Risk Evaluation

3.1 Foreign Intervention

  • 3.1.1 Religious Consequences

  • 3.1.2 Global Conquest

  • 3.1.3 Covert Manipulation

3.2 International Intervention

  • 3.2.1 Global Economy

  • 3.2.2 One-World Government

  • 3.2.3 Overt Manipulation

3.3 Domestic Intervention

  • 3.3.1 Emergency Powers

  • 3.3.2 World Government Consequences


















1) This section of the document is devoted to evaluating the risks associated with the threats to human freedom that were assessed in the previous section. Worst-case scenarios are presented in order to evaluate the impact of foreign, international and domestic intervention, if not resisted.


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3.1 Foreign Intervention

1) The following sub-sections describe the risks to humanity from the intervention of extraterrestrial entities. This is presented in relation to the impacts on religious beliefs, global conquest, and covert manipulation by malevolent entities. Covert manipulation refers to sacrificial rituals and trauma-based activities by extraterrestrials that co-exist with the plans for global conquest.

2) Many races have lost their freedom and have become apart of a Collective. Entire worlds have fallen under the control of such Collectives. Freedom is a precious thing in the universe and more than one Collective is competing for advantage here. That places humanity in the middle. There are no neutral parties. Our world is far too valuable. Our resources are unique and of considerable worth.

3) We expect extraterrestrials to have outgrown deviousness, selfishness, competition, and conflict. But, this is not so. Greater technology does not raise mental and spiritual strength. Just because someone can fly around in a spacecraft does not mean that they are more advanced.

4) The spiritually advanced do not go about intervening in other peopleís worlds. They may send messages through observers but they do not intervene. The spiritually advanced remain hidden and seek insulation from other forces in the universe. The best position to have in the universe is to be self sufficient, independent, and extremely discrete. Races that keep their freedom must be strong, united, and insulated from outside influences.

5) Earth is beautiful with great biological diversity. It has not been destroyed through exploitation and it contains immense biological resources, life-giving resources that are rare and difficult to find. It has a temperate environment, large tracts of habitable land, enormous water resources, and an infrastructure usable by alien technology. The intervention did not happen previously because our technology has only recently developed the infrastructure that others can use for themselves.

6) Our world contains the resources and an environment that others seek for themselves. However, they need our help to obtain it. They do not seek to destroy us, but to have us become a part of their Collective in service to them. The intervention is not a mystery. It is natureís expression of intelligent beings in a struggle for survival.

7) History shows how indigenous people were overcome by foreign powers seeking advantage and wealth, making them vulnerable. Now, we are the indigenous people. Powerful, intervening forces come to establish themselves through subtle means by uniting with humanity for their own authority.

8) There are important secret depositories here. Earth has been a safe haven for storage of sacred and powerful items for millennia. Some Collectives know this and seek psychic people with intrinsic knowledge of these hidden treasures. If discovered, they would make humanity vulnerable with unwanted attention from powerful forces.

9) There are many different Collectives competing for pre-eminence here. That is why there are so many different kinds of craft seen with different races. Our isolation is over and we will never have it again.

3.1.1 Religious Consequences

1) Several groups of extraterrestrials wish to establish themselves as Gods or religious leaders. They seek to gain allegiance through religious and spiritual motivations. These entities would like to have religious institutions govern our nations, and they would like all of us to have religious values because this is fundamentally acquiescence and submission. It would be heralded as a great advancement for humanity. This would be a new unification, equanimity, and spirit over instincts.

2) Religions control our dedication and allegiance more than governments. Religions make us weak and vulnerable to divine guidance. Our spiritual predispositions and ideals are being greatly manipulated. Extraterrestrials seek to convince our religious leaders. They also contact those who are sensitive, receptive, and cooperative. People longing for redemption are the most vulnerable. They say that they will uplift humanity spiritually. The extraterrestrials will offer peace and redemption and the return of our religious leaders. Believers must discern these influences and counteract them. Religions must have integrity in order to serve in a genuine way.

