by George Green

from Scribd Website


When the time comes for each of you to stand forth in your own truth, it is then that you will know how committed you are to creating the new paradigm of experience. Until such a crisis time, you will not know who and what you are. Each desires to be the most it is possible to be, but desire and actuality are two entirely different realities.


Thus it is time for the "ground crew" to turn their attention from the planetary focus to the personal realm.

The Four Universal Laws as given were worded generally for the "outward" focus of the circumstances of this planet in which each has focused their awareness. It is important now to begin to grasp the concept that within this "collective, shared" awareness there exists each one's own individual awareness experience.


The concept might be compared to soap bubbles.


A collection of many bubbles may be floating on the water, but this collection is made up of individual bubbles.


Each of you exists within your own bubble, within a space that contains various combinations of bubbles that interact with each other. As these touch, exchanges of energy add or subtract to the life of individual bubbles. It is the process of these exchanges that is the focus of this message.

At the basis of all manifested experience/creation is intentional thought. To simplify the process of intentional thought into manifested experience is seemingly impossible, yet within the process is a current moving from intent to completion that can be perceived by an inquiring mind.


Much of what has been taught as "scientific method" must be set aside as it is limited to looking at the process by beginning at the end of the process and tracing it backward. Intention begins with thought that is focused on a specific ending without consideration of the steps between desire and completion.


These are aided or allowed to take place "naturally" depending on the attitude of the originator of the intent. In attempting to follow the process in reverse, the trail is often obscured by the effects that interact as required to complete the manifesting process.


When the process is understood from the creational focus instead, the current of happenings can be seen as purposeful interactions moving toward attainment of the intended goal.


Potentiality is the field of energy that is available to be utilized. In view of what is now known to the "scientists" with regard to the perceived space that surrounds this planet, it should be grasped that the potentiality (energy available to the process of creation) is limited only by the availability of the awareness to grasp its limitlessness.


The missing link is the understanding of how to utilize this field of available energy.

Just as this field of potential energy is available as one contemplates "space," it is necessary to understand that this same potential energy is available within the aforementioned bubble of awareness that surrounds each individual. This bubble is but a microcosm of the surrounding larger bubbles of awareness of collective consciousness that encompasses each collection of bubbles of awareness.

These are gathered into various combinations of bubbles that are separated and yet combined simultaneously into various compositive groupings of awareness. The human psyche allows for it to experience in various awareness groupings simultaneously. How many and to what extreme is determined by the thought processes, beliefs, opinions and attitudes that each acquires and allows to influence their experience from conception to death.

The ability to conceptualize and grasp a working understanding of the creational process begins with the realization that intention underlies the original thought, which focus that intention into beginning the creational process.


Intention is born through the feeling/emotional interaction of the awareness of experience within the surrounding environment as perceived through the available senses and the prompting that comes from the "spiritual" aspect of awareness. Here is where the "current" of intention cannot be understood by attempting to trace it backward to its source. It then becomes necessary to acquire a greater understanding of the entire process in order to gain the knowledge for understanding.

It is important to understand there is a reason each is presently in the current experiencing mode. Here logic can be the teacher. If your awareness is here and now experiencing a life experience on this planet, then there must be an intention/reason that it is happening. There must have been an intention to begin the process of placing each one here. Is it not logical to perceive that that original intention would then form the foundation for the entire life experience?


Even though one cannot usually remember or know clearly what that original intention was, isn't it logical that this underlying intention would continue to influence the life experience? It could then become the quiet uneasiness that troubles the human when he/she makes decisions and actions that are not compatible with that original intention.

It is possible then to suppose that behind that intention for this lifetime experience it could also be influenced by other intentions on a larger scale that affects the personal lifetime intention. By considering these possibilities, it is then conceivable to see a flow within the lifetime that is influenced by this progression of intentions.


It is then possible to understand that some lives move more easily within the bubbles of chosen experience if they are in sync with the current of intentions. It also explains the incentive that often causes people to make the decisions that ebb and flow through these seemingly exemplary lives. It is a matter of moving with the current of intention that flows through all life experiences. This is not to say that this flow is easily recognized.


Often catastrophic events take place in lives that are necessary in order for them to stay within their intentional current. Sometimes, but not always, these are seen from a later perspective as "blessings" that were unrecognized at the time of their happenings. That which is considered as happenings for the building of the character is often for the larger purpose of coming back into the flow. This allows the person to come into synchronization with the original intent.


