Hidden From View


In May of 1979, I had a series of dreams, more like visions, in which I saw a large American Airlines jet taking off from a runway. As it began to lift into the air it made a sudden dip with one wing, turned over backwards, then fell nose first into the ground. The explosion was a terrible thing to see and I could actually feel the deaths of all the people aboard. Very rarely since then, have I cried more than on those nights 25 years ago.


Along with those visions came a 'sense', or more like a compulsion, to do something. But what to do wasn't an easy thing to figure out. I first began by telling my family, who listened but that was about all they could do. I called American Airlines and they hung up on me. These were the days before the Internet so finding resources were very limited. So, I called the FAA, The Federal Aviation Administration. Unbeknownst to me the FAA actually had a written procedure that dealt with people calling in claming to have a premonition of a plane crashing, and I was put in touch with Paul Williams, the facility manager for the FAA at the Greater Cincinnati Airport.


For four intense days Mr. Williams, his immediate superior Jack Barker, and myself had numerous conversations relating to my vision. Notes were taken and brainstorming sessions occurred where we tried to piece everything together to pinpoint the answer to the questions I didn't have the answers for; where and when? But we failed. On May 25, 1979, American Airlines flight 191 on a take off from Chicago's O'Hara field lost an engine, inverted, then crashed into the ground killing all 271 passengers and crew.


It remains to this very day the worst airline disaster in American history. In the months and years following the disaster the story about my having known about crash became worldwide news. From front-page stories in the newspapers to featured articles in magazines, to television interviews, I was celebrated because I had the distinction of being the only person who had had a precognitive experience fully documented prior to the event by a government agency. Though offered thousands of dollars for the exclusive rights to my story I turned down every offer and in 1985 did my last American interview with the ABC television news program 20/20.


In 1999 I did my last interview with the BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation, under the condition that the program never be aired in the United States. My reasons were, at least to my way of thinking, simple. I could not profit from a vision that I had no idea where it came from and that had caused so many deaths. And I'm going to talk about that here for a bit, the deaths. Without having a background to understand human beings and our emotions, I watched every night for 10 nights the deaths of hundreds of souls. And I could actually feel each and every one of them cry out. And the words I'm using don't even come close the emotional outpouring I felt from that plane. The best way to describe it is that for those 10 nights I experienced the pain and anguish as a part of myself.


The past 25 years of my life have been devoted to understanding what happened to me, and more specifically why it happened in the first place. Why, out of all the people on earth, was I 'chosen' to have these visions? Those were the questions I sought answers for, and what has taken the past 25 years of my life to find out. I believe right now that reason for what happened to me back then has to do with what we are facing today. In March 2003, and for only the second time in my life, I had another series of visions, and like the last time, 10 of them in a row.


What I 'see' is the Earth from the perspective of space. As I'm watching the earth I can see the moon over to the right side and what appears to be a planetary type object approaching the earth from straight underneath. This object has two main characteristics, it is very large and it is very dark. As it approaches the earth my viewpoint narrows towards the earth itself, the North American continent, and then as it veers off, at a 45 degree angle, I see the greater portion of the western part of the North American continent erupt like a giant volcano. From this eruption dark gray clouds billow into the atmosphere and I can make out fire below, or rather within, the clouds themselves. There immediately follows a ripple emanating from the eruption that goes around the whole earth.


At that point the vision ends, but not my dread. I'm going to digress here for a moment to explain to you something about myself. First of all, since the late 1980's I've been a very private man and have worked hard to build a life of solitude and quiet. Many years of research have also led me to know that the first part of the 21st Century would be a time of great chaos and change for the entire world. In knowing this I've also prepared for as much as possible including building an underground house and ensuring that we have years of food, seeds, water, medicine, and other things one would need to survive for an extended period of time on their own


During these past 15 years I've of course talked with family and friends about what I've discovered, but never to the public at large. But this has changed now because of the new vision I've had. And against my need to remain a private person I'm also obligated to inform anyone who will listen, like you, of what I know. I'd like you to keep in mind something very important however, I don't know the time frame of what I saw, only that it is 'soon'. My conjecture that 2004 is a year to watch out for is based upon information I've gathered over the past 9 months and is very subjective.


Remember this as you continue reading this book! I don't know the day or hour, only that what I saw is going to happen. If you aren't prepared now you should start preparing if you feel you should survive. I know that there are many people in this world who will not survive, in fact the vast majority of humanity. But I also know that those who do survive know it now, can actually feel within them selves a compulsion to prepare and survive. And in later chapters I'll explain more to you about this, but for now let's take a journey and explore some of our common past!


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