channeled by Barbara Marciniak

June 21, 2004

from Pleiadians Website

Spanish version



Greetings dear readers.


Once again, it is always with great pleasure that we create the opportunity to share ideas, energies, and perspectives of reality with you and your world.


As most of you are well aware, you are living during times when momentous and unprecedented changes in all avenues of life have become the hallmark of human experience. Your entire globe is swept-up with the effects of accelerated energy that is altering the consciousness of Earth and all her inhabitant at supersonic speed.


This acceleration of energy, which we call "the nanosecond" in the annals of "time," began unfolding during the summer of 1987 and will eventually encompass twenty-five years of astounding changes in values and perceptions among humanity. Throughout this entire period a massive infusion of cosmic energy is altering the fabric of physical reality by triggering humanity to awaken to much larger truths about the nature of existence.


You are here along with everyone else to integrate this energy; to participate in and contribute to a world-wide paradigm shift through the process of expanding your personal understanding of your identity.


Ultimately, conscious awareness is the necessary component for understanding and dealing with the various stages of turmoil and chaos used to control the masses. The nanosecond is especially important because as everything quickens, and many monumental changes occur, your beliefs and ideas about reality - and the nature of reality itself - can be altered in the blink of an eye.

On a mundane level, the past few years have been especially noteworthy for events revealing disturbing new images of senseless violence and trauma. Major news outlets steadfastly promote the new vistas of violence and then for the most part, turn their collective backs on every logical lead that could unravel the truth behind the why's and where fore's of the shocking events.

...are officially treated as random activities; yet on some level of awareness, people intuitively recognize the underlying implications of what is transpiring.


The very deceptively contrived events on 9/11, followed by the quickly manifested Patriot Act, then the sudden Afghan invasion, the Washington sniper, the Columbia explosion, and the war in Iraq have more than dominated world headlines with decisive spins, yet the truth and the real reasons and issues behind all of these events still remains sequestered in the shadows of secrecy.

The masses are also coming to the obvious and most necessary conclusion that the American media no longer represent the freedom of the press. Recent "tip of the iceberg" disclosures revealing pornographic photographs and videos connected to government approved mind control techniques - involving the use of torture and humiliation on prisoners for physical, sexual, mental, emotional and spiritual abuse - are shaking-up the world with shocking portrayals of brutal insensitivity.


Iraqi sources claim that "the iceberg of abuse is so huge, there is no water left," yet those called forth to testify continue to profess states of befuddlement or offer gross contradictions peppered with well-seasoned lies, which are completely ignored by mainstream corporate-controlled media. Billions of people the world-over are questioning the culture that lead to this outrageous behavior and they are deeply disturbed by those who justify the atrocities.


The masses are also coming to the obvious and most necessary conclusion that the American media no longer represent the freedom of the press. And this cheerless assessment leads to the even more disturbing realization that "the news" is contrived and controlled and used as a distraction to confound, confuse and splinter humanity into a myriad of bickering factions who argue ceaselessly, so to speak, over the color of the charging beast.

On a psychic level, human consciousness is profoundly affected by the restless stirring of new levels of awareness coming to life across the globe. Momentum is building as people the world-over steadily emerge from various stages of deep denial due to the effects of the accelerated energy. And like a few billion Rip Van Winkles suddenly coming to life, they are realizing that they are waking up to a very different reality from the one they dozed off in.


The ever-increasing influx of cosmic energy shakes everything up on a subatomic level, nudging you to recognize and grow beyond every old dysfunctional pattern that separates world society into factions that thrive on discord and disagreement. The twenty-five years of accelerated energy involve a huge transformation of consciousness that will collectively unlock specific perceptual limitations, essentially freeing humanity from a state of bondage that is as yet, largely unrecognized.

Enormous changes are occurring everywhere on Earth, as well as within and beyond your solar system.


The sun has demonstrated increasingly high levels of solar storm and electrical activity, as well as a distinct increase in brightness; an increase in brightness can also be seen throughout the system as some of the planets and their moons appear to be glowing.


