Illuminati History 1901-1970



William Andrews Clark, (aka Jesse James,) America’s most famous outlaw, faked his own death in 1882, and lived to be 107 years old. During his long life, he assumed the name of 71 aliases, and under one of them, William Andrews Clark, he became a major player in the Conspiracy active in the United States. He became a U.S. Senator in Montana, had the county of Clark County (Las Vegas is the county seat) named after him, and founded the city of Clarkdale, Arizona. He also claimed that John Wilkes Booth, (Confirmed Mason) the assassin of President Abraham Lincoln, did not die in the barn as traditional historians record. Jesse claimed that it was he who poisoned him in 1903! (*Ralph Epperson. Jesse James US Senator.)


The higher levels started creating innocent sounding cover organizations to hide their meetings behind. In 1901, the Astor’s contributed toward the creation of the Pilgrim Society, which was the cover organization for Amer. & Brit. 6° Princes of the Illuminati. I believe at least five Astor’s are now members of the Pilgrim Society. The Pilgrims had recently included David Astor, John Jacob Astor 8th, and William Waldorf Astor 3rd.


Ava Alice Muriel Astor was an occultist. She was born in 1902, was pretty but also a very serious woman. She was a very strong willed person that was able to dominate a person in her presence unless they were also strong willed. She was into Egyptian magic and believed she was the reincarnation of an Egyptian princess and a disciple of Ikhnaton. Alice Astor may have been one of the first people to enter King Tut’s tomb, where she got herself a necklace. Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World as a picture of things that were to come, most people think as a expose, but it was really more as a plan or blueprint. Aldous Huxley and Alice did a great deal of occult things together. Their financial power is unchecked. Myers and others have noted the Astor’s are above the law. The Top 13 families don’t obey the law, they are the law. The Astor’s may have Illuminati Kings and Princes in their ranks, they may have dozens of billions of assets, yet it will all be nothing when they face their Creator at judgment.

1904, 8th of April

Aleister Crowley claimed that, in Cairo at 12 noon exactly and for the following two days at the exact same time—he actually heard a voice in his ear, dictating the words of the text (as if through some transmitter in his brain), and that he transcribed them faithfully. It was not "inspired," then, so much as received. The voice itself claimed to be that of Aiwass, or Aiwaz, “the minister of Hoor-paar-kraat,” or otherwise, Horus—the god of force and fire, child of Isis and Osiris, and self-appointed conquering lord of the New Aeon, officially announced through his chosen scribe, “the prince-priest the Beast.” This much of Crowley’s controversial life and claims is more or less confirmed. It is, as promised, to be found there in the writings themselves—the proof as it were is in the pudding. Anyone who has read the work, and suffered the resulting conflictive feelings of admiration and disgust, will not doubt that there is something about the “little red book” that puts it in a class all its own.


Two of the key early Watchtower Society leaders were Bundy’s. These were Walter H. Bundy, who went with Charles Taze Russell to Great Britain on his May 29-31, 1909 trip, and Edwin Bundy who worked at the Bethel Headquarters at the turn of the century and traveled around the U.S. for the Watchtower Society from 1906 to 1910.


This testimony was given by Mrs. Russell on direct examination on Thursday, April 26, 1906 from a suit for a separation brought by Martha (sic) F. Russell against Charles Taze Russell, her husband, popularly known as Pastor Russell Then he said,

"I am like a jellyfish. I float around here and there. I touch this one and that one, and if she responds I take her to me, and if not, I float on to others"

And she wrote that out so that I could remember it for sure when I would speak to him about it. And he confessed that he said those things. Founder of Jehovah’s witnesses: CHARLES TAZE RUSSELL- CHILD MOLESTER!


The Panama Canal is constructed by de Lesseps, according to St. Simons Article for the New World Order. The Panama Canal was owned and operated by the United States Government, until the Panama Canal treaties (ratified 1977-78) provided for its operation by a Panama Canal Commission until Dec. 31, 1999. (Year 2000) On that date Panama will assume full responsibility for its management, operation and maintenance.


Harvey Hollister Bundy Sr. His grandfather was a lawyer and a Congressman, and his father was a lawyer. Harvey also became a lawyer. But he didn’t stop there. Harvey was initiated in the Skull & Bones in 1909. Harvey had five children. Three of these had ties to the Skull and Bones Order also.

1. William P. Hollister.
2. McGeorge Bundy. (March 30, 1919-)


Mauney D. Collins. Mauney Collins was State Superintendent of Schools in Georgia. He went to Bob Jones College sometime after 1938. He was a Freemason, a Grand Master of the Georgia Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows, assoc. editor of the Ga. Odd Fellows News, and if my source is correct editor of Atlanta’s Masonic magazine. He was in Eastern Star, and a number of other affiliated Masonic groups. He lived at the Capital Building at the state capital in Georgia. He was a pastor (ordained in 1909) of Friendship Baptist Church for his lifetime.


Edward S. Van Duyn (1872 - 1955) was a prominent surgeon who was born in Syracuse, NY. He went to Princeton Univ. and then got his M.D. at Syracuse University in 1897. From 1909 until 1950, he was a surgeon. During the ghastly W.W. I, he was in the U.S. Army Medical Corps in France, first as a major and then as a Lt. Colonel. Edward S. Van Duyn attended the Unitarian Church during his life--a church which has long been associated with Wicca. He also associated with the liberal Presbyterians.


Coleman DuPont, went in business with President Taft’s brother Charles P. Taft (member of the Skull & Bones) in 1910 to build McAlpin Hotel in New York City. (Taft’s other brother Horace Taft, was a member of the Order of Skull and Bones. In fact, the Taft family which dates back to the early days of Braintree Mass. helped start the Skull & Bones Order, and at least eight Taft’s have been in the Order.) This was the first of a series of luxury hotels. Coleman bought New York Equitable Life Assurance Society, which was America’s largest insurance company. N.Y. Equitable Life Assurance company undoubtedly brought Coleman in touch with other Illuminati elite. He belonged to the Rittenhouse in Philadelphia. He was the director of a number of things including the Union National Bank, in Wilmington and the pres. of Central Coal & Iron Co. along with a few other coal and Iron companies.


T. Coleman has been mentioned already in connection to the DuPont Gunpowder Business, which he ran for a number of years as head honcho. During W.W. 1, the DuPont’s made a mint. The company had $9 million surplus in its treasury. The result was that DuPont absorbed General Motors. The DuPont’s also went Into the chemical business. The American government had seized the German Dye Trust, and the DuPont’s were given their patents. The DuPont’s began to build a great chemical empire on the synthetic, such as shatterproof glass, paints, rayon, nylon, dyes, photographic film, rubber, chemicals, drugs, etc. Only the Dow Chemical Company is any competition with the DuPont chemical operation. Alfred Victor DuPont (Alfred I.’s son) served only as a private in the marines during W.W. I and was on board several ships. And yet for some reason when W.W. 11 broke out, he was made a consultant to the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1943 to 1945. He was an Episcopalian.


The muscle and bone branches of the Illuminati reconfigured themselves with the creation of the Round Table groups. The Astor’s were the part of the financial backers behind the Round Table groups along with Abe Bailey. Rhodes and Milner were key players is setting up The Society of the Elect, a super secret top circle of Illuminati. Rhodes Trust in part helped by the Astor, helps finance the Rhodes Scholarship system. Rhodes a high ranking Freemason wanted the Masonic clap-trap as part of these various new groups, but Milner and Brett did away with the Masonic rituals and costumes, etc.


W. Averell Harriman (init. into Skull & Bones in 1913), the man who helped finance Hitler to power.


The very heart of Hitler’s war machine was the chemical giant, I.G. Farben, which had an American arm that was controlled by the Rothschild’s through their lackeys, the Warburg’s. Paul Warburg, who manipulated into existence the privately-owned "central bank" of America, the Federal Reserve, in 1913, was on the board of American I. G. Indeed Hitler’s I. G. Farben, which ran the slave labor camp at Auschwitz, was, in reality, a division of Standard Oil, officially owned by the Rockefellers, but in truth the Rockefeller empire was funded into existence by…the Rothschild’s.


The Rothschild’s finally saw the creation of what they had sought here in the United States: a privately owned central banking system, called the Federal Reserve System. It was a joint venture involving very heavy participation--in fact a lead role--by the increasingly powerful Rockefeller interests. But at least the Rothschild’s at last had their foot back in the door for control of America’s currency.


Harvey Hollister Bundy Sr. began working for Justice Wendall Holmes. Later in 1929, Alger Hiss (CFR) also began working for Justice Holmes. Hiss was a communist spy and later a key player during F. D. Roosevelt’s reign. Harvey’s son William P. narrowly missed having his career ruined because William had financially helped Alger Hiss.


The Watchtower Society started transferring all of the doctrines about 1874 to 1914. They explained that Christ’s kingdom had been set up invisibly in 1914, and that although secular governments were still in place, their rule was no longer valid. Based on the Society’s writings, Jehovah’s Witnesses looked forward to momentous events in the year 1918.


