1) The primary objectives for human survival include freedom, independence, strength, awareness, unity, and self-sufficiency. All other objectives, as outlined in the following subsections, are goals necessary for achieving the primary objectives.

2) The term "Freedom" refers to individual freewill and the exercise of certain unalienable Rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. "Independence" refers to a Right to be separate and insulated from unwanted influences. "Strength" indicates a level of ability necessary to insure "Freedom" and "Independence" for all mankind.

3) The term "Awareness" refers to humanity's understanding of the current state of affairs. "Unity" refers to humanity cooperating to overcome mutual concerns. And "Self-sufficiency" refers to the preservation of essential resources necessary for the sustenance of life on planet Earth.

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5.1 Preparations

1) Before humanity can begin to muster a defense against its enemies and resist their unwanted influences, it must first prepare for a difficult and prolonged confrontation. This starts with the strengthening of the human body by the removal of individual threats, as outlined in section 2.3. Without personal health and strength, you cannot provide an adequate defense.

2) The objective of preparation is to make yourself, and your loved ones, sovereign entities with the ability to exist for at least two years on your own, without outside assistance. Your first order of business is to obtain a safe haven. The cities are the most dangerous places to be during an emergency. Your shelter should be secluded, independent of financial responsibility, and secure from the elements and incursion.

3) You and your family can get along for quite a while without food, but only for a short time without water. Some of your water requirements could be met by making use of the water in home hot-water tanks and toilet tanks. If there is any question about the safety or cleanliness of the water you intend to use, it must first be purified. The safest method of purifying water is to boil it vigorously for 1 to 3 minutes to destroy bacteria that might be present. To improve the taste of the water after it has been boiled, pour the boiled water from one clean container to another several times.

4) Any household bleach solution that contains hypochlorite as its only active ingredient will purify water easily and inexpensively. Add 8 drops of bleach to each gallon of clear water in any clean container in which it can be thoroughly mixed by stirring or shaking. Use double the amount of bleach to cloudy water. Then, let the mixture stand for 30 minutes. The taste or smell of chlorine in the water thus treated is a sign of safety. You can also use ordinary household 2-percent tincture of iodine to purify small quantities of water. Add 12 drops for each gallon of clear water, 24 drops for cloudy water and stir thoroughly.

5) Stockpiled foods should be in cans, jars, or sealed paper or plastic containers. Select foods that will last for months without refrigeration and can be eaten with little or no cooking. Take into consideration the needs and preferences of family members, storage space, and the ability to rotate stored foods in family meals. Familiar foods are likely to be more acceptable in times of stress.

6) Whenever possible, choose cans and jars in sizes that will fill your family's needs for only one meal. This is especially desirable for meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, evaporated milk, and other foods that deteriorate rapidly after a container is opened. The following is a list of foods that will supply the calories needed by one adult for two weeks. Teenagers are likely to need more and younger children need less. If your family consists of four adults, store four times the amount suggested:


  • evaporated or dry milk for an equivalent of 7 fluid quarts

  • 28 servings (8 to 9 pounds) of canned meat, poultry, fish, cooked dry beans, and peas

  • 42 to 56 servings (about 21 pounds) of canned juices, fruit, and vegetables and dried fruit

  • 42 to 56 servings (5 to 7 pounds) of ready-to-eat cereal, crackers, cookies, canned bread, puddings, and cake, flour and mixes, macaroni and spaghetti noodles

  • bread and cracker spreads, fats and vegetable oil, and sugars, sweets, and nuts according to family practices

  • and miscellaneous products include coffee, tea, cocoa (instant), dry cream product, bouillon products, flavored beverage powders, seasonings, vinegar, soda, and baking powder

8) Next, you should equip your shelter with manual tools and manually operated equipment. Electricity can be generated from solar panels, windmills, or manually rotated automotive generators and stored in twelve-volt batteries. DC into AC power converters are available from electronic and automotive centers. Stoves and furnaces should use natural fuel such as wood or solar energy. Farming tools and seeds should also be stored for future food supplies.

9) You should also prepare to defend yourself, your family, and property against those who may attempt to take your life, freedom, or property from you. Pepper spray is an ideal non-lethal weapon with a range of up to 15 feet. But, you should also be proficient with the use of firearms for hunting and against lethal attack. Perimeter defenses and intrusion sensors should also be set in place. In times of emergencies, when law enforcement may not be available, you should be prepared for desperate actions taken by desperate people.

10) Finally, you should organize your local community for a common defense, health care, and the gathering and sharing of essential supplies. There is strength in numbers if the numbers do not draw too much unwanted attention. Mutual support should be organized for the accomplishment of necessary tasks. Essential skills must be learned, independent power supplied, and secure communications provided.

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5.2 Law Enforcement

1) Our fundamental rights are being violated on a vast scale with no protection from government authorities. However, there are ways for individual citizens to take matters into their own hands and cause this activity to cease. There are laws that exist against these atrocities. But, the alien perpetrators are being protected under the guise of national security.

2) In addition, law enforcement and judicial systems are unaware of the problem and are not prepared to prosecute or punish alien crimes against humanity. However, extraterrestrial beings should be equally held accountable for illegal acts the same as any citizen or other alien.

3) Even if an alien were to be arrested while in the act of committing a crime, the government has very powerful forces prepared to remove the criminal and all evidence from law enforcement custody. All charges would be dropped, victims would be silenced, and there would be no mention of the incident by the news media.

