by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf

from Fosar-Bludorf Website



Light is in principle the oldest and most important food of the world, and still in addition - understood as electromagnetic wave - a perfect storage medium.




We know today that life in the universe is a process which is always swimming against the river.


Physics predicts that everything in nature is going towards a condition of a thermal equilibrium. With every energy consuming process always also warmth is produced, which cannot be completely reconverted into work energy. This is well-known to each power station operator.

The universe favors disorder and decay rather than order and structure.

In such an environment an organism can temporarily exist only because it constantly supplies new order structures to its body using energy , briefly said: by taking up food regularly.

For this the plants found the simplest and most direct way. With help of their leaf pigment chlorophyll they developed a procedure, in order to produce sugar from carbon dioxide of air and water using light. Plants thus predominantly nourish themselves from light. They take up energy and order condition from light particles (photons), which they integrate into their organism, thus robbing them their freedom of movement and building up own order conditions of their bodies again and again.

The animals and humans however have a metabolism which is based not on chlorophyll, but on haemoglobin, the red blood coloring material. They therefore cannot convert light to food by photosynthesis, but have to nourish themselves eating plants or other animals. They are thus rather parasites of the plant world, which also could exist without us - we however not without them. We should always keep this in mind, when we clear further forests from pure profit thinking.

Light nevertheless plays a crucial role for animal and human life too. Not only, because we become depressive if we do not expose our body with sufficient light (especially in winter).

German bio physicist Fritz Albert Popp investigates for years the phenomenon of biophotons, a natural light radiation, which is emitted from each living organism. This bio photon radiation is very weak and may be made visible only by substantial reinforcement in the darkroom.

Popp and its coworkers made the amazing observation that the radiant emittance was always stronger at the beginning, briefly after they brought a tissue probe into the darkroom, and then slowly decreased to a stable value, the normal bio photon radiation.

That means, that our body cannot only emit light, but also may take up light from the environment, which is naturally in the darkroom no longer possible, whereby it comes to the observed decrease. Thus something inside our body may store light energy, which is a proof that we nourish ourselves to a small percentage directly of light too, independently of the food which we eat.

It turned out soon that the looked for light memory of our body is nothing else than the DNA. It is well known that the DNA is also most deeply involved into the bio photon radiation.

From the characteristic form of this giant molecule - a wound double helix - the DNA represents an ideal electromagnetic antenna. On one hand it is elongated and thus a blade antenna, which can take up very well electrical pulses. On the other hand, seen from above it has form of a ring and thus is a very good magnetical antenna.

Fig. 1: The double helix of the DNA is at the same time ring and blade antenna

What happens to the electromagnetic energy, which the DNA takes up? It is stored quite easily inside it, bringing the molecule – simplified spoken – into oscillation. Physically we call such a system a harmonic oscillator .

Such an oscillator of course with the time loses its energy, as is observable also in the darkroom, and the time, which this procedure needs, is a measure for the ability of energy storage. Physicists call this measure resonator quality .

It turned out that the quality of the DNA resonator is by a multiple higher as in oscillators, which physicists are able to construct in their laboratories from technical devices. That means, the oscillation losses are unbelievably small.


This confirms a long-preserved assumption:

The DNA is an organic superconductor, which can still work in addition at normal body temperature! In this field science may learn still infinitely much from nature.

For example the ability of superconductors to store light was just discovered in recent time.


That sounds perhaps surprising, but you should keep yourself clear before eyes the fact that light, although well known to all of us is not anything actually seizable. Light is pure electromagnetic energy, divided into small quanta, so-called photons, which – like the name already says – constantly move with speed of light.


We may destroy photons by certain particle reactions, i.e. transfer their energy completely to other subjects. To "close up" a photon however, no one was able to do so far.

At the Rowland research institute in Cambridge, USA, now the Harvard physicist Lene Vestergaard Hau found out that laser light can be braked when crossing sodium atoms with nearly -270 degrees up to a speed of approximately 60 kilometers per hour.


That is approximately the speed, with which we move forward with our cars on highways. For light particles it it is an absolute "snail speed". (the speed of light in the vacuum amounts to nevertheless 300.000 kilometers per second!)

Basic condition for this brake effect is that the medium must change into a very exotic state of aggregation, a so-called Bose Einstein condensate, which likewise includes the ability for superconduction too.

Already for a long time we know that the constant of speed of light, which represents a border in the universe according to Einstein for all subjects, applies only to the vacuum. During the passage of matter, approximately of water or glass, the speed of light is already lower. The disadvantage is that also the light itself is absorbed at the same time by the surrounding medium. From the water we know it that it becomes darker with increasing depth.

Not so with superconductors. Although the sodium atoms braked the light much more strongly than each conventional material, they remained transparent. No losses arose.

