Vilcabamba, January, 2009

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Presentation Transcript


Brian O’Leary (BO'L): The next session of this conference and the theme of today is Crisis and Opportunity. And I can’t think of a more knowledgeable person, a unique person on the planet, to address those two questions, than George Green, whom I’ve known for about 20 years, I guess? We’ve been in ….

George Green (G): Yeah. I guess that’s about it.

BO'L: ...the same business and… This guy’s amazing. I just, you know, I can’t even describe. He used to be a Lapis Pig. [audience laughter] And he surely is not now. But he’s a very smart man. He has a background in finance, economics. It just goes on and on, his list of credentials.

And more recently, it’s just an extraordinary blend because he has his finger in the pie of the economic situation, his finger in the pie of the political situation. He’s incredibly active, travels a lot, you know. He just appeared, ah, kind of like, that’s what he does, he makes an appearance.

And he also has published - through his contacts that he’s had through the years, and being able to open himself up to certain energies that have very benevolent advice for humanity in what we are to do.

So the books that George has produced: Handbook for the New Paradigm - it’s sold a lot; Becoming - that’s I think my favorite of the four; Embracing The Rainbow, and Messages for The Ground Crew, which is his most recent one.

So, George, you’re on!

G: Thank you. Before I go – because of the energies and the stuff I’m going to be talking to, I want to get all the dark energies. So, just kind of close your eyes for a second and demand that all dark energies leave our space.

[a few moments of silence]

OK. That’s good. Now, I had somebody come up and say: What do I do for exercising? So I’m going to give you all an exercise that you need to learn, especially the people over age 50.

Voices (Vs): George, can you hold the mic closer?

G: Hold the mic closer? Is this better?

Voices: Yes.

G: Anyway, for all you people who need to exercise, and everybody needs to exercise a little bit, especially the people over age 50 because you’ve kind of slowed down. What I want you to do... this is an easy exercise, it won’t be too hard. You know these five-pound potato sacks?

What you want to do is get two five-pound potato sacks. Hold them out for about at least one minute. [audience laughter]

G: Well, wait a minute. That’s one minute a day, and you can do that for about a week. Then we’re going to graduate. We’re going to go up to the ten-pound ones. Then we’re going to do the ten-pound ones for about two weeks. Is that OK? You can hold them out and you can kind of expand at that time, ’cause you’ll get really used to it. After about a month, you’re ready to go to the 25-pound bag.

At the end of the 25-pound bag... You start doing that for about 3 weeks or so. Then put a potato in it. [audience laughter and applause]

That seems to liven up the day! [continuing laughter]

The basis of my program, or sharing with you, because as you know, I travel around the world, and people are asking me what’s going on. And since, like he said, I ran around with the so-called Lapis Pigs...

The truth is, they’re not any different than you and I, with the exception of some of the clones. And I won’t go into the cloning procedures because that always ends up with people getting killed and we don’t need to talk about that. But it’s a very simple procedure and we’ve been doing that since ’39, to give you an idea.

The situation we’re in: I’m going to give you some overviews. I think Brian said it the first time, that you guys all came here by an airplane.

Let me give you some ideas of what we’re doing to the planet. This is just a rough idea. If you get a jet and you just flew in from London? It takes about 6,000 pounds of fuel to fly the airplane over here. And they’re all flying between 30,000 and 36,000 feet. Right? Six thousand pounds [of fuel].

Do you think in your own mind, that that’s all being burnt? Well, it’s going up in the atmosphere between 30,000 and 36,000 feet, about half of it. Now remember, 6,000 pounds of fuel. That’s a lot in gallons. Ask the pilot next time how many gallons that is that we’re using up of oil. Well, let me come back to the next thing.

In the United States right now, every hour, we have 5,000 airplanes in the air. Around the planet, we have over 25,000. So, when you fly around the planet, and some of you people have, do you ever look at the sky itself and see the haze? Now, that’s between 30,000 and 36,000 feet and it’s fairly heavy and it’s starting to come down on the planet. Now we have another problem.

Brian’s not up to date because things are happening so fast. He’s telling me we’ve got 6 billion people on the planet. The truth is, there’s approximately 6.8 billion people on the planet. We’re increasing the planet’s population by 300,000 a day, or 3 million every ten days.

So if you can imagine, in 10 days you have 3 million people and they’re all coming down to Vilcabamba. [laughter] I don’t think so, because most people will not go within a 10-mile area of where they live.

Most people have about a half a tank of gas in their car. Right? Which allows them to go about 100 miles. We also had an interesting game to keep track of this function of traveling around the world and moving things right now, using an enormous amount of energy.

Now, believe it or not, there’s all kinds of free energy on the planet. Most of it’s very expensive and the real problem is the portability of it. How do we take it so we can travel, or transfer or go to places?

Now, how much energy is used in this house? Look around you. Is that compared to where it is in the States, for instance? How much more do you use? Well, this gives you a...

We’re here in Ecuador. And I’m going to come down to Ecuador in a little bit because it’s right at the Equator.

How many of you have been on cruise ships? If you noticed, if you go in the middle of the cruise ship, there’s very little movement back and forth.

Well, we’re on planet Earth. It’s getting ready to do a lot of movement back and forth. Over the next three to four years, we’re going to have amazing geophysical changes, earthquakes, movement.

I’ve been advised from other sources that you should be above 1,100 feet. I don’t care where you are, just for pure safety. And stay away from the coastline.

I mean this has been a long time ago, as you are well aware, that they were aware of the population problem, well, with 6.8 billion people on the planet. And it’s so severe, the politics of the game - and, Brian, you know politics is two words? Poli means many, and ticks are blood-suckers. Right? [laughter]

If you go to Mexico City today, they don’t know the population, but it’s between 25 and 30 million, mas o menos. [Spanish: more or less] Right? Half of the population of Mexico City doesn’t have sewage, water, or electricity. Am I right?

Voices: Right. Mm hm.

G: And you have a dividing line. It’s between those that have and that don’t have. It’s like going to Rio. You go down to Rio – I’ve been down there on the beach. You sit down and you go one block over and all of a sudden, the same problem, because of the economic system of the world.

Now, when I was... ah... they come after me originally because I was selling money. Probably a lot of you are aware that is my thing... Ah... The state decided that they had to do something. Well, it wasn’t the state, it was the Federal Reserve that notified the state to get me licensed.

And of course, I’m arguing with the state: The first thing we have to do is determine, what the hell’s money? Does anybody know? They don’t have a definition for it! I defy you to find a definition in the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund. Did you know that? There is no definition of money!

They have a little paragraph that says that it’s a commodity, basically, that we use to keep track of the exchange of goods and services. Right?

Well, the inner group that controls all of the world’s money is out of Switzerland, the Bank of International Settlements. Now, these 13 families determine what money is really worth because they exchange it between countries. Right now we have a problem in the United States.

There’s an old saying that’s out here right now: Figures don’t lie. Liars figure. [laughter]

The accounting network is kind of like the law profession. You know, they practice law. Right? Practice law. It’s like medical doctors - they practice medicine.

It’s the same thing with all of the... ah... I found out that the more licenses I got - and I don’t want to tell them - they were licenses to steal. What we’re doing is taking all of these other people and saying: Well, I’m a professional. You follow me. I know what’s right and what’s wrong. But each one of us independently, individually, know what’s right and wrong.

That’s the process that they left out. The leaving out of individual responsibility: Let somebody else do it for me because I can go back to sleep and go on.

That was planned a long time ago. In order to keep everybody happy, we’ll provide you with entertainment, make sure that you’re focused on the Super Bowl, make sure you’re focused on what’s going on in Hollywood – anything in the world [to distract you] as they’re getting ready for the end of the world.

Now, to bring you up to date: The Plan 2000’s behind schedule, for the people that are aware of the Plan 2000. I sat in on the meetings. It calls for the planned reduction of the world’s population. You know, you hear a lot of figures - a couple billion. A couple billion is because 40% of the world is today existing on less than $2 a day.

The other problem is, there’s no water left. Water’s the most critical thing we have on the planet. It’s the most valuable thing on the planet. So most of the water’s being polluted because they don’t take care of it.

Half of the population of the United States is on septic. Did you know that? And most of the septic is not treated. We have real easy ways of using enzymes in the septic system which go down and break down all the fecal matter and have clear water coming out. Instead, it’s going into the streams, and the ground water’s now all being polluted.

Meanwhile, they’re using all the [pesticides], and all the problems they have, to get rid of the so-called bugs that were actually helping us. The bees are dying, the flies are going. Everything is happening to you, within the whole system. But it’s not just us. It’s the entire planet.

I’ve been, I guess, “blessed” with being able to run around with the three-letter agencies – the CIA, that’s Crooks In Action. [laughter]

I don’t know if anybody’s CIA. If there’s some CIA people, I don’t care if they’re here tonight. They’re professional liars. It’s the truth! All of them. Look at Bush. He’s a professional liar. He was CIA. Right? They actually think that they’re running the world. It’s all a game.

And the FBI? They look at them... There was a joke when I was with the CIA. They said: The FBI, they’re 60 percenters. I said: What do you mean, sixty percenters? They said: You know, when we take the exam? They only get 60% on their grades.

The FBI, you know what that is? The Federal Bureau of Investigation? They have no authority to do anything. Did you know that? They can’t arrest you. They can’t do anything. Did you know that?

Voice: No.

G: They have to bring in the local sheriff to do the arresting. It’s a whole game. It’s intimidation.

Well, right now we’re in a position, knowing what’s going on with the planet, and I have it. You know, you can get all the information you need to at the World Watch Institute out of Washington, DC, or that type of [thing]. They’re being funded by all the think-tanks. They’re trying to keep up with what’s going on.

I’m not going to go into too many more details, because you guys can do that. What I’m interested in is solutions right now.

Voice: Mm hm.

G: Where can you go? Because the whole thing is going to collapse. There isn’t anybody coming out. They’re talking right now about basically shutting down the banking system in the United States because of all of the derivatives, all the other things that are occurring. China’s got, you know, about 150-trillion dollars in debt. This is all in the last year. It’s increased. Did you know that?

Voices: No.

G: Well, the money system is so unwise that they’re all using what they call “derivatives,” and derivatives are what? They can’t even tell you what they are. And so they tell you: We’ve got these derivatives covered.

Right now, how dumb it is, in the last 6 months or the last year, how much did the United States give to the banks for rescuing the housing? Anybody have any ideas?

Voice: Eight and a half trillion.

G: Did you know that the money that was actually put out into the market, half of the houses - no, they’ve put money out there - that half of the houses that they put the re-loans on are back into foreclosure. Did you know that?

Voice: No.

G: How are we going to be able to sustain something? Because we have to have jobs. Meanwhile, the United States is really good. I talked to a Boeing representative the other day. He said: All we do is assemble our parts. We get a hundred thousand parts from all parts of the world.

So, what the game is, it’s all coming apart everywhere. And the other day I was with some friends who import goods from China and the Chinese companies over there say: We’ll be glad to ship them to you, now, but pay us in any other currency besides the dollar.

Now, what is that telling you? The dollar this last two weeks has done what? Sunk down to zero percent interest. Now, what is the dollar? It’s money. And what’s money? So we kind of have this big Monopoly game. Somebody else owns the Deed, you guys.

I mean, I’ve done all these crazy things. After I found out what was going on with the Federal Reserve, I started my own bank outside the Federal Reserve. I couldn’t make any money at it, frankly, because I didn’t have the franchise to create money out of thin air.

Voices: Exactly. Right. [laughter]

G: The Federal Reserve does it every day. The bank, if you join the syndication called the Federal Reserve - because you have Federal Reserve banks and everything - they’re allowed to create it. But the bank I started, and I was authorized to do it, but we had to use dollars because we’re part of the system, aren’t we?

It’s kind of like Ecuador right now. The Ecuadorian president, bless his heart... By the way I went to the University of Illinois too, the same place where the president did. He studied finance and I studied law and business. So we, you know. But mine was 30 years before him. [laughs] He’s 43 years old, isn’t he?

Voice: Yes.

G: He has the right ideas. I’m trying to have a meeting with him to have him to try to move some of the currency out of Ecuador so it has some kind of gold backing. We’re working on some of these things. That’ll give you some currency that you can feel good...

Historically on the planet, historically, I mean thousands of years, they’ve always used gold and silver. Whether or not that’s going to be good or not, who the hell knows? But for the temporary period right now, it’s the only thing that we know. I call it a “storage of wealth”. So you can move it into there.

I don’t care what they do with the game because the whole world’s currencies are collapsing right now. Putin told the world – Putin, that’s some guy over there in what do you call that? Russia?

He told all of the Russians that have dollars to move them into gold because the United States will be in a massive depression by the end of this year. This is public knowledge. Did you see the papers?

I was a securities underwriter in the game of stocks. And they always tell you to put your money into a piece of paper. All you’re doing is trading against each other. It has nothing to do with the company. Once I issue the stock, you give the company its money, then it’s trading between you guys.

Right now, 60% of all stocks are held by what? The pension funds and mutual funds, which don’t have any voting rights. And what have they told you? Forty percent of that money’s gone. They’ve also said all of the endowments that were in all the universities, Yale and all the rest of them, they were all into stocks and they’re all the way down, so they can’t provide any “education”.

In the United States last year, and this was Hillsdale College information, there were 6,000 PhDs in the United States that graduated in engineering. Their calculation is that 90% of the world’s engineers will be Oriental, living in the Orient.

Meanwhile, the United States has really done a good job of making people hate us. The United States is becoming the most hated country in the world.

Meanwhile, the Global 2000 agenda is what? It’s to get a war started in the Middle East which, if you ask me about timing, it could be – what time is it?

Voices: Mm hm.

G: My feelings are, things could go out of hand right now because of Hamas, and what’s happening over there, which is a duly elected leadership, supposedly. But they’re all setting up on it.

But because the United States is reaching a precipice where the dollar is worthless and all the money that they’ve been advancing, all these billions, this created money out of thin air, which the obligation…

We’re all on - get this – 90-day Notes. They’re not ten years from now - in 90 days they’re due. When was that? Did you notice everything, what happened to Bush? They moved everything up into Obama’s campaign.

Voices: Right. Mm hm.

G: So what has he inherited? He doesn’t know what’s coming down. I mean, he can tell me he’s going to come out for change. Well, the change that’s going to happen is a total collapse of the system as we know it in the United States. There’s going to be a banking holiday.

What can you do? It’s going to be a challenge to keep ahead because we’ve never lived through this situation before.

Now, my guidance: Somebody asked me the question about the handbooks and where it was. Yes, I got involved with the Plejarans or the Pleiadians at first, when I was living with Billy Meier.

When I was with Billy, questions were asked from them, of the extraterrestrials. I says, you know: Who’s above you? They said they’re in constant communion with Spirit. That was their answer...

Well, my agreement was to assist in getting the information out, subject to some legal things with Billy.

Well, when I was in Vegas, you’ll know that story. When I got down there, I was asked to build an enemy prisoner of war camp in downtown Las Vegas, right on I-15. An enemy prisoner of war camp. I put a copy of the contract in one of my books, Chaos in America, so you could see what was happening. It was built, by the way. I didn’t build it.

Within another week or two I got another book and in it, the ET... we’d done it before but I reassembled it... and it was called The Spiritual Laws. That was basically connected with some of the other entities on another level within our books.

