Will Berlinghof, Interpreter

Joan Mills, Questioner & Energizer

December 1, 2010

from CosmicAwareness Website

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Part 1


Questioner: Would Awareness please give the forecast for 2011?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness is indeed prepared at this time to present a forecast for the year of 2011.


This Awareness suggests that it will be an active year in all directions. There will be much occurring that is both of a very strong and positive nature as well as events that could be seen as very detrimental and negative.


What marks the year for each and every individual is not the events that may occur during the forthcoming year but how they are received, and how much energy is placed on the events that are unfolding by those observing the events, either observing them in close proximity or from great distances.

This will be a year for many to finely hone their abilities to detach from the energies being experienced on the planet at this time, especially detaching from the more negative experiences and events that will unfold rather than to be swallowed up in them. It must be always remembered that part of what makes an event real is the individual's acceptance of that reality.


The goal of many of those in power is to overwhelm the masses with hopelessness and fear that they have no power to change the events of their lives and that a steamroller will simply roll them over and make their lives a misery.


This is simply the way of things in terms of the power structure and the intent and plans of those who are the Elite who are in power and have a hidden agenda.

The Powers That Be Plan Many Events to Occur
Many of the events that may unfold in 2011 are planned events in accordance to the advanced planning of those Powers That Be, those Elite, that cabal of forces that have long had dominion on this planet.


This is why this Awareness is speaking to this issue at this time before It goes into Its forecasts for the year ahead to prepare one and all for these manipulations, the carrying out of the long planned events, for the Powers That Be realize and recognize as well that they too are approaching that crucial turning point, and that they too must get their act together for the final push, the final shove into that which is the energy of Ascension, that which is the energy of change and transformation that will occur in 2012.

Groups will develop who question authority
2011 will be a very crucial year for not only the Powers That Be who are attempting to consolidate their power over the masses, and to cement into place the stratified and solid conceptualization of reality as it is presented to the masses, but it is also a time for the masses to break free from this bonded attitude, this attitude of restricted limited thinking, and many will begin to do this.


Many have started the process already but 2011 will see this continue and one of the factors that this Awareness is stating as possible for 2011 is the development of groups who are questioning the authorities, who are standing up and voicing their derision, their doubts, and their lack of acceptance of what is being told to them, and what is being presented to them.

In 2011 expect to see new groups emerging that are speaking out for common sense and for the release from a mentality of oppression and controlled thinking that is becoming quite commonplace. It is a movement that will gain ground in 2011, especially in countries such as the United States and other advanced nations, such as Canada, Australia, Great Britain, the European nations and many more.


There are many who are poised now to speak out against the regimes that have held power for so long; this of course being the hidden regimes, not those that seem to be the elected officials, but the powers behind the governments, behind the United States government, behind the British government, and behind the European Union.

There is an energy of rebellion that will start to make itself felt in 2011 and this will help those who have advanced knowledge of what is actually occurring realize that they are starting to tune in very strongly to the alternative reality that will very much be possible for them as they shift out of the accepted realities that they have been part of for so long.


This Awareness has often spoken of the need to realize that one's attitudes, thoughts and beliefs will bring the reality they are focused on into play, and into reality.

As these groups start to emerge, as a common attitude of rejection of what has been told to them for so long is accepted by more and more people, and as more of the masses start to question the rules and regulations that have been coming down over the last several years - this will begin to confirm to many who have already been exposed to thinking that suggests that one's attitudes and beliefs will bring that reality into focus.

By seeing many starting to question, they will understand that they are truly part of the new front, the new wave, the new reality that will move away from that scenario this Awareness has labeled as the Planet B scenario and more solidly into the timeline-streams of consciousness that will take them into the Planet A scenario.


This is all part of the unfolding of 2011 in terms of viewing and observing many starting to question what is and starting to turn to what may be.

The Political Situation in the U.S.
In terms of a more concrete forecast for 2011, expect the situation politically in the United States to continue to deteriorate.


The president, Barack Obama, is now that which could be understood as a lame duck president. He has been successfully undermined both in his own party as well as in the opposition to his presidency from the Republican Party. It is seen that politics in the United States in 2011 will continue to fracture, and continue to break apart.


The classic two-party system has now already begun the fracturing process, first through the development of an alternative ultraconservative attitude and group through that which is known as the Tea Party as well as in the Democratic Party, where the schism is more hidden.

The Two Party System is Starting to Break Apart
The two-party system is starting to break apart, which is not necessarily bad for the people of the United States who have been directed into this limited political reality over the last several decades.


The fracturing of the political parties in 2011 will at first seem a radical thing that may not be beneficial, but this Awareness sees that it will open the door to a much freer democratic society, where others have a greater chance of moving into leadership roles, those who would truly be leaders for the people at this time.


While this is still in its infancy, 2011 will see this move into a more adolescent state of affairs as more become aware of the need to question the political structure that has been in play for so long.


This too is part of the rebellious attitude this Awareness has spoken to at the beginning of this forecast.

More and more will demand a true change in 2011
The rebellion will extend into the political arena seeing itself being played out as more and more question the way of things, the ineffective manner by which the nation is governed.


There is a genuine need by the people to see effective government restored, a government that condones and supports the needs of the average man and average woman versus the very specialized needs of industry and corporations.


This will continue in 2011 as more and more become politicized in their attitude that change must occur, true change and not simply the empty slogans of politicians who speak of change and yet only deliver the status quo.

President Obama has lost his "spark"
President Barack Obama most definitely won his presidency on the promise of change and yet in his term in office to date he has not delivered change, he has continued to support the status quo.


It is seen that he would like to create a new reality in the nation but is shackled by those who are his Masters at the expense of his life and the life of his family if he were to digress from the path already assigned him. It can be seen in his demeanor that he has suffered quite a great deal already on a psychological and emotional level.


He no longer quite carries that spark that he once had before he was elected president.

He has also been verbally warned many times of the consequences of any actions on his part to go against his own power Masters, his own handlers and he understands this only too well.


Do not expect from this man any great acts of courage unless other events occur first that will give him greater latitude in which to act.


Other than this, he will simply do what he is told at this time and this will continue into 2011. It is not seen, as this Awareness has already said, that he will make any greater strides forward because of his restriction of power, his lame duck presidency.

Hard Times will continue in America in 2011
In terms of economics for the United States of America, it is seen that the continuance of hard times is very much still present in 2011.


That which is presented on TV and in the media of the successful return from the recession is simply rhetoric, as most people know in their personal lives. Many lives are still being compromised by the situation in the United States, especially around work and welfare.


The welfare system will continue to struggle as it is trying to cope with limited resources and funds.

A more localized economy in 2011
Much that was for the Social Security system has been absconded, this being monies that were meant for the Social Security system; the old-age pension and other social services has been pilfered by those in power, especially through the Bush regime from their time in office.


This has made it a difficult situation since then and it is seen that this will continue in 2011.


What this will foster is a more localized economy, where people start to focus on their own regions of domicile versus a more international and national trade. It will be seen that many will start to resort back into local economies, support local businesses, local agricultural farms and workings, so that they can buy locally.

This will actually be beneficial in the long run, for as there are seen to be some major Earth changes coming, this will prepare people to survive at the local region versus having to have dependency on food crops that come from hundreds, even thousands of miles away. This is seen to be in preparation for even more radical changes in 2012, but it is not seen at this time as something that will be hugely detrimental.


It is simply seen as a shifting in conscious attitude away from the way things have been and towards that which will be a more consistent, viable economic option to the local regions and areas where one lives.

Canada will fare better than the U.S.
In terms of world economy, it is seen that the G-8 nations will continue to struggle as they have been struggling for the last three years, with some nations doing better than others.


It is seen that the nation to the north of the United States, that being Canada, will fare better than their southern neighbor but much of their woes will still be tied into the actual situation in the United States, which is their greatest trading partner.


It is seen also a challenge to the government of Stephen Harper later in the year of 2011, with the possible defeat of the government at a time when there is a lack of support for the man and for the Conservative Party. It is seen that the Canadian people themselves are starting to feel frustrated by the lack of compassion from the Conservative Party for the needs of the individual in the country of Canada.


Many will start to not appreciate the conservative government that is in power at this time, and 2011 holds an energy of opposition and rebellion against the government.

The European Union will continue to struggle
The European Union will also continue to struggle tremendously as various poor nations are declaring themselves financially bankrupt.


This strain will work against the European Union and there will begin to be many who suggest that the experiment of the European Union is a failed experiment. This attitude of rebellion that this Awareness has sensed for 2011 will exhibit itself in nations such as France, Germany and Great Britain and there may be a call to disconnect from the poorer nations that are dragging down the richer nations of the European Union.

It is also seen that there will be economic stresses on the European Union as they see their currency deflated because of the unstable economic situation generated by having to support poorer nations that they were only too glad to absorb into the fabric of the European Union several years back.


This will come back to haunt them now, for many thought at the time that this uncontrolled advancement, this unbridled lust for a strong collective of nations that would create a powerful European Union was not the right way to go and this will prove to be so in 2011 as the addition of the weaker nations will prove to be the Achilles' heel for the European Union.


