Why the Earth will not be destroyed

(Bruce Cathie’s Book, "Harmonics 33")

L.A. asks: "In 1968 Captain Bruce Cathie’s book, Harmonics 33, and in 1971 his book, Ufo’s and Anti-Gravity were published. Both books have to do with a grid system that was established on this Earth by the Great White Brotherhood to keep man from blowing himself up by nuclear destruction as they did on planet Maldek thousands of years ago. My question is this: "If the grid system is in fact in place, and the detonation of nuclear devices must be done at certain times and certain places on grid points as described in Harmonics 33, is it possible to have a nuclear attack such as the controlled press talks about with thousands of target points vulnerable at any one time, or are only a few target points susceptible to destruction at the push of a button?" If only a limited number are susceptible, is our government keeping the masses under control by the suppression of this knowledge, or is it best that people not get too comfortable with the idea that total destruction is not possible at any one time and fall back asleep, thinking they are safe?"


Cosmic Awareness:

The Higher Plan of evolution on this plane

This Awareness indicates that essentially, the concept disclosed in Harmonics 33 as that is very closely reflective of the Higher Plan of evolution on this plane. This Awareness indicates that in understanding this, entities can better perceive the flow of events and the nature of manipulation on this plane. This Awareness indicates that that essentially, much of the programmed information into consciousness regarding the threats and regarding predictions of things to come are designed, in fact, to change the consciousness of entities by making them more aware of the larger experience and less concerned about the personal experience.

This Awareness indicates that predictions in regard to Earth shifts, earthquakes, Earth changes, great calamities and chaos always accompanies sudden and massive changes in cultural consciousness. This Awareness indicates that these predictions, while seldom occurring in fact, do have their effect on the consciousness level of the culture, and the culture undergoes the changes. This Awareness indicates that it is the culture which experiences the shift in poles, the new alignment of polarities or the chances of a chaotic nature; it is the culture that experiences the Armageddon. This Awareness indicates that the culture being that which is not so much of a social or physical experience as that which is of the mental and evolutionary experience in regards to awareness levels.


The Earth is a living being

This Awareness indicates that these changes in consciousness are accompanied by reflective actions in physical levels which may be equated to acupuncture probes in the mass consciousness or in the body of humanity. This Awareness reminds entities that the Earth is a living being and that entities essentially are its information-gathering nerves and feelings, that these entities or beings inhabiting this Earth being, are similar to the nerve-gathering actions of a physical body: the little molecular electronic creatures within your physical body which sense, which see, which smell, which taste, which hear and which feel the external world. These little electromagnetic beings which inhabit each cell of your body, have their counterpart in the body of the Earth as little human beings, little animals, little plants, little sea creatures, which gather information as to experience which the Earth is having.

This Awareness indicates essentially, being that the human creature is the most advanced physical body on the Earth plane, it may be considered as the brain of the Earth, and its responsibility may be considered as an action of having to think for the Earth itself. This Awareness indicates that once entities begin to recognize part of their action is to think for the Earth and its welfare, the entity then becomes the New being. This Awareness indicates so long as the entity is only thinking for his/her own personal interested and sees himself upon the Earth and considers the Earth to be a non-living creature, the entity can easily forego any responsibility for the large picture, for the general scheme of things; the entity can simply be a little victim of fate.

This Awareness indicates however, wherein the entity recognizes that his or her role is to think for the Earth, to be part of the brain and thinking capacity, to be the consciousness of the Earth itself in its relationship with other planets in the universe and all of the other social bodies of that universal society, wherein entities recognize themselves as being the brain of the Earth, thinking for it in its relationship in the society of heavenly bodies; then entities begin to comprehend the awesome and total and important responsibilities which they have been given by their creator:... And once these responsibilities are understood, then the confusion as to what is morally right or morally wrong is dissipated, and entities then have the wisdom of recognizing by circumstance or the broad and general experience, what is morally right and morally wrong in terms of the overall effect of the Earth’s experience in its relationship with other heavenly bodies; and entities then become the conscience for the evolving Earth, so that they can direct its evolvement and development in the society of heavenly bodies.

(Source: Revelations of Awareness 81-15)

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