2.3 Individual Threats

1) This portion of the document contains subsections that describe threats to individual freedom, security, development, and health.


These are threats to humanity that apply equally to the citizens of every nation on Earth. Although domestic organizations are involved with perpetuating these threats, this section is mainly concerned with exposing the threats themselves.


The following subsections describe threats resulting from drugs, mind control, terrorism, and national security.

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2.3.1 Drugs

1) Information about drugs that pose a threat to human health, freedom, and spiritual development are presented here in two subsections. One deals with legal drugs and the other with illegal drugs.


Legal drugs that adversely affect human physical and mental functions include government approved chemicals, inoculations, and pharmaceuticals.


Illegal drugs, such as heroine and cocaine, which are smuggled and distributed by governments, not only pose a threat to the individual victims of drug abuse but also to societies that must contend with the problems that they bring. Legal Drugs

1) The reptilian-Brotherhood has been preparing to stop mankind from making a shift in consciousness for a long time. They attack humanity at the physical level with drugs, food additives, and fluoride in the water. At the same time, the ancient methods of healing (known today as alternative or complementary) are under constant assault from the medical establishment, which is awash with Freemasons and under the control of the Brotherhood pharmaceutical cartel.

2) The Rockefeller empire owns more than 60% of the pharmaceutical industry in the United States. The pharmaceutical cartel interlocks with the major global 'food' producers like Nestle, Kellogg, Proctor and Gamble and the rest. Through this network, the Brotherhood can orchestrate a concerted attack on the human body and its mental processes. Genetically engineered animals and food is part of this also.

3) In order to control a population you must suppress their ability to think for themselves and see what is going on around them. This is done through the manipulation of the mind with drugs, vaccines, and food additives.

4) Stress causes an imbalanced emotional vibration that disrupts the body. It interacts with body cells to cause chemical changes called "disease", or dis-ease. The medical profession either prescribes a drug to try to reverse the chemical changes or uses surgery to cut away the result of the chemical changes. They treat the symptom and not the cause. True healers treat and remove the energy imbalances that cause the physical effect.

5) Humanity is being fed drugs and chemicals that suppress brain function, clarity of thought, and the ability to connect powerfully with our higher levels of being, or "sixth sense" of psychic awareness and intuition. The following are some examples of this war on the human brain and immune system.

6) Aspartame suppresses the intellect. It is now used in thousands of foodstuffs and in almost every soft drink. Children, who drink these beverages are turned into unthinking, unquestioning clones for life. Aspartame is an "artificial sweetener". It is known under trade names like NutraSweet, Equal, and Spoonful. It is 200 times sweeter than sugar.

7) It was introduced in 1981 and has been the subject of 75% of complaints reported to the Adverse Reaction Monitoring system of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These complaints include headaches, dizziness, attention difficulties, memory loss, slurred speech, and vision problems. It changes the brain chemistry and lowers the threshold for seizures, causes mood disorders and other problems of the nervous system. It is also addictive.

8) Prozac, produced by the George Bush drug company, Eli Lilly, is another Illuminati corruption to impose a mind suppressant on the population. Prozac was introduced in 1982 and marketed to target 'depressive disorders". By 1987, two months before the FDA approved Prozac, 27 people had died in controlled clinical trials. 15 were suicides, six by overdose, four by gunshots and two by drowning. Prozac was directly connected to all of them.

9) In 1991, the FDA received more than 15,000 reports of all kinds on Prozac. That number reached 28,000 by 1992 with another 1,700 deaths. Now, they are introducing a form of Prozac for children and it is widely used among victims of mind control.

10) Ritalin is another mind altering drug that is targeted at children and can seriously affect their behavior. It has been connected to many acts of violence. The U.S. Government classifies Ritalin in the same category as cocaine and heroine. Its affect on children is to slow them down, shut them up, and make it more difficult for them to move around. Its effect can continue long after the prescription has stopped.

11) Adults who take this drug are far more likely to commit violent crimes. The high number of incidents involving violent children and the increase in child suicide can be attributed to an ever-increasing number of children who are given drugs to control their behavior. The main targets are the children with active minds and those who act differently to the norm.

12) Fluoride is another major intellect suppressant added to drinking water supplies and toothpaste. Sodium fluoride is a common ingredient in rat and cockroach poisons, anaesthetics, hypnotics, psychiatric drugs, and military nerve gas. It is one of the basic ingredients in Prozac and the Sarin nerve gas.