3) They will try to pacify and reeducate through religious persuasion. They will use our identification with Jesus and his promise to return. Extraterrestrials can project images of religious saints, angels, and leaders.

4) A second coming is being prepared now. People will assume that this is the return of their savior and teacher. The one claiming to be Jesus will be born and bred for this purpose by extraterrestrials and will look human. He will have greater abilities, seem altruistic, and will perform acts that will engender fear or great reverence. This Jesus will project images of angels, demons, or whatever desired. He will engender followers and encourage alienation or destruction of the non-believers.

5) There will be a ferocity of religious beliefs expressed in violent ways against those who disagree and against weaker nations in the name of God. The people that are believers will be valued as useful and the others will be discarded. The extraterrestrials donít care how many humans die as long as they have allegiance by the majority.

6) A uniform religion of fundamentalism will be established based upon the past, allegiance to authority, and conformity to the institution. Other religions will be allowed only if there is order, allegiance and conformity.

3.1.2 Global Conquest

1) It is now clear, the aliens that have made technology available to the secret government are not benevolent but are our enemies, as they do the abductions, lie, deceive, are generally malevolent and are apparently implementing a very carefully planned covert invasion which includes the brutal and inhumane use of humans and animals for advanced genetic experimentation and crossbreeding.

2) Respect for humanity is rare in the universe. Many other races determine our value and worth by what we own and by what we can trade, sell, or surrender. This is the nature of life. Technology does not change this. If you believe that technology is our salvation, then you will be saved for another race that is technologically superior.

3) The extraterrestrials are not drawn to our spirituality or lifestyle. They believe that we cannot rule ourselves and that we will destroy the world and so they think that it is their right and privilege to intervene. They think that we are like animals. They will bring order and structure here. The extraterrestrials think they are providing a great service and are wholeheartedly persuasive.

4) They do not believe that we will mount a resistance against them that would be effective and are sure that their secrets and agenda are well preserved. They do not seek to destroy us. But, they will destroy anything that they think will interfere with them. Entire worlds have fallen under the control of such collectives. We are valued only as being useful. If not, we will be discarded.

5) Intelligent life from other worlds, do not wait for us to be ready. Visitation has occurred without our agreement or permission and the Visitorís presence is growing. We are studied without our permission as a laboratory experiment so that they can take advantage of everything that we are and everything that we have. This is not a military invasion. It is a subtle invasion. It is inducement and persuasion.

6) The Visitors will offer peace, order, beauty, and tranquility, which is what we all want. They will offer what you want and say what you want to hear. They will promise, offer, and do anything to achieve their goals. The Visitors will use our values, beliefs, rituals, and traditions. They will use religion to get our trust that they know what is best for us. They may seem to empathize only to gain our allegiance.

7) The Visitors intend on having us be simple within ourselves. They seek to disable our inner vision and knowledge. The Visitors isolate us from our knowledge within and make us completely dependant so that we will follow orders with no power to resist. Teachings have been introduced that teach human acquiescence, the suspension of critical spiritual abilities and to value only pleasure and comfort.

8) The Visitors use the hierarchy of human authority to serve them and the infrastructures that we have built. They need governments and religions through which they can control all. The methods employed will be used to encourage, induce, and seduce humanity into a cooperative and subservient role. All competing Collectives will use these methods. The inducements will vary depending upon who is being reached and for what purpose.

9) Receptive and cooperative government officials will be promised greater power and technology. World domination will be promised either through ideas that are sent into the minds of people or face-to-face meetings. The technology that is offered will not be advanced, unique, secret, or sacred to the Visitors. It will be basic space propulsion, electronic energy, and methods of production. Many will succumb to the offerings of wealth, power, control, domination, and advantage over others.

10) Cooperative and receptive people with economic power and wealth will be promised more wealth, power, and control in order to gain a strong liaison. Whatever strength and power is given to them will be only a temporary bestowal. Collectives believe deception to be ethical because they think that we will destroy the world without their help and they believe in the superiority of their race.