This will create even more difficulty in the year ahead.

China will continue to grow toward world dominance
(It may try to call in the debt owed to them by the U.S.)

The other regions of the world, such as the Asian countries or the southern Pacific regions with Australia and New Zealand, for example, that they will continue along the lines of that which has been the case for 2010.


It is seen that China will continue to grow in its power towards world dominance in 2011. It is also seen that there may be attempts by China to call in the debt owed to them from the United States, that it will flex its muscles and this may cause some great international tensions between the United States and China in 2011.


The true reason for the tension which would be the calling in of the debt owed that China took over from the United States may not be publicly divulged, and it may be presented as a military struggle, a military tension.

Problems between North and South Korea are manufactured
North Korea may even be used somewhat as an instigator of this tension.


The problems seen recently between North Korea and South Korea are manufactured so that the tension between the United States and China can start to come forward, but this will all be played out with subterfuge.


Do not fall for the reports that will come out in 2011, understand rather that this is all part of the old regime, the Powers That Be resisting that which is outside of their control, for it is seen that the authority and leadership of China is not under the control of the Powers That Be, the Elite at this time, and it is seen that this in 2011 may indeed come to a crisis situation, although it is not seen by this Awareness that it will lead to war.


It is more a case of saber rattling, and the United States and China may be testing each other's mettle without the intent at this time to go to war. Thus, it is not seen that there is a situation of military conflict in 2011 between China and its allies and the United States and its allies.

Earth Changes Seen
In the realm of the Earth changes, this Awareness sees continuance of that which has been launched several years previously, primarily in weather situations, climatic change as well as the continuance of earthquakes and volcanic activities.


It is seen that there will be at least two, perhaps three major Earth events in 2011 that will cause the death of thousands and the dislocations of millions.


This is seen in areas of third world status more than in the United States at this time, but this Awareness still sees, as It has over the last several years, the build up of pressures in the seismic regions along the West Coast and also along the fault line that is known as the New Madrid fault line through the middle region of the United States of America.

Disastrous Oil spill in Gulf has Created Great Problems
It is also seen that certain situations due to the oil spill in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico will come to the surface.


Much of the oil that came out was treated and did sink to the bottom, but this will create new problems and this will come into focus more in 2011, as areas of the Gulf are dead and will cause and create subsequent actions in climate, as well as the destruction of certain fishing industries, such as the shrimp industry, which has been very heavily affected by the oil spills.


Much of this, of course, was hidden.


Expect information to be released about the actual result of the oil spill, what really happened, how there were cover-ups to prevent the public from truly knowing what took place and how disastrous the oil spill was to occur, to come out in 2011.

New Technology and a Back to Nature Trend
In the region of technological advancement, 2011 will mark a turning point for many who have seen technology as the ultimate future.


By turning point, it is meant that there will be those who will see that what has been is simply a precursor of much more in 2011, and it will be a turning point, a turning of the corner for many who see technology as the way forward. And yet for others this may prove to be the opposite, as there are many who are starting to turn away from technology.


There will be those who try to return back to nature, back to a simpler time.


It is seen, due to the rebellious energies of 2011, that there may be a new Luddite type movement of many who are trying to return back to simpler times, simpler more natural ways, connecting to the planet in more holistic ways than is the case now.


This is also seen as part of the energy movement for 2011.

State of Health in the U.S.
In terms of medication and medical discoveries, and the state of health in the United States, it is seen that there is still much opposition to the health plans that have been presented by President Barack Obama.


His health plans may well be held up, and may even be challenged in 2011. It is not seen by this Awareness at this time that they will be completely blocked, but do plan to see the opposition against the health plan that was passed recently.


This seems to be part of the oppositional energies of the Tea Party and the new right wing element of the Republican conservative energies that are swelling up at this time and will continue to do so in 2011.


This is also part of the energies against Barack Obama, the opposition against him, which is in some ways unfair to the man himself, for he is only doing that which he is being commanded to do, and yet it is part of the groundswell of opposition and rebellion that will make itself felt more thoroughly in 2011.

Third and Final Wave of Mummy Energies from Ra-Ta Experiment to be Released around March 21st, 2011 will Create Optimism
The year itself will also see the release of the third and final wave of consciousness from the Ra-Ta experiment in ancient Egypt, which is very much part of the reason why many will start to awaken, many will start to question, and many will start to review not only their personal lives but the status of the nation and the planet as well.


This is seen to be available in the period of March around the period March 21st, around the time of the spring equinox. This could well herald in spring of 2011 a whole new optimism and hopefulness for the summer ahead and the year ahead.


This will be very strong in the United States and many will feel very optimistic and uplifted, despite what has happened in the preceding months and what may still happen.

Powers That Be Are Losing - May Create New Terrorism
This is to be encouraged, to remember that the oppositional energies against the Powers That Be are starting to move forward, are starting to push at this final, crucial stage and that those Powers That Be understand and know that the opposition they are starting to face may start to become stronger and stronger in 2011, which is why they are attempting so strongly at this time to assert as much control as possible.


It is even seen that in this effort to create the negative energies, there may be attempts to create another sensational terrorist experience, such as the bombings of the world trade building and the Pentagon.

More Intervention From the Galactic Federation
There is also seen that the energies of opposition from the Galactic Federation will intervene and thus, although there may be attempts at major acts of terrorism by those who are the true terrorists, it is not seen by this Awareness that they will be highly successful in their efforts, although they may still, even without success, promote further restrictions in the freedoms of the American people and the peoples of the world.


This is all part of that movement in 2011, where many will rise up and say "Enough is enough!" and it is this energy that most signals 2011's energy as being energies of rebellion and opposition, as being energies of those many starting to wake up and starting to question what is the status quo.


This is all available in the year 2011.

Rapid Personal Growth for Individuals who Think Positively
This Awareness says that the year itself for the majority of individuals may well prove to be a highly eventful year on many levels.


It sees that the energies can be very conducive to personal growth and development if one is not swept into the vortex of negativity that the spin doctors of the current regimes are trying to spin.


If one can stay outside of the energies of negativity, one may have a much better chance at seeing how powerful the year is for personal growth and development and how the planet itself is moving into the last critical stage before the final push to that which is the year of Ascension.

Don't get Sucked Into Extreme Energies in 2011
2011 will be a monumental year in many ways, but that this Awareness does ask for one and all to stay in a place of moderation and balance, avoiding extremes, although the year may well be a year of extremes.


Do not be sucked into the extreme energies but to allow the positive flow to always assist and guide one forward in the journey of one's life. This completes at this moment this Awareness' forecast for 2011.


It now stands open for questions from the Energizer.




Questioner: (Thank you) With regard to the last topic, is there any additional information on Planet X or Nibiru or the other names that are called planet X?

Cosmic Awareness: There are indeed many who are pointing to the skies at this time and pointing to many different phenomena that are occurring in the skies as the evidence of planet X, or Nibiru.


This Awareness is not so much concerned in identifying which of the many objects in the skies is the actual planet Nibiru as it is in simply saying that the energies of Nibiru, or planet X are very much coming into play, are very much part of the disruption of life as it is now known.


It is not seen that there will be an event that crystallizes the reality of Nibiru for the entire world as being 100% fact, but 2011 will make many more aware that this planetary object is in the skies.

Cover-Up will continue but the Internet will know
This Awareness does not see official sources as endorsing the approach of Nibiru.


It does see the continuance of a cover-up mentality, where all discussion of this is avoided, but it cannot prevent the discussion along the Cybernet waves, the waves of the vast Internet that is the major source by which the news will be communicated, the major means through which the news of this extraterrestrial planetary body will be announced.


There will be more and more open public speculation; there may even be reports on local channels and many will become aware of the possibility, but it is not seen at this moment that the government of the United States, for example, or the European Union or the Asian nations are entirely ready to admit that Nibiru is a reality that they have long been aware of.

2011 will make more and more people on a personal level and on group levels aware, but it is not seen yet to be something that the governments are ready to admit to, for they are afraid that many will accuse them of a cover-up, which of course has been the case.

Is Nibiru Causing the Earth to Wobble?
Questioner: Yes, obviously. I wonder... is it Nibiru that is exerting much or more influence on the Earth than the moon, causing the Earth to wobble and tilt, thus affecting the magnetics of the earth, for example?

Cosmic Awareness: This is seen to be playing a role here in the wobble of the Earth, but it is also seen that there are other factors more prevalent that are causing this.


Part of it is the consciousness of Mother Earth as she is waking up.


This is causing a certain shimmering of her ethereal body. This shimmering is that which is causing a certain quaking, a certain shivering, a certain movement or wobble to the planet itself. Nibiru's influence is amplifying this somewhat, but this had started before the proximity of Nibiru was strong enough to create this.


It can, however, amplify that which is already occurring, but be aware this is simply part of the process of the Earth separating into the two planet Earths this Awareness has spoken of in the past, of course both being on different vibrational tracks.

