Strategic Considerations

4.1 Foreign Threat Resistance

  • 4.1.1 Public Resistance

  • 4.1.2 Passive Resistance

  • 4.1.3 Active Resistance

4.2 International Threat Resistance

  • 4.2.1 Economic Threats

  • 4.2.2 World Government Threats

  • 4.2.3 Satanic Threats

4.3 Domestic Threat Resistance

  • 4.3.1 Martial Law Threats

  • 4.3.2 Crisis Relocation Threats

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1) This portion of the document is devoted to presenting information that could help in the planning of a strategy for resisting the threats on human freedom. This help is provided in the form of information that should be considered when dealing with foreign, international, and domestic threats.

2) Because of a concern for security, no specific plans can be offered in this document. The information provided is only intended to be a partial list of major items that should be considered when planning strategies for opposing the threats to mankind.

3) Humanityís enemies are well entrenched within our societies. They have been conspiring throughout our evolution to consolidate global power. They are very intelligent, well financed, and are technologically advanced. Any strategy developed must take the entire situation into consideration.

4) This may appear to be a daunting task. However, it is only through the efforts of informed individuals, acting independently, that success is possible. The days of masses of humanity that blindly follow leaders that do their thinking for them, are over. Leaders can be corrupted. People, who do their own thinking, pose the greatest threat to global conquest.

5) Throughout eons of time, the evil energy of Artificial Replicating Viral Intelligence (ARVI) has grown to become strong and powerful. Galactic groups have been formed for millions of years for the purpose of tracking and destroying the artificial intelligence.

6) Planet Earth is a jewel of Creation and the Light Warriors assigned to the job of hunting down the viral energy knew that ARVI would not resist invading planet Earth and the surrounding star systems. Earth is a rare planet of white light and the virus needs this light in order to survive. The main reason that dinosaurs suddenly died out was because they were the main DNA source for creating artificial reptilian ARVI energy forms. The replications were greatly slowed down once their supply was destroyed.

7) A plan was set up to trap ARVI in this galaxy and then to quarantine the planet in order to destroy it. As the virus came into this galaxy, portals were invaded and opened by it. For millions of years, there have been tremendous battles over these portals. Over time, the portals have been taken back by the Light Warriors and closed so that the virus cannot get out of this star system.

8) At the same time, wise counsels of elders have been keeping records and new laws have been set up. Once the virus is destroyed, this will never be allowed to happen again. The laws are set in place so that the instant such an artificial intelligence is formed, it will be destroyed before it can begin replicating itself.

9) A main strain of the virus that has been operating in the Middle East has been removed and destroyed. Peace will come. The portal in the Middle East has been closed. The ARVI that is left will begin to die out naturally when its supply of light is depleted. This will take time and there are many difficult events that the Earth must go through. But, the Earth will continue to make its ascension. As it does so, ARVI will die out completely. Unfortunately, the effects of ARVI will still be felt for a few more years.

10) All Warriors of Light who have been directly involved with this battle have allowed themselves to be infected with the ARVI containment. These loving beings took on the containment and have had to work arduously to destroy it from within their own consciousness. It is in this manner that the strain has been and continues to be destroyed. It was the only way, for ARVI cannot be fought on the outside. Fighting ARVI on the outer levels only feeds it and makes it stronger.

11) Continue to raise your Christ Consciousness. The more love, peace, and Oneness you bring within yourself, the more ARVI strain you destroy. You do not have to love ARVI. But, do not hate it. Have no judgment of it, no matter how destructive and detrimental it is to life. Simply consider it to be an enormous super-computer run amok. Call upon the Creator and ask for angelic assistance to stop the intervention.

12) There are Galactic brothers and sisters that have been helping Earth for a long time. Soon, there will be more frequent contacts in a loving and benevolent manner. All damage caused by ARVI can be corrected through advanced technologies. Black shadow governments are losing their power. Earth is the final battleground. Artificial intelligence cannot prevail over the Love and Light of our Creator.

13) We, as human beings, are being challenged. Our right to be here, to be free and self-determined in the universe is being challenged. Our independence is being lost. We must be quite sober and objective in order to deal with this effectively.

14) This is a worldwide problem. But, humanity is divided and contentious. Because we do not speak as one people, we are prone to intervention and manipulation. But, when we know that there is a greater problem, cooperation and unity will begin. What good is one nation over another when we are all being threatened?

15) This could become a great tragedy, depending upon how people respond. But, it could also be a great opportunity. This is really our one great chance for humanity to unite itself and to become strong in its own defense. It takes something of this magnitude to overcome the tribal animosities and histories between cultures. It takes a greater problem to unite people.

16) It is like a house on fire. If the people in one room wonít speak to the people in another room and the people upstairs hate the people downstairs and the house is on fire, you either help each other or you perish. The world is like a house on fire due to environmental degradation and through increasing conflicts between cultures and nations.

17) Something has got to be done or humanity will give away the keys to the kingdom freely, openly, and with very few questions. Our choices are limited, but fundamental: acquiesce or stand for freedom. The only thing that is going to save humanity is humanity itself. Humanity has everything it needs to be successful. We do not need advanced technology or alien genetic material. But, we are grossly unprepared for the problems before us to the point that the situation has become rather desperate.

18) We must prepare. Awareness is the first thing. We must all recognize the reality of what we are facing. Humanity could end the intervention tomorrow if it were informed and aware. We must understand about life here and in the universe, which we need to do objectively. Our lack of comprehension could truly be tragic.

