Martin: Ok, let’s back-up a minute. Let’s go back to your archeological find and the potential Hall of Records, and, as much as you CAN talk about that subject, because I know our readers will be very, very interested in whatever is coming out from those records.

Ghost Wolf: What we have discovered in several sites—one in particular, it goes back to my discovery of the Sphinx in Colorado, and we keep saying "the Sphinx" in Colorado; there were many other things there that were incredible. (Laugh) There were a couple of griffins, there was an angel, there were other forms, there was what, very feasibly, could be the remnants of a pyramid.

When I went down and talked to the Hopi in Arizona right after that, the Hopi brought me to some places out there in the dessert and showed me some petroglyphs that they said related to that place. What they spoke about was, there was another race here. All indigenous people speak about those who taught us, those who came here, those who we got the knowledge from.

Where did they come from? "They came from the West" say the elders.

Ok, that’s interesting. If they came from the West, were they Chinese? Not necessarily.

They speak also of something that I worked with, and work with, which is why I did the Ghost Dance. The Ghost Dance—and this all ties in, this is how I got there—the Ghost Dance doesn’t come from Lakota people. It didn’t come from Wovoka in the Piute. It came from other people who brought it.

Wovoka had an understanding, through a group of people called Chagargwens—spell it phonetically, there is no spelling for it—the Chagargwens were people who came from Central America. Essentially they still exist, they live, they exist in Guatemala. These were not like other native people, they had beards. They dressed differently. Their houses are more like what you’d see in the Middle East. They have green eyes, blue eyes, black, brown, red hair, sometimes blonde, mostly black to red to brown.

There’s talk about the being who is spoken of in many of the cultures, from the Iroquois, the Haudenosaunee, and other people who talk about the Deganaweda, the peace-maker.

Martin: The Pale Prophet.

Ghost Wolf: The Pale Prophet.

  • The Lakota called him Wiacoma Tete (Lord of the Wind)

  • The Salish people call him Tacoma

  • The Hopi call him Masa

  • The Incas call him Ammaru

  • The Mayans call him Quetzalcoatl, Quoca

Many names, same person—the bearded person, the Pale Prophet.

I became drawn into this 25 years ago, and most of my teachings in what I did were about this. Every place I went, they sent me to another person, and I would learn a little more. Consciousness creates the nature of reality, and what you feel, and what you emanate, and what you transmit out draws to you that which you are. If you’re in joy, you draw joy to you. If you’re in fear, you draw fear to you. If you’re working on a specific subject, well, everything that you’re thinking about will draw the energy of that to you.

Over the years I have met many people and elders who knew the stories of this being, of this man. When I first heard the stories, I thought they were talking about different people. He had many names. It was a he. And it depended upon which culture you focused upon, how the particular story would go of the event that happened there. But all of his names equated to the Pale Prophet, the Prophet, the Lord of the Wind and Sky—all of the names came out to have similar meaning. All of the teachings were identical.

And then, as I went further with this story and, understand that I did not come in from the Mormon perception into this, I did not enter that way. The Mormons have now contacted me and communicated with me because of the similarities in the story, because I don’t know anything about the Book Of Mormon. I just started reading it, because I figured that I’d better, so that I would know what they’re talking about.

I mean, where they go, their story was from upstate New York. Where they got their story was from the Haudenosaunee, from the Iroquois. This was native teachings, native knowledge, from the original people who were here. The person who gave that to them, according to the Iroquois, was one of the giants, one of the ones who came before.

That’s a coincidence. The Mayans talk about giants. The Hopis talk about giants. Lakotas talk about giants. The Seminals talk about giants. Up in Alaska they talk about them; it’s nothing new.

Over here in Kettle Falls, up in Washington, about 40 years ago, Washington Power was putting through power lines. They found 12 upright bodies, buried upright in the ground. The bodies were between 7 and 11 feet in height. They took them, extracted them from the ground, not knowing what to do with them, and they gave them up to local native people up in the Republic area. I don’t know where they are now, but the documents of that are there.

As we travel through different places, I became interested in who this was. As I traveled to different places, people would give me artifacts.

Many years ago I was given artifacts where I put things up on my website, once, about these amulets that I had found that had Egyptian figures carved on them, and they were found in the central United States. They were given to me by a man who was Native, and the two friends who were with him weren’t, but he was.

And the story was:

"You are to hold these. You are to protect these. They came from a place that you can no longer get into. The entrance has been covered over, blown up. But you are to hold these things, because the Guardians there told me that you will be instrumental in the preservation of these. This has to do with ancient knowledge that will come up at a time yet to come."

We’re talking 15 years ago.

What I have, came from what we just found. We have over 2,000 artifacts that have been taken out of there. And the artifacts, there, have to do with Venetian writing, Hebraic writing, Celtic or Orgam writing, Egyptian alphabet, Greek alphabet, and other symbols, symbols that I’ve only seen in one other place. And, my spiritual brother, Standing Elk, who most people probably have heard of, he talks about the translations that he did of the symbols from Roswell, and he speaks about the Lakota star maps. Lakota star maps are very real.