The Wobble Will Cause the Final Separation
What is truly more the cause of the wobbling is the two planets starting to go out of phase with each other.


This is causing the energy of both planets to be wobbly, to be shimmering and this is what will cause the final separation as the wobble begins to increase to such a degree that the two planets eventually will literally be thrown apart at the sub-dimensional levels, at a level other than the physical level, but it will have physical effects and consequences.


The planet Nibiru is simply an additional factor in this equation.

Questioner: I see. Has the pole shift started already?

Cosmic Awareness: The pole shift has started many, many years ago, and it is simply accelerating.

Questioner: That would be the cause of the weather disturbances

Cosmic Awareness: This is indeed accurate.



Questioner: Is there an update on the Galactic Federation?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness sees that the Galactic Federation has been very active in presenting itself in small ways. It has not pursued the option that it was favoring a few years ago of one huge sighting, one huge First Contact.


Instead, over the year 2010 many sightings have occurred, becoming more and more prevalent. It is seen that this will continue in 2011 and there will be a continuance of vortexes appearing in different areas and regions around the world.


This of course will largely be subdued in the Western nations, where there is still a ban against official acknowledgment that the Galactic Federation exists.

An Increase of Personal Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind
It is even seen that there will be First Contact scenarios in various regions of the world, but not First Contact on an international level that is so obvious that it cannot be avoided.


The type of First Contact this Awareness is speaking of is on a much more personal level and thus it is seen by this Awareness that many will begin to have personal close encounters of the third kind, and that many will start to meet extraterrestrial beings and it is seen that more and more reporting of this will occur on the Internet as more come forward with their stories and their claims.


Many of these events will be quite stupendous in their implication and yet such is the energy dampening of refusal to acknowledge this, that many more who have not had that experience will still assume that there are no such things as extraterrestrial beings.

Numerous Group Sightings Over 3rd World Countries
However, it is seen that generally speaking this attitude will digress in 2011 as more come forward with their personal claims; this being part of the energy of many more coming forward to refute official claims and official policy, this being of course now in the area of contact with the Galactic Federation forces, the extraterrestrial beings who will present themselves more and more.


It is also seen that group sightings will become very prevalent over many Third World Countries and lesser developed countries as the energies start to become more prominent and prevalent, energies that supports the extraterrestrial activities and are indeed the thinning of the veil that will allow the eventual splitting of the two planets into the two new streams of consciousness that are ready to move forward at the time of Ascension, the new themes of the Planet A and the Planet B scenarios that this Awareness has so long reported and talked on.

Questioner: I don't have any other questions with regard to the forecast but there is one item concerning the Mayan calendar and the year 2011. May this be presented to you at this time?

Comic Awareness: Indeed, this may be presented.



Questioner: Thank you. What I have written is: Would you please discuss the Mayan calendar end date, which has been questioned with three different dates offered?


These dates are October 22, 2011, October 28, 2011 or December 21, 2012. It has been suggested by Carl Johan Calleman Ph.D of the University of Stockholm that the energies of the Long Count ends October 28, 2011.


Exactly what are the energies of the Long Count reported amongst other observations? Are these three dates synonymous with any other occurrence? Your comment please?

Cosmic Awareness: First, this Awareness will comment on December 21st, 2012.


This is a date where it is already known that there will be a unique configuration of planets and stars along the central axis to that which is the central sun, Alcyone. This is already known and this is the date of completion for the shifting of the two planets' energetic bodies away from each other and the splitting of the energy fields of planet Earth.


This has long been touted by this Awareness as the time of completion. Saying this, there are times ahead and beyond this date where there will be energetic fluctuations.

October 22nd and October 28, 2011 Could be Extreme
The two dates mentioned in October of 2011 are two dates where there will be extreme fluctuations of the energies on those dates.


It is an Energetic that is very disruptive and may indeed lead to certain Earth changes and Earth events that can be quite dramatic at that time. Furthermore, those are two dates, both valid, that may indicate that there is an extreme thinning.


It is as if the wobbling of the energies discussed by this Awareness a few moments ago, achieves an extreme level of wobble before wobbling back on itself.

Light Workers Could Go Through the Portals on those Dates
At this extreme edge the energies will be such that the veil between the dimensions may be exceedingly thin and many may choose to cross at that time, for it is seen that there will be crossing portals available, and many who are now at a point of spiritual development may find themselves in areas where they can choose to move through the veil, go through the portals into the new reality that lies beyond, that already exists beyond the veil that exist between the two planets.


Thus, these two dates are prevalent in the Mayan calendar. They are not the end date of December 21st, 2012 but they are very much part of the process of Ascension available to many individuals and available to the planet.

Earth Changes to be Experienced on those Dates
It is as if these preliminary events also begin to break the bonds that exist still, and that hold the two planets in a cohesive alignment, although this cohesive alignment is, as this Awareness has already said, starting to wobble out of control.


When these wobbles reach these extreme points that align with the two dates mentioned, many events can occur, including certain geophysical events, earth-changes, earthquakes and volcanoes, as well as extreme weather conditions. These are all also part of what can be experienced on the day, although this Awareness does not see that either of these two dates is the actual ending of the Mayan calendar.

Furthermore, it must be understood that the Mayan calendar is simply speaking of the ending of the order of things, of the status of the world as it has been known and is now known. It does not prophesy the actual complete destruction of the planet.


It is simply that which was will no longer be and a new beginning will as a result begin.

Questioner: A question comes to mind that October 22nd, 2011 is an extremely important date as an ending of some type. Is there any validity to this thought for the 22nd as opposed to the 28th?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness will simply agree with the Energizer that there is an ending energy on this date that is prevalent, but this Awareness will not speculate further at this time.


Furthermore, there are many ending energies available as one sees that the times are about to change. There are many personal endings that will play themselves out in many ways, shapes and forms. October 22nd, 2011 may yet prove to be a very interesting date, for the date is a mirror reflection of itself from one end to the other, October being the number 10; this reflection is followed by the 22 and the 2011.


This is for those who are interested in numerology, a very interesting combination of numbers that has a reflective energy, in a manner of speaking.

The Energies of the Long Count
Questioner: (Yes, yes, I thought so). All right, can we go back to the Long Count, the energies of the Long Count? What does that mean please?

Cosmic Awareness: The Long Count is that which is the Mayan calendar's 54 year cycle versus the shorter cycles of the two intersecting calendars that also are part of the Mayan calendar.


The Long Count, the last 54-year cycle, will complete itself on the dates that are being talked about and then the continuance of the smaller calendars are such that they will all come together in the final date of December 21st, 2012.

Questioner: Is there nothing further on the forecast itself?

Cosmic Awareness: There may be further information to be released in the next several weeks. At this time this Awareness feels complete with Its forecast.




Questioner: Thank you. Do you have a closing message please?

Cosmic Awareness: As this Awareness has forecasted many other years in the past, It concludes at this time by stating, as always, that the energies that this Awareness is seeing and tuning in to at this time are prevalent not for 2011, but for this date in 2010.


What this means is that the energies at this moment are those energies that this Awareness can speak to and address as possible energies that carry forward in 2011 that It is able then to see and tune into, but to also remember that the energies are in a constant state of flux.


This Awareness is not a fortune teller, It is simply reporting on the Energetics of the year ahead and not on the specific predictions of events in the year ahead.

Much can change in accordance to each and every individual's ability to tune in to their own realities, to understand the effects of their own personal beliefs and attitudes of what is expected. This Awareness would like to leave this matter today by stating that the year 2011 has great potential. While there may be rebellious energies that come forward in 2011, it will also be a year of great opportunity, especially for individuals in their own personal growth and development.


There may be great challenges in the year for individuals to tune out of the mass prophecies of the public media and the forces that have power in and on the planet at this time, but this is also part of the process of preparation for Ascension which is essentially a personal experience, even though it will be reflected on the mass level as well.

On the personal level, it is absolutely essential that each and every individual becomes totally acquainted with their power and their capacity to predict in their own lives what their beliefs are and how they may manifest in their reality, indeed how they may even manifest their reality to be one that is in greater alignment to their spiritual awareness and understanding.


2011 will be an extraordinary year of opportunity for many to start to understand this, witness this and accomplish this.


Once the energies of the third wave of the Ra-Ta project are released, do expect to see an acceleration, especially on personal levels of the awareness of how things truly work and function.

In 2011 An Acceleration of Time Even Faster than Now
For those who have sought this out and have been open to the new reality of spiritual consciousness, this will move them tremendously in the direction of their personal Ascension.


For those new to this, who have yet to understand some of the more basic elements, they too will move quickly into areas that may have taken others years and years of spiritual devotion and dedication to reach. It will be an accelerated time indeed. This is also one element or aspect of 2011 that this Awareness would comment on now.


There will be an acceleration of time beyond even that rapid acceleration that has been experienced by so many up until now and at this moment.


Expect things to move even more quickly in 2011.

Be Careful What You Wish For
Many will experience instant manifestation of their beliefs and attitudes, their wishes and desires, of both negative and positive.


