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A Fitting Topic for Page 11-- Jesuits and Masons, Together...

The Rapprochement of the HeavyWeights!

14tt.jpgWhy is the Cross behind John Paul II UPSIDEDOWN? These two photographs are from John Paul II's Holy Land Tour... Is this a little like the Rolling Stones Tour, Bridges to Babylon? 14vt.jpgAgain, Pray Tell, Why is the Cross UPSIDE DOWN?
One of the best (more than this -- it is essential!) of the Cutting Edge articles sheds light on a topic raised earlier -- that of how the Masonic Illuminists and the Jesuit Illuminists have finally landed on the same page, together. To read the article in its original form, please go to Grand Global Merger of Black Magick Forces.

I am hopeful some will study this website! is for people who seriously intend to comprehend the mystery of this world.
kolven.gifWill you study the following one, too?

Count Hans Kolvenbach, The Black Pope, The Jesuit's General ...from the May 2000 Issue of The SPECTRUM Newspaper -- The Most Powerful Man in the World?

The photograph to the right is the Jesuit General, Count Hans Kolvenbach. Do a web search,
11ct.jpgto find his "resume" -- this is a very interesting person!
Right is his predecessor, Jean Baptiste Janssens, the previous Jesuit General... It is said that the power of the Pope is far less than that of the Jesuit General!
World events have proceeded apace, and now we stand at the precipice of what the Bible calls the Tribulational Period, and its ruler, Antichrist! ...whoever that should turn out to be (???)
11wt.jpgbush_devil_horns_small.jpgNo, I don't think it's Bill... No, I don't think it's George... (but the Pope does; he came out in mid-2004 and said so... more on this, later, when we try to tie up all loose ends...!)
And to complete page 11, let me refer you to one more link article, and again, this is must reading, in order to grasp the POWER STRUCTURE of The Illuminati...



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