The person is then able to function in harmony with the intent and express within that flow in a more balanced way.

The mode of experience as perceived by humans on your planet is a reality that limits the ability of most to encompass an overview of the current happenings. When this is further limited by the currently normal linear (one after another) method of discerning what is acknowledged as believable; the distortion disallows any ability to comprehend an accurate picture.


The media misinterpretation and omission of accurate information further complicates the situation. It is from this vantage point of the human dilemma that the cognizant ground crew can understand their fellow inhabitants. Each can remember when they were just as unaware and uninformed about the current world circumstances.

Once the distortion is acknowledged, then it becomes apparent that somehow a clearer image of what is "really" true is necessary in order to begin to change the momentum that is threatening to steam-roll what progress has influenced and motivated the desire for real freedom to consciously evolve. While these comparatively few endeavor to reach out and inform their friends, relatives and associates, it is their intent to do this that brings about the results.


Their intent draws to them appropriate contacts and situations that allow for these important exchanges of information. This permits each to comprehend their own new picture of what they are able to perceive. Both emotional and logical constraints influence the understanding that each then use as a basis for further interpretation of information. These either extend or limit the newly identified picture.


By comprehending that a false and distorted representation has been purposefully overlaid to cover the true situation, what becomes important is the decision as to what to do about this revelation. It is easiest to just play the waiting game and watch what happens. There is a difference between watching and observing! Watching indicates a total withdrawal that has no intentional reason for becoming aware other than curiosity.


Observing is done for the reason of using the knowledge gained for an intentional purpose.

While the ground crew is encouraged to cultivate the practice of being in the observer mode, it is also important that it be understood that this is not an inactive role. The keen observer is cognizant of the scene and his/her place within it as well as how it coincides with previously known information and its effect on the larger known aspects of the current reality.


The will, in times to come, be opportunities to make appropriate input to situations that will change the total outcome of an entire well-planned event. Just as removing a pin will cause the failure of a vital piece of equipment, a simple logical statement can change an attitude of perspective that affects how or if a person will act within a given situation. As has been mentioned before, accepting one logical statement into one's belief system can cause a total realignment of that belief system. In a moment of realization the entire picture of understanding can change.

The ground crew is critical to the pattern of manifestation that is intended. Without the spreading of the word by the ground crew, little would be done to contribute to this segment of the puzzle. What may seem like a small contribution toward changing a very large picture of evil intent must be seen within its true perspective.


There are many involved in the creation and perpetuation of the design to enslave. Many, knowingly or unknowingly, contribute little but co-operation or deliberate acquiescence to the plan. Thus it is that through many holding the deliberate intention that they will do whatever seems appropriate when the opportunity to do so arises, will offset the energy contributed to the plan of subjugation. It is necessary to understand that this is a form of balancing the inputs that are made.


Whatever each is willing to contribute to the changes that are essential contributes to the experiences that are required to complete the duration of this scenario.


A proportion of humans must gain the required wisdom to move through this current situation. It is essential that what is planned be acknowledged and understood, but it is also fundamental to success to keep the focus on what is desired rather than becoming fixated on the situation as it is or as it could become if not changed.

The inability to change the momentum toward enslavement is the deception that is being pushed upon the human awareness by every means possible. It is imperative that the ground crew realizes that self-aware consciousness is not powerless when it understands how the Universal Laws operate. This is the reason that this knowledge has been deliberately withheld and hidden beneath layers of deception for the period of generations covering thousands of years.


Intuitional understandings of the application of the Laws are brainwashed from those that have this ability. It is literally stolen from them by parents and others of influence because it is "against" what they believe to be true. Thus the plan is self perpetuated by humanity itself.

For those who resonate with this cause, this mission, it is fundamental to understand that at the moment the flow is moving in the direction of completion of the plan for enslavement. It is vital that the intention to change this becomes the turning point within this flow to reverse this flow. It is literally necessary to cause this flow to bend in midstream and change directions toward the creation of the new paradigm of experience for all life on this planet. At the foundation of this change is the intention to do this.


All power is motivated and energized by intention. One can "try" to do something, but unless there is the intention to do it, nothing will happen. One can try to lift a weight, but only real intention allows it to happen.

Thus it is a ground crew with true intention that will cause the energy to turn toward what they truly intend. "Going with the flow" is the line of least resistance. To cause the flow of experience to change directions will entail a period of chaos within the established current during which the aqueous movement will become confused.


