-  Introduction

 -  Cometa Report

 -  Project AQUARIUS

 -  Project BLUE BOOK

 -  Project PAPERCLIP

  Project GRUDGE:

 -  Grudge 13 Report

 -  Project Grudge

 -  The Grudge/Blue Book Incident


  Project MK-Ultra:

 -  Declassified MK-Ultra Project Documents

 -  Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control - The Evolution of Project MKULTRA


  Project MOON DUST and BLUE FLY:

 -  Project Moon Dust & Blue Fly

 -  Project Moon Dust and Operation Blue Fly - The Retrieval of Objects of Unknown Origin


  Project SIGN:

 -  Project SIGN and the Estimate of The Situation

 -  SECRET - Project Sign

  Other Projects

 -  Project Magnet

 -  Project Snowbird

  Public Government Investigations

 -  Congressional Hearings on UFOs and Blue Book

 -  NASA and UFOs

 -  The Air Force, General Accounting Office, Mogul Balloons and Crash Test Dummies

 -  The Robertson Panel, 1952-53 - Main File

  Documents Area

 -  Detailed Majestic Documents and Files - Main File

Additional Information


 -  El Inédito Documento de Einstein y Oppenheimer del Año 1947 Sobre Extraterrestres

 - "Project JEHOVAH" - Interview With Ryan Wood


 -  Relaciones con Habitantes de Cuerpos Celestes - Documento Borrador de A. Einstein y R. Oppehheimer 1947

 -  Relationships With Inhabitants of Celestial Bodies - The Einstein-Oppenheimer Draft Document 1947

Related Reports

 -  Philip Corso and The Roswell Incident - Main File

 -  The Brookings Report - Main File

 -  Twenty Two Years of Covert Service in Elite UFO Crash Retrieval Teams - Exclusive Interview Clifford Stone

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