11) Religious leaders deemed cooperative and receptive are promised that their organization will become predominant in a New World Order and that their teachings will extend beyond our world. They will be promised pre-eminence in our world and their beliefs will be acknowledged by the Visitors in a deception to gain allegiance when they do not care about religion.

12) Those considered psychic and sensitive will be encouraged to support the intervention. Their own beliefs in the frailties and sinfulness of humanity will be encouraged along with their hope that the Visitors will rescue us from our own demise and that they are part of a greater association of life. They are told that they are here to uplift humanity, transform us and rescue us. They will be encouraged to become representatives and speakers to inspire others to give their faith and trust to the Visitors. They will pacify others.

13) They appeal to greedy peopleís quest for power, wealth, and spiritual fulfillment so they will operate against their own best interest in the believe that their activities are ordained by a greater power. They will say, "We have no war. Let us teach you how to live in peace, harmony, and equanimity."

14) For those who are not receptive and cooperative, their skills will be thwarted and offset. They become the target of mental disruption. For those who will not cooperate, they will be given confusing information and tormented mentally unless they call upon an angelic presence for help. They must resist with an understanding of the intervention.

15) Zealous representatives of their own religious traditions have a fundamentalism similar to Collectives. Zealous people, filled with anger against the world and those who oppose them, will be prime candidates to espouse a cooperation with Collectives and destruction of all opposed. Blind passion, fueled by anger and hostility, become a consuming force that can be manipulated. Those who oppose the intervention will be identified and sorted out by the zealots on behalf of the Visitors secretly.

16) The occupation will be fully realized once it has been fully established, yet by then, it will be too late to offset its influences without great struggle and sacrifice. There will be no freedom. We will become nothing but servants bonded to our new masters. We will be enslaved and the power to resist will have much greater costs and consequences.

17) In order to make the governing powers observing the intervention believe that humanity welcomes it, there is a great effort to secure emissaries and have people in positions of power and leadership advocate for the Visitorís presence and affirm their promise of greater wealth, power, freedom, and peace. This is a deception within and beyond Earth.

18) Each year, thousands of people are taken and not returned. They are not simply conditioned. They are kept. Some perish in captivity, some do not survive the process of being captured, and some become sick and die. Those that cannot survive are used as biological resources. Everything is used according to its value in the universe.

19) Biological resources such as blood, plasma, DNA, bone marrow, skin, and body organs can be used for their chemical substances. From these, medicines are made and new life forms are bred. These substances are valuable commodities in the universe because they can be used and altered for a variety of purposes. This is why our animals are taken. The plants, animals, atmosphere, water, and minerals are all resources to be used by the Visitors along with humans as a biological resource.

20) In their attempt to breed a hybridized person as a new leadership for humanity, they need all of these resources. The most secret and hidden part of the intervention is the selling of our biological parts on the "Black Market" in the universe. The value and demand is significant. Such trade is illegal and considered morally and ethically reprehensible. However, many advancing nations have outstripped their own biology and must trade or barter for our biological parts in order to survive.

21) The Visitors are here to do business and we are part of that business. Our hands, eyes, reproductive organs, blood, plasma, and biochemistry are all part of their business. To them, we are like intelligent livestock; useful, interesting, and commercially important. They want to use every part of the world and they want to use every part of us. At the outset, they will treat us with difference. They will give us no power or choice. They will only try to convince us of the wisdom of their ways.

22) If the intervention is successful, the human population will be reduced into an efficient working class. It will be accomplished without outrage and revolution, through the disappearance of people who are considered to be uncooperative or dissenting after they are isolated. They will be taken away and never seen again. While all appears normal, behind the scenes, everything will be changed and managed by a different set of powers.

3.1.3 Covert Manipulation

1) The Illuminati bloodlines are all genetically connected through hybrid DNA, a genetic fusion caused by the interbreeding of a reptilian race with humanity and the Nordic extraterrestrial race. This interbreeding began hundreds of thousands of years ago and continues to the present day.

