November 14, 2010

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Down below is Web Bot latest prediction by Cliff High for November 2010 to 2012, in which he talks about,

...with George Noory from Coast2Coast.

The Revolution

Web Bot Prediction - This won’t be like our last revolutions. It will spread along the population where we all realize we’ve been used as slaves all of our lives and the slaves will be revolting. Our data in the longer terms suggests by November 2010, chemtrails won’t be an issue anymore.

If Israel reconsiders their attack on the Iranian underground bunker and as a result no radioactivity is released into the atmosphere, is it still probable the consequences as outlines in the Alta Reports will still occur?

In a sense that certainly is the case. If the Israelis don’t attack Iran, there might be an “ill wind’ that instead of bringing radioactivity, it might bring a new mutated swine flu, a poisonous form of chemtrails, methane gas being released from the Pacific Ocean and gassing the pacific coast, so it doesn’t negate the higher level archetypes because some of the detail levels we chose as the most probable never materialized.

Can CIA or Mossad flood the web with misleading data?

Web Bot Prediction - No

Will the US Federal Government in Washington DC still exist and function after the overthrow of TPTB?

Web Bot Prediction - The government won’t be the same. We won’t have the same relationship to a centralized government. When TPTB goes, so does the central bank. At this point, I can’t predict what type of form it will be because we haven’t invented it yet. It’s up to us. The central bank and warfare model is dying and won’t exist by 2015 and will be a remnant of itself by 2010.

Going from a planetary society to a Class 1 civilization

Web Bot Prediction - Between 2010-2015, our planet has the opportunity to become a Class 1 civilization where we have the ability to affect local regions of space by colonizing the Moon or Mars. During this time there will be vast amounts of chaos. TPTB are going to suffer their downfall. Their infrastructure will go away into something that we can’t describe at this time.

Will people on their own to survive without government support?

Web Bot Prediction - That’s the indication we get. Right now, there isn’t any real government support for anybody and they demonstrate that repeatedly since (Hurricane) Katrina. People need to realize they’re on their own and their destiny is in their own hands.

What about resources to survive (e.g. water, food)

Web Bot Prediction - Get on the internet and research what you need. Dew wells get moisture from the air. Our planet can support 100 billion people if we use the resources well.

Taking the step from a class 00 to a class 1 society

Web Bot Prediction - The very technology at the core of taking that step from a class 00 to a class 1 society is the technology that liberates humans from having to bow down to any kind of centralized authority because it gives you, for instance, infinite energy in the form of ZPM machines, anti-gravity, the potential to have replication, the potential to tickle the template to create a plate of cheese from a pile of sand where you don’t have to worry about scarcity and it liberates you in a fashion that’s best discussed as a true liberation of the mind.


When that occurs, it’s like,

“Why do I care about the Central Bank and what they want to order me to do?”

Renewable energy status

Web Bot Prediction - …was created and existed since 1956. The shadow governments were very successful with that stuff in the 60’s. It exists now but there’s a barrier between us and it.

Will any US body called the government have any enforcement power over the people?

Web Bot Prediction - For a brief period of time, that will be the case. We’ll have that, especially in 2010. From July 2010 onward, we will have passed the peak of the ability of a central government in the US to enforce anything on the populous and in fact, the minions of the central government of the US will be on the run from July onward.

Does your predictive language indicate an effort to deliberately kill American citizens or military personnel thru the forced H1N1 program?

Web Bot Prediction - Leave out the word force and I’ll agree with you. From January onward, it’ll be important for Americans to maintain their health.

If Marshall Law is imposed, will guns be taken?

Web Bot Prediction - It’s too big of a task. Only a small percentage of the population was left behind with Katrina. Presidential Directive 51 is just a law… words on a sheet of paper. You can be afraid of that language if you want, but you’re attempting to manifest the outcome they want.

Nazi Germany

Web Bot Prediction - It’ll take 20 million people to enforce this. Once that spark goes (the revolution) it will spread very rapidly. The melting pot works against TPTB. We have more in common with ourselves than with the political elite.


TPTB will try to shift the blame from them to the financial minions (banker, brokers, etc) and they’ll attempt to take that smear and move it down to the Jewish population in general and after we’ve slaughtered all of the bankers and we still have that anger, we’ll be turning it to TPTB and they won’t want that. This is the only risk we see to the revolution impetus.


It’s just like Nazi Germany all over again.


They used a common hatred of the bankers who happened to be Zionist Jews and transferred it to the Jewish population at large and there you go. And they’re going to try it all over again because it worked so well the first time.

They try to create neural pathways in your mind, based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). It’s a form of hypnosis that creates a pathway in your mind so all they have to do is move your consciousness into that pathway and it’ll naturally follow the path of least resistance. If you don’t question those images, then you’ll suck them up. The bigger the lie more repeated, the more it becomes true.


You need to disrupt that neural pathway in your mind by questioning it. Know they’re using subliminal crud against you.

Analog to digital TV

Web Bot Prediction - Used to cram more subliminal messages to us.