Then all of a sudden, I got notification - at that point it was telepathically. They said: Hey! They reminded me of my agreement that I had in Switzerland, but they said: We could not transmit the information clearly because there’s so much negative energy in Las Vegas.

So, I had to, you know, get out of Dodge, if you want to go ahead. When I made the agreement in Switzerland with them, I said: I’m going to go ahead and do this.

You know, when I came back to LA - we were talking about this before, to get this thing squared away with Billy - my attorneys over there thought I was a nut. But I said: Hey, you’ve got my word. If my word’s no good, nothing is. I mean, you don’t sign contracts with extraterrestrials, do you? You ARE one! You know? [laughs]

Anyway, when I got involved with this thing, all of a sudden I’m receiving the information, I looked around for a place that I considered safe, knowing what’s planned for us.

And I looked at Four Corners in Colorado. I like the west better than I do the east part of the United States. So I looked at the Four Corners area and I looked...

Anyway, I ended up in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho because they had plenty of water. Close to the Canadian border in case I needed to get out of Dodge, you know, that kind of thing. I ended up doing that. When I got up there, then all of a sudden I started receiving the information.

Now, the source of the information, and this is very humbling to me, is at the Creational level, not only of this universe but others. We are so out of balance on this planet with negative energies that we’re affecting our neighbors. This thought is permeating through the whole universe since we are all part of the thought of the Creation - all of us.

Anyway, then there was the agreement. How can you do that when the creation to do it identified even the author? Because the history of the planet - we’re looking for somebody to save us, so we deify or crucify the messenger.

I’m not that. I’m the publisher for the information given to me from them, the ETs. OK? [laughter] I admit to being in contact. I didn’t write that stuff. In fact, I joked with them. I says: If I’m going to do this... Do you know why that’s on the back page? They did it! I put it together.

When I first agreed to do this it was like sitting with you guys, only there was only like ten of us. They were extraterrestrials, physical just like you and I. I said: The book has to be less than 200 pages because people don’t read any farther than that. And they want to put it in their pocket, so you can put it in your pocket and read it any time you want to. These are all the conditions.

Guess what? That’s exactly the way they gave it down. So all of a sudden, they’re going right along and then finally, we got through the last books and they come up with a message: That’s the mental re-assortment. And that’s the end of the messages.

I still get information, but they say that basically there’s enough there to trigger those people to be awakened at the proper time in the future.

Now, you may not totally understand them at this point. All that’s done now is, like, what we’re looking at is triggering the computer, the computer within, on the Soul. That’s all we are.

This Rent-a-Wreck [laughter] has the information in there now on the Soul level because it knows everything, too, to start triggering the body to be receptive to the creation as the creation is looking at this experiment, if you want to call it, to give us the answers and the solutions which will be coming down for the survival of a number of the people on the planet, which requires then – what?

  • The responsibility of you to understand the situation.

  • The responsibility of you to challenge the information that I put out, to find that out for yourself.

  • And then ask for guidance yourself because when you read these books, you’re going to start thinking different.

How many of you have been reading these books and thinking different? Yes, it’s amazing, isn’t it? You’re not the same person. We can’t go back, either.

Unfortunately, once you wake up to this whole game of life that we have right now, the unfortunate problem is that the whole world’s coming down. And out of the chaos – there’s going to be enormous chaos – we’re going to have to work together to basically facilitate other people who will be coming to you for the information, to create something new.

We will be assisted to get all the free energy when we come into spiritual balance. Now, when Brian was talking a little back, if you go back to the four laws of the universe, that’s exactly what he’s talking about.

The Law of Attraction - what you put out, you’re going to get back. What is your thought? The Law of Attention is the second law. What did you intend for your thought? Well, our training since kids was all of the education that the bad guys gave us and it’s probably 100% wrong. But we believed it. Right? Belief systems. Right? Belief Systems. What’s the first letter of those two words?

Voice: “BS.”

G: You got it. And another word, Brian, when he used the word ego? You know what ego really stands for? Edging God Out. [laughter] And what is the god? The god within. Because you’re all powerful. We’re all of us, we’re all powerful. Together we just have to... we’re all here for an understanding to wake up on how to have a solution and get prepared for what’s coming down.

I’m glad that you came down here at this point, so we at least start the action. The starting is: How do we set up community within communities?

I picked Ecuador from running around the world at this point because politically it’s more stable. Even though the President doesn’t know everything, he knows enough that he wants to protect his people. We’re happy about that.

Ecuador is pretty much middle class for the most part, if you look at it, compared to a lot of it. And they’re so friendly. They’re willing to help you out.

Ninety percent of the world’s plants are over here. Did you know that? 90% - somewhere. Ecuador is the largest exporter of roses. You go to any place in the United States and get roses and they came from Ecuador. All the florists. Am I right?

They have a lot of other possibilities here because the things that are available for us to keep within our community and within the country itself and other items to export while we can.

Now, how quick is this coming down? Frankly I think they’re going to begin World War III by the second quarter of this year. Now, this is all planet stuff. The information that they’re observing and telling me, ’cause they’re monitoring what’s going on right now between us, but they’re also doing the entire planet. They’re expecting that the war that’s going to get started, which will go on in the Middle East as planned by the guys for population reduction, will last for about four years, a little over four years, I think.

The exact timing or day it’s going to happen, I don’t know, but it’s coming up pretty fast. I try to keep ahead of all this stuff with all my people.

I couldn’t believe it that two days ago I was asked to help convert a government bond for Venezuela. Now, it was seven billion dollars. You have it, like we issue US Bonds? You know, you can buy the $100 bond where they tried to give them away?

Let me give you some simple things to look at. They asked me to do this. So I said... Seven million dollars. How do you convert a bond? You go to your local bank. Right? Well, they don’t have any money either.

So I called my friends who had the money and I says: I’ve got this bond. And they said: Well, bring it on to the Board. I said: Well, they told me they’d advance $500-million on it instantly. Five hundred million. Can you even imagine?

Yesterday when I come down here I got word their Board decided not to do it because of the political nature - not a question, was the bond bad - the whole country of Venezuela guaranteed the bond. So what do you do?

Now, in the United States, they’re trying to convince you to go buy student bonds and everything else.

How many people in here know the banker’s “Rule of 72”? Now, I’m a banker first of all. Just to give you an idea, I’m going to tell you what the problems are.

As a banker, you always look at what they call returns. I’m going to give you the flat rule. We call it “the pig end of the world”. Whatever interest rate that you get, i.e., you divide the interest rate that you get into 72 and that will tell you how long it takes to double your money.

So if you put money at work at 7% into an investment and they promised you a 7% return, it’ll double in ten years. So if I got a 10% return, it’ll double in seven.

Well, I was involved with a lot of underwriting on pension funds. Pension funds in the United States, are required… The figure they calculated was an 8.3% return. Well, how do you invest something at 8.3% when General Motors only makes – if they were making money - were doing about 1% or 2%. Right? And now all the corporation bosses are stealing all the money anyways, so there’s nothing like that.

So what’s happening is that… The point that they left out. When I sat in with State, I said: We’ve got to change this, I said, the rules. Because it isn’t a question of either backing or doubling your money; but because inflation is going at least 7%, what’s your money worth in ten years? Zippo.

And if you bought a life insurance plan, like New York Life or Equitable, and all that which they tell you to buy and start annuities, they can give a 2.5% return when held to maturity. In other words, it builds up, accumulation at the cash end, and the maturity date of a life insurance plan is age 96. [laughter]

And as you keep putting money into the plan, they keep giving you less and less insurance because it’s a combination of the cash that you have in the policy, plus the equity on top. Am I explaining this to you?

Voice: Term insurance.

G: So all there is, is term insurance. So then I started analyzing the actuary tables on the term insurance, the life insurance expectancy, and that’s all they buy. So the insurance companies are in business to make money. They don’t even have to have reserves for two years. Did you know that? It’s such a game. And now we’ve got the government setting down here… You hear about AIG which covers a lot of stuff on it? The government just bailed them all out.

So what has happened, you’ve got the government, which is supposedly all the peoples’ assets, which they don’t know, is like all the real property in the United States to them and all the industry.

So now what do we have? It’s a position now: Where do I go where I can live with very little energy? Your house. Right? That’s it. We can grow food. Our neighbors will…

I’m going around the world to try to set up sustainability and work on the energy and ask for assistance from other levels in order to come down to assist the planet that’s going to be left. Because they’re going to go ahead with their plan. Obviously, when you travel around the world, too many people don’t have enough money to live. You see too many. And it shouldn’t be that way.

Yesterday when I was in Quito, I was with a friend of mine who got a check from the church. We went over to the bank. They were going to cash it. They couldn’t even cash the church’s check because there wasn’t enough money in the account.

There’s so much lack of circulation of everything right now and because of what’s going on in the automobile business - I brought it with me. I’ll show you later. I was just in Reno and in San Jose. I did a deal. Chrysler-Deimler is out there offering Chryslers, brand new Chryslers, at 50% off. Did you see the ad?

And this is the other thing I’ve noticed… of course I’ve been saying this for some time. Why are all the companies at the end of the year over Christmas giving away product? Their products – they were giving them away at less than what it cost them. You know why?

Because like when K-Mart merged with Sears, they were both in bankruptcy. They got all the derivative money and they have to pay the interest on it. And the interest is all due this month. They didn’t get enough sales on things so they gave away merchandise that they got and they still owe money to the people who are the suppliers of their merchandise.

Meanwhile, Wal-Mart is real interesting because… this is also an interesting fact for you. I use the word interesting a lot, but... It’s interesting that the Wal-Mart people have the largest computers in the world keeping track of commerce. Did you know that?

They’re the largest supplier, they know exactly what you’re going to need, exactly what you’re going to do. And they have all these computer things. And their computer is down, of course, in Arkansas and it’s three stories above ground. What you don’t know is there’s two stories underneath their network, totally underneath, which is the backup for the United States military.

Voices: [comments] Really!

G: To keep track of everybody. So when you get all the new merchandise that you get, it’ll have a little chip in it which is all run down by who? Which is also run down and controlled by? Who’s the backup on it? Do you understand what’s happening?

So we’re going to be set down and mobilized… And I talked to some people about this. I said: My gosh, you’re really set for doing the mobilization.

And people are going to stand in line to go get their new card when they shut the banks down, which is planned. And that could happen any time now, I would think, after Obama gets in, frankly, after the first 90 days, because when they do that… The economy’s just the distribution of money. So then there’s going to be a bank holiday for a while.

So we have this little window. And I’ll know more about that in the next week or two because my guys, for instance in Panama – which… That’s all they deal with is money. They’re holding everything in dollars at this minute. Switzerland won’t take the dollars anymore.

I mean, what do you do with a currency that’s worthless? What do you do with a country that’s bankrupt and lies? And yet we’re willing to go ahead and drop nuclear bombs on somebody else. We’re the only country that’s got nuclear bombs. Think about it.

Voices: [comments] Israel or Syria?

G: Well the Syrian thing, when they dropped the two… They’re using bunker buster bombs right now. That’s what they did. But Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where did those bombs come from? Do you know?

Voice: Hitler?

G: That’s right. The answer was Hitler. The Germans already had it. In fact, at the end of World War II, we took the nuclear submarine right out of the chute. I have documents that Germany was selling enriched uranium to the Japanese in 1938. So you don’t know all of the things that are going on behind the scenes.

This is just kind of an overview. We’re in a big world mess. There is abundant free energy. But the trouble is affordability. I was talking to a couple of people that are putting a new device out, about this big.

Have you seen all the new solar battery rechargers? Well because of the new diode lights - you’ve seen those little tiny ones? Well they’re putting them in little packets. You can do this yourself.

Get those, you know, those Christmas tree lights? Well, you put more than one together, get one of those solar rechargers, put in the battery - get one of the new long-life batteries in there - and those will activate those little lights and you can put them in a cluster. You’ll have enough to light up this room.

So what you need, then, is the light that will come into the room at nighttime. That’s when you need it. During the daytime all it’s doing is recharging. So you can have light perpetually if you need it and that’s essentially as close as we can come with the technology we have that’s available that you can make yourself.

You’ve all seen them. You’ve seen the little lights. They come around and tell you. You have this emergency light. You wind it up. It has a little light. That’s those little diodes. The thing is that they’re all made in China.

The United States has got a problem with bullets for some reason. We don’t make them anymore. We import them from other countries. [laughter]

They’re also putting in some new… Right now there’s new laws coming into the United States for registration. They’re trying to do what they can for gun control. That’s really for identifying them.

I had some friends who were involved with the militia movement, which is constitutional, but nobody’s going to do anything. Because why? Half of the population of the United States is over 50. Did you know that? Half!

One out of three people in the United States work for the government. What do they make? One out of three people work for companies that contract back to the government.

So I’m keeping it down to what I call the narrow workforce. Legitimately we’re in a problem where you and I could create something someplace else that will make sense based on basically global trading, if you want to look at it, or trade with a neighbor. Because that’s what we’re going to have to go back to. It isn’t the money in your pocket.

And now they have this new… You’re all seen the new dollar that the United States has put out, haven’t you? The new one? The coin?

Voice: The little coin?

G: I have some with me. They make them down here too. They print them. The Euros are OK except for Germany just announced that they’re not going to take the Euros that are coming from Spain or France, and Italy - I guess it’s Spain and Italy - because they don’t think their money’s any good anymore.

Voice: Greece also.

G: And Greece also. Well that means, hey, you can go ahead and print a Euro, they’re not going to take it. Now they’re separating the Euros between themselves. [laughter] So now if you buy Euros from… Do you understand the complications that we’re involved in?

I’m trying to get some stabilization for all of you because I love all of you. You’re part of me. We’re all together. And if we’re not together, we have something wrong as soon as we start looking at differences and divisions between each other.

I don’t care. As the ETs say, 'this is the human race. You may be all different colors, but this planet is the humans’. There’s only one race and that’s all there is. That’s us.

Well we’re all part of the same connection because this planet happens… unfortunately, it’s a prison planet. There’s many planets out here inhabited with humans. Humans.

But we’re a mess! So what we need to do is create this system we’re talking about, on helping people to assist themselves to wake up. But they don’t know who they are. They don’t know that they have a soul inside that weighs - how many grams?

Voice: 21 or 22.

G: 22 grams. You know, four packs of sugar, that’s about the size of it – its actual weight, based on the hydrogen. It’s a connection.

And it takes 3 days for the soul energy to pull off the body. Why do you think most indigenous people keep the body away for about three days?

And here’s the no-no - and the ETs are monitoring this big time: Nuclear energy will disrupt the soul. Imagine combining that energy back again.

Remember, the soul is the memory of all of your lifetimes. All of them. You may or may not know that you have a past life. The feelings that you have, what you’re doing, the type of work you’re doing, the family that you selected. You selected your parents. Can you believe that? That will be for lessons that you have to learn on a soul level.

Unfortunately, the way things are set up, you come into what they call the Veil of Forgetfulness. You forget who and what you are. A lot of babies are coming through that remember who and what they are and they’re programmed not to do that: You can’t see people. You can’t see other ones, and little kids. That’s a lie. So they’re programmed not to understand other dimensions.

We are working simultaneously - that’s simultaneously in many dimensions - at this minute. We are being reflected, not only in this hologram… I call it, and you’ve all heard me say that before, this hologram of this Rent-a-Wreck which we come back to whether… They said the light condensed or vibration of different elements.