2) The Nordics were one of the key extraterrestrial races involved with Lemuria and Atlantis. They went to war with the reptilians and forced them to flee underground, to other locations in the universe, and to other dimensions. The reptilians have been working ever since to regain control of the planet that they believe to be theirs and interbreeding with the "royal" bloodlines of the Nordics was the most effective means of doing this.

3) The Anunnaki interbred with Earth races, especially the Nordics and their offspring, to create bloodlines through which they can manipulate the world while appearing to be human.

4) The Anunnaki "gods" began to hide their true nature and operated behind the cover of the human-reptilian priesthood who were the only people allowed to "approach god".

5) In addition to residing in underground city complexes, the serpent race also resides in the lower end of the fourth-dimensional frequency range, which vibrates very close to the range of physical human senses in the Third Dimension. It is a parallel universe. To operate and manipulate our vibrational level of the planet, these fourth-dimensional reptilians need a third-dimensional human form. This was achieved by creating bloodlines that fused their reptilian DNA with that of humans. It is to retain this genetic structure that the Illuminati bloodlines have always interbred with each other. The genealogy of those in the major seats of global power today can be traced back to the royal lines (the Anunnaki hybrids) that ruled Sumer, Egypt, and so on.

6) The theme of ruling "royal" families and emperors claiming descent and their right to rule, from the "serpent gods" can be found across the ancient world. These bloodlines and connections were symbolized by royal emblems in the form of a dragon, snake, sphinx, plumed serpent, or the free-cross or Ankh.

7) The Illuminati (Anunnaki) manipulate their bloodlines into positions of power and take over those bodies for themselves as possessed souls. The rituals conducted by the Illuminati-controlled secret societies, like the Freemasons, Knights of Malta, Knights Templar, etc., are one way this is done.

8) These rituals are designed to create a vibrational environment in which the fourth-dimensional reptilians can possess the body. These are the people who become the presidents, prime ministers, banking and business tycoons, media owners and others who run or administer the Anunnaki agenda.

9) The worship of the reptilians and their Dragon Queens, and the placing of their bloodlines into positions of power, is the secret of secrets held within all of the secret societies.

10) There are so many reptilian "hosts" (possessed people) in positions of political, financial, media, and military power that they can control the physical world from their dimension while the human population thinks that humans are governing them.

11) The 13 family bloodlines and their offshoots are orchestrating an agenda to take over the planet. That agenda demands a world government, central bank, currency, and army, underpinned by a micro-chipped population connected to a global computer network.

12) The demonic entities and the malevolent faction of the reptilians are overwhelmingly astral beings that can move between dimensions, thus appearing human one minute and then shape shifting into something else the next.

13) Satanic and secret society rituals are designed to create the means through which these mostly lower fourth-dimensional entities can possess the body of the initiate and also manifest directly in "physical" form.

14) During sacrifices, the physical reptilians and hybrids consume the organs of a physical body, especially the heart, and drink the blood of the victim. At the same time, the lower fourth-dimensional "demons" or psychic vampires absorb the deeply negative energy generated by such horrors. The vibrational frequency of negative emotion, like fear and terror, resonates to the lower fourth-dimensional range or density and so those emotions generate energy for the fourth-dimensional reptilians and demonic entities. Energy = creative power, positive or negative. They are feeding off human emotions and they manipulate events in the world to trigger the desired emotional responses.

15) A cycle is created in which the astral manipulators use their energy to set up physical events; these events cause emotional reactions that generate emotional energy; this pours into the astral dimension; and the astral entities recycle it back to continue and increase the cycle still further.

