Twenty sixth Ark:

More Souls In the Ark of Optimal Future Trajectory

  1. Conformations and deviations of soul growth courses on a global level, at the Earthly scale of macro-quantum reality, is occurring on Earth. It is outside the range of previously known expectations.

  2. To the visitors from beyond our time, only the most advanced are patently aware that the Earth has a near 50:50 chance to go either the way of incredible destruction and loss or the way of unprecedented evolutionary acceleration in the ability to love, which is God’s favorite skill.

  3. Incipient reality combines with volitional initiated change based on desired futures operating as psi-energetic attractors into present time reality.

  4. Physical consequence (past/present inner and past outer attractors) plus individual desire in present time (personal inner future attractor) plus proximal future probabilities (outer collective attractor) feedback, all contribute to what ends up happening.


  5. Linear time is generating a long term futural unfoldment, yet still enfolded in quantum hyperspacetime until it becomes preset time relative to the participating volitional influences called souls.

  6. The future probability growth vectors imprint an information signature into trans-time, or hypertime.

  7. The quantum volitional alchemy produces a signature and this establishes energetic pathways and attractor behavior that entrain like signatures to contribute volitional energy - the hermetic like-attracts-like idea.

  8. Futures are generated as quantum transtemporal looping reflections in hyperspace-time relative to present time.

  9. Propagated probable futures feedback in present time, as if looking for resonant re-forwarding effects and phase interlock in resent events, and as if reinforcement search.


  10. Trans-temporal resonance from present to future, then back to present and again to a shifted future seems to be a reality of quantum hyperspatial enfolded evolution.

  11. These things all accessibly exist in the information base of the continuum, in the non-local, hyper-temporal, hyperspatial, singularity accretion horizon of space-time linear reality.

  12. Where we are on the rim of our own present time continuum, in our relativistic present time, the transtime matrix can reflect back to us wherever we happen to be potentially going in the temporal causational sequence, as a superluminal, time-reverse wave.

  13. Take your pick of coming global bifurcation vectors

  14. Exceptions include souls which have no obstacles to choose to be in a more positive vector, but instead choose to ride a negative vector as a follow-up factor, a teaching, influential factor to help the population in that nightmare vector make the best of it.

  15. Prophets, visionaries, spiritual seers, and evolved souls are often souls that consciously imported themselves into negative timelines to learn about them and help the indigenous population find a more loving way, as possible.

  16. Actually it is a great honor, even if it is difficult to help out, to be of compassionate service of sorts. Sometimes it is merely a sense of responsibility on the part of certain souls, as a function of love, caring, and compassion to reduce suffering, or based on self-selected karmic patterns of learning.

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Twenty seventh Ark:

Overcoming the Negative Quantum Attractors

  1. The world is one. We exist together in one singularity of space-time. From the viewpoint of every individual there exists no alternate universe and there is no alternate universe The physical universe of space and time, wave and particle, energy and matter, is our mutually created evolutionary growth medium.

  2. Everyone deserves to make it, and pain is not necessary. Pain and fear, or love and joy, employed as alternate linear evolutionary growth styles, are widely divergent mediums of growth. They are paradoxical, contradictory, and mutually exclusive to a considerable degree. Yet mutually exclusive paradigms of time can relatively co-exist in one singularity universe, one global Earth, with ail its diverse, concentrated ingredients.

  3. The diversity of the Earth can grow as one. No Earthly future bifurcations needs to happen. We can most if not all make it in this wave, but only if we crest it in our own participation to change the existing negative leaning momentums.

  4. There is a great wave coming, a wave of co-active, co-creative, multiplier factored, quantum volitional energy. This is an evolutionary accelerant.

  5. There are three major dominions of space-time in our sphere, that are converging, culminating, and co-creatively cooperating in the coming wave event: Earthly, human, and spiritual. The convergence of three major possible futures is amplified by the three major realms of resonance building evolution.

  6. It is not all up to each individual, we each do our part, in our own way. We are not alone. Part of the nature of the evolutionary acceleration wave is the co-creative forces of the universe are becoming amplified for us and with us. No one is a spectator, everyone is a participant, everyone- is part of the total mix, the complete equation.