John Shaw Todd. His wife’s name was Alice. A corrupted police lieutenant before going into politics. John’s cronies would come over to his house to the parlor. By 1915, John Todd became "one of the most important men in the East. He was appointed Massachusetts director of public health and welfare, a job that gave him carte blanche to write checks and approve construction and medical contracts, offer political positions on high-paying state committees (most as repayment for favors), and pass funding along to handpicked organizations and charities. Many believed he lined his pockets on more than one appointment or contract. (Edmonds, Andy. Hot Toddy. NY: William Morrow & Co., p. 56.) His daughter was Thelma Todd. she was known as Hot Toddy. She was an extremely sexy movie actress.


Charles Taze Russell’s (Jehovah’s Witnesses) prediction for Armageddon fails.


United States enters World War I. Rockefellers made $200,000,000.00 from World War I.


Henry J. Fisher, ran McCall’s Magazine. Another Illuminatus of the 6th level.


The Rockefeller banks, Chicago and New York, had the PRIVATE fortune on deposit of the Romanov family, separate from Nicholas’s government position as Czar of all the Russia’s. This consisted of 400 million dollars in gold, at the then price of 20 dollars per ounce. Declaring the Czar and his family falsely dead enabled the Rockefeller bankers to spread out their empire using the fraudulent bankers’ use of fractional reserves. Through secret accounts, the Rockefellers for decades thereafter rolled over these funds, to their benefit, in violation of state escheat laws providing that bank accounts revert to the State government if not claimed after, in most states, seven years. Of course, corrupt bank regulators in Illinois and New York have condoned this by the Rockefellers’ First National Bank of Chicago and their Chase Bank of New York. By Sherman H. Skolnick


The Balfour declaration was a letter from Lord Balfour to… Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild. Researchers say that the letter was in fact WRITTEN by Lord Rothschild and his employee, the banker, Alfred Milner. Now get this. One of the most important secret societies of the 20th century is called the Round Table. It is based in Britain with branches across the world. It is the Round Table that ultimately orchestrates the network of the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and the Royal Institute of International Affairs. See my books for details. How fascinating then, that Lord Balfour was an inner circle member of the Round Table, Alfred Milner was the Round Table’s official leader after the death of Cecil Rhodes, and the Round Table was funded by Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild. These were the very three people involved in the Balfour Declaration of 1917.


The Rothschild’s accomplished their other goal, the destruction of Christian Russia, by way of the Bolshevik Revolution. As in the case of the Federal Reserve System, the basic concept was Rothschild-inspired...but it was Rockefeller muscle that made the plan a success. Having started out as Rothschild protégés, the Rockefeller Cartel had risen already to the status of partners. And during the decades that followed--especially after World War II--the Rockefellers pulled ahead and eclipsed Rothschild power on the world stage. That situation continued until the end of the 1970’s. Now, with the collapse of the family Rockefeller Dynasty, the balance between the Rockefeller and Rothschild factions is in a state of flux, with both struggling for renewed supremacy.


History books declare that Russian Czar Nicholas 2nd and his family, following the Russian Revolution, were assassinated by the Bolsheviks, July, 1918, in a basement of a house in Ekaterinburg, Siberia. By the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, arranged by Lenin, in March, 1918, the Russians ended their war with Germany enabling the Germans to devote their efforts to the Western front against U.S., France, and Great Britain. [Lenin’s elder brother was among those who assassinated Nicholas’s grandfather, 1881, Emperor Alexander 2nd.] The Treaty had a secret codicil, arranged by the Rockefellers and the Rothschild’s who financed Lenin, providing for the safe passage of the Czar and his family in exile, the Czar having abdicated the throne on behalf of himself and his young son, heir to the throne, Alexei, in the spring. By Sherman H. Skolnick


According to Thalamic legend, in 1918 Aleister Crowley came into contact with a interdimensional entity named Lam, who by the way is a dead ringer for the popular conception of the ’alien grey ’ depicted on the cover of Whitley Strieber’s Communion. From this purported encounter, some have inferred that the industrious Mr. Crowley intentionally opened a portal of entry--through the practice of a magick ritual, The Amalantrah Working--which allowed the likes of Lam and other ’alien greys’ a passageway onto the Earth plane. Furthermore, this portal may have been further enlarged by Parsons and Hubbard in 1946 with the commencement of the Babylon Working, thus facilitating a monumental paradigm shift in human consciousness.


Jean Cocteau was Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion.


The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) was created. And the Astor’s were the major financial backers of the RIIA which functions as the 4° cover of the Illuminati. For those who are new to this, the RIIA is the British equivalent to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which takes a major role in the policy making process in the U.S. Waldorf Astoria was appointed to the RIIA. Just above the CFR/RIIA are round table groups which were initially named by Cecil Rhodes as the "Association of Helpers". Cecil Rhodes set up the Rhodes Scholarships to recruit and bring top men from several nations to Oxford (President Clinton went to Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarships) to be initiated into the Illuminati and to learn about how to bring in a One-World-Government.


Prohibition. U.S. legal prevention of the manufacture, sale, or transportation of alcoholic beverages except for medicinal purposes, attempted on a national scale. This was a successful move by the Illuminati in an attempt to ratify the 18th amendment of the Constitution. This lasted till 1933.


The Versailles Peace Conference near Paris when the elite of the Round Table from Britain and the United States, people like Alfred Milner, Edward Mandel House, and Bernard Baruch, were appointed to represent their countries at the meetings which decided how the world would be changed as a result of the war these same people had created. They decided to impose impossible reparations payments on Germany, so ensuring the collapse of the post-war Weimar Republic amid unbelievable economic collapse and thus create the very circumstances that brought the Rothschild, Hitler, to power. It was while in Paris that these Illuminati, Round Table, members met at the Hotel Majestic to begin the process of creating the Bilderberg-CFR-RIIA-Trilateral Commission network. They also decided at Versailles that they now all supported the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. As I show in my books, EVERY ONE of them was either a Rothschild bloodline or was controlled by them.


Thelma Todd (John Shaw Todd’s daughter.) was known as Hot Toddy. She was an extremely sexy movie actress, but she also had another side to her. She was intimately involved with the mob, and men like Lucky Luciano. Hot Toddy was intimate with Lucky Luciano, who made money from gambling, drugs, and prostitution. Hollywood was full of murders, the weirdest sexual habits imaginable, and most of the actors were drug addicts (cocaine, heroin, and booze). That was years before these habits hit the mainstream of American life. Many actors were homosexual. Many if not most (the lists I have seen would indicate most) actors were Jewish. Charles Luciano was nicknamed Charlie Lucifer, "the devil." He was the most feared and hated of the underworld bosses. Luciano liked Toddy both because he was attracted to her and she had a restaurant he wanted to use for one of his bases of operations on the third floor for gambling. Luciano was one of the three major distributors for the Bronfman’s narcotics. The Bronfmans are outwardly Jewish and covertly Satanists. Rothstein and Meyer Lansky were the other two Bronfman distributors. (Dope. Inc., p. 431) Luciano supplied Hot Toddy with her drugs.


Emile Francis DuPont (1898- ) graduated from Yale, like a number of DuPont’s have. He was important lay person within the Episcopal church. Pierre Samuel DuPont belonged to the American Philosophical Society. He also wears the rosette of an Officer de Ia Legion d’ Honneur. (How or why he got this I haven’t found out.) He was on Delaware’s State Board of Education, 1919-21 . He was the President of General Motors from 1920-23 when he turned it over to Alfred P. Sloan, Jr. Pierre Samuel started what is called "the buddy system" where DuPont and GM’s management worked together. DuPont saved GM from extinction after W.W.I and has watched over GM since.


1. Assassination of estimated 400 German public figures begins.
2. U.S. entry into League of Nations blocked in Senate.
3. Development of modern advertising techniques emphasizing manipulation rather than information.


Ramsay McDonald--British Prime Minister during 1920s privy to insider info, and who was in favor of working with communist Russia. Ramsey McDonald was a member of the Fabian Society working for a socialist one-world government. He rubbed shoulders with Anne Besant and Clarke a disciple of llluminatus Mazzini.


1. (CFR) Council on Foreign Relations incorporated; founded by Wilsonian’s House, Dulles and company upon their return from Paris, with the help of the Round Table Group.
2. Margaret Sanger. Founded the American Birth Control League. Margaret Sanger wrote "The Pivot of Civilization" in which she called for:

"The elimination of human weeds, for the cessation of charity because it prolonged the lives of the unfit, for the segregation of morons, misfits, and the maladjusted, and for the sterilization of genetically inferior races."

3. Marconi states he believes mysterious V code on pre-WWI radio came from space; Tesla recalls seeing lights, vivid images, when he was a boy.
4. Hitler takes over the NSGWP. (National Socialist German Workers Party.)


The London Times was largely controlled by the Astor’s, and since 1922 they have owned this major source of British news.


