by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf

from Fosar-Bludorf Website


  • Can you imagine that mankind will get serious problems in the future, because genetic manipulations on humans affect the psyche devastatingly?

  • That inter-human communication breaks down, as soon as too many individuals take part in it?

  • That our descendants will have a perfectly different time calculation?

All of this are no speculations of future researchers, but first results of the research project LITE (Low Invasive time exploration), which possibly succeeded to prove signals from the future.


This surprising success is to be owed to the fact that one did not stop on the utopian conception of the "time machine" or the too subjective statements of sensitives but used a third way.

In our article "This is the future?" (KonteXt 1/2000) we discussed the difference between physical and mental time travel - both forms are considered in the meantime as physically conceivable.

Physical time travels mean that - with help of a technology existing in the future - humans are possibly shifted physically into another time. We discussed the technical difficulties of such a hypothetical travel in detail thereby.

In contrast to this mental time travels always existed. People could look beyond the borders of space and time in an altered state of consciousness and received information about the life conditions in other ages. From this many prophecies in history resulted, but the objectivity of such statements will remain always disputed.

But we did not consider so far that - following newer scientific considerations - there is a third possibility, which is located between the two shown alternatives.



The third way

If we want to get information about a distant place in our current time, we don't need to visit it personally or to go there with help of extrasensory perception like a "mental journey". Instead we use our technology, for example of the satellites, with whose assistance we accomplish remote sensing next evaluate the data.

Therefore we must accept it as probable that a future civilization, before one will undertake physical time travels, will be able to investigate other time epochs with the help of such technical remote sensing. It would concern thus a kind of hybrid technology. On one hand the physical time travel with the necessity for a complex space-time curvature and all other dangers and imponderables is not needed, on the other hand also the disadvantage of missing objectivity is switched off, as is with the purely mental methods.

If we think thus the "futures" are capable to build a time machine, then we have to assume even more that they "observe" us from their time or "listen" to us.

Such a technology would be by far less utopian than the time machine, and it touches down even already on our current knowledge.


For example at the university of Cologne already some years ago scientists succeeded to transport a piece of music through a space-time tunnel and going around in this way a forbidden range in our reality. At the other end of the tunnel the music was rushed, but still recognizable.

In this example entrance and exit of the tunnel were in the present, and only the range "between" was in the higher-dimensional hyperspace. But this is not compelling necessarily. A microscopic wormhole channel may be also connected with an exit in another time via a higher dimension - after everything that we know today about the universe.

Only again the well-known "skeptics question" arises: If there should be such a technology in the future, wouldn't then traces of signals from the future have to be recognizable in our time?

At present it looks completely after the fact that such traces are actually discoverable!

We don't talk about the visions of sensitives or psychics now, which believe to be in connection with the future. Technically produced signals from another time, if they should exist at all, must be objectively provable also with technical equipment.

Only the question arises, how and in which way one should look for them. Newer research results set up a systematic beginning for this and led to surprising results!

The basic idea is as follows: It doesn't make sense to look into the frequency and wave patterns of our technical age to search for such signals.


Such an attempt would be similar to the proverbial search for the pin in heap of hay, as with the SETI project, which looks so far unsuccessfully for intelligent information from the universe.



Signals from the future discovered?

Therefore one tried to include - after our current knowledge - the necessary physical conditions into the search for future signals. The first experimental findings are promising. Meanwhile there was a success in seeking out signals which are rushed, but are nevertheless interpretable, and their origin probably lies in the future.

They contain above all information about future developments in genetics and communication, in addition other contents, which are today not interpretable for us, since the necessary scientific bases are not known to us by now.

How could it come to these spectacular discoveries?


In view of the fact that it concerns a so explosive topic, we want to describe the scientific bases in detail to you.



Bases of the search for future signals

Hypothetical "extraterrestrial" signals may be sent in principle within our space-time structure too (whereby they would travel with the speed of light and according to this be on their way for a long time). On the other hand it is compelling for signals from the future that a except-spatiotemporal information tunnel was used via the higher-dimension hyperspace.

Such channels are however in our reality constantly present, in form of microscopic wormholes. These have however the characteristic to exist only for fractions of a second and collapse then, due to their own gravitation. Wormholes thus form on the level of the quanta a microscopic bubbling foam carpet in our space-time, similarly for the carbonic acid beads in a glass of champagne.

In order to be able to in-listen into our reality, a future civilization would need therefore somewhat larger wormhole channels, which are stable for a certain time (one period in the order of magnitude up to one second would probably already be sufficient for an information transfer).

Such channels aren't today anymore utopia. In Russia the scientists Dmitrijev and Djatlov proved that sometimes such channels arise under certain physical conditions and form so-called "vacuum domains".