  7. Divine intervention exists, but only in matching resonance with our initiated signals. Human spirituality exists, and human souls are fragments, in the image, of the creator, holisms in the creation.

  8. Secular academism ignores what it cannon compute and disallows acknowledgement of evolution beyond Newtonian terms, reducing human spirituality and soul to ‘what brains do’. This is an incomplete paradigm that promotes human spiritual dis-empowerment.

  9. Traditional religions and spirituality often denies the power of individual participation, reducing souls to flocks of tacitly accepting sheep, unilaterally subject to God’s will, souls not capable of and prohibited from too much independent’ impact, albeit free-willing who all submit to God’s will, their own largely not important. The system is defined by its degree of wrathful forces attributed to Gods work, in a divine war to violently destroy the unclean, the polluted, the bad people, in order to rebuild. This is a paradigm that promotes human spiritual punishment, control, and very limited empowerment.

  10. New Age religions and spirituality is often fundamentalist traditions in new clothing, newly claiming human spiritual value and human spiritual power, yet in stark contradiction, shrinking from this rhetoric when talking of coming Earth changes, as if humanity cannot change the course to anything better. Love, love, love, but wipe out the unclean with extreme prejudice. This is a paradigm that promotes minor mutual spiritual power, and acceptance of limited human spiritual empowerment and punishment, as de facto, de rigueur, fait accompli, quid pro quo for bad bad humanity. Collectively speaking, we’ve been bad, and Daddy’s coming to whip our ass.

  11. Secular academic, religious and new age paradigms of human potential and spiritual impact in the co-creative universe can be relatively limited as means to empower spiritual participation. The associated sinks of personal identity work in a feedback loop on the personal to global level, and the mass frequencies pool into different domains.

  12. When our secular and material world fails us we have economic and environmental dysfunction.

    Strategic risk: economic wars, local to global.

  13. When our religious and community world breaks down we have human incivility and social dysfunction.

    Strategic risk: civil wars, local or national. Martial law, civil breakdown.

  14. When our spiritual world fails us we have socio-spiritual dysfunction.

    Strategic risk: global terrorist wars, local to international. Armageddon out of a New Jihad, or perhaps the Retaking of Taiwan.

  15. To evolve out of the dichotomous negative secular ‘reality fixation’, we must work with the unexpected forces of the mother Earth and the future “New Earth” time reverse attractors. The personal and collective association of the agencies of creational nature includes both infinite diversity, and yet in paradox, self referential unity as a whole system - the biosphere.

  16. To evolve out of the dichotomous negative religious and community world reality fixation, we must work with the unexpected forces of an evolving, metamorphosing human genome, and the human ability to give and care, the future “New Human” time reverse attractors. The personal and collective association of human evolutionary metamorphic potential includes both extreme diversity, and yet in paradox, self referential unity - humanity.

  17. To evolve out of the dichotomous negative spiritual reality fixations, we must work with the unexpected forces of very high spirituality yet founding new spirituality each authentically, ourselves, generating the future “New Spirituality” time reverse attractors. The personal and collective association of souls includes both total diversity and yet in paradox, immense unity.

  18. Every soul counts, every choice impacts, all participation has impact. Yet without effective participation, current momentum of global events will produce a negative wave event that twists the coming positive wave event away from success for humanity in evolutionary terms.

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Twenty eighth Ark:

Three Global Doomsday Quantum Timeline Attractors

  1. Negative Timeline Attractor 1

    - Economic Wars, where most of the money just vanishes from the planet after all the Ponzi scheme banks fall to calls on all their loans. In a matter of days, governments of the world sustains infrastructure collapse, with almost universal world poverty, completely arrested civilization, all thrown back to rudimentary technology in an environment being destroyed and hopelessly polluted. Remaining civilization scavenges resources from existing lands, remaining wood to burn, and in effect, the entire world retreats to the 19th century in an almost helplessly diseased and depleted environment, with no central services remaining.