1. King Tutankhamen’s tomb opened in Egypt, thus invoking "King Tut’s Curse"; 14 violent deaths in as many years linked to the curse.
2. Mussolini, alleged British Intelligence agent, comes to power in Italy, begins attempt to eliminate Mafia in Sicily.


This was proved in a court of law. The founders of both "faiths", the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses, were of the Illuminati bloodline. Charles Taze Russell, who founded the Watchtower Society (JWs), was of the Illuminati Russell bloodline, which also founded the infamous Skull and Bones Society at Yale University. Charles Taze Russell was a Satanist, a pedophile according to his wife, and a friend of the Rothschild’s. Indeed it was the Rothschild’s who funded the Jehovah’s Witness operation into being, along with other Illuminati bankers, through "contributions" by organizations like the Rothschild-controlled B’nai B’rith. One of the key people involved in this was Frank Goldman who later became President of B’nai B’rith. Why would an organization set up (in theory) to help Jewish people and promote the Jewish faith, be funding into existence the Jehovah’s Witnesses?? I think the name Rothschild answers the question. Russell was also a high degree Freemason and Knights Templar. He promoted Zionism, another Rothschild creation , on behalf of his friends and backers.

1923 Oct.

W. Averell Harriman, Prescott Bush, (ex president George Bush’s father), Fritz Thyssen and Friedrich Flick created several entities to help finance Hitler and to produce the weapons Hitler would need to fight W.W. II.. One of these companies was the German Steel Trust (in German called Vereinigte Stahlwerke. ) This company produced 35% of Nazi Germany’s explosives, 50.8% of Germany’s pig iron, 38.5% of Nazi Germany’s galvanized steel, 36% of Germany’s heavy plate, 22.1 % of Germany’s wire, and many other things essential for Hitler, if it had not been for Harriman’s, and Bush’s money helping. Thyssen who was Hitler’s major backer, Hitler would never had been able to have launched W.W. II. Thyssen even wrote a book in the 1930. I paid Hitler (now rare) telling about how he financed Hitler and the Nazis beginning in Oct. 1923. As I have said numerous times Hitler was of the Rothschild bloodline. It was no accident that Hitler’s Rothschild blood was hidden.


A common practice among the top 13 families is to have an important child secretly or quietly without fanfare, and adopt the child out to another family. The child then takes on another last name, which hides the genealogy, in the occult ceremonies, the biological parents will step forward. For instance, for Mothers of Darkness the biological father must impregnate the young daughter who is being initiated into the Mothers of Darkness. The first baby by the girl must come from her biological father and must be sacrificed by her to Satan. Many of the Illuminati children are adopted out, (in fact our President Clinton was). To try and trace the genealogy of the Illuminati is most difficult. What I am trying to lead up to saying is that due to a number of reasons-many people with last names which are different than the top 12 surnames (as well as the several names I’ve given for the 13th bloodline) I have given are ALSO part of the top 13 bloodlines. Last names are not the criteria, but the magical occult power in their blood is. It is more than just having the correct blood-but the magic power in that blood is critical. Once a branch loses its occult power its blood is nothing.


1. Jack Warner Founder of Warner Brothers. Leading motion-picture studio that introduced the first feature-length talking picture. Confirmed Mason.
2. Time Magazine, US weekly news magazine. Founded by Henry R. Luce, and Britton Hadden, two young Yale graduates and reporters on the Baltimore Sun. Time’s board chairman, Andrew Heiskell was associated with David Rockefeller.
3. International Police (Interpol) founded in Vienna.
4. Assassination of Pancho Villa in Mexico.
5. Founding of Hitler’s National-Socialist (Nazi) Party in Germany.


1. September 10 The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses also taught that the Great Pyramid of Egypt provided additional proof of God’s throne in the Pleiades! (The Golden Age 1924 September 10 pp. 793-794)
2. J. Edgar Hoover takes over FBI.
3. Lovecraft ghostwrites for Houdini. Houdini was a Confirmed Mason.
4. During Mars’ closest approach radios around the world went off the air in order to allow interception of any possible messages from space; when translated onto photographic tape, signals received produced crudely drawn faces.


Benjamin Creme was born. (Considered by many to be the John The Baptist for the Anti-Christ.) Even as a child, he was deeply into the occult and witchcraft. (See the official newsletter of Tara Center Emergence, Jan 1982 Issue.)

1924 July 30

Russell recommended his followers read the book, Angels and Women. He personally supervised its editing and said it was beneficial because it throws light on certain Biblical subjects. The problem with Angels and Women is it was dictated by a "fallen angel" (demon) to a woman spirit medium. ( Angels And Women. A revision of the unique novel Seola. By Mrs. J. G. Smith. Pub. By A.B.ABAC Company New York)


Second Watchtower president Joseph Rutherford concurred with Russell’s advise, because he advertised it in his magazine, Golden Age (Enochian Magick term) recommending it and offering a discount to Golden Age readers. 


Meeting of the Great Council. For thousands of years, The Plan for world domination has been passed down from occult generation to occult generation. Spaced every 28 is a Feast of the Beast, a year-long holiday during which Satanists receive new instructions from Satan on how to carry out The Plan. We read of the great holiday and its Great Councils in Externalization of the Hierarchy, when Satan’s instrument Alice Bailey writes,

"The past year... has, however, been the year in which the greatest spiritual Approach of all time has shown itself to be possible - an Approach for which the initiates and Masters have for centuries been preparing, and for which all the Wesak Festivals since the meeting of the Great Council in 1925 have been preparatory. I have, in past instructions, referred to the great meetings held at intervals by Those to Whom is entrusted the spiritual guidance of the planet and particularly of man." uyjhm7

(Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 389.)


1. Joseph Rutherford’s (Jehovah’s Witnesses) prediction for Armageddon fails.
2. Lionel Curtis organizes the Institutes of Pacific Relations in at least ten countries for the Round Table Group.


1. Rise of the CFR (Council On Foreign Relations) due to Rockefeller and other foundation funding.
2. The Crystal Skull discovered in ruins of Lubaantun in British Honduras.
3. Paul Valorous Collins. Writer, studied art in Paris, interviewed Italian strongman Benito Mussolini for Outlook Magazine. Presbyterian and a Freemason.


1. Great Depression begins.
2. When Prescott Bush (George Bush’s father) lost all his money in the 1929 stock market crash, the Harriman’s again came to financially helped Prescott Bush back on his feet.


The Fabian Socialists created the Political and Economic Planning group (PEP). Mason Viscount Waldorf Astoria was a leader of PEP. A confidential program that the PEP created and implemented through the British government was later described in a book Principles of Economic Planning in 1935. The book doesn’t explain why its cover has a ostentious Masonic square and compass displayed on its cover. George Bernard Shaw, who was a communist and Fabian Socialist was the best friend of Lady Nancy Astor, who became the first woman Member of Parliament. These two spend vast amounts of time together, much more than Nancy did with her husband Waldorf who she didn’t care to be around. Waldorf was the Mason that was mentioned earlier who helped lead PEP. After Nancy Astor was elected (or selected by the elite) to be the first lady Member of Parliament, one of the Russell lady’s soon afterwards also became an MP.


Waldorf and Nancy Astor’s visit to Russia. The Astor’s were not treated like enemies but like royalty. Can we see how the elite controlled press have deceived us? The Astor’s were good friends of Russia’s Stalin. Do not trust our Illuminati-controlled elite to protect us from communism, they control communism. Besides socialism, Nancy Astor was a big supporter of Christian Science. Christian Science was a front for witchcraft from its very beginning. Nancy Astor wrote The Natural History of the Vampire and a book on the early Mason/Communist Bakunin. She used Grenfell family papers. The Grenfell family were close friends to the Cliveden Astor’s. David Astor, (The Honorable) attended Bilderberger meetings in 1957 and 1966.


1. Mafia becomes integral part of the U.S. organized crime.
2. Vast sums of money were spent in Education by the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations. This money went to promote John Dewey, Marxism, a One-World-Government agenda, and Socialism. The foundations (principally the Rockefeller and Carnegie) stimulated two-thirds of the total endowment funding of all institutions of higher learning in America during the first third of this 20th century.
3. Continuing political assassinations accompany Nazi rise to power.
4. Margaret Sanger published "The Birth Control Review." In that magazine she openly supported the "infanticide program" promoted by Nazi Germany and publicly championed Adolf Hitler’s goal of Aryan white supremacy. In the years prior to World War II Margaret Sanger commissioned Ernst Rudin, a member of the Nazi Party, and director of the dreaded German Medical Experimentation Programs, to serve as an advisor to her organization.