But the real basis, if you look at it all, there’s nothing there but a series of protons and electrons spinning so fast they appear to be solid. It’s an appearance.

Voices: Mm hm. Yeah.

G: It’s amazing what we’ve created - the appearance that we have, based on the DNA programming that we put in through appearance. We selected it, but we’re being bombarded with what? Radiation from everywhere.

How many people in here have cell phones? That’s interesting. A question I have is, would you put your head in a microwave oven? All cell phones are based on microwaves. When you put the cell phone tower up, that’s sending out the microwaves. I think, Brian, you mentioned that you have one up here in order to get the information that’s going to... It’s going through all of us.

But what has happened with the cell phones - and the scientists are all proving this right now - when you put it up next to your head, you’re a receptor.

Remember, your hearing goes into little areas in your brain right here. It converts the audible sound back into signals that go into your mind, which you are translating those thoughts back into what you reasonably think is a word or whatever’s going to happen. When you take a cell phone and put it next to it, you’re burning it up!

So the best thing you can do with a cell phone is get a remote thing that you put on it. You can get… [audience member holds up device] Not… She’s showing me the new stickers they’ve put on the top of it and said that’s going to do it. That’s not really... They don’t help.

You need to have one of the remote earphones on it or… I use a speaker phone so it’s held away from me. You know, it’s the devil if you do, the devil if you don’t. A lot of people are… My buddy who was making those things for a while, we were doing experiments with them. It doesn’t do anything. That’s not next to your ear. The radiation...

Voice: MyoPhone?

G: It doesn’t do it. I sat down with… Are you all familiar with John Bedini?

Voices: Yes. No. [comments]

G: Bedini’s kind of a… he looks like Nicola Tesla. He’s a brain within the area of this stuff and he’s got all kinds of… I mean, I counted 50 motors in there that are working all the time. He’s creating with magnetics. He’s kind of the father of the free energy stuff.

We started working on all these devices. It doesn’t do that. Because, remember you’re holding it up to your head… How’s that going to stop the transmission of it going into your head?

Voice: It must be a diffuser.

G: It’s not. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to hear.

Voice: It’s a diffuser.

G: Yeah.

When you go on the airplane right now, what do they tell you? Turn your cell phone on? Turn it off. Do you know it has nothing to do with the airplane? This is a part of the lie.

Let me explain that to you. All of a sudden out of thin air they come up with the deal when you get aboard an airplane, it’s going to affect the pilot? It’s a different frequency, a totally different range than they use on the cell phones anyway.

The second thing is I just got through telling you that it’s a microwave tower that’s transmitting. It transmits through the ground. Right? So when you go in the air anyway it doesn’t work. But the reason behind the lie that they’re representing to you is what? The 9/11 myth.

Voice: Right, George. [comments]

G: That’s right. The 9/11 myth was all the people who said: I got on my cell phone and all this and we talked to the ground.

Voice: Right.

G: There was none of that. They were creating a huge movie and you’re all following along with the program.

Voice: I don’t understand that. Explain that again?

G: On 9/11 there were supposedly people aboard the planes, the hijack thing, that used their cell phones?

Voice: Yeah… Oh…

G: They don’t work in the air. Unless you have a… I’ll clarify that. Most cell phones don’t do it. There are some that work off satellites. But that didn’t happen.

But anyway, it’s another way to get you marching to the tune to be more controlled. And you’re going to be doing this more control as it comes up because everywhere across the United States right now water is being rationed.

In Las Vegas they asked me… they pay me to take up grass. They want to go back with the natural. The casinos have all that beautiful water. They truck it in. It comes in from Canada.

Voice: They’re rationing the rainwater.

G: They’re rationing… Well, the overall aquifer would provide… it’s going down so fast, that provides water for Denver, Colorado, for instance. The Denver water supply is way down. New Mexico is about out. My friends down there say it’s the biggest drought they could look at.

So water has to be the most critical thing on the planet right now for survival, because all the water has been reprocessed and it becomes dead water. It’s dead water that you’re drinking, basically, in Los Angeles, or any of the big cities. So for some advice I can tell you?

Voice: [comment]

G: Yeah. Get out of town. And the plastic bottles? They’re another problem.

Voice: Molecules.

G: Yeah. We have a lot of molecules that are being addressed when you take that into it. But again we have a problem with it. What is the solution to that? Because how do you make water portable? Well, they like to do it because they make so much money doing it.

I have a friend right here that has a bottling plant. Do you know him? A million bottles a month of water. And then the next thing is economics. How do you get it out of the water, put it into someplace where it’s transferable?

All of these things, if you look at it… Oil, by the way, according to my son who’s a senior engineer with Bechtel, should be at least $80 a barrel in order to cover the economics of the system right now, which then totally diffuses all the other systems because it costs more money to produce it, i.e., to provide the energy that they have.

And up in Canada right now, as you know, they’re laying off the people out there on the tar sands, or the oil sands, digging down, because it costs more in energy to get the oil out of the sand. What it’s doing is providing economy while people are getting rich. But they’re being laid off in Calgary, Edmonton and everywhere else. It’s a global meltdown. It’s just everywhere.

So if everybody’s going to be out of a job and money’s not going to be any good, what’s going to be the most valuable thing? Water. And what’s the next one?

Voice: Food.

G: And from the future I want you to remember this: The future now is going to be a situation of needs, not wants.

And right now is the situation that… If you look at your appliances around your house, because we have to use what’s given to us, if you’ve got 10-year-old appliances, go out and get new ones now. Because the lifespan of all of that stuff is going to be coming down and there won’t be any distribution of those. So bring yourself up to date. That’s all I’m saying.

Ecuador actually builds Chevrolets. Did you know that? They build trucks. Brazil has a big Ford plant down there. It’s all, almost 100% automated. So what we’re doing is looking at Latin America will be the trading partners for everything if we can come into some function.

But we’ve got another thing that controls a lot of things: Unfortunately there’s three currencies in the world today, right now. Right? Oil.

Voice: Drugs.

G: Well, drugs is the last one.

Voice: Gold.

G: And gold. That’s the only currencies that are recognized in the world. The real estate, that illusion of equity, has always been based on the ability of being able to borrow money against some of it. Well, there’ll be no money out here to loan on it.

Have you ever tried to qualify today? They’re coming back… If you buy a house, the lenders are coming … This is their requirements. They are coming into and reappraising your house based on the other average sales that they’ve had around. So if you agree to buy it for $100,000 but they find everything else at $60,000, they will loan 80% of the $60,000 but you have to come up with the cash difference, and you can’t borrow the cash difference. So what’s that going to do to the real estate market?

Voice: Sink it even further.

G: Well, another problem that I didn’t tell you… There’s another… When I had a banker’s meeting a few weeks ago, we were discussing the next wave of foreclosures and that’s all the adjustable rate mortgages that are coming due this next two years. And there’s another trillion dollars worth of those and there’s going to be over 6 million foreclosures in the United States alone.

And they’re already offering… well, they’re offering houses in Detroit right now for a dollar, or 100 dollars. Did you know that?

Voices: Mm hm.

G: You’re aware of that too? Yeah. Well, it’s not only Detroit. Many cities. All over the place. Well big deal. They want somebody to be able to take care of them because now they’re finding out they’re empty, that people are coming in and destroying them.

Now, I used to build properties. I built in 22 states. For a while I was building low income housing, getting involved in trying to help the people to come up. I would give them 100% financing. I carried the paper. But these people had no incentive to keep the property up, even though they put no money down.

I had one couple. I always remember this because they were such a neat couple. They had two little kids; they didn’t have any money. I sold them a house for $6,000. And all they had to do was make a $60/month payment to me. Is that OK?

After a year they decided because I was rich, that they should just have the house. And I said: Wait a minute. Well, that’s actually the philosophy of a lot of them. So I couldn’t do that. I went through the legal system and booted them out. They totally destroyed the house. So I took a bulldozer and bulldozed it over.

You see, you can’t help people until they’re educated so they have responsibility. Even though they say ownership will make you more responsible, if they give them to them with nothing down, what responsibility do they have? They don’t, do they? So what do you think’s going to go on when they take zero down?

Actually, in Vegas they were loaning at 130%. Did you know that? You bought the house at 100%, you were contacted within 6 months saying we’ll loan you 30% so you can pay off your credit card bills. Within 6 months the people had the credit card bill back up. They now owed $130,000. The “why” for that was tax reasons. You can write off 100% of the interest on your home.


You can’t write off your interest on your credit cards.

Voice: George, when’s the credit card meltdown?

G: Frankly, I’m a little scared about that. I was with the bankers again. We were discussing what happened. Verizon has the cable carriers that control all the MasterCard, Visas and stuff? They shut down for four days about two months ago in the United States, the whole western United States, so they couldn’t process them. You could process it, but they held out all their computer bases so they could, you know, transfer it to the banks.

So you ask me when it’s going to shut down?


There are some war materials that are set up right now that they can put a pulse across the United States and shut down all electrical systems and all computers.

Voices: Yeah. Mm hm.

G: All done by satellite. Instantly we will no longer have any communication whatsoever. Instantly! Well, without any communication, then I’d have to throw away this mic. Right?

It’s simple. We have to look at: How do we get hold of our neighbor? We’ll go back, I guess, whistle, or do something.

Voices: [comments]

G: These are things that we have to address in the future, and that’s basically saying: OK. I’m not going to have the cell phone, even though in this country now this is basically… The cell phone is the only way you’re going to have it. Most countries are doing that, which is helping the distribution of everything, but we have another problem.

The system, the movies and everything have set up this greed thing: I’ve got to have a ten million dollar house like that. Well, how do you do that? The final four laws - There has to be some balance. Where’s the balance in everything?

ETs are telling me that their conveyance systems, they usually use a mass transit type thing and the vehicles themselves last 100 years. How long do our vehicles last?

Voices: [various comments]

G: Well if you stay off the street so you don’t get hit. You understand? It’s the traffic that we have to look at. Oh, by the way in California, the word traffic does not exist. Traffic connotes movement. Right?

Voices: Right. [laughter]

G: Well in any major city right now you have the same problem. All of a sudden we’re consuming all this fuel that’s spilling... I didn’t talk about the automobiles and what they’re spilling into the air. So we’re getting it all.

And by the way, are you breathing in deeply? How does the air feel to you here?

Voices: Lovely. Great. Wonderful.

G: I mean you may be at a higher elevation and you get used to that in about a week or so. I built at this Colorado Mountain College, in Leadville. That’s at 10,000 feet. Right? I built all the dorms up there. You know, it was some time ago. But even builders were building above 10,000 feet. So it’s a little hard to adjust to that, but right now after a week or two you get used to it. But aren’t you getting clean air?

Voices: Mm hm. Yeah.

G: Why? They have a limited population. We have… look outside, all the things that make here. Right? Now what else is killing things is the lack of… The bees are dying in the United States.

Voices: [comments]

G: Are you aware of that?

Voices: Yeah. Colony collapse.

G: And what do bees do? They pollinate everything. So they’re trying to figure out ways to mass pollinate everything or get things done. And the beehives now, believe it or not, are worth $100,000.

Voices: Wow. What?

G: A beehive is worth $100,000. They’re taking them around the place, they set them down, they rent them out and they put them to work pollinating. And remember, pollination only goes for a couple weeks. Right? Am I telling you all the correct things? Well, we have to look at it and we can do that.

And then there’s another thing. Let’s go back to frequency for a second. The plants bloom and pollinate and they do all these things in season, but they’re assisted too by sound. When the birds are starting to come in, they come in and they start chirping away. All of a sudden there’s sound, they start growing.

You know, Carlson up in Minnesota developed the Sonic Bloom. Now what is Sonic Bloom? He took the same information, put it on electronic tape, you put it on your fence or whatever you have, and the plants responded to that thought or that information and accelerated the growth. We have to do that same thing, is what I’m telling you.

Tompkins found out that he could go down in the field… he loved his plants. Remember this? If he loved his plants, they would grow because their frequency….

There’s a group of ETs who were in South America and I got involved with them. They were plants.

Voice: They were what?

G: Plants. [laughter] Well, people that eat. What do you call it? When you have something that instead of blood you have chlorophyll? What is that?

Voice: Plants.

G: Anyway they were there to see if they could live on this planet. Because of the symbiosis, they would take our poison and give us oxygen.

Voice: [comment]

G: I don’t care what they look like, they’re my relatives! [laughter]

Well, when I got there we’re talking about cancer again and how one of my friends helped me out on that. The contact down there, their grandmother was dying of cancer and they asked for some assistance from the ETs. And they looked at her and said: Yeah we got it and we’ll help you in this case.

So what they did is they gave them a salve. You’ve seen different types of salve? Well the salve that they gave them down there went into the palm of your hands. That’s where your energies are going out, that and the bottom of your feet, believe it or not, on both sides. They understand all of this. They know how it works.

So anyway, you put it in there. It was absorbed into the body. About three days later, a scab formed. Pulled off the scab, and the cancer was all gone. It was natural.

I got a sample of it. I flew the salve itself to Kennecott Laboratories in Boulder, Colorado, and in three days we did the spectrographic analysis on it. As Brian will tell you, when you do the spectrographic analysis on it - it was like a little ball about the size of a pea and it was… Well, it dissolves. You dissolve the substance and then you do the spectrum. Because you have to shoot light through it.

I have all that. Well, at that time I flew the results of that… because at that time I was talking to Allen Hynek. Some of you know him, and some of you don’t. He was supposedly the government liaison for investigating UFO stuff. Anyway, I flew all the stuff down to him. He was in Phoenix, or at a place in Scottsdale, at that time and that’s when I found out he was also CIA.

Voice: Mm hm.

G: Anyway, I was just trying to help. I still have the analysis I gave him. Fortunately I’ve got the original one. I gave copies to him. Well we don’t have anything to match it.

When I went to school, we used to play around with, you know, the evolving GroupNet stuff. We’re just not ready for it.

Now the ETs say they’ll assist us. They will not do it for us. They’ll give us the knowledge to help clean up the planet when we come into, as Brian said, spiritual balance again.

How do we awaken the spirit? That’s basically the four books that we have. The four books: the Handbook and Embracing the Rainbow; Becoming… And getting with other people to communicate and understand the energies, that we’re interconnected.

OK. A lot of questions have been asked about what’s going on right now. I want to share how Big Brother’s doing and for a little while I’ll discuss a little bit about that.

And business as we know it is kind of going down the tubes. The internet is changing everything. People are asking about this. The government in their wise area looked at, there’s so much business on the internet, they want to start working on that.

And they’ve also set up another new system. Everybody that has MasterCard and Visa?  As a consumer you’re OK, but if you’re a business and you’re using it, you’ll be getting, and soon, by the banks that issue your cards, 1099s. This will begin this year.

Voices: What? [comments]

G: Anybody that has for instance, was selling their stuff on eBay?

Voice: Oh…

G: On Google, on anything on the internet or you use them, like on PayPal?

Voices: Mm hm.

G: All transfers of money that will go to an individual will now be recorded back to the government and you’ll have 1099s. That’s a tax statement that shows the income that you had. Because there’s a lot of money that’s been transferred.

Now I have a state senator that’s a friend of mine and I go with him and we had a discussion few weeks ago and he said in six months – and that was the date he put on it – he said in the United States people will not recognize the dollar.

Voice: Why?

G: Well, you have to contingently plan on all these things occurring and we don’t know the exact timing but that’s why I’ve been telling you again and again. I have senator friends and banker friends and intelligence people and they are all playing games because it’s going so fast right now.