13) Fluoride causes various mental disturbances and makes people stupid, docile, and subservient. This is beside shortening life spans and damaging bone structure. Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual's power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning and "narcotizing" a certain area of the brain, thus making him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him.

14) Fluoride is a by-product of the aluminium industry. Industrial fluorines are major polluters of rivers and streams, poisoning land, fish, and animals. It was costing the Aluminium industry a fortune to deal with it. But, this poisonous waste product became an enormous source of income and human control when it was added to the public drinking water by the aluminium cartel called ALCOA.

15) In addition to dumping toxic fluoride into our drinking water, innocent, unsuspecting people are also being exposed to deadly elements of lead, arsenic and radium, all of them carcinogenic. Fluoride is not there to protect teeth. It is there to suppress the intellect of the population so they don't think, question, or rebel.

16) Vaccinations are a highly efficient way of pumping mind-suppressing drugs and immune system destroyers into billions of people while they think that they are being helped. Repeated vaccination exhausts the immune system and opens people to all sorts of diseases.

17) More than 90% of the decline in death rates from infectious diseases occurred before vaccinations commenced. Millions of children in "Third World" countries are still dying from measles, tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus, polio, etc., despite being fully vaccinated. Illegal Drugs

1) One of the most powerful weapons in the Brotherhood's war against humanity over thousands of years has been addictive and mind-altering drugs. Opium, from which comes heroin, was the weapon used by the British in the Opium Wars against China in 1840 and 1858. They sponsored a mass addiction to opium until Chinese society and vitality was torn asunder. The drug trade was (and is) organized by the Far East lodges of Freemasonry.

2) The British reptilian bloodline families worked with their other American relatives to expand the drug trade, as they still do today. The Russell family made its enormous wealth from the opium trade in the nineteenth century through the drug syndicate known as Russell and Company. The Russells, with the Tafts, formed the Skull and Bones Society.

3) Alcohol prohibition was a means to create the massive network of organized crime in the United States. The structure thus produced was perfect, as intended, for drug trafficking once prohibition was over. The main groups campaigning for prohibition were financed by the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, and Warburgs.

4) General Khun Sa is the overlord of the Golden Triangle region in Southeast Asia, from which more heroine comes than any other place in the World. Theodore Shackley, the former CIA Deputy Director for Covert Operations, was claimed by Khun Sa to be in charge of U.S. involvement in the opium trade in Southeast Asia during the period 1965-1975. Santos Trafficante, the Mafia Don in Miami and Cuba, was the civilian enlisted to assist in the trafficking and distribution of narcotics into the United States.

5) Richard Armitage was the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs at that time. He handled the financial transactions of the U.S. narcotics trade, according to Khun Sa. Almost continuously since the end of U.S. military involvement in Vietnam, it had been the responsibility of Richard Armitage, in one capacity or another, to account for our MIAs and bring home American POWs. Armitage has violated his office and used it as a cover to traffic in arms and drugs to promote covert operations that bypass our congressional and constitutional system. Today, he is the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State under the Bush Administration.

6) The drug trade is not only about making vast amounts of money, it is also designed to break down societies and stop young people from manifesting their true worth and potential. When people are hooked on drugs they are not going to be a problem to the Brotherhood's grand design. Violence and crime always follows the drug trade as drug dealers battle for supremacy and addicts mug and steal to finance their habit. This offers the Brotherhood a wonderful opportunity to offer the 'solution' to this 'problem' more power to the police and further erosion of basic freedoms.

7) Drugs are being distributed by those fronting the drug war. Former president George Bush has fronted more wars on drugs than any other American politician and yet he is one of North America's premier drug barons. The anti-drug agencies are controlled by the drug cartels and 'big drug busts' are usually the Brotherhood eliminating the competition and giving the impression of action.

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2.3.2 Mind Control

1) The following subsections describe all aspects of threats stemming from mind control techniques and technology including electronic manipulation, trauma-based slavery, and implants. This is perhaps the cruelest form of human abuse and may be the most difficult subject to deal with emotionally. The reader is cautioned NOT to read this section unless willing and able to learn of unspeakable horrors to mankind.

2) Research into mind control techniques began after a British and United States Intelligence operation called Project Paperclip enabled Josef Mengele and the Elite Nazi leadership, scientists, doctors, and military personnel to escape Germany in 1945 and become U.S. citizens. Josef Mangele, 'the Angel of Death', conducted mind control experiments while the camp doctor at the Auchwitz Concentration Camp. He was an expert in demonology, the Cabala, and a Grand Master in the Illuminati. He became known as Dr. Green.