The Watchtower Society, which claimed to be creationists at this time, and taught that all humans descended from Adam and Eve; making all races brothers; would seem to eschew any eugenics thinking. Creationists in general were then openly opposed to eugenics, and many atheistic evolutionists were generally supportive. Yet, the fact that the Watchtower delved into eugenics and at one time evidently supported the movement is a striking commentary on both their scientific and scriptural naiveté. For example, an article published in The Golden Age authored by a Mr. MacArthur, the secretary of The American Eugenics Society, was written at the Watchtower’s request. The Watchtower expected that this article would meet "with hearty approval by many of our readers." It begins by noting that many social problems exist; and in spite of laudatory efforts to alleviate these, "we do not seem to be making very marked progress."


The solution, the author concludes, is not because we are at the end of the system of things, an answer one might expect from a Watchtower publication, but because "modern science has put into our hands [the] means of preventing much of this suffering. The study of human heredity reveals the possibility of... eugenics, the science which deals with the conscious direction of human existence" The author concludes that we can take a lesson from domestic animals and the fact that "blood tells." All we have to do is identify the

"families cursed with a hereditary of shiftlessness, lack of foresight, and indifference to the rights of others" and then do something (such as forced sterilization) to prevent these families from producing a "horde of inferior human beings"

(Anonymous. 1930. "Sterilization of the Unfit." The Golden Age, November 12, p. 116)


The Infamous Tuskegee Study. Occultic population control. U.S. Public Health Service recruited 400 syphilis-infected black men. The participants were all told that they would be treated for their infections, but instead of treating their illness, all medicines were withheld. The black men were then actively prevented from obtaining treatment elsewhere as their bodies, and the bodies of their wives and children, were systematically ravaged by disease. Margaret Sanger’s ideas had already begun to infect the minds and souls of physicians and scientists here in America. According to Margaret Sanger’s sense of morality, experiments on "human weeds" were fully justified in the name of "science." The evil men who conceived that Nazi-style study justified their atrocity by alleging that scientists needed to learn how untreated syphilis progressed in the human body. This study lasted until 1972.


On a trip to Egypt Alfred L. DuPont found a dog he named Mummy that was his familiar spirit. In the biography about Alfred which I read it said,

"Alfred had scored over his sister Marguerite. Let her collect Virginia ghosts if she wanted them. Only he had a reincarnated Egyptian mascot who could produce wonders as great as those of Aladdin’s genie."

(Alfred DuPont by Joseph F. Wail, p. 593)

Alfred L DuPont himself wrote this in a letter to the Rev. Baker P. Lee (23 May ‘32) about his familiar spirit, "I have one or two more jobs for Mummy and then I will give her a vacation before I put her to work again." (He wrote at least one other letter where he talks about the magical powers of his dog. which was his familiar spirit. Mrs. Cazenove Lee, Jr. got a letter mentioning Mummy’s powers too.) Alfred died in 1935. Ed Bali du Pont and Jessie Ball du Pont (his widow) took over control of his estate. Ed Bali increased the Alfred L. DuPont’s fortune and became the most powerful man in Florida. Ed Bali’s wealth passed the Billion dollar mark in the 50s or 60s. In the late 1960s, political enemies were able to attack the wealth of Ed Bali with new legislation and some investigation of the misuse of his money hidden in the foundations in 1981.


Edward S. Van Duyn (1872 - 1955) founded the Planned Parenthood Center of Syracuse, New York. Planned Parenthood Federation of America was an Illuminati inspired organization that was set up to accomplish several objectives. The organization’s own stated purpose is very revealing:

"To provide leadership: making effective means of voluntary fertility regulation, including contraception, abortion, sterilization, and infertility services, available and fully accessible to all as a central element of reproductive health; stimulating and sponsoring relevant biomedical, socioeconomic, and demographic research; developing appropriate information, education, and training programs to increase knowledge about human reproduction and sexuality."

Planned Parenthood Federation of America has about 190 affiliated organizations and actively promotes its agenda all over the world. It operates about 900 centers in the U.S. It maintains a 5,000 volume library on abortion, sterilization, and population control. One of its leaders Alan F. Guttmacher signed the Humanist Manifesto, and the president Faye Wattleton was awarded "Humanist of the year" in 1986. Both hate Christians.


1. Reichstag Fire, set by Nazis, used to suspend civil liberties.
2. Attempted assassination of Franklin Roosevelt; Chicago mayor Cermak killed instead.
3. Darryl F. Zanuck. Co-founder of 20th Century Productions. Confirmed Mason.


Marriner S. Eccles, of an old elite family, and a Mormon (and an Illuminatus) became Sec. of the Treasury in 1934, and was chairman of the Federal Reserve Board from 34-51.


1. Assassination of S.M. Kirov, Soviet leader and Stalin collaborator.
2. Beginning of Hitler’s Black Order.


1. Assassination of Senator Huey Long.
2. First lobotomy performed by Egas Moniz in Lisbon.


Beginning of Moscow Purge trials in which numerous communist leaders were brainwashed into false confessions and then executed.


1. Spanish Civil War begins.
2. First of 48 "Lost Colony" stones found in North Carolina; stones supposedly tell the story of lost Roanoke Island colony.
3. Amelia Earhart Putnam, aviator, disappears, over the the South Pacific, with Fred Noonan her navigator, two-thirds of the distance in her attempt to fly around the world.


1. Assassination of Leon Sedov, Trotsky’s son; first assassination attempt against Trotsky.
2. Nazi invasion of Austria.
3. Interpol exiled, or taken over by Nazis.
4. German expedition to Antarctica stakes out 600,000 square kilometers of land near the South Pole.
5. Electroshock treatment discovered.
6. Orson Wells dramatization of H. G. Wells (Confirmed Mason) War of the Worlds scares American radio listeners.

( It is my opinion that H. G. Well’s broadcast was a test of the American public for the coming deception, performed by the power elites). See also: Cosmic Conflict Defined: Introduction


Felix Frankfurter, Associate Justice Supreme Court of the U.S. Unknown Mason Status. Nominated by Mason President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Felix Franfurter was a well known friend of Joseph Kennedy, (John F. Kennedy’s father), and Charles Taze Russell, founder of the Watchtower and Bible Tract Society, known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses. A well known case for Felix was West Virginia State Board of Education vs. Barnette (1943) (Joseph Rutherford is in charge of the Witnesses at this time) which the court declared unconstitutional a state requirement that school children, including Jehovah’s Witnesses, salute the U.S. flag.


1. Attorney Leon Cooke, friend of Jack Ruby and financial secretary of the union which employed Ruby, killed by union president Jack Martin; union subsequently taken over by Mafia.
2. League of Nations suspended.
3. Germany invades Poland; World War II begins.
4. CFR offers it services to U.S. State Dept.
5. Interpol grouped with Gestapo.
6. Amateur radio astronomer Grote Reber receives dot-dash signal from space.
7. Attempted assassination of Hitler.


The present government of Germany has declared emphatically against Big Business oppressors and in opposition to the wrongful religious influence in the political affairs of the nation. Such is exactly our position: Instead of being against the principles advocated by the government of Germany, we stand squarely for such principles and point out that Jehovah God through Christ Jesus will bring about the full realization of these principles. Joseph Franklin Rutherford (Watchtower And Bible Tract Society) Sleeping with the Enemy: Watchtower Style


McGeorge Bundy went to Yale where he was initiated into the Skull & Bones. McGeorge then went to Harvard. After this McGeorge joined the army as a private. Very few privates ever achieve the rate of promotion that McGeorge received. Within a year after joining as a private, McGeorge was promoted to captain. Not only was he made a captain he was placed on staff to plan the logistics and other details of the invasion of Sicily and the Normandy Invasion. That is honestly fantastic. How can a greenhorn without experience have the experience to know how much supplies, etc. are needed for a certain operation? Bear in mind, that these calculations are for battles in which the wrong combination of supplies could mean death or defeat for a unit. (Antony C. Sutton does an excellent job in his book on the Skull & Bones Order in describing how McGeorge Bundy received preferential treatment all through his life. Consistently, McGeorge Bundy got jobs for which there were thousands of better candidates.) As Sutton points out on pg. 51, Can a 23-year. old, with no military experience, undertake planning for amphibious operations? The answer is obviously no, even if his father (Harvey Hollister Bundy Sr.) is in the Pentagon as an aide to the Secretary of War (The Order).


Winston Churchill. England’s Secretary of war, held a seat on Parliament, and Prime Minister. Confirmed Mason, and a Druid. Good friends included Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Kennedy ( John F. Kennedy’s father), Aristotle Onassis (whom Jackie Kennedy married in 1968), and the reverend Billy Graham, also a confirmed Mason. (Albion Lodge of the Anc, Order of Druids at Blenheim, 15 Aug. 1908.)


1. Assassination of Leon Trotsky in Mexico.
2. British secret police renamed MI-5 and MI-6 for duration of war.
3. Interpol moved to near Berlin, with Reinhard Heydrich in charge.
4. Nazis allegedly begin building Hitler’s secret hideout in Antarctica.
5. Roosevelt sends Gen. "Wild Bill" Donovan on info-gathering mission to Europe; Donovan recommends a central intelligence organization.
6. U.S. State Dept. creates Division of Special Research headed by CFR member Pasbolsky.