I know you’re all here because you’re interested in what I have to say, but as well as a place. I like Ecuador. You can reasonably live here, compared to other countries. You do have water. You have food. And you have a bunch of people, in fact – they’re all around here, you have to admit everybody here is good. Don’t you feel good about everybody?

Voices: Yeah. [comments / laughter]

G: Well it’s the same people that will be watching this program right now. They’ll sit in their living room and say: Wait a minute. I have all these people that showed up from all over the world. Well, it’s telling us two things. You, yourself, are concerned. The whole world is concerned at some level except for those people that have been programmed not to think. Most people don’t think anymore. They’re just being led to slaughter.

I shared with you before, my father was in the meatpacking business and owned a slaughterhouse. And as a kid, and I had four brothers and our job, to save money for Dad, was we’d go out and work in the slaughterhouse.

And I found out the most stupid animal in the world were sheep. Remember, they tell people they’re sheep? When I would go and get a load of sheep and bring it up the chute for slaughter, they were so dumb they would jump over the chute to get up with the ones that were going to get killed.


Did you know that?

Voice: Wow.

G: Guess what? The American people are in that same situation right now. They have no idea. They say: The government can’t be that bad. Well, it’s worse. So we have to understand.

See, it’s all in these position [papers] what they’re planning - and that’s not good news. But we have to understand there is a reason behind all of it. And even you will have to realize that there’s some logic. We can’t keep feeding all the people.

And nobody will listen to the rule book in order to change it. We keep propagating by fun. We’ve made sex a sport act rather than the responsibility in the creation of a new human being. And we have them when they’re just… They don’t even care. They’re disposable beings as they come out.

So society’s mental thing has to change for the future, frankly. And that’s what we’re looking at at this minute.

We also have to work… Like, this is what I call an assortment of different people. We all have to get together. What if you all got together in some little community yourself, just the way you are, and now we sit down and we assign jobs to each person by their talent…

Voice: Right.

G: …in order to assist putting together something. And it’s a group thing. It’s not an individual. We have a collective group of people. I’d prefer to have a scientist up on top to look at it because you have to remember to follow the four rules in the Handbook.

What you put together, the intent of it, you have to allow the intent to manifest itself. That’s the allowance.

The end result of all that has to be in balance with nature and with the surroundings. And this is going to be a hard job. And the ego situation and the greed thing has to be taken out of the picture because you’re not going to have money to play with anyway. And it isn’t: My house is bigger than yours.

Remember, the Handbook comes out and says basically that man was meant to live in abundance, not luxury, because by using luxury, you’ve taken away somebody else around the planet.

How many people in here have been to Haiti? Well, if you’ve been to Port au Prince and you’ve gone out and seen all that stuff, these people are living on less than a dollar a day.

When I flew with the Vice-President of Hanes Corporation, we went down to Costa Rica, and he’s discussing shutting down all his plants that make all, you know, the underwear. And I said: Where are you going with them? And he said: We’re moving them to Haiti.

Why? What’s the definition of “people”? Human Resource. So, the bottom line, the Human Resource is the part of the thing you’re looking at. Does it make any sense to you? I’m trying to…

Voice: Oh yeah.

G: Logically. Everything is logical. As the ETs had told me a long time ago: We may be mysterious, don’t make it mystical.

The universe is logical, so you’ve got to work the logic and say: What’s going on? Look at it, identify it, and say: We’ve got plenty of free energy. What’s running this planet? The Sun.

Voice: Mm hm.

G: And it’s manifest in everything there is. It’s the conversion back that will not affect society as a rule in order to keep things going. Well, I’m totally aware of what they’re going to do, reducing the population down.

I mean, you know, 20 million Americans. This is what we’re talking about being left of this whole thing. None of you. Nobody in the major cities. I can’t tell you about the rest of the world.

But I can tell you the whole economic thing is coming down in spades. I was just talking to somebody at lunch and they were talking about buying a bond in, was it the UK? And in four months it lost 30 percent of its value. Thirty percent! He thought he was safe, you know, in preserving his money.

So I’m telling you. Historically… I’m telling people that at this minute the only thing that makes any sense on a world basis is having the base metals and that’s your gold and silver. So acquire some. If you can do it, do it without anybody knowing it.

In the States they got everything - these little pins and everything else going into your clothes you buy, everything else, so they’re going to be all monitored and run through the little computers down in, like I was telling you, that the government has.

So we know that they’re going to keep track of things. Now the next question is…

V1: Wait, wait. What? Pins in your clothes? I don’t understand.

G: They all have identification so they can just wave it over [the checkout scanner] and find out what kind of clothes you are [buying] and what the prices are.

Another Voice: RFIDs.

G: Yeah, RFIDs. They’re going to chips.

V1: What was RFIDs?

G: R-F-I-D. These are…

Another Voice: Radio Frequency Identification chips.

Voice: Device.

V1: What is that?

G: It’s in almost every product in the United States, even the soaps and ah… If you notice, in the last four months in the United States, if you go buy any Kellogg’s products, for instance, the boxes may be the same but there’s twenty percent less product that are in it. The soap sizes are down, you know, one percent more.

Voice: Right. Mm hm.

G: You’ve got all of these things that are occurring on it, that everything is going up in price without you being aware of it. And all of a sudden you’re going to be sitting here: Oh my God, you know, I bought all this stuff... Which is basically making your dollar worth less anyway, so it’s worth-less. Worthless!

Voice: Wow.

G: Yeah. Making sense to you? That’s what I’m trying to do. Now, how many of you people enjoy Ecuador, as you’ve been here so far? Anybody don’t like it?

Voices: No. [laughter, audience comment]

G: So that’s giving us an idea, at least we found out: Why am I here? Because this is… Remember the planet, what I talked to you about it? It’s like a boat. This is the center of the planet, and the rocking and rolling that’s going to be coming up?

I just heard from somebody in the audience a little while ago that today there was a massive earthquake in San Jose, Costa Rica.

V1: Oh! Costa Rica. Really!

G: Well it was over a 6. I haven’t found out what…

Another Voice: It was 6.9, I think.

G: Now 6.9. You people that understand the…

Voice: That’s pretty big.

G: Well, that’s pretty heavy. When you look at the table for doing earthquake reports, if you go up, every one of them, the game is ten times bigger than the time before. So you’re at 5, you go to 6, that’s ten times bigger than that, and start figuring out the geometric equation, what it’s going to do.

So we’re going to start having some major changes, and probably that will trigger some more earthquake activity on the northern part of Ecuador.

I think that you’re pretty much exempt. Have you had any earthquakes down here?

Brian O’Leary: We’ve had a couple but they haven’t been very strong. There was one where the epicenter was in Peru, approximately 150 miles to the east of here, in the Amazon. And that was a 6.5. And we felt it here, but it wasn’t, you know, enough to break anything.

Voice: They felt that one in Quito, too.

G: You’re going to have a lot of the Earth movements. I mean, I was sitting in Costa Rica. Actually, I was in my dental chair when the earthquake went off the last time I was down in Costa Rica. [laughs]

You know, we had one about 4.5. It didn’t do anything, but the whole building rattled and I was right in the middle of doing a cleaning and stuff. But you can live. You can adjust to all of that.

In California a lot of people have had earthquakes. We’ve had them. There’s a thousand earthquakes a day in California. Did you know that?

Voice: Yeah…

G: A thousand a day. Part of the information when I was with Billy Meier, he showed me pictures of San Francisco totally destroyed by an earthquake. I mean, I saw the pictures, and I can’t tell you the date. He was concerned about that, too.

But I keep looking at: Now wait a minute. This was destroyed by an earthquake. And I know that San Francisco’s a target for a bomb. So that means the earthquake is going to, you know, take care of California before the war starts. And they’re planning the war starting very quickly.

Voice: You’re talking about…

G: World War III is coming up. It’s planned for the second quarter.

Voice: Is it going to be a civil war in the U.S.?

G: The whole world. It’s a whole world war. Because we’re the most hated country now. Start looking at that information.

I talked to one of my buddies, the head of FEMA in Arizona, down in Phoenix. And he said: We’re preparing for this. We’re going to set up tent cities along the border. We’re not capable of taking care of the Californians. They can’t get out anyway.

But they’re going to allow 100,000 people into Arizona. And I said: Well, that means… How are you going to stop them?

And he says: We’ll be setting up tent cities.

And the ultimate plan is they’re going to have passports between States.

Voice: What?

G: I’m just telling you what’s planned. These guys are doing this, and of course you’re not involved. They’re not going to put it in the papers, because that’s part of the Fear Factor. But I’m just… this is not a fear factor. This is just well organized from a scientific standpoint: How do you manage people that are in total chaos?

V1: Who are you talking about when you say they, these guys?

Another Voice: Homeland Security.

G: Well, let me… You don’t know me, Joe, too much, but I was asked to be the Finance Chairman for the election of Jimmy Carter and I was running around with a group of people that are planning on taking over the world.

I sat in on their meetings on their goal. Jimmy Carter put it in writing, every senator and everything. It’s called the Global 2000 Agenda.

In 2000 is when they started hitting Iraq. They’re behind schedule. They thought the nations over there would start the war. And you watch the next little bit. It will begin in Israel. Israel is the number one target. And probably that will start very shortly.

Russia then will get into it. They got 22,000 nuclear warheads all aimed at their enemy, which is who?

Voice: The United States.

G: OK? They have three nuclear submarines.

V1: Wait. Whose enemy is who? Who?

G: Russia has three nuclear submarines on the West coast. They’re two football fields in length, five stories tall. They’re capable of doing 80 miles an hour underneath the water, totally undetected.

Another Voice: Off our West coast?

G: Off of our West coast and our East coast.

Voice: So the U.S. is Russia’s enemy.

G: Yes. Why? Because we have consumed the world and we went into all these other countries and we tried to rule the world.

Voice: Mm hm.

G: The game’s over.

Voices: Right.

G: The game is over. We’re not ruling the world. People are saying: I won’t do it. So this is part of the plan. Your job now is to get up to speed. That’s it.

Look at the information they’ve put on Camelot. They’ve got all of the different people that are out lecturing, that know some of the information. I just happen to have sat in with the guys that are planning on killing you, frankly. [audience laughter and comments]

Voice: OK. But you said “they”. So just run down “they” from the top of the chain of command for us, all the way down.

G: Well, in the United States it’s David Rockefeller which controls, basically, the Chase Manhattan Bank. And he controls the Federal Reserve. In Canada it’s the Bronfman family.

A book called The Committee of 300 lists by name the 300 families. Right now, if you get a list of the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, current, you’ll find there’s an interlocking Board of Directors of all these people. And you can get the names. It won’t do you any good.

Voice: Yeah.

G: Seriously. If you want to know, you can get all the documentation. There are a group of people. I mean, look, I’m sitting in a meeting, you know, and when they asked me to be the financier, I said:

Why me?
They said: We owe you a favor.
And I said: Why?
And they said because I was doing good things in the finance game.
And I said: I want to know what’s happening.

Look, Henry Kissinger said: The absolute aphrodisiac is… What?

Voices: Power!

G: You got it. And he also said: Look, the number one problem on the planet is people! Too many of them. So what they did, they formulated the Global 2000 Agenda. They’ve actually put up a monument to this - they think they’ve completed it - in Georgia. It’s on the internet. It’s called The Georgia Guidestones.

Voice: Yep.

G: It’s already there for you. You can sit down [and read it]. It’s in eight languages.

Voice: What does it say?

G: In eight languages: One world order, one religion, and 500 million people. That’s their goal - on the entire planet. Now you’re going to have to be brought up to date.

Voice: That’s the internet watching you.

G: Yeah, it’s around there. And so, this is all part of the problem. Now what we’re trying to do at this meeting now is to educate you about what’s coming down.

Voice: Mm.

G: But also to get you prepared, so you can be away from what I call “out of harm’s way.”

Now somebody brought up chemtrails and all the rest of that. Now, that’s an experiment. After World War II we exploded nuclear warheads in the higher atmosphere. Brian O’Leary will tell you about this. In that higher atmosphere, the radiation has gone up and eaten holes in the ozone layer.

The ozone. Well that was a protection barrier within our planet to protect us from the gamma and ultraviolet rays. Those rays now are coming into the planet. We’re killing off a thousand life-forms a day, including the largest oxygen producer on the planet, which is the plankton, basically, in the oceans.

Voices: Mm hm, yeah.

G: Now, what they do is, they die. And what happens when you put something in the sun that’s black? What does it do? [audience crosstalk] It starts heating up, doesn’t it?

Voice: Yeah. It absorbs more heat.

G: Yeah, it’s absorbing. All of a sudden it’s getting hot. Well, we’ve got black objects in the ocean. What is the ocean doing? Heating up. Right? So all of a sudden we’ve got the poles melting, we’ve got all this stuff [happening].

Then these people, scientists again, looking and saying: Well, look, we got a major problem. We’ve got all these huge holes that are moving around. How do we stop that?

So they tell everybody in the world it’s the CFCs [Chlorofluorocarbons] that come out of your refrigerator, so they’ll switch you to something else. It’s got nothing to do with that.

It’s the nuclear radiation, so then immediately you have all the groups around the world come up with “The Non-Proliferation Agreement” on the nuclear stuff. It has nothing to do with anything other than we’re killing ourselves. You didn’t know that.

Didn’t you know we’re losing 1000 life-forms a day? Somebody else was telling me about the birds today. How many people know that all the pelicans are dying all over the West coast right now, and dropping on the highways? Today! Why are they doing that? Chemicals, radiation, and everything else.

So now we have the next situation we have to be analyzed and say: Wait a minute. What else is happening?

I’ve already told you we’re killing off the water. Somebody mentioned that they have all this good water up in Michigan. Do you ever realize how dead that water is right now? Do the analysis and find out what’s going on.

You know, we have the dreams that this is going to change, somebody is going to change it. Who? You know, who’s going to save us?

Well, I went around with the guys. They don’t care about you. I mean, I’ve been in Washington, guys. There’s a 100,000 people marching in the streets. You’re just rabble. These guys are bought and paid for.

[to audience] Yes, Gary?

Gary: You didn’t finish your chemtrail thought.

G: Chemtrails. The scientists decided that there was another way we might be able to do it: Let’s create a net to try to keep the radiation down. So they put together chemicals, you know, they refined the new JP4 fuel that comes out of the jets. It’s a new system in the jets that are flying around the planet. How many are flying around? [audience crosstalk]

Voices: 25,000.

G: 25,000, about that. So they put in new fuel. They put a new component up there, hoping that this would run around to the top and keep the, you know, basically the gamma and ultraviolet from getting down.

They also were playing with the HAARP Project [High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program]. It was eating holes also.

So we’ve got more than one game going on. Now, how do you keep track of all this? You understand?

We can be focused on… Let’s say I’ve got somebody here who’s telling me: I’m a whistleblower here. And there’s another game going on over here. They may be doing all the same thing.

But the elite are, you know, creating their own underground facilities in certain places. And they haven’t got solutions either. They’ve got some of them. Remember, it’s all plans. Right?

So it’s like the Rockefeller compound that’s in Pine Gap, in Australia.

Voices: Yeah.

G: I sat in with one of our governors and he explained to me that he got his ticket to that. I said: What ticket? And that’s when I found out. You know, certain people got elected. 35,000 people.