The intention must be held firmly within the consciousness of many in order that it can change the direction. It is not necessary that the curve be 180 degrees in the beginning, but a diversion away from the original goal. However, the 180 degrees must be an intended accomplishment or through loss of focus, it could be diverted back again. This has been the history of past accomplishments by humans of previous generations.


However, those of the more recent past have not had the ability to communicate and share because of technology and the overwhelming numbers of humans present. This allows a degree of anonymity for this objective that is truly advantageous. There is no better period of time to use it to greater benefit.

The Galactic neighbors are becoming more intent in their observations of the events on this planet. The signs do not bode well for humanity as those who have dark intent are rapidly pulling the noose strings tighter and tighter. Still the sleeping faithful dream on in surety that their safety and best interests are being safeguarded.


The dominoes are beginning to fall, one by one in a slow progression. Those aware of the dilemma watch and observe waiting for intuitional nudges to guide them to appropriate action at the proper time. Difficult as it is to do this, it is correct to be doing this. The Handbooks circulate more slowly and in many cases their impetus has slipped into the background of many lives, however, this does not negate their future role within the awareness of all those that have read any or all of them.


It must be remembered that what appears to be overwhelming odds for the opposition is being viewed through the media reports prepared with care from their point of view and the point of view that humanity is meant to believe. In other words, saying something is so does not necessarily make it true.


Awake and aware observers are key to the laying of the foundation of the New Paradigm.


What is most difficult is to observe without "buying" the "mis" and "disinformation" as it is presented. It is important to be able to differentiate between "their-story" and "our-story." Theirs is graphically portrayed and couched in emotional terms while ours is based on coordination with the flow of Creation that brings into being Universes, Galaxies, solar systems, planets and most important of all, conscious awareness.


The purpose of conscious awareness is expansion of wisdom through experiencing knowledge to that higher level. The creation of conscious awareness is only possible through the expansive process of creative thought focused to magnify the originating energy source. Since it is quite apparent that the purpose of the obstructing focus is to suppress and halt this flow of the expansion of conscious awareness, it is indeed in conflict with Creation as a whole.


Therefore, it would seem quite obvious which side of the coming collision of wills it would be wise to chose carefully which side with which to be associated.

While this message does not contain anything new when compared with those already received, it does serve to delineate the lines of differentiation that are becoming more and more clearly drawn. Yet the time to step to either line has not yet arrived. It is still time to observe and become convinced as to the authenticity of these messages.


There is need for each to absorb their intention and to perhaps become familiar with the laws by applying them to daily life and to know intimately that they do indeed work in coordination and support of focused intent. It is necessary to always be clear that if they work in personal realities, then it is possible to glimpse the capabilities of their use in coordinated agreement to change larger, more complex realities. Remember, the reality that this planet is now experiencing is in place because of humanity's agreement to accept it.


The agreement to not disagree with what is presented as reality may not create it, but does indeed allow it.

How can a human population the size of what now experiences on this planet ever come to an agreement to change it? It is not necessary for there to be a formal agreement that outlines what is desired, only to agree on desiring to change/end the existing one. That single agreement (focus) alone would cause the current experience to change, to literally disintegrate.


Humanity was never meant to exist as a single pattern. It was meant to shift and change as each individual consciousness pursues its evolvement that brings with it a coordinating exchange of positive attributes. Those that create for themselves and others, a path that does not coordinate with the flow of Creation toward expansion of consciousness are offered opportunities to understand and change, however, if ignored, their path will eventually be severed. The whole cannot be sacrificed to an aberrant experiment should it become that prolific.


Human consciousness is not meant to be docile and submissive. Fragile as the spark of life is, it is also tenacious or it could not have survived to this point. In planning to bring it under control, the forcing of human evolution to reverse into subservience is a formidable task, particularly with the degree of freedom and intelligence that has been reached.


Thus it has been a task that has been passed from one generation to the next with amazing potency by those who consider their fellow humans a lesser life form. However, humans have continued to evolve and have not made this task an easy one. When the success rate of the amount of influence that has been focused on the human consciousness is considered, it becomes clear that their only remaining card is brute force after thinning the population to what is considered a controllable number.


This must be accomplished with as much anonymity as possible, lest the sleeping masses awake and revolt too soon.