3) The Central Intelligence Agency sponsored the unspeakable mind control programs known as MK Ultra. 'MK' stands for mind control in German. It was headed, officially, by Ewen Cameron and based in Montreal Canada. It was reported in 1977 that millions of dollars had been spent studying voodoo, witchcraft, and psychics and had been mind controlling countless people without their consent or knowledge.

4) MK Ultra had involved at least 185 scientists, 80 U.S. institutions; among them prisons; pharmaceutical companies; hospitals; and 44 medical colleges and universities. Over 700 drugs were used and 60,000 electrical shocks were administered to patients in one year alone: 1961. The purpose of the project was to create human robots. Electronic Manipulation

1) Acquisition of mind control and thought beam technology from non-human sources is the final act in a long series of events that started many years ago. The purpose of mind control, as far as the U.S. government is concerned, is to devise operational techniques to disturb the memory, discredit people through aberrant behavior, alter sex patterns, elicit information, and create emotional dependence.

2) The goal of mind control is to program individuals to carry out any mission of espionage or assassination, even against their will or fundamental laws of nature such as self-preservation, and control the absolute behavior and thought patterns of individuals. The guise of National Security is used as an excuse for illegal activities, a cover for unsanctioned deeds, and as an instrument of manipulation of public opinion and individual citizens.

3) The primary target of National Security has been the people of the United States, since a secret government cannot exist in a climate of free speech, open criticism, and public exposure. Constitutional protections were effective until they were circumvented by the technology revolution and the National Security Act of 1947.

4) RHIC, which stands for Radio Hypnotic Inter-cerebral Control, is a way of turning people into electronically controlled robots that are programmed to kill on demand. This is accomplished by placing an individual into a trance and giving suggestions, that are activated in one or more levels of the brain, by key words or tones.

5) EDOM is an acronym for Electronic Dissolution Of Memory. It is a method whereby the memory of an individual is affected to either eliminate or alter the memory of events that the person was involved in. By electronically jamming the brain, the existing acetylcholine creates static that blocks both sights and sounds. This method can be used to either block/erase the memory, or to slow it down so that events seem to happen after they have actually occurred.

6) The use of very low frequency sound or Ultrasonics can affect both the electrical behavior within the brain and the actual brain tissues. Pulses of between seven and twelve hertz are bounced off the eight hertz ionospheric envelope around the earth. Within these pulses are entrained bizarre and aberrant patterns that produce equivalent behavior in humans.

7) The Reichian Programming method causes its victims to be held in a sexual pre-orgasm state. While maintained, this causes a channel to open between the conscious and sub-conscious mind, which allows suggestions or programming to be introduced.

8) This device uses pads that are connected with wires to eight points on the body. The Reichian state is induced electronically to remove buried information, reprogram the person, and, when the programming is over, create blocks on memory or implant substitute memories.

9) Electro-magnetic pulse weapons research has contributed to the development of high-power pulsed microwave weapons that range in frequency from 1200 MHZ to 35 GHZ with power ranges exceeding 1,000 megawatts. These weapons cause the immediate debilitation of human organs, stimulation through auditory effects, and behavior control.

10) Other government-sponsored electronic mind control projects include the CIA's Project Moonstruck where electronic devices were surgically implanted in the brain and teeth of people. These were HF and ELF transceivers in the body for long range tracking, monitoring, programming, and spying.

11) Phoenix II was a U.S.A.F. project that used microwave EHF-UHF frequencies of gig watt and tara watt power levels for targeted zapping, killing, and frying brains, loading earth grids, and putting earth to sleep.

12) The O.N.R.'s Trident project uses 3 helicopters, flying in a triad formation, to emit 100,000 watts of UHF energy for riot control and managing large crowds.

13) In 1990, the CIA sponsored two projects known as RF Media and Tower that affects all of humanity subliminally. Project RF Media uses phase modulation of drome signals over radio, TV, and communication sources to trigger disease, confuse psychic powers, and prepare for mass control. Project Tower uses secret transmitters and cellular phone towers with modulated ELF signals for programming the population. Trauma-Based Slavery

1) Trauma-based mind control is the greatest danger to the human race. It gives evil men the power to carry out any malevolent deed totally undetected. The centerpiece of the Illuminati, intelligence agencies, and the occult world is trauma-based mind control. The basic techniques were developed in German, Scottish, Italian, and English Illuminati families and have been done for centuries.

