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If not the NWO, Then What??? A Trip into the Future...

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Getting rid of the "Jewish Bankers" and all debt, and the Galactic Command Space Complex

(You've got to be kidding...)

Post Script:

Usually post scripts are placed at the end, but one response to this site is so outstanding that I am placing it up front. A young lady got in touch with me, and her insight is absolutely remarkable. I had hesitated to put anything on p. 16 about NESARA (expecting the reaction "you've got to be kidding..."), but what she points out is so similar to what is presented on this page that I will include a link to her page. At her page are found the following:

"Much to my amazement I found that the group that supports this Sananda Maitreya Jesus promotes this organization called NESARA."
"This Sananda Maitreya plans to rescue the world from the nasty evil Illuminati.  Stranger yet is that his folks seem to be not only against the Illuminati but against taking a digital data chip such as Digital Angel."
"Sananda arrives to save the day from the evil New World Order.  Now I thought to myself, 'Okay, wasn't he supposed to be the head of the New World Order?' Apparently Satan has the whole game of good cop, bad cop all set up to make his fake Messiah the hero of the day!"

Please do visit her sites and see what she has found as a result of her investigations! There are precious few who have caught on to the duplicity in the occult world, but no, I'm not kidding, it appears dear old St. Germain will promote NESARA!

Having said this, onward to "GROM"! (Get Rid of Money)

So, if we are not headed into the Bush vision of a police state, then what might lie ahead? I am going to go out on a limb, and offer the following. Go down to the bottom of this text section and go to the link to download an Acrobat Reader copy of Everlasting Gospel Vol. 2, by Allen Noonan. Obviously I am not commending this to you for edification, but rather to see a different slant on the end of the age picture -- how it all might come down.
I will paste fair use bits and pieces of what Allen has written, and offer comments. Please suspend judgment and just simply entertain that Allen's "take" on things might offer some insights into the immediate future.
First he scams you about who Jesus Christ is:

The main thing that Jesus, who was one of us, taught the people, was to hold all things common and to make distribution to one another according to need (Acts 4:32-35). This is the basis of Christianity, and the people who do these things are Christ-like people. The religious heads in churches defile the meaning of Christ, which in truth is simply Christ (Universal) Consciousness. In Jesusí case, they made him the only Christ over the whole world and said that people could only be saved through Jesus.

This promotes the idea that Jesuitic Communism was taught by Jesus, and that his office of Christ is only an example of universal consciousness (rather, it is an office that only the Creator of the Universe can and does hold).

A bit later in the book, he offers this:

Now comes the time when this planet and its entities are restored to the Creationís Utopia. This is easy for us of the Galactic Elohim to do and is all fun. No more politicians, preachers, judges, billionaires, soldiers, generals, athletic heroes, movie makers or stars. Now, all these things are dropped out of society as the Workers of the World end their slavery and carry out the Galactic World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise, which becomes a gala celebration for everyone. This stops all unnecessary work, except for continuing to produce the bare necessities of life, which becomes creativity and not "work," and transfers all property back to the Creation so It can take management over it.

His vision of the future here may well come about! As the end of the age gets underway, a universal protest by the Occultish Left to stop all work other than that done for the basics, to end the era of the Capitalists. This will occur in any event, due to global financial collapse (engineered by TPTB The Powers That Be).

The intelligence of normal Universe can be explained by turning September 11th around so we see the truth of what happened. We turn it around to see where the presidents of America have sent the CIA and military into Vietnam, Afghanistan and elsewhere for decades now in an ongoing war against those opposed to American Imperialism, who adopt the methods of terrorizing the citizenry of Israel and now America. During the war, the terrorists, in a suicide mission, crashed planes into the twin towers of the Babylon harlots and into Satanís Pentagon. Now do you get the picture? As ye sow, so shall you reap...

Can you see how an occultist can point to what TPTB (occultists all...) have done, and say "they are to blame..."
Allen points out, in reference to the UFO events of 1947 which left all who were watching aware that indeed there are flying discs in our skies...

Where were you in April of 1947? You were either a child, a teenager, an older person ready to die and come back again, or in a heavenly abode, waiting to reincarnate. Whatever your state of being at the time, you were alive somewhere in this earthly vicinity when the world changed at that time.

What changed?