What can be said to encourage those who know the facts seems pitifully small, but what has been explained carries capability if properly implemented that is more than sufficient for the task. The focus of intent with understanding is power indeed.

As the holographic picture becomes more focused and clear, it appears that events and situations are shifting and adjusting into new phases of development. These phases will become a pattern of experience for the human population on planet Earth. It is obvious that the one that exists now is "coming apart at the seams" in your vernacular.


As has been stated before, something different cannot come into existence when the prevailing pattern is firmly established. Thus it is necessary to expect and experience a period of chaos as this persisting pattern breaks down.


The question that hangs in the balance is,

  • What will be the nature of the pattern that will arise out of the chaos to replace the present framework of experience?

  • Will the new pattern augment the progress of humanity that has been made or will it reverse it or indeed cause it to be obliterated and returned to a state requiring another long path of learning?

Many groups are organized around a true desire to improve the lot of humankind. Taking these intentions as contributing factors, the possibility of these providing the momentum that may allow for this kind of shift is a definite possibility.


It is difficult from the human predisposition to be prejudiced toward their own opinion to determine and appreciate the intention of groups that approach the same intention from other points of view. Because of this, humans spend great amounts of energy making themselves right and others wrong because of these perceived differences.


This energy could be better focused toward the central intention of invoking a quantum leap in human consciousness by allowing others to express their intention in the way that seems appropriate to them. It is the intention that is important. Even though these groups are often peopled with individuals that have become lost in ego centered behavior, this aspect does not detract from the intended focus. These are personal issues for those individuals. It is important that our ground crew applies and practices diligently the Law of Allowance.

Through appreciation of the intention that is at the heart of all well intentioned groups, remembering that all are "humans becoming" and remembering to bless them with "help them to become," a great deal of energy can be reclaimed and refocused toward the shared goal.

It is human to desire agreement to invoke security. However, amid the chaotic energies that are now being released, feelings of security will be in scarce supply. As mentioned in the last message, these are most likely to be found in the company of like-minded friends, provided the focus of attention is on the intention of bettering the human experience.


The current examples of chaos are to be observed, but always the intention for an expanded human experience must be held in the forefront any discussions and most important within each individual mindset. This is a difficult assignment and it will become increasingly more difficult. Each must remind themselves, as well as their friends, that before observable reality can be manifested, it must be firmly intended. The total situation is not to be thought of as a war between foes, but rather to understand that this is an opportunity to learn to recognize and apply the Universal Laws.


In order for humanity to launch a new era of experience, it must prepare itself for the circumstances it will entail; it must earn the right to experience the adventure. Through applying the Universal Laws to get what it hungers for, humanity must experience knowledge into wisdom and be prepared to experience successfully what it has long desired. It must put aside personal agendas and place the "highest and best good for the human race as a whole" in the forefront of its focus.


Through this process, integrity, ethics, social values and moral principles will once more be incorporated in the total experience. As with the all else in the totality of a new experience, these will no doubt be different than what is rigidly held as correct within the myriad of culturally biased opinions of today. These will be a result of the umbrella of intent of experience "for the highest and best good of all," and not the primary intent out of which a new experience would be an end result.


It is important to keep the horse in front of the cart.

It is important to note that the holographic picture of current planetary happenings is in flux. The holographic picture, for lack of a better way to describe it, is shifting from moment to moment.


While it is assumed that all is known of this scenario at "higher levels of understanding," this is not exactly true. There are generalities that are known, but humanity is very much in the driver's seat in so far as the exact details are concerned. There is much confusion with regard to "sequential time" as experienced by 3rd dimensional reality and what is thought of as "no time or simultaneous time" from the holographic standpoint.


What is important to emphasize is the necessary shift in-human consciousness that is the central point of the necessary transformation. Humans must be able to accept the responsibility to create their own shift in experience from victim to willingness to take the risk of personal and group responsibility leading to galactic citizenship. In other words, they must be willing to "become" the most that they can be through their own strength of desire and intention.


Each must declare that all that can be learned from the victim (somebody else be responsible for me and save me from myself) stance and change their attitude toward risk and responsibility.


As it is said, "nothing ventured, nothing gained."

As the energies begin to shift in a more rapid manner, the confusion of these times becomes more pronounced. As has been mentioned previously, becoming an observer is critical. It is to be an active mode, not one of resignation, that of giving up and turning off the intention of being active in the creative mode.