  2. Negative Timeline Attractor 2

    - Terrorist Wars. With Russia, allied with Iraq, China allied with Iran, Russia allied with China, and Syria getting involved, there is a distinct probability of a Second Jewish Holocaust scenario happening between the years 2000 to 2012, (2006), where these nations will conspire to literally kill the whole of Jewish populace as the Arab Jihad Final Solution, all in the name of Allah, and with such forces at play, that the west will be patently unable to stop global terrorist wars fought in the Middle East and on it’s own shores, including nuclear, chemical, biological terrorist warfare which will have near terminating impact on the entire world. With Iraq fortified from reprisal by Russia, and Iran fortified by China, and to stop the second wholesale slaughter of Jews on the planet the US will go into it and in doing so, will unleash a terminal 3rd world war. Israel will use their nukes, Iraq will unleash all they have, all the Arab world will become involved. Second likelihood is China retaking Taiwan.

  3. Negative Timeline Attractor 3

    - Civil Wars, where America turns into a dangerous survivalist, mugger and mob scene society, with paranoia, the rift between the haves and have nots, social trust, volatile incivility, rebellion of the alienated, fanatic rugged individualism, everyone selfishly concerned, apathy, self righteous factions. What it means to be a good Samaritan, be an American, and American spirit is lost, all leading to civil violence on a national scale, the US becoming a renegade nation that threatens the stability of the world, and UN investigators running around to be peacekeepers in the US.

  4. These three above negative attractors are the three primary, entraining, transtime feedback signals in place with greatest momentum for the immediate future for Earth.

  5. Terrorist Wars escalate into 3rd World war of nuclear, chemical and biological proportions to make the Earth barren of most life in a few months. Scenario number one: blind hatred under sacred banner, an Arab Genocide alliance, aided by circumstance by Russia and China. This scenario will be initiated by those of blind vision in dishonor of God’s true nature, defiling Allah’s name, as a holy war. It will be envisioned as a radical Islamic Jihad, effecting an Arab Final Solution on the Jews under banner of punishment for Jewish crimes against Islam.

  6. The Arab Final Solution Alliance will have terrible weapons of mass destruction at the ready. The war will start when the Arab world using threats of mass destruction, declares dominion over Israel and initiates a Jihad to cleanse Jews from the ancient and sacred Arab homeland now called Israel. Jewish nuclear reprisal to Arabs is immediate, and forces of nuclear, chemical, biological weapons are unleashed by Syria and Iraq, as poisons into all the waters, air and land. Mass death begins.

  7. Initially stopping the US involvement is Russia and China, on threat of ICBM target ‘redirection’ by them in 20 minutes. UN foreign ambassadors label the war a ‘regional apocalypse’ the US can no longer interfere in, under threat of security council enforcement against the US. Russia and China have a hidden agenda. So the US still has to try to stop the wholesale slaughter, and goes in anyway to help ally Israel.

  8. The Final Solution Jihad Alliance, in turn, unleashes biological and chemical suitcase terrorism on US soil. A hail of biowarfare agents, like Ebola, Anthrax, incurable bio-viroids, immune system destroyers, lots of agents are delivered into the air, water and land of the US. The US tries to stop the Arab Reich ‘Final Solution’ in the Middle East, tries to intervene in the regional genocide actions which can poison the whole world.

  9. The US involvement makes it a 3rd world war, ultimately escalating to releasing so many poisonous life killing agents, the destruction of the entire civilized world is at hand. In its own way, this could fit the biblical Revelations sequence of opening seals full of horrors, as much as anything. The modern world can erect its own demise.

  10. After the poisons and the bombs, there will be rotting flesh, oxygen levels severely reduced, radioactive, chemo-active lethal rain from the sky for decades, all trees and foliage die, massive non-arable, non-livable land, famine, starvation, with no food or clean water.