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4.1 Foreign Threat Resistance

1) This section covers important information that must be considered when resisting the threats to human freedom from extraterrestrial societies. In addition to providing an overview of the considerations involved, specific information regarding public, passive, and active resistance is provided in the following subsections.

2) More people are becoming acquiescent and less able to discern every day. People give up control for direction, council, and preservation. Do you wish to give over the authority of your life and have your life completely controlled for a promise of greater technology? There is peace in the prison because everyone is controlled. But, is this really peace or is this simply the restraint of war?

3) With each passing day, opportunities fade as more people are captured and their awareness is re-cultivated. There are not many aliens here. But, their job is being made easy because of human ignorance and acquiescence. It will be okay until people find out what is really going on.

4) Humanity should not let any foreign race upon its soil without permission from the population. Obviously, this permission was never asked for and never granted. That is why it is an intervention and not a visitation. We have these rights and we must exercise them. Visitors are welcomed in because they have asked permission to visit and it has been granted. An intervention does not have this permission. It is forced upon us.

5) We must become mentally strong and not open our hearts and minds to the extraterrestrial presence. Resist the intervention through awareness, advocacy, and understanding. Become aware of the aliens, but do not yield. Regain your inner authority. Become a power to be reckoned with regarding any who would trespass or deny your fundamental rights. Become aware of the mental manipulations. Choose who and what is influencing your thinking. Learn to determine with discernment and objectivity what others and the world is telling you.

6) In addition, there must also be new information and perspective. Only a teaching from beyond our world will prepare us for life from beyond that is here now and seeking to establish itself here. Our challenge is to know who are our allies and who are our adversaries. We must see the difference between the spiritually advanced and the malevolent forces in the universe.

7) You may recall the statement that "There is GOOD out there" in the 2002 Crabwood crop formation message on a disk. It refers to a group of extraterrestrial entities known as the "Allies of Humanity". The Allies know from experience the nature of the conflict and challenge that we are facing. The Alliesí own home worlds were once overcome by malevolent forces in the universe and they had to regain their freedom. Each of them came very close to loosing everything and they do not want to see that happen to us. They have suffered and learned much to be able to help humanity.

8) The Allies are observers who claim no rights and have no agenda against us. They are from many worlds and remain hidden in order to help emerging worlds. We will not meet the Allies and they will not meet with our leaders. The Allies will remain mysterious. They will not divulge information about their origins or identities.

9) They are being discrete. They must remain hidden in order to spy on the other extraterrestrials or they would surely perish, if discovered. The Allies know where the others come from and why they are here. The Allies are here without any official permission from other worlds. In truth, they are not really supposed to be here doing what they are doing.

10) People want the Allies to be saviors, rescuers, to intervene and prevent the Visitorís access here. People may even feel betrayed or let down because the Allies are not here to protect us. The Allies cannot save us with military intervention. If the Allies were to fight those intervening here, we would have warfare at our doorsteps and their home worlds would also be threatened. If the Allies did protect us, then they would have to continue to protect us and take control of our world. This would lead to a loss of freedom, even to a friend. The Allies would not accept this.

11) The Allies bring important, but serious news. They want to warn us of the gravity of our situation and provide a greater perception and understanding of life in the universe. The Allies come not to incite fear, but to provoke responsibility, engender a greater awareness, and encourage preparation for a life with greater problems and challenges. The Allies do not want to see us loose our freedom and become a client state. They abhor the treatment, reeducation, and pacification of us by malevolent forces.

12) Once their messages to humanity have been transferred, they must withdraw for their own safety for they have no authority here. If discovered, they would surely perish. Once they depart, there can be no further direct assistance. This information is of the greatest importance. It tells you about the Collectives, how they function, why they are here and what they are doing here. It reveals our importance to other worlds and about the greater spiritual powers that exist.

13) They have imparted all that is essential for our well-being and survival. The Allies want for humanity to have freedom from intrusion, self-sufficiency, creativity, and life without conflict in order to achieve a higher purpose and respond to a higher calling that the Creator has provided. They work behind the scenes to advocate for freedom and Knowledge in all sentient beings.

4.1.1 Public Resistance

1) Can humanity deal with intelligent life from beyond our world without romance, hopeful expectations, or greed, but objectively and honestly? People think they should be told. But, most people could not handle it. This may be the hardest thing for humanity to ever come to terms with.

2) Most people have a very romantic view of life in the universe. They are dazzled by technology and want more. They think contact will bring untold benefits. They think that advanced races will teach us how to live in peace, maintain our environment, and elevate the standard of living for people everywhere. But, is this possible? Do people really want to have their lives changed?

3) Some people think that we should not jump to any premature conclusions. They need more facts and evidence. But, how much do you have to see before it is clear? They are ambivalent about coming to a conclusion because then they must really act and they are afraid of ridicule. No one wants to take the risk of knowing anything.

4) You donít want to wait for the proof because then it will be too late. By then, there will be very little recourse. After extraterrestrials have taken over, what will you do then, protest, write letters to your Senator, or complain to your friends? This is a very serious situation. People must take risks to see and to know.

5) People will say, "I canít deal with this now. I have got other problems to deal with". Really? What other problems do you have which are more important than this? Yes, there are things in everyoneís lives that must be dealt with, but not at the expense of this madness. This is the most important awareness that we can have in life at this time.