The future of mankind is at a crossroads in this moment of your sequential history.


There is free will and there is intended destiny. Before entering into this life experience, certain goals of accomplishment were agreed upon. However, the accomplishment of these goals is within the discretion of each. All are prompted through feelings and circumstances to achieve as many of these objectives as possible in the fullest possible ways.


Knowing this, each must look at their life experience in this moment and attempt to see themselves within the larger scenario that surrounds them. It is important to consider what might be each one's planned contribution to the current picture and whether or not there may be a role to play in making sure that mankind and this planet survive in relative wholeness.

Buried within individual awareness is the desire to maintain the integrity of all humankind. Animals know they must reproduce to continue their presence on the planet. Humans know that it is important not only to reproduce but also to educate the following generation to use their greater intelligence to maintain the progress of mankind's awareness toward a fuller experience of the opportunity of experiencing physical life. Unfortunately, this greater intelligence of humankind is subject to influence.


Thus it is that the current situation "has come to pass." It has "come to pass" if mankind chooses to have it pass now or to have it continue into their future. The number of humans, people as you choose to call yourselves, which are in pain and fear with their bodies in dire need of food and water, is virtually countless in your ability to comprehend.


Their cries for relief from this situation permeate the "heavens." This does not pass uncomprehended. Yet Universal Laws upon which rests the stability of Creation does not allow direct intervention by outsiders. This is not to say that outsiders do not enter into the affairs of others, however this is done in conflict with these Laws. Just as the leaders of your country enter into the affairs of other countries and influence their outcomes for their own purposes, so also can those of other planets do likewise.


Each is responsible for their individual life experience. It is the composite of these experiences that sets the tone of the group experiences in ever widening spheres of influence. When individuals or groups of individuals cross these lines to interfere with the outcomes of the chosen intentions of other groups, members of those groups experience that chaos as starvation, disease, pain, confusion and fear.

The plan of Creation is for wisdom to be acquired through the experience of diversity within unity. Humankind is an example of unity. Cultural and physical differences are examples of diversity within that unity.


Consciousness is a unity that includes within it all possible levels and expressions of consciousness to be experienced in many unique containers of that consciousness. To assume that the current experience of consciousness in a human body is the ultimate experience is arrogance. It is an attempt to limit a Creation that is designed to be forever on-going. By limiting thinking to this level humanity limits their own experiences.


It becomes a tail chasing episode until such time as exhaustion or extinction ends it. Fortunately, more and more "human awareness containers" are experiencing the exhaustion that chasing endless empty promises is producing. These units of conscious awareness begin to open to the possibility that there are other criteria available to consider in order to come up with a new paradigm of human experience before the current stream of guided events leads them to the destruction of life on this planet.


They open to the possibility that just as people cross the line and interfere with the life experience of others, this could be happening within larger spheres of influence on this planet and elsewhere. The first thought that individual and collective life experience is being manipulated for the purposes of gain by echelons of great influence in a coordinated effort that is contrary to the Creative Plan staggers the individual mind.


However, following the acceptance of this possibility, the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place in a never-ending comprehension of truth.

This brings us to the moment at hand.


The first consideration regards help. Is there help? If so, how do we get it?


For eons of time, earth bound humans have been caught up in situations that seem impossible and have sought help through "appeasing 'the gods'." Thus they have conjured up (with help) a "God" that, if appeased, will rescue them or not, depending on his capricious mood. In one view "He" is reason for all good and all bad happenings, depending on "His" capriciousness.


Following the reasoning of how can "God" be all good and all bad simultaneously and be worthy of worship, a "bad competitor" was added to the scene. This was followed by the reasoning that if "God" did not supply the good in each life, then that was because good was required to receive good. However, when considering the picture of current happenings, those that appear to be bad continue to prosper, therefore their supposed payment for being bad or evil is put off until after their coming deaths.

How then does one resolve this tail chasing enigma and answer the question of whether or not there is help?


To find the answer to this dilemma one must look far deeper than for a personal awareness to be in charge of all life experience. Beneath all creation is a foundation, as might be referred to as "the everlasting arms."


This foundation is unseen but relentlessly present or creation could not have happened in the first place nor continue to expand and experience itself. Beneath all are the Laws that have, do and will apply into infinity. To acquaint oneself with these Laws and learn to apply them individually and collectively will bring into creation the new earth and a new understanding of "heaven."