  11. Consequently huge weather changes, massive tornadoes, hot and cold extremes, upheaval to the geosphere water balance, melting of the ice caps bringing as much as a 40 foot average vertical rise in sea level, so that up to 50 foot above sea level today will become uninhabitable, all wetlands destroyed, most freshwater aquifers destroyed, 100’s of millions without homes, much less land in the world

  12. Continuing chemical and nuclear killer rains, no butterflies, no bees for pollination, skin cancers worldwide, TB and malaria go worldwide, collapsing governments, no services, everyone left slowly dies. No technology, no institutions, no services, no government, death everywhere, with much of the remaining populace having severe mental health crisis from the immensity of dying going on, the anguish of death, and the barely surviving.

  13. In that bleak timeline scenario, within 60 years following initiating events, the Earth dies as a biosphere. It is currently being reflected back to us in present time from trans-time as being the most probable sequence we are heading for, IF we do not change it through material and spiritual action and participation. And for any of us, change it we will.

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Twenty ninth Ark:

Three Global Success Quantum Timeline Attractors

  1. Positive Timeline Attractor 1:
    Human values, human dignity, more responsible community authority rather than unaccountable anonymity, solutions in basic education to create skilled workers, awakening human empathy and recognition of innate human spiritual worth, more humane social priorities, more social soulfulness, less group identifiers, more character, forgiveness, dignity, vision. More sensory attunement to the Earth, the environment, appreciation of beauty. A developing new empathy and caring towards humanity and life in general, with more trust, people to people, person to person, with kindness, caring, hope, and community. A world of great diversity, and intricate tapestry of national land ethnic sovereignties, but working together. More humanity as individuals waking up with good ideas and unpredicted capacity to do something, in physical and/or spiritual terms.
    Co-create “New Humanity” by healing human relations, awakening more empathy in humanity, and appreciation of complexity.

  2. Positive Timeline Attractor 2:
    Disarming, defusing, dismantling negative circumstances. Tracking real world events, being involved, participating, and applying both (appropriate physical, social, and spiritual means to change things, such as injustice, inhumanity, suffering, tragedy, pain, and destruction. Our bombs dropped in Iraq can become the unwitting conveyance of releasing delay forces into the environment and jet-stream that can permeate the world. Our failure to upgrade the world for Y2K will leave some of worlds infrastructures in disarray, but does not have to stop civilization. There will still be economic breakdowns, regional terrorism, and human incivility, but they will not develop into global and national wars. America can work with Russia and China to forge a better way into the 21st century. Applying physical and/or spiritual means.
    Co-create the “New World” by healing the Earth, awakening more connectedness of all life and matter, and appreciation of complexity.

  3. Positive Timeline Attractor 3:
    If we don’t live our choice with self respect, then our continuous ambient quantum volitional energy can be siphoned off, entrained into the dominant pattern wafting around us, from a personal to global level. To take charge of our own quantum volitional energies, we must choose and act on the choices, carrying their realization. We cannot coast on some past choice or some past action, it requires daily reality-making, active, conscious, determined participation and involvement, seizing the day, everything an opportunity to develop personal authenticity, realness, dignity, presence, consciousness, prescience, focus, empathy, passion, with skill. Develop internal spiritual life, spiritual tradition, spiritual freedom, spiritual grace, spiritual community. Rise to the challenge, to exceed expectations, to supersede past limitations, to actively receive the gifts being offered by the Creator.
    Co-create the “New Spirituality” by healing and forging spirituality, awakening more soul and spirit within us, and beyond us.

  4. All energies have their duality of how hey are worked with in a quantum volitional interactive response sense. How we each respond to impact from the world around us defines who we are in energetic terms, and thus, in quantum volitional terms. Apprehension can mean time to pay attention to love or time to fear and control. Confusion can be an chaotic energetic source of ideas or means of disintegration. Exhaustion can mean time to be in a metamorphic peaceful state or time to be asleep. Overwhelm can mean time to find peace and wonder of balance or time to give up. It is not what emotional energies we experience, it is how we work with them, interpret them, in spiritual energetic terms that defines our timeline attractor resonance.