Someone on earth was made aware of the fact that, for one, we are not alone in this vast Universe; two, that the Universe, for the enormous part of it, is a highly technologically-developed, computer-driven advanced society of telepathic harmony; and three, that spacecraft are real and from advanced civilizations. The day after Allen-Michaelís initiation, he sat down and became an open channel, writing down what he had heard telepathically. So now we have the World Bill of Rights, a God-given ideology in seven paragraphs. The seventh one says that God is not the author of confusion. This is true. God is only the author of Clear Truth, and not of duality of any kind. Only man and womankind are in duality and confusion, not God. There is no one to blame for anything. Just look inward at your self and see where there is confusion and where there is Clear Truth. We all must do this and be honest in what we see.

The World Bill of Rights is of the Clear. Clear Light! The New World Bible is of Clear and the Everlasting Gospel is its song that we can all sing with joy in our hearts.

Do I expect the occultists to hold out the carrot? YES!  Along with all the New Age nonsense, the Antichrist Government is introduced.

Right now the workers of the world see that they are worker slaves that can be hired and fired. So their prayers are how to get out of this rat race, fed by usury money that billionaires use to build big office buildings, big industries, big stadiums. All of this present commercial business-as-usual, for thousands of years on this Carlanon planet, has been evolving towards the time when the Creation would call on the workers of the world to bring work to an end, and they all start creating and replace work with Creativity.

This, of course, will end private property, and those people who have millions of dollars will ask the workers of the world not to carry out the Creation's WWWS/KYE, even though it brings equality to all people. The workers surely donít transform the whole world from rags to riches for everyone because the rich people are finally rich enough. By the workers carrying out the WWWS/KYE, they will make everyone equal, and without the rich and poor the world will be happy and prosperous for everyone, and that means everyone.

Usury money, of course, is the Rothschilds, premiere occultists that they are. At the top of the skyscraper in which they occupy the thirteenth floor, at 666 5th Avenue in New York, there is a gigantic flashing red sign that flashes "666" endlessly into the New York skyline at night. So now they are the scapegoat (and Jewish scapegoats, too!). And everyone will be happy and prosperous. Well, yes... my guess is that there will be constructed an enormous engine of wealth! On with the Revolution! This is the PLAN!

Walt Disney had cosmic common sense, which is the Creationís Utopian Mind, and he called Tinker Bell forth to sprinkle stardust, which is the Creationís Spirit. By 1960, the world could stand the pressure of Galactica putting two big electronic generators opposite the poles of the planet, which increased the Creationís Spirit in the aura of our planet, and a whole generation of hippie youth arose.

They werenít going to war any more for the Babylon Harlots, who in 1913 took almost full control over America by bringing about the Federal Reserve System in America, and France and England were also deeply entrenched in the usury money, which the multimillionaires got for free.

The CIA of the money changers caught the big wigs who were trying to overthrow the usury money system to help the poor, like the leaders of World War II tried to do. They didnít know that Baal-Lucifer's CIA could play both sides against one another, use common good, as well as common evil, to entrap the workers of the world to work for both the Axis and Allied Powers, and they would draft the youth into war, this was from 1930 to 1945. As for the workers of the world, no wheel can turn unless the workers turn them, and no money can be made by capitalistic bosses unless the Workers come to work every workday and keep the whole world turning. So naturally the workers of the world are closer to God (not the man-God, but real Creation Universe).

Now I get it! Suddenly Lucifer is the bad guy, in league with Baal and the Capitalists. Allen -- what about the seance' we had in the summer of '67, when you channeled Lucifer? Nonetheless, is Allen painting a picture of the future?

...the United States Government, since Christmas in 1913, has been taken over by those of Baal/Lucifer's negated energy, who got the coining and money print mint and, ever since that historic event of 1913, they have printed all they have wanted, to the tune of trillions upon trillions of dollars. At this time, the interest alone is about 440 billion yearly, which is higher than the whole of the military budget.

Now Allen is telling the same thing as all those New World Order researchers out there!

All of the wars which have come about since 1913 were caused by the advent of the FRS, which set itself up in America, becoming the money masters of the whole world and using the United States Military to protect their interests abroad and now, at home, with Homeland Security and all that goes with it. Their Patriot Act is truly the refuge of scoundrels, who with political hocus-pocus and a stroke of the pen can suspend the Bill of Rights. It is all for the protection of the elite and their babylon beast system, which is what America has become. The real United States is brought forth now, out of this growing tribulation.

Does Allen tell us that the Bushonian Homeland Security is evil? Oh, the love of one occultist, for another...