1. Japan attacks U.S. Fleet at Pearl Harbor, allegedly through the maneuvering of Roosevelt and his advisors to provide an excuse to enter the war.
2. Donovan made head of new Office of Coordinator of Information.
3. William Averell Harriman. Son of railroad magnate E. H. Harriman. Went on his first diplomatic mission in when President Franklin Roosevelt sent him to Britain to expedite U.S. lend-lease aid.


Harvey Hollister Bundy Sr. was one of the most key figures In the supervision of the Manhattan Project developing the Atom bomb. He was the key Pentagon man. He did liaison work between the War Dept. and Office of Scientific Research and Development.



1. Assassination of Interpol chief Heydrich in Czechloslavakia.
2. Donovan’s OCI evolves into the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).
3. Nathan Knorr assumes control of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.


There are some powerful Stewarts (also spelled Stuart) in the Illuminati today, some who are friends with the Rockefeller’s. At least one Stewart intermarried with a Rockefeller. Another Stewart has family members who own a series of theaters in California which have secret tunnels to day care centers so that children can be ritually abused and programmed. (This Stewart had a father in Satanism who was associated with the Hungarian palace.) James C. Stewart, a member of the Illuminati, built the Mormon’s capital building in Salt Lake City, 60 Wall Tower in NY, and the Savoy Hotel in London that the Illuminati use for their Pilgrim Society headquarters. James belonged to the Pilgrim Soc. too. Now that the reader knows this, he or she will understand why this author did a double take when I ran across Stewart McDonald, who was the director of Savoy Plaza Hotel, in New York. a place frequented by the elite. Stewart McDonald was president of Army War Shows in ’42-’43.


Nathan Knorr assumes control of The Watchtower And Bible Tract Society. "I was just one of many "new-boys" who had arrived to work. I soon learned that the only reason Knorr would know anyone by name was if they were in trouble. Knorr was a cold businessman with little personality and little regard for other people’s problems. He had little patience and ruled with an iron fist. Most Bethel staff members were terrified of him." WATCHTOWER PRESIDENT


The Watchtower completely reverse’s their stand on Eugenics. Partly because it became clear that, determining who should be sterilized or prevented from interbreeding was very difficult (Consolation, Oct. 28, 1942:12). They even admitted that the Nazi techniques were "very much like the breeding and raising of of livestock" (p. 12) and likely were appalled at this degradation of humans. When the Nazis began to sterilize women who had every imaginable problem; even color blindness. The Watchtower finally realized how anti-Biblical the philosophy advocated by many eugenicists was. They then realized that "demons, not men," pursued policies that they themselves once approved of! (Consolation, Oct. 28, 1942:13).


William A. Harriman. Serves as U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union.


1. LSD-25 discovered by Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann.
2. Nazi Admiral Doenitz boasts the German submarine fleet has built "in another part of the world a Shangri-La on land, an impregnable fortress." Juan Peron and other pro-Nazi leaders take power in Argentina.
3. Pilots on both sides of the war report seeing "foo-fighters," unexplained flying objects, while flying war missions.


1. Attempted assassination of Hitler. Nazis begin sending millions of dollars worth of jewels, paintings and cash to Argentina for safe keeping.
2. Russian NKVD reorganized as MGB.
3. Donovan prepares plan for Roosevelt to establish a central intelligence agency which is pigeonholed, later reconsidered by Truman.
4. American band leader Glenn Miller disappears on unarmed flight over the English Channel.
5. Nathan Knorr. Assumes control of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. (Jehovah’s Witnesses)


1. Alleged assassination (suicide) of James Forrestal at Bethesda Hospital Neurological Ward, after his attempt to warn Roosevelt of Illuminati plot.
2. Mussolini killed.
3. Hitler allegedly escapes from Berlin after arranging for a fake suicide cover story; Hitler’s death announced, Admiral Doenitz takes command; submarines U-530, U-977 and others begin secret journey from Norway soon after Quisling allegedly refused Hitler’s offer to take him "aboard a submarine to a safe refuge"; two months after Germany surrenders submarines U-530 and U-977 give themselves up in Mar del Plata, Argentina, after allegedly being lost from the submarine convoy taking Hitler and others to their hideout in Antarctica; Nazi leader Martin Bormann escapes without a trace from Berlin after supervising Hitler’s "suicide."
4. End of WWII. Adolf Hitler has succeeded in killing 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. What you probably have never been told, however, that in addition to the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis, somewhere between 7 and 12 million non-Jews were also ruthlessly liquidated in Hitler’s Germany? The Population Control Agenda
5. First atomic bombs dropped.
6. General Gehlen, Head of Nazi Intelligence, captured by U.S. Army and flown to Washington; other Nazi and British agents imported to U.S., along with Werner Von Braun and other developers of the V-2 rockets.
7. OSS disbanded, its agents moving to military intelligence agencies and the State Dept.
8. CFR allegedly takes over State Dept. United Nations founded.
9. "Official beginning of Bermuda Triangle mystery," when Flight 19, made up of five naval bombers, disappears off the coast of Florida; another plane sent to investigate also disappears -- 6 planes and 27 men vanished.
10. An Air Force plane’s engines fail over Iwa Jima as foo-fighters maneuver around it.


William A. Harriman. Serves as ambassador to Great Britain.


Charles Luciano (Hot Toddy’s boyfriend.) worked for the U.S. government during W.W. II, and in 1946 was deported to Sicily. During W.W.II, Luciano work for US. Intelligence-SOE and OSS. After being "deported" to Sicily, Luciano continued to work for US. Intelligence and Permindex (Dope. Inc., p. 483)-which is the elite’s assassination bureau which later moved the center of its headquarters to Paradise Island in the Grand Bahamas. (Dope. Inc., p.493) (It seems to me that Luciano had connections to Onassis.) I noticed that there was a man named Collins who was involved with the Illuminati’s movements to take over the Australian economy. He was an executive of H. W. Smith, one of those companies that interlock with the CIA, mob, and Illuminati. As you may realize, I offer these types of clues because I can’t presume on the future and hope that others will assist in putting together the pieces of how widespread the satanic Collins family is.


1. Murder of wire service king James Ragen by Syndicate friends of Jack Ruby; indictment dropped following additional murders.
2. John Kennedy and Richard Nixon elected to House of Representatives.
3. Truman’s executive order sets up the National Intelligence Authority and Central Intelligence Group.
4. Interpol reorganization meeting held in Brussels.
5. Admiral Byrd allegedly leads Naval "research" expedition to Antarctica to attack Hitler’s secret hideout; attempt allegedly fails and Hitler and his "UFO scientists" continue their activities.
6. Waves of unexplained "ghost rockets" seen in Europe, especially Scandinavia.


Institute for Sex Research. A non profit corporation affiliated with Indiana University, Bloomington. Founded in 1947 by Alfred C. Kinsey. Kinsey produced the following works. (1948) Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. (1953) Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. (1958) Pregnancy, Birth and Abortion. (1965) Sex Offenders: An Analysis of Type. This research was funded by National Research Council, and The Rockefeller Foundation.


William P. Bundy (father was Harvey Hollister Bundy Sr.) started out his career working for Covington & Burling which is a firm that represents many of the Illuminati in Washington, D.C. Covington & Burling appears to have been a conduit for the Illuminati to create a left-wing political movement in the US. (Read Anthony Sutton’s book America’s Secret Establishment An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones.)



1. Attempted assassination of Minneapolis Mayor Hubert Humphrey.
2. Partition of India receives "strong impetus from the Round Table Group.
3. " National Security Act establishes Dept. of Defense, National Security Council and Central Intelligence Agency.
4. France creates SDECE, similar to CIA.
5. Second UFO flap year; Kenneth Arnold reports flying saucers near Yakima, Washington, and other reports soon follow.


William A. Harriman. Serves as secretary of commerce.


Thomas E. Dewey, loosing running mate for the Presidency (R) Confirmed Mason.


1. Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.
2. Attempted assassination of labor leader Walter Reuther.
3. Beginning of Operation Ohio, a CIA program responsible for one hundred European assassinations during the next ten years.
4. World Council of Churches founded in Amsterdam.


One of the most remarkable cases of mind control involves a famous model of the late 40’s and 50’s named Candy Jones. In the book, "The Control of Candy Jones" the author reviewed hours of tapes made by Candy Jones and her husband which revealed a systematic program to create and manipulate alter personalities as the foundation for programmed couriers resistant to torture, where the primary personality would not even be aware of the secret information being carried. The information could be summoned forth via a post-hypnotic command or response to a pre-programmed cue.


McGeorge Bundy was invited to Harvard University to teach as an assistant professor and in four years is made the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard! How does anyone become Dean of a prestigious University department after four years of teaching. Not only has McGeorge been treated as if he is an instant military genius, an economic whiz, now he is head of the arts and sciences.


