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December 12, 2009
from CosmicAwareness Website

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Cosmic Awareness:
There is no opening message from this Awareness at this time. It would favor advancing straight to that which is the forecast of the year ahead, that being 2010.

The Economy in 2010

Thank you. My first category involves the economy. May we have comments please?

Cosmic Awareness:
This Awareness foresees that it will continue to be a roller-coaster year with stronger activity when desired by those who have greater control and who seek to create revenues for themselves.


There is seen to be a great degree of manipulation in the stock markets, and they are not quite as free as presumed.


There is indeed a great deal of manipulation of the markets and those who understand this, those who have control over the factors behind the markets are manipulating the markets to a degree greater than ever before, and this will continue on in the year ahead.

Investors Beware - Another Stock Market Crash is Very Likely

Equally, when it will suit them they will drive the markets down, creating loss once again and creating the instability that has been present over the last couple of years, in particular this last year. It is likely that there will again be a crash that creates tremendous difficulties and reinforces the plans of those in charge, those who are the Elite.


It is seen that there may be further bank failures once again, for the plan is to move the world towards that which is a one-world economy, the New World Order. Those who choose to engage in the stock market be prepared for tumultuous times ahead economically.

Little Improvement in Job Market ("The Dirty Thirties" Return)

It is seen that in terms of financial situations whereby many have lost jobs over the last year and a half, this too will continue as the roller coaster that is the stock market and the US economy continues to rise and plummet, and many who are in depressed economic regions will continue to experience lower economic availability and resources.


Those who have lost jobs in these regions may not find jobs appearing and may be forced to move to other regions where there seems to be more economic viability and stability.

This is not unlike the time known as the "dirty 30s", the time of the Great Depression, where many moved across the great nation to find work and a livelihood in other parts of the country. There will be certain areas where there is a relative degree of stability economically. It is seen that the American South West region will be financially economically stable to a degree, greater than the Deep South, for example.

There is seen on the West Coast of the United States also a stability, especially in that region of Oregon and Washington. And yet the stability that this Awareness is speaking of is not anything close to what was the experience but a short while ago. It is even seen that there is a temporary respite in the Great Lakes region, especially around the auto-manufacturing regions of Detroit and Michigan.


This is a dubious stability and a temporary one, and will of course depend on the social economic factors and whether or not the automotive industry is successful in their planned restructuring, some of which is questionable at this time.

The Total Collapse Is Not Seen in the Year 2010

Fractures are already seen in the tentative plans that have been suggested, but it is not seen that in 2010 that there will be a total collapse. It is seen that it will be artificially maintained, at least during the year of 2010, giving the false impression of an economic recovery.


The buzzword will be "economic recovery" and the "end of the recession", but this is mainly the spin-doctors and those who have a vested interest in putting such a notion forth who will be saying these things.

'They' being those who wish it to be understood that the economic recovery is well underway. But the truth is, this is to lull those many back into a false sense of security, before the carpet is truly pulled out from beneath their feet. "They" being the people of the United States of America and investors in the United States of America.

It is still the plan for total economic collapse and upheaval. However, this Awareness does not see it in full effect in 2010, It sees pockets of economic failure occurring throughout the year, events that will continue to provide an unstable structure to the economics of the United States, but also as this Awareness has also said: areas where there is relative economic stability. It is seen also that the Texas region may have such stability, and the New Mexico region also may be fairly stable as well.


This is what is seen as an economic prospect for the United States of America.

Other Nations in World Will Do Much Better Than the U.S.

(Canada And Third World Countries Will Do Well)

Expanding this to a more global vision, there are nations who are doing much better and will continue to do much better than the United States, for it is seen that the United States is actually in decline. It is seen that Canada, the country north of the United States will fare much better in the year ahead.


There may still be some difficulties, but the level of collapse was not as bad, and the banking system in Canada withstood the economic storm to a much better degree than the United States did, and there will be some evidence of economic recovery.

And yet they too are under the world plan of that economic collapse, so it is seen that while on the whole there will be a degree of prosperity in Canada, it is not seen that they are yet out of the woods. Indeed, it is seen that the countries that will fare the best in the year ahead are Third World countries that are coming forward now.


They cannot any longer be considered Third World countries by old definitions; the countries most notable are India and China.

China and India Are New Economic Forces to be Reckoned With

China is the new big player of the economic table and has a great potential in the year 2010 to go forward on its position that it has been working toward for the last 30 years.