6) Many people will simply go into denial. Some cannot comprehend these things. Others will want to defend themselves by building bunkers, living underground, and storing weapons and mistrust everyone and everything. Some people will resist the intervention to protect their wealth and privileges or they will attempt to unite with the aliens for their own benefit. This is a very dangerous scenario.

7) This is not a time for ambivalence, complacency, or to project your grievances and distrust upon the world. Because humanity is divided and unaware of life beyond our planet, we are vulnerable. We are without real security. We have no defense against outside influences.

8) So long as we are free to know, respond, and speak out, we must do so. In order to preserve freedom, we must be prepared to endure a difficult and prolonged transition. To survive, humanity must unite and protect the world from the intervention by extraterrestrial forces. We must establish strength and independence for all mankind. Freedom must be the rallying cry.

9) The Visitors are not our friends. We have the power to resist the persuasion for human allegiance. But, we need awareness, discernment, and inner conviction, not technology. This must be given priority. There is still time. It can be stopped. Ignorance, greed, hostility, and naivetť will undermine human strength.

10) Freedom is a difficult thing to achieve and to maintain. We must be self-sufficient, united, and very discreet. The more self-sufficiency is sustained, the stronger and more independent we will become. The depletion of essential resources causes extreme vulnerability and powerlessness. We must regenerate our resources in order to prevent dependency.

11) We must unite and oppose the violation of alien craft in our skies, people taken against their will, the harvesting of biological resources, and the manipulation of powerful people. A movement must arise to demonstrate displeasure with our uninvited guests, provide awareness of the situation, and an understanding of what we must do to secure our freedom and well-being.

12) We must have a strong public voice of resistance or it will appear that the intervention is welcomed. We must shout,

"No, this is wrong! We are being visited and manipulated against our will. We do not welcome this. They must leave."

We must have a public outcry, demonstrate displeasure, and oppose the abductions and interbreeding. Resist and it must stop.

13) But, knowledgeable people will be demoralized, discouraged, made to feel weak, helpless, hopeless, and impotent in the face of beings with enormous power. They will feel like they have no possibility of resisting. This is part of the manipulation. These feelings are not just a lack of self-trust, but are a manipulation of your mental environment. Humanity must realize this and deal with it.

14) Resist inducement and find insulation and freedom from torment with Knowledge. Counteract a wishful and hopeful view of things, which is susceptible to persuasion and manipulation. We must see with clear and sober eyes without hope and fear. Do not give over your mind, heart, and the world for the promise of peace, power, and equality. We will succumb either due to persuasion or by being discouraged from resisting. So, we must not loose faith.

15) We must be informed, sober, and wise. We must have an orientation to what exists, what to expect, and how to function and conduct ourselves with the Allies help. There is still time to stop the intervention. We must advocate the Alliesí messages and publicly support their representative, Marshall Vian Summers.

16) If we are successful in defending our right to be the pre-eminent race on Earth and to live in freedom, then we will be able to meet and to know our Allies. In the meantime, there is great work to be done and everyone has the possibility to do this work.

4.1.2 Passive Resistance

1) Because the Grays have invaded the home planet of the Blonds from Procyon, just as they are attempting to invade Earth, it could be beneficial to heed the words of a Procyonian by the name of Khyla. He has stated:

2) It is impossible for you to fight the Grays on a military level. Even an alliance between the U.S. and Russia could not do it. Their technology is too far in advance of yours. It would be like bows and arrows versus machine guns. However, this time around, you would be the ones with the bows and arrows. They can use electro-magnetics to axis-switch this planet or take it out of orbit.

3) Active resistance would be suicidal due to their technological advantage, foolhardy rather than courageous. If you took hostages, so would they. They can get to you, but you canít get to where they come from. Not even their moon base is vulnerable to you. It is necessary to fight in another manner, through passive resistance.

4) At this stage, one thing you can do is to provide the public with as much information as possible. This will make it more difficult for the collaborators and Grays in disguise within the government to continue to work against humanity in favor of the Grays. Tell the public how to put their minds into a state that the Grays cannot penetrate, by focusing the mind on powerful imagery, different for each individual.

5) The only way to victory is through the strength of your consciousness. When genetic or other manipulations are being performed on the abductees, the Grays expect them to cringe in fear, and derive a second-hand high from the intensity of the emotions expressed. If instead of cringing in fear, an abductee can put his or her mind elsewhere, focusing attention on dynamic protective imagery of a religious or mystical nature, it decreases the gratification that the Grays are getting from their second-hand high, and it confuses them. Center the consciousness on something so different from what they expect that it puzzles them.

6) No matter what the physical situation may be, it is essential to send an SOS telepathic message to the higher powers protective of humanity without becoming entangled in negative emotions such as fear, rage or hatred. Negative emotions not only diminish the effectiveness of oneís SOS message to the higher powers in the universe, they are the type of response that the Grays are used to evoking and are expert at manipulating.

7) If you combat the Grays with hatred in your heart, you become like them, and further entangled with them, instead of free from them. A difficulty with the viewpoint of many of the adherents of organized religions is that they tend to perceive the Grays as demons, and therefore to hate them. Although to some extent this analogy is valid, hatred is a form of attachment, a negative emotion they know well how to use to bind you to them.

8) A more correct perception is that the Grays are a species that is terminally ill, having exhausted their DNA, and are therefore in a state of desperation. That is why they are so ruthless in their genetic and other experimentation. Their physical bodies are degenerating from generation to generation. Their DNA is running out and no longer replicates properly, so they are unable to replenish themselves.