  5. The coming suite of various magnitude global discontinuities of non-human, geologic or cosmic sourced energies, which portend immense human eradication, near extinction, are mostly, if not all just covertly comfortable decoys, that distract people from the complex problems of real world human life. Intricacies of real world global threats are replaced with simplistic “wrathful cataclysm”, a divinely ordained cleansing of the Earth. This gives people a false sense of inevitability and simplicity to the whole matter, thinking God is forcing a cosmic re-boot of humanity. This is violent eradication of most of the populace by one means or another. When the end of the world does NOT happen by some calamitous cosmic event, psychic patterns fueled in the populace continue to need it to happen, with so much identity invested in “the end of the world”. It never was about welcoming a violent end of the world with open arms.

  6. Who ordains society and the vast world populace as needing to be eradicated to make a new world, inflicting mass death in blind vision and devotion to conceptions of divine love and hate, morally righteous judgment, and ready zeal for inflicting punishment? Sorry folks, it’s not God or Jesus that is the culprit, but elements of Humanity that recently got the part to play this role over the next decade.

  7. This reality vector has already had a number prior singularity split-offs occur over the last 60 years, with many in the last decade. Already, in spite of ourselves, we have enough going right that we are in the reality timeline vector that doesn’t suffer God’s wrath, but as surely and as lethally, we can suffer from our own wrath towards one another.

  8. Predicted cosmic destructions include massive earthquakes, vulcanism, covert or overt ET invasions, polar shifts, photon belts, Revelations-style, Gods’ wrath wrought, civilization stopping cataclysms, 2012 calendar end-time zero-point, cometary or asteroid impacts… Given current probabilities, these are all predictions which will NOT happen, and all of which are unwitting, psychological means to keep humanity helpless and disempowered, needed only as spectators.

  9. These decoys keep our eyes off the only real ball in the air - humanity’s failure of humanity and the living Earth. And help catch the other real ball - in body, in Earth, in Spirit - taking in the coming wave of awakening and accelerated evolution that the Creator IS helping happen.

  10. All unusual cosmic irritants are but as irritant to help the oyster of Earth make more lustrous pearls out of us, maybe even better angels of mercy and love.


  11. Humanity’s failure of humanity and the earth, desperately need to be solved, or the human species will largely self destruct on a planetary wide scale over the first twenty years of the third millennium.

  12. The time is NOW to make a difference, every day, both inner and outer, locally and globally, in home and community. It is time for humanity to become at functional united family of humanity, while respecting diversity and sovereignty of all people, groups and nations. It is time to put caring into action, love into action, spirituality into action. It is time to become more than we have ever been before, as Humans, as the Earth, and as Spirit.

  13. Engagement, involvement, making a difference and having influence depend on authenticity, honesty, grace, values, staying abreast of the world, having priorities, helping one way or another, with support, information, efforts, prayers, with sincerity, with truly humane values, ethics, competency, informedness, and access to resources.

  14. The principal reason for differences in magnitudes, which generate severe mutual conditions, and eventually split into two or three alternate global world singularity bifurcations, is a function of personal human energy assimilation,

  15. If sheer human resistance to change, growth, forgiveness, accommodation, is high enough, then what was a quantum reality feedback loop that was quiet, can become louder, find more inelegant means to get messages across. Who is the messenger but none other than the soul.

  16. The soul’s dreams for growth in a lifetime incarnation may be different than the person’s conscious dream for themselves at any given moment. There is friction between heart and mind, and by one’s own resistance to new perception, the universe amplifies motivation to the level of fear to get through to us where motivating through love did not get through to us.

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Thirtieth Ark:

Secrets of Holism and Quantum Volition in Nature

  1. The secret is, by our collective alchemical influence, we assimilate the cosmic energies of evolutionary acceleration that are incoming. To the degree we do not assimilate, and the acceleration energies are not being integrated into the human energy field, it bounces off, and into the Earth, the elements, mother earth’s fuses are overloaded with human rejected cosmic energies that are ricochet tainted tainted by human quantum evolutional dysfunction. It results in rebellion of the geosphere elements:

  2. Earth: Earthquakes in the world will respond to human existential rigidity of beliefs and unwillingness to be flexible, resistance to open handedness of values and beliefs.