U.S. Army begins 20 years of simulated germ warfare attacks against American cities, conducting at least 239 open air tests. The Population Control Agenda Pt.2


1. Congress passes McCarran’s Internal Security Act setting up program for detention of subversives.
2. U.S. Army engages in "simulated" germ warfare in San Francisco and the Pentagon.
3. National Council of Churches founded in U.S.
4. Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky proposes a catastrophic theory of ancient history in which a huge "comet" of matter is ripped out of Jupiter, approaches Earth close enough to cause universal fire/flood legends in primitive folklore and then settles into orbit as a new planet, Venus; Velikovsky receives ridicule and contempt from his fellow scientists, thought 20 years later Jupiter is generally considered a "cold star" rather than a planet and Velikovsky’s prediction of a hot climate on Venus is confirmed.
5. Approximate starting date of building of Mount Weather, secret American government fortress.


William P. Bundy quit Covington & Burling to begin openly working for the CIA as an analyst, and then as assistant to the deputy director of the CIA. His job as assistant required him to get a Atomic Energy Clearance.


John Garwin McDonald--oil executive John Warlick McDonald, Jr. (1922-) llluminati member, lives in Arlington, VA. was with the U.S. Supreme Court 1951, was with the U S Military Govt. running Occupied German after W W Il--see the Krupp Illuminati family article in this newsletter. Worked with NATO, CENTO, CA, National War College, the UN, the State Dept., went to numerous (almost countless) UN conferences for the U.S. He was the U. S’s coordinator for the UN’s Drinking water work. He is a member of the Cosmos Club, and the Club of Rome.


Harvey Hollister Bundy Sr. took over the Carnegie Endowment for Peace from John Foster Dulles. The Carnegie Endowment for Peace has been a major vehicle for the Illuminati to finance tax free various projects. Harvey got the job at Carnegie because Alger Hiss had been convicted of perjury. John Foster Dulles was on record recommending Alger Hiss to replace himself. (See Eleanor, Allen. and John Foster Dulles and Their Family Network by Leonard Mosley, p. 311.) The men who run the various Carnegie Foundations work with the Rockefellers.


Before becoming Grand Master of Prieure de Sion in 1981, Plantard de Saint-Clair transferred 100 million francs worth of gold igots to Switzerland to the Union des Banques Suisses. When this was publicly revealed, he said that it was a legitimate move made for the French government.

1952, in Paris

Billy Graham and another evangelist had dinner with two prostitutes and each one took one of them home. Billy Graham had a wife and children at home, so the whole affair was totally improper for an evangelist even if Billy Graham didn’t have sex with the woman. He told his friend only that the prostitute had taken off her clothes and he’d gotten scared and come back to their hotel room. See Frady, Marshall. Billy Graham, A Parable of American Righteousness. Boston: Little, Brown & Co., p.169-170.


Joe McCarthy had caught onto the New World Order. Although the history books and papers report that he was "commie" hunting, If one reads Joe McCarthy’s own words it is clear he was gunning for the New World Order. Senator Joe McCarthy subpoenaed William P. Bundy to testify. The Senator knew he could expose a great deal if William P. Bundy was questioned, eyen if he might try to lie. The calling card to get the subpoena was the fact that William had donated at least $500 to help communist spy Hiss defend himself. Hiss’s brother Donald worked for Covington & Burling when William was there, and Alger had worked at the firm William’s Dad had worked at. McCarthy sent down many subpoenas but Allen Dulles, who was part of the llluminati and the CIA director ignored the subpoenas, and eventually was able to get William P. out of the country so that he would not have to face McCarthy’s questions.


The State Dept. was going to arrest William P. at the dock as he was trying to escape on the Queen Mary, but Alien Dulles was able to get the State Dept. to call off the arrest, and William P. Bundy sailed. McCarthy wrote Allen Dulles, "I note your refusal to give us any answers to our questions. Your insistence is very revealing. It would seem that the last man in the world who would try to protect and hide the facts about one of his top officer’s [Bundy] association with, and contributions to, a convicted traitor would be the head of the CIA. I think it necessary for me to call your attention to the tremendous damage you thereby do to this organization. That the matter cannot and will not rest here is, of course, obvious." (A Biography of Eleanor. Allen. and John Foster Dulles and their family network by Leonard Mosley, p.322) Lou Russell who was an important figure in the House of Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) was part of the Illuminati power structure. This is something one wouldn’t expect. It appears like some of the men McCarthy thought were on his side weren’t.


While the Hiss/Bundy affair led to McCarthy (a genuine patriot) being killed and discredited, someone else who was a socialist of the CFR was given wide publicity as an anti-communist hero from what happened to Hiss. Funny how the credit is distributed by the establishment media. This socialist was Richard Nixon (CFR). He was given false credit for convicting Hiss (CFR) to build a false public image as an anti-communist crusader. Nixon did not do the footwork etc., to get Hiss convicted contrary to the false image the establishment newspapers and history books give. It is Lou Russell who helped Nixon get Hiss convicted. Was McCarthy and Hiss used? It appears so. John Smith now puts out the theory contained in his book Alger Hiss: The True Story which claims Alger Hiss was framed. So we have come full circle.


The communist agent that almost ruined William P. Bundy’s career, because Bundy was Alger Hiss’s and Donald Hiss’s friend, is now exonerated by a book written by an establishment researcher. Later, protected by his "anti-communist" mask, Nixon would recognize Red China, among many other pro-communist NWO acts. By trying to subject a member of one of the top 13 Illuminati families to Congressional questioning, McCarthy had signed his death warrant. It was not long before the Illuminati killed McCarthy. And they have dragged this great patriot’s name through the mud. Skull and Bones George Bush was still taking pot shots at Joe McCarthy during the 1992 Presidential campaign.


Reverend Sun Myung Moon founded The Unification Church. Moon sees Christian churches as furthering Satan’s power. Moon also states, "When Jesus grew up he failed as a leader because he was unable to love his disciples enough to motivate them to kill for him or die in his place." Moon claims he is the new Messiah and Korea is God’s chosen nation. Unification Church ,Rev. Sun Myung Moons fingers are messing with the media, through his ownership of the Washington Times; with politics, through the American Freedom Coalition, a well-funded conservative group; and with business, through various real-estate, commercial-fishing, video and auto-parts ventures His manipulation of political affairs go way beyond treason. Frontline * THE MOONIES


The man who ran security for the Sacramento Crusade saw a high-priced hooker sneak into Billy Graham’s room prior to him going out for the Crusade. Billy Graham and this high priced hooker were alone together in the room, It is this type of thing that has opened Billy Graham up to blackmail. Should Graham ever try to stray from the proper course set for him by the Illuminati, they have plenty of ammunition to blackmail him.


This is a meeting that is held twice yearly, and to which the Rothschild’s and all the mother families attend. (It comes via an ex-insider who is now a Christian.) The meeting is inside a big room, and the Grande Mother on the throne was a Collins. The Collins family has been kept out of the limelight because they have more occult power than the Rothschild’s or the Rockefeller’s. To make money this Collins family does something financially, such as deal with the exchange of money. I’ve noticed that numerous Collins have been Insurance Executives, and although I haven’t exposed the connections between Insurance Companies and the NWO, there is a book out which shows how that most insurance companies are connected and under the guidance of the NWO elite. The Grande Mother Collins dressed in black has an ebony and gold moon shaped throne that she can automatically rotate by pushing a pedal with her foot. Behind her sits the Grand Council with 13 members. The difference between this council in 1955 is that it was all males, while the council in 1978 has several women on it.

The Grande Mother, a Collins woman was thought to be in her middle 50’s at the time of this meeting, she had a deep dictatorial voice, was small in stature, and was very powerful. She was decked out on her throne with a great deal of jewelry. One of the first things done was to lay before her feet small gold bricks (shaped like small bricks and made of pure gold). Two boys, who were taken to be her sons, one of whom was Tom Collins, (Tom was later gunned down by the Illuminati) were near her throne. As only the most honored and powerful dared be in the vicinity of her throne, this showed that these two Collins boys were powerful. The boys passed out papers, which had time tables written on them of things that were to happen. A great discussion was carried on about what had happened in the world to bring in Satan’s One-World-Government during the last six months and what was prepared to happen in the near future. Things that had not gone according to plan were discussed. The Ark of the Covenant was discussed, where it was hidden in Africa, and a ritual mocking the Ark of the Covenant was held.

Seven children in white were brought in from generational Satanic families and presented before Grande Mother Collins. They laid prostrate in worship of her. She would move her scepter with a snake up and down striking the floor to show approval of a child candidate. Then 7 other children were sacrificed for the 7 approved children, one for each child, whose name would then be written with a quill using the sacrificed child’s blood. The children were given oaths. The Grande Mother rotated her throne and faced the Council of 13 and declared (speaking in English) "This is tomorrow’s generation, a chosen few." The John the Baptist of the Anti-Christ put in an appearance, but the anti-Christ at that time was not born or only a tiny baby. Was this Benjamin Creme? The ex-insider didn’t learn the name of this John the Baptist forerunner of the Anti-Christ. However, the descriptions of this occult John the Baptist do match Benjamin Creme.