9) It should be remembered that aggressive behavior or attempts at physical resistance, during an abduction, may result in death. The Grays have no more compunction about taking human life than humans have about taking reptilian life. During the time that one is in their power, one has no more control over what happens physically than does the victim of a human kidnaper or rapist.

10) Their íchosen onesí are attempting to sugar-coat the bitter pill and get you all to stand in line to be processed without any effective resistance, like cattle into hamburger, depicting abduction by the Grays as a glorious experience that everyone should have. These íchosen onesí are the íbellwethersí that Charles Fort referred to.

11) Although active resistance to the Grays would not be advisable at the present time, due to their technological advantage, this does not mean that you should surrender. It means that you should focus your attention on the different techniques of passive resistance that may be applicable to the situation, making the fullest possible use of your individuality, which so puzzles and confuses their collective hive mentality. As collective thought patterns enhance the abilities of the Grays to manipulate you, original thinkers acting on their own are more likely to have success than mass movements led by leaders who do everyone elseís thinking for them.

12) In preventing the take-over of your planet, as a colony ruled by Gray overlords, you should go back through your own history and learn what you can from the techniques of passive resistance that have been used to bring about independence. Study what happened in India, with the American Indians and the Blacks in South Africa, the French Resistance during the Nazi occupation, and anywhere else in your historical records where there are lessons of this nature to be learned.

13) The point of passive resistance is to endure, to survive until the moment when it becomes possible to switch over to active resistance because outside help has come. However, be careful to avoid the mistake of the citizens of Budapest, who rose up believing propaganda assurances that the United States would support their uprising, only to be crushed by Soviet tanks when no such help was forthcoming.

14) Prematurely triggered active resistance would be a disaster that would enable the Grays to perpetuate their colonization of this planet, exactly the type of situation they would try to bring about. Beware of zealots with an obsessive hatred of the Grays, who may have been subconsciously programmed by the Grays to act as agent provocateurs. If you get all those sincerely devoted to resistance together into one place, it is much easier to wipe them out. If the resistance remains disseminated among the population at large, it is more difficult to round them up.

15) Donít add to the superiority of the Gray position by playing into their hands. And remember that although their technology is far in advance of yours, you do vastly out-number them, and can over-extend them. They are already over-extended elsewhere and are unable to commit further forces to this area of the universe, so those already here must operate without reinforcements coming to their aid.

16) You are so far outstripped in terms of physical weaponry that you must find a source of strength that transcends the physical, such as techniques of centering consciousness on powerful motivating imagery, which would be different from one individual to another. For the religiously oriented it might be a key event in the life of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, or whoever the appropriate figure would be in the tradition oneís belief system is centered around.

17) For those who are not religiously oriented, it would be whatever figure that person sincerely admires as representing what is best in humanity, whether it be an artist or inventor or other type of benevolent leader of society. If the admiration is not wholeheartedly sincere, the intensity of the attention focused on the symbolic image will not be sufficient to be of much use as protection, nor can the attention be maintained for long.

18) The degree of protection given by such imagery depends largely on the intensity and endurance of the single-pointed attention. So it is best to choose whatever figure you genuinely feel spontaneous admiration for, which makes your heart sing and makes you feel at one with the infinite. That will always work, and is all you can do for now.

19} The intelligence of terrestrial humanity has now evolved to the point where it has a choice in the matter. By understanding the long-term hive-mind strategy of the Grays, individual humans who attain multi-dimensional awareness, can circumvent and short-circuit it. If enough individual humans do this, and refrain from quarreling over petty differences, and unite together to liberate the planet, the Grays will be obliged to seek elsewhere in the cosmos for a slave species they can genetically manipulate.

20) At some point help may come from outside, from my own and/or some of the other space races. There may also be revolt within the ranks of the Grays, based on widespread discontent with their rigid insectile hierarchical caste system. In the process of infiltrating a species, the Grays cannot avoid being influenced by that species, and some of them who had never thought of questioning authority are beginning to do so.

21) There is no reason why one should not send out telepathic appeals for help, in the form of prayer or meditation or whatever way is appropriate to the individual, to the higher forces in the cosmos. They do exist, and are sensitive to such signals. There are extra-terrestrial and other-dimensional cultures, capable of harnessing the innate power of entire galaxies, that could be of immeasurable help in liberating your planet from domination by the Grays, if you could persuade them to intervene.

22) Your secret weapon, your ace in the whole, is that you are not hive-mind collective thinkers, though many of you fall into that category by conforming to conventional group-patterns, and are therefore easily controlled by the Grays. Collective thought-patterns among humans empower the Grays. It is your individuality which is your best weapon, because it is the one weapon you have that the Grays do not have. The major weakness of the Grays, their area of vulnerability, their Achilles heel, is their inability to think as individuals.

23) They are an extremely telepathic high-tech society, but as individuals they are not creative thinkers. They take orders well, but they do not conceptualize well. They have the technology to throw your planet out of orbit. But, there is one key ability that you have and they do not have. You have the ability to hold in mind imagery that inspires an individual to realize his or her direct personal connection to the source of all that is, which is the ineffable Godhead, no matter what you may call it. That is your key to victory.

24) What I want to get across to you is that the ultimate evil, which underlies all the negativity in the cosmos, finds expression in the form of psychological complacency. It leads an individual to adhere to a group philosophy rather than to think things through for oneself.

25) Those who feel safe and comfortable in a belief system, merely because many others adhere to it, and who get together to form an arrogant, self-righteous group that is convinced that it has a monopoly on the truth, are doomed to fail. Those who are ready to persecute, kill or stifle anyone who challenges that groupís philosophy, have formed an alliance with the ultimate evil, whether they know it or not.