As in all things, it is necessary to begin at the beginning.


The Laws as explained in the Handbook for the New Paradigm and its sequels are briefly as follows:

  1. The Law of Attraction: like attracts like.

  2. The Law of Deliberate Intent: what is intended and held resolutely within thought, word and deed manifests.

  3. The Law of Allowance: allowing what is intended to manifest while using the observer mode to be awake and aware while continuing to hold the focus without being rigid as to the outcome. (Allowing thought to think!)

  4. The Law of Balance: applying the first 3 laws and focusing within the present moment.

Within the ability to comprehend, accept and apply these Laws, lies the future design of mankind s experience.

The Laws of the Universe allow those who help themselves to be helped. Within victim consciousness, the need to be rescued rather than bring about their extrication by changing their attitude and actions, is a trap. Its siren call keeps mankind like crabs in a basket. Each one pulling back any attempting to climb out.


Help is at hand and all that is possible to be given in correspondence with the shift of consciousness within the collective human belief systems is being given. How do you know? There are those that risk their lives and in some cases, give their lives to reveal the actions and plans of those that intend to limit the human experience.


Many receive information that is being circulated among the people. These include many lessons in discernment. Further, the crop circles serve many purposes. Think of them as the input of balancing energy to keep the earth functioning as normal as possible as well as being messages to those who need reassurance that help is standing by. These are appearing in more and more places on the planet. Reports of the phenomenon are withheld from publication.


Those with plans to curb diversity in human expression do not want more messages of encouragement to be circulated.

It is imperative that the desire for diversity of expression is held firmly and foremost in the consciousness of as many as possible. The Laws are worthy of veneration. It is important that mankind's affinity to personify to identify be released. Only then will the true freedom of consciousness to evolve be experienced into wisdom.

Through each person's daily experience comes the realization that "there must be more to the human experience." Many never move beyond this point. Others begin the search, looking to find this elusive "more." Ahead lies the maze of "ideas" to sort through always hoping to find the "one answer." Few find instead an amazing adventure of one idea or thought leading to another, followed by another and another. In this way, a composite of puzzle pieces begins to come together in a partial picture (understanding).


The intrigue of the process become fascinating leading to the realization that within the process itself is their true identity. Each is not an isolated individual experiencing a process, but each is the process of life experiencing itself as process.

The process of evolving (remembering) is the experience of change. It is the changes that go on within the awareness that are the process. What ever appears to be happening, as outside experiences and circumstances are merely reflections of changes in the ability to perceive through changes in awareness.


Awareness can be considered as "mind-fullness," not to be confused with IQ, brainpower, or keen (5) sensual perception.


Current research now indicates what esoteric teachings, ancient and current, have stated with regard to the difference between what functions the brain contributes and what is true mind. In simple terms, we borrow what "mind" that we use from the Creator. This accounts for the oft repeated statement that we use only 10% of our brainpower.


In reality, we access only 10% of the Creator/creative mind that is available to us, if we only knew how to access it. The methodology to accomplish this has been purposefully kept hidden from us and available only to those who desired it enough to find the keepers of this knowledge and do what was necessary in order to receive this information.


Unfair? Not necessarily!


Like the treasure that it is, it must be sought with sincere focus. The clues to its whereabouts must be sought and followed. The major lesson of discernment must be practiced with diligence. As in a maze, false pathways must be discarded and the search continued. Clues must be ascertained and followed diligently.

The good news is that the information is becoming available without membership in secret societies, however, that which is available to the individual must then be undertaken without support and the guidance of a knowing leader, that may or may not really know.


Each pathway to the completion of the human experience is unique for each human.


Thus group experience did not, or does not, guarantee success.


However, it is the collective accomplishment of individuals that makes for great change. It is also true that collective non-accomplishment by individuals also leads to change.


That is the reason that humanity now finds itself in such dire straits. The logical question is if it hasn't been working, why are humans still putting their faith in institutions and rituals that have kept them "stuck"?


No amount of stating "this is working" or "this is going to work" has brought about change. It is claimed that the human family is evolving.


However, just because technology has progressed, this claim does not ring true. If humanity were indeed evolving, then poverty, war, crime, abuse, etc. would be lessening within the human experience. Humans who materially "have it all" would not find their life experience empty and disappointing.