Several men associated with the Prieure de Sion obtained some old parchments two of which gave the Merovingian genealogies, and they used the british Notary of Royal Appointment Patrick Francis Jourdan Freeman (that’s one name) in relation to a request to the French government to take the old documents to London, England where they were kept at 39 Great Russell St. Later P.F.J. Freeman was used again the next year to request that the documents be allowed to stay in England to be held in a safe deposit box at Lloyd’s Bank of Europe in London. One of the men involved went by the name Captain Ronald Stansmore Nutting of London (born in Dublin, IR) who is reported by reliable sources to have been in British Intelligence MI5, and had sat on the board of directors of at least 14 companies, including Arthur Guinness and Guardian Assurance. He was chairman of the board of the British and Irish Steam Packet Company. He was also governor of the Bank of Ireland. One of Guardian Assurance’s departmental chairmen was also an MIS operative besides Capt. Nutting. Another P. D. S. member who was with Nutting was Viscount Frederick Leathers, who was British Minister of War Transport during W.W. II. Viscount Leathers had a business associate and longtime friend Sir William Stephenson, who was the wartime chief for MI6’s American branch office called BSC (British Security Coordination) in New York.


Another friend of Leathers was Connop Guthrie also headed BSC for MI-6 in New York. Guthrie was a shipping executive. Due to internal trouble in the Prieure de Sion that resulted from a rule that members had to place a birth certificate and signature with the Priory, an English faction created forgeries of birth certificates and signatures and in secret protest sent these as originals to France. PJ. Freeman then got involved in this act of defiance. Another division occurred between the French members and the Brit.-American members. The French wanted more of a role and some type of restoration of the monarchy in a United Europe. The Amer.-British members who far outnumbered the few french wanted to skip the monarchy idea. The Vatican and the Prieure de Sion (P.d.S. - my personal abbreviation) work together. Apparently, the Vatican is given some type of minor kickback for their cooperation. John Drick, A. Robert Abboud, and Gaylord Freeman were three members of the Prieure de Sion that were associated with the First National Bank of Chicago. John Drick had started as an assistant cashier in 1944 and became a vice-president three years later.


Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship (SFF) in Independence, MO. is founded. They claim to be Christians, but teach and practice other things. They teach and practice the occult. Two prominent men in SFF are Marcus Bach and Gardner Murphy. They both have interesting backgrounds. Marcus Bach shows the touch of the Rockefellers. Marcus Bach, born in 1906, is director of special projects for SFF. The Rockefeller Foundation granted him a fellowship in "research and creative writing" from 1934-36. Gardner Murphy was the consultant in 1950 for UNESCO in New Delhi to the Hindus of the Indian Ministry of Education. From 52-68 he was director of research at the Menninger Foundation, Topeka, KS. (Yes, psychology is led mainly by occultists!)

1957 Mar.

A wing or branch of the Illuminati under Onassis (commonly known as the mob or mafia) kidnapped the upstart billionaire and genius Howard Hughes. The Illuminati uses what is called Hegelian philosophy. A thesis is set up. An antithesis (the opposite of the thesis) is then set up, and then out of the conflict of the two comes the synthesis. Hegelian philosophy is really a fancy term for what the Illuminati were doing before the term was invented. To bring this all down to street terms, the Illuminati’s Mafia (yes the Illuminati created and runs the Mafia) would send businessmen a letter demanding money and signed with the imprint of a black hand. (This was the thesis). If the demand wasn’t met then the business would be burned or the businessman hurt. Then the Mafia would introduce themselves as potential protectors for the businessman from the black hand extortionists (themselves). (This is the antithesis). And when the businessman begins paying the Mafia for protection that is the synthesis.


The llluminati are doing this tactic all over the world, and it certainly has almost everyone fooled. Mafia strongman Sam Giancana (birth name Momo Salvatore Guingano) had a girlfriend Judith Exner that J.F. Kennedy (a member of one of the top 13 Illuminati families) spent regular time with sexually. Giancana also had a friend named Robert Mayheu who worked under Stavros Niarchos of the Onassis family. Stavros Niarchos is a Bilderberger and a nephew of Aristotle Onassis. The Onassis family, - of the top 13 llluminati families, runs the Mafia. Robert Mayheu worked for Giancana and the CIA. Why was a CIA agent willing to help Giancana? Well as I indicated in other places the CIA is run by the top Illuminati families, and so is the Mafia. This CIA agent, or Mafia man, or Illuminati henchman whatever you want to call Robert Mayheu shows up in the details of the Kennedy Assassination and the kidnapping of billionaire Howard Hughes. Robert Mayheu and other men like him had infiltrated Howard Hughes organization prior to the kidnapping. Now do you see what happens to competition to the Illuminati Top 13 families. Either you join the them, or you are destroyed. Satan must keep his organization intact.


From the best inside information I have obtained concerning this area of Illuminati activity, apparently two -who were look-alike to Howard Hughes were used. The reason two were used will be explained. First, because the "Howard Hughes" (actually L Wayne Rector) who on rare occasions showed himself, was a fake the Illuminati wanted to keep him out of the public eye as much as possible, so it made sense to have another double. The natural story was that because Howard Hughes was so reclusive, he had hired Hollywood actor Brooks Randall to be his double to keep newsmen, and other snoops from following him. When Howard Hughes (L. Wayne Rector) would go out, then the decoy (Brooks Randall) would be employed to keep photographers, process servers and private detectors away from the Illuminati’s real "Howard Hughes" (L. Wayne Rector). It was Robert Mayheu that hired Brooks Randall.


And working with Mayheu and somewhat over Robert Mayheu was Eric Bundy was given oversight of the day to day operations involving the control of their prisoner Howard Hughes, who most likely died in 1971, and whose public death was 1975. For those wanting an official "paper trail" see Senate Report No. 94-465 entitled "Alleged Assassination Plots involving Foreign Leaders", 11/20/75, p. 74 where Mayheu’s role is talked about in the death of Onassis. One of Mayheu’s top men was Lou Russell, who- besides working for Mayheu, the CIA, the Onassis family-was the person who handled the security and investigative needs of the Republican National Committee (RNC), and Russell was with the company that provided security for the Watergate complex when it was burglarized. The Russell family is a top 13 family.


Benjamin Creme (Considered by many to be the John The Baptist for the Anti-Christ.), claims that he telepathically received a message from his Master, a member of the (demonic) hierarchy. Creme calls these master spirits simply the hierarchy, Christians know it is the demonic hierarchy. Because all these things are planned out well in advance, it would have been very appropriate if Creme had been at a high level planning meeting in 1955.


Vice-pres. of the Sinclair Oil & Gas Co. in Tulsa in ’59-’61 was Marshall McDonald, who was an active Freemason who married into the Collins family. Note that the cities/towns Tulsa, Wagoner, Muskogee, and Broken Arrow in Oklahoma are totally controlled by the Illuminati.


William P. Bundy while still with the CIA was placed as the Staff Director of the new Presidential Commission on National Goals. If national goals are seriously being set, then that implies that something is happening above and beyond the American people voting at the voting booths, congressmen voting at the Capital, and the market place simply functioning. Indeed there is a guiding hand behind events which is taking us down a preplanned route to achieve Illuminati goals. Bundy’s Commission on National Goals set down goals that are Hegelian philosophy. The goals state that the individual has a duty to advance the will of the state, and that the state "is to stimulate changes of attitude.

"The American citizen in the years ahead ought to devote a larger portion of his time and energy directly to solution of the nation’s problems, many ways are open for citizens to participate in the attainment of national goals."

(America’s Secret Establishment. p.50)


One Van Duyn was reported by an NSA informant to have been the liaison officer between MI6, the CIA, Mossad, and the Vietnamese government during the 1960s.


A group of environmentalists and population-control adherents. They set out to block the use of DDT for mosquito and malaria control after it had been found that the insecticide was extremely effective in saving human lives. Alexander King, president of the Club of Rome, wrote,

"My own doubts came when DDT was introduced. In Guyana, within two years, it had almost eliminated malaria. So my chief quarrel with DDT, in hindsight, is that it has greatly added to the population problem." The Population Control Agenda


Some of the Reynolds family have written occult books. I don’t know how all the people mentioned in this section are related, but some or all of these people may relate to the Satanic Reynold’s bloodline. One of the important ecumenical Christian leaders is Frank E. Reynolds who is an American Baptist Minister (ordained 1955, Program dir. Student Christian Ctr. Bangkok, Thailand, Minister for Chicago Ecumenical Ministries ‘61-‘64.) Frank E. Reynolds has been trying to introduce Buddhism to America. He and his wife Mani have written a number of books to introduce and teach Buddhism to Americans. Many of the Reynolds have been Episcopalians. Remember the Episcopalian Church is run by Freemasons and is thoroughly sold out to the occult. One of my Monarch survivors vividly recalls a human sacrifice done at the altar of an Episcopalian church. Anyway, getting back to the names of some Reynolds who have written occult books,

  • Barrio Gordon Robert Reynolds--author of Magic. Divination & Witchcraft among the Barotse of Northern Rhodesia (1963)

  • Charles R. Reynolds w/ Regina Reynolds--authors of One Hundred Years of Magic Posters (1977)

  • David K. R. Reynolds--author of Naikan Psychotherapy: Meditation for Self-Development pub. by Chicago Press.

