t need to return to change anything for themselves since they already made it, but they do come back to help those more unfortunate sometimes.

  10. Some ‘men-in-black’ are inner earth indigenous humanoids. They are remnants of ancient separate civilization making rare surface saucer excursions and working with using all means to keep evidence of their own existence quiet. Then there are time traveling MIBs who are similarly protection minded, effectively time cops, doing all they can to control and guide global timeline volitional potentials.

  11. Men-in-black were tasked with suppressing the knowledge of ET and extra-dimensional (ED) contact that would hinder the volitional energy that can be harvested for reinforcing the energy and power level of their future eventuality.

  12. Some might say we are in a war between alternate universes. It is not just time-wars, or timeline wars, but more acutely, it is a volitional allegiance war, with conquered populaces enslaved into negative singularity futures.

  13. On the other hand, it is a opportunity for vast individual human volitional singularity (soul) migration from the future negative lines into much more positive lines, by changing the butterfly factors that our era holds.

  14. And the only butterfly factor that really exists is the individual, not collective, despite all appearances, and desire to blame or credit.

  15. The collective outcome is a summed convergence of individual inputs. It is personal choice influenced by collective entrainment factors.

  16. There are some invasion forces from the future attempting to reinforce their own quantum energy, power and influence into the past present and eventually other alternate timeline dimensionalities. The men-in-black are merely the temporal street muscle of one particularly strong major negative alternate timeline.

  17. The primary causes that prevent this negative line from increasing its soul harvest to reinforce its reality power, are:

    1. Earth’s pen contact with the right ETs

    2. true human spiritual awakening

    3. counterbalancing effects from time travelers from more positive future lines

  18. The men in black are also interested in preventing current day development of free energy, time travel, psychic powers, contact with enemy ET or extra dimensional entities. These things all represent a threat to their negative line reinforcement activities.

  19. Certain negative ET forces are willing to do anything they can to manipulatively harness the power of human spirituality as evolutionary singularity batteries for their own distorted evolution. But this only exists as a requested affair.

  20. We have something certain beings don’t, and they want it, and for other reasons than what was intended.

  21. What we have is particularly unique and powerful soul substance in the negative harvester’s view, and if they don’t take control of it, they are terrified what we win do with it against them.

  22. They do not trust any volitional power that can exceed their own. They have a culture focused on control and suppression of diversity and individuality. That is a mistake, since we humans will eventually do the right thing for the universe, as is our ultimate destiny.

  23. There will be a timeline convergence, implosion, explosion, and meta-eventual culmination where all failed lines are healed, revived or soul-retrieved and abandoned, and all souls make it forward into the most successful future timelines.

  24. All more negative timelines will eventually become more and more faded and conscious energy depleted and collapsed, since so much of the soul energy will have migrated into optimal tracks.

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Twenty fourth Ark:

Souls Seeking Optimal Future Evolution for All

  1. Our evolutionary space-time pocket called Earth and its immediate galactic environment, is an oasis of butterfly attractors that can generate vastly different and distinct future evolutionary tracks.

  2. There is an evolutionary energy acceleration and expansion operation occurring.

  3. A new optimal timeline reality has been Created by the best of the human heart and divine powers and the most evolved time traveler working with high creation spiritual forces we would call the divine or God.

  4. The current major task is to converge as many souls as possible into the optimum space-time future history trajectory lines.

  5. To accomplish this job, many volunteers from the successful future timelines have traveled back into their own past alternate timelines where things went wrong to help change the course.

  6. This means, over the span of meta-time, there is a timeline mop-up operation, where all soul energy is assisted in its migration to more and more optimal future timelines.

  7. It also means that, as a reward, humans who accomplish this task, will be granted an initially uninhabited virgin future that can become even more optimal beyond comparison.

  8. That final loop optimal future becomes the end-game singularity conduit path through which all souls of all alternate lines will eventually travel to become qualified macro-creator agents.

  9. From the higher realms point of view, all creative sentient beings are dreaming physicality, in an individual and mutual manner.

  10. The future of the future is ours to choose and make.

  11. Many futures are concordant and inherent within our current timeline, a collective blueprint play-out, which depending on many critical factors, will diverge into several manifest independent global temporal trajectories.

  12. What exists now has many trans-temporal reflections across the linear future of what can become of it, some different event sequence lines brighter and more probable than others.

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Twenty fifth Ark:

Quantum Causation and the Mutable Future

  1. It is all about individual development of human souls, as independent enfolded space-time singularities, as an inhabited resonance basins, which has frequency and phase connectivity and cohesion with the resonance of our mutual, global, collective, consistent physical macro-quantum reality.

  2. So lets look at the range of events and probabilities in play the predictions- We will go in knowing there is an alive, mutable, resonant matrix reflecting information to us from a hyper-temporal system, where all probable linear causational futures are instantly propagated from any present moment and momentum.

  3. A future impossibility turns to possibility turns to probability and then to ‘Fine’ physical reality before it happens as actuality m its own present. Only when it happens in its own present is it dense actualized physical present time reality.

  4. Psi-energy magnitudes for probable futures are accorded to the sum and synergy of correlating, reinforcing volitional forces that are operating in synchronization with that future line propagation.

  5. So in the view from eternity, and eternity cubed, Alpha through Omega, in hyper-space-time, the network web of potentiations that are mapped are not static, if the present time volitional agencies truly act in an unexpected manner.

  6. All probabilities of present time actuated events generate active probabilities for future outcome sequences. Yet all outcomes are individual probabilities of individual singularity agencies we call souls.

  7. The process of evolution involves each soul participating in the whole. Any present time, actuated, real world effective, global timeline vector change, automatically activates a changed quantum possibility vector set for its own future.

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