  3. Fire: Fire in the world will respond to pent-up human negative emotions, such as anger, harbored resentment, depression, rage, fear, pity, and resistance to open honesty.

  4. Water: Water disaster in the world will respond to unyielding human prejudice and unexpressed emotion, resistance to feeling, and resistance to open-heartedness.

  5. Air: Wind, like tornadoes, will respond to human rigidity of thought, resistance to thinking, blind simplicity of bi-polar thinking, unwillingness to discern, and resistance to open mindedness.

  6. Ether: Large scale cosmic events can amplify psychic energy. Denial of growth generates parrying from the unconscious, quantum permeation into alien kingdoms, faerie kingdoms, elemental kingdoms, all responding to the strong human call for growth, responding to the human resistance to sensitive awareness, by starting with harsh awareness first.

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Thirty first Ark:

Humanity Saving Humanity

  1. Humanity is at a crossroads of evolutionary choice, the opportunity to become spiritually more than we are, humanly more than we are, and naturally more than we are, and avert worst case global reality vectors, and birth a flourishing human civilization into the first twenty years of the third millennium.

  2. Humanity is at a crossroads of evolutionary choice, the opportunity to succumb to becoming largely spiritually impotent, morally bankrupt, globally unbankable, permitting by passive acceptance alone, the escalation of wars into the destruction of humanity by humanity.

  3. The last best hope for humankind, is humankind working with each other, working to improve the conditions in which we exist, finding within themselves the desire to care about each other. The best of humanity is human kindness, especially when it can be sustained under stress.

  4. The positive future is personally realized through spiritual passion, compassion, caring, service, action, involvement, trust, inquiry, awareness, giving, responding, forgiveness, healing, hope, friendship, partnership, appreciation of diversity, social inclusion, community belonging, spiritual vision-work, and through various forms of prayer, communicating with, communing with the divine.

  5. The time-tested formula of being soulfully long and caring, honestly concerned, for everyone as your own extended family, however dysfunctional, can stop self-destructive cycles and vicious circles of evolutionary resistance, that otherwise will generate a negative global future.

  6. The realization of inherent human kindness and inherent spiritual value of all humans, has always been the hope of an genuine, authentic prophets of God - Jesus of Nazareth, Mohammed, and Buddha, and others.

  7. We have already been evolving well enough to be on the optimal side of mass-quantum singularity splits that have occurred a few times in the past. The super majority of humanity is currently carried in the current reality compared to splits offs in the last 10 years, If we as a whole, in interdimensional evolutionary terms, can get ‘this’ far, after at quite a few split-offs already, why should we not just keep on trucking?

  8. As the channeled nonphysical entity Lazaris (through Jach Pursel) says, you create or allow your own reality.

  9. As the channeled nonphysical entity Zoosh (through Robert Shapiro) says, many Earth changes of physical consequence have already largely happened, but we did NOT, as a populace, stay in those alternate ‘lower dimension’ growth progressions, a few did, but not that many.

  10. As a species, at this juncture in our evolutionary growth, we are doing not too badly with difficult problems. But this is not some kind of passive status quo that will take care of itself. Without substantial personal participation to change things, to defuse and disarm the negative attractor pattern potentials, wars escalating into 3rd world war. The current 1999 probability of many extreme geospheric or cosmic impacting calamitous Earth-change events in our current global causality vector is (sorry hole diggers) very low, despite all signs to the contrary.

  11. There is consideration for allowance and possibility of global Earth singularity splits, where one original Earth timeline splits into two more distinctively different timelines, following mutually exclusive global future causality sequences. Regardless of that allowance for global dimensional bifurcation events, in our current global reality singularity set, reside 90% of the conscious focus of souls.

  12. With 90% of Earthly humanity together and not lost to other split offs over the last decades, the original soul pool is remaining together. We retain the optimal opportunity to integrate the greatest levels of diversity of human soul. In the name of love and with love.