The Baal-Lucifer group came into America legally, and through high ranking Americans of greed and vanity, brought forth a money system that brings with it gambling (including the stock market), and the rich are protected as long as they play ball with the FRS/IMF. But upon considering that the Creation is redeeming Baal/Lucifer and a million more like him, then we begin to see the importance of electing people into our government who will expose the lunatic operations that go on in the American government, which puts America on the Red Horse of the Apocalypse, "taking peace from the whole world."


Britain, riding on the Pale Horse, did have control over a fourth part of the earth, and they did kill with hunger and sword. France rides on the Black horse; however, the French are more open minded, and they talked about the mess the politicians are in, and "a measure of wheat for a penny, and see that thou hurt not the oil and the wine." The rising spiritual people of the earth ride the white horse, and they go forth in peaceful world wide work stoppage conquering and to conquer using Godís power in the spirit of truth. This is the allegory that John wrote about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Revelation 6:1-8).

Verses 9 and 10 are interesting, about the opening of the fifth seal. John saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and the testimony which they held. Among these were Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., the Kennedy brothers, John Lennon, and through the ages hundreds more who spoke out and were wiped out by hitmen sent by the secret world government.

Verse 11 is even more interesting, because itís about souls going to the Heavenly Abode, where white robes were given to each one of those who lost their body in WWII, who were told to rest for a little season (before they reincarnated) until their fellow servants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled. This is where the whole world of people are at now. And they are caught up in that sticky gluey satanic power, where all the governments are a duality and are operating with satanic power.

Allen in the above is not teaching classical occultism, but rather, he comes in the guise of the Bible, turning it upside down, and ascribing meaning to verses that is absolutely opposed to what meaning is intended by God. The 5th seal souls at the altar will be people who, in the first portion of the end of the age, will have accepted Jesus as Saviour.

Now the Bible has a lot of junk in it, along with the things that are of the right-use-ness of that which the Creation has created...


...The Bible tells that Jesus had a meeting with the Devil on the Mountain; this is another Bible fib that needs to be corrected in this Everlasting Gospel, brought by the Comforter Spirit of Truth, foretold in St. John 14:16-17 and 26. Nostradamus in the new world quatrains calls the Comforter the Ornament of the age. And this is because the Comforter Spirit of Truth isnít a King or a preacher man, or a general for sure, or a billionaire, which would be impossible.

Allen claims to be The Comforter Spirit of Truth.

The 1335 days of Michaelís Stand began on the first day of the new Millennium, 1/1/01, and that time period is almost a third gone now. The money changers would sacrifice the people in this last war, which George W is all gung ho over, taking the youth of the air force, navy and army special forces into the beginning of the Armageddon which is now in full gear since 9-11, and although it isnít visible to the eye in reading the papers and Internet news and articles in magazines, the thought force of such a world wide blowout is on the desks of Pentagon officials, who spend all day and night working on contingency plans to fight all resistance to American values and democracy.

The politicians sit on the status quo of usury money, lambasting the terrorists on one hand and catering to the business interests of those in exporting and importing goods and services, which makes money for all. All they have to offer is how to slice the usury money pie. Now we know that all opposites are relative. On a planet like this in a time warp, there would be two sides to every big issue.

And the working class thesis people who work for a living are relative to those of antithesis who sit in high office buildings like the Enron building of Houston, Texas, making policies and deals involving energy outputs and inputs. The working class needs to see the light and drop out and engage in the ideas of a giant WWWS/KYE; this is how to begin to solve the worldís many radical problems, and the solutions at first seem as radical as the problem. But better to be part of the solution than part of the problem, eh?

And further, Allen offers...

Now, Iím the New World Comforter Spirit of Truth, who is leading the world people who speak the truth into the a superreal New World Order that is prophesied on the back of the American one dollar bill, where you can see the Hermetic pyramid, which says above it, "He prospers our undertaking, and below the pyramid it says New Order for the Ages.


The false new world order announced by George Bush Sr. is just more enslavement of people. Global corporate consumer capitalism, running on usury money, supported by politicians on the payroll, is the clearest expression of evil there is. Yet, we must see it in relativity, relative to the good of producing the possibilities that lead to a synthesized global society that is FREE in every way.

Does the pot call the kettle "black?" Continuing...