2) Trauma-based mind control, which programs multiple personalities, has been combined into a group package known a Project Monarch by secret elements of the U.S. government. Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is the situation where different dissociative parts of a single brain view themselves as separate persons.

3) The primary important factor for the trauma-based mind control is the ability to dissociate. It was discovered that this ability is passed genetically from generation to generation. The children of mutigenerational abuse are good at dissociation. A test is run when the child is 18 months old to determine if they can dissociate enough to be selected for programming.

4) Mind controlled slaves are created for different purposes within the Illuminati hierarchy and non-hierarchy purposes that are expendable. These include sex slaves, saboteurs, breeders, soldiers, drug couriers, etc. The expendable are the children of parents who are blackmailed into turning their children over to the CIA.

5) For the Illuminati, their children's programming is planned before they are born. Their plans involve generational spirits and positions within the hierarchy. In contrast, the children from foster homes or pedophiles do not receive the same regimen.

6) Slaves that are to be used for assassination, are selected for strength and dexterity. Sex slaves may be selected for how pretty the child is expected to become. However, vastly more important are their abilities to be programmed to have charm, seductive skills, charisma, and creativity.

7) There are 4 beginning foundational stages to prepare the victim for programming. The first stage consists of demonic ceremonies and In Utero traumatization. The second stage is to have a premature birth. The third stage is to provide intense love for the child for the first 18 months. And, the fourth stage is to pull that love away and split the mind of the child permanently.

8) Generational satanic families are sold out to Satan and their children belong to Satan. Stage 1 includes the layering in of demonic forces and the participation of blood rituals in order to draw in the most powerful of demons. The Moonchild rituals are used to demonize a fetus.

9) Stage 1 also includes the traumatizing of the fetus. Thin needles are inserted through the mother into the fetus to prick the preborn child. The mothers are also severely traumatized during their pregnancy, which simultaneously traumatizes the babies that they carry.

10) In Stage 2, premature labor is induced in order to cause trauma in the delivery of the newborn child with an underdeveloped body. This is the hardest type of birth that there is because the baby is not able to help. Premature babies are attended to by satanic witches who are nurses. The controllers begin stretching the mind of the child as soon as it is born.

11) The third stage is smothering the child in love so that it can be taken away in the fourth stage at 18 months old. They must be taught to appreciate their body, before the trauma of stripping them of everything they value. These children are taught to trust, obey, and adore their programmer(s).

12) The fourth stage is to strip the child of everything nice and lovely in the world. The child is caged and tormented with electric shocks. The child's senses will become overloaded and they will become numb. If the child is not a premature baby, it will need some help to want to dissociate. The caged child's senses are overwhelmed with foul orders, the taste of blood, and constant loud noises. It is also deprived of sleep and drugged.

13) After being starved, cold, and naked while suffering for up to 72 hours, the child sees their beloved caretaker and it is excited and dissociates the pain. At that point, the programmer shows his or her most vicious side. In order to deal with how this loving caretaker has not only rejected them but is now hurting them, the child's mind dissociates along the same fractures created by the trauma of premature birth. This is called, "severing the core".

14) There is no longer a single person that represents the entire mind. All that is left are fragments of the mind that are walled off with amnesia. Each fragment is programmed to think that it is the only reality. The initial splits are the most energetic and the easiest to manipulate.

15) After the children are tested for their intelligence, creativity, and dissociative skills, they are brought before the Grande Druid Council at the age of three for formal approval. While the Monarch programming is done with children, one variety of it is done on adults. The programming places their lives on very rigid scripts. What applies to one slave may not apply to another.

16) The basis for the Monarch mind-control programming is that different personalities can be created who do not know each other, but who can take the body at different times. The amnesia walls that are built by traumas, form a protective shield of secrecy that protects the abuser from being found out and prevents the front personalities from knowing how their alters are being used. Implants

1) Many of the individuals that have been abducted by extraterrestrials are implanted with small devices used for monitoring, tracking, and control. Catscan analysis indicates that these devices can be as small as 3mm in size and can be spherical, egg-shaped, or flat. The interior of a small spherical device revealed a crystalline matrix embedded with micro-electronic circuits.