Is there something in the ALTA reports to suggest illness in ppl or animals attributed to an increase in atmospheric mold exacerbated by chemtrails?

Web Bot Prediction - Yes, we’ve had that since 2003. The language goes out far enough to encapsulate Morgellons Disease, the fiber disease as well that will affect us at least thru the next two generations for forty years.


When will a new form of currency come around?

Web Bot Prediction - The death of the dollar will spend a whole year from 9/09 thru 9/10, within that time an underlying technology will transform the planet and will do away with currencies as we know them now. It may mean there is no currency or a global caloric credit but it does appear there will be a large collective of individuals run by a majority of women.


By the time we get to 2013, this pan-global feminine collective will have worked out a new form of global currency. There is a resource shift that will go on at this time. A billion people will die in the next few years, if all goes well. We’ll still be resource restrained.


There’s enough of resources left as a species to propel us for 10 billion people, to clean up our planet to get us into a class 1 civilization but we’ll have to so very carefully because there’s many opportunities to make horrific mistakes. A new form of currency won’t last. Currency does not appear to be a big deal to that future society.

The dollar we be gone by November 2, 2010 with the main bulge of that being gone by the summer of next year. The Amero will never happen.

Microchipping the population

Web Bot Prediction - The possibility is very, very low. We don’t see any of the linguistics going on now.


There will be satellite disruptions by early 2012, there won’t be any form of cable broadcast TV that will be meaningful. Most of the good stuff from my viewpoint occurs from July (2010) onward, so I’m just trying to get thru July and things will lessen up a little bit.


The computer chip thing is part of the old paradigm and won’t extend into the future. The idea of central control of anything will start to die by July of next year.

Can we equate the Aquarian Age with free will?

Web Bot Prediction - Certainly… and knowledge because you can’t have will power unless you have knowledge to effectively use it

People are concerned with losing freedom of speech, freedom of the press, etc. We all know the press is no longer what it used to be when the press is owned by 85% is owned by 5 companies, there’s a medianopoly.

Web Bot Prediction - Those 5 companies are owned by a tight collection of people that are related thru blood to the Zionist bankers.


There’s never been freedom of the press unless you owned the press. Now we all own the press thru the power of the internet and TPTB find this very difficult to cope with because they’ve made themselves very financially dependant on it, so they can’t shut it down without affecting their buddies with whom they cohabit and need support and get their living off the internet.

Losing the Internet Bill S773

Web Bot Prediction - Data indicates that they will attempt to do this twice during the revolution.

If you know the IP address, you can still access the internet… then they’ll come up with schemes to block IP addresses. There is an alternative form that will be hosted on bulletin board-like systems that used to exist prior to the internet. The only thing that is discreet and centralized about the internet is the DNS servers and we can all live without that, we just have to make adjustments.


When they try to shut it down around the equinox, March 23rd of next year, when that occurs and it fails, they’re going to be rather shocked at the response. I can’t go into any detail because I don’t want to frontload TPTB about that.

Red Dawn or Jericho scenario?

Web Bot Prediction - Nothing suggests anything like either. There’s going to be catastrophic problems and we still have, for instance, words around the idea that there may be a mass evacuation of the US northward, or the northern hemisphere northward in general.


There are some things described as the alien wars that could resemble that but it’s not a Russian or Cuban invasion of the US.

Project Bluebeam false flag?

Web Bot Prediction - We do see an explicit attempt by TPTB on their last gasp attempt during a revolutionary chaotic phase, of what everybody is calling this Project Bluebeam or fake ET invasion.


That does not cause the alien wars data to exist. It won’t be successful.

ET contact

Web Bot Prediction - We do have to deal with real issues and relative to our species of humans relative and consciousness that is not human and not from this world. There is also going to be humans that are off-world that are non-terrain.


Then there’s going to be non-terrain, non-human consciousness that we’re going to be interacting with as well.

Is our present reality similar to the Starship Enterprise Holodeck reality?

Web Bot Prediction - Yes, absolutely. This is another part of the step from a class 0 to a class 1 society. (manifesting roast carrots)

Water control

Web Bot Prediction - Once we get to the ZPM, the zero point modules, then it won’t even be necessary to do that because you’ll tell the energy waves around you to manifest oxygen and hydrogen in the form of water.

The death of TPTB

Web Bot Prediction - TPTB won’t have any kind of power in a long term fashion past July 2010. Once we get past that point TPTB are in their very last end days that may stretch out 18 months to two years beyond that and we may be still rooting a few of them out in 2015 and 2017.


In the main, the back will be broken of this evil collection of nasty feudalists that think they own the rest planet and the egalitarianism which is the hallmark of a class 1 society will start to emerge in a real meaningful way and will allow us to get around many of these energy resources.

Revolution of the Mind

Web Bot Prediction - A temporary set of conditions lead to this planetary level of a revolution. It’s not only political, geopolitical or technological; it’s a revolution of the mind.


We’ll start grasping in greater numbers our place in a class 1 society in a planetary system that is part of a galactic collective. It’ll be a global process across all of humanity.