India too is emerging as a new economic force to be reckoned with. There is a curious dichotomy in India, in that there are those who are the nouveau rich, who are using the fields of technology to advance themselves, and there is that which is old India, that is still mired in centuries of traditional poverty and hardship.

This discrepancy will become even more apparent in the year ahead. Many who are the new rich in India will continue to find that they are indeed riding high, and those who have little will continue to have little.


There is also a burgeoning middle class in India of those who are starting to find work in the new technological fields that are being grown in India, and that are opening up in India, and generally speaking, the prosperity of the country will indeed increase.

European Union Economies Will Still Have Problems

For that which is the European Union, it is seen that there will still continue to be economic difficulties, especially in the country of the United Kingdom, this being England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


The country of Ireland will fare well in the year ahead, as it was not as heavily hit by the economic factors that have hit the rest of the European market, or that which is the European Union.

Countries such as Germany and France are also still being hit hard, and yet it is seen that they will be much better off in 2010 than they were in 2009, a degree of economic recovery occurring there as well as other countries in the European Union.

Secret Plans In Russia to Break Away From the Elite PTB

(The Skoptsis Return And Are Gaining Control Again)

Finally, moving to that country which is Russia, it is not seen that Russia will make big, obvious public strides in 2010, but it is seen that there is work being undertaken at hidden levels to stabilize the country, and to break it away from the plans of the Elite.


There is a faction in Russia, the Skoptsis * that this Awareness has once talked about, who are regaining a level of control and power that they once had, and they are not part of that which is the plan for the planet. It is seen that they may eventually oppose the Western world, as was indicated by the entity Edgar Cayce many years before, when he predicted that Mother Russia would rise up and be the salvation. It is seen that there is something to this, but it is not seen that this will emerge publicly in the year 2010, at least not in terms of the economic situation or the economic recovery of this country.

However, it would be necessary for those who are interested, to read between the lines of events that are transpiring even now, and that will go into 2010, to see that there is indeed something afoot in that country, and there is not seen at this time by this Awareness anything obvious. And yet do not disregard the importance of Russia.


This completes the global review of this Awareness. It did not mention the subcontinent of Australia and New Zealand. It sees that these countries are tied into the Elite's plan, and will fare a similar fate to the country of Canada. They will show some sign of economic recovery, but it will still be tempered by the overall plans.

* Skoptsis. For more info please check here. Also under Dr. Beter.


Japan and Other Countries

Could you please discuss Japan and Norway, and Switzerland-those other countries as well, please?

Cosmic Awareness:
Norway and Switzerland are all part of the European picture, and even the countries not mentioned by this Awareness such as the Balkan states. Many countries in the world will have some degree of economic recovery, but it is seen that there is a planned event in the year 2010 that is meant to once again disrupt everything. It is simply not seen whether or not there is sufficient energy that this event will come off as planned.

Japan will continue along its present course, It is not seeing much difference for this country or the country of Korea, who are both economically positioned to take a greater share of the world's market, but it is not seen that they will do so. This is what this Awareness sees for these two countries, much the same as the year 2009.

Thank you. Is there additional information?

More on the "Planned Event"

(The Planned Crash of the Roller-Coaster Ride May Not Occur)

Cosmic Awareness:
This Awareness simply wishes to elaborate a little more on that which It saw a moment before, of a planned event that is supposed to substantially collapse the markets again. It is not seen that this will be allowed to go through by certain factions who are hidden and behind the scenes that will move forward onto the world stage and begin to cancel some of the plans of the New World Order.


But they will stay hidden, and it is not appropriate for this Awareness at this time to elaborate on these forces. Simply that it be known that it will be a roller-coaster ride for the year 2010, and that it is planned for a crash of that roller coaster, and yet the planned crash may never come to be.

Do Not Despair, Simply Survive the Times Ahead

The most important thing to consider on a personal level is to simply survive the times ahead and not to go into deep despair of how economically depressed the times are. This is saying much for those who have lost their jobs and their incomes, but there will be a way forward for many, even if that way forward is a hard way, and a difficult path.

One must keep focused on trying to keep one's head above the water during these times, with the faith and understanding and belief that all will work out, and all will be well.


It is seen that new ways are starting to emerge in economically strapped regions in the United States, where bartering is starting to appear once again, and assistance and help from one another is starting to happen in small ways.

