by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf


from Fosar-Bludorf Website




The year 1998 just began - surely a crucial year briefly before the turn of the century.


In this time naturally once more all kinds of end time prophecies have boom, to which we want to take position in this article too.

Now it is well known that we don't work as prophets, but some important trends are already to be seen, so that one may talk about them founded. The most important of these trends surely is that mankind is in the transition from the age of matter to the age of frequencies.

What does this mean?


First of all, still in the classical-materialistic sense, the transition to a globalized communication society. World-wide telephone, fax and computer networks or the Internet are indicators.


Particularly the Internet is not explainable completely in terms of techniques anymore, and that is something fundamentally new, but it concerns an immaterial self-organizing structure in the sense of chaos theory.

Also in the realm of medicine frequency methods intersperse themselves more and more. Soft ultrasonic operations are refined by exotic techniques like the use of "acoustic mirrors", whereby an accurate detection for example of kidney stones is made possible by reflection and resonance methods.

But if we speak of a transition to the frequency age, we mean more by far. The ability of humans to perceive goes through a crucial change at present. More and more humans are able to notice fine-material energy fields and thus take up contact to other levels of our existence.


To these surely belong mental dimensions and, in addition, invisible intelligences like the elves from our fairy tales and legends, possibly even more bizarre encounters with extraterrestial intelligences, which were classified for long time under the somewhat misleading term of "UFO abductions".

In the broadest sense to this extended perception also belong the "Remote Viewing" techniques, a form of controlled extrasensory perception, which were developed by American military in the seventies under the pseudonym "Project Stargate".


It shows up that these remote viewing protocols - in the meantime published to a large extent - not only make possible the investigation of far objects, but also opens a gate to hidden realities in our "here and now", which we could prove by own experiments:

With the same methods, human consciousness may move freely not only in space, but also in time. By our experiments we found that it is thereby even possible for humans to explore own earlier incarnations and to exceed the limits of personal perception - also in cosmic dimensions!

Therefore, in place of the too narrow seized term "Remote Viewing" we defined the new term "Refined Perception". It contains thereby not only a form of "seeing", but also other senses like feeling, radiesthetic phenomena like dowsing, and above all in addition, the perception with help of the human energy field, the aura.

Newest scientific research resulted in that humans can get into resonance with the earth and with other organisms via their different body-own electromagnetic fields. In this article thereby the electromagnetic waves produced by the human brain are our main field of interest.

The investigation of the earth resonance frequencies and/or the so-called Schumann waves is the key for the new scientific realizations. These are also well known in esoteric circles, however usually presented physically incorrect.

Nevertheless Schumann waves will become already now increasingly important for all of us.


These natural "magic chant" of the earth has a broad influence on our world climate, in addition, on the evolution of human consciousness, and they are for a long time subject of doubtful military technologies. Already the discovery of these waves became a science crime story of first order.


About this we write in our book "Zaubergesang" ("Magic Chant"):

"For a long time we already know that the electrically positively loaded ionosphere forms a pole to the negatively charged earth's surface, and that between both constantly an electrical tension prevails.


This tension unloads itself regularly, whenever on earth a thunderstorm takes place somewhere. Such a system of two concentric, opposite electrically charged balls in physics is called a ball condenser.


These physical characteristics of the ionosphere is used technically in the wireless information transfer. For radio waves, which are emitted from a transmitter on earth, the ionosphere works like an enormous hollow mirror. From this the radio waves will be reflected and in such a way transferred over large distances.


Everyone who tried once to hear a far radio station with a medium wave knows the effect that the receipt becomes clearly better after sunset. The reason is that the breakdown effects by the sun exposure to the ionosphere are then omitted.

These physical facts were described for the first time at the beginning of our century by the Croatian physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla, which accomplished at this time experiments for wireless transfer of energy at Colorado Springs.

Tesla produced at that time enormous electrical tensions of several for hundred-thousand volts with his experimental assemblies, with which he could produce even artificial lightnings.


He found out the fact that with every such lightning also radio waves of extremely low frequency are radiated, which can penetrate through and into the earth almost without resistance. Thus he had discovered the electromagnetic resonance frequency of the earth.

Tesla's work encountered at that time little approval, and because the economic use was not immediately foreseeable, also his backers withdrew themselves rapidly, so that he could not terminate his research work. Thus it took nearly a half century, until someone other encountered this effect - again more or less by coincidence.

It was in the year 1952. The German physicist Professor Dr. W. O. Schumann of the Technical University of Munich wanted to give his student exercises to the physics of electricity. Just at that time he worked with them on the computation of ball condensers.