In actuality, the real New World Order of total sharing, with equality for all, is of the Comforter Spirit of Truth, who takes the whole world into the positive things which are to come, that are happening now all over the world, and in that election of the third millennium when Bush and Cheney came forth, they are pushing and pulling, and the Creationís people are gliding in Galactic Spaceships which have been making crop circles to awaken the world. Galactic beings have channeled all the telepathic thought that has led people into the World Wide Internet, that is transferring the Creationís people into a superreal New World Order.


Satanism is where men operate the military, they operate the judiciary penal system, and they control all the nations with usury money that came into America in 1913, and according to the prophecy in Eze.17:2, the angel of light said,

"Son of man, put forth a riddle, and speak a parable unto the House of Israel."

The House of Israel isnít the Jews who claim Israel now. Out of World War Two, a disputed homeland came for the Jews, after many of them were exterminated by the Nazi movement in Europe, and that war was like a big boil manifesting on the Human bodies who joined in with the two sides of the Axis and Allied armies, in which their leaders all wanted to go beyond Usury and bring back a fairer system of economics that suited the people of each country involved. But the usury money changers arranged to throw them all into a war with each other, where they would play both sides against one another, making big money from expensive war games.

Yes, but (this is agonizing) it was occultists who DID ALL OF THIS, that now are offered by Allen as "the enemy." Please tell me you see how everything is turned upside down! One hand does what it has done, and then the other hand says, "now look at them! Those evil Luciferians!" Do you see where this is all headed? We will secure utopia by means of re-distribution of material wealth, is the message here, but in Truth the spiritual disease must be healed! And more ( see how the Fascist propaganda, the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" is invoked)...

All the words used in sentences that reveal truth are of the truth, which is sharing all things and helping one another to be in a good life of serving each other, and no one should be trying to make money off others, getting people working for them, because this would divide the people against themselves, and there would be the George Bushies terrorists fighting the terrorists of the bin Ladens.

They forgot that they were serving the learned Elders of Zion and their FRS daily, since interest payments never stop, and those Elders believe they are Godís Chosen people, led to rule over the world through usury money paybacks and collateral.
Alan Greenspan is the Chairman of the FRS with the head bank in New York City, and 11 more around the country serving its member banks in every large and small city that does business with bonds, civic payments for services, etc.

The New World Money System that the United States founding fathers were going to bring was "free cash flow money" that was only a medium of exchange, and it would have ended the Usury money banks. But now in these 1335 days from the begining of this third millennium, that we are over a third into now, we will institute a system that doesnít use money, which shows how misguided those who use satanic power are. Satanic power is in words and sentences people speak that arenít true, like nothing they speak in regards to money is true.

Now is the time for a WWWS-KYE that starts the era of Creationís Utopia that is all happiness.

The Learned Elders of Zion, who financed the FRS at first and brought it forward here in the richest country on earth, America, believe they are chosen to do this for the Gentiles and therefore serving the masses of people on earth.

Please do understand! "The Protocols" were written by occultists who were intent on,

1) bringing to fruition the Antichrist and his world system, and

2) framing the Jews in the process.

Now watch how the Jews get framed:

Now the Jews have Israel, and itís Israel that Dan.11:45 tells of that comes to its end, and none shall help him. He is Baal-Lucifer, the big wheel, who since the time of King Solomon has ruled the world. And the truth is that the national governments served him because he had the artificial money, that made all people rich who served the FRS, and the IMF, and their CIA. But they donít think of themselves as evil ones.

Please do realize Allen just might be painting a picture of the future, when he says things like this about "spaceships by the thousands"...

Just imagine no heaven or hell around us. Galactic space ships by the thousands take over all the radio and television stations on the planet, and all the daily jibbering and jabbering ends, and the Galactic Elohim can send programs directly into the homes and offices...

Can you see, in the following, how Allen inverts everything?

The workers just barely have enough money to live on. The Bible tells of the 666 money that causes all - both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond - to receive a mark on their forehead. This is of the Spirit of truth opening through the 3rd Eye. This is of Revelation 13:15-18, although John has things sort of turned around, and it isnít clear what the Beast is. The Beast is the military that the big money wheels keep going and not to protect the people from an enemy.

Allen continues ---

I am requesting that there be one language all over the world. You see, the world canít go anywhere except up into joy and happiness, coming from the low level they are in now, where they fight wars over money, land and property. Why donít they take the money and use it in righteous ways?

Why? You must be kidding, Allen Michael. You know the people arenít going to make things free to everyone.

Well, indeed in the Antichrist World Economic System, they just may! But when is "free" not "free?" What if it comes at the price of joining Allen's proposed "666" System?