As noted by many astronomers, magnetic pole shifts, huge changes in atmospheric pressures and temperatures, and unusual fluctuations in magnetic fields are taking place throughout the solar system. Something very big is obviously occurring and once again, the controlled media is doing their best to create another shell game of diversions and distractions away from the looming issues of massive systemic changes.

The years of the nanosecond include a cosmic identity crisis that is steeped in enormous complexity; everyone will have to completely reevaluate and reconsider who they are in relationship to the ever-expanding map of cosmic existence. An official acknowledgement of the presence of intelligent life-forms that share time and space with you is just around the corner.


Unfortunately this proclamation may be used to steer humanity into another contrived quagmire - this time encompassing cosmic proportions.


Numerous ET races have been interacting with humanity and operating on Earth for more millennia than you can imagine. However, like every other aspect of the news, the presentation of selected ET factions into the public domain will be filled with staged events designed to deceive people and distract them from noticing the more disturbing, secret hidden agendas being carried out with the very same ET races.


Once this disclosure becomes official, everything will speed up; life will seem more complex and the choices for what to think and how to respond to the pending changes will become exceedingly more confusing for those still chained to the old, crumbling paradigm where the words of public officials are neither questioned nor doubted.

As the veil of denial is whisked away, all that has been formerly hidden will become more and more transparent. Now, in direct opposition to the ever-increasing attempts to confound the public, the incoming cosmic energies serve to balance the situation by opening the flood gates of human awareness, deliberately stimulating you to pay closer attention to a new source of information stemming from deep inside.


As this all-powerful inner-knowledge genie emerges, newly realized psychic and intuitive abilities will help you to achieve levels of personal empowerment that will assist you in dealing with the spiritual dynamics of the transformation. With humanity's inner abilities strengthened and unleashed, the truth, on all levels, will be increasingly difficult to hide. As the veil of denial is whisked away, all that has been formerly hidden will become more and more transparent.


For those who refuse to acknowledge what is occurring, the years ahead will not be easy.


However, with everything moving at an ever-increasing pace, all forms of consciousness entrained with the awakening aspects of the acceleration can achieve massive leaps in conscious awareness and learn how to manage their newly unveiled mental, emotional and intuitive capabilities. Eventually, it will be apparent that all forms of consciousness engaged with 3-D reality are learning extremely valuable, if sometimes volatile lessons concerning the effects and ramifications of playing with the power of subtle energies.


As the acceleration progresses, your solar system will traverse new areas of space that carry important codes of consciousness for understanding that all life is sacred, and that life ripples outward and coexists with you in the same space, separated only by a barrier of time. It is most important to be aware of these connections, yet quite another to experience them first hand.

Your biological vehicle is a very sophisticated code-reading device for analyzing the environment, and as a spiritual being you occupy your body for the purpose of interacting with and immersing yourself in the exquisite system of nature. As a human being you are a physical creature of nature; nature sustains you and without it you cannot exist in your present form. You are part of a massive dance of energy that chooses to differentiate itself from the cosmic mind to experience this dimension, as well as many others.


When you take a holiday to a foreign land you become immersed in new experiences that catalyze you to learn more about yourself; when you come to Earth you have similar goals and intentions. For billions of years in your terms, various forms of consciousness have been drawn here to experience the rich intricacies of physical reality. While you are here, you share space with many other legitimate realities that are layered and linked to you, somewhat like fine French crepes.


Each reality has a pronounced border, laced with its own rich filling; each layer and its filling are separate yet still connected to form a larger structure of consciousness, a multidimensional version of reality that is far grander than what is readily apparent. The flowering of your inner knowledge and psychic senses are tools for accessing new wisdom for navigating these changing times, and once you entrain with these abilities, it will be difficult to imagine how on Earth you got along without them.

The year 2005 is seven years away from the closing point of the nanosecond at the winter solstice in 2012.


These years are extremely important because pivotal choices must be made for working with reality in such a way that you are able to bend it according to your own intentions. Intentions are cultivated and refined through attaining higher awareness by learning to focus and direct your mind and your attention towards what you want to create.


Celestial activities occurring during these twenty-five years such as planetary and solar alignments, galactic center alignments, solar flares, coronal mass ejections, comets, meteors and asteroids, as well as the appearance of unusual heavenly bodies and ET races, all introduce new energetic programs into the system. Cosmic activity affects Earth's energetic field, stimulating and triggering it to light up and respond to the in-coming forces.

