The New World Order Scam


Lest the Magician Die!

The Demon Confined to the Pentagon, NO!

Confined to the PENTAGRAM, not Pentagon!

Eliphas Levi, 33rd Degree Freemason, the famous British Occultist, is pictured here conducting a Demonic Conjuration Ritual, Invoking a demon (Mephistopheles, also known as "Yoda") into our spacetime:


From Manly P. Hall, 33rd Degree Freemason,

"An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Quabbalist and Rosicrucian Sumbolical Philosophy."

Eliphas Levi is pictured above conducting a black magic ritual. He is pictured reading from a book of spells, a "Grimoire," a spellbook of Ritual Magick. The demon is conjured, or invoked into this dimension, and appears within a magick circle that has a triangle painted within. Notice the Baphomet at the exxtreme upper left, and the human skull in the exxtreme right. Symbols are enormously important to occultists. They use such symbols during occult rituals and ceremonies. DO UNDERSTAND! Spiritual entities can be and ARE invoked into our material world, at black magick ceremonies...
Note that the demon is confined to to its magic circle, standing on the triangle. Ceremonial Black Magick can be exceedingly dangerous, if not conducted exxactly according to the Grimoire, since if the demon were not confined to the circle to which it was invoked, the magician would die. It is confined, lest the magician die.
Quiz: What happens in a Black Magick ceremony of this kind?
Answer: Demonic entities are invoked into our dimension.
OK, enough for Fives and Elevens. What about Six, and Thirteen? In occultism, six is the number of man, and thirteen is the number of Satan, the number of rebellion. In our study of 6 and 13, observe the following, the Glory Cloud on the Dollar Bill:

fromdollarbill.gif  glorycloud.gif

Above left: Note the Glory Cloud at the top of this clipping from the Dollar Bill

Above right: it is reproduced as a closeup

In the Glory Cloud, there are 13 stars (each a pentagram) that make up a Hexagram, the six-pointed star. Thirteen is the number of Satan, the number of rebellion.
Thirteen Steps, Thirteen Layers, to climb... (count the layers of stone in the pyramid, the truncated pyramid) to reach the All Seeing Eye of Horus, a.k.a. Lucifer... Thirteen letters in "Annuit Coeptis," which translated is Announcing the Birth... of Novus Ordo Seclorum, the New World Order

In the below right graphic, note the following:

eye_pyramid_dollar.jpg1) The Roman Numerals from the bottom of the pyramid are found in 3 sets: MDC, CLX, and XVI
2) The next row down shows the numerical values of each (1000, 500 and etc.) -- and as should be expected, they sum to 1776, the year of the birth of the United States
3) Next, the first of the 3 values from each set of 3 Roman Numerals are set in place at the top of the triangles (these are M = 1000, C = 100, and X = 10, and as shown, they sum to 1110 on the right)
4) Next, the 2nd value from each set is placed at bottom left
5) Finally, the 3rd from each set is placed at the lower right of the triangles
6) If the values at the bottom of the triangles are summed, they add up to 666


  • OK. The Babylonian numbering system is base 10

  • The Arabic system is base 6.

  • To convert from Babylonian to Arabic, divide by 100 and multiply by 60:

  • (1110 / 100) X 60 = 666

  • 111 emphasized is 1110, and this is 666. There is another way to emphasize 111, and that is to multiply it by


Yes, that's correct, multiply it by pentagram I should say 5. This equals 555.
Occultists for ages have employed devices known as a "BLIND." A blind is a device which causes "the Profane" (those who are not initiates) to THINK they understand... (but they don't). To the initiate, the deeper level of meaning is seen. A blind will at once conceal, and reveal... Both 1776 and 1110 are BLINDS for 666. The reason blinds are so effective, is because people have the pre-conceived idea that they understand the meaning, so they don't even suspect a deeper level of meaning (they have their minds MADE UP!). Remember this. People have their minds


  • We will come back to people having their minds made up, with respects to BLINDS. For the majority of the world, this is a very sad thing. They are blinded. They don't "get it," because they have decided there's nothing "to get."

  • Occultists send signals to one another. 



  • 555 is the number of days from 9-11 to Gulf War II (which began at 5:50).

  • Actually, the air campaign began on March 13. This was eXXactly 548 days following 9-11. This makes eXXactly 18 months, and this is a blind to conceal (and reveal) 666 (the sum of which is 18). Occultists LOVE 18.

  • The USA began the air campaign on March 20, 555 days after 9-11. Five is "death," and thus the Pentagon is the war machine. Taken as a triple, a number is greatly intensified. 555 means Triple Death. This date of March 20 was also the celebration of the Spring Equinox, Ostara.

  • The ground war was carried out for 42 (another interesting number) days, and then the President announced that the military action of that campaign had ceased. Thus, the ground war was carried out until Mayday May 1, 2003, Beltaine, the second-highest holy day on the occult calendar. Gulf War II was carried out according to,

"The Numbers"


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