That is why this Awareness would say to one and all: be careful about what you wish for, for unguarded, undisciplined thinking may well manifest itself instantly to one's regret. Be careful in this manner, stay focused at this time, and present your beliefs and attitudes, wishes, desires and requests in a way that is always highly positive and focused.


On those occasions when one experiences the instant manifestation of more negative attitudes, take this as an example of how the energies are available, both for good and bad and learn from this. There is much to be learnt and 2011 will be indeed a time of accelerated learning and experiencing.


This completes this forecast at this time.

Questioner: (Thank you) We are most appreciative.







Questioner: Does Awareness have an opening message or any comments concerning the 2011 forecast delivered last week please?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness wishes to discuss the forecast for 2011 that was given last week. This Awareness is aware that there will be those who are disappointed with the lack of sensationalism in the forecast delivered.


This Awareness could focus on sensational events that may occur in the year ahead, but this Awareness wishes all to understand that the energies that are now taking place and that are now occurring are vacillating so quickly that many timelines for 2011 are now available.


This Awareness does not choose to energize those sensational timelines that would bring into the belief patterns of those reading the forecast the beliefs that tragic and sensational events will happen that they would then look forward to.

Why Awareness Does Not Report the Sensational
Many believe because 2011 is the year before Ascension, and spectacular earth shattering events should be occurring and this Awareness should be reporting them and forecasting them, but this Awareness sees this matter differently.


While It does see those timelines where the sensational, the catastrophic and the tragic can occur, where the wondrous and miraculous can occur, It chooses not to present them in a way that would focus each individual towards such an outcome. The reason for this is that as you advance towards that awesome moment that will be Ascension, one and all must come into their own divinity, their own realization of who and what they are.


They are Creator Beings who are creating their life experience in this third dimensional reality.

When this Awareness makes predictions, often these predictions are taken in at a core level of the being that is reading or hearing the predictions, or the forecast for the times ahead. The Creator Being who is in ignorance will simply take onboard predictions, opinions, and thoughts of others, this Awareness included, that the individual thinks will fit the bill, or thinks will come true.


They will then go on to energize that which another has given them, be that this Awareness, or another channeler, an expert, a guru, a friend or even a foe.

A More Neutral Forecast is Given
What this Awareness is trying to accomplish at this time is to present a more neutral forecast that does not rely on sensationalism and that does not predispose the individual who reads the forecast or hears what this Awareness has to say towards an unconscious generation of an experience of that prediction.


It would not energize the individual to create a timeline that they would not necessarily need to experience for themselves.


By presenting a less spectacular forecast than some would desire, this allows a more neutral path to be followed that will have more options for each individual, as they tune into their timeline and as they create their life experience.

Individuals Create What They Believe
This Awareness has spoken the words often that individuals create what they believe, and what they know to be so.


If the words of others create the belief system in an individual that leads them to create in alignment with that which was predicted, this is an indication that the individual has not reached that level of conscious understanding that will allow them to escape the manipulation of consciousness by those with an intent to lead or even mislead.


By presenting a more neutral forecast, this allows each individual to choose for themselves their own experiences, whether they choose to draw in to their lives those sensational events that are quite possible in the year ahead or a more neutral timeline of events that will not create havoc in the individual's life but allow them to develop in a way that is robust, balanced and energized, with a positive mindset.

Forecasting a Year in Advance is Extremely Limited
This Awareness wishes also to make it clear to one and all that the matter of forecasting a full year in advance is extremely limiting as well, for many events will unfold in the year ahead that are moment to moment and are not available to this Awareness, even at this moment, for this Awareness deals with the matter of multiple timelines, an infinite amount of timelines and these timelines are shifting constantly as the events move humanity and the planetary consciousness of the Earth Logos, the planet's consciousness, towards that event of Ascension.

When this Awareness says these events are not available, It simply means that there are energies that are creating from moment to moment and this Awareness would need to be reporting from moment to moment the unfolding energies It sees as infinite possibilities. It would be unfair to the Interpreter to keep him in a constant state of channeling this Awareness.

Thus, when the opportunity is available where the Interpreter avails himself to this Awareness, allowing this Awareness to speak through him, it is a moment captured in the instance of participation. It is happening in the moment of the activation of the energies of this Awareness, the consciousness of this Awareness speaking through the Interpreter.


At that moment certain information is available that this Awareness passes through the Interpreter.

Some Information is Restricted to the Interpreter
Due to the very nature of the limited availability of consciousness to channel what this Awareness knows and sees, a restriction occurs to that which can pass through the Interpreter, and although he is extremely gifted in his ability to channel this Awareness, even he cannot possibly allow to pass through him all of the information that this Awareness is privy to, and that this Awareness sees and knows of in that singular moment of interchange between this Awareness and the Interpreter.


Due to the information that this Awareness is privy to, it is then somewhat restricted as it is passed through the Interpreter and then expressed through the Interpreter for those who read what this Awareness is presenting.

The Interpreter does have the ability to be extremely open and to allow that information to flow that is available through this process, but as this Awareness is aware of Its impact, power and effect on human consciousness through that which is channeled through the Interpreter, It understands Its own responsibility in presenting information that at this time is both positive, but in a manner of speaking, neutral as well.

A Challenge for you to Create Your Own Timeline
It is encouraging all human beings to step forward at this crucial time and take greater responsibility for creating their own timeline, for experiencing those realities that are in accordance to their inner and deeper beliefs, especially those beliefs that energize the concept of Ascension and the extremely distinct possibility that a shift is coming.


This Awareness would even say that this is much more than a distinct possibility; it is a certainty.

The true question is now whether or not those energizing the shift can do so at the highest level. This Awareness is always available for the questions around events that individuals are curious about, such as the opening of timelines to allow positive expansion of concepts and beliefs that are held by individuals.


It is in the asking of questions that this Awareness can become more specific regarding certain timelines, both in a general sense as applicable to the planet and humanity at this time, as well as specific personal queries that are of extreme interest to each and every individual as their own personal timeline unfolds.

The Theme of Rebellion in 2011
This Awareness did speak of a theme that would be very relevant in the year ahead, the theme of rebellion, the questioning of those in power and the practices of those in power.


The importance in this is not simply to bring forth the energy of rebellion, but to understand rebellion is a rejecting of that which no longer applies, which no longer has relevancy and expresses the frustration of the many to those applications of power that exist on the planet at this time to control and manipulate the masses towards the favored result of those who hold power.


Thus, the rebellion that will be seen in 2011 will challenge the very power base that those who are in control hold.


Rebellion will also be on a Personal Level
Further to this, the rebellion that this Awareness is speaking of is also rebellion at a personal level, a challenging of those personal laws and morals, concepts and beliefs that no longer serve the individual.


The rebellion of each and every individual to constricting beliefs, concepts, morals and attitudes is meant to shake up individuals' lives, for as these are shaken up they will begin that distinct process of Ascension that each and every individual must go through as they release old beliefs, concepts or attitudes that held them in a timeline previously.


They will find new doors opening, and new horizons available as they move towards that ultimate experience of the shift in consciousness that will define that which is Ascension.

Thus it is that in the message delivered by this Awareness, although It did touch upon certain events unfolding that may occur in 2011, the greater purpose of this Awareness at this time for Its forecast was to make available to each and every individual distinct possibilities for them to create their own timeline in accordance to their own shifting beliefs and attitudes, especially when there has been a breakdown for the individual of pre-existing beliefs, thoughts and attitudes.


The year 2011 holds much possibility for change, and for the shift of consciousness it does not need to encompass spectacular tragic events on a personal level, but it does need to accomplish the shaking up of the paradigms of belief that hold both the planet and each and every individual.

What Awareness Wishes for You in 2011
This Awareness is, as always, available for specific questions individuals may have that are reflective of their own individual concepts or queries about timelines, be they of a general nature or a personal nature, but It does not wish to taint a collective experience of that which lies ahead in 2011 by making specific predictions of events that may happen during the year ahead.


This Awareness wishes all an incredible 2011, full of new possibilities and hopes, a year of release from old paradigms of belief and concepts held that restrict each and every individual from breaking free. It will indeed be that which could be called a breakout year, preparing many for the dramatic events of the year following, that being 2012.

This Awareness again wishes one and all the opportunity to discover for themselves everything that is available for them in 2011, that will help them move forward in their own individual timeline as it moves toward that event known as Ascension.


This Awareness is complete with Its opening message.



Questioner: Thank you. That was excellent and contains much food for thought. One question does come to mind if I may. Are there any additional actions CAC (Cosmic Awareness Communications) as a whole or the members themselves should be considering at this time or during the next year?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness would say that collective action could be taken by those members of Cosmic Awareness Communications of holding the most positive and powerful concepts of the shifting of energy that is possible for each and every individual within the organization:

  • to hold that the planet and humanity itself are on an amazing journey that will move them through any and all difficulties and hardships, any and all spectacular and challenging events, be they on a mass level or an individual level

  • to hold that this too will pass, and what they are experiencing in terms of upheaval and discordance will indeed pass and that they need to, both as individuals and a collective, hold to the belief that whatever unfolds in 2011, be it of the most challenging nature collectively or individually, will pass, especially as one holds that this is so.