  • Denise AR. Reynolds--Sensitive Thoughts for the New Wave Soul.

  • Mani R Reynolds w/ her husband--Three Worlds According to King Ruana: A Thai Buddhist Cosmology Frank E. Reynolds--Guide To Buddhist Religion

  • Jane Reynolds--Cosmobiology

  • Lloyd J. K.-- Mv Dear Runemeister: A Voyage Through the Alphabet


McGeorge Bundy becomes the National Security Advisor. He is the Special Assistant for National Security Affairs to the President. This gives him great control over what the Presidents are told. For instance on pages 177-178, (Anthony Sutton’s book America’s Secret Establishment An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones.) Sutton quotes a conversation between McGeorge Bundy, Dean Achison (Scroll & Key-another llluminati initiation point), and President Kennedy recorded in a memorandum. President Kennedy is lead to believe that the United States has deserted its ally of Portugal to aid nationalists in Angola, when in fact the US. was supporting Marxist guerrillas (that is communist guerrillas).


David George McDonald--Did secret medical & psychological research including secret research for the Neuropsychiatrical Research Unit in San Diego for the U.S. Navy in ‘62-63.


With Cocteau’s death, Gaylord Freeman, helped by Antonio Merzagora and Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair, governed the Prieure de Sion.


John Cecil McDonald (1924-) --32° Freemason, Shriner, National Republican Chairman, on the Court of U.S. Military Appeals, delegate to Rep. Nat. Convention in ‘64, ‘72, ’76, ’80, ‘84


The Jesuit General exercises full and complete power over the Order. He meets with his provincials. When they decide to start a war or an agitation, he gets the information from the provincial of that country, how best to go about this, the demeanor of the people, and then he uses legitimate grievances to foam an agitation—like the 1964 Civil Rights Movement. That was ALL a Jesuit agitation, completely, because the end result was more consolidation of power in Washington with the 1964 Civil Rights Act that was written by [the longtime President of the University of Notre Dame, the Reverend] Theodore Hesburgh. The Black Pope


Anton LaVey. Founded the Church of Satan, and was into Satanism before the 1960’s. Good friend of John F. Kennedy. Among his followers were, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, (was a participant in LaVay’s satanic rituals before LaVey founded his Church of Satan), Jane Mansfield, (was a high priestess of the Church of Satan), and Zsa Zsa Gabor (has been interested for years in the occult), which were ALSO girlfriends of Anton LaVey. Kennedy also had long term sexual relationships with these women. It is those relationships which reveal so much about the hidden Satanic side of the Kennedy’s. Marilyn Monroe Both JFK and his brother Robert Kennedy had affairs going with Marilyn Monroe, and both visited her just prior to her mysterious death.


 McGeorge Bundy was appointed President of the Ford Foundation, another Illuminati foundation that is promoting their agenda. McGeorge brought in Harold Howe II to be Vice. President, a position that Howe was unqualified for, except that Howe was a Skull & Bones brother and was a team player that would help promote the New World Order agenda with its Hegelian philosophy and socialism. Both of the Fords on the Foundation board resigned in disgust at the way these Skull and Bones were using the Ford Foundation.


Interest in the Book of Abraham again surfaced when the papyri Smith used in 1835 were found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. They were eventually given back to the LDS Church. One would think that, if Joseph Smith were indeed a prophet who was inspired by God to translate the Book of Abraham, this would have been the perfect opportunity to have proved it. However, this was not to be the case. Experts once again proved Smith’s translation was incorrect. Not only was Smith’s translation bogus, but he completely missed the time period in which the papyri were written. Smith claimed his papyri were written by Abraham around 4,000 years ago; however, experts agree that the papyri go back only as far as the time of Christ. Despite the fact that Smith’s "translation" has been found to be incorrect in every detail, the LDS Church stubbornly continues to include Smith’s pretended "Book of Abraham" as part of its scripture. Because many Latter-day Saints are encouraged not to question the authority of their founder, few delve into the facts which expose him for the fraud he is. MRM - Inventing the Book of Abraham

1967 Jan. 31

New York Daily News ran a story about Anton LaVey performing the first Satanic wedding ceremony in America. The establishment’s media boosted Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan into prominence.


Prof. Dr. James E. McDonald--suicided by CIA after discovering their involvement with UFOs, McDonald had addressed the UN’s Outer Space Affairs Group concerning UFOs on 7 June 67. Why was this very informed scientist suicided?


John Drick, A. Robert Abboud, and Gaylord Freeman were three members of the Prieure de Sion that were associated with the First National Bank of Chicago. In 1969 Drick became both the president and one of the directors of the bank. He also was on the board of a number of other companies including, Stephan Chemical, MCA incorporated, Oak Industries, and Central Illinois Public Service. The Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance (the Guardian Assurance) in London where P.J. Freeman worked had shared a building with the First National Bank of Chicago which had Gaylord Freeman as chairman of the board of directors. In other words, the two businesses and the two Freeman’s all connected its seems to the Prieure de Sion, and then by other inferences all connected back to the hierarchy. Gaylord Freeman’s signature appeared on a Prieure de Sion document of Dec. 16, 1983. Gaylord Freeman never publicly admitted that he even knew anything about the P.d.S.


At a House Appropriations hearing in 1969, the Defense Department’s Biological Warfare (BW) division requested funds to develop through gene-splicing a new disease that would both resist and break down a victim’s immune system.

"Within the next 5 to 10 years it would probably be possible to make a new infective micro-organism which could differ in certain important respects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious diseases."

(See - A Higher Form of Killing: The Secret Story of Chemical and Biological Warfare by R. Harris and J. Paxman, p 266, Hill and Wang, pubs.)

The funds were approved. AIDS appeared within the requested time frame, and has the exact characteristics specified.


The National Academy of Sciences, in their book "Life Sciences," stated that, "In little more than two decades DDT has prevented 500 million deaths due to malaria." All reliable scientific data had consistently demonstrated that DDT was completely safe for both humans and animals. Indeed, DDT was the safest pesticide ever known to mankind. Furthermore, it was inexpensive and could be widely used in third-world countries to control the spread of insect-borne diseases. Accordingly, population-control adherents set out to have DDT banned in the name of saving the environment.


March issue of McCall’s ran a nice story about the Church of Satan. Not only is LaVey’s Church of Satan a publicity stunt to make Satanism more popular and to deflect criticism of real covert Satanism, the McCall issue makes Anton LaVey’s church sound even better in the article than it is.


Baron Astor of Hever was the President of the London branch of the Pilgrims. This implies that Astor of Hever was at least the next level up in the chain of command.


An official of the CIA admitted to a Congressional committee, that the spy agency had for many years been screening U.S. Mail and telegraph transmissions to overseas locations. Somehow, they never brought themselves to admit, even to Congress, that they had been spying as well on mail and other communications WITHIN THE U.S.


Rexford Guy Tugwell, a member of President Franklin Roosevelt’s "brain trust" in the 1940’s. Rewrote the Constitution. This new Constitution might be the new one for THE NEW WORLD ORDER! *Ralph Epperson. A New Constitution for the United States.


Documents were being released by the British, after more than 50 years of suppression, showing the British monarchy, cousins of the Czar, secretly with U.S. aid rescued the Czar and his family. So to perpetuate the big lie of royal murder, the Rockefellers financed an elaborate movie "Nicholas and Alexandra" which in its final scenes shows the alleged assassination by the Bolsheviks of the Czar and his family in Siberia. In only one edition, the pro-British monarchy Chicago Tribune had a story headlined "U.S. Aided Rescue of Czar Nichola, British hint" [Chicago Tribune, 12/14/70.)



"British government documents which recently were placed in the public record office in London indicate that President Woodrow Wilson backed a secret mission to Russia which may have resulted in the rescue of Czar Nicholas and his family in 1918." and "A retired U.S. official, who has aided the investigations and asked to remain anonymous, said continued secrecy on the part of the British and American governments ’frustrates or makes liars out of all those who are ridiculed for stating the assassination never took place.’ He said some who participated in the rescue are still alive and ’should be interviewed’" While not mentioning the Rockefellers and their banks, the story stated quoting that official " ’It is a preposterous claim that full disclosure would strain the relations among any of the involved governments’, he said. ’A whole new breed has taken over in all the chancelleries. Certainly there can be little fear anywhere of a Czarist revival.’ "

By Sherman H. Skolnick

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