16) The reptilians need to drink human (mammalian) blood to maintain human form and stop their reptilian DNA codes from manifesting their true reptilian state. This explains why these bloodlines have always taken part in human sacrifice and blood drinking rituals from the ancient world to the present day. This includes people of bloodlines like:

  • George Bush

  • Al Gore

  • Bill Clinton

  • Henry Kissinger

  • the Rockefellers

  • Rothschilds

  • British prime ministers like Ted Heath

  • the British royal family

17) They also want an adrenaline that enters the bloodstream in large quantities at times of extreme terror. Hence they have victims who know they are going to be sacrificed and they use the ritual to build their terror to the point of death. This allows them to drink blood full of adrenaline.

18) Reptilian shape-shifters are finding it more and more difficult to hold their "human" form. The base resonant frequency of the planet is getting closer every day to the fourth-dimensional range. Sacrificial rituals and blood drinking increased dramatically from the mid-1980s as the vibrational change forced them to work harder to hold human form. It is no coincidence that this period coincides with the completion of their centralized global state.

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3.2 International Intervention

1) This portion of the "Risk Evaluation" section describes the implications of international intervention for a global economy and a one-world government. Also described is the overt manner in which previously covert ritualistic activities will take place once a world government, controlled by extraterrestrials, is in power.

3.2.1 Global Economy

1) The Illuminati are planning to complete their financial control of the human race with a world central bank and one global electronic currency. This bank would make all the major financial decisions affecting every country. The currency would eventually bring an end to physical "cash" and all other currencies.

2) Singapore (a British-controlled Illuminati "country") will become a cashless society by 2008 with the phasing in of "e-money" and the insistence that everyone uses it. Financial transactions will be made using money stored on computer chips and cash will be a thing of the past as money changes hands electronically using digital pulses transferred through mobile phones, hand-held computers and even watches.

3) Under the Singapore scheme, shoppers will be able to point a phone at an item to register the price. The phone would check the shopperís bank balance on the Internet and deduct the money from the account if it was told to buy the item.

4) The fewer currencies there are, the more control there is over the money system. The Euro has been introduced within the European Union and the pressure is mounting for Canada to take the U.S. dollar. These are stepping-stones to the world currency.

5) Under the Euro, a group of un-elected bankers at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt have control over the interest rates and financial policy for the whole of Europe. The next stage is to create the World Central Bank in which Illuminati bankers would set interest rates and financial policy for every country on the planet. The world currency will be electronic.

6) In a cashless society, when a computer refuses to accept a debit card, credit card, or micro-chip, there is no other way of purchasing and whoever programs the computer will control what, where, and whether anything is purchased at all. Also, whenever a product of any kind is purchased, the place, time, item, and cost will be recorded. There will be no privacy regarding what, when, where, and by whom anything is purchased.

7) A new global money and banking system will be activated as soon as ten nations have ratified a World Constitution. The new monetary system will be based on Earth Dollars. The main portion of the plan for world government is the establishment of the Earth Financial Credit Corporation.

8) The amount of credit available to a given nation would be dependent upon its birth rate. Those countries with two percent or more annual population increase (which would include the poorest nations) would receive the least help, while those with zero or less population growth would be eligible for the most credit.

9) Each participating country could have any existing external debt cancelled by handing the responsibility for repayment over to the Earth Financial Credit Corporation (EFCC). The EFCC would then pay the loans back to lenders in Earth Dollars, according to its own terms. This action will prompt national governments to join the New World Order, otherwise their banks would end up with worthless Earth Dollars, which could not be used in their local economies.

10) The first twenty-five national governments to participate in the new global system would be able to name one representative each to the board of directors of EFCC. Those countries, whose leaders are part of the plot, would be among the first twenty-five to join the New World Order, while those countries that do not join right away, will suffer enormous economic consequences.

11) An additional thirty members would be appointed to the board of directors by the various organs of the world government itself. This guarantees that those who originate the world government would always retain control by holding a majority interest.

12) A Procurement Agency would be established to expedite the widespread and universal acceptance of the Earth Dollar global financial system. It would oversee the development of global trade and commerce on a regional basis.

13) Those existing financial institutions that join the new world system within two years would be integrated with the new system on the basis of 100% valuation. Each year thereafter, the valuation rate would drop by ten percent for new financial institutions joining the system. Those corporations holding out twelve years or longer would therefore have no transfer value left.