There are many who may not experience, either in a collective reality or on an individual basis, these spectacular events, but find that things simply roll on as they have been with a continuance of much that is already being experienced.


It is for them to understand that they are creating this so that they are not overly challenged.


There is enough challenge for each and every individual in the energies of this time and of the year ahead. This Awareness would even suggest that those who do not have the spectacular type of experience individually or on the collective level are indeed creating for themselves a reality that will allow them to slide easily into the future and into Ascension.

Therefore, the singular concept that this Awareness wishes to most energize and convey is to hold that positive line of thinking that will allow each and every individual to hold that things are moving forward, things will progress in a way that can be handled and that each and every individual is indeed accomplishing within the parameters of their own experiencing of reality, that which needs to be experienced for them and an understanding that the collective is doing the same.


Being as positive and focused on the movement forward as possible is that which this Awareness most suggests.



Questioner: (Thank you, that's excellent advice, extremely so). There was something that was going on here with regard to communications where they are either not available or they are "down" and cannot be accessed.


Is there anything particular going on in this area or any of the other areas - is this due to Planet X/Nibiru or anything like that?

Mercury Retrograde is Occurring
Cosmic Awareness: It is seen that there is some effect on the electronic systems. The satellite systems are being affected by those energies of that planet known as Planet X, or Nibiru.


These are not extreme but they can affect individuals in their communications. Furthermore, at this time the event that is known as Mercury retrograde is also occurring, which is classic in that disruption of communications both on individual levels as well as mass communications, such as electronic communication.


This too is occurring at this time and it is a strong occurrence, due to the other energies that are also happening at this time, not the least of which is the planet Mars as it moves over the moon of Sagittarius and the sign it is in at this time.

These are all events that are contributing to the disruption of communications, both personal communications with others - as well as through communication over electronic devices, such as Internet, telephones and satellite communications.

Questioner: Understood, with Mercury being retrograde it is only a temporary thing in the sense that by the end of the month things should straighten out okay?

Cosmic Awareness: This is indeed so.

Questioner: Just speaking of Mercury retrograde, as retrograde means a return, is this something that has happened before?

Cosmic Awareness: This happens three times in the year where that energy that is Mercury retrograde comes about, each time depending on the positioning of Mercury retrograde in houses of the zodiac, the positions of planets, and the movements in individual charts.


The energies of the Mercury retrograde will be stronger or weaker or neutral to the individual experiencing the event.


Therefore, not all will necessarily experience any disruptions in their communications, be that on a personal or mass level, whereas others are having experience after experience of the disruption of the communications of their lives at that time. Is this clear?



Questioner: Yes it is and understood. I'm wondering too, I will just hold up this picture here. There was something that passed between the Sun and the Moon that left a mark or a shadow on the Sun.


Can you explain if that is a satellite or whether it is a spacecraft?

Cosmic Awareness: This is seen to be that which would be considered a spacecraft, a Mother Ship. It is massive in its dimensions, so much so that it created the shadow that astronomers could see and record against the surface of the Sun.


It is here for the purpose of assisting in the times ahead for those who are opening their consciousness, and expanding their beliefs to the point where they are ready to experience in their individual construction of reality, in their own timeline, that which is the experience of contact with extraterrestrial beings.


This is indeed one of the prevalent energies that are being energized and presented at this time and for the year ahead for those who are ready to go there.

Questioner: Thank you. The identity of this craft - is that favorable or is it part of the Galactic Federation or is it the Orion people, or...?

Cosmic Awareness: It is seen to be that which would be part of the Galactic Federation forces.



Questioner: Thank you, that's encouraging. Okay, another question: Will the planet Nibiru be seen by the naked eye shortly or is it already?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness explains this matter thusly: that while it may not be seen directly by the naked eye or even through telescopes, both professional and amateur, the reason for this is because the planet is cloaked.


Many are familiar with this concept from series such as Star Trek or Star Wars or other science fiction episodes. This concept is indeed a real concept and those on the planet have the technology to bend the light rays around their planet.


Thus it is difficult, if not impossible, to see the planet Nibiru directly.

It is known however by those who are using other devices to scan the skies, including electromagnetic sounding devices or electromagnetic telescopes, where they are picking up the object that is there, even though it cannot be seen. It is having an effect on the electromagnetic energies of the planet and many of the disruptions that are already occurring and will continue to occur are a result of the passage of the planet Nibiru as it affects the planet and the moon.


This may well cause discordance in the Earth's energies, as well as further shifting of the magnetic poles.

These are all in alignment to the unfolding events of these times and one must not pay too much attention to any negative expression of these energies, but be open to the understanding that these events are occurring not only because of the shifting energies of Planet Earth herself, but in addition because of those energies that are playing out because of the proximity of the Planet Nibiru to Earth itself.

Questioner: This then would suggest that the pole shift has already begun, is that correct?

Cosmic Awareness: The pole shift has already begun.



Questioner: (All right, thank you). Just to go to a different topic... this one comes from DT and he writes,

"I have some serious questions that have been on my mind for many months. The topic is philosophy. I am so confused. Other interpreters have always said,

'No Galactic Federation is going to save us! It is up to ourselves to fix this Orion mess, otherwise we are doomed to repeat the cycle.'

I believe It said something about trusting your own higher self and not any "Tonka" (I believe a joke on the entity Monka).


Now we are again waiting for the Galactic Federation to save us (a name also used by the Ashtar command).

Hatonn is associated with the Ashtar command and the Jesus Sananda on a spaceship group of Tuella. Hatonn is now to be a trusted entity.


I believe Hatonn to be a Reptilian entity. Is he? And the Ashtar Command is a known rogue group of non-helpful, self-gratifying entities. Is this still true? And are they in fact associated with the Ashtar Command?


It seems that nowadays Awareness has done a COMPLETE REVERSAL! What is going on?"

Your comment please?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness first refers to that which is the opening message presented by this Awareness on this occasion.


It suggested that this Awareness making grandiose predictions of what will be is inappropriate now to individuals starting to step into the power of their creative being, their capacity to generate and create their own reality.


In reference to this individual's question regarding not waiting for the Galactic Federation to come and save one and all, this Awareness is in agreement, for in Its opening message It too was suggesting that the individual must take greater responsibility now in understanding, first of all, that they are Creator Beings, that they can create the reality which they experience, and that they do indeed create the reality they experience.

By giving their power over to another, be it this Awareness or Ashtar Command or the Galactic Federation, it is an abdication of their Divine Being, that which is to awaken at this time.


Therefore, this Awareness does support this individual's queries as to the validity of trusting these beings, be they the Ashtar Command or the Galactic Federation, before and beyond trusting their own Internal Divine Guidance and Power.


It is time to understand - whether these beings are Reptilian, Orion, Venusian, Pleiadian, Arcturian or anything else - they are not here to save but either to mislead and misguide, as is the intent of the Orion/Reptilian faction, or to guide and leap forward into a greater awareness and understanding of their own true powers, of the individual's true powers, as is the intent and desire of the Galactic Federation.

The Galactic Federation will come to Awaken Individuals
Theirs is not the desire to save but rather to awaken the individuals and the collective that is humanity, to the way forward into that understanding of their own divinity and creator nature.


They are not here to save mankind but to help in the awakening process. Those beings that are of the Orion/Reptilian faction have another agenda, and this agenda is one of continued enslavement and manipulation.


But this too is part of the greater plan that is available for any being that chooses to experience such a reality.

The Battle of the Soul to Awaken is now Happening
It must be always remembered that each individual is an aspect of the Divine, and that each aspect of each soul that is having a present physical life experience, is indeed a spiritual being having a physical experience, whatever that experience may be.


The Ascension process is an, awakening process to one's Divine Being, to the deepest understanding of what it means to be an aspect of the soul. As one discovers this, one takes greater responsibility for their own life and what unfolds in that life.


At this time a huge battle is taking place, not the battle between the Galactic Federation and the Orion/Reptilian faction, but rather the battle of the soul as it is struggling to awaken to the arising consciousness that is welling forth at this time, and that is expanding into the higher levels of consciousness.

The Main Battle that is Occurring Now
The battle is whether to surf this wave of expanding consciousness or to stay on the shore, never venturing into these challenging waters, but seeking to stay asleep and safe on the shoreline of consciousness they are comfortable in.


This battle between venturing out into the surging waves of expanding consciousness or retreating into the comfort zone of one's individual box of reality is the main battle that is occurring at this time, as humanity itself faces that monumental experience known as Ascension.


There are those who are here to assist the process, and there are those who are here to retard or restrict the process.

Ultimately however, it is always up to each and every individual as they progress forward on their own journey in this physical reality to decide for themselves which is the reality that most supports them, that they believe in and are ready to energize and experience. Seek not the help of extraterrestrial beings coming here to save you, but seek rather the understanding and awareness that lies within, which will lead one forward.