Subsistence Survival Will Increase for the Unemployed

This is not yet seen as something that is prevalent and the majority of people may not experience this, but it is already seen that new ways are starting to come forward, ways that are not being publicized or announced in the press. These new ways are shifting away from the economic controls asserted by Wall Street and the large global economic institutes of the land.


Third world countries, generally speaking, are not as affected by the economic conditions because they have been subsistent for so long that they will simply continue to be so. And yet, in the subsistence is a form of stability, for it is not based on economic prosperity but on ways of surviving.

It may be that such a subsistence form of survival is what starts to take hold more and more in the times ahead in the year 2010 and will become a new way of life for many who can no longer find the security of a job. There are many ways that individuals in the past have survived, and it is seen that this is what will become more prevalent for many in the more depressed economic regions of the United States of America.

Don't Feel Negative-The Times Could be Much Worse

This Awareness does conclude by saying that the times could be much worse, and yet there may be a degree of difficulty for many that still predisposes the situation to a negative outlook for those who are experiencing difficulties.


Equally, those who start to look at things differently and project their energies in a more positive way may also find that there are new ways that are presented for them for their own economic survival. A willingness to move and shift to different areas of the country may facilitate for many this economic recovery on a personal level.

Politics at Home and Abroad

(What's Ahead for President Obama?)

(Thank you) Could we discuss please, politics at home and worldwide?

Cosmic Awareness:
The interest of course is primarily towards the president, Barack Obama. There is much controversy around this individual that will increase over 2010. For many this man came to power with such hope and splendor that many believed and trusted that there would be a turnaround in the situation of the United States, and the election of this man would represent true hope and recovery.

He Can't Yet Break Free of His Political Masters

In this first full year of his presidency many of the promises that he made have already been disregarded and even broken. He will continue this trend in 2010 and more and more individuals will be disillusioned by this man.


Some of that which is occurring has more to do not with the individual himself and his choices, but the necessity of choices he must make because his political masters have already drawn up his agenda and the agenda of the nation and of the world.


It is not seen that in 2010 he will be able to break free of those political masters that pull the strings to his presidency.

Obama Is Still Under Incredible Personal Danger

It is not seen that he will break free and begin an independent presidency of those controllers.


It is seen that he is still under incredible danger in his personal life as well as the life of his family, and that he does know of his extreme vulnerability in the matter. He had also chosen this, as this Awareness said previously, as a way that would be of the best advantage to him and his family that would put him in a public arena, drawing much attention to him.

It must be remembered that most who seek such high office have great personal needs for the attention, the glory and the power that such an office bestows upon the successful candidate. In this way he too was seeking the limelight, the power, and the grandeur of the position of the President of the United States. Already in the year that he has been in office, one can see great change in this individual. His hair is already starting to gray and there are lines around the face that were not there a year ago. Whether or not he ever understood the true cost he would pay to be the President of the United States is somewhat irrelevant to what has occurred since he has become the president.

He is not the man he once was. There have been very subtle changes in this individual and some very huge changes as well. He is beginning to recognize and realize the deal with the devil that he made was perhaps not such a wise idea in the first place, for it is still seen by this Awareness that at the heart of this man is a true compassion and idealism that sparked his thinking that he might be able to make a difference.

This Awareness still contends that if the factors change and if the political masters are overthrown, and the chains that hold this man Barack Obama are broken, that he might be a leader for the people and of the people. But it is not seen that this will occur in the year ahead.


It is seen that he will continue to go forward with the agenda that has been placed in front of him, including an expansion of troops to Afghanistan and Iraq.

His Plan to Reduce Troops May Not Occur

Although it is the plan to reduce the troops in Iraq, it is seen that there may be complications to doing this, as well as reasons for expanding the troop involvement in Afghanistan, and these may still come up in the year ahead.


Furthermore, it is seen that he will continue to manipulate the health industry in the United States, the measures that have already been introduced going forward in the year 2010.

A Hidden Agenda Behind the Universal Health System

There is much that is hidden in the measures that have been proposed, and it is not a simple case of creating a universal health system in the United States that is beneficial to all. There are hidden aspects in the plan that will make it more possible to control large masses of people, even to the point of extinguishing lives if it is deemed as necessary and proper to do so in harder times.

These too are part of the hidden agenda behind the health measures that are being introduced at this time. All in all, it is seen that the president himself will continue to disappoint many who had such great hopes in him, and a digression in his health and well-being and his physical appearance will continue to be seen.