2) A spherical biological monitoring and control device contained:

  • a central power nucleus (energy for the unit is generated by the decay of a small amount of Strontium 90)

  • auditory sensors

  • internal and external sensors capable of detecting low photon levels of light energy

  • neural stimulators that deliver a phased voltage beam directly into the nerve endings of the brain

  • cortex-phased transducers that oscillate direct current stimulation to the brain

  • a micro-positronic simulated brain center and data storage unit

  • a multi-band micro transceiver

  • a self-destruction device

3) Modulated, radio frequency electromagnetic emissions were detected at frequencies of 16, 25.2, and 32.6 kilohertz. Locations where devices are implanted within a human head include the:

  • forehead

  • cochlear

  • pituitary gland

  • the pineal portion of the brain

  • the brainstem.

4) A particularly vicious implant consists of a tiny particle of plutonium that is placed near the pituitary and pineal glands. This knocks out the 'third eye' functions that allow teleportation, the ability to leave one's body, and development of psychic and psionic abilities.

5) The use of implanted devices of a more primitive design was seen in Sweden and Canada around 1967. The implantation of humans with monitoring devices (brain transmitters) was legalized in Sweden in 1973 by Prime Minister Olaf Palme, who was subsequently terminated. Implants have been inserted by military and government intelligence of most westernized countries for monitoring and control purposes. The use of implants by military and intelligent forces has taken on a more insidious nature with the integration of alien related technology.

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2.3.3 Terrorism

1) The purpose of government-sponsored terrorism against its own citizens is to instill fear, trauma, and submission. When people fear for their lives, they look to their government for protection and become willing to give up basic freedoms in order to be safe and secure which the governments are only too willing to accept.

2) The results of fear induced terrorism include stricter laws, strengthened law enforcement, gun control, and the prevention of open resistance. Trauma induced terrorism causes the population to become docile, submissive, and obedient. The following subsections describe how various weapons are used in this regard and their expected results. Firearms

1) Terrorist acts involving pistols and rifles have been effective in instilling fear in the population as well as terminating the lives of those who pose a threat to the hidden agendas. Deranged individuals under mind control, sprayed automatic gunfire at innocent people in school yards, restaurants, and places of employment in many cities of the U.S. in the 1980's. This resulted in passage of the Brady Bill and many other laws restricting firearms, which is in violation of the Second Amendment right to own and bare arms.

2) Government agents, posing as a gang of masked violent criminals, fired hundreds or rounds from fully-automatic assault rifles in a Los Angeles suburban neighborhood and miraculously avoided being captured. This was used as an excuse to pass legislation in California that banned all assault weapons by January 1, 2000.

3) Guns have also been used in the assassination of presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, the Reverend Martin Luther King, and presidential candidate Robert Kennedy as well as many others who posed a threat to the power elite. In addition, there were snipers, using high-powered rifles that arbitrarily shot innocent people in the Washington D.C. area in 2001. This was highly effective in eliminating all public protests against the war in Afghanistan that were planned to take place in that area. Explosives

1) Government-sponsored terrorist attacks involving explosives are generally used to motivate a nation into going to war, passing major legislation, or to further international policies. They were effective at Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma City, and New York City.

2) Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, President Roosevelt forced Japan into war when he shut off the U.S. oil supply to Japan in the summer of 1941 when we were supplying them with 85% of their oil needs. President Roosevelt and General Marshall knew when and where the attack was going to take place and they allowed it to happen in order to motivate the U.S. into entering the Second World War.

3) A truck, packed with explosives, exploded in the parking garage of the World Trade Center in 1993. If it had not been blocked from parking where intended, it could have caused the building to collapse. Instead, it resulted in six deaths, more than a thousand casualties, and damage in excess of half a billion dollars. The FBI had prior knowledge and allowed it to happen.

4) On April 19, 1995, the James P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was destroyed when a fertilizer bomb in a Ryder truck driven by Timothy McVeigh, exploded. However, this explosion could not have destroyed that building. Seismic instruments detected a major explosion that took place ten seconds after the truck exploded. This resulted in "Anti-Terrorism" laws being passed in Congress that removed fundamental freedoms from the American People.

5) In the spring of 2001, the Taliban prevented the building of an oil pipeline through Afghanistan and destroyed more than 70% of the opium crops in that country. Prior to September 11, 2001, the FBI had received numerous warnings of an impending attack. Although Al-Qaeda terrorists, associated with Osama bin Laden, were involved, they were not trusted to commit the horrendous acts of 9/11.