  13. It is in error for any soul to consider they will automatically occupy one future reality vector or another. There can be no presumption of multiple future timeline reality vectors arising out of our one current global singularity. Without understanding the intimate dynamics of what produces this mass-quantum ‘singularity mitosis’ phenomenon, no one is in any position to pass judgment on any future possibility, or presume when world causality should or will diverge, and pass judgment on where others stand. This underscores the complexity of the natural world of souls.

  14. We must only and ever assume that only one joint future will occur and that no world future timeline splitting can or will happen, despite any earlier statements in this written work. Just because global quantum splitting CAN happen doesn’t mean it will, especially when all the human soul energy in the mix is voluntarily sheltered and cushioned by a smaller group of humans on this planet.

  15. This global causality umbrella heading on the best case path is operating. The current super-majority of human souls on this planet are being shielded by the minority against negative vector resonance entrainment. Some of humanity has been evidencing the unpredicted capacity for having a full range spiritual powers awakening within themselves, in evolutionary terms.

  16. Given the calls of MANY unfortunate human souls who wish to stay together and not be separated, more able and best case vectored compassionate souls are creating a mutuality umbrella for all souls who are willing.

  17. The idea is to not abandon any of the family of mankind, but to assert new physical, emotional, mental, mystical, and spiritual means to resolve many so called intractable problems of longstanding pain and suffering hurt and hatred.

  18. There is the preference to keep the whole human soul group together, as much as possible, to evolutionarily upgrade our complex species together.

  19. The prime intention is to find ways to defuse and begin to more gently solve the nature of human conflict and hatreds, suffering, pain and injustice.

  20. Whether best case ‘innovative’ future, medium case ‘high-stress’ future, or worst case ‘corewipe and re-boot’ future is afoot, only one will happen for you, not all three. Whatever happens we are all in this boat together.

  21. The only rational approach for all spiritual beings is full participating presence in altering and dismantling the circumstances of all aspects of the worst case reality causal vector potentials. In the name of love, and with love.

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Thirty second Ark:

Effective Quantum Reality Participation

  1. In the world, like the Middle East, emotional separation, prejudice, hurt, hatred, anger, frustration, anxiety, cynicism, and injustice all lead to blind dedication to violent and lethal interpretations of religious ideas, extremely inhumane ultimatums, severe human rights limitations, pathos driven systems of social justice.

  2. Unless the hot zones of disunity in the world are cooled, conditions other than the Middle East eruption can be the source of end of the world in the first decade if the third millennium.

  3. The human conflict hotspots need to be cooled in mass-quantum momentum terms, real-time electromagnetic energetic terms, personal and collective emotional terms, and polarized-view terms. They need to be cooled by being diverted and rerouted into more optimal consequence probability paths, in material terms, personal terms, economic terms, human rights terms, cultural dignity terms, religious terms, and environmental terms,

  4. Only by physically and spiritually defusing contributing factors that lead to human made doomsday for the world, do we each save ourselves and create the best case world non-catastrophic outcome. To each of us, the best case happens only because we personally participate, each in our own way, to make it so the worst case or even the mediocre case outcome does not happen.

  5. There is no dimensional slides-and-ladders fames being played or promoted here, slipping in room for inclusive responsibility copouts ad prejudice. The only game in town is authentic personal caring and the willingness of souls to respond to pain or to respond to love at all levels.

  6. To respond is to learn, to grow and change, whether spontaneously motivating through fear or love, pain or joy, chaos or beauty, factionalization or cooperative synergy, selfishness or community, crisis or constructive engagement. Change can be labored or graceful.

  7. To be conditioned to only respond to pain and fear, only be motivated by pain and fear, or anger and resentment, that ‘disconnecting conditioning’ spins and steers your soul’s focus. It directs your conscious focus to reside in atoms that exist in the reality vector that synchronizes to the pain and fear based growth paradigm.

  8. While not as simplistic, current default human causality vectors, by their own current mentally and emotionally dysfunctional character, can easily generate Earthly doomsday. This will create immense suffering and pain conditions, a fear based survival future reality, a Mad Max post global holocaust world.

  9. The number one nexus for averting the most likely negative timeline during the next decade horizon, is to be self-conditioning. Self conditioning to only respond to love and fun and win-win success co-creation, to be motivated by empathy.