But on the whole, he will hold fast to the course he has set and that he is currently navigating.

This is not good news for the people of the United States who put such great faith and trust in him, and yet it is part of that process of awakening to the truth of the political reality that exists in the United States of America.


This too is unfortunately part of the awakening and the growing up to establish a new level of priority that is necessary to ensure that the political leaders elected by the people truly are for the people and of the people.

The Backlash Movement Will Demand Accountability in 2010

It is seen that there is going to be more awakening to the discrepancies that exist presently between what political leaders offer the people and what they actually deliver.


The year 2010 will actually produce a backlash movement that will start to demand a greater responsibility and accountability for the political leaders. Some scandals will come to light of previous governments, such as the Bush regime, and there will be a hue and cry for justice and accountability for those who perpetuated the lies, and the manipulations that were put out on the people.

It is almost as if the American people will actually start to wake up more to the truth of the matter, instead of simply being na´vely hopeful that the candidate they elect will do it for them. In this measure there will be more personal responsibility and personal accountability of those who are leading actions against political leaders.


This is seen as a grassroots movement that will not be sensed until the latter part of the year as being a very strong movement towards public accountability and responsibility of political leaders to do that which they are elected to do versus the serving of hidden corporate leaders and a hidden government.

This completes the analysis of the United States.


It is seen that generally speaking, there are several leaders worldwide that will be challenged to step up to the mark and to provide greater leadership and responsibility. The Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, may be challenged in the early parts of the year with an event that occurred in Afghanistan, where it appears that the government knew of the exchange of prisoners to Afghanistan, troops that tortured these individuals, this being prisoners turned over by the Canadian military to Afghani authorities.

Despite claiming that they had no knowledge of this, the truth appears that they did, and this will come out more and more and may well become a political hot potato for the conservative government of Stephen Harper. But that generally speaking, the country itself will continue to support the conservative government for the remainder of 2010, and it is not seen that there will be any political overthrow in terms of an election that brings the opposition party, the Liberal party, to power.


It is seen that Stephen Harper and crew will continue on in power despite the bad publicity of the earlier part of the year.

The Muslim Situation in Europe a Political Tinderbox

In the European Union it is seen that there will be much challenge also, especially in the field of the freedom to express one's beliefs and religious beliefs.


It is seen in Switzerland there will be a unique situation of a backlash movement by Muslims in that country who are being prohibited to build their mosques and their structures, and this will take on a much bigger significance amongst Muslim nations in the year ahead, who see this as an act of oppression toward Muslims.

The Muslim situation in Europe will become a political tinderbox, for more Muslims are moving into the European nations, such as Germany and France and the United Kingdom, and they are becoming more politically active, and the sparking of sentiments in Switzerland against the Muslims may erupt across Europe as other Muslims take a greater stand and become politically active in their opposition.

Iran and North Korea Will Continue Pushing the Boundaries

It is seen that 2010 will continue to bring some controversy with the nations of Iran and North Korea.


The North Koreans will continue to probe the boundaries of acceptability, in that they will continue their work with the nuclear weapons and missiles, as will Iran; pushing the boundaries, probing to see how far they can go before there is a backlash, and this will continue to be a hotbed of discussion the world over.

Russia Will Challenge Israel and Present Ultimatums

It is also seen that Russia will present ultimatums of a nature to challenge Israel and the powers that hold that region, and this will also develop as the year progresses.


There are some who are starting to move in the direction of Russia as a power that they will support. Other nations of the European Union will align themselves with Russia and a division is seen as a possible tinderbox for the state of the union and the world stage.

In other words, it is seen that there are factions that will start to build up in 2010.


That which has been the primary world leader over the last 30 years, United States of America, will be challenged even more so in 2010, especially as the economic situation in America declines, and their power base declines. The European/Russian alignment may be one of those energies that rise up in 2010 to become more oppositional to the United States as an alternative political path to be followed.

China too will represent such a dilemma or problem as it continues to assert itself and to gain power on the world political stage. Other than this, other nations are seen to carry on more or less along the same lines that they already are traveling.


Japan is seen to have some changes in government, but basically continues on in its role. It is seen more that there are societal challenges in Japan that may make some difference in 2010 to the political leadership of that nation.

Explosive Upheavals Held Back Until 2011

This completes the political analysis of this Awareness. It is seen finally though, that there is upheaval in the world in 2010, local as well as international, and there may be some hot beds that are fired up, which will cause some great concern.