Such possibilities can become very interesting in the future, if one wants to store not only the energy of the light (as is the case for instance with the solar collector), but the light as a whole with all its characteristics e.g. the ability to be a storage medium.

Superconducting computer chips will be thus capable to store light and to use it thereby for data storage. Nature invented that everything, as we see, already billions of years ago.

We humans carry thus in each cell of our body a technical high speed equipment: a microchip with 3 Gigabits storage capability, which takes up electromagnetic information from the environment, stores it and - possibly in changed form - also is able to emit.

The technical data of the DNA as oscillator antenna are quickly determined. We know that the molecule would be - stretched out - about two meters long. Thus it has a natural frequency of 150 megahertz. Again a remarkable number, because this frequency is exactly in the range our human radar -, for telecommunications and microwave engineering. We use exactly the same frequency range for communication and detection purposes. A coincidence?

In addition the DNA may obviously store all harmonic waves of 150 megahertz too, thus of course also visible light. The 22th octave of 150 megahertz lies straight in this range.


The color of this light radiation is by the way blue.

  • Is it a coincidence that the solar radiation is broken by the terrestrial atmosphere just in such a way that we live in a world with blue sky?

  • So, does the DNA only take up the light energy, or stores and/or again emits information contained in the electromagnetic oscillation of the light by its radiant emittance?

  • Is the DNA a further communication organ of our body, and may it perhaps even be manipulated by electromagnetic radiation?

This is actual the case.


Independent of the biochemical function as a protein producer the DNA is a complicated electronic biological chip that communicates with its environment, as latest research from Russia found out.

In the year 1990 a group of scientists got together in Moscow, for whom the study of the human Genoms was too much reduced exclusively to biochemistry. They had recognized that by this viewpoint, which is based rather on orthodox dogmatism than on objective scientific realizations a lot of information remains hidden to us.

Highly-qualified scientists belong to this group, to a large extent from the Russian Academy of Sciences.


Beside physicists of the renowned Lebedev Institute also molecular biologists participate, bio physicists, geneticists, embryologists and linguists. Director of the project is Dr. Pjotr Garjajev, a bio physicist and molecular biologist. He is member of the Russian Academy of Sciences as well as of the Academy of Sciences in New York.

In the eight years since establishment of the project the Muscovite group came to revolutionary realizations, which let our understanding of the DNA and the human genetics appear in a completely new light.

For example we speak today nearly naturally of the »genetic code«, thus of a systematic information coding. But the past genetics stopped here and settled the remainder of the work exclusive with the help of chemistry, instead of consulting also language experts.

Differently in Moscow. Here, as already mentioned, the genetic code was submitted an exact investigation by linguists too.

Linguistics is the science of the structure of languages. It investigates thereby not only the natural languages, which developed in the individual countries and cultures, but also artificial languages, which are used for example for programming computers and which were developed in the past decades systematically using linguistic realizations.

One examines semantics (theory of the meaning of the words) and language regularities like the syntax (rules for the setting up of words from letters), as well as the bases of the grammar.

If one uses these scientific realizations on the genetic code, then one recognizes that this code follows the same rules as our human languages.

Mind you: not the rules of a certain language (in this case e.g. the Russian one), but on such a fundamental level, where all existing languages of mankind have comparable structures. So it is possible to set the structure of the genetic code in relationship with each existing language of mankind.

For centuries scientists looked for the human original language - Pjotr Garjajev and his coworkers possibly found it.

We must turn around the relations: the structure of the DNA does not correspond to the human language structure, but the human languages follow the genetic code in their structure the rules! DNA and genetic code existed already for a long time, before first humans spoke an articulated word for the first time! Every human languages developed since that time followed the basic pattern, already existing in the structure of the genetic code.

You should not misunderstand this realization: It does not concern here an orthodox materialistic conception of the world, according to which the ability for speaking would be only a secondary effect of proteins, which are put on in some genes.


The arrangement of the elementary bases in the DNA follows a grammar, an immaterial plan, which is similar to the structure of our languages.

The fact that no physical procedure is concerned here is proved by the next discovery of Garjajev’s team:

The analogy between the structure of the DNA and the human language is most pronounced just in the parts of the giant molecule, which are not used for protein synthesis!

For a long time one knows that only about 10 per cent of the DNA molecule are used for setting up genes. The remaining 90 per cent have a function unknown to classical science and were designated so far as »silent DNA«.

Garjajev’s realization thus is a revolution for the entire area of genetics. Examining only the well-known genes calling the remainder »silent DNA«, you will miss the most important facts! It is paradoxical: just the »silent DNA« - figurative spoken - speaks a language!