3.2.2 One-World Government

1) The Illuminati global web is now a maze of interconnected secret and semi-secret groups who are manipulating to the same end: the centralization of power. It is these groups that have been responsible for the emergence of the centralized fascist state called the European Union.

2) The European Union is classic fascism and this is precisely the governing structure that is being planned for the world. The "EU" is a 100% Illuminati creation, manipulated into being by covert operators and a network of organizations coordinated by a secret society called the Round Table.

3) Fascism is defined as a system of government characterized by a rigid one-party dictatorship, forcible suppression of opposition, and private economic enterprise under centralized governmental control.

4) The plan has always been to create so many "problems" in the world that the only answer to them is perceived to be a global government to "sort out the mess" (problem-reaction-solution). Those pressing for world government are the same people who are creating the problems to justify it.

5) World government is being presented as the way to bring all people together as one humanity; caring and sharing, and recognizing we are all one family. But actually, the Illuminati want humanity to be divided and ruled, not united and free. They use terms like "Global Neighborhood" and "One World" to manipulate people into missing the fundamental difference between the coming together in mutual support and cooperation and a global centralized fascist dictatorship.

6) The Constitution for the Federation of Earth was first adopted during a meeting of the World Constituent Assembly in June 1977 at Innsbruck, Austria. It was intended to replace the United Nations charter to become the centerpiece of the New World Order.

7) The following are excerpts from the articles of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth:

  • Article I, point 4 reveals that the world government would regulate virtually every aspect of life.

  • Article II, point 1 states that the world government would be all-encompassing.

  • Points 4-7 reveal the political and administrative structure of the government. The world would be divided into twenty World Electoral and Administrative Regions and ten Magna-Regions.

  • Point 8 states that the new political boundaries will not necessarily conform to existing national boundaries.


  • Article III, point 2 may lead to the seizure of all personal weapons required for self-defense.

  • Points 14 & 17 indicate that the government would control all aspects of international trade, banking, and finance.

  • Point 21 relates to the plans for controlling population growth and solving problems of population distribution.

  • Point 37 relates to the designation of a world language.


  • Article V, section A, point 3 permits the World Parliament to reject the international laws developed prior to the advent of the World Government.

  • Article VIII, section G pertains to the establishment and operation of a Planetary Accounting Office, Planetary Banking System, and Planetary Monetary and Credit System.


  • Article IX specifies that the World Judiciary branch of the world government would interpret the rights of world citizens and will issue rulings regarding the sentencing of those who refuse to concede to the demands of the world system.


  • Article X dictates that the Enforcement System branch would enforce the decisions of the World Judiciary and other governing bodies.

  • Article XV stipulates that there will be a total of twenty World Federal Zones established for the location of various organs of the world government. Five World Capitals will be established as proposed by the World Presidium. One of these Capitals will be designated as the Primary World Capital.


  • Article XVII states that the World Constitution will be transmitted to the United Nations General Assembly and to each of the national governments for approval, with a final ratification vote held in a popular referendum of the people. If a national government fails to submit the Constitution for ratification within six months, then the agency of the Provisional World Government, which is responsible for the worldwide ratification campaign, could override the national government by conducting direct referendums with the people of that country.

13) The structure of world government under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth starts with the people of the world. World Electoral and Administrative Districts combine into 20 Regional Districts of five Continental Divisions that oversee the election of representatives to the House of Peoples. The World Parliament consists of the House of Peoples, the House of Counselors, and the House of Nations. The House of Counselors is comprised of people that are nominated by Colleges and Universities. The House of Nations is comprised of appointed delegates from the nations of the world.

14) Under the World Parliament, there is the World Judiciary, the World Executive branch, the Enforcement System, and the World Ombudsmus. The World Judiciary is a collegium of World Judges with 8 major branches of the World Supreme Court and Superior Tribunal. The World Executive branch has a presidium of five people with an executive cabinet of 20 to 30 members of parliament. The Enforcement System has 20 Regional World Attorneys under the Attorneys General Office and the World Police. The World Ombudsmus has a Council of five World Ombudsmen and 20 World Advocates.