But it is not seen that these hotbeds will explode until 2011. It is as if there is a preparation in certain regions of the world for a problem that lies a year and a half ahead.


This Awareness is complete.

Breakthroughs in the Medical Field

(Thank you.) Are there any breakthroughs in the medical field that would be beneficial for mankind?

Cosmic Awareness:
There is seen a continuous level of breakthroughs. The problem is that in the medical industry, the Powers That Be are still very much in charge. Many of the breakthroughs that are coming will not occur in the industrialized nation of the United States of America or Canada. It is seen that their level of development will continue to favor technologies that are already available in the two countries.

It is seen that there may be some breakthroughs in other countries that are not as heavily supported by the medical industry. It is seen that there are favorable results being obtained by an Italian doctor in the treatment of MS. It is seen that China also will move more onto the world stage as providing medical cures not in alignment with the endorsed allopathic nature of treatment that is presently available in the United States of America, in Canada and other westernized nations.

This Awareness has already said that in the United States, the plan for universal health care will continue forward, but there will be much opposition to this by the health industry itself, especially the medical insurance industry.


The greatest danger represented by President Obama's plans for universal healthcare is that the medical insurance industry may lose its very lucrative funds that have been achieved over the last several decades, the gross amounts of profit at the expense of individuals who cannot pay, or who do pay through the nose.

This is not seen as a favorable situation and much of the opposition is rooted in the health insurance groups that oppose the plans of the president.


This will still move forward despite that opposition. It is not seen by this Awareness that there will be a radical invention or discovery in the year 2010. In other words, it is not seen by this Awareness that anyone will come up with a cure for cancer or other diseases in 2010, but it is seen that there are quiet breakthroughs that are coming even now in 2009 and will continue to be so in 2010.

It is more a matter of whether or not individuals want to stick to a technological allopathic medical approach, or are willing to move into alternative approaches, where they take a greater responsibility for their health and well-being. In the United States there has been a fostering of an attitude that the trust given to the doctors and the medical industry is supreme, and that very few would question this, although many have begun to do so.

In other nations there has been a natural tendency always toward holistic medicine. Third World countries rely heavily on holistic cures, for allopathic medicine has not been available to them, and this will continue to be so for such Third World countries.


Generally speaking, the health of the planet will continue on similar to the state of health that has been so for the last decade or so.

Mass H1N1 Inoculation Program to Surface in 2010

It is seen there will be a continuance of the concerns over infectious diseases, especially the pandemic that was so prevalent in 2009, the H1N1.


This is not dead in the water yet and in 2010 those powers that tried to manipulate the mass inoculation program worldwide will again bring it to the surface. It is even seen that there may be a mutation of the H1N1 that they will press on the public as yet another reason why they need to become vaccinated and take the vaccination shot.

This is not, as this Awareness said, a done deal, but what did occur is that many began to see through this, and only approximately 1/3 of the human population voluntarily received the vaccination when it was presented.


It is not seen that this will change substantially in 2010, in that there is not seen even with new variations of this virus, an overwhelming response where people individually and on a voluntary level seek the vaccination.

A Thanks to the Galactic Federation

On that note, may I express sincere appreciation and gratitude on behalf of the membership for the Galactic Federation assistance in neutralizing some of the H1N1 vaccines.

Galactic Federation Will Continue to Neutralize Viruses

Cosmic Awareness:
This brings this Awareness to a slight discussion of the Galactic forces that indeed did intervene in this matter, although it cannot be said that they were obvious about it.


First and foremost, this Awareness wishes to indicate that this intervention will continue in 2010, and even if there are new forms and strains of the virus that are released in order to terrify the populace into receiving the vaccination, they too will be dealt with and neutralized.


The result will not be as expected by those Powers That Be, for it is seen and understood by the Galactic Federation forces that there is a need to act on this matter and it will continue into 2010.

Thank you. That's most encouraging.

That Spiral Vortex Over Norway

Cosmic Awareness:
Indeed, this brings this Awareness to a change of discussion. It wishes now to talk further of the extraterrestrial presence. It is seen by this Awareness that 2010 will continue to bring more and more evidence of the Galactic Federation forces, and other truths will be brought forward of the Orion/Reptilian factions.


The year ends with a spectacular event which was the event of the spiral vortex seen in the skies over Norway, and although not published widely, also over the skies of China.