6) All of the aircraft involved in the attacks on 9/11/2001 were equipped with an electronic remote control system known as Global Hawk. In an emergency, the airplanes can be taken over, flown remotely, and landed safely despite what the crew or passengers want.

7) After taking off, flights 11 and 175 diverted from their flight plans and passed close to each other over Stewart International Airport, then headed toward the World Trade Center. While coming from opposite directions, the aircraft lined up on homing beacons at the towers and at Building 7, which was equipped with a CIA and Defense Department reinforced bunker. When each aircraft came in close proximity of the towers, they were guided to their targets by remote control.

The South Tower suddenly collapsed 56 minutes after it was hit at 9:03 AM and the North Tower collapsed about 40 minutes later. Both buildings were brought down with controlled demolitions. The two buildings between the towers and Building 7 were set ablaze and explosions inside, intended to bring down the buildings, only left gaping holes. But, the buildings did not collapse.

9) Flight 93 crashed at 9:58AM in Pennsylvania when a few passengers supposedly attacked the hijackers. However, an F-16 fighter aircraft caused a sonic boom in the area and shot down the aircraft with 20mm cannon fire. An engine landed six miles from the crash site and their was a debris field eight miles long.

10) Five and a half hours after the North Tower collapsed and the dust had settled, people inside of Building 7 set fires and evacuated the building. At 5:25PM, the building collapsed in order to destroy all evidence in the bunker. However, since the buildings between it and the towers remained standing, there was no explanation as to why Building 7 collapsed.

11) At 5:37PM, flight 77 supposedly crashed into the side of the Pentagon. However, the damage does not match the size of a Boeing 757. Actually, flight 77 was diverted to an alternate airfield and a small commercial plane hit the Pentagon.

12) As a result of the attacks on 9/11, we now have Homeland Security and the "Patriot Act" which circumvents the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights in order to boost law enforcement's ability to investigate terrorism. In addition, the attacks provided an excuse to wage war on terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, the oil pipeline is being built for Unocal by Halliburton, Iraq is being rebuilt at taxpayer's expense, opium production has increased by over 900%, and more fundamental American rights have been eroded. Weapons of Mass Destruction

1) Threats from weapons of mass destruction include contact with chemical and biological agents as well as the release of nuclear energy. Just two months after the attack on 9/11, in November of 2001, a photo editor working at the largest circulation weekly newspaper in the world became the first person to die from an Anthrax attack. A series of anthrax-laced letters killed five Americans. Anthrax-laced letters were mailed to Senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy as well as members of the news media.

2) The Defense Department has admitted that nerve gas and other toxic material testing had been conducted in the 1960s. Among its admissions:

  • At least 14 open-air tests of the lethal nerve gas VX were performed at Maryland's Edgewood Arsenal.

  • Soldiers were exposed to VX to test unproven protective suits.

  • Bacillis globigii, a bacteria closely related to anthrax, was sprayed airborne in Alaska and Hawaii.

  • Hallucinogenic chemicals were tested on unsuspecting soldiers.

  • E. coli was deliberately released during chemical-dispersion testing on Oahu, Hawaii.

  • Project Shipboard Hazard and Defense serves as an umbrella term for at least 40 and possibly over 100 open-air tests of biowarfare agents at its now-closed Desert Test Center in Utah.

  • Infectious bacteria was released into the air above San Francisco.

  • A two-year test was executed in which artillery shells and bombs filled with sarin and VX were exploded near Fort Greeley, Alaska.

  • Military barracks in Oahu were sprayed with a biological agent shown to cause infections in individuals with diminished immune-system capacity.

  • A benzilic-acid derivative known to cause hallucinations and confusion was sprayed under the jungle canopy near Hilo, Hawaii, in two separate series of tests.

3) Acute Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), was developed by the U.S. Navy in 1972. The specific person that developed it was a doctor by the name of R.M. Donner. The initial AIDS research was funded by Congress with hearings on July 1, 1969. The Department of Defense appropriations report for 1970 defined the objective as creating a biological virus for which there was no known immunity.

4) The AIDS virus was introduced by the World Health Organization into Africa in 1972. Part of the final vaccination series, which eradicated smallpox, also introduced the AIDS virus.

5) A vaccine for hepatitis B was also tested on homosexuals in New York in 1978 and two years later in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and St. Louis, in a program by the World Health Organization and the National Institute of Health. The "AIDS epidemic" began among the homosexual communities of those very same cities in 1981.

