by Dr. Michael Salla

November 14, 2022

from Exopolitics Website







Rebecca Rose claims to have served for 20 years as a cyborg supersoldier first on Mars and later in the outer reaches of our solar system, where she was based on a Kuiper Belt facility run by Draco Reptilians.


While Germans associated with the Dark Fleet often visited the Draco run facility, Rebecca says the Germans were little more than minor players in space events occurring in the Kuiper Belt and beyond that were being controlled by the Dracos.

Rebecca shared a number of official documents showing her father's service with both the US Army and Navy, and also in a corporate run classified aerospace program.


She believes his involvement in classified aerospace programs was a major factor in her identification and recruitment into a 20 and back service from 1982 to 2002.



Rebecca Rose's father first served with the US Army before being recruited into US Navy

Rebecca says she was first taken to the Moon by Gray extraterrestrials as a four year old where she was subjected to many egregious experiments as part of her 'training', which including repeated use of jumpgates between the Moon and Montauk, Long Island.


Her participation in the Montauk Project began in 1978 and involved acclimating her biology to jumpgate technology.

In her first interview on Exopolitics Today, Rebecca explains the sequence of events that led to her recruitment, trips to the Moon, Mars, and Kuiper Belt, and how she is regaining memories of her time as a cyborg supersoldier performing psychic reconnaissance and warfare.




A Draco Planet in the Kuiper Belt

by Galactic Anthropology
November 16, 2022

from GalacticAnthropology Website



During a fascinating interview with Dr. Michael Salla, Rebecca Rose (far below video) talked about her experiences while doing a 20-year-and-back in the Secret Space Program. 1,2


In an earlier article we already mentioned how she used Jump Gates as a child. 3


This article focuses on her period as a pilot for a planet that is situated in the Kuiper Belt.



The Kuiper Belt 4




Let's first point our direction to this Kuiper Belt:

where is it, really?

As you can see in the picture above it is a 'donut-shaped region of icy bodies beyond the orbit of Neptune', from about 30 to 55 AU. 4-8

I guess the Kuiper Belt is not inside the Plasma Bubble that would be around our Solar System these days, to protect us from the fifth density zone we would be in right now. 9

There are a few planets that have been discovered in the Kuiper Belt:

two of them are Eris and Haumea.

Eris has its own moon, and Haumea even has two. 10

In The Seeders we can read a bit about Thor Han while being in this Kuiper belt:

"[Thor Han] was in the Kuiper Belt, training young pilots onboard a scout ship, and he showed me - through his eyes - an old structure floating there, ahead of the craft, among the icy rocks and particles pervading the area.


The shape of the object looked like 'Omuamua, elongated and with an uneven surface." 11 (p.321)



After having spent some time on the Moon and Mars, Rebecca Rose was traded off (as part of the slave trade) to go to a planet in the Kuiper Belt that was controlled by the Dracos (or Ciakahrr as they are often called). 12


Rebecca speaks about a huge portal that would have inside that planet.


Her task was to protect a huge Draco ship in the atmosphere around that planet.

She describes a Manta-ray-like plane that was very advanced, especially when compared to the Dark Fleet ships of Mars.


She was forced to battle with benevolent beings.



Rebecca Rose

on her time serving as a pilot

on and around a Ciakahrr Planet

 in the Kuiper Belt. 1




In this fragment Rebecca says that by only looking in the eyes of the Ciakahrr they would send you on a hell-ride.


This reminded me of a story that Tony Rodrigues described in his book. 13


In chapter 12, The Reptilian, he describes how he and a team were sent out to meet a Draco (Ciakahrr) in Chicago through a jump gate 3 from the Moon.


Their task was to bring that Draco a few canisters of quicksilver (=Mercury).


Here's how Tony Rodrigues describes their first contact with this Ciakahrr:

"Without any warning whatsoever, we were all paralyzed.


No one could even talk. I was instantly nauseated, want to both throw up and shit all at once. It felt very violating what was unfolding.


I didn't get any of it. And even more disturbing, it was all mental. I heard a voice inside of my head.


A very loud, deep voice. Fucking frightening as hell. Up until that point, all of my telepathic encounters were of a normal exchange.


Felt much like the volume and intensity of my own thoughts.


This was anything but". 13 (p.276)

In another article you can read how Jean-Charles Moyen and David Rousseau actually fought a Ciakahrr in one of their missions. 14



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