When I further investigated, they were hiring workers from India to come down there. They paid them $50,000 for six months. It took them about six years. And it’s totally underground, totally protected. Now, what do you think the problem’s going to be?

Voices: Earthquake.

G: No spare parts!

Voices: Oh. [laughter]

G: Now we just got you saying it, but think about it. If you talk to anybody that lives underground, they don’t live very long. You got to get out and see the sun.

So what we’ve done… I’ve looked at things, around. I flew down to Texas and I talked to the guys at Monolithic Dome about dome housing, and dome construction. Because the ETs are telling me, he says: Prepare for 300 to 400 mile-an-hour winds on the surface of the planet. Not every place.

So I said: Wait a minute, 300 to 400 miles an hour? The buildings I build would fall apart real easy.

And then I started to check into wind velocities. In Mount Baldy, California, which is out in the San Fernando, you know, at the end of that string of... Their winds are sustained at over 120 miles an hour. Look at the hurricanes that are coming up and the speeds that we’re having right now. Well, we have these same winds at both Poles.

Meanwhile, everything’s melting, everything’s changing, we’re all getting ready. So today you guys are totally safe right here. We don’t really care what’s going on in the world, do we?

Voices: No.

G: You want to forget everything that’s going on the world, frankly. Because it becomes totally insane. It does.

I’m sitting here because, you know, I’ve sat in on both sides. As I said, I was one of “the guys”. That’s only because I learned their system and they liked me. But then, when I found out what they were going to try to do, I was trying to explain to people. So I kind of dropped out, but I still have…

That side contacted me because I’m the wild card - I’m involved with extraterrestrials. They’re monitoring the whole works. They’re not doing anything.

You can see their spacecraft. The big stars that strobe red, blue and green? Those are spacecraft. I mean, we’re the television set of the universe right now. [laughter] So what are we going to do?

Voice: Amazing Race. [audience crosstalk]

G: Now I’m going to open up, because of the timing and everything, and you guys have certain questions. I will answer any question and we’ll try to organize all this. You can always get my videos. You can go online and listen to Camelot. You can see my other interviews. We have videos, all kinds of things that can get you up real fast. And I’m willing to answer as much as I can on a personal basis.

Voice: Do you think they’re taking bets? [laughter]

G: And the question I have is: Who’s taking bets? Are you my man?

Voice: Yes.

G: No, they think they’ve won.

Voice: No, no, I mean, do you think the observers, the ET observers are taking bets?

G: They’re concerned. They’re concerned. There’s more than one group that’s up there. Seriously. I get information all the time and they’re very happy to support me. Look at me. I’ve got a lot of energy. I’m putting it out. I’m talking to as many people as I can.

And the only problem that I’ve had… Have you read the last message in Messages for The Ground Crew? How many people in here haven’t read the messages?

Quite a few of you. Anyway, they’re just saying there’s too few of us on this planet to make any significant difference. That’s what they’re saying.

And they’re urging everybody to get together to continue this “Game of Like Minds”. Aren’t we all like minds? Yeah, people like this here, that understand the situation, understand we got to help each other. And that’s what we’re all about. You know, it’s everybody.

Meredith here is, even in her way, is out here doing this, too, providing light and understanding on a very deep level, awakening the Spirit to wake you up to what’s going on.

Bill and Kerry with Camelot are running around the planet trying to get people to, you know, whistle-blow, to show you the facts that are there. You can go up on the internet, download all the information and discern it. And go research it yourself.

You don’t have to be sitting… You know, John Lear and I were sitting one day [talking] about the underground bases, you know, that are supposedly at Area 51. Well, they’re not in Area 51. They’re at S-4, which is… That’s a huge base out there. You’re probably aware of that.

When I was at Edwards [Edwards Air Force Base], when I saw the spacecraft as close as you are, you know, at Edwards… I mean, I’m looking at this disk. That wasn’t anything to me. It was just another disk. It was one of the crazy research vehicles we have, you know. And I got educated, let’s put it that way, on what’s happening.

So anyway, at this point there are extraterrestrials out here - our ancestors. Man did not originate on this planet.

Voice: No?

G: We did not come from here. They engineered us. But they were giving us… The wild card is free will. We can say: Hey, I’m going to heaven, you know. I’ve got some unknown God that’s going to come back and save me, and all I have to do is… You know. It’s unbelievable.

The information I have is: Everybody, you’re all gone. And then you give thanks every day for having this experience. It’s part of your soul growth.

Now let’s talk about everyday mechanics, logical mechanics of the body. When the sun comes up in the morning, what hormone is generated in your body?

Voice: Serotonin.

G: That’s exactly right. Serotonin. It gets up to bring you into what we call the 3D world. That’s its job.

When the sun goes down, Mel steps in. Right? Melatonin. OK. We’ve got Sera during the day and Mel at night so you can remember. [laughter] Now Melatonin goes up and allows you to go to sleep. That’s the way we should be working.

Voice: Where was she last night? [laughs]

G: We have upset all these things because of the vibration of all that’s happening, so it’s a little confusing.

But the truth is, your communication, if you set the little prayer: I’m a human becoming, and then you ask the questions, most of the information, the downloading of your experience is being fed to the Master, the Creator in the sky who listens to creation between midnight and four [a.m.]

That’s when you’re going to get the best results when you pray. When you pray you’re putting out thought. When you meditate you’re supposed to receive thought.

In the Bible, John 1 says: In the beginning there was the Word. That was not right. In the beginning was Thought, and thought was God. So it’s the thinking of the creation is what we’re looking at. Do you understand?

We don’t have to look for some mythical person that’s going to come back and save you from harm. They aren’t going to come back.

It’s like the ETs told me: Are you going to be lifted off this planet? Well, if we took you to another one, you’d trash it in half the time. [laughter] You know how to do it!

Voice: Yeah. It’s bad.

G: It’s the same situation. Is there anybody going to come back and save you? No, you’re doing it. This is a do-it-yourself job. [laughter] It really is.

OK. I have some young lady here that’s going to ask me a question. Go ahead. And I’ll repeat it so you can hear it in back.

Voice: Oh, I can say it really loud if you’d like.

G: Go ahead.

Voice: OK. This is my question: With regard to people of the stature of Jimmy Carter, who you were asked to be in his administration and even, a little bit different, Bill Clinton. He’s not exactly in the same league I’m talking about.

Jimmy Carter now almost seems sort of like the “Pope of America”. He’s always here and there, and the Nobel Prize and Mr. Peacenik. And he goes to Russia, and he’s like the grand old grandfather, Mr. Wonderful, blah, blah, blah. How does Jimmy Carter rationalize or reconcile these two huge polarities? I’m just curious. I mean, if you have any…

G: Did you hear the question? How do you rationalize Jimmy Carter, who was a one-term Governor when they asked me to be his Presidential financial advisor?

I didn’t know ’im. In fact, the question was, I asked them: Who is going to be the next President? It was two years before he became President. And they told me Jimmy Carter, and I said: Jimmy who? And they told me, and I said: Well, that’s interesting. I said: I’ve been voting Republican.

And then Paul Volcker (he’s about 6-foot-6), he comes over and he says: Son, don’t worry about it. We control them both. That’s the Chairman of the Federal Reserve at that time, who is the spokesman for David Rockefeller. You’re right back to the same…

Voice: And knew Obama was. [audience crosstalk]

G: Of course.

Voice: Obama, what?

G: I think I said on your program a year ago or two years ago that Obama was going to be President because he was anointed by David Rockefeller.

Voice: Exactly.

G: I’ve said that in public, on the station. So you’ve just seen it all being fulfilled. Right? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what these people are doing if you can figure out who’s the players and who are not. And just observe it. But don’t get caught up in the game.

Voice: Right.

G: This is not the time. We’re past the point of getting caught up in the game. You want to get educated. Now’s the time to get into communities. Form communities and then get yourself prepared to, what? Total economic collapse. You’re going to have to have some kind of trading things.

Some people are out here showing me their gold they got in their pocket like good guys. Which is fine! You know, I always have it. That’s only because, when this thing crashes, it may do it overnight. Like, I’m dreading it.

I told everybody some time ago: It’s going to be a long weekend. When there’s a Friday, you know, a Friday, Saturday, a Sunday, and a holiday. You’re going to go to sleep on Friday night and it’ll be all over. And then they’re going to call their banking holiday.

That’s coming up, probably within the next few months. That’s the reason why I’m very concerned, why I’m down here, and why you’re all coming down here to find out what’s going on on the planet.

And it’s not just here. The people I just talked to, they’ve got some bonds in the UK [that] lost 30 or 40% of their value in four months. All up and down…

In Spain they’re doing the same thing. They have all these condos along the beach, you know, from Malaga on. If you’ve been down there, it’s beautiful. So they built all this stuff out there so you can enjoy it. Most of the people head off down to the island off Africa.

You know, if you go and look at all of that, everybody wants to go enjoy themselves. But they don’t understand there’s people behind the scenes that are planning on wiping us out. You can enjoy everything. What you’re doing has been created for them. Everything’s been created for them.

[to audience] Yes sir?

Voice: What are the different factions of the ETs? That’s one question. And then the other is: How much effect do they have on how things are working out for us here?

G: The question was: How many different factions of ETs? We’re being visited by
all kinds of ETs. I mean, whatever; you name it. There’s one group that are standing by, rooting for us destroying ourselves because they want the planet.

There’s the other group that I’m involved with that says: Wake up who you are. We’ll assist you when you awaken in order to reclaim your planet and you can be admitted to the Cosmos… if you want to look at it.

We will be able to go to other planets. We’ll be given the technology to go to other places and to other planets to survive if we need to. We’ll visit them, but we’ll do it on a different basis, based on the four rules that are spelled out in the Handbook.

And those people should get the Handbook and read it a couple of times. It’s downloadable free on my website N-O-H-O-A-X. In fact, the first three books are on it. You can download them. If you want hard copies, well, they’re all gone here. I only brought a few sets because a lot of you people already have them. But it’s a start.

And these books are written, in a way, by them [ETs] to trigger you on a soul level, to awaken you to what’s going on and so you can be in direct communication. You don’t need me. You only need you.

[to audience] Yes?

Voice: George, what’s your latest information on 2012? And what are your guys, the ETs, telling you about evacuation programs, any of this sort of stuff?

G: 2012. Frankly, when we were doing the Plan 2000, the fait accompli – You know what that means? Totally completed. The guys want to have the world depleted down to 500 million by the year 2012.

The ETs aren’t going to come to lift us off. Where are you going to go? Are you spiritually ready for all this?

Voice: But I thought we were going… those of us that are awake and aware and in contact, that we’re going to be lifted off. And we would return as fourth-dimensional, transformed…

G: Again, that’s a lot of what I call New Age nonsense.

Voice: Really?

G: Yes. Look, I have a lot of so-called people, like J. Z. Knight… Ramtha. Right? I lectured at the Ramtha group. And I told them flat out. I did this publicly.

Ramtha told everybody everything’s going to come all right, and I said: It’s a lie. [audience crosstalk] Why do you think I did that? Well, it’s true.

They were talking about the NESARA programs. Has anybody heard about the NESARA programs?

Voice: What is that?

G: NESARA. You can look it up on the internet. [audience crosstalk] I don’t care what you do. It’s supposedly our government – that people up there are signing that we’re going to bring our government back to where it was, back to the Constitution. Do you really believe that? Come on. You know.

Then guess what? They said our good friend Ron Paul down there was going to be heading this all up.

You know, at that time I was involved in another thing with our Secretary of the Treasury, running down some money, $50 million. Our Treasury Secretary. You remember Gonzales?

And anyway we were running some of the money down that was being laundered for the so-called “Weed”. I published some of this stuff.

I even got the publishing trade mad at me when I published the truth on the Kennedy stuff. So, you know, you don’t do that. It doesn’t do any good for any one of us. I mean, I had the documents. You can read them all.

And the Plan. What are you going to do about the Plan 2000? They’ve already endorsed it.

[to audience] Yes?

Voice: OK. Another question: So you don’t agree that we’re going into a new section of the galaxy which is a higher density, the Earth is actually evolving, you’re in fourth density. And that we need to, as part of our development, transmute to this higher level of understanding and consciousness that we can actually function in.

G: Let’s put it this way: Those people that are coming up to the awareness level, the frequencies will be automatically changing and you’ll be merged in like you won’t even know anything happened. But as far as any miracle about coming back the way it is now? You tell me that the way it is now is working? [laughter]

Voice: Well, the information that I’ve obtained and sort of acknowledged is fairly scientifically based. It’s on David Wilcock’s site. He’s really come out with a lot of the, you know…

G: I know David.

Voice: Yeah. I really like his stuff about the, um, scalar technology, the way that we’re evolving that way. You’re saying that we’re just going to change automatically, and then we’re going to end up in this halcyon fourth dimension thing, and the third dimensional Earth is going to just go kaput.

G: No, I’m not saying any of that. You’re not sure that the third dimension… and why worry about all that? I mean, seriously, why worry about it? The logic of the universe… It’s not like turning on a light switch and you’re going to go do all of this.

I mean, you know, how they teach… Over in India for instance, if you look at their religion’s background on it, they say it’s like the elephant: He’s just going to lay over on its side and go back to sleep and will cease to exist.

Voice: OK. We need…

G: Anyway, the question that you have: Do I believe that? Not from the information that I’ve had on a very logical basis, coming into it.

Yes, there is some frequency changes on it and those people that want to go back and just lay down: Well, I’ll just wait for it to happen. It’s not going to happen. YOU got to do it. You have to take an active part in raising your consciousness, which is the frequency changes.

Voice: Well I’ve done all that, and I know what I know. [audience crosstalk] But, George, I mean, realistically we want something practical, some really practical guidelines on how we can make a difference here.

I mean, I’m frustrated to hell with hearing all this stuff, knowing all this stuff, doing all this stuff. I’ve been doing it for 30 years, and nothing is changing. What have we got to do to change the paradigm, change the energy structures and do this?

Voice: It’s her fault! [laughter]

G: Did she say she’s been doing it for 30 years? Well it should have been done. [laughter]

Voice: I’ve been doing all the research, I mean with you and everybody else. I mean, we’re all here, knowing the…

G: We’re all here to understand that we all have to collectively do things, but we will be guided. I’m telling you, we will be guided.

Voice: … the truth is, wouldn’t you say, we build a machine…

G: No.

Voice: We’re going to be knocked up, we’re going to be knocked over and killed like so many other people have done before. I mean we need to know what we can practically do to do this. I mean, what Stephen Greer did in 2001, I thought was fantastic. Disclosure made a lot of difference to a lot of…

G: Well then, what we have to look at is what will make a difference on the planet. I’m asking for guidance. And you know what my guidance is? To come out to awaken people out here, to let them instill in themselves what’s coming down and get ready for it all. That’s what my guidance is.

Voice: We’re ready. We’re ready.

G: No you’re not.

Voice: Not really.

G: You’re waiting for something to happen. You’re waiting for something to happen.

Voice: No. We want to do something. We want to be able to participate and do something.

G: Then start a community. Help other people get going so they can survive this.

Voice: I’m here. I’m here.

G: OK. Then you’re starting. [to audience] Yes, Alphonso?

Alphonso (A): Just curious – two questions. What do you know about the 600 FEMA camps in the U.S. and ah…

G: I don’t know a thing about 600. It’s 1400.