15) The Integrative Complex exists under the World Executive. It consists of a World Civil Service Administration, a World Boundaries and Elections Administration, an Institute on Governmental Procedures and World Problems, an Agency for Research and Planning, an Agency for Technological and Environmental Assessment, and a World Financial Administration.

16) Under all of this, comes the World Administration with agencies on:

  • Genetics

  • Education

  • Health and Nutrition

  • Water Supplies and Waterways

  • Food and Agriculture

  • Population

  • Disarmament and War Prevention

  • Habitat and Settlement

  • Environment and Ecology

  • World Resources

  • Oceans and Seabeds

  • Atmosphere and Space

  • Energy

  • Science and Technology

  • The Arts

  • Communications and Information

  • Transportation and Travel

  • Multi-National Corporations

  • Commerce and Industry

  • Labor and Income

  • Economic and Social Development

  • Human Rights

  • Distributive Justice

  • Democratic Procedures

  • World Service Corporations

  • World Territories

  • Capitals and Parks

  • Exterior Relations

  • Revenue

3.2.3 Overt Manipulation

1) The laws and policies of the world government will be enforced by a World Army, that will eventually become an amalgamation of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force and the North American Treaty Organization (NATO). There will be more conflicts engineered in which NATO will be used to intervene and "save the people" until NATO becomes a world police force.

2) During the war in Bosnia, the Dayton agreement called for a 60,000-strong NATO world army in Bosnia to curb the unrest there. This was the biggest multi-national force assembled since the second world war. The first head of the NATO world army in Bosnia was Admiral Leighton Smith. The Secretary-General of NATO (the head of the biggest military force in the world) is appointed by the Bilderberger Group.

3) From the start of the conflict, the world looked to NATO to intervene in Kosovo, which extended their control in that region. Since then, NATO troops from many nations have been involved with the war on terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere.

4) The World Government would control the World Army. Its job would be to implement the laws and decisions of the world government, should any country rebel and refuse to comply. The Illuminati know there is a chance that, if U.S. troops were asked to abuse and murder U.S. citizens, that many would rebel and perhaps mutiny. So they are covertly locating foreign troops in the United States under the guise of the United Nations while sending vast numbers of American troops abroad. The same thing is occurring in other countries as well.

5) Once the One-World Government is established, extraterrestrial races will then be able to make their presence known to the world and operate openly, without interference from humanity. The objectives for all of the secret societies will have been accomplished and all of the covert conspiracies will then become overt operations without fear of reprisals.

6) With the world army supporting the true objectives of the Illuminati, extraterrestrial races would no longer need to abduct people covertly for experimentation, genetics programs, implantation, and servitude. They will simply be allowed to take however many people that they require. The same would be true for all of the Satanic organizations. They would be allowed to take however many people that are required for their sacrificial rituals. In addition, the Reptilian race would have a vast supply of humans to terrorize in order to generate all of the negative emotional energy desired.

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3.3 Domestic Intervention

1) This portion of the "Risk Evaluation" section involves information regarding the risk to individual freedom from the actions of domestic local governments. The following subsections describe the risks from the use of emergency powers and the consequences of a world government.

3.3.1 Emergency Powers

1) The Department of Homeland Security in the United States has established an advisory system of five color-coded threat levels.

  • Green indicates a low risk of terrorist attacks

  • Blue represents a guarded condition of general risks

  • Yellow is an elevated condition with a significant risk

  • Orange means a high risk

  • Red is a severe risk of terrorist attacks

2) A Red Alert is expected to result from a specific threat to a particular region or industry and is not intended to be sustained for substantial periods of time. A Code Red means there is a severe risk of terrorist attack, an attack is imminent, or that it may already be under way.