In various experiments the Muscovites group could prove that these extensive codes in the DNA are not used by any means for the synthesis of a so far unknown quantity of components of our body, as it is the case with the genes.


This code is rather actually used for communication, more exactly - for hypercommunication.

Hypercommunication is a data exchange on DNA level using genetic code. Since this code possesses a structure, which is the basis of all human languages, also higher information may be transported, which is able to come up to human consciousness and to be interpreted there.

Garjajev and its colleague continued still another step. They analyzed the vibration response of the DNA and found out that it follows quite complicated laws, which are however well known in the physics for a long time.

Those are the laws of nonlinear waveform-shaping, known since center of 19 century as so-called Soliton waves. They are known from observations, but so complicated that they may be calculated only with modern computers. Soliton waves are temporally extraordinarily stable and may store information in this way for a long time.

Summarizing all these realizations, one comes to a perfectly new form of the genetic engineering, possibly even to a new gene therapy.

Concerning this Pjotr Garjajev writes:

"The majority tries to understand the principles of the DNA biological computer by appointing oneself exclusively to the DNA Watson Crick Chargaff rules: A-T, G-C. That is correct, but it is so not enough!


The DNA chromosomale continuum in living systems has wave attributes, which lets us derive the unknown, a computer-similar program for the setting up of the organisms. The well-known genetic code is a code for protein synthesis and nothing further.


Chromosomes in vivo work as solitonic holographic computers under use of the endogenous DNA laser radiation."

This sounds like science of the 21st century and probably is. But don’t forget: Garjajevs statements are founded scientifically in theory and experiment.

The consequences of these realizations are as incomprehensible as simple and logical: If one modulates a laser beam by a frequency sample, then one may affect with this the information of the DNA waves and so the genetic information itself.

For this one does not even need to decode the language of the pairs of bases in laborious work, in order to formulate from it artificially genetic information, but one can use quite easily words and sentences of the human language! The bases of the language structures are, as we in now know, the same.

Also this astonishing conclusion the Muscovites group of researchers could prove already experimentally. DNA substance in vivo (i.e. in the living fabric, not in the test tube) reacts to language-modulated laser light, even to radio waves, if one keeps the correct resonant frequencies.

In this way unknown possibilities are opened to the medicine. One may design devices, with which through suitably modulated radio or light radiation cell metabolism may be affected, even the repair of genetic defects is possible, without all the risks and side effects of the classical-biochemical proceeding.

Garjajevs group of researchers could already prove that with this method chromosomes may be repaired, which were damaged e.g. by x-rays. The effects on medical therapy possibilities of the coming century are immense: one can develop devices for new, subtle cancer therapy, also for the treatment of aids and for the slowing down of the aging process.

Already today devices are in use also in German university clinics, with whose assistance cancer patients are exposed to frequency-modulated magnetic field irradiation. The results are promising.

We see here that the objectives of the Muscovites researchers deviate from those of the western human Genome Project in principle.


While in the western science the trend is to develop new chemical medicines from as much as possible items of information from the genes - a procedure, which is however not free from substantial risks, a potential giant business -, the Russian scientists have a rather holistic understanding of the DNA leading to the development of therapy devices, which may replace some expensive and dangerous medicine in the long term.

Quite beside from the new wave theory of the genetic code still some further interesting facts follow.


For example one knows for a long time that almost any bodily function, particularly also in the metabolism and in the hormone production, can be affected by suggestive strength of the spoken word, although they run perfectly autonomously, thus under elimination of the conscious will, whereupon the impact of the medical hypnosis is based. These facts are well-known, however could not be explained so far scientifically.

The medical model of the psycho neuro immunology led back the effect of hypnotic suggestions so far exclusively to control mechanisms in the brain, particularly in the regions, which are assumed to contain subconscious layers.

Now it looks that it is much simpler: the DNA is able to react directly to the spoken word.

Also different therapy procedures, whose impact was inexplicable so far, as for instance the Chinese acupuncture, may be explained with help of the DNA wave theory in Garjajev’s opinion scientifically.

If we summarize the research results of Professor Popp and Professor Garjajev, then a remarkable connection results:

Light actually represents an important factor in the power supply of our hereditary molecule, the DNA. It provides healthy functioning of all procedures in our cells. However it cannot form a complete replacement for material food alone.

The information, which will transfer via the light, is much more important. The DNA communicates in this way - perhaps with other organisms or with a superordinate plan - which a morphogenetic field, which could be proven by the research in Russia for the first time scientifically.

In this way the genetic information of each cell can employ comparisons of their actual condition with a specified condition each time and arrange possibly necessary repairs. This can prevent or at least stop diseases such as cancer or aids, in addition, slow down the age process.

The modern wave genetics is one of the key technologies for the coming millennium, and we can be strained, what science will discover in this area in the very near future.