This was the doing of the Galactic Federation forces, a showing in the skies of the vortex, the spiral energy showing that there is something there.


Many reported this event as UFO activity, and many UFOs were sighted in the region and at that particular location in Norway. The spiral vortex was shown publicly for the first time purposely by the Galactic Federation forces for the intent of showing humanity what is to come. Many who saw the spiral in the sky, the vortex in the sky, had a deep and unconscious knowing of this, and knew what it was even if it has not yet been brought to full consciousness.

These events will continue in 2010 and there will be more and more sightings, even if those sightings continue to be suppressed in the United States and not shown on the media. They will become so prevalent that there is no way that in 2010 the Powers That Be can completely block the populace from receiving this information.


This is still moving toward the planned event of First Contact, and while this has always been on the agenda, and still is so for 2010, those who are the Galactic forces are content with showing themselves in bits and pieces.

Threat of Mass Annihilation by Orion/Reptilians Must Be Overcome Before First Contact Can Occur
(More Personal First Contact with ETs Will Increase in 2010)

It is seen that what will start to occur more in 2010 is personal First Contact. More and more individuals will have a personal experience of meeting extraterrestrial beings of the Galactic Federation. These will start to connect together at a grassroots level until a point is reached when a mass First Contact will take place.


It is not seen completely that this will occur in 2010, but it is planned before 2012, if humanity is ready for this meeting and there is a way of bypassing the threat that has been issued by the Orion/Reptilian faction to the Galactic Federation, the threat of mass annihilation if they did show themselves in First Contact.

If this can be overcome, then First Contact is indeed imminent. But it is not seen that those who are the Galactic forces have yet been able to completely neutralize this possibility, and as long as they feel that they cannot safely guarantee that the Orions will not carry out their plan of a mass annihilation of the planet's populace, they are holding back.


They are pursuing a more subtle course of action, showing themselves in more small sightings and personal First Contact.

Many Light Workers Today are Galactic Federation Entities

This is what is seen for 2010 around this matter.


Many of the members are extremely sensitive to the Galactic Federation, for many are indeed of the Galactic Federation's forces, and are indeed those who are extraterrestrial in nature, who have chosen to be born into a physical context, so that they may participate in the events of this planet as true inhabitants of the planet, versus those who would come in from outside.


Many will experience a greater sensitivity, and some may experience First Contact on the individual level that this Awareness has spoken of in the year 2010. This is within the realm of possibility for many at this time.


This Awareness is complete with this matter.

Are Other Surprises in Store for 2010?

(Thank you.) Are there any other surprises in store, favorable or unfavorable for humanity during 2010?

Much Extraterrestrial Evidence Will be Discovered

Cosmic Awareness:
It is seen that hand-in-hand with the extraterrestrial matter is the rediscovery of certain monuments and edifices that are extraterrestrial in nature that are being investigated at this time. It is seen that there is a huge pyramid that is presently being investigated in one of the Balkan states; the state of Romania is that state that this Awareness is seeing at this time.

There are other discoveries that will be made in 2010 that will indicate extraterrestrial presence in the past, but will also be part of opening up the future and the future First Contact. These are seen as discoveries underwater in the Pacific region in South America and in Africa; discoveries of long hidden objects, including a saucer that has been buried in the northern region of South Africa and into the central and lower central region.


The country Zimbabwe is also seen as somewhat involved in such discoveries.

The 12th Planet Will Appear in 2010

It is also seen that that which is known as the 12th planet will be declared in 2010 as an object that is approaching Earth.


It is now close enough that many are starting to be able to view this through home telescopes, and it will soon reach a stage that the Powers That Be who have tried to quash this information will no longer be able to do so, and information will be released about the object in the skies approaching Earth.

Why the Movie "2012" Was Released

In some ways they will try to put a negative spin on it, connecting this event with certain events that are being prophesied that indicate the approach of the end of the earth itself. This is part of the reason that the movie 2012 was released, to acclimatize the thinking of the populace of the world to an event that may be earth shattering.


2010 may see a final admittance of the planet that is known as the 12th Planet, Planet X, as indeed being a threat to humanity and to the planet.


This Awareness does not see that Planet X will destroy this planet, but it is seen that it will change much when it is finally acknowledged and known to be what it is, an approaching planet that has often visited this planet, and that has been the home of certain extraterrestrial beings who have had a huge impact on humanity and the development of humanity.