That is the energy that will most guarantee the success of the individual who is wishing to experience Ascension and is willing to surf the waves of expanding consciousness.

Questioner: Thank you, that was excellent. We have additional questions from Dan Chilinski of Toledo, Ohio, with regard to clarification on Ascension. May I read these please?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness asks first before moving on to return to the previous question. There were certain questions that were not asked or answered regarding the individual Hatonn and the Ashtar Command.



Questioner: Oh yes, Hatonn is associated with the Ashtar Command and the Jesus Sananda on a spaceship group of Tuella. He is mentioning that Hatonn is now to be a trusted entity.


I believe Hatonn to be a Reptilian entity. Is he?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness does not see this entity as a Reptilian entity, but neither does this Awareness fully endorse this entity as someone to be blindly trusted and obeyed.


As always with any being that presents itself as a source of enlightenment, and that presents itself as a well of illumination to be drunk from, that one always queries and questions what is being offered, without abdicating their own power and their ability to discern.

Hidden Elements in the Ashtar Command
This is the time-old battle of understanding that when one puts on a pedestal an individual, a being, a concept, a group or anything that is given power over the individual, one is abdicating their own personal power to discern and to decide for themselves.


This Awareness is not saying the information that Hatonn has delivered and may yet deliver does not have a benefit, but It is saying that this information must always be questioned.


Certain elements of the Ashtar Command are self-serving and do indeed have that which is a hidden agenda. Their energies are more in alignment in some ways with that which is the Orion faction, the Orion energies - not even that which is Reptilian, although the Reptilian energies are at play here also.


However, even if this is so, individuals need not fall into this misleading energy, and do not need to abdicate their own power or their own discernment.

Always use the BS Detector
Therefore, this Awareness again suggests that no matter what is presented or who it is presenting it, an individual always queries and questions that which is being presented, and always checks in to their own deeper level of understanding and awareness.


In the past this Awareness has used the term: one's "BS detector". This, although humorous in some ways and vulgar in others, is nonetheless an energetic way of resonating with the truth. That which is BS, or that which is the con, the lie, and the mistruth will never feel quite right.


There will always be that sense that this does not quite feel right, and that it does not make sense.

Alternatively, when one experiences that which is a deep ultimate truth on the level that resonates with the individual, the opposite will occur. The feeling that this is right and this is correct will be outstanding. It will have that resonance that brings hope or joy or even simply the feeling that this feels right.


This is that perception of the truth that will lead the individual to act upon, and to deal with it from a level of awareness that does not need to be logical or rational but Divinely Intuitive and in alignment with that which is the inner resonance of the High Self or the Spiritual Self.

When the heart speaks loudly it is right or correct
This is how one takes matters that are presented, be they matters presented by extraterrestrial beings or the politicians of one's planet or even friends in one's life, family or others in one's life and evaluates this matter, these truths, these statements.


When they feel wrong, do not simply go forward because logic is telling you this must be right, for logic is often fooled and misled by those who have mastered the skills of logic.


When the heart speaks loudly it is right or correct, or if it speaks against it, then one must go from that intuitive level of perception and follow it to where it will lead.


Please continue.



Questioner: That was excellent advice, thank you). Going back to Hatonn, is there more than one Hatonn in the sense that the Matthew material refers to Hatonn too, that often speaks through that material? Is that the same guy or is this someone different?

Cosmic Awareness: It is seen that there are several projections of this entity that refers to itself as Hatonn. It is also referred in certain areas as Atonn, but this is still the same being, Hatonn or Atonn.

Questioner: So there's more than one is that correct?

Cosmic Awareness: Historically there was that being that was known as Hatonn. The Hatonn being is still the same energy.

Questioner: (Thank you) The last part was: "It seems that nowadays Awareness has done a COMPLETE REVERSAL! What is going on?" (and he is referring to the previous information here).

Cosmic Awareness: The reversal that is spoken of is simply an expansion of consciousness and awareness that allows alternatives to be viewed, even alternatives that seem to be opposite to what is being said at this time.


As long as one always allows the sensing of the material, the internalization of the material to that which is the deeper source of one's being, that which is the spiritual aspect of one's being; one will always sense the truth of what is being presented, whether it is being presented at this time by this Awareness or at any other time by any other entity, being or source.


Always go within; always use one's own internal monitoring abilities to sense the truth, and to feel the truth. If it is in resonance with what one believes and knows as their personal truth, then it is right and correct.

The paradox here is that one's personal truth may not be at a high level. Thus, one's personal truth may still seemingly mislead an individual as they accept certain beliefs and attitudes, truths and opinions that are made available to them. But this does not matter ultimately, for one is still being led along the path, along the journey that is one's life that is in accordance to what was chosen by the soul itself before it materialized into its physical experience.


Therefore, one's level of truth, one's conceptualization of reality may be quite different from another. One may have that which could be broadly understood as a higher level of understanding and awareness to someone having a more basic experience of the physical.

This does not mean that the individual having the higher perception of truth is correct.


This is still part of that which is dualistic thinking that designates right and wrong, or someone who is on the right path versus someone who is on the wrong path. All that matters is that the individual is having the experience that they need, and that they have chosen to have. At this time as the waves of consciousness are expanding, many are moving to higher perceptions of reality, higher understandings of the deeper truths that are available to be understood.


They will move themselves forward toward that experience they need to have in their Ascension process.

Those who choose Planet B are having the God experience
Others may move in other directions altogether, and may go down the path that leads them to the Planet B scenario.


This again does not mean that even though certain individuals, even masses will not advance to the higher energies of the Planet A scenario, that they are wrong. They are simply still having the God experience that they chose for themselves, the divine experience of a reality that is in accordance to their deep soul needs, their deep Divine Needs.


Therefore, ultimately as one moves forward one releases the distinction of right and wrong, of that which should be followed versus that which should not be followed. This is only dualistic thinking.

In the journey ahead, as this Awareness recommends to individuals that they participate in their own being, finding the truth within is that which is most needed to lead the individual to that which they have chosen for their life experience, be it the full experience of Ascension or a more limited experience or even a repelling or repulsion of that experience of Ascension in order to stay firmly embedded in a physical reality that is separated from any sense of the Divine.



Questioner: (Thank you) This brings another question: Is the Planet A and B separation simply a change into different dimensions?

Cosmic Awareness: This would be correct.


Another way of understanding this is that not only is it a shift into other dimensions, it is an opening up by the individual into that which this Awareness has called one's multidimensional nature.


As the expansion of consciousness continues, and as one opens up to those higher realms of consciousness, those other dimensions of experience, one becomes multidimensional in their nature, versus one that is unidimensional, or is focused simply on one dimension of experience.


As one becomes multidimensional they are able to travel up and down, they are able to travel left and right and inward and outward to many experiences of consciousness that are held within that which is one's multidimensional nature.

The Unidimensional Level of Consciousness
As one stays at a unidimensional level, one defines their reality only by that which they are experiencing around them, and they do not distinguish that there are levels of consciousness that exceed the level of consciousness they are presently experiencing.


For most this means the third dimensional level of consciousness that is being experienced by the collective mind, the collective consciousness on this small planet that is known as Earth.

Even the concepts of opening up to extraterrestrial beings, other levels of physical consciousness experienced by those who are participating here but are beyond the norm of accepted beliefs is a stretch for many, and many even refuse to look at this matter, are in denial of this, and are even in denial that there are many experiences being experienced in the third dimensional reality at this time that are quite different than the expected experiences of someone who is living, for example, in the United States of America.

The Limits of Dualistic Thinking
Thus, the experiences of someone living in a Third World country, a European country, or an Asian country are quite different than those experiences of someone living in North America; and many have difficulty even expanding their consciousness to accept that someone living in a Third World country is having an equally valid experience, or that their own reality and that which they have is valid to them.


There is still that dualistic attitude that the experiences had by one group is right and superior to those of another that is wrong and inferior. This is all part of dualistic thinking that even limits mankind to the perception that there is only one right life, which is completely erroneous.



Questioner: Yes it is. It's certainly more exciting to "think outside the box" or even not be limited by "tunnel vision" - there are whole new adventures out there, aren't there?

Cosmic Awareness: This is so. This brings forth an image that the Interpreter discussed with the Energizer previously, this being the experience that is presented through the image of a horse with blinders on, preventing the horse from seeing things to the left or the right that could distract it or could frighten it.


The further image that this Awareness presents is that mankind at this time not only wears blinders to the left and the right, but also above and below. Thus it truly is a type of tunnel vision that is experienced by most individuals, a tunnel vision that defines the reality they are seeing and in this they feel comfortable.

It is when the blinders are removed and more information is provided that they become deeply troubled and confused. It is often a deliberate act of choice that they put the blinders on, and that they stay in their comfort zone, their box of accepted experiences. It is something that cannot be forced on another, but a process that must happen from within, that allows the individual to remove the blinders, to step out of the box, to go beyond one's comfort zone.


This Awareness feels complete at this time.