A: 14! [laughter, crosstalk]

G: Oh yeah. Actually they have a list of them on the internet. You may have them on Camelot or you’ve made reference to them.

Voice: What is the question?

G: FEMA. What do I know about the 600 FEMA camps across the United States?

That’s Federal Emergency Management Agency that’s all setting up. Why do I know about the military, one of our Divisions coming back to say they’re getting ready to round up and control the people that are going to be in these camps? Right?

The camps are because people are going to be out of money, out of work, and everything else. And they’re going to have to be, what? Nannies. So the FEMA camps are set up.

That’s where, when I was asked to be, you know, the Finance Chairman, and asked to build an enemy prisoner of war camp. It says Enemy right on the sign as you go to Vegas. And my question is: Who is the enemy? You know. It could be Patrick or Henrietta, or Darren.

Voice: Trading with the enemies.

G: Well we are. We’re all trading with the enemies.

I don’t have all the answers. I know, I run around with the guys that are planning this and they plan it every day, something different, because it didn’t work out well. Same thing with you. You design a building. I build a building, and I get the thing up there.

I stayed in Beijing. I stayed with a guy where the people were building their apartments. I said: That’ll never work, the way they were doing it. Are you familiar with Chinese thinking?

Voice: A little bit.

G: Well, the Chinese at that time were building what we called poured-in-place concrete buildings, structures. And you’re required to take care of your parents. So they’d have one room for the parents, one room for you – the living room - and the other room was for the bedroom for them and the kids. And the kitchen was one end of the complex, for everybody on the floor. And the other end was the “necessary room”, actually a hole in the floor. And that’s how they built these structures.

But I found out - when I talked to them, I said: It doesn’t work. Because, crazy me, I built an apartment complex out in Colorado and it’s like a deck of cards. You pour the concrete down and you put the reinforcement on and you pick up all of them and put them into place. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Let me tell you what the problem was, because I had to tear down this apartment. I got the building up, everything down. Everybody loved the thing. And then the wintertime came in. And one of the problems is we didn’t put insulation on the walls.

And that’s the same way they did in it China, no insulation. So what we did is, the heat that we set up there, by osmosis it brought in moisture on the walls. What happened to the walls with the moisture and the heat in the wintertime? Can you tell me?

Voice: Mold?

G: Mold. The most pitiful mold. Everywhere. Every part. I’m standing there, looking: Oh my God. What did I do? And then we looked at it. There’s no way you can get rid of it. Well, I took a bulldozer. I had to. [laughter] It was the only way to deal with the problem.

Voice: Just a question: How would you advise people to transfer their wealth during this economic…

G: From a very standard basis, we’re in a world economy that trades business-to-business. Right? Well, in Ecuador right now you can go start a business, a corporation. They advise you to do that. It costs you whatever the attorneys are, well, $1,500.

Voice: $1,500?

G: $1,500, you can get them in Cuenca. If there’s different ones, you can negotiate with and get your thing. Anyway a corporation then is an existing entity. Now by that, a corporation is a person. And you get to control that person. Right? This country now says there has to be two legitimate people, one at least an Ecuadorian, on the corporation to do it. That’s the new rules.

But now the corporation’s going, and you have it. You can transfer money from your other corporation, or any money that you have, to the corporation and they’re not going to say anything. So thousands and millions of dollars can be transferred without a problem.

In the States, there was one state that allowed you to incorporate, only needing one officer. You had 100% rule. Now they’re coming out with new rules, too, so everything’s being controlled. Let me just tell you, they’re coming down to squeeze all the things down.

But if you have money, they don’t have any problem with transferring money in here right now. Now, it’s going to be in dollars. And that’s the reason why I’m looking into other facilities.

My friends over in Panama, they have the biggest banks there. They’re concerned too, because what do they do? They’re laundering all the drug money and everything else. Right? So they got billions.

But we got to go to the next step - Columbia. They’ve got what they call the “Columbianization” of Mexico. Seriously. And the Bush signed an Executive Order saying you could not talk about Mexico and what’s going on right now, because they were talking about the new currency, supposedly uniting them all.

Well, the Prime Minister of Canada says: No way. Right? I don’t know him at all. I did spend some time [there] when I was asked to be finance chairman for Carter. I sat with Pierre [Trudeau] and his wife. So I knew them.

Other things go on - you have no idea - behind the scenes. Because what is told to the public is totally different than may be behind the scenes, and they’re running the agenda. And it all follows the money. Follow the money.

You could be the best guy in the world. Even my senator said that within six months you will not recognize the dollar. And I’m looking at that.

[to audience] Let me get you another question.

Voice: Do you know where in Ecuador you can buy gold coins or gold?

G: The people who want to buy gold coins, if you’ll put together your name and telephone number, I have the people that have them. And you can buy and take control, and they’ll be ready, hopefully in the next two weeks. They were trying to get governmental approval, like Monday or Tuesday of next week. And they’ll have everything ready to roll and then down in Cuenca you can get one-ounce pieces.

They were laughing about this. They were going to call it the Rose, or the Panda, or whatever, you know. It’s beautifully designed. But these will be available in a week. So give me your name, or give to Brian. They’ll give to me and I’ll tell you how to get it. And they’ll contact you.

[to audience] Yes sir?

Voice: George, you mentioned about gold coins in Ecuador. Hugo Chavez said he was going to try to organize some more South American countries, for a South American currency.

G: Yeah. The question is: Hugo Chavez is trying to organize several South American countries together to create a new central bank for all of them. And it’s for all of them. It’s called the South American Bank. It’s on the internet.

They haven’t got it 100% put together, all the details, because there’s still some arguing about how to fund all this stuff. Some of the countries have money; some don’t have it right now. Right?

They want to create a currency, like the Euro was created out of thin air? Well the Euro - they’re fighting among each other right now and don’t want to join in. The Euro’s in Spain. And somebody said that Greece is no longer good. And, you know, Germany’s controlling that. Unemployment’s growing like crazy.

And in America we have the same problem. It’s happening there. It’s a world-wide phenomenon. So that’s where we’re at at that point.

Anyway, you were asking about what’s going on on that. I was for that because it would make a basic currency. I was hoping they would go with the gold base.

Now, my senator in Idaho is this week I believe, presenting a bill to create a currency in Idaho - our own currency to use within the state, backed by silver.

[to audience] Yes?

Voice: What about playing other semi-sane independent currencies, say, like Australia? Or like New Zealand? We played the Euro maybe for a while. I don’t really know how long term, but at least as an alternative to the dollar and having gold. (inaudible)

G: EVERBANK in Florida allows you to set up a basket of currencies in your account.

Voice: There are a lot of places too that want to do that. How long will this other trend continue and will they benefit from the drop in the dollar, at least for a while, even though they could be damaged by that?

G: You know, frankly I’m looking at a shut-down for a while, so I don’t know whether you’re going to have any currency whatsoever.

Voice: I understand. But think about it. The worldwide shut-down is possible to come after a devaluation of the dollar.

G: What you want to do is make money off of everybody else’s…

Voice: No, but…

G: What I want you to do is preserve your assets.

Voice: That is exactly what I’m talking about. In the last six months to a year, getting out of the dollar and getting into gold was, you know, devastating to many people. First off, dealing with a manipulative situation is very difficult to do.

G: Well…

Voice: We lost money in silver. We lost money in gold. We lost money.

G: A lot of people were making money in gold and silver this last year, too, so you can’t say all.

Voice: Oh, absolutely not. It’s a trading kind of deal. It always is. It’s what you said… we don’t know…

G: I have a problem, as an underwriter. I predict they’re going to shut the market down.

Voice: Is that the market worldwide? Or the market in the U.S.?

G: In the U.S.

Voice: Yeah, so that’s not worldwide.

G: But they’re all interconnected.

Voice: I know that, but will they allow all these countries to go into it with the crash?

G: That’s the reason why World War III has to start. Who’s going to end up on the top of the heap?

Voice: I see what you’re saying, but I don’t actually believe it. It could happen in stages. I mean, think about it. They’re not going to want the whole world to crash.

G: Yes they are.

Voice: They want to end up somewhere on top, as you say.

G: No. We don’t know who’s going to be on top.

Voice: Right. I agree with you.

G: I sat in on a meeting with a dozen people who were talking about using chemicals, biologicals, everything. Right? We adjourned. About six of us went into another room and said: We want to get rid of some of the people in the other room. [laughter]

They don’t even care. And I can’t tell you who’s going to be up on top when we get through, in the world. But I know that world leaders - world - not just the United States, that world leaders want to reduce the world population.

And isn’t keeping the economic game because you’re just a human resource and so is your money.

And somebody just told me this: They’re putting up a law right now. They’re trying to put it together in England. They want to tax your savings. [laughter]

Voice: I understand. We’re all trying to do a day-to-day.

G: It’s a day-to-day. I don’t have an answer for you.

Voice: I understand.

G: I just don’t have an answer. I’m just saying, my own personal self, everything’s in metal.
[to audience] Yes?

Voice: George, I find this utterly valuable, and I wish to know whether you have made an arrangement, or commitment, or decision that you will have this talk released on the internet soon, or released so we can purchase it?

G: You have to talk with somebody else in this room back here because they’re planning on putting it up on their own site, Project Camelot.

Voice: So Camelot will? OK.

G: I’m asking. Will Camelot do it? Yeah, they are.

Voice: I’m curious. When do you foresee the COMEX fold which manipulates the gold and silver prices?

G: If you pull up Gavin [Wendt] – are you familiar with Gavin? Anyone familiar with Gavin?

Voices: Yes.

G: They’re pretty much the guys that are monitoring it. When I was over at the Silver conference… There was a conference from all over the world – silver - I was there about a month and a half ago and they were concerned too. See, it’s affecting them. They’re shutting down the mines in the United States right now.

And the same thing with the oil companies. Oil companies are shutting down production because oil is down cheaper than when it… It should be about $80 a barrel right now for oil at this point rather than the $40 they have. So they know it’s going to come back up.

Voice: What about Lindsey Williams’ suggestion that they are doing this with the prices in order to bankrupt the Arabs?

G: No. You know, I know what Lindsey said and he’s coming out with all these things. The Arabs… And their problem is, they don’t tell anybody how much oil they have left in the ground. And so we have: Yeah, we have a lot of oil. But remember, that’s been the currency but now that currency is collapsing. So it’s causing a lot of oil people to come down, you know, to stop them. It’s the same thing.

But it’s not just this. This is a world thing. So I’m telling you, in order to get the Arab nations worked out, let’s get the war started.

And, you know, Obama gets in. He’s going to be stuck with a stacked deck pretty soon and because all this money they put out in loans are all short-term loans. They’re not 20-year loans. They’re all “day” loans. When you borrow, hear this.

[to audience] Yes ma’am?

Voice: Going back to the gold question. Here in Ecuador, Correa is going to allow mining, open-pit mining for gold, because the largest reserves in the world are here in Ecuador.

G: I know.

Voice: They’re going to ruin our mountains. They’re going to ruin our water supply just because of the gold everybody is seeking now. What is the sense in it?

G: There’s no sense in that. And I’ve wanted to talk to him about it. And there are some things in there so they will not affect the environment as such. But he’s also trying to…

Voice: How? There’s no such thing as open-pit mining without affecting the environment.

G: Yeah there is, there is. There’s a brand new… I was with the mining company.

Voice: How can they do it?

G: Well, we have a new mining vehicle that basically doesn’t do any of that. It goes through all the stuff, and as long as it’s the right kind of stuff… But we can go out and there are ways to take it out without polluting it all.

Voice: Do they still need cyanide and mercury?

G: No! No,

Another Voice: No. No mercury.

G: They have new tech. I looked at the machine. I’m sitting there looking at it. This guy’s the largest silver miner in the world, that’s the President of the company. He doesn’t sell any to somebody else. And he’s going to come down.

And I was working with the Peña Brothers - Anybody know of them? They have this huge process that the Inca - the old Inca gold stuff on it. And by looking at the information on it, it was a way we could go and process it. But I was going to use the new processing equipment that they have and then have the government endorse this stuff and then we can create the gold for the government to use as a reserve and create the best currency.

Voice: Exactly.

Another Voice: But the government is a disappointment. They want to sell the rights to the mining to the foreign companies.

G: Well there’s no money in it. [audience talk] There’s a very new law, and there’s no money in it.

Voice: (crosstalk)

G: Well, anyway, the government situation is changing on a day-to-day basis. They’re working on it. In my little way I’m trying to assist them to analyze it. Most people won’t even recognize the transfer because it goes by the piece of paper that you have. [to audience] Yes?

Voice: What you predict, that these people want to get the world down to 500 million?

G: Yeah, they put it in writing.

Voice: So I was wondering, really, if that many people were to die from all these different… what is it going to matter, a big box of gold? I mean, who’s going to really care?

G: They’re not. They’re not.

Voice: What’s the point of it?

G: The gold is merely a storage of wealth, temporarily, while we can acquire some things to order this, to facilitate yourself, because your dollar’s going to go down a whole lot faster than gold. When it’s all over, gold won’t be worth anything, either. It’ll be your seeds…

Voice: Right. It’s back to the land.

G: Yeah, and even that… People have said the only thing is going to be land. And even that is going to be subject to: Who’s going to enforce the ownership of the land? What legal system do you have? You know, real estate. It’s the old thing that I used to tell people: You have contractual right to use the air space because the government owns it. And as long as there is a government that will enforce what they’re talking about, which is…

How many people in Ecuador? 13 million?

Voice: 13 million. That’s right.

G: About 13 million people, so that’s not a big thing to take care of. The land area is about the same size as Colorado, you know, my home state.

And it’s the same type of thing, a lot of minerals, a lot of everything. But you’ve got incredible vegetation. You have a lot of protection, natural protection, because of these mountains and everything. And the water has not been too polluted as yet.

You know, they dump everything into the ocean down there in Guayaquil and everything. That throws things off, but that’s happening all over the planet. Look at the United States. There’s not any rivers in the world right now that actually reach the ocean that aren’t polluted.

[to audience] Yes sir?

Voice: I’ve thought about when the dollar crashes and Ecuador is using the dollar, so Ecuador will have to change currencies.

G: The paper for printing the new currency is here in the country right now. They’re in the process - you’ve probably read that - in the process of printing.

Voice: So Americans that are migrating to Ecuador, do you think there could be some backlash as far as the Ecuadorians with the American currency bottoming out and therefore Ecuadorians losing a lot of money or savings, as well?

G: Well, again, you’re asking something hypothetical. I talked to the representative from the Swiss bank. A lot of Ecuadorians with money have moved it to Switzerland - the dollar.

I’ve talked to some other people down here. Yeah, they’re very concerned about it. I’m actually lecturing at the University this next week, to all the students, on the economic thing, to give them the whole thing.

The school itself is in a dilemma because they’re telling their students how they can live economically in a world that’s been based on trading goods and stuff on the systems that exist, and they’re all coming apart.

And I can’t tell you what’s going to happen, I just live day-by-day. I go down and have my assets in metal and I can play with them.

Voice: What about shipping into Ecuador, as long as shipping continues from other places in the world?

G: Well, you know in the United States they’re stopping a lot of the shipping down there because the big ships didn’t have any money. They were shipping the stuff on Letter of Credits rather than on the actual cost of running them over.

But their fuel costs last year were running like about $22,000 a day for fuel to run those big ships, and it went up to $80,000, which is transferred back into the goods again. Right?