Last year, a few days after the full moon in Sagittarius on June 3rd, 2004, the planet Venus passed between the Earth and the sun on June 8th, creating a spectacular alignment known as an occultation or Venusians eclipse; the transit lasted almost 7 hours and is the first of two such activities occurring in pairs separated by 8 years. In the past, these Venus transit-to-the-sun cycles have served to suddenly initiate human consciousness into a new level of global transformation.


As a result of this cosmic union, a very auspicious time was activated, a time with enormous potential for birthing stunning changes in human values. A direct, precise celestial alignment is always accompanied by a powerful transmission of energy. In the midst of your planet's tumultuous changes, the Venus occultation offers a boost, a stupendous jump-start of energy that will catapult consciousness into a new realm of realization by effectively enhancing both perceptual awareness and unique states of creativity in an unprecedented manner.

When the planet Venus entered your solar system ages ago, it was captivated by the sun. Celestial objects that enter the system are not merely balls of ice or pieces of matter accidentally falling through space; consciousness permeates every aspect of the field of existence.


There are no random acts within the cosmos; every activity has a point and purpose. Venus makes this particular aspect with the Earth and the sun twice in an eight-year period, then over a hundred years pass before the cycle repeats itself. Because of the length of the cycle, this is essentially a once in a life-time opportunity.


The first of the pair of occultation's occurred on June 8th, 2004 and the second in the series will take place on June 6th, 2012, approximately six months before the winter solstice sun alignment with the galactic center. Eight is a key number symbolizing both infinity and balance; and between these eight pivotal years humanity will undergo changes that will dismantle society as you know it, giving rise to a whole new set of values to birth a new paradigm of balance based on understanding the of power consciousness.


This pair of Venus occultations will spark the brilliance of mind that is necessary for dealing with the great divisions of consciousness and the proliferation of lies and deceit that gridlock humanity into paralyzing states of fear and victim hood. If necessity is the mother of invention, then Venus, the Earth and the sun in their series of alignments will most assuredly deliver the codes of consciousness to further awaken and augment the human mind; however, it is up to you to make use of the information.

Everything in your world is a symbol for how energy is being made manifest... without symbols how would you express yourself? Everything in your world is a symbol for how energy is being made manifest. Symbols represent ideas about reality; they are an interface between the field of existence and consciousness. Symbols express and unlock larger ideas; without symbols how would you express yourself?


Symbols transform reality by building connections; you assign meaning to the symbols, yet rarely do you question where the meaning really comes from. In 3-D reality, part of your challenge is to swim in a sea of symbols and use them to navigate your life, without becoming overly attached to the symbols, no matter what they represent. Every invention is a symbol for managing the energy of the field of existence. From a historical perspective, during the eight years of the last Venus occultations in 1874 and 1882, a number of inventions by Thomas Edison - specifically the phonograph and electric light bulb - instantaneously opened the doors of human perception to new and drastically different versions of reality.


Sound and light took on meanings that would forever alter society's world view. During this time, creativity sprouted like fields of flowers bursting into bloom over every hill and dale. The light bulb was a unique expression, a way of notching the local field with new significance; it served as a practical manifestation in 3-D reality based on a translation into form for the codes of bright ideas that the Venus occultations were activating.


As innocent as these inventions appeared to be at the time, the light bulb and phonograph helped pave the way to the version of reality you currently occupy; one covered in a web of visible and invisible electrical power lines, cell towers, and satellite surveillances transmitting trillions upon trillions of bits of sound and light.

During the interim of the past 100 years - or the span between one series of Venusians eclipses and another - the choices made by humanity reveal a vast misunderstanding of the vital qualities of the atmosphere. Many modern practices have created huge disturbances within the system of nature by blocking out the sun's rays and disrupting the stability of the ecosystem.


When there are disturbances within the field of nature, your personal biological field of energy and your surrounding environment are deeply affected. A pond, or most any body of water, does not always have a smooth, serene surface. A pond can transform into cold hard ice under the influence of winter's harsh, frigid winds. And during a storm the pond's surface is often whipped up, and tossed about, frothing and dancing to its own invigorating primordial rhythm.