In order not to let it become too theoretical and abstract, Professor Schumann said to his students:

"Imagine the ionosphere as the one ball and the earth's surface as the other ball. Calculate then, what will be the results."

Schumann had no idea, which value would result from this, and to be able to examine his students' work, himself took a pencil and a sheet of paper and made a rough calculation.


He found a value of approximately 10 Hz.

Again to the illustration:

This value is the resonance frequency of the earth, thus the frequency, with which the earth begins to swing.

Each energy discharge between ionosphere and earth's surface, thus each normal thunderbolt, produces radio waves of such a frequency, which are resonanceable with the earth as by-product.


They cannot therefore only penetrate into the earth, but at the same time accumulate whereby it comes to the formation of enormous standing waves, which may remain stable over long time.

Schumann himself at that time in no way knew about the consequences of his discovery. Nevertheless he published the result in a physical technical periodical.

After that, the Schumann frequency, as it is called today in honors of its discoverer, would probably land in the waste-paper basket of science history, but a physically interested physician coincidentally read the paper. He called to Schumann immediately, because for him - the physician - the hair stood to mountains, when he saw, what he read there.


The Schumann frequency is also a resonance frequency of the human brain!

Measurements of the brain waves of humans with a, electrical encephalograph show that the brain produces electromagnetic waves, which lie in the range between 1 and 40 Hz.


This spectrum is in medicine divided into four ranges, which accompany with different consciousness conditions:

  1. Delta waves (1-3 Hz) are characteristic for dreamless deep sleep and coma conditions.

  2. Theta waves (4-7 Hz) are characteristic for the dream sleep.

  3. Alpha waves (8-12 Hz) arise in the relaxed awake condition, e.g. in a meditation or briefly before falling asleep and/or immediately after awaking.

  4. Beta waves (13-40 Hz) are dominant in the normal awake condition.

The physician explained to Schumann that it was nevertheless a strange coincidence that earth and brain have homogeneous resonance frequencies, and so Schumann instructed his graduate student and later successor on its chair, Herbert König, to further investigate this.

König, who got also well known from his scientific investigations about the dowsing phenomenon some years ago, accomplished now in the context of his doctor work extensive measurements of the earth resonance frequency and thereby naturally came to a more exact value than Schumann during his rough calculation.


The accurate value of the Schumann frequency is 7,83 Hz.

Thus it is finally clear that the agreement with the human brain frequencies is not coincidental, because this value corresponds accurately to the fundamental brain frequency of most mammals. For humans it lies scarcely at the lower limit of the alpha range, thus at the border between sleep and being awake.


Is this the reason that animals have a less evolved consciousness comparing with man? Are they only at the threshold of higher consciousness?

The agreement between earth and brain frequency is indeed no coincidence, because animals and humans are children of the earth and their brain frequencies adapted quite easily to the natural conditions of their habitat in the process of the evolution.


Quite similar result also Miloslaw Wilk found out when he investigated the power spectra of the earth and humans.

It is well known in science that the brain reacts on electromagnetic frequencies which are "offered" to it from the outside if they are in the correct frequency range. This is a typical resonance effect.


On this principle many of the "mind machines" are based, which should be helpful to achieve a relaxed, meditative condition, thus the alpha condition, where the calm waves of 8-12 Hz dominate and the restless thought activities of the normal beta condition stop."

We hold: Via Schumann waves all humans are in resonance to the earth, since the fundamental brain frequencies go conformal with the earth resonance frequency.


This makes it possible for humans to go into direct contact to the Earth with their consciousness and to pick up information outside of their five senses, if they are modulated for example on such a Schumann wave.

And here the danger starts, that with help of technically manipulated Schumann waves an inaudible and invisible influence of mankind will be possible, or already is, in order to manipulate the emotional conditions or the state of health of whole populations, or in order to feed suggestions quite directly into the brains of humans.


Such a technology is not based on Science fiction, but already exists, in form of the HAARP project in Alaska. We reported about it in our Karmakurier magazine in December 1996 and March 1997. We wrote at that time that this project will go into full operation in the year 1998.

Also the effects of the Schumann waves based technology on the weather was long time negotiated, but in the course of our research for our book "Zaubergesang" we found the necessary proofs.


In an American patent specification from the year 1987, which became the basis of the HAARP antennas, the possibility of such a weather manipulation is expressly mentioned. We can't deal further in the context of this article with the facts, which are more comprehensively examined in the book. Instead we want to turn to the current results with the study of the Schumann frequencies.


Here in many publications, particularly from the spiritual range, many facts are misunderstood.