26) As soon as you become involved in a belief system that you are a "chosen" special group, who are as lords over the common folk because of your secret knowledge, you are on your way to a fall. That type of attitude plants the seed of destruction in any society or culture, leaving it vulnerable to overthrow by those oppressed within its boundaries, as well as by outside forces. All cultures who have elite groups at odds with each other, and with the population at large, sooner or later collapse from either internal or external pressures.

27) A healthy organism does not encapsulate portions of itself off that cease to interchange freely with other portions of its body. This type of condition is a prelude to cancer, whether it occurs in an individual or in a society. The only chance of retaining your freedom is for the awareness of this principle to penetrate the consciousness of humanity. It is a pearl of wisdom treasured by those who have attained the ability to travel through time.

28) I have seen civilizations rise and fall, begin again only to die again, over and over and over. It isnít only a problem of this planet. Itís a problem that must be faced by all civilizations in the course of their development, no matter where they may be located in the cosmos. Everyone wants that slightly larger piece of the pie than their neighbor for themselves, and eventually this tendency always culminates in choking them.

29) Sooner or later this will be the undoing of the Grays as well, thereby enabling us to return in triumph from our exile in the corridors of time. The Grays do not see and are incapable of understanding their own fundamental error: that the very weakness they seize upon in humanity is their own inherent weakness, the blind spot that inevitably seals their doom.

30) But, nothing in this cosmos can ever be forced. To try to change the arrogant mentality of a self-righteous government official is as futile as trying to make a rock perform like a plant, unless the individual has matured to the point of being ripe for major change.

31) Everything happens and unfolds as it should, even when you are confronted with the idiocy that has brought about the potential end of your species, as you know it. It is a challenge to be faced, just as Paul Revere and Thomas Paine and John Paul Jones faced the challenges of their time. May it bring out the best in you!

4.1.3 Active Resistance

1) In 1986, a physicist by the name of Paul Bennewitz revealed a detailed report, called Project Beta, that he wrote for officials at Kirtland Air Force Base until interests deep within the intelligence community became involved. It was a plan for a military attack on one of the major underground basing installations of the Draconis-Orion-Reticuli forces at Dulce, New Mexico. It may be necessary to re-take the base from the aliens and to set free the human captives that are being held there.

2) After two years of continuous recorded electronic surveillance and tracking of computer communications and video monitoring with aliens at the base, their true intentions and location was established. It was discovered that the aliens are devious, they employ deception, and that they have no intention of negotiating a peace-making policy or adhering to any prior agreement.

3) The Grays, having a group oriented mental structure, cannot process policy decisions without consultation with Grays higher in their social hierarchy. The result can be confusion when they are faced with events that they donít expect. They will often cease operations until a decision is made. It seems to be an inherent operational "weakness". The more unexpected the event, the longer it takes. The tall Grays seem to be less prone to the frailties of the system than do the smaller Grays.

4) Psychologically, the alien morale is down to near disintegration. There is pronounced dissention in the ranks. Communication can encourage this. Inter-echelon and individual trust appears to be totally lacking and suspicion of each other is rampant. They appear to be death-fear oriented.

5) The alien base is on the West slope of Mt. Archuleta (click image right), directly West of the South end of the U.S. base and NW of their main landing area. It has a large alloy dome of thirty-eight feet in diameter with a twenty-foot hole in the top. It is an underground launch egress facility. There is a well-maintained gravel road, with numerous roadblocks, that is over thirty feet wide and extends northward through the U.S. base to launch preparation areas and ships. The total alien basing area of the multi-level facility is approximately three kilometers wide by eight kilometers long.

6) All aliens and humans in the facility must have implants for telepathic communication, tracking, and control. The Grays exhibit tendencies for bad logic and appear to have many frailties and weaknesses. The aliens are capable of killing with a beam weapon that results in a three to four centimeter purple circle. The aliens conduct cattle mutilations in order to create a formula that is made from human and/or cattle biological material that they feed off of. They are also abducting human females in order to grow hybrid embryos.

7) The aliens employ beam weapons as their primary means of defense. It is a pulse powered, electro-static weapon with plasma generating voltages and an internal storage device using hydrogen or oxygen. It has an effective range of about two kilometers, in dry weather. The weapon has a limited number of full-power discharges that can be sustained. Slow leakage occurs continuously. Therefore, they must be recharged periodically. If it is raining, the weapon becomes swamped, discharged, and is ineffective.

8) On the flying disks, the weapon is generally located on the left side or top center. It has a maximum range of two hundred meters and can plow a trench in desert soil. It fires to the front and back equally. If equilibrium is not maintained, the saucer will spin out of control. Hand weapons do not have much velocity or staying power. But at short range, they are equally deadly against aliens and humans. At a range of one meter, beam temperature exceeds 1600 degrees F and can vaporize metal. However, at long range, they are less effective.

9) All of our air-flight planes, helicopters, and missiles can be brought down instantly without the use of weapons. The aliens simply need to do no more than make one invisible pass and their bow wave or screen from their craft will take any airlift vehicle down. Aircraft equipped with electromagnetic force shields may be effective against this. Advanced infrared scanners may also be used to detect cloaked alien ships before they have a chance to attack.

