The Gain in Global Consciousness

The Computerized Time table


The Gain in Global Consciousness

This Awareness indicates that the global gains have to do with the vibrations that are presently affecting the Earth plane. The approach of the Reptilians and the present-day association with the Greys as being simply an event that is pre-timed to this time period. (More about the Reptilians and Greys in our Galactic Overview - A Journey into Oneness file) . It is that which was put into a kind of computerized time table that when humanity reached a certain level of development, the population reached a certain level on Earth; then there would be the so-called "harvest"

This Awareness indicates that there is also a number of other time-tables for the Earth at this present state that have more benevolent purposes. The Pleiadians for example, who worked with humans some 7 thousand years ago had as their time-table the intention of returning to help set up and strengthen the Earth into a more or less paradise, compared to life on this planet.

This Awareness indicates that they, however, have run into considerable difficulties in their war with the Greys from Orion, and are therefore set behind in their efforts to be of assistance to entities on Earth. This Awareness indicates that the New Age energies are not necessarily related to these events. The energies are still present, just as summer and winter and fall and spring energies occur cyclically, regardless of whether one country is invading another or not. In the case of New Age energies at this time, the New Age energies allow for a higher frequency which increases awareness, consciousness, and increase the capacity for entities to understand more than they have understood before. For one thing, they experience less of an emotional gravitational pull and more of a mental and spiritual or radiation in their being. This Awareness indicates the New Age energies are more in terms of head than heart; that the head and heart can still work together, but the emphasis has shifted away from passions to that which is more of a thoughtful or consciousness level, rather than simply subconscious emotions of a thalamus type which have tended to dominate during the Piscean Age.

In other words entities are now more in control of choices whereas before they were reacting in a kind of unconscious level. This Awareness indicates the new consciousness of the New Age will allow entities to better adjust to these changes that are happening, for it can be done on a more cerebral level rather than the thalamus levels which would tend to greater acerbate greater fear and greater panic.

(Source: Revelations of Awareness newsletter 90-16 issue 369)


More about the Meaning of the "pre-Timed Event"

This Awareness indicates that there are many things occurring at once in a kind of synchronicity. The agenda of the aliens is part of the total scenario for humanity's progress. The aliens may be thought as a kind of catalyst to get humans evolving more rapidly from their stupor, to awaken the masses from their slumber. That it as though there are forces even above the alien Reptoid and Zeta Reticuli forces that are overseeing this general drama that is occurring on the stage of earth in this stage of human existence, and in overseeing this, these higher forces are allowing certain things to take place so as to have an effect on the consciousness of humanity.

If they move too soon, humanity will not awaken more out of fear than out of promise. Things may be promised, but until entities fear something, they do not easily become stirred up to leave their comfort zone and to go into a more disturbing area of consciousness that would awaken them from their comfort. This Awareness indicates that It does not wish at this time to lull you back to sleep by telling you, "Don't worry! There are forces that will protect you from dangers!" because such statement would defeat the very purpose of the overall scenario which has to do with the awakening of humanity at this time in the Cosmic Plan.

This Awareness indicates however, there are forces that are watching and will make certain that humanity fulfills its destiny, regardless of the Reptoids, or the Reptilian threat, but it will not prevent that threat from starting humans or scaring humans from their comfort if that is needed at this stage of development.

(From the Revelations of Awareness newsletter 91-4 issue No. 379)


Why the Superpower Confrontation is Hidden

This Awareness indicates that it appears that the reason for the actions occurring wherein the superpowers confront each other behind the scenes, rather than openly, it appears that this has a purpose of keeping motives hidden from the public, in recognition that if the masses were awakened, if the masses were aware of what actually is occurring, and the danger thereof, the leaders of either country would have riots and rebellion to deal with. This Awareness indicates therefore, to manipulate mass-consciousness by keeping it asleep while other actions are implemented, appears to be the tactic which is preferred by these entities. That they consider it important that entities not be awakened abruptly before the plan and events are in motion and under control. Then of course, it would be too late for the masses to have any influence on events.

This Awareness indicates thus the shadow figures continue their sword fighting while the city sleeps. This Awareness indicates however, unbeknownst to these entities, there is light coming in from distant space, wrapping its rays around the planet Earth, bringing a dawn, bringing an awakening to the sleeping masses, so that they too may see what is occurring. This light coming in from cosmic beings, aware, and moving closer to the planet Earth as it moves into light.

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