Some of the sites and objects that this Awareness spoke of a moment ago will link this into the approaching planet; the appearance finally of the extraterrestrials and certain discoveries that will indicate how involved these extraterrestrials have been throughout the course of the planet's history.

Amazing. Is there a closing message on the forecast please?

Many Versions of the Future Await

(More on That Spiral Vortex Over Norway)

Cosmic Awareness:
There is much more that is to occur in 2010 that this Awareness has not touched upon.


The reason for this is that there are many, many versions of the future. This Awareness has often spoken of this, and has often stated that by the seeking of something, things may well change from what was predicted, for consciousness has accepted something that can then be changed or can lead to changes.

Even though this Awareness has made Its forecast, the times are such that this Awareness will continue to be available throughout the year to deal with current affairs as they open up. Even though the forecast has been made today, it is to be understood that these are possibilities, not 100% guaranteed facts. They are not ironclad, in that they will occur exactly as this Awareness has spoken.


As possibilities, when they occur they are meant to show individuals that they too can make choices, can choose the possibilities they wish to experience.

The Possibilities in 2010 for Personal Changes

An area that this Awareness would also like to speak to of possibilities in 2010 is the nature of personal change in 2010 of individuals who are seeking to expand their consciousness and their awareness.


Those possibilities that present themselves, both in their personal lives and as global and national events, will challenge many to go even deeper into their own awakening, to expand the horizons of their consciousness, and to challenge them to see things in a different light, and to recognize and understand how powerful they are as a creator being, and how responsibility truly lies within themselves to change their lives, and thus see a different playing out of the future than even that which this Awareness has forecast or others may have forecast.

If You Wish to Focus on Negative Events - Expect Bad News

Ultimately, that which is experienced by the individual will be of the individual's own making. If one wishes to focus on negative events; the overthrow of the world order and the upheaval of humanity through the negative events planned by the New World Order, by the Elite, by those who have power, then one indeed may well experience this. This Awareness has spoken of this many times.


Understand that 2010 may well represent to many more people a new dawn and a new beginning of how to look at their lives and what they call into those lives.

As things change around them, there is great opportunity to move through the chaos to a new understanding of their own being, and of their own futures.


The spiritual quality in the world, which is very suppressed, will start to burst through in 2010, in areas that this Awareness cannot say will be perceived by all as a very noteworthy event, but will be seen by those who have an understanding and awareness as truly revolutionary, outstanding events.

The Spiral Vortex - a Turning Point Event in Mankind's History

The spiral vortex created by the extraterrestrial beings is a case in point.


Many will accept the more mundane explanation: that it was a Russian ballistic missile that created this effect. Yet those who have a sense of it, who have that internal awareness, will know that this is a truly significant event, a turning point event in mankind's history.


Such events will continue in 2010, and this Awareness simply asks those who are predisposed and seeking expansion of awareness and consciousness, to be truly trusting.

Ascension Will Be COMPLETED by 2012

That which they are sensing as relevant and important, is indeed relevant and important.


This will be a turning point here for many in their personal journeys, and they will step through much of the personal chaos and difficulties of their lives that they have been experiencing over the last few years.


There will be many who even ascend in 2010, for as this Awareness has spoken in the past, Ascension will be completed by 2012, it will not simply begin at that point.

Personal Opportunity For Many to Step Through a Vortex in 2010

Many may have a personal opportunity to step through a vortex or to ascend to higher levels of consciousness and awareness in the year ahead.


This too is an exciting possibility that will not gain much press, will not gain much attention of the media, but will prove to be a very important development of the year 2010.


Equally, it is seen that many who have gained this higher awareness will share this awareness with others, accelerating the process of Ascension, accelerating the process of the masses starting to wake up.

An Unbridled Opening of Consciousness in 2010

It may well be that by the end of 2012 the majority still have not achieved this enlightenment.


Many more will be enlightened by this time because of the unbridled opening of consciousness that this Awareness is seeing as possible in the year 2010. It is a true turning point, a true time of opening of the gates, and looking deeper into the substance and the manifestation of substance on the planet.

From a numerological point of view, 2010 is the number 3; the manifesting of the substance so that there may be an expansion in the planet and in the world. Events that formed the substance of the previous year will be taken in 2010 and manifested into opportunities and events that will mark this turning point that this Awareness is speaking of. This can occur on individual levels as well.


Each and every individual can take the substance of their unique individual experiences and manifest them into the next stage, the next level of expanded consciousness and illumination.