What we mean:

The present developments in the climatic area, in addition, increasing tendencies of global thought and mind control, arouse the impression in many people that a kind of "end time" started now, as they are predicted in many old prophecies of the holy writings of mankind.

This is the first fundamental misunderstanding, which is based on the fact that usually the old prophecies are interpreted only too superficial. We will refer to this in detail in a separate article.


In other publications the true statement is seen correct e.g. from the John's revealing in the Bible that it concerns a transformation process of mankind and the earth.


For this the Schumann frequency is then usually referred. It is written then, that this frequency at present would increase and would reach rather soon values of 13 Hz, whereby human consciousness would be waked up.

We asked concerning this the at present world-wide best experts in the area of the Schumann frequency, thus for example,

  • Professor Dr. Davis Sentman (University of Fairbanks, Alaska)

  • Dr. Earle Williams (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

  • Dr. Gabriella Sátori (Academy of Science, Sopron, Hungary)

The statements of these scientists to some extent were surprising.


They partly knew even about it, which rumors circulate over the Schumann frequency at present within the esoteric range. They explained that these statements were not explainable by scientific facts. However - and the large "however" comes now - they confirmed us too that the Schumann waves actually go through a change process at present.


Also for this we would like to quote a passage from our book "Zaubergesang":

"First of all after newer research results one can't talk any longer only about "the" Schumann frequency, because there are several of them.

The earth is not only resonanceable to only one frequency, thus a bare tone, but actually sings a charm singing with several voices.

Already for approximately thirty years it is well-known to science that with thunderstorms apart from the elementary Schumann frequency by 7,83 Hz further resonant vibrations are actually produced. Until today at least eight such frequencies could be identified.


The rounded off frequencies are 8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39, 44 and 50 Hz.

Not only the first Schumann frequency lies in a range, to which the human brain is sensitive, but this applies at least to the first six ones.

Thus humans are not only bombarded with "sleep inducing" Theta waves of 7,83 Hz, but at the same time also with additional waves, which lie all together in the beta wave band, which are considered as characteristic to the awake condition.

Now the lowest, classical 7,83 Hz frequency is without any doubt the most intensive. But the higher form a spectrum of different oscillations, to which the brain is all together sensitive. The Schumann frequency spectrum (s. fig. P7) is remarkably similar to that of the human brain, because similarly in EEG measurements the alpha and theta frequencies are characterized by far, high excursions, while the beta waves are flat and jerky.

Thus the Schumann waves as a whole tend rather to calm down and wake up the human brain at the same time.

The result might be a condition of brain synchronization, which is momentarily still with difficulty conceivable for us. Newest results of the brain research show that the old conception was too naive that the brain reconstructs offered frequencies simply from the outside, and does not describe the real procedures.

Instead the brain reacts to outside energies and oscillations, to which it is sensitive, with an extensive reorganization of its internal circuits. This leads - similarly as the decrease of the magnetic field - for a moment to a chaotic, stress-promoting unrest effect. Then however the brain is inclined to organize itself on a higher oscillation level again. It achieves a higher consciousness condition, which is not explainable from the sum of the two single conditions.

This condition cannot only be described lapidary as "brain synchronization", how it is reached by meditation techniques like the tables of Chartres or certain tape cartridges. This higher consciousness condition is somewhat much more powerful.


Perhaps one can describe it best as a condition, in which humans are awake and asleep at the same time, and the normal daily consciousness with the ability for critical, free decision and the immeasurable possibilities of the sub-consciousness are available at the same time.

In this condition human consciousness transcends the fourth dimension - man becomes the master of time.

There is - at least in our culture - at present only one consciousness condition, in which this is realized. It concerns the so-called lucid dream.

Normally awake consciousness is more or less switched off during a usual dream, what is also recognizable by the fact it that in the dream condition the theta and alpha waves dominate. Men are therefore predominantly passive in their dreams and let the dream action evolve itself.

Criticism ability is to a large extent suppressed, so that also the bizarre realities, which one meets usually in dreams, are not noticed during the dream.

This essentially corresponds to the consciousness condition of "dream time", in former times, in which humans were more or less delivered to external influences also in their daily life and were able only to react. They could nevertheless survive - similarly as the animals -, since they were integrated part of the total structure of nature. Quite simply the consciousness of the free will was missing to them, which could enable them to revolt.

In daily consciousness against it our rational understanding dominates, which lets us meet critical and self-conscious decisions.


On the other hand the immeasurable creative forces of the unconscious are now in the background - forces, which permit us to create whole realities in our dreams. Also this limits our scope of action, because our awake understanding is not able to seize and control nature in their entireness. Our rational understanding is inclined to define itself and so the wisdom of the unconscious, the feeling of belonging to a larger entireness is missing.