6) Fortunately, there has not been a terrorist incident yet involving nuclear weapons. But, the potential dangers are very real. There are many suitcase size nuclear bombs that have been smuggled into the United States and can be detonated at any time. In addition, nuclear power plants are susceptible to damage from mortar, rocket, and missile attack. The affects from radiation of a damaged nuclear reactor could cause devastation over a large portion of the United States.

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2.3.4 National Security

1) National Security does not mean a concern about the security for the people of a nation. It is the concern by governments for self-preservation. This section deals with the threats to individual freedom in an environment where national concerns override individual rights. The following sub-sections deal with threats of communications monitoring and control, the tracking and monitoring of individuals, martial law, and forced crises relocation.

2) During the Bush administration, at 3:30 in the morning of Saturday, August 4, 1990, a small group of United States Senators passed a bill that fundamentally alters and seriously endangers our constitutional system and threatens the continued existence of our democratic republic. The Senate Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1991 (SB 2834) transfers to the sole discretion of the president the power to initiate war, appropriate public funds, define foreign policy goals, and determine what is important to our "national security".

3) Title VII, "Oversight of Intelligence Activities" includes the following provisions:

  • It empowers the president to initiate covert actions; an authority never specifically given to the president

  • It denies Congress the power to prevent the president from initiating covert actions

  • It permits the president to use any federal departments, agencies or entities to conduct or finance a covert operation

  • It defines covert actions as operations "necessary to support foreign-policy objectives of the United States", purposes so broad as to be essentially unlimited

  • It explicitly claims the right of our country to secretly interfere in the internal "political, economic, or military affairs of other countries" in violation of international law

  • It requires the president to prepare a written finding and deliver that finding to the intelligence committees of the Congress, but also authorizes the president to omit from the finding "extremely sensitive matters" and to claim executive privilege if Congress asks too many questions.

4) One prime example of tight inner government control by secret society members may be found in the National Security Council, which, since its creation by the National Security Act of 1947, has come to dominate U.S. policy decisions including those involving the use of armed force. Council principles are the president, vice president, and secretaries of State and Defense, positions predominately held by members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission throughout the twentieth century. Communications

1) President Truman created the National Security Agency (NSA) to monitor and contain the secret of the alien presence, decipher alien communications and eventually establish an ongoing dialogue with any alien species it could make contact with. Presidential Executive Order exempts the NSA from all laws except those laws that specifically mention the NSA.

2) However, since its creation in 1952, its charter has expanded enormously. It is now involved in all manner of communications monitoring, deciphering, and control in every country on earth, including the United States. This means that every telephone call is monitored, every conversation is recognized electronically, and scanned for certain words, such as "bomb" and "kill".

3) In addition to illegal telephone taps, the NSA also monitors all electronic communications via telegraph, FAX, radio, and the Internet. Every website accessed, every E-mail sent, and all information transferred is monitored and controlled by the NSA.

4) Since the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act, the government is now "legally" able to keep track of all credit card records, bank transactions, car rental receipts, gun purchases, passport applications, magazine subscriptions, medical prescriptions, academic grades, trips everyone books, events that are attended, driver's licenses, bridge toll records, judicial and divorce records, telephone records, internet traffic, and complaints by nosy neighbors. If the USA PATRIOT Act II is passed, anti-war activists could be jailed without due process, searches can be made without a warrant, and private property can be seized. Tracking and Monitoring

1) The Pentagon has developed an urban surveillance system that can track, record, and analyze the movement of every vehicle in any city. In addition, facial feature identification systems are currently in use at airports, shopping malls, and at sporting events. Closed-circuit television monitors are also being installed at intersections and busy streets in every major city in the world. You cannot go into a store, use an automated teller machine, drive a car, catch a train or enter an airport without being watched.

2) The National Identification card has been suggested by president Bush as a means to help stop terrorism. However, this is only an interim measure. The most important goal of the Illuminati is a micro-chipped population. Their aim is to have every person on the planet micro-chipped and every child micro-chipped at birth.

3) The purpose for having people implanted with microchips is to tag and keep a constant track of where they are and what they are doing. But the main reason is to manipulate at will their mental and emotional processes. Once people are chipped, computers can make them docile or aggressive, sexually aroused or sexually suppressed, and close down their minds to a point to where they are like zombies. Then, they will be nothing more than biological machines controlled by aliens who are behind the whole thing.