On a warm summer afternoon, the pond will be calm and beautiful, filled with the surrounding sounds of small creatures vibrantly conducting busy lives. Like the pond, the field of existence has weathered many storms; a disturbance to the normal state of affairs is known and understood on a spiritual level as a way of ridding stagnation and introducing new vitality. Nature is a symbol for a system that supports and sustains your identity in cooperation with celestial activities that continuously provide structure and meaning to Earthly existence.


In order to wake up and accept your personal power, you must be willing to emerge from denial to activate the psychic sensitivities that will gift you with sensibilities to discern truth from deceit. The storm that is disturbing the world is a symbol of your own awakening consciousness. In the past humanity collectively chose to close down their psychic intuition, and now they are paying the full price of self-imposed ignorance.

Your consciousness is part of a dynamic dance of energy; you are swimming in a sea of subatomic particles where everything is in constant motion. These particles are differentiated by consciousness and selected for use by your own discretion. Subatomic particles are actively engaged in building realities; they are in constant contact with the entire field of existence.


As your solar system moves through the new areas of space, you must personally incorporate the new dance of energy these places provide. The changes you are experiencing are actually occurring subatomically, and one could say with a bit of humor, that you are just along for the ride. Many levels of consciousness are involved in the transformation. As a human being, you experience the changes in 3-D reality, yet as you learn to integrate and incorporate more of this accelerated energy, you will invariably discover that what you are thinking is also being played out in numerous layers of reality.


Part of your challenge during these years of transformation is to ride the wave of the subatomic particle revolution while learning to manage and direct your own awakening consciousness with clear intent. How you use your awareness and your attention will prove to be of utmost importance in the years ahead. Dealing with the extensive exchange of information is like weeding the garden; if you do a bit every few days, then you will not have such a big job in front of you.

In America, the courage to fearlessly ask questions is at the core of the country's spiritual karma. People have been clinging to various stages of denial for a long time and as a result of this inattentiveness to life, a behind-the-scenes breeding-ground for carrying out despicable deeds was easily fostered.


Various mundane and cosmic forces are aligned in a desperate battle for your attention because your attention represents where and how you focus your energy for creating the reality you encounter. In America, the courage to fearlessly ask questions is at the core of the country's spiritual karma. People have been clinging to various stages of denial for a long time and as a result of this inattentiveness to life, a behind-the-scenes breeding-ground for carrying out despicable deeds was easily fostered.


During the summer of 2004 and beyond, the potential for difficulties coming home to roost in America is heightened due to some very challenging astrological transits to the U.S.A.'s natal sun, as well as to the natal sun and Saturn in President Bush's birth chart. A reality check extraordinaire is in the making.


The gross mismanagement of resources at every level has set a dynamic into motion that will catalyze huge changes in political, economic, and geophysical arenas.


Saturn in Cancer works to restructure your psychic abilities by taking you into the depths of your identity to meet yourself and accept responsibility for who you are. Saturn's passage through each sign provides invaluable lessons for maturation of responsibility in specific areas of experience. Playing hooky and ignoring the value of the lessons, creates a gridlock where all movement is stalled and stuck until the dynamic of the teaching is accepted, valued and applied.

Your world leaders epitomize society's denial to affectively deal with the truth, and by playing out exaggerated versions of lies and deceit; they test your abilities of discernment. By claiming your rightful abilities to move your conscious awareness around the field of existence, you will experience direct knowledge and be able to tell the difference between truth and deceit. And you must claim these abilities in order to reach beyond the confines of physical reality to understand the power of the forces that challenge you to awaken.


And once you awaken, you will not be so easily deceived again.


The controlled media is used as a tool to pull your attention into a probable world that is devoid of vitality and creativity. By enticing your attention into a reality of violence and war, your thoughts and beliefs are conditioned to enslave you in victimhood and complete disempowerment.


The twenty-five years of acceleration are an opportunity to live a life of empowerment by developing your attention and conscious awareness to the extent that you can recognize the larger truths of your spiritual heritage and actively participate to create a world that embraces this understanding.