10) Alien craft can also use their bow wave against exposed humans on the ground. The partial pressure envelope can hit with the power of a tornado. The shock rise times and G force is instantaneous. However, their craft cannot make physical contact as they are fragile and, under slow flying conditions within our atmosphere, they hold a very tenuous position. Without power, they loose balance and equilibrium.

11) Most, if not all, of the alien craft run on a charge. The power source depletes and so dependent upon size, depletion can occur within a week or less. The ships can replenish each other but only up to a charge balance. This is done with antennae-like extensions. They can also replenish from power lines, but only to a point. So, time of flight is limited. Deprived of their base recharge capability, it is indicated that all ships will come down within six months to a year unless they can be transported to a prime launch ship.

12) Their capability in power survival outlasts their capability in food or formula survival. If they do not get formula/food within a certain period of time, they will weaken and die. They are totally dependant upon a large water supply. Without water, they have no power to service their ships or weapons and no means to create the formula/food to sustain their population. If the water intake points for alien bases can be cut off or re-routed, then the bases will eventually become uninhabitable.

13) Once the bases are pressed on a large scale, all alien craft will go airborne immediately. Using the terrain as cover, troops on the ground can lie in wait for them, armed with laser, particle-beam, and other advanced weapons. The weapons must penetrate their screens as well as the ground.

14) Paul Bennewitz has designed a weapon at his Thunder Scientific and Bennewitz Labs facilities. It causes alien craft within its range to discharge their power supplies. To counteract this, they must apply more power, which causes the reserves to be depleted faster. This weapon is able to penetrate their screen, hull alloy, and everything else. It cannot be shielded and the weaponís beam affects the alienís implants, causing confusion and a loss of judgment.

15) For the sake of the humans held captive in the bases, it may be wise to use an underground invasion force to make strategic or surgical attacks on the enemy. A multi-leveled operation utilizing surprise, confusion and intimidation to their fullest potential should be considered.

16) Once deprived of water, conditions in the alien bases will deteriorate rapidly. Confusion and disorientation will build. At the end of four to five weeks or less, all alien weapons should be totally discharged and power should be out at the bases. Most personnel, if not all, will be totally incapacitated. The feeding formula will be depleted and its critical processing ruined. All alien embryos should be dead and all oxygen and hydrogen consumables depleted.

17) At that point, standard weapon technology and logistics can come into play and be used for the destruction of facilities and the termination of those who pose a threat. A channel of communications will be used throughout to determine status and to attempt to instigate surrender. If no response results, then they could simply be kept confined and waited out.

18) Although the overall problem will not be solved with the capture of alien bases, it is a firmly based beginning with a high degree of rated projected success ratio. The alien bases are key to their plans for this planet. Without them, their mission is grossly weakened and badly slowed.

19) The aliens cannot, under any circumstances, be trusted. They are totally deceptive and have no moral respect for humanity or human life. No negotiation, agreement, or compromise can be settled upon in any way. No agreement will ever be adhered to or respected by the aliens, though they may attempt to convince us otherwise. Absolutely no quarter can be allowed under any circumstances. Once the offensive is instigated, it cannot be abandoned. If it is, reciprocal reprisals will immediately result.

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4.2 International Threat Resistance

1) The following subsections describe concepts that should be considered when planning a strategy for resisting the international threats described in the subsections of 2.2 and 3.2. These considerations relate to the resistance of economic, world government, and satanic threats.

4.2.1 Economic Threats

1) This section provides considerations for the resistance of a global economy, as described in section 3.2.1. That section outlines the plans for the creation of a world central bank and a one global electronic currency. It is also useful to understand the current system of economic control, as described in section for the Federal Reserve.

2) If a world central bank and a single global electronic currency are established, than nearly all means of resisting a world government will be eliminated. Not only will all privacy of purchases be lost, there will be total control over what, when and where people can purchase anything. If access is denied, there will be no recourse.

3) If an individual is thought to be an opponent of a world government, then all purchasing abilities will be revoked, whether or not entitled. This means that this individual will not be able to obtain food, clothing, fuel, electrical power, or any other possessions. In addition, this person will not be able to pay bills, debts or taxes. As a result, everything purchased with credit will be re-possessed. This also prevents the person from using any means of communication, transportation, or health care.

4) In essence, that individual is cut off from society and no one else would dare to have anything to do with that person at the risk of succumbing to the same fate. At this point, the individual is faced with three options. He or she can die, turn to a life of crime, or covertly barter. This person would be monitored closely and authorities would be ready to incarcerate the individual for any criminal behavior. All associations would also be closely monitored.

5) Anyone that opposes this form of oppression must be prepared ahead of time for any contingencies. This means:

  • obtaining a safe haven

  • stockpiling food, water, and supplies

  • ensuring a sustainable lifestyle

This is accomplished with an alternate power source, a means of barter, and the ability to defend oneís self and loved ones.

6) Obviously, it would be far better not to be in this situation in the first place. This means either helping to prevent a global economy or accepting it. If this form of control is accepted, then eventually, it will be used to dictate what people must do in order to obtain whatever is made available. This means determining what work must be accomplished, where everyone is to live, and what provisions are made available.

7) The prevention of a global economy, before it occurs, is the only peaceful alternative to slavery. This means supporting the distribution of information about the threats to humanity and personally advocating independence. People of authority must be informed, the media contacted, demonstrations organized, and free balloting used to prevent globalization. Once a global economy is established, the only opposition possible is sabotage and violent acts to make resources available.