Logic allows for the understanding that continuing further down the path of the current human experience is not likely to bring humanity to a different experience. In fact, humanity is about to experience "going over Niagara Falls in a barrel." As has been noted before in these materials, multiple far-reaching cycles are coming to completion simultaneously.


As in current expression, this brings with it good news and bad news. Those who "have eyes to see and ears to hear" will celebrate the good news of the opportunity to at long last complete the human experience cycle. Those who choose not to hear or see will have the privilege of the bad news of being allowed to begin over again.


Being left behind is not a happy experience. Those who complete will not be chosen, they will choose to be chosen!


Will you learn what you need to know through the traditional institutions of science or religion? Not in their present forms.


That is not to say that it is not possible for them to change in their focus of maintaining their current dogmatic beliefs at all cost.


The question lies as to whether it is worth the risk to "wait" to find out. If your present group focus hasn't begun to offer more than its usual fare, it is suggested that you, at the least, begin to supplement their teachings by looking outside and consider material that contains a new and larger focus.

This does not include the information available that focuses on "religion bashing," or "science bashing." This is not constructive use of your attention. That it may observe certain inadequacies in the teachings and information made available by these institutions is one thing, but the focus should be on building a foundation of openness toward change of attitude and the introduction of new ideas and thought processes. The history of the human experience has been purposefully obscured and distorted.


This is not to say that the teachers are not sincere or that they do not believe what they are teaching. A composite can be gleaned from currently available "new" information that indicates truth, but it is scattered among multiple publications and authors.


Most important is the search for the true goal of the human experience as a whole.

  • Why are you here?

  • What is it that is not being accomplished that must be accomplished in the short time yet before the completion of the cycles?

The wheels within wheels will not pause even a moment for individuals to "catch up"!


It is a do or die, now or almost never moment in cosmic history.

  • Is there an urgency that is being conveyed in this message? Indeed there is! Dead center or sliding back are both dangerous modes to be within.

  • Will "Jesus" or any other "Saint" do it for you? Sorry, but no!

  • Help you? Absolutely yes! You will receive help to support you and encourage you through YOUR process.

Each of them was caught up in an experience similar to your own. They are now who they are because it was important to them to change their experience and to move onward in their individual process which in turn served(s) the cosmic plan for all. Think of it as a great ladder with always a helping hand to make the next rung.


The hand is there, but you must choose to reach out and grasp it for the purpose of getting to the next rung. It is not there to give sympathy nor listen to excuses or hear blame of someone else or the corrupt system.


Each must:

  • exercise discernment

  • use wisdom earned through experience

  • choose to keep on keeping on

The energy to do so is there to be used in the process. It does not come first. Now is the time to wake up, become aware of that which surrounds you and decide if it is good enough, or is the "more" worth desiring it enough to commit to attain it at all costs. Those who are able to look back, so to speak, desire whole heartedly that you choose carefully. It is a monumental decision.


It is time to move out of this repetitive series of experiences and to experience "Life" as it is intended within perpetual movement, not perpetual repetitive circles of karmic glue. You are blessed with a restless urge to complete your cycle. Listen to it!

It is with regret that we inform you that the window of opportunity to salvage your planet and its human inhabitants is now closing.


We are grateful for those beings that have heard the warnings and have turned their attention toward the creation of a more desirable outcome for this scenario. Regretfully that number is too few to make an measurable difference. The days ahead will be difficult and discouraging for those who now know what might have been.


It is our suggested advice that those who are committed to their service as "ground crew" redouble their efforts to draw to themselves a circle of believers to support each other through the days ahead. There is now more important activities for this viable force of will to do in order to focus the intention of the survival of a segment □f awake and aware individuals through the times to come.


It is vitally importantly that this be done!

These words are the most discouraging message we have given you through this source. It is not intended to indicate your assistance in this cause is finished, but instead that it is more important than ever. Depressing as they sound, they simply indicate that each must draw from within themselves the ability to become more committed than ever to the intention of finding ways to apply the universal Laws in every situation that arises in daily life. Within every circumstance is opportunity!


The Laws do work. But remember, these laws work for "all" who apply them, but more cooperatively with those that apply them in harmony with the creative flow of energy intended to expand and enhance the evolvement of conscious awareness toward perfect wisdom.

As difficult as the planetary situation is, there is purpose to it. Mankind must learn to be a responsible being individually which then in composite form is reflected in a planetary whole. It must also be remembered that the adversarial energies that are being applied have been carefully planned and carried out over eons of sequential time.