Humanity is learning about the utmost necessity of being able to recognize the proliferation of lies that have infiltrated every facet of society; yet after having lived for far too long in stages of deep denial by pretending they were hearing the truth, behaving in a truthful manner is challenging to everyone's courage. Lies are sometimes tempting to believe, because then you can avoid the personal responsibility of taking action. We ask you to honor yourself and embrace the courage that truth calls forth. Enjoy the freedom you are claiming to know yourself as an empowered being.

When people pay more attention to nature and care for the Earth rather than obsessing on war and financial portfolios, you will know the transition to greater awareness has truly taken hold. When people pay more attention to nature and care for the Earth rather than obsessing on war and financial portfolios, you will know the transition to greater awareness has truly taken hold.


The land must be loved into vitality and nature must be recognized and cherished as an intelligently designed interactive system of information that connects you to layers upon layers of multi-dimensional realities. The use of poisons to destroy what you do not understand is another stage of denial that disavows the inherent meaning of life. Plants and creatures are very cooperative once you to learn to focus your attention and communicate with them.


Throughout the seasons, be sure to spend much of your time in nature; turn off the air conditioning and open the windows, notice how the creatures keep the energy moving with their bustling activities. Immerse yourself in the sounds, sights, scents and tastes that nature offers. Take long walks, sleep on the ground for a change, enjoy a campfire and gather with friends and loved ones to watch the stars. Each year, the summer solstice sun takes you to the peak of perceptual attunement.


Tune in by paying attention during this time; new energy always arrives and you certainly do not want to miss the latest news from the sun. Slow down and sit with the trees, spend leisurely afternoons in the meadows or by the sea, climb mountains to meet the rarefied energies, and savor the sweet sensations of nature's intelligence. Use your attention to focus on the dance of subtle energy; remember when you do not focus your attention with your own volition, others will grab it for a roller coaster ride through their own versions of reality.

No matter what situation arises, if you maintain conscious awareness and remain focused on your intentions, there is always a way to bend realty in your own direction. We have been working with our home classes on the process of changing beliefs. Our students have proved to themselves that when they focus their energy and work as a group to suspend their beliefs about what they can and cannot do, they are able to bend spoons and forks.


Bending a spoon is a symbol for bending reality. To bend a spoon or any avenue of reality, you must first 'warm up the idea' and release any former beliefs of restriction. You heat up the field by focusing your attention on imagining what you want to transpire. Using most the reliable approach for bending reality to your desires, imagination is always the key first ingredient, then by adding clear intention, expectation and action, results will be realized.


Bending a spoon is another symbol for what the energies of the next eight years will activate in humanity. At this phase of the acceleration, it is most important for everyone to recognize the patterns and symbols that define your reality and intuit a new understanding behind their apparent meaning. Remember symbols are a sign of energy; do not get so attached to the symbols that you miss their greater teaching.

The awakening of conscious awareness is unstoppable. During the highly creative years between the Venus-sun eclipses, nature will work with you to help you birth your own versions of bright ideas. You must value the life you are living during these times of tremendous change. You are highly adaptable and well prepared on other levels of realty to deal with your chosen probabilities. You must gather the courage to believe in your inner strength.


Pay attention, focus your attention and your mind and body and the subatomic levels of your being will start to gather new intelligence. The sounds, sights, and scents of nature create hemispheric balance between the right and left sides of the brain, allowing you to tune in to what is going on with greater precision and clarity. When you balance your body, you can integrate the new fields of energy that carry codes of consciousness for navigating this huge transformation.

With everything speeding up, we remind you once again that everything is a dance of energy, a swirling sea of subatomic particles that can be differentiated to become symbols of energy used to qualify the field for the purpose of creative expression.


Whatever level you are playing this game on, it is all about learning how to swim in symbols that are being used to explain and explore, and differentiate the field of existence in cooperation with other versions and interpretations of reality. The next phase of your development involves direct learning through experiences in nature.


Ultimately, you are responsible for what you create.


You are here to restore dignity and full operability to the code-reading device that you call the human body, and with this task in mind, we bid you very pleasant journeys.