Over time, it’ll be less meaningful that you’re born in the US, as opposed as Canada, Finland, China or anyplace.


As we shed this central bank and central government and warfare model that we’ve been under for the last 5000 years, getting rid of that karma will not be an easy process but getting thru it will be challenging, invigorating and satisfying as we all collectively invent new ways of doing stuff that eliminates the need for us to care about government, per se.

State capitols building underground bunkers

Web Bot Prediction - Its part of the fear process that’s motivating TPTB. They’re desperately afraid of something that they think will occur between October 2011 and May or so of 2013.


They may have some real reason to fear something they’re not sharing what that fear is (my guess is that we all become totally transparent and telepathy becomes the form of communication). We don’t see it being successful and in the process of the revolution, all kinds of information will come out from July onward of next year, that will lay bear all their fears and what they’ve been writing about for years amongst themselves and we’ll know from that point on.


It’ll take a few months, not everything comes out in July.

December 21, 2012

Web Bot Prediction - We have data points that are now being reinforced by stuff that’s coming out with the aliens that suggests that we will certainly make, or at least be given the opportunity by the universe, for the species to make the jump from a class 0 to a class 1 society.


In support of that, we also have interesting Russian and other, astrophysicists and stellar evolutionist guys that are writing now, that curiously, it may be that this particular cycle we’re in ends all cycles. Now let me be clear about that.

The cycles that we’re seeing astrologically within our solar system are predicated on an idea that we’re part of the Milky Way and we’re not. We’re part of the Sagittarius B Dwarf Galaxy.


This can be proven by infrared, it’s disputed on all of the astronomy forums but it doesn’t matter.


In fact, the Russians are suggesting, these two particular Russian astrophysicists… one’s an astrophysicist and the other is a stellar evolutionist, they’re written a couple papers that suggest by the time we get to that point, December of 2012, our solar system will be finally and permanently attached to the Milky Way Galaxy and won’t ever leave the Milky Way Galaxy.

Since the past 35-40,000 years at least but probably on the order of millions of years, we’ve been drawn out of Sagittarius B Galaxy as the Milky Way Galaxy eats Sagittarius B. Our solar system has been going up and down through a sine wave pattern through this band of magnetism and that has been the cause of some of our catastrophic problems.


The Russians are of the opinion that we will be captured by Milky Way Galaxy (MWG) this time thru and we will become part of the third minor spiral arm of the MWG as a permanent address from this point forward and they have some interesting thoughts about that because as we pass up and down through the thin edge of the plate of the MWG, we’re subjected to much more radiation from all of the suns that are part of the MWG that are spreading out all of their radiation from the center in this flat, spiral plate form.

In the past, it’s only been a brief exposure that has hit Earth and our solar system and now it’ll be permanent from that time on, and so they’re saying even after that point, maybe no astrological alignments will ever occur that have ever occurred in the past and that none of those in the past will ever occur again, simply because we’ll now be part of a new galaxy.

It does seem to lend some credence to the idea that we may be permanently captured now and curious that the Maya may just end their count, not because of the end of the world, but because of the end of the astrology and astronomy upon which they based their systems, even though their systems are actually counts and consciousness extrapolated, they began as astrological calculators on one level and if that disappeared, then they would just stop they calendar because everything would be new from that point forward.

Basically what they’re saying is that new patterns will exist, new forms of energy, and new astronomy, and new astrological potential from that astronomy will exist from the point of 2012 onward.


It just is an interesting coincidence that they stopped their long count calendar at that point because they may have known there is no point continuing because it would be an entirely new world with new energies affecting us.

We need to raise our vibrations in order to survive what coming. Do you lend any credence to that?

Web Bot Prediction - Certainly, especially at the level of actual energy.


We’re going to be captured at the point at the highest level of the intensity of radiation of all different kinds. It may be extra light and who knows? We just don’t know all the kinds of energies that will affect us. We will there after become part of the MWG.


Since matter does not exist, and it’s just an issue of the vibratory frequencies of energy all colliding with each other to make us think that matter exists, then that premise has a whole lot of theoretical underpinning to give it some credence that vibration will indeed be an issue.

The whole idea of vibratory frequencies, nuclear atoms and everything will change. It might be that everyone suddenly becomes a super enlightened, super person. Unlikely, but that might be at the far end of the TPTB if we become very enlightened.


And curiously, if you go to YouTube and look up Zbigniew Brzezinski you can see a couple of statements that he made recently where he says 'we, meaning TPTB, are very afraid of a global and sudden political mindset awakening.'


Now what would they be afraid of that would cause that mindset of awakening to come across so suddenly that they’re overwhelmed by it?


They’re afraid that it’ll occur this year.

Are you implying DNA Upgrade because of these changes?

Web Bot Prediction - Yes, that is definitely an implication. However much evidence there is for that to occur is anybody’s guess.

Is there any connection between Scientology and the Secret Government
? Is Scientology the philosophical background of the Black World?

Web Bot Prediction - I would say there is certainly a connection.