by The Double Cross

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The biggest DOUBLE CROSS in ALL history!




Have you ever considered the possibility that the so-called "New World Order" is not intended to be what the volumes of literature on the topic suggest it would be, but instead, might this threat exist solely to engineer a social reaction that will ultimately become (or empower) something that the majority of the people left behind will WANT!!!





  1. How the Powers That Be (PTB) will use Christians as dupes...

  2. The One World Family Commune

  3. The Invocation (the most astonishing night of my life)

  4. Some of Allen's Teachings

  5. The Significance of Numbers to Occultists

  6. Lest the Magician Die!

  7. The Illuminati

  8. The New Atlantean Plan of the European Secret Societies

  9. Invocation of Demons in 9-11 Black Rite Ceremony

  10. Further Topics Essential for your Understanding!!!

  11. A Fitting Topic for Page 11- Jesuits and Masons, Together...

  12. Ordo Templi Orientis, the Babalon Working, UFO's and Haight-Ashbury

  13. The Blessed Virgin Mary (How Fitting a Thirteen...)

  14. How the Christians Become Patsy #1

  15. The Double Cross

  16. If not the NWO, Then What??? A Trip into the Future...