No Room for Me?


Now at this point in my story I'd like to remind you of something important. Whether or not you believe in any great disaster befalling us, and thereby affecting you and your family, doesn't take away from the fact that your own government, and other governments, are planning like mad to survive 'something'.


At the same time they are spending billions on underground bases and stockpiling them, you are being told that there is nothing to worry about. But at the exact same time that they are telling you everything is fine, they are increasingly releasing tidbits of information that fuels the fires of doom and gloom.


What neither they nor we can ignore however, are the many and ever increasing changes in our weather that have been occurring. All they can do is to do their best to keep the information hidden from the masses; all we can do is to continually keep finding the information they're suppressing. It's quite the game of cat and mouse too! But like the mouse the losers of this game will be dead.


Let me give you an example of how this works: January 14, 2004 a large comet hits the sun. A few minutes' later volcanoes in Russia, Japan and Ecuador erupt. On the nightly news programs no mention is made of either the comet hitting the sun or the volcanic eruptions. During the following 3 days there are exactly 5 stories that can be found on the Internet relating to the volcanoes, none on the comet hitting the sun. Now, were these newsworthy stories? Was there a cause and effect happening between the sun being hit by a comet and volcanoes erupting on earth?


Well, the answers aren't going to be found in the popular press or in our universities but there are many scientists 'out there' that are now and have been sounding the alarm. And my point is this; though information is being suppressed it is by no means being totally shut off by the government.


Quite the opposite in fact has been happening. The strategy that the government has chosen is to:

1) Insure that the brightest minds will be protected in underground facilities.

2) Insure that the military power of the United States is able to withstand a worldwide disaster by spreading troops and equipment throughout the world.

3) Insure that the economic power of the United States survives.

4) Insure that just enough information is released to the general populace so that those who are able and willing to do so can prepare.

If anyone is willing to find fault with the government in how they have gone about achieving these goals in the past 30 plus years I'd defy them to come up with a better plan. After all, the very first thing we'd want them to do, is the very last thing we'd do if we were making the decisions, and that is telling everyone the whole truth. Now imagine this for a moment, you know the truth, you know that we are heading for a worldwide disaster of Biblical proportions, and you get on television and announce it to the world. What is going to happen?


Of course the answer is just plain chaos. So what would the truth accomplish with the end effect being a total shutdown of basic human services, including emergency services and transportation of food. How many people the world over would continue going to work?


How many maniacs seeing the opportunity to rape and pillage would no longer have the fear of long prison sentences hanging over their heads? How many 'have nots' would begin attacking the 'haves'?


This is of course a plan filled with potentially more devastating effects then in not knowing the truth in the first place isn't it?


So the bottom line to this is simple, as there wasn't room in the inn for Jesus when he was born, there isn't going to be any room for us when disaster strikes. We're on our own!


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