These are measurable and observable, since they form electromagnetic fields, which may shine and even explode in the atmosphere (see for this in Hypercommunication).

From such vacuum domains it is well-known that they may radiate and in this way even step into "communication" with an observer using radio waves in the low-frequency range. It is still unknown whether these waves are modulated with intelligent information or only - like the Schumann waves - arose in a purely natural way.


And even if they were carriers of information, one would not know naturally yet, from where this information comes.

However one does not have to wait for such a large vacuum domain, in order to look for signals, because in the small ones the same effects constantly arise around us.


Smaller, short-lived vacuum domains, which are not visible, may be proven indirectly,

  • by measurable electromagnetic fields of unknown origin in space (from such measurements it results that such channels may have a life span up to several hours) or,

  • by the influence on space-time itself, as clocks are affected in their running accuracy.

Such influences on time are naturally extremely small and therefore not measurable with conventional stop watches.


But the system clocks of today's computers, whose processors have clock frequencies of several hundred megahertz, may be disturbed in this way however already demonstrably.



The "disturbed coincidence"

An unexpected computer disturbance, resulting in appearance of a strange text in the computer, was by the way the start point for the entire research work of LITE. Who ever listened on the other side, he wanted to be noticed and accepted contact.

Here the procedure of LITE starts, which led to the discovery of the mentioned signals. In addition special computer software is used. Principal item is an anti-coincidence monitor, which supervises stochastic processes going by whether the coincidence is "disturbed".

Since each stochastic process is characterized by the fact that it does not run perfectly regularly, but permits certain statistic fluctuations (this is in fact the nature of the "coincidence"), this monitor strikes alarm only if the deviation from the coincidence is substantial, i.e. if during a longer period regular samples result which are not any longer coincidental.

Due to the explosive topic the criteria were set around more strictly by a multiple than it is usual in the scientific statistics. While coincidence deviations of 1:20 are normally already regarded as no longer coincidentally, the anti-coincidence monitor usually starts only with 1:1000.

Even under these conditions it was shown that again and again for short periods (up to some seconds) the coincidence is actually disturbed in such a measure, which means that in our reality - for us imperceptibly - a space-time window opened. Usually this happens several times per hour!

Under special atmospheric, meteorological or other physical conditions (solar eclipse, TLR factor, Jetstream etc.) these effects substantially strengthen and also occur substantially more frequently (partly in the minutes pulse). This is a clear reference on the fact that these windows develop in natural way. Of course this doesn't mean automatically that they could not be used technically in any way.

Thus it is not sufficient only to prove the existence of these windows. Therefore the anti-coincidence monitor - when finding such a coincidence disturbance - sets further software components in course, whose task is to search for intelligent signals in the short time when the window is open.
Intelligent signal or natural noise?

This does not mean now by any means that one listens with an antenna into the ether. Thus one would turn in the circle and again would drop back to the SETI level.

Rather it applies to analyze the "disturbed coincidence" itself.


We already said that the monitor starts, as soon as the coincidence is disturbed in a statistically significant way thus a no longer coincidental sample trains. Structure and form of this anti-coincidence sample, which consists first only of a set of numbers, apply to examine it now.

For this there are two obvious possibilities:

  • One could interpret and transform the sample into a frame as graphic data, which one may analyze later.

  • One may also examine, whether the anti-coincidence sample points out structures, similar to a human language (word frequency, grammar etc.), and thus try to convert the sample into text.

Both possibilities were already tested. The analysis of the frames is difficult. It seems that behind the superficial chaos sample of such pictures holographic information could hide itself, similarly to the well-known 3D images, but an objective proof for this did not succeed yet.

The attempts with the second alternative were more successful, even if one should not imagine that under any circumstances now would be possible to pick out a clear text easily from the found anti-coincidence sample.

The anti-coincidence sample is simply a long row of coincidental numbers, whose characteristic is not to be coincidentally arranged.

From the research of Professor Garjajev at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow one knows that all human languages have a common basic pattern, which is based on the basic modules of our genetic code (see for this "The biological chip in our cells").

If the found anti-coincidence sample should be of intelligent, more exactly: human, origin, it should represent this basic pattern. Impressing the coincidence sample to any sufficiently long text, from this a word sequence would have to develop which at least should enable us to interpret the sense of the information.

The same way this idea appears original, it was successful, because it actually succeeded, in scientifically proof-strong repeatable way, without subjective interferences, only using a computer and the special software mentioned.



Selected information

One information, which one could decode, was for example about the artificial installation of plant genes into the human genetic substance - an interference, which is already possible for us and was already accomplished with animals and plants. Against experiments with humans at present only laws protect us (which may be changed at any time).