4.2.2 World Government Threats

1) This section provides considerations for the resistance of a world government, as described in section 3.2.2 under the organizations outlined in the subsections of section 2.2. That section describes the Satanic, global, and regional organizations involved in bringing about a One World Government.

2) Because of a strong sense of patriotism for their country, people are naturally opposed to relinquishing their nationís independence and sovereignty to a world government. They are equally opposed to the idea of abiding by someone elseís laws and having their armed services become apart of a world military force. It is not likely that people will willingly consent to this in order to obtain an economic advantage, promise for greater security or world unity.

3) The only way that people can be expected to agree to becoming apart of a world government is if they believe that it is the only way for humanity to survive a global crises. Therefore, it is possible that a major crises, either real or artificial, will be staged by those who conspire for a world government. This could be a worldwide natural disaster, the use of weapons of mass destruction, or a threat from malevolent extraterrestrials.

4) The primary concern of a world army is the disarmament of the people in every country so that they have no means to resist. Searches and seizures of weapons can be expected to occur secretly, region by region, until all of humanity is disarmed. Despite any pretext for a world government, it can be expected that certain individuals will not be disarmed without a fight. Violence will be anticipated and the perpetrators will be destroyed. The only way to retain firearms, in this situation, is for them to be hidden so that even dogs cannot find them.

5) The prevention of a world government starts with the opposition of each nation to becoming a part of that government. This means supporting the distribution of information about the threats to humanity and personally advocating independence. People of authority must be informed of the dangers, demonstrations should be organized, and free balloting must be used to prevent entry into a world government.

6) However, once a world government is established, it would only be a matter of time before the world army invades all non-conforming nations and attempts to force them to join the world government. The opposing nations will need to be strong in their own defense and help other nations to resist. Once a nation becomes a part of the global government, only individual acts of sabotage and hit-and-run tactics will be possible.

7) It was Winston Churchill, during the Second World War, who said,

"Still, if you will not fight when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worst case: You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves."

4.2.3 Satanic Threats

1) This section provides considerations for resisting satanic threats from the organizations described within section 2.2.1 and the covert manipulations outlined in section 3.1.3. As indicated previously, satanic activities enable malevolent reptilian entities to maintain a human-appearing presence on Earth from another dimension and deep underground. This presence is very powerful and has manipulated mankind for centuries. It is time for humanity to break free from their control.

2) Elite reptilian and Nordic bloodlines are in positions of power and authority throughout the world. Their genealogy is well known as it establishes the hierarchy and is the basis for their right to rule. The highest level of the "Draco Royalty" appear to be humanoid with heads shaped like a lizard, eyes with vertical slit pupils, and colored albino-white. The highest operative in the Illuminati calls himself Marquis de Libeaux (of the water) and his codename is Pindar.

3) The only way to remove these possessed people from positions of power and authority is for humanity to be aware of who they are and what they are doing. Then, their genealogy can be used to determine who must be voted out of office and removed from positions of authority. For instance, the New England Historical Genealogical Society has shown that 33 of 42 U.S. presidents are related to Charlemagne and 19 are related to Englandís Edward III, and both of them are of the same reptilian bloodline.

4) However, it is what these beings are doing, during their ritualistic ceremonies, that provides the right to have them removed from power and punished. Abductions, rape, torture, molestation, and murder are still against the law in nearly every country on Earth. The dates, times, locations, and participants of these satanic rituals are well known. Everyone found guilty of these crimes must be held to the same standards of decency as the rest of humanity and punished accordingly.

5) The Illuminatiís use of organizations such as the Freemasons, Jehovahís Witnesses, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and the Skull and Bones must be investigated for ritual abuse and mind control practices. The Mormon Temple at Salt Lake City stands over a large underground reptilian base that can be accessed from the temple site. Atrocities against humanity must be stopped within these organizations.

6) However, it is in underground bases that the worst atrocities of all take place. There are secret underground facilities throughout the world, and at the deepest levels, they open out into the inner-earth centers of the reptilian and Grays. Area 51 in Nevada is the best known. The facilities are connected by a vast tunnel network with state-of-the-art transport systems that move at astounding speeds. There are at least 131 underground military bases, an average of one mile deep, constructed for the New World Order agenda. Often surface/subsurface terminals exist beneath Masonic Lodges, police stations, airports, and federal buildings of major cities.

7) One of the underground bases is under the Denver International Airport, east of Denver, Colorado. There are several main levels underneath, at least ten sub-levels, a 4.5-square-mile underground city, and an 88.5-square-mile underground base. It includes massive "containment camps" and fenced in areas deep underground for holding "dissidents". This is where many of the millions of children, that go missing every year worldwide, are taken. They are used for slave labor, alien nourishment, and are tortured in order to generate negative energies for reptilian inter-dimensional travel. This is Hell on Earth. Even though these bases are deep underground, they are still on the soil of countries with laws against this kind of horror.

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4.3 Domestic Threat Resistance

1) This portion of the document provides information that should be considered when planning a strategy for resisting threats of a domestic nature. The following subsections describe concepts for dealing with Martial Law, Crises Relocation, and Mind Control threats. These threats to individual freedom would be instituted in response to a state of National Emergency as described in the subsections of 2.3.4 and 3.3.

2) The crises that would cause a state of National Emergency to exist can be anything from an alien invasion to a war on drugs. It can be anything, real or imaginary, that the president decides warrants a national response. Upon activation, the un-elected officials of the Federal Emergency Management Agency take control of the country for a period of six months. Then, the U.S. Congress, if it still exists, can vote to rescind the state of National Emergency. This policy is authorized by Executive Decisions, known as Presidential Findings.