Questioner: Thank you. I'll start the questions from Dan Chilinski, Toledo, Ohio on Ascension - some queries he still has with regard to the 2010 August issue, 2010-8.


The first one is,

"My understanding of the information is that after December 2012 we will no longer have to worry about houses or having some kind of roof over our head. Does this mean climate conditions on the planet Earth will no longer have freezing winters or hot and humid summers or rain or snow? This is the main reason why a roof over the head or a house is necessary. Blasting windstorms and bugs and mosquitoes will also disappear, so houses would not be necessary."

Your comment please?

Cosmic Awareness: This may be one's experience of the Ascension.


One may well have reached a high enough level of consciousness that they understand in their multidimensionality, in their ability to create the realities they wish to experience, that they do not need to create a reality that forces them to construct a house; for they simply change the atmosphere, the climate, the conditions that would make the use of a house a necessity.


They create the idealistic utopia that they are able to create by believing, knowing and generating the other forms of reality that are possible through such high level creative abilities. In this manner this individual is correct that there would not be a need for the houses that protect and shelter.


However, it is not seen by this Awareness that everyone will reach that level of consciousness where they can step beyond the definitions of reality that define them to this degree.

Some Will Experience a Reality Where Weather still plays a Role
In other words, others may need to experience a reality where weather still plays a role, where there may still be a need for houses and forms of shelter.


They may experience a reality where they are moving forward in their level of consciousness towards an ability to exceed the parameters of defined consciousness, collective awareness and beliefs that define reality. They are still at a level of expanded consciousness but they simply may not quite be at that level that allows them to simply create around them whatever they desire to experience.


This does not mean that they are any less correct in that experience of Ascension that they are having, it simply means that they are creating at a slightly lower level.


'Lower' is still a term that has energies attached to it - simply that they are creating different realities that necessitate the use of houses to shelter them from the elements.


Neither is right or correct, they are simply different levels of conscious understanding and awareness that open different possibilities.



Questioner: He carries on,

"Because getting money will no longer be necessary, no one has to worry about getting a job or being forced to work at a job they hate just to make money. We won't have to eat food anymore or starve to death when not getting enough food. This is another reason why we have to work at a "job" to buy the expensive food with money. There will be no disease and therefore paying money to expensive doctors, hospitals and drug companies will disappear. Cars will no longer be needed for transportation because we are supposed to instantly move from one place to the next, no matter how far away the distance may be in the hundreds or thousands of miles just by "thinking" or thought to move these vast distances instantly. Therefore, making money in order to buy expensive cars and gasoline will not be necessary."

Your comment please?

Cosmic Awareness: Again, this Awareness would point out that for some this may indeed be their reality.


As one truly moves into one's multidimensional nature, when one truly understands their divine character as Creator Beings, they are not restricted by the paradigms of a collective belief system that defines a physical space and reality, and they are free of those old expectations and beliefs that they once lived by.


But again, this Awareness suggests that not all will reach that high level of conscious awakening, or the expansion to those multidimensional levels of creative thought and experience.

Those who believe they still need to work for a living

There may still be those who define their reality in the more restrictive manner. They see that they still need to work for a living, but in their reality they may be able to create the work that ideally suits them, that they love to do, that cannot be seen as work but rather a life fulfillment that allows one to experience the great satisfaction of accomplishment in doing that which one wishes to do.


There may be those who ascend, who have a new understanding of economics, and who choose to break the patterns of the Orion belief system that has created a reality based on a monetary system of having to work for money.

In this new reality it may be that all have the money required, and that no one needs to work for money to buy things, but they have that which could be called a guaranteed annual income that would allow them to purchase what is needed and also still allow for their freedom, if they wish to create more wealth for themselves, so they can purchase more - a different reality, but one that is not based on a physical entrapment due to the beliefs that have been perpetuated in a collective experience as is now the case.

What this Awareness is simply trying to share here is that there will be a multitude of experiences available upon Ascension that are grossly different from one another.


This does not make one right and the other wrong, for such dualistic thinking will simply not be appropriate. It is simply that there will be many experiences and the individual is even free upon Ascension to shift from one to another, seeking those that are appropriate and desirable.

Thus, one might start off still thinking they need to work but not in the old way, and in their experience as they move forward, and as they gain because they are at a new level of consciousness, they begin to realize that even this concept is outdated and no longer necessary and that they can simply begin to create what they need and require, and they do not need to work for money to buy their food, but they can create their food directly, and they can create their needs directly.


This allows them to move forward in their conscious thinking, for that which is the energy of Planet A scenario, that which is the ascended energies will lead all eventually towards this understanding and allow individuals to have the expanded experience that they still individually might need.



Questioner: (Thank you).


He carries on:

"These types of conditions are often mentioned in books dictated by automatic writing from spirits who have been called "dead" that I have read. This brings the question of exactly what is the difference between "Ascension" after 2012 in December on Earth and being "dead" or death. Do we all go to the same place or state that what is known as the dead are currently in when they die today and will this occur to everyone on Earth after December 2012? If not, is there still such a thing as death after the Ascension in December 2012, in that a person "dies" they can no longer be seen, heard or touched like it is today in the year 2010?"

Your comments, please?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness first wishes to say that this is an excellent question.


That which is known as the death experience is truly that which is also an experience of Ascension. What the death experience also represents is the leaving behind of that container that housed the spiritual aspect of the being having the physical experience.


Thus it is that each and every human being, when experiencing the death experience, is released from that container, cannot go back into it and is freed to be of a multidimensional nature, existing in that which is known commonly as the fifth dimension.

The Movie "What Dreams May Come" is Accurate
The movie with Robin Williams known as What Dreams May Come very accurately portrays this part of that experience of release when everyone is freed to experience the reality at a level of creative ability that is multidimensional.


They can create that reality they choose to experience once they have left the restrictive third dimensional reality that defines the life experience when in third dimensional reality. The death experience by most is feared because it is misunderstood.


Most think that it involves the extinguishing of one's consciousness, when nothing could be further from the truth. One's consciousness is allowed total freedom of the restriction that occurs when one is in the physical container having the physical experience.

Once this container is dropped and released, one is in their multidimensional aspect and is able to move in many directions - upwards, downwards, inwards, outwards - the sense of direction is not even an appropriate concept for that which occurs once one is free of the physical restrictions.


Therefore, death as many understand it is a misunderstanding of that which truly occurs. While one is saddened by the loss of a loved one, a friend, or a dear member of society, they are not truly lost. They have simply altered their experience and have returned back into the more ethereal level of their consciousness.


This happens to one and all.

Some will experience Transmogrification
The Ascension experience that is coming will allow many. to have an experience that frees them from the physical concepts of reality that are held to at this time.


For some they may still achieve this through a death type experience at that time, but will cross with an awareness of what is occurring and why. There are also those who will have that which is known as an experience of transmogrification, the experience that was presented to mankind through the death of the entity Jesus the Christ.


But in truth it is known that he did not die in the physical sense but was transmogrified, and became the being that was able to leave physical reality. He dematerialized his physical body and stepped into that which is the spiritual etheric plane of consciousness and existence.

Those who have reached a sufficiently high level of consciousness may well have this type of experience, where they can release the stranglehold of physical reality that chokes many on this physical plane, and that restricts many to a belief system that defines them only in physical terms.


These beings that have this experience will teach this to others, and will show to others a way of achieving this experience.


There is also the experience of moving through the portals and vortexes that will be available at the time of Ascension. This is not quite the death experience and it is not quite the transmogrification experience, but it will allow those who are ready, the experience of moving beyond the physical layer to that which is the expanded etheric spiritual level of consciousness.

They will be able to move directly to the new planet of experience that is there for them and reaching the other side while still in a physical body, continuing their physical experience, but now with expanded consciousness and understanding to how this is a new experience and a new path for them to follow.


These are the main ways that the Ascension process will occur at that time where the completion of Ascension itself takes place.


This Awareness feels complete at this time. The only caveat that this Awareness would add is: Do not be afraid of letting go of the physical, for all this represents is one conception of reality.


It most definitely does not truly contain the infinite amount of experiences available to consciousness of that being who is able to transcend the boundaries and the barriers of physical experience and existence.



Questioner: Thank you. There are two questions left. Okay, his next question, this is still Dan.


He asks,

"Do the laws of physics change in that things that operate on electricity, like TVs, radios, moving pictures for entertainment and light bulbs for seeing at night time will no longer work or be replaced by something else? Does the day and night cycle somehow change, so electrical light bulbs will no longer be necessary to see at night?"

Your comment please?

Cosmic Awareness: The first comment that this Awareness wishes to make is that this entity has a wonderful sense of imagination. It is the imagination that will create the realities experienced upon Ascension, the ability to image, to create.


It must always be remembered that the word, image and imagination also stem from the same root word that gives magic and magical meaning. It could well be that the reality one experiences as a Creator Being imagining the new reality may involve electricity still or it may not.


An individual understanding that they are now free to create whatever reality they can imagine and create, is not confined to the old laws of physics, where they see the world spinning with day and night cycles or where they see that they still need to create electricity in order to have light.


