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"The avowed and declared objective of the Prieure de Sion is the restoration of the Merovingian dynasty and bloodline - to the throne not only of France, but to the thrones of other European nations as well."

Baigent, Leigh & Lincoln

The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail


"...Abbe Seiyes urged Napoleon to marry Josephine Beauhamais because she was a Merovingian descendant, and to adopt her two children by a previous marriage who were of this anciently royal stock." In 1798 "on the way to Egypt, Bonaparte detoured to capture Malta and the treasure held by the Knights of Malta."

Michael Bradley

Holy Grail Across the Atlantic

The Prieure de Sion is known as one of the most secretive hermetic orders, profoundly involved in political and esoteric conspiracies and generally mistrustful of the rest of the Order. It is suspected among occultists that it is the hermetic side of the Merovingeans of the Celestial Chorus: a tradition-spanning secret society. Still, many students of conspiracies wonder why it is so obvious that the Prieure is conspiring? What is really going on?

Actually, many of the rumours are true. The Prieure de Sion was founded to protect and aid the sangreal, the Holy Blood. The Holy Blood consists of certain bloodlines inheriting mystical power, a form of spiritual nobility. According to some stories they are the descendants of Jesus, whose child with Mary Magdalene was smuggled to southern France and in time founded the Merovingean lineage of kings.


Whether this is true or not is hard to tell, especially since the Prieure actively seeks to confuse the issue, but. it seems that the sangreal is linked with the descendants of several major characters in history (Osiris, Caesar, King Arthur, Muhammed, Napoleon etc.).


The Prieure sees the Holy Blood as more than a predisposition towards magickal, spiritual or mundane power, but as true spiritual nobility destined to rule. As the land and king are one, by placing one of the Blood on the throne the land can be perfected. Their vision is to bring members of certain bloodlines to the metaphysical thrones of Europe, creating a new era.

Exactly when they were founded is unknown except for the highest levels.

  • Most members suspect the order can be traced back to the middle ages, but there are rumours that it began in Egypt, as a sacred order of priests protecting the Horus child from the followers of Set.

  • Another story link them to the Ishmaelite, who sought to bring the descendants of Ali to power in the Kaliphate.

  • A third theory is that the order has emerged several times, rediscovering ancient wisdom.

Their headquarters were originally in southern France, but during the crusades they moved to Malta, especially after breaking up with the Templars in 1188. Here they continued their plans, attempting to manipulate European politics to bring the Holy Blood to the thrones. At one point they made a fatal mistake: one of their initiates, Napoleon Bonaparte, joined forces with the Technocracy and in 1798 he attempted to take over the Prieure. The leaders managed to flee in secret with the most important genealogies, but Napoleon successfully seized its resources and many members were hunted down and either killed or forced into the Technocracy. The Prieure hid in southern France again, slowly building a new and even more secret network across Europe and America.

Recently, the leaders of the Prieure have decided it was time to hide their plans in the open: by leaking enough, they have made conspiracy theorists aware of their existence and some of their manipulations. The result is of course an impenetrable mist of speculation, best-seller books, misinformation and imitation that hides the real plans. While everybody are scrambling to search for secret tunnels in Rennes-le-Château, track down forged documents or to find out if Sir Isaac Newton really was a member, the Prieure is quietly working on its own goals in obscurity.

Their current main plan is to bring up a number of candidates, and during the next chaotic decades attempt to put as many of them into positions of power. Many will fail, but the Prieure believes haste is necessary: a time of reckoning is approaching, and destiny itself will ensure that the right one will reach his throne.


As this happens, the networks nurtured by the Prieure will link together, giving the new rulers the power needed to implement the will of the sacred.