Humanity has been considered only as pawns in a chess game that contains more power plays than the 3rd dimensional mind can grasp. This does not relegate humanity to an unimportant role. Conscious awareness is at the top of the creational "pile" and not to be taken lightly. However, it is for this same conscious awareness to become "aware" of itself and its purpose through experience gained in "self-created" circumstances based on the Laws of Attraction.


Victim consciousness draws abusive situations and these are then experienced from both actions until the conscious awareness realizes the futility of such behavior and abandons it of its own accord.

Difficult as it is to accept, this is the Truth. The bottom line of the scenario in point.


It is understood that "undue" influence has been exercised, but simply put, the lessons have become more and more extreme in order the necessary realizations be made by at least a portion of the experiencing conscious awareness units, human beings. Where in this message are any encouraging words?


We can only suggest that the previous messages given in the Handbook for the New Paradigm and its sequels be reviewed with new impetus and focus that need to be known by the "ground crew" is delineated clearly within them.

This is the final wakeup call! Let it be taken seriously!

In the days to be experienced by humanity as the time winds down, it is necessary that those of you who are now in the "know" so to speak, begin to focus on what might be called "holding the pole." As the chaos increases, it is important that there be those who can keep their focus and balance as the melt down begins in earnest.


Though it appears that all is lost, it is the steadfastness of the few that will determine just how much chaos and suffering will be experienced. While it seems that there is little use in doing this, I can assure you it is critical that those who can, do this. Inasmuch as there are now many of you who know what is happening and also understand that the extent of the chaos will reach extreme proportions as the general population in this country finally get the picture.


It is imperative that this service be rendered.

Exactly what does this mean?


It means that these people must hold a vision of a connection to the Creator's plan. It is not necessary that they know the plan, or a firm and absolute knowingness that such a plan does exist and I assure you that it does! No matter how difficult the circumstance, the plan of the Creator will come into being. It probably will not happen in ways that were previously conceived by those working on it through these many generations, but it positively will happen!

While time in the 3rd dimension continues to pass day by day, in dimensions where there is no time, only clarity of experience, it is difficult for those on each side of these diametrically different views to communicate. Each tries to estimate the possibilities the other is considering and experiencing. This muddies the picture on both sides.


The greater problem is the fact that those who oppose the Creator's plan are extremely well organized on the time oriented side, while the organization for the Creator's plan is on the other side of the "time line." Meanwhile the masses of humanity are lacking any organization, are currently mesmerized and in declining mental and physical condition.


To say the least, this creates what appears to be a lopsided picture. The balancing feature is in the fact that humanity is both consciously and unconsciously asking for help. The help that is available does not appear in a tangible way that humanity as a whole can recognize, and yet it definitely is present and available.

Humanity wants to know the exact time they will be rescued, which is an impossible dream.


Many estimates have been supposedly received through psychic receivers, more by personal desire than by actual "heavenly estimates."


In this reality, it is a matter of sequential events that must take place, rather like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that first must fit before certain other events can then take place. Frustratingly for those focused on this situation from the no time side, many of those jigsaw pieces must be put in place by those humans who are now more handicapped than ever, thus slowing the time element more and more.

Thus the message of encouragement to those who are aware and capable of understanding the nature of their assignment is to "hold the pole." They must know that there is a plan and they are very much a decisive part of that plan, even though their part appears to be doing nothing. In fact, it is important that they appear to be doing nothing so as not to draw undue attention to themselves.

Those who are actively on the forefront know and understand their rolls. It is those who are to quietly do their part that need the most encouragement.


It is important that each focus know their task and ask for guidance, provision and protection daily. The importance of each of these individual contributions to the Creator's plan cannot be overemphasized.


Though this sounds like the easiest of assignments, in the times yet to be experienced, it will not be simple or easy to remain calm, to observe and allow the actions and reactions to surround one and not lose control! To remain devoted with no recognition in a society that thrives on attention and quick gratification will be a stretch for many who truly desire to serve in some capacity in the days to come.


As humanity asks for help, it must also respond to the help that is offered to it, no matter how simple or ineffectual the requested response may seem to them. This is what is required in order that more help may be brought to bear on their behalf. It is a simple plan of a request, a response, a further request, another response, etc.

Always remember, subtle energy is powerful and powerful energy is subtle.


It could also be called a "grass-roots movement."


Use it!