How Reality Right Now is Created
If understood completely, this process of imaging and imagining is actually already that which occurs on this third dimensional plane of existence. It is occurring at an unconscious level and in slow motion.


Thus, the majority of mankind does not understand that through the imagining and projecting of their beliefs and their expectations, the reality that they experience is thus created.


If further to this one's imagination is constricted and manipulated and directed in certain directions, then that which is being imaged, that which is being imagined, that which is being created will follow the parameters of those who are in charge, those who wish the masses to have certain experiences.

How Collective Consciousness Limits Reality
Because the mass mind is a powerful one, and because collective consciousness can be very oppressive and demanding, most individuals never come to a place in their life where they truly begin to understand their creative power, their amazing ability to image and create the realities of their own mind.


Thus they follow that which is expected, that which everyone else believes in, never imagining anything else and even ridiculing those who come forward and suggest that one can image their reality and imagine it to be different. This has started to change in recent times with such books as The Secret and other revelations that are being presented through different sources.


But at this time the truth of the matter for the mass mind, the collective consciousness is that reality is limited and that you can do nothing to create anything out of nothing.

The whole process of Ascension is the breaking down of such beliefs and the breaking free of such taboos.


As the Ascension process advances, especially in the year ahead, where that sense of rebellion will be prominent, where old beliefs and attitudes and concepts are questioned and rebelled against, many will start to understand that they have indeed the capacity and the power within themselves to image for themselves a new reality, a different reality than that which that they are experiencing.


This is part of the Ascension process that is changing the very way that humanity thinks, and those who are here to experience this in a more profound form; those who are advanced in their consciousness will discover this truth more and more and help teach this truth to many who are also prepared and ready to move forward.


The "Hundredth Monkey" Concept
There is the concept that this Awareness has spoken of before, known as the Hundredth Monkey.


This is a concept that expresses when a certain point in consciousness is reached, where that which is the hundredth individual realizes the capacity to image one's reality, one's truth, when this is understood at a quantum level, this wave of consciousness will spread throughout the mass mind, throughout collective consciousness and many will now awaken to this.


Perhaps not all, for many are still here to have another experience of their reality than that which is the Ascension experience. But a majority will now have as their possibility a new reality in which to work in and in which to play in, and that this will lead many forward in their own individual experience of Ascension.

Some will have the ultimate experience of Ascension, where in their transmogrification process they literally can step from one reality to another. Others will go through that which is that experience of stepping through a portal, a vortex, because they believe that this can be done, that they are to do this.


Others may indeed die to the old and find themselves in that which is the new, and others may yet still have to go through many more experiences of physical reality before they are ready for that process of Ascension.


There are many, many options indeed, there are an infinite amount of options available.

Questioner: That's going to be difficult... to make a choice, right?

Cosmic Awareness: It can always be considered difficult to make a choice, but the point of the matter is that choices are made, whether they are made with deliberation and focus or are avoided because one is afraid of making a choice. This is still a choice.



Questioner: (That's true, thank you) His last question, "As far as "entertainment" is today, what about those overpaid actors, actresses and singers? How about those overpaid ball game players that demand millions of dollars a year in order to "work" doing ball games entertainment for you, or go on strike pretending that they are like common ordinary factory laborers.


Your comments, please?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness must point out a certain individual bias or opinion of the entity Dan himself to those individuals who are making lots of money doing what they love to do.


In some ways they are fulfilling the very parameters of imaging and imagining for themselves a life that is a life they wish to have that gives to them that which society suggests is of the highest value, that being of making lots and lots of money.


The irony here is that there are many who would be jealous and resentful of those who make such huge amounts of money doing such things as playing ball or acting in movies.

Ultimately, these individuals on these levels at least have come to realize that they have the ability to create anything they wish because of how they image what could be.


They may not do this in complete conscious awareness, but the point of the matter is that they are still doing this and in some ways could be seen as examples to others who are confined to the drudgery of a 9 to 5 job, who are doing jobs they do not enjoy doing, doing work that they do not believe in, as opposed to those who are creating their lives by doing that which they love and enjoy and on top of it are being paid large amounts of money.


The Pleasure Principle versus the Pain Principle
In terms of Ascension, there will be many who, once they pass through that barrier that defines physical reality, and once they are in the new level of conscious awareness, will only do the work that they love to do, for there will not be seen any longer as a requirement to do work that they do not love to be doing.


This Awareness on another occasion talked about the new principal that would be guiding the mentality of the new time ahead.

This is the pleasure principle, as opposed to that which presently is dominant, that being the pain principle. Many are taught the pain principle now, and that they must suffer and endure that which they do not like, that which is not pleasant or pleasurable because it is their lot in life, and this is how it is.

This is but a belief system, and in the level of consciousness that will now be available with Ascension, the consciousness will be never to do that which brings pain and suffering, when one is able to do that which brings joy and pleasure.


This is a higher understanding of the creative principle that moves one forward, that allows one to experience a reality that is always defined by that which brings such joy and achievement and pleasure versus that which must be endured because one is meant to suffer, and one is meant to know pain.


Those who in this present third dimensional reality are able to create their reality and create that which gives them reward for doing what they love, may still on other levels of their life create their lives in pain.

Many who earn such stupendous amounts of money do not often find personal happiness in their lives, and still turn to alcohol and drugs and deviant behavior as a way of giving themselves meaning, of fulfilling themselves in ways where money cannot provide for them that which is the quality of life that comes from within.


There is an emptiness in such individuals; even though they may be creating a life based on work they enjoy doing. Do not be envious or condemning of such individuals, for ultimately they too are having the life experience that they need to have.


Even if they create with ease on one level the amounts of money that allow them to have luxurious lives, they are still having other experiences that do not flow as easily.


Why Tiger Woods Had his Painful Experience
The entity Tiger Woods is a prime example of a man who apparently had everything and yet in his pain, in his emptiness, he sought pleasure in inappropriate ways, ways that one is hard to understand, given what this individual created for himself.


His was still the individual journey of the soul to have this experience, and therefore to be jealous or envious of this man would be inappropriate, for one must know why the soul needs to have the experience that is being had. In the new consciousness that will allow individuals to find the wholeness and the fulfillment of their being to strive for that which is the pleasure of the soul as it expresses itself in the reality of the experience, one will not need to bring in such pain and misery.


One can create for themselves, however they choose to do it, a reality that allows for pleasure, achievement, joy and happiness as the major principles in the reality being experienced.


This Awareness is complete.

Questioner: ( Thank you) That's the end of his questions. Did you wish to have a closing message for the membership please?



Cosmic Awareness: The closing message of this Awareness at this time is a simple one.


Be open to what is coming, be open to all experiences, knowing that in what you are experiencing is a deep and profound lesson for you. As you experience those events that are non-pleasurable in your life, that are painful, that are experiences of misery and despair, one must ask, "Why am I calling this into my life"?


As a Creator Being, one must recognize and honor that they are indeed creating such experiences and that they also have the ability to create other deeper more profound experiences that allow them to exceed the pain tapes that are playing in all human beings at this time.

As the new energies of the wave of consciousness that are starting to sweep through bring that sense of rebellion, that sense of rejection of old tapes and patterns and beliefs and paradoxes, these paradoxes will lead the individual forward as one begins to truly understand that what was once held as an absolute was simply a barrier imposed to control or guide or manipulate the collective mass consciousness.


This newfound freedom that will start to enter will help one to redefine one's own life experiences, will be able to put one into a more favorable timeline of experience that will move one forward towards that experience of Ascension that is unfolding even at this moment.

The time ahead is a truly wondrous time and many experiences on all levels will be available.


Simply take those experiences and learn from them, and be open to them and always understand that there are other alternatives as well, and that in the new process of imaging or imagining, that it is easier to imagine and image a higher level of experience, a deeper, more rewarding and miraculous level of experiences than what one may be experiencing at the present time.


Even if it does not instantly appear, trust and know that as one holds to the higher possibilities available, as this wave of consciousness sweeps through the collective mass consciousness, that they will eventually begin to experience these new waves and these new realities, these new timelines.


Each Day Wake Up and Expect a Miracle
This Awareness has spoken of this in the past as,

"Expect a miracle!" and It reminds one and all yet again to expect a miracle, to wake up each day and ask, "What wonder, what miracle will be mine to experience today?"

This is the process that begins to alter the consciousness of the individual towards the possibility that grander events do await the individual, and that they can change their experience because they expect a miracle.


They can tune in to the higher level of consciousness that they are truly part of, and that is part of their multidimensional character.

The year 2011 will do much for many to align them to the higher principles, the higher levels of consciousness that await and that are part of that which is the Ascension experience. Go forward and enjoy that which is unfolding, knowing that it is part of the process of Ascension that each and every individual will experience in their own unique way.


This Awareness is complete at this time.

Questioner: (Thank you) That was an excellent closing message and we appreciate it. On behalf of the member­ship we thank you.

(The Law of Gratitude is given)