by George Green

from Trufax Website

Spanish version



This Internet Edition of the "Handbook for The New Paradigm" was kindly provided by George Green upon my request in order to provide the whole planet with the opportunity to view the material.

It was posted back in 21 October 1999 as a service for those interested in the material.

Good for those people just coming from religious belief systems and seeking to expand beyond their current perspective.

Note: The "Handbook for The New Paradigm" is composed of several volumes of messages purported to be telepathically received from an advanced Ultra-Dimensional race by George Green.

You are obviously expected to view this material with discernment, evaluate it on your own terms and in accordance with your experience.

It will mean different things different people, like anything else.

The material seems to be of service to people, and for that reason it exists here.

Find what is of use to you in terms of your life journey... and have fun!