  10. This is ‘re-connective’ conditioning that welcomes and respects worldly diversity, works for human dignity, cessation of injustice and imbalance, working towards paths to forgiveness of the unforgivable, and building new backbones of international human communication, promoting inter-ethnic goodwill.

  11. This is the path of appreciation of human commonality and diversity, similarity and uniqueness. This is the path of rediscovery of love of humanity, human compassion, human dignity, civility, good will, building trust, confidence, and esprit-de-corp in humanity at large. These human values, in addition to other forces of disarming human conflict time bombs, can produce effective transformational currency in regional hotspots of high stress and high-conflict.

  12. To mutually co-create the best case quantum future vector outcome, we must attend to all the worst case quantum momentums. To own the most optimal quantum probability, we must be inclusive of the most quantum momentum diversity. This is not a vibrational, caste system.

  13. UNLESS we each personally take all our latent quantum volitional power into our own hands, doomsday by our own human hands, not God’s divine hands, is on schedule.

  14. If the news is bad, then the key actions are: disarm the circumstances, defuse the triggers, dismantle the patterns, disengage the emotion, avert the sequences, alter the resonance, influence the people, transform the volatility.

  15. Some of the key energies are: love, caring, passion, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, healing, generosity, dignity, respect, honesty, discernment, trustworthiness, character, commitment, creativity, presence, visioning, prayer.

  16. Some of the key sources of resonance alliance energies are: Divine realms, Earth realms, Human realms. In all these realms, gather intensity of love, intensity of caring, intensity of intention, and intensity of involvement. Only with implosive love motivated human co-creation, will the explosive hatred motivated co-creation be averted.

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Thirty third Ark:

The Alpha Omega of Temporal Evolution is Love

  1. The Alpha is the Omega, and the Omega is the Alpha returned. The education of love in all things, and of all things, is the directive of the Alpha, and the fulfillment of love’s destiny in all things, is the directive of the Omega.

  2. All quantum prescience and resonance is measured by the amount of the energy of love present in the system. The Alpha-Omega creation loop, is, and shall always be, nothing more than a loop of universal life seeking more love.

  3. Life is about the growth of souls in evolution to become productive agencies of love, agencies of inclusive appreciation of diversity, appreciators of all the beauty, and love invested into all creation, and effective agents of growth.

  4. Love is not an effusive undefined mystical energy, it is a focusing, creating, transforming energy of physical consequence.

  5. The only important thing really going on right now is humanity trying to grow the human heart, individually and collectively, to receive and emit more love. All complications otherwise are a ruse and dance to delay that one promising singularity of human evolution and destiny.

  6. Ask and you shall receive. Help is available. Spirit and soul, God and Goddess, an that is sentient, wants to help if they can.

  7. Divine agency helps those who help themselves -meaning co-creative creational agencies match existing resonance we are emitting, they do not impose their own, since that wou1d be robbing us of our evolutionary process.

  8. The power resides within each one of us. All it takes is authentic humanity, honest choice and commitment, and active involvement.

  9. The world we are in reflects the world within ourselves.

  10. We attract the world to us, and we are attracted to the world that best fits our resonance of consciousness.

  11. Who we are now is who we are to become. Only by changing now does the future change.

  12. The probable future reflectively creates itself in response to our actual course in the conscious present. Change our present course and the future changes.

  13. Prophecy and predictions can be useful alerts to help us avert and avoid major pitfalls in probable future course. But the more we participate, the less the prophecies and predictions are stable or valid any longer. Some prophecies predict only to around the millennium, since the global history time-course after that was not predictable.

  14. All souls will grow, sooner or later, one way or another. All will make it, so there is no negative judgment on those who go slower or more roundabout.

  15. Time goes on, and human evolution will to on, inexorably and beautifully, but only if w~ avert the threats to peace in, the world. In the final analysis, we each, individually and personally make the energetic choice to associate with one future vector or another.

  16. There are no free rides, despite all the love and compassion in the world.

  17. Each soul must individually respond to their own calling.

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