3) Responses to a red alert would include the shut-down of national landmarks, aircraft could be grounded, train service could be halted, bridges and tunnels could be closed, boarders might be sealed off, and roadblocks might be set up on interstates and other major highways. The National Guard and military reserves could be activated, government buildings could be closed, all non-essential government services would be suspended, schools could be closed, and children may be bussed to secret locations that cannot be disclosed to parents. All non-critical functions would cease, including all businesses except health-related.

4) During a Code Red alert, citizens would be required to remain in their homes or offices, listen to the radio or TV for instructions, adhere to all restrictions, and be prepared to evacuate. The authorities will assume that everyone is the enemy if they so much as venture outside of their home. A Red Alert would virtually tear away all personal freedoms to move about and associate.

5) In the event of a chemical or biological attack, 18 states have authorized the federalization of all health care providers, from doctors and nurses to ambulance drivers. They will be required to obey all orders of the military.

6) When a crises occurs, government agents, the local police, or the military will be pounding on your door and saying, "In this emergency, you are going to have to come along with us. Get in the trucks. We are going to take you to a crises relocation facility for your own protection. You donít have time to collect your belongings or to call anyone. Everything has been provided for you. Come on. Letís go!"

7) If you refuse to go, you will be classified as a dissident, arrested, and be subject to criminal penalties indefinitely without an arrest warrant or trial and there will be no recourse.

8) Once in the trucks, you will be taken to a railroad station for the boarding of boxcars with shackles that are put around your ankles by foreign military, mind controlled slaves, or alien hybrids that cannot be reasoned with. At the relocation camps, you will unload from the boxcars and line up for mind altering drugs, vaccinations, or implants to prepare you for a life of slavery. Those people that are too old or unhealthy to be of value as slaves, will be terminated.

3.3.2 World Government Consequences

1) The Illuminati plan is to create American and Pacific Unions based on the same structure as the European Union. One would encompass the whole of the Americas and the other would control the Asia-Australia region. The Illuminati are preparing to use the same method they employed in Europe by evolving these political unions out of the "free trade areas" called the North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation or APEC. Then, the world government, with its central bank, currency, and army, would dictate policies to the three unions.

2) When key decisions affecting countries and communities are made by those who actually live there and care about their fellow citizens, there is a potential for diversity in decision-making. But, by creating a structure in which global policy in politics, business, finance, media, and the military is decided by world bodies, all controlled by the same force, the efforts of the entire human race can be coordinated while calling it "democratic freedom".

3) From a world government perspective, there would need to be a redistribution of wealth, property, and resources in order to raise the standard of living for the less fortunate people on the planet. In order to do this, it would mean that those above the poverty level, will have their standard of living reduced so that everyone is in the same social class, except for the elite class. The problem with this form of government is that there is no incentive to excel, take risks, or evolve. This would result in a stagnant growth pattern of survival mentality for all of humanity.

4) Since the world government leaders, representative, and officials will either be controlled, possessed, or hybrids of malevolent extraterrestrial entities, they will insure that humanity fulfills all of their objectives. Societies will be subordinated to powers from beyond our world. We would be managed by hybrids that are bred to lead us into a new world order where freedom would no longer exist. People will be corralled to work and rebels will be destroyed. Earth will be mined for its resources. Mankind would suffer under a rule that would be harsh and exacting.

5) Humanity will become slaves, doing endless, backbreaking work for an alien race that neither appreciates our efforts or cares if we live or die. People will have no home, possessions, or contact with their loved ones. This would be the end of times, for what would time matter to anyone if there was never any time off to enjoy life? Why would you care what day it is if there are no days off? Every day would be the same as every other day.

6) Extraterrestrials will have all property and possessions to do with as they see fit while humanity is forced to deliver all of the Earthís minerals, fuels, crops, livestock, forests, water, and air. Then, when they have taken everything of value and left our planet barren, we will have our very means of survival stolen from us and we will be left bereft. It has happened before on many other worlds and it will happen on Earth under a One-World Government and a New World Order.

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