4) To make matters worse, aliens have the ability for themselves and others to be levitated, pass through walls, and conduct activities while completely invisible. This is being done on a routine basis with women that are used for the incubation of hybrid fetuses. The developing fetuses are removed within a three-month period after insertion. These abductions can be monitored remotely with sensors and video systems and firearms can also be operated remotely.

5) People have the right to protect themselves against intrusion in their own homes. But, without a united effort by many people to preserve everyone and everything involved in the protection against this kind of intrusion, the abductions will continue unabated. However, with the disclosure of physical evidence of an extraterrestrial presence, a public outcry could cause the abduction activity to be hampered or even stopped altogether.

6) There are also corrupted, controlled, and possessed people that are involved in the abduction of children and adults for satanic acts of sexual abuse and sacrificial rituals. Private citizens have the right to investigate these acts, make arrests, and report the incidents to the proper authorities. However, these people are protected by very powerful secret societies as outlined in section 2.2.1. Unless a united effort by many people is organized to press for the prosecution of these criminals, this illegal activity will also continue.

7) Secret societies have corrupted people in high places of authority in government, law enforcement and the judicial system. Unless these people are investigated, exposed to the public and removed from positions of power, they will continue to permit crimes against humanity to be committed. Knowledgeable citizens on jury duty can also be effective in upholding constitutional laws or voiding unpopular laws, such as with Prohibition, by refusing to enter guilty verdicts.

8) In addition to preventing horrendous crimes from being committed on Earth, humanity must also take measures to prevent them from occurring under the surface. What is taking place covertly on the surface is perpetrated overtly and without any restraint under the surface in deep underground cavern complexes. The conduct in these complexes must be held accountable to the laws of the land above and below the surface.

9) Mel Waters is a land owner with a supposed bottomless hole located near Manastash Ridge in Ellensburg, Washington State, known as "Mel's Hole". As related by Mel Waters on national radio, audio recordings from a microphone that was lowered into the hole has picked up the sounds of people being tortured and tormented. This recording is known as,


"The voices from Hell"

10) Because law enforcement and government officials are unwilling to put a stop to this, it falls upon individual citizens to rescue those people from their tormentors. Who will lead an armed rescue party down the hole while the world watches audio and video transmissions of everything that happens? Who cares enough about the innocent men, women and children that are suffering there to do something about it?

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5.3 Political Reform

1) Section 3.1.3 describes the covert manipulation conducted by the regional, global, and satanic organizations identified in section 2.2. Government leaders, representatives, and un-elected officials are obligated to serve secret societies above the people that they are supposed to serve. They do not have humanity's best interest at heart. Their bloodlines and prior actions are easy to trace. These people must be investigated, exposed, and removed from positions of power over humanity.

2) Unconstitutional laws, statutes, and regulations must be reviewed and repealed. The National Security Act of 1947, many executive orders, and other oppressive laws must be abolished in order to restore freedom for all. The people must regain control over civilian, military and intelligence agencies. National secrets must be reviewed and disclosed. Defensive measures must be initiated against humanity's enemies and their influence.

3) Measures must be taken to reform the economy to insure prosperity, sovereignty, and national security. Advanced technology that has been kept hidden must be taken advantage of in order to provide clean and abundant power, health care, and an improved standard of living for all.

4) Measures must be undertaken to renew Earth's natural resources in order to maintain self-sufficiency. Social programs must be restructured to insure prosperity, personal fulfillment, awareness, cooperation, and participation in human affairs. Laws must also be adopted to prevent unwanted influences from affecting humanity without constraining human freedom.

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5.4 International Relations

1) A "United Earth" organization must be created to collect information relating to the planet, inform humanity of worldly concerns and to express the will of all mankind to nation states as well as the rest of the universe. It would not be a governing force, but an advisory body respecting national sovereignty and individual freedom.

2) This organization would be comprised of representatives from all of humanity, supported by individuals and not nations or geography. Each "United Earth" representative would be required to represent their constituent's concerns, desires, and dictates as well as be held accountable for that representation.

3) In order for all of humanity, in every nation, to become aware of all matters affecting the planet and its inhabitants, a "Radio Free Earth" program must be broadcast worldwide, whether national governments want it or not. This program can be distributed via radio, television, printed material or the Internet. People will be free to ignore it or to learn from it and respond to it.

4) As an advisory body, it can be effective in influencing international cooperation on matters that affect everyone. These matters include improving the standard of living, health care, environment, economy, prosperity, security, and the renovation of essential resources. This organization could also provide direction for groups to help improve life on Earth. Unique individual, regional, and national cultures and customs would be encouraged and respected along with human freedom and self-determination.

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5.5 Foreign Relations

1) Foreign Relations refers to a policy of relating to non-human terrestrial and extraterrestrial sentient entities and societies. Once all available information has been revealed, public communications would be established and emissaries exchanged in order to express concerns, negotiate policies and settle disputes, if possible.

2) If differences cannot be settled peacefully, than a united effort to protect humanity, defend the planet, and repel intruders must be instituted. Section 4.1 describes the things that must be considered in resisting foreign threats with public, passive, and active measures. This requires humanity to be made aware of the situation so that it can express its displeasure with the foreign intervention and respond accordingly.

3) Once humanity has established its pre-eminence on Earth as free and self-determined beings without foreign influence and intervention, it must remain strong in its relationship to other societies in the universe. Relationships can then be established with friendly races with the consent from the population. There could be much to be gained from such relationships. We may even be invited to join an association of free and independent planets some day.

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