And the shipping that’s going to be done here, you’re going to keep doing it because we are still exporting out of Ecuador. You’ll be exporting products and everything for a while. I’m looking at this as… If a global war gets going, all bets are off on everything. All bets.

[to audience] Yes sir?

Voice: I’ve battled with remaining in the United States versus going somewhere else. I’ve got a family infrastructure, people, so you don’t want to leave the people you’re with. But what you’re describing is pretty serious. If there’s something that tremendous going to happen in the U.S., it almost seems you won’t even be unable to leave, as if we’ll be in lock-down.

G: There will be a lock-down. So if you’re going to make any move, it’s like…

Voice: Martial law?

G: Of course. They’ve got that all set up, martial law, and again, they’ve got it selected. If you’re going to make your move - my wife, she says: if you haven’t made your move now, you’ve got maybe 60 days or so to do anything. After the 60 days…

And she’s feeling the same way. She sees the future of it. She’s telling me about April. I said I don’t know. April or May. I know the second quarter makes economic sense for the guys that are planning. You see, the gaming is to see how long they can keep it together, squeeze out the last of the money.

Voice: Yeah, that’s exactly…

Another Voice: The money stops, then the airports stop.

G: That’s right.

Another Voice: If you can’t buy a ticket, you can’t do anything.

G: Well, if you’re over in Miami like my friend just did… I have a CIA guy that dropped out of the CIA. He went over and bought a little 26-footer boat. And he took off, and he ended up down in – guess where? He’s in Colombia today. He said they’re not going to know. He’s going to hide out. They’re going to have to come out and get me. So… [laughter]

[to audience] Yes?

Voice: Colin Powell and Joe Biden said on two different interviews that Obama will face a crisis on the 21st or 22nd of… [audience crosstalk] And that he will take a decision that the people might not like. Do you have any idea what this crisis is?

G: Here’s my analysis of that, because everybody’s looking at dates. When Bush put these things into it, he tabled everything up to those approximate dates, on the economy. And they’re all saying the economy is the big thing.

They don’t have an answer right now other than collapsing the whole economy because they haven’t addressed all of the Derivatives. I mean there’s over $100 trillion in Derivatives unaccounted for that are keeping our whole country together, supposedly, in our trading system, but nobody’s buying it.

Foreign governments say: Prove its value. Well, how can you do it? Accounting-wise, there’s no such thing.

[to audience] Sir?

Voice: Yes. George, according to your sources and your information, what is your best understanding as to what’s going to happen on December 21, 2012?

G: People are aware the 2012 date is all coming up and that’s a point within our universe which the planet travels through, this cycle. And we’re reaching a point where the end-beginning of this cycle, as the Mayans say, and we’ll begin a new one.

And that’s only going into the Aquarian age, talking from one standpoint on it. That goal is where, possibly, when we’re going to be in a part of the universe where everything’s aligning, where the possibility is, during that same year, that the planet may flip on its axis.

So we have all these geophysical things that are going to be escalating. My sources are saying beginning this year and next, we escalate. So everybody’s aware there’s something going on. It isn’t going to be an overnight thing. For some people it will be overnight.

[to audience] Yes?

Voice: What about Planet X, Nibiru, they’re talking about coming back?

G: Nibiru? Well it’s the same time. See, all these things coincide. It’s a, you know, 3,600-year cycle. [to audience] Yes.

Voice: If there’s a lock-down, will foreigners that are living in the United States be able to exit the country or will they also be in lock-down?

G: The whole country’s going to be in a lock-down. And that’s the reason why we mentioned the FEMA camps, the 4000. There are going to be so many people and you’re going to go over there. The rule book says if you’re over age 44, you’re going to be eliminated unless you have a talent they can use. And eliminated by all means necessary, again.

Voice: What is your understanding of what will happen in Europe and Australia?

G: Well, Australia because of all the….Again, the world effects are down there. They’re having the same kind of problems. Their economy is now collapsing. They have weather down there that they’ve never had before. So we have all of this chaos that you have to address.

What I want you to do is forget worrying about the chaos and that and get yourself, again, into groups to prepare yourself with as much knowledge as you need to get at this point.

I mean, you and I can talk about these dates and all the rest of it. And I can call my friends up there and they say: We’re going to do it on next Thursday. But as soon as we say a date then somebody else is going to change it because, you know, one guy comes in.

And the guys that are up on top, they want this program to go on. And they’re looking for other triggers to blame somebody else on it. That’s exactly what they are.

[to audience] Yes?

Voice: I know we’re here to discuss solutions, and I think that’s very savvy. But I want to go back to the concept of intention, the 100th Monkey concept, and hope. I would like to hear your thoughts on… Aren’t there enough people intending? Isn’t there enough critical mass?

G: [to the audience] Did you hear the question? The Law of Intent that they’re talking about?

Voice: Mm hm. Yeah.

G: I’m just going to re-read. If it’s OK, I’m going to re-read just the last couple of pages. This is the last messages that I got for the public that’s involved in this book, which will answer it. All right?

As noted before in the materials, multiple far-reaching cycles are coming to completion simultaneously. As in current expression, this brings on the good news and the bad news.

Those who have the eyes to see and hear will celebrate the good news of the opportunity to at last, at long last, complete the human experience cycle.

Those who choose not to hear or see will have the privilege of the bad news, of being allowed to begin over again. Being left behind is not a happy experience.

Those who complete will not be chosen. They will choose to be chosen. Will you learn what you need to know through the traditional institutions of science or religion? Not in their present forms.

That is not to say that it’s not possible for them to change in their focus of maintaining their current dogmatic beliefs at all cost. The question lies as to whether it’s worth the risk to wait to find out.

If your present group focus hasn’t begun to offer more than its usual fare, it is suggested that you, at the least, begin to supplement the teachings by looking outside and considering material that contains a newer and larger focus.

This does not include the information available that’s focused on religion-bashing or science-bashing. This is not a constructive use of your attention.

That you may observe certain inadequacies in the teachings and information made available by these institutions is one thing. But the focus should be on building a foundation of openness towards a change of attitude and the introduction of new ideas and thought processes.

The history of the human experience has been purposely obscured and distorted, not to say that the teachers are not sincere or that they do not believe in what they’re teaching.

A composite can be gleaned from the currently available “New Information” that indicates truth, but it’s scattered among multiple publications and authors. Most important is the search for the truthful in the human experience as a whole.

Why are you here? What is it that is not being accomplished that must be accomplished in the short time yet before the completion of these cycles? The wheels within the wheels will not pause even for a moment for individuals to catch up.


It’s a do-or-die, now-or-almost-never moment in cosmic history.

Voice: Yes.


Is there an urgency being conveyed in these messages? Indeed, there is! Dead center or sliding back are both dangerous modes to be within.

Will “Jesus” or any other “Saint” do it for you? Sorry, but no. Help you? Absolutely, yes!

You will receive your help to support you and encourage you through YOUR process.

Each of them was caught up in an experience similar to your own. They are now who they are because it was important for them to change their experience and move onward in their individual process which, in turn, serves the cosmic plan for all.

Think of it as a great ladder with always a helping hand to make the next rung. The hand is there, but you must choose to reach out and grasp it for the purpose of getting to the next rung.

It’s not there to give sympathy, nor listen to excuses, or hear blame of someone else or a corrupt system. Each must exercise discernment, use wisdom earned through the experience and choose to keep on keeping on.

The energy to do this is now there to be used in the process. It does not come first. Now is the time to wake up, become aware of what surrounds you and decide if it is good enough, or whether more worth desiring is enough to commit to attaining at all cost.

Those who are able to look back, so to speak, desire whole-heartedly that you choose carefully. It’s a monumental decision.

It’s time-out for this repetitive series of experiences, and to experience life as it was intended within the perpetual moment, not perpetual repetitive cycles of the karmic glue. You are blessed with a restless urge to complete your cycle. Listen to it!

It’s with regret that we inform you that the window of opportunity to salvage your planet and its human inhabitants is now closing. We are grateful for those beings that have heard the warnings and have turned their attention towards the creation of a more desirable outcome.


Regretfully, that number is too few to make any measurable difference.

The days ahead will be difficult and discouraging for those who now know what might have been. It is our suggested advice that those who are committed to their service as “ground crew” redouble their efforts to draw to themselves a circle of believers to support each other through the days ahead.

There is now more important activity for this viable force of so few in order to focus the attention on the survival of some awake and aware individuals through times to come. It’s vitally important that this be done!

These words are the most discouraging message that has been given to you from this source. It’s not intended to indicate that your assistance in this cause is finished, but instead it is more important than ever.

Depressing as they sound, they simply indicate that each must draw from within themselves the ability to become more committed than ever to the intention of finding ways to apply the universal laws in every situation that arises in daily life.

Within every circumstance there is opportunity! The laws do work. But, remember the laws work for “all” who apply them, but more cooperatively with those that apply them in harmony with the creative flow of energy intended to expand and enhance the evolvement of conscious awareness toward perfect wisdom.

As difficult as the planetary situation is, there is a purpose to it. Mankind MUST learn to be a responsible being individually, which then in composite form is reflected in the planetary whole.

It also must be remembered that the adversarial energies that have been applied have been carefully planned and carried out over eons of sequential time, not just now.

Humanity has been considered only as pawns in a chess game that contains more power-plays than the third dimensional mind can grasp. This does not relegate humanity to an unimportant role, conscious awareness at the top of the creational pile and not to be taken lightly.

However, it is for this same conscious awareness to become aware of itself and its purpose through the experience gained in self-created circumstances based on the Law of Attraction.

And remember, you’re the extension of that, so we’re all part of this incredible multi-level game. I won’t go any farther than that. There’s a couple more pages of it, and it just says… I’ll read you one more paragraph because it does apply to us.

In the days to be experienced by humanity as time winds down, it’s necessary for those of you who are now in the know, so to speak, to begin to focus on what might be called “holding the pole.”

Do you know what that means? Stay in the observer mode. It’s a huge play that’s being set up. You’re getting all kinds of information. Observe the play as it’s coming on. Don’t get caught up with it.

Only get caught up in the play that you are doing in creating stuff, and don’t look for any outside help to help you because it’s a do-it-yourself project again. There’s so much information in these things that it’ll blow you away!

[to audience] Any more questions back there?

Voice: I don’t know a lot of the things that you’re talking about. I know them intuitively, but I’m not really financial. I don’t look at that. I feel changes coming with finances. I felt it when it started to go down last year in the fall. And I was actually talking about that in January of last year.

But what I know is this, is that timelines and information that comes from the ETs is always questionable, as far as what it is that’s going to take place.

So, although you read that one line that said, you know: The window is closing, they did not say: The window is now closed, period. You said: The window is now closing. So that is partly where hope comes in.

Also, you’ve been talking about the Plan 2000. And again, I’m not familiar with that information. But what I do hear and what I sense in the information that I have, is that we still, although there are not massive numbers of us that are extremely awake and aware of what’s going on, that we as human beings have even thrown that off course.

So, we do still have hope, but we need to prepare for the worst and understand that there’s always hope for the best in any scenario. That’s my comment on that.

G: The suggestions and the information she has is valid, except for we now have to come in to a timeline from a scientific standpoint.

The universe has got some finite points that we’re going to be hitting which happen to coincide with all of these things. And so we have to look at that.

And remember, all the information that we have has been well-studied by the guys upstairs. They have analyzed everything down to the detail, and so they know the timing and they have it, as far as the universal stuff.

Now, their goals: They’re behind schedule, so you know it isn’t all working! I mean we saw that in the year 2000, so you know, they’re just behind.

Voice: So, you know, if the other side, so to speak, is taking precautions and they’ve got these underground military bases that house over a million people and…

G: There’s no million people.

Voice: Huh?

G: There’s no million people underground.

Voice: Underground space for them?

G: No.

Voice: When this happens?

G: No. It’s a limited number.

Voice: Oh, OK.

G: Australia was 35,000. I didn’t get one of the tickets. [laughter]

Voice: OK. So therefore, where does that leave us that are, even though we’re south of the equator, if we’re above ground?

G: You have a better chance being here. I just told you that the Northern Hemisphere is going to be the most devastated.

Voice: Right. I know that.

G: So this side of the thing, you have a better chance.

Voice: But now do we have to start looking at underground housing? Would we be better off?

G: No, but I think you can start looking… Watch the winds change. Seriously. Watch the winds, the currents of the weather. Domes are… Ecologically they set up, the ones that I build. I mean you can heat them with ten 100-watt light bulbs. Seriously!

Voice: And they’ll withstand the winds, etcetera?

G: Well, if you look at it and you study that… I show you one on my website and in my video. My wife said: Can I have one of those? And I built it myself. We’ve got one out there in Vegas on the strip. I’ve been building them. My wife lived in one for five years. I mean, her average utility bill was $50 a month year ’round.

Voice: Can we get any down here?

G: Sure. You can get them anywhere. We’re working on a project right now in Cuenca and if I have enough time to do all of this stuff, we may be doing it out of adobe, in a new system.

But I don’t have all these answers yet, guys. I’m sitting here with you and I should be over with some of these other guys that are trying to do the same thing. And they’re aware…

Voice: Which website has the information about the domes?

G: Well, monolithic dome. Yeah, monolithic dome. Look it up. They’ll tell you about all the domes.

Kerry Cassidy (K): But actually we have a witness that says…

G: A witness?

K: …that those domes are not going to withstand the winds. Not just the winds, but the trees that are turned into, like, projectiles.

G: Let’s talk about what you’re talking about.

K: They’ll hit the domes.

G: No, I will. We build them. I’m sitting here looking at it. We discussed that problem with David South who’s the president of the company and he says: Look, I’m not worried about it. I’ve been building them for years.

We’re not worried about the winds particularly. It’s those tree limbs that are going through the air at 400 miles an hour?

Voice: Yes.

G: Right. But because we use the reinforced concrete and we lay it out in a certain way… yeah, the tree may hit it, but you’re going to have a little hole that you can easily patch up.

I’m not worried about the over-all structural thing. It’s an egg. It’s the strongest thing you can have!

And we’re also looking at coming down several feet underground and also going underneath to build basements and stuff underground with that on top. So you have the winds against that. We have…

K: There’s also Earthships. I don’t know if you know. Their site’s on the web. Earthships are built out of earth and, you know, they can be built partially underground. They’re self-contained.

G: That’s great. That’s part of the process I’m going to be talking this week up in Cuenca with people that have the ground and want to use this. And I have my friends that are engineers on the subject that are flying down to help.

So we have all these things that are happening. I’m just telling you. I can’t… You guys have to start doing this stuff. I can help assimilate some of it.

[to audience] Yes, sir.

Voice: George, there’s another major way to build dome houses. An Iranian architect by the name of Khalil [ed. note: Nader Khalili] a very kind man, attempted to create housing out of the off-casts of war, using barbed wire and sandbags, and he’s created this system.

If you fill these bags… and they actually make continuous bags now so they can be filled with sand if you have sand, clay if you have… whatever. And the website is Khalili has passed away. Are you familiar with this?

G: Yeah. Well, Tom Hyde was my architect in Denver. We built a church that way. We’d use…

What we did was took all the sand, we had all the sand companies bring in all the sand, huge mounds of sand, and we’d come in with the concrete and pour it over and then we tooled it. Then we took all the sand out from underneath.

So that was another way you can do that. Just to tell you there’s a lot of ways we can do that.