As reason it was indicated that one wanted to make special enzymes and information patterns available to the human body.

A control experiment (other experimenter, other raw text) confirmed this interpretation, although in something other words ("chlorophyll" should be made available) and added the consequences: The genetic interference had obviously devastating consequences for the human psyche, above all which concerned the collective unconscious (quotation: "The 'We' under the 'I' opens unusual plant world... The strange prevents consciousness.").

Regardless of the fact that such a development unfortunately is not impossible in the future - why should this information come from the future?

Now - from our present or past it surely does not originate, and from the fact that human language patterns were used, which made a decoding possible, may be assumed also with security that the origin is human and not "extraterrestrial" or from another dimension.

It was shown that the software could be made also interactive. Questions were then answered regularly referring and meaningfully (also control questions), entered by the experimenter, whereby the raw text taken as a basis for decoding could be exchanged at will.

Questions about the origin of the information (briefly said: "In which time do you live?") were answered however so far only unsatisfactorily, which is obviously because of the fact that the author of the information uses another time calculation than we do and therefore doesn't know too much about our "years" and "centuries".


The time calculation of the "strangers" seems to be event-oriented in any way, since in that time one works more strongly with virtual realities.


This came out from some decoded information clearly:

"(for us) year no reality. (we) synthesize light spot... the following theory: Point more clearly (with) psychological achievements... always before present experiencing cosmic yardstick... Excessive quantity model... (you) years assume."

These are of course only quotations from a large data set, in which the interpretations again and again mutually confirm. They also show that the information is rushed and the grammar of the statements appears somewhat strange.

Further information led to the surprising statement that the possibility of technically supported group consciousness communication encountered a strange obstacle (the text was smoothed by us fore better comprehensibility and provided with notes).

"we can develop scientifically it, (after) Wittens universe (superstring theory), but puzzlingly, with thousands were reduced. Afterwards had not group consciousness. Change... System biologist saw network matter, later therefore network humans... from superconductor this success visible... then absence of consciousness... bizarre research results, communication not human degree."

Still it is too early, in order to reveal all facts about this remarkable project, since still many scientific questions are unresolved.


It is clear that with this procedure information of intelligent origin becomes available, also in dialogue form.



What do the "Futures" want from us?

Why - so the next skeptics question - should the "Futures" be interested in us? For the same reasons, why there are historians in our times: One wants to explore, why in the past things developed, in order to better understand the present.

For this not always conventional historical books are sufficient, because human knowledge - our current experience already shows - may get lost too. Who ever might be the author of the strange information, he seems to want to learn from us.

A recapitulatory interpretation of the information decoded so far results in that mankind of the future by genetic manipulations lost the connection to the normal human archetype memory, briefly said: to the morphogenetic field.


If this frightening statement should be correct, then the puzzling interlocutors are desperate travelers searching for their own lost past.

This way the whole story becomes logical and consistent, because if one looks for a suitable past in a multi-dimensional universe with myriads of parallel realities, one may possibly correct erroneous trends this way.


Perhaps we were thinking too much as "presents" assuming that a time traveler must appear personally in the past, in order to prevent for instance a war or a dangerous discovery. It is sufficient to seek out one past in which the unwanted event did not take place (or at least not yet) and to couple this past - the morphogenetic fields - to one's own reality.

With us they seem to have found such a suitable past: On one hand we have already a quite high knowledge level in the genetic engineering, on the other hand large-scale experiments on humans were omitted here so far. We would be thus the "ideal past" for the others, in order on one hand not to lose certain scientific know-how of our epoch (e.g. "Witten's universe"), on the other hand be able still to influence certain developments.

As the strange interlocutors try to acquire themselves lost knowledge of our epoch again and to warn us at the same time of their errors, a union of both realities may lead to a new causal chain, which could give us a better future and to the others a better past.



The future develops from the past!

As we saw, the past of a civilization is crucial for future developments. So seen, we put today the foundation-stone for future civilizations, as in the past the switches for our today were placed.

In our days however some crucial questions arise to us:

  • What happens with the development of the earth resonant frequencies?

  • How do they influence on our consciousness?

  • Will there be a pole shift on earth?

We may consult for this of course scientific results of measurement from our days, but, in addition, ask our past. In past humans were already several times confronted with similar developments, and we know about this from old myths and holy writings.

Some peoples and cultures, so e.g. the mysterious "Tuatha De Danann" in Ireland, obviously already knew about the secrets of the Schumann frequencies and could use them for their "druid magic".


It is written again and again that whole peoples disappeared by the use of such techniques without any trace.

More exact information concerning this in our article "Transition to the age of frequencies", or still in more detail and with numerous quotations and illustrations in our book "Zaubergesang" .