In the condition of the lucid dream these two contrasts are bridged. One become conscious during the dream of the fact that he dreams, and so on one hand knows that the reality, which he experiences, was created totally by himself. The creative forces of the unconscious are fully at his disposal.


On the other hand also his critical understanding is active, so that his ability to self-conscious acting is available too.

In lucid dreams humans may change the dream action therefore by the power of their thoughts according to own desires. Thereby abilities are at the disposal which one could call "magic".

These are not spiritual speculations, but secured research results of the modern psychology. Lucid dreams have been investigated intensively for years, for example by the important lucid dream pioneers Professor Dr. Paul Tholey of the University of Frankfurt/Main and by Dr. Stephen LaBerge of the Stanford University in California.

Lucid dreams arise for many people occasionally and spontaneously. Usually the people are surprised then, so that they do not know to do anything with this, but are only confused. But one can learn lucid dreaming systematically, as we ourselves could prove in our lucid dream intensive courses again and again.

What would happen, if humans would experience this consciousness condition by day, if thus, apart from normal awake consciousness, also the creative strength of the unconscious were fully available? One can only speculate upon this fantastic possibility. Would it be then possible for us, with the strength of our thoughts, to influence our environment consciously to affect - so to have by day abilities which one would have called some centuries ago still "magic"?...

It is momentarily however difficult to make really reliable statements about the long-term development of the terrestrial "magic chant" since for this simply the long-term measurements are missing. In the past decades the science only sporadically worked on this topic, while systematic investigations exist only for some years.

We nevertheless know that the earth turns the charm singing slowly louder, that means, the intensity of the Schumann waves constantly increased and that humans are exposed at the same time thereby in natural way to waves from the theta and beta range.

But there is still another trend, which is recognizable from newest research results and which still strengthen consciousness-changing effect of the Schumann waves.

The Nagycenk observatory in the Hungarian city Sopron is an institution, which belongs to the geophysical institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. There the geophysicist Gabriella Sátori with their colleagues investigates the development of the Schumann frequencies for some years intensively.

The Hungarian scientists came thereby to the remarkable result that not only the intensity of these waves, but the frequencies themselves are subject to substantial fluctuations, which are likewise controlled by the warming of earth.

Thus the lowest Schumann frequency is not today already any longer with those 7.83 Hz, which measured Herbert König in the fifties, but over far distances of the year already in the proximity of the "magical" border of 8 Hz, sometimes even higher.

We called this border "magical", because it represents exactly the transition from the theta to the alpha frequencies. Only in such moments it be will possible to let the consciousness-extending effect of the Schumann resonance spectrum as a whole become fully effectively because the sleep-inducing, i.e. consciousness-clouding effect of the theta waves is void.

The highest frequency values occur thereby in the summer months (of the Northern Hemisphere), while they drop down again in winter.

The trend is still confirmed by investigations of the second and third Schumann resonance frequencies. Here the seasonal fluctuations are to be observed even more strongly. They move between 13,8 and 14,1 Hz resp. between 19,5 and 20,3 Hz.

What does this mean for our consciousness?


Research over unusual consciousness conditions, as for instance the psychologist documents Michael Murphy performed, points out that for example shamans or Indian fakirs reach the most pronounced metanormal abilities in conditions, which one cannot describe with the usual term "trance", what we mostly understand as a sleep-similar condition of lowered consciousness.


Rather it concerns a feeling of increased awakeness, thus a condition of the excitation or ecstasy, that is characterized in the EEG rather by the higher beta frequencies above 20 Hz.

If due to the climatic changes on earth the natural spectrum of the Schumann waves would thus expose us on the one hand a constantly with intensifying alpha frequency, on the other hand however a likewise ever more intensively becoming beta wave spectrum, which is appropriate to a large extent above 20 Hz, then this would mean that we are all going towards a condition of increased awakeness. This is strengthened still, as we see, by the continuous decrease of the earth's magnetic field.

If we see however these effects as a whole, then we will feel this consciousness condition no longer as stress or will become sick. The reassuring alpha waves take care about this, which have the largest intensity in the Schumann wave spectrum. It might be very more balanced rather, positive consciousness condition.

Since it does not concern however a pure alpha condition, we will not be in danger of increased manipulation."

Everything points thus on that regardless of all global dangers mankind steers on a new age of higher consciousness, not from own drive, but steered by the "charm singing" of the earth.


Did the old prophecies be wrong?


In the opposite - we will see that in 2000 years old writings this development was already foreseen accurately!