The Dark Force

may be celebrating victory prematurely

This Awareness indicates you are living in extremely interesting times, times of great significance to the human condition and to the history of humanity on Earth. Whether humanity moves into this new age as a two-level master/slave relationship or whether humanity throws off the potential tyrant to prevent that master/slave society from gaining foothold, depends on what occurs in the next four years . It is intended that the New World Order be well established by the year 2000, but within that four year period it is possible that the freedoms many entities enjoy or have enjoyed in the recent past, particularly in the United States, may need a more solid foundation to let entities move into the new millennium with those human dignities and freedoms still intact, perhaps spreading throughout the world.


The Light Forces from higher dimensions will be focusing their attention on Earth

This Awareness indicates there are four years in which entities can make a major contribution to the future of humanity and it is in this time period that many of the Light Forces from higher dimensions will be focusing their attention on Earth, along with many dark forces, who are at this time basking in their success of having moved so far. It does not mean that they have won the battle they have sought; it simply means that they have come extremely close and they are already celebrating. This Awareness indicates that they may be celebrating too soon, for there are still many things the dark forces do not know, do not understand, cannot understand, and cannot grasp which the Light Forces are well aware of. And when it looks like the dark forces are winning, it may not be the case for there are many things in the higher regions that are not for dark forces to witness or understand.
(Revelations of Awareness newsletter 96-12 issue n. 472)


Planet Earth, itself, is being prepared for a kind of rejuvenation

This Awareness indicates that the planet Earth, itself is being prepared for a kind of rejuvenation, for this planet has been tended likened unto a garden by many entities from many systems, not only within the created realm, but also from areas of the immortal realms, and that entities from various intergalactic systems have put much energy into preparing this place to be beautiful, to be harmonious and in a balance, and these energies existed and were placed into this planet long before the modern warfare machines and greed forces gained control, and these entities do not intend to allow these greed forces and the modern competitive war machines to destroy this planet as Maldek was destroyed.

But, rather, these entities shall find that before they are given the opportunity to destroy themselves and the planet, they shall be removed from this planet and placed upon that other planet wherein they may make war upon one another to their heart's content. This Awareness indicates that the peace-loving entities of this plane, on the Earth, shall be given another opportunity, and shall be given that garden which they may enjoy and may express as a new world likened unto other worlds which exists on other planets.

This Awareness indicates most entities do not realize that the Earth and its consciousness is likened unto an abomination to most of the other worlds in the universe, for it is so degraded in comparison to their levels of existence that it is considered likened an outcast of the universe.

This Awareness indicates that there are, for example, governments on the planet Uranus which want nothing to do with the planet Earth. That government on the planet Saturn are seeking to find a way in which the planet Earth may join with the other planets of the solar system.

This Awareness indicates that that this information may sound strange to entities who have been educated to believe that there is no life on other planets in the solar system. This Awareness does not worry or lose sleep over whether you accept this message or not. This Awareness simply tells it like it is and allow you the choice you have. For in all your intelligence, in all your science, in all of your technology, in all of your wealth and accomplishments, in all of your confidence, you still have moved yourself to the brink of annihilation, and would have been annihilated 10 years ago had it not been for outside interference.

This Awareness wishes entities to cease passing the blame and cease patting themselves on the back and begin prying their eyes open, awakening themselves and others to reality. This Awareness wishes entities to cease listening to the forked tongue of the Beast, to cease being hypnotized by the electronic programmer and the printed words and to tune into the Christ Consciousness within. This Awareness wishes entities to look toward each other and cease finding the flaw in each other's eyes and look for the Divine Light that rests behind those eyes, that you may communicate with one another as gods. This Awareness wishes entities to cease being gods of power and begin being gods of mercy and lover.
(Revelations of Awareness 78-?)


When everything else is crashing down remember that Life Force all around you

This Awareness indicates that pool of consciousness which is everywhere present, which Is this Awareness, is available for all entities to attune to during any time or anywhere they may be. This is something that may be of great importance to you in coming times when there are moments of uncertainty or confusion.

When the world around you appears to be deteriorating or falling apart, keep in mind that the one thing which is always stable is the life force in the universe, which Is this Awareness, which is everywhere present, in all thing in all places. This Awareness indicates those things that are animated which move about, are obviously expressing a life force, but there is also life force in those things that do not move.

There is life force in the vegetation, but there is also life force in rocks, in stones, in the air you breathe, in the clouds in the sky, in the space besides you, in the space around you, in the space within you. Keep in mind that all of this life force is this Awareness; that this Awareness Is within and about, and that you are always held in this Awareness, and that It is the one thing that can always and always will be stable and always present even when everything else collapses. This Awareness does not wish to imply that your world will collapse in all ways, but It does wish to give you something stable to hold onto in the event that it appears that everything else is collapsing around you.

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