4) Professor Kevin Warwick of Reading University in England was implanted with a chip and is promoting the use of human micro-chips and is introducing all of us to the benefits of controlling electronic devices at a distance. He and his wife, Irena, were going to be implanted with another chip that would connect their nervous systems to data processors, batteries, and radio transmitters in order to have communications across the Net.

5) We are now seeing people chipped with their medical records and other personal details. The plan is to sell the chip as a way to stop mugging and credit card fraud because financial details would be on a chip under people's skin. Children would never be lost again because their chip could always be located. Microchips are so small now that they can be injected through a hypodermic needle during mass inoculation programs.

6) Chipping people so that they can "talk" to their personal computers and the Internet is another approach. Scientists want to insert electronic chips into our heads so that we can plug directly into the information superhighway. International teams are working on an implant to translate human thought into computer language.

7) Dr. Sanders said they want the chip to contain the name and picture of the person, an international social security number, fingerprint identification, physical description, family and medical history, address, occupation, income tax information, and criminal record. People will not need passports or any other personal paperwork. The global computer network that these chips could respond to is already in place underground in many locations.

8) Applied Digital Solutions announced a human microchip it calls Digital Angle. It is designed to monitor the wearer's physiology, like pulse and body temperature, and their location. It is also designed to connect with the Internet and to be a user-identity device for the web. It is described as a "dime-sided" implant, inserted just under the skin. The chip will be powered "electromechanically" through the movement of muscles and it can be activated by the wearer or by the monitoring technology.

9) Dr. Peter Zhou is the chief scientist. He stated that he was excited about the chip's ability to save lives by monitoring medical conditions and give an exact location to rescue services.

"Digital Angle will be a connection from yourself to the electronic world. It will be your guardian, protector, and will bring good things to you. We will be a hybrid of electronic intelligence and our own soul." Martial Law

1) Presidential Executive Orders 10995 through 11005 are emergency measures that enable the government to take over all communications media, all electric power, fuels and minerals, all food resources and farms, all means of transportation including; highways, seaports, railroads, inland waterways, all airports and aircraft, all health, welfare, and educational functions, all housing and finance authorities, all public funds, and authorizes the relocation of whole communities, as well as drafting all citizens into work forces.

2) Executive Order 11051 gives the Office of Emergency Planning and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) the authority to put these measures into effect under any pretext of increased international tensions or economic or financial crises. Today, these measures can be put into effect for a national emergency of any pretext deemed necessary by the president and these measures remain in effect for a period of six months. At the end of that period, Congress has the authority to repeal the state of emergency procedures.

3) While the state of emergency is in effect, the nation will be under Martial Law. All medical personnel, law enforcement officers, and essential service providers will be compelled to work under the direct control of FEMA. Roadblocks will be set up and only authorized travel will be permitted. Military personnel will confiscate all firearms and maintain order. Anyone that does not comply with all directives will either be detained indefinitely or terminated. Crises Relocation

1) Under a state of emergency, the government has the authority to transport whole communities to crises relocation camps that have been in existence throughout the country since the 1980s. One such camp is located nine miles West of Mineral Wells, Texas where there is row after row for mile after mile of campers, mobile homes and recreational vehicles.

2) This camp is surrounded by a twelve-foot high, chain-link fence with razor wire on the top. At the front, there is an old and faded sign that says "F.E.M.A." It is intended to intern whole families. It is guarded at all times by military troops, armed with M-16 rifles, which patrol the facility in military Humvee vehicles.

3) Gunderson Steel Fabrication, in Portland, Oregon, built 107,200 full-length railroad cars for the federal government under a contract worth over two billion dollars. There were also 11 sub-contractors, including Bethlehem Steel Corporation, that are involved to install 143 pairs of Shackles in each railroad car. This will enable the government to transport a total of 15,329,600 people against their will with each trip.

4) At the camps, every aspect of your lives will be controlled. Where you sleep, what you eat, what you have, what you do, and what services that are provided will be controlled. In order to keep you in a weakened, submissive, and compliant state, you will be required to do strenuous work, your food and water will be rationed and drugged, and you will be awakened at different times each night.

5) You will be kept in a state of dependency, helplessness, and submission until your processing into absolute servitude is completed. If you should show any signs of resistance, attempts will be made to convince you of the need for compliance. If that should fail, you will be taken away and never seen again. However, once total control is established, then pain, deprivation, and fear will be used to keep you in line with no hope of rescue or relief.

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