Cosmic Awareness is Excited About 2010 Changes

From this point, this Awareness is excited about the year ahead, that year known as 2010, for It sees this as a true turning point in the journey towards Ascension and the expansion of human consciousness.


This Awareness will continue to be available to expand on this theme throughout the year 2010. This Awareness is complete but open to any additional questions that the Energizer may have of It.

The Ra-Ta Mummy Consciousness

(Final Wave to be Released in Spring of 2011)

Yes, you talked about the consciousness of mankind. Is there any additional information on the Ra-Ta mummy consciousness? Has this all been completely returned to those so affected?

Cosmic Awareness:
This is not so. It is seen there is a final wave of consciousness scheduled to be released in 2011, not 2010.


The last wave is that period of time from October 2009 into mid-December, the period that has just been gone through. This has been a very chaotic period of time, both in terms of world events as well as on a personal level. Many of the readers who are Seekers and who are the Wanderers have gone through personal events that are very trying and challenging and chaotic.

This has been partially due to the release of the second wave of the Ra-Ta consciousness that is further accelerating the expansion of consciousness and the opening of awareness. This period of time needs to be integrated over the next year and it is seen that the final wave of the Ra-Ta project, the final wave of consciousness to be released, will occur in the spring of 2011.

Does this answer your question?

Yes it does, thank you very much. And it will help those who might be still waiting.

Cosmic Awareness:
The trick is not to wait. The trick is to simply go forward with the awareness that the energies that have been released will have effect one way or another.


Not all will personally experience the chaos and the dilemma that was created in the expansion of consciousness.

It's A Sort of Time-Release Capsule With Individual Equations

Some may have experienced it through the time and some may experience it in their own personal way in the year ahead. It is a time release capsule of sorts that has an individual equation, in that each individual will experience it in his or her own unique way at the time that is proper and right for them.

Exactly, exactly. That question was just in case there were some of the membership wondering, well - where's mine?

Cosmic Awareness:
It is therefore necessary to put out that many will still experience in their own personal time and space their own expansion into a higher level of understanding and consciousness.

Thank you. Please carry on.

Cosmic Awareness:
This brings to completion the forecast for 2010 and yet this is not a completed matter. If this Awareness feels or senses a need to bring more information forward, It will do so over the course of the year.


That it must be understood by all, that these times are a continuous unfolding, that the old way of making one yearly prediction or forecast is no longer truly totally appropriate, for things are developing and unfolding so quickly that this Awareness senses that It must always be available to discuss the events as they unfold.

2010 Will Be a Turning Point In Many Ways

Generally speaking, 2010 will be a turning point in many ways, a turning point politically in that many more will start to ask the questions of their government and of their leaders; that will demand ultimately that the leadership truly is there for the people, and not for the hidden controllers and masters.


Information may start to surface more and more that exposes the hidden ones, the Elite, the Illuminati, those who have had power for so long. But it will still be up to the individuals to do something about it, to change, if you will.

Personal Responsibility in Regard to Health Issues

In the matters of health and welfare, personal responsibility and acknowledgment of deeper issues behind illness it will be seen to be more and more crucial to the healing process, and simply running to a doctor demanding a pill to cure this or that will not be as relevant or acceptable in the years ahead.


This too is a beginning in 2010, where individuals and mass consciousness start to understand that there is a deeper connection to health and well-being than the simple physical side of things.


There is an emotional, mental and spiritual nature,

More Helping One Another in a Jobless Economy

On the economic matter, this Awareness has already spoken of how local regions may start to develop local answers to some of the depressed economic situations that are found in the nation. This too is taking the matter into one's own hands, and starting to accept the responsibilities of changing matters within their own individual life and then helping others close to them to also change the situations of their life.

The beginnings of this are seen in this year ahead, in 2010.


Generally speaking, the movement now is to see and understand at a very deep individual level that one is responsible for one's own life and what one manifests and calls into that life. This does not mean that the answer is 100% available to all.


This Awareness is saying that this is a catalyst moment, a point in time where one will look back from the future to understand and see that 2010 represented a turning point, a catalyst towards a new way of thinking and a new way of being. For this, this Awareness is indeed excited and pleased. This Awareness wishes all a very interesting journey in 2010.


This Awareness is complete.

Thank you. Our heartfelt appreciation on behalf of the membership is expressed.


Thank you.


(The Law of Gratitude is given)