Money was originally intended to be a free medium of exchange, and that is how we begin the World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise, by using money as free cash flow, i.e. free of interest. The debt of the world is forgiven and eliminated. We simply direct the real wealth of the world to be distributed among all of its inhabitants as God requests, through the 666 teller window.


We Get Rid Of Money Ė GROM Ė by first declaring all financial services on the planet to be joined as the World Peopleís GROM Bank, wholly owned and operated by "We the people." This is how we peacefully end the commercial buying and selling world.

(from Everlasting Gospel Book 1)

Do remember -- Revelation 14 ELEVEN: And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.

Revelation Thirteen:

Eighteen Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. [e.g. 666]

The Bible tells us of an incredibly powerful economic system that makes its appearance in the end of the age (its judgment is described in Revelation 18).

...the world could stop using money and make all things free, which is coming about with the new Euro money which is the 666 money of Revelation 13:14-18. In this Everlasting Gospel write this the way the verses are supposed to read. They have been changed by the editors of the King James Bible. The politicians certainly didnít want a Bible that would interfere with business as usual, which is all business where people are buying and selling the Creationís things; this is the way things would be on a Carlanon planet where the Galactic Elohim, the 144,000 of Revelation 14:1-6, have now brought forth this Everlasting Gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, whose name we change into Placentia. [emphasis added]

Yes, there will be free energy machines during the Tribulation. Allen repeatedly speaks of them as Dynadran power units.

Even later on Tesla was sent from the Galactic Elohim headquarters at Altamira to bring the nations on Earth into social electricity so everyone would understand the Creationís part in returning them as microcosms back into normal Universe by processing the negativity out of them; during the pyramid period of 400,000 years, some 16 billion microcosms were redeemed out of the nearly 24 billion microcosms lost in the solar catastrophe.

The Bible speaks of those who call evil good, and good evil:

Every minister of the Christian Bible should be on his pulpit every evening, giving the people Godís Prophecy, given to Daniel and other channels of the Universal Mind in all space and matter atoms, in the words the Creation has created, and the thoughts which are all yeah, yeah, and no nay nays. Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of England, is still among a Congress that has nays and yays, which is the duality of Satanism. Satan isnít a man, nor is God a man, and Jesus upon leaving his body reported to the Galactic Elohim at Altamedia, when he left the earth in a cloud, which we all know was a Galactic Spaceship that came for him. When his body was put in the tomb, it wasnít dead, it was in a state of suspended animation. The Elohim rolled back the rock, and brought Jesus out of trance state. His disciples and friends who saw him then assumed his Father in Heaven had brought his body back to life.

I suspect this whole thing will turn out very differently than projected. They are willing to cut off their left hand, to spite their face. They turn it all upside down:

They let Baal- Lucifer with his CIA come into America, and take over the money system of the whole world. This put America on the Red Horse of the Apocalypse [Revelation 6:4]; this prophecy is unfolding right now as we speak, and for the American people to know and do the right thing, they must now bring forth free 666 money of Revelation 13:16-18. In Revelation 14:1-6 Iím the Angel spoken of who brings the Everlasting Gospel. The term Angel refers to one who is a cosmic adept or messenger of the Galactic Elohim.


...Itís perplexing to people that I would be the one who brings forth the Everlasting Gospel, and John, a disciple of Jesus, tells about my coming in St. John 14:16-17 & 26, and 16:7-13. Its perplexing because I am the one who has to correct the errors in the Bible, which many have believed is the gospel truth.

...What we saw at the beginning of the third millennium, which was called 2001, was a great shift in consciousness that would lead from buying and selling, wheeling and dealing, into the new 666 money that Revelation 13:15-18 speaks of. This new kind of money system replaces the FRS money system, which is Usury money, and the usury bankers can reward those who play ball with them, and bust those who go against them.

It all gets turned upside down!

All the terrorism in the world is caused by the FRS/IMF world bank that can print all the free paper money it needs to control the whole world. This FRS/IMF comes from the Learned Elders of Zion, and moneywise they own the whole world, but they believe they are Godís Chosen People to rule the world until God is able to restore Its Utopia in which money is no longer used.

This is the great time of the end of the old world, when people at different levels of awareness, because of religion, see things as good or evil. The Christians see things as Jesus being their Lord, and in the Bible script they have made Jesus the son of a man-God who is up in heaven on a throne, and supposedly the man-God has a wand he waves for good or evil to stop and go.