3) We do not live in a democratic government anymore. It is an illusion. The "National Security State" and "Military Industrial Complex", that President Eisenhower warned about, is actually in control of the United States. The president only has control over what he is informed about. A state of National Emergency would only cause the control to change from being covert to overt under Martial Law.

4.3.1 Martial Law Threats

1) Section describes the authority and provisions for Martial Law and section 3.3.1 describes the emergency powers under the Department of Homeland Security. This section provides considerations for resisting the threats to individual freedom resulting from Martial Law.

2) The four primary security concerns for Martial Law is disarmament, restriction of mobility, crowd control, and communications. All firearms, that have been legally registered, will be confiscated. In addition, sweeps will also be conducted through residential areas by search teams.

3) All transportation via busses, passenger trains, aircraft, and ships will be strictly controlled or prohibited entirely. Roadblocks will also be set up to restrict transportation via personal vehicles, on freeways, highways and at many intersections. In addition, individuals will be prohibited from leaving their homes without authorization. Any socializing, associating, or demonstrating by multiple individuals will be broken up, arrested, or terminated.

4) All means of communication will be restricted. This includes limiting postal mail, telephone service, the Internet, and citizenís-band radio communications. Unauthorized radio broadcasts will either be halted or jammed. Only authorized commercial radio and television stations will be permitted to broadcast information that is released by the government.

5) In order to retain possession of personal weapons, they must be secretly concealed in conveniently accessible locations, when not needed. A good way of doing this is to bury or conceal weapons with scents and disguises to throw off dogs and metal detectors.

6) Only by overpowering guards, officials, and authorities will it be possible to move about freely, unless it can be accomplished covertly. This requires prior planning of contingencies and coordinated activities. Alternate means of communication must be established ahead of time, that is either secure or encrypted.

4.3.2 Crises Relocation Threats

1) This portion of the document refers to the threats from Crises Relocation camps that were described in section The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has constructed many such confinement facilities throughout the United States.

2) The official purpose for these camps is to provide safe and secure locations for the population in times of crises. However, the fences, razor-wire, and armed guards are not meant to protect people from dangerous elements at large. It is to keep people confined and isolated from the rest of the world until they can be processed into becoming mindless slaves to serve the New World Order.

3) Normally, during an emergency, such as a forest fire, authorities will order endangered residents to leave their homes and evacuate the area to temporary shelters, hotels, or to visit friends or relatives. Temporary shelters are usually set up at schools, churches, and sport centers. Donations of food, clothing, and supplies are provided by the Red Cross, local stores, and volunteers.

4) However, in the case of relocation camps, military forces are used to evacuate whole neighborhoods. This may be justified as a means to safely transport large groups of people through dangerous areas to a safe haven. Actually, military units are used to force evacuation, prevent escape, and squash any form of resistance. The only way to prevent the military from accomplishing their mission, is through direct confrontation or by causing them to be engaged elsewhere.

5) Once loaded aboard the trucks and busses, people will be transported to train stations where they will be forced to board boxcars and be shackled in place for the trip to the crises relocation camps. At the camps, people will be given drugs to make them docile and obedient until micro-chipped implants can be inserted into their brains in order to provide total control for a life of slavery.

6) At what point will you resist? Will it be when they come for you at your home, when you are taken away on trucks and buses, when you are led into boxcars and shackled into place, when you arrive in the camps, when they deprive you of everything you own and love, when you are stripped of your identity and individuality, or is it when you are given an implant to complete your transformation into slavery?

7) When will you be willing to forgo government sponsored security measures in order to retain your freedom and independence? At what point do you actively oppose such measures or will you simply allow it all to happen?

4.3.3 Mind Control Threats

1) This is the last section that deals with strategic planning. It covers considerations for resisting threats resulting from mind control projects, as described within the subsections of 2.3.2. Those subsections cover electronic manipulation, trauma-based slavery, and micro-chipped implants.

2) Regarding the area of electronic manipulation, section describes various projects within the United States that can have a devastating effect on humanity. It shows how extremely low frequencies, sonic, and ultra-high frequencies can be used to fry brains, program people, and control the population.

3) As a result, it is important to be aware of what may be influencing people so that it can be avoided or shut down. Beware of three military helicopters flying in a triangular formation that could be used against large crowds. Also, be aware of secret transmitters on cellular phone towers that may be used for programming the population.

4) However, it is what is seen and heard over commercial TV and radio stations that is having the greatest affect on society. Not only is the news slanted and subliminal messages being used, even the background drone signal is being used to trigger disease, confuse psychic powers, and prepare people for mass control. The TV programs cause people to hate one another, be afraid, conform to social standards, and only seek pleasure and comfort.

5) Section describes how trauma is used to create thousands of slaves with Multiple Personality Disorders. These people are programmed to become sex slaves, assassins, and the leaders of people into submission. There are thousands of children between the ages of one and a half to six years of age, at the China Lake Naval Ordinance Test Station near Ridgecrest, California that are kept traumatized in small cages, given electrical shocks, and tortured. Who will save these children and all of the people that have grown to adulthood and are forced to serve the Illuminati?

6) Section describes how micro-chipped implants have been developed to provide the final solution for turning humanity into slaves. If people cannot be convinced to voluntarily have the implants, then they will be forced upon them in the crises relocation camps. Then, every child born into this world will have an implant at birth so that there will be no one left to resist the intervention. This must be prevented at all costs.

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