Another problem that you have with the monolithic dome deal, which I love… is because they put four inches of insulated foam it makes it so they’re basically, you know, totally energy-efficient. And like I say, you can heat them with ten 100-watt light bulbs. I mean, we don’t have this kind of, you know, air space and everything down around it, and also because of the dome…

And I looked at all the other things. I had a friend that built a dome down in Arizona, down in Sedona, and he used little pieces of like nails through the steel. And I objected to that. I mean, it’s built down there. You’ve probably seen it. Well, they have it down there. We had a friend, too.

But I looked at it and I said: Now from an engineering standpoint all you have is a bunch of nails. What’s really holding it together?

The reinforced concrete… we wire them and set it up so, there we wouldn’t have any slippage.

Voice: Well, what I described is just the initial idea. It’s gone way beyond that. But one of the differences between all these ideas that have been discussed… this is a low-tech, very low cost, basic material format.

G: We’re planning on doing the same thing in Cuenca. For $20,000 you get a house. Is that all right?

Voice: We’re talking a tiny fraction of that.

G: Well, you can’t because you have to end up with… Look the price of the house is nothing. It’s the crazy utensils on the top, running the copper wiring, you know, the stuff you have inside.

When you add in… What does a fixture cost for the bathroom right now? I mean, you guys know. You can spend $20,000 putting in a bathroom or you can spend $4,000.

The outside structure’s only one thing. I mean, we’re talking about using domes. They’re basically made with adobe bricks. We’re setting them up in a new form, a better one.

We’re working on it. I have people working on it. I can’t do everything. Maybe that’s your job. [laughter]

Voice: Hearing about all the living underground and the Earth shift and the domes and stuff and living in the Southern Hemisphere. I don’t know, it seems like you can’t [unclear] if you have to live in some of these domes and you’ve got conspiracies and you’ve got big trees coming at you. [laughter]

G: I mean it’s really…

Voice: But the really poor people, maybe they’re enlightened in different ways. They don’t get to hear all this and they’ll never…

G: Yesterday or the day before yesterday, I was approached to fund a seven billion dollar Euro bond issued by another country, two of them away from here, so they could build $10,000 homes for their people. You know, Chavez again. He wants to get the money to build low-income housing.

So we all have to address these things. How cheap can we have it? And as long as you make the place, remember the other thing: putting something together that will survive all this stuff.

That’s your job now, is to research and find out what it takes to build a low-income house.

Voice: Well, I mean… even then. I don’t know. Not everyone in the world can change all of a sudden and build these new-style houses.

G: They can’t?

Voice: Not all of a sudden. I don’t think they can. What about the people living on a dollar a day? Who’s going to do that for all of them?

G: They don’t. They’re in trouble. They’re in major trouble. I mean, seriously. I’m sorry about that, but that’s again…

Bill Ryan: What’s your positive suggestion?

G: Yeah, we have to have a positive. [to audience] Yes?

Voice: Who’s the architect in Cuenca that you’re working with?

G: Well, we’re not… You know, I was bringing down Barry Green out of Las Vegas. Now Barry - that’s not the same name, no relation at all. He’s built the domes for me. We’ve been partners in some of the building, and he’s done a lot of research on doing that.

So I don’t have that yet. But, again, in the next couple of weeks I’ll have some telephone numbers and things.

I just got back down here last week. My God, you got to… [inaudible] [laughter] I mean, this time, it was a year ago, right, Brian? We took a week when we were just enjoying ourselves trying to get… Well, I did a lecture in Cuenca the last time, but this is a different format that they’ve sprung on me.

Voice: George, Gary and I… My husband and I have been considering… We have twenty-eight acres in Cotopachi that we’re going to build on.

G: Yeah.

Voice: And, as you’re talking about this partly underground dome thing, that’s exactly the vision I’ve been having. And we’re talking to an architect in Cuenca who… He’s Ecuadorian but he’s Berkeley trained. He’s an environmental scientist and landscape architect named Gustavo Gonzalez. So you might want to…

G: Gustavo Gonzalez? You know, I’m welcome for all these things. I don’t have all the time to assemble all these things. I’ve got other people around here I’m trying to lay it off and let them follow up on it.

I want to give you an overview on what I’ve experienced personally. I mean, I was gung-ho to expose all these people. You know, the very first thing when I got the whole deal, when I got the Plan 2000, I believed it and I said: No!


And then I went public.

Voice: Thank you for that.

G: You try to tell people what’s going on, but they don’t… Most people don’t want to listen.

[to audience] Yes, Arlene?

Arlene: I want to back-track a little bit to the de-population. What was the criteria for the people that were going to be left? Did they have to be a certain age or certain income bracket?

G: Yeah. Well, no, there’s no income because you won’t have any income. They don’t care about that. Here, let me tell you what they’ve done.

Their research, and I’m sitting here looking at it; again, it’s logic. Most people work about the best they can up until about age 44. So 44 was the date that they cut off.

Using their research, that’s the most productive you’ve had, up to that age. From 44 on, you’re downhill.

Now, let me give you a better… From the actuary standpoint, of every 100 people who start out in life at age 25, by the time you get to 100, one out of three are dead. Did you know that? 30%... basically 30%.


If you look back at your classmates, how many are gone?

Voices: A lot.

G: Anyway, the age 44 deal? You will be allowed to exist if you have a talent that they can use. If you’re not doing anything that they can use right now, you’ll be eliminated.

Voice: Based also on that, is the government going to cut off money? Because people still need a little bit of money, like Social Security.

G: There will be no Social Security!

Voice: No Social Security, no Medicare, no programs?

G: There won’t… These last four months, they’ve cut down Medicare already! They’re cutting it down. They’re cutting down the people who go into the V.A. hospitals. They’re cutting down all of the benefits.

Right now in Ecuador, to give you an idea, the TAME pilots have two jobs. Did you know that? One of them, they’re military pilots, and then they work part-time being pilots on TAME.

And the government just last month says by, this is April 1st, they will no longer be able to do that A) unless they speak English, and they can’t have two jobs.

[to audience] Yeah, Dana?

Dana: What are some of the qualities that they’re looking for if you’re over 44? [laughter]

G: I know that engineers and scientists and stuff will be able to have jobs.

Voice: We’ll watch the right movies and we’ll get it figured out. [laughter]

G: I don’t know if there’s any right thing or not. I was very upset when I started looking at it, and then, you know, I’m listening to the governor and he said: Well I got my ticket. And nobody talked to me about any ticket. [laughter and audience comments] So, obviously I’m not one of the ones that’s going to be around. Right?

Voice: It’s my opinion that the remedy to all of this comes to spiritual identity. I’m curious what your thoughts are on the concepts of spirit and soul. Is there a difference? Or what your thoughts are.

G: We briefly talked… The question was: What’s the difference between the spirit and the soul? This is a good question.

My understanding is that the spirit within ourselves, if you want to look at our soul, is this conglomeration of thought that has accumulated at this point from the creation. It’s located at the bottom part of your heart and it’s a hydrogen conglomeration that’s holding together all this thought process.

Now, is it a soul or is it a spirit? I’m not too sure.

As you know, I tell everybody, we’re just nothing more than a spirit inside this Rent-a-Wreck. Right? We’ve designed this outside body to maintain it all, and the outside body is being corrupted by everything, that’s all.

So, I don’t know if there’s really… That’s a question I’ll have to find out. It’s nomenclature. What is the soul against the spirit?

I do know that the spirit comes in and does move about. You have out-of-body experiences. You do all kinds of things. So you have that ability, and you’ll stick around for about three days when you get rid of this body. And that’s to allow the collected thought to be continued on so you’re on your soul journey.

Many people have done studies on this, you know, Journey of Soul and other things that are out there but I don’t have… I haven’t…

Well, let’s put it this way: They won’t let me remember my previous lives and what I did before. And they said “on purpose,” because the instructions that I had right now from my previous thing, if I woke up to who I was, I’d cut out of here. I wouldn’t be here. [laughter] So, I volunteered.

[to audience] Yes?

Voice: Do you know who they’re targeting to put into these camps and if they’re doing it in stages? Like first these people, then these people, then...

G: No, everybody’s going to be lined…

Kerry: Actually, we’re first. [laughter] Yeah. I’m being honest with you. People like George, me, Brian. We’re all first.

G: I’m not going! [laughter and comments]

K: You know how it is. There’s a saying about that, you know: First they came and got the communists, then they came and got…

Voice: But if you’re down here…

K: Well, hey! Yeah. Take your chances. Lay your bets and, you know, live it out the way you see fit, because you’re going to be in the right place at the right time for the experience that you need to have when this all comes down. And your body is a temporary vehicle so it’s, you know… Don’t get all over-anxious and desperate.

G: The Ecuadorian government - and I talked to them just Friday, or Thursday, whenever I came down, when I was discussing this situation - they love Americans that come down because most Americans who are coming down here are very intelligent, they have a little bit of money and they’re creating jobs for other Ecuadorians and they’re making things better.

And they won’t allow Colombians, for instance, to come over here, and they won’t allow people from Peru to come up here either. So they’re kind of watching to keep everything, as much as they can.

[to audience] Yes?

Voice: Say for example, the people were successful and overwhelmed the elites. The world would still be over-populated. How would you deal with that?

G: You’re not going to overwhelm them because… How’re you going to do it?

Voice: Well, just hypothetically.

G: I don’t know what you could do, if you could overwhelm all the people on top. There’s always… Unfortunately, society is always dog-eat-dog if you’re moving yourself up to the top.

To give you an idea how it works in Washington: I was in Washington, DC, inside the Beltway. You know: The District of Criminals? DC? [laughter]

Anyhow, I was in there talking to them, and I said: Well, we’ve got a new crack at this - this change in the government again, like what’s going on right now. In other words, we have a whole bunch of new people that are taking offices.

It is a requirement now in the government that when they come in there, the people that come in have to hire the employees underneath that have already been there. So all we’re doing is changing the anthill, we’re just changing the people on the top.

The corruption is clear on down. So, yeah, we can get rid of everybody on top, but the whole anthill’s corrupt. Where do they get their money? They’re going to protect their jobs! People will do that. They want their income protected.

Well, the income’s going away, too, so we’re going to have mass chaos in the streets, especially in the UK, where you’re from… Well, you’re already starting.

Voice: May I ask a question, George?

G: Yes.

Voice: I speak as a South American that speaks Spanish, and a lot of people speak Spanish, beginning in Mexico, down all the way to Tierra del Fuego. And I feel that all of this information is very valuable. Would you know of any source that is already translated into Spanish so we could convey?

G: You mean the Handbook and stuff?

Voice: Yes.

G: Well, last time I was down here I talked to a group in… Do you know Judy?

Voice: Judy?

G: That girl up in Cuenca that has… kind of like Rob, if you look at it… Anyway, I gave them the books and nobody has done it, because it isn’t a translatable work. I have computers that can do that.

Voice: We have a volunteer.

G: You do?

Voice: I’ll do it.

G: Have you got the books? What we have to have… We can translate it. It’s not just the words, it’s the meaning.

Voice: I know.

G: That’s the hard part, but if you can translate it, I’ve got people out there who would immediately put it in print. I’ll put it up on the internet so you can have it. Look, I’m not out here to make money on these things, guys.

Voice: Just say so.

K: OK. Camelot has an interview with George that he’s telling everything he told here, basically. And we have what’s called transcripts already in Spanish on our site.

G: Oh, do you?

K: Yes.

G: Oh great!

Voice: And this is even more information that’s already there.

Voice: OK. What site was that?

G: No, I want you… If you’ve got the information, I’d like to have it so I can put it… It’s the same thing…


G: I’d like to have them and we’ll print them. OK?

K: But you also have had, you know, given speeches which were translated and you have the audio on that. Right?

G: Um… Some. But a lot of other languages… They’ve already translated it into Portuguese and they did it into… I don’t know. There’s a lot of other languages that’s coming down.

I put the French ones up on the site. You probably saw that there in French. We get Demers up in Canada who’s done that.

But people have to have that spirit on the inside that says: Oh, this is my job to help. You know, I can’t speak all this stuff and do it in the meaning that’s there.

But I’d appreciate it if you could do that. Just contact me and we’ll get it out. We’ll get it printed and we’ll compare it. We’ll have the comparison with the one that you have up there.

K: Sure.

G: [to audience] Yes?

Voice: Another thing that could help, that could also be posted on the website is if you would make a list of the top 20 websites that you think are powerful. And we could circulate that and everybody could just put a check against the ones that they see. Then we could see among us which websites people are finding the most helpful. Then you could put it up on Project Camelot, too.

G: Well, I think you’ve done some of that. I mean, in the United States a lot of people go to… well, your site’s going on there. is there.


G: Yeah, Jeff puts up with his stuff. He has the daily stuff on there all the time.

[to audience] Yes, Ma’am.

Voice: George, just one thing: What’s your information about CIA influence here and in Latin America generally? And the influences of The Powers That Be?

G: Rather than give you that - John Perkins’ latest book (
Confessions of An Economic Hit Man). Who in here has John Perkins’ book?

Voice: I have it.

G: You have it? What’s the name of the title?

Voice: I can’t remember. [laughter]

G: Well, it’s in my catalog.

Voice: Actually, I’ve got the catalog.

Brian O’Leary (B): I’ve got it downstairs in the library.

G: He hasn’t got it here, but it gives you all of the CIA stuff, even including Ecuador stuff. My CIA guys…

You know, the CIA is really crazy. I mean I sat with my CIA buddy who’s in charge of Latin America, and we went in the Russian Embassy and the guys were freely taking on the former KGB. They’re sitting there talking back and forth with each other and they’re all in the same camp. There’s no difference between them, when you look at it. So the CIA is definitely here.

Correa, the president here now, is looking into the influence and trying to get rid of the people up here that are trying to manipulate this country. So that’s good. They’re doing that right now.

Voice: The Manta base is going or is gone? Or what’s the story there?

G: About what?

Voice: There was an American base in Manta. Air Force. What’s going on with that?

G: I don’t know. I haven’t followed that.

Voice: I can address that.

G: Pardon? There’s someone in the back that can answer your question on that.

BO'L: Uh, I can address that.

G: He can… There’s a man over here in front that can address that. [laughter] Let’s let this man talk.

BO'L: Yeah, umm, to my way of thinking, and I’ve been following these things very closely as Pondoz, our resident-elder aging-hippie news-service. We’ve been monitoring these things very carefully, and also I’ve had a few interactions with the government myself, mostly on the environmental issues.

But Correa has done some, I think, really remarkable things. This country politically has come a long way since the previous administrations, which were almost always evicted by the banging of pots in front of the presidential palace [laughter], because they became very corrupted.

Usually they were junta leader-types like the previous one, Gutierrez. All he had to do was spend twenty minutes in the Oval Office with Bush to completely change his mind and not go for the indigenous rights, but instead pocket a tremendous amount of money in corruption, and so forth.

Correa was elected and has done the following: He has evicted the U.S. Air Force. It’s the only U.S. Air Force base in all of South America, the Manta Air Force Base.

The lease is up this year, later this year, and he did not renew it. In fact, his response to the possible renewal of it is to say: Well, I’ll renew it if you let Ecuador have an Air Force base in Miami. [laughter] Well, the U.S. didn’t go along with that.

And then there have been several other things that he’s done that were very positive. There was a constituent assembly.


They’ve come up with a new constitution, one of whose provisions is that Nature has rights, which is a wonderful provision if it’s enforced.