...Now I must tell you that itís not the people themselves who restore the Utopian Kingdom of the Creation. The Creaton does it Itself.


1). By coming in and taking over World Television, and bringing in programs from the eternal Universe, and of me and the Elohim here on this planet.
2). By firing all the nuclear weapons out into the astral plane, where all this satanic power is created and stored, vibrating in all the words and sentences people have added to Godís synthesis that are not of Its supernal truth. Adding the etherial catalysts to the bombs explodes them in space, all controlled by ETI to eliminate any fallout. This wipes out all the satanic power recorded in the Astral Plane, and it will leave those souls in body vehicles who have little or none of Creation in them, in a state of amnesia, and when their body dies they (as the soul leaving it), are taken to one of the other three Carlanon planets in our Galaxy, one in the North Star region, kown as Varseti, and one in the Orion system known as Casbeian and the third one is in the Pleiades.

Beings from a different star system in the Pleiades contacted Billy Meier of Switzerland, who engaged with Pleiadians in their spaceships, taking many pictures of their spaceships, printed in color in the 12 x 12 hard cover book entitled, "UFO ... Contact From the Pleiades," published by Genesis 3 Productions, LTD, designed, and written by Lee J. Elders, Brit Nelson Elders, Thomas K. Welch, and Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens (ret), showing that many military officers are seeing that the military is a fake, as shown in the video of the Disclosure Project. All this is showing that flying saucers are real. REAL as Ptaah, Quetzel, Semjase, Asket, and Plaja in their book, with many pictures of their spaceships taken by Billy Meier, and word got around in the Air Force that entities from the Universe had come to little earth, to help them to stop fighting each other, and come into the real things of having real peace and real freedom on the new Placentia planet, planet of rebirth and plenty.

Now almost a thousand years ago their Carlanon planet was delivered back to the Creationís Utopia (there is a 2nd Carlanon planet in the Pleiades, not yet delivered), and they were sent here in spaceships, where a great cosmic initiation is happening, so they could help put the synthesis thoughts into this planetís aura, and witness the delivery now of the souls who incarnated into the human bodies that the Galactic Elohim had cloned for this project. Bodies for souls to inhabit were put here originally in the twelve pyramid communities that the Galactic Elohim had established around the belt of the planet, in the warmer climates, and put about a million human bodies in each community, in which the Elohim furnished the food, living quarters, clothing, and entertainment at the community center.

These 12 communities were all electrified by the three pyramids at Giza, which brought alpha, beta and gamma, the red, blue and yellow streams of Universal consciousness, feeding the energy into the planetís etheric grid. Using the dianetics of the Universe or Galactica, the souls incarnated into the bodies to get their seven body and soul chakras realigned, so they could be restored to normal Universe.

L. Ron Hubbard incarnated on Placentia, planet of plenty and rebirth for everyone, and brought to this Carlanon planet the dianetic processing systems of realigning the body and soul chakras, for souls having suffered the solar catastrophe, which was caused by entities going into what we call the shadow, entities who want more than the Creationís Utopia, they want to be famous, because of the things they could do that others couldnít.

Well, there's our good buddy L. Ron!

The New World Order researchers would have to agree with Allen, at least on a few points...

All of this has happened because the Dragon has had control over America since 1913, when they came into America and set up a Usury Money system that would control the whole world, and this is what is truly causing the terrorism, no matter what they tell you to believe through the media they control. All the popular radio, television, magazines and newspapers won't tell the truth about what is going on in the world during this time from the beginning of the third millennium when the 1335 days of Michaelís stand started (Daniel 12:1-13).

Here's an interesting paragraph from Allen:

We depend on politicians in the government telling the truth about events, and on the newscasters to say everything, based on the truth - the truth that there should be equality among all people and not this vicious duality of people having to make money to live on. The money should be only a medium of exchange, as Bill Still is showing in his video entitled, "The Money Masters." Bill Still is, of course, of the Galactic Elohim, as are Dr. Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project, Benjamin Creme of Maitreya and many more of the 144,000 team of Rev. 14:1-6, who bring forth this Everlasting Gospel.

So, there you have it. Everyone left behind (and I am not referring to that Masonic set of books by that name) will have to make a choice. Will you take the mark on your right hand and forehead, or will you obtain eternal life by losing your life? There is a second rapture of saints after the 5th seal, after the first 42 months of the Time of the END.

I hope some copy these 16 pages, because soon I will not be around to continue to make them available.


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