I have to do a short version of the story for you.

The prophet told the people here that a time was coming where great devastation would come upon the human race, that we were going into the cycle of what you’ve called the Serpent—not the Serpentine, but the Serpent. As we went through these cycles, we would go into self-destruction. He told them about those who would be coming across the waters, who they understood at that point to be the younger brother. And the younger brother would come, and when he came he would bring much destruction. Much of the land that they knew would no longer be here. The animals that they knew would disappear.

So, you have to figure, a couple of hundred thousand years ago, whatever, if this was basically 1100 years ago or 1800 years ago, to tell an Indian that the geese were going to disappear—when he looked at the sky and he couldn’t even see the Sun because there were so many of them—to tell him that there wouldn’t be any buffalo when they looked out into the field and there were millions of them that, literally, blackened the plains—that was a pretty far-fetched story.

He turned around and he buried the information with the high elders, at that time, whoever they were from different cultures, in 12 different locations. Some of them are here in North America, some of the them are in Central America.

My friend and I, Speaking Wind, knew all about this. The information came from ancient Bibles that were written in Spanish. They were also written in manuscripts that were translations in Spanish by people who were not necessarily under the control of the Inquisition then.

(Now we have a different form of the Inquisition; we call it the IRS. Same beast, different clothes.)

These things were hidden. What people have read, that is called The Celestine Prophecy, is one of the short stories that came out of that whole pile of work. We have located 9 of the locations. In each one of these locations, or libraries you may call them, or Halls of Records—we are now working on one of those locations where, as I said earlier, at perhaps the beginning of the conversation, there is Greek, Venetian, Hebriac, Egyptian, and other symbols from the ancient language. We don’t know what the ancient language is, but the only place that I’ve ever seen these symbols were in the things that Standing Elk showed me from Roswell. I’ve seen them, occasionally, one or two, never all of them together, in different petroglyphs. But here, I’ve got a whole library of them.

We’re dealing with what appears to be—’cause I just got through 4 days of sitting down with a man who’s a rabbi. He is a friend of mine. He does a lot of work over in Israel working on the ancient scrolls. He’s doing a lot of work for the Israeli government over there, transcribing the ancient Acian scrolls that they just found in Masada, and he’ll be there for 4 months, in a little while, working with them. He’s basically on the same level as Zecharia Sitchin for understanding it. He’s actually in the Hebrew faith, himself.

And when we went over these different things, what we found was that the stories tell us all about what is known, over in the Euphrates River, as the Aaronic Order, the Priests of Aaron.

If we go back to the stories of Moses, Moses had a brother. There are all of these symbols in there to tell about that story, in the ancient Hebrew writing. There are also constant references in here to Solomon, and the Seal of Solomon. There are many, many artifacts in there that show African people, Nigerian hair-styles, very old. They’re obviously Black, and they’re sitting there with pictures of the Menorah inside a pyramid.

When he looked at these things, he said to me "Well, what we’re talking about here, you understand that Solomon had a wife. Her name was Sheba, and she and Solomon had a son, and the son went down to Nigeria." This is directly from that lineage, this form of Hebrew that we’re looking at. The symbols did not come from the other place because of his knowledge of these things.

I don’t have that much knowledge in that particular form of writing. My emphasis has always been here. I can read the Mayan glyphs. I can read the Hopi glyphs, I can read that. That’s my area. And it was just an amazing, amazing story.

And then, the Greek writing—the horses, there are horses. We have statues of horses. We have statues of elephants from this site. They didn’t have horses here—that’s what I read. Didn’t you read that? They had no horses, they had no elephants, but here they had horses, they had elephants. They had men with swords. If someone had found this in the Dead Sea, or someone had found this along the Euphrates River, or even along the Nile, I don’t think it would be so incredible. But the fact that we found that right here in Central America, and there are over 13 chambers. What we have is absolute, clear evidence—we don’t know to what extent, yet, because we’re trying to get into the tunnels.

What we have came from a broken chamber. They are identical to the amulets that were given to me many years ago—same kind of figures, same kind of marks, same kind of writing, same kind of alphabet around the figure. I have an amulet with a figure of Horus on it. Some people say it’s Rigel; I say it’s Horus. It’s the hawk-god. The other one is a figure of a phoenix.

Where I was in Colorado—this is another one of these locations. There’s another one in the Yucatan. There’s another one in New Mexico. We have the maps. We know where they are, basically we know where they are.

Martin: I would think that Chichen Itza would be one.

Ghost Wolf: Not Chichen Itza; close, but not. Within 300 miles, I’ll put it that way, in one of the more spiritual centers, the earlier cities. Chichen Itza was a combination of 3 different cultures that came in there, yet there is a very fascinating thing in Chichen Itza.

If you go to the place in Chichen Itza, in the back, you know, the Spanish called it the Nunnery because it was the "Temples of the Goddess", but they didn’t know what else to call it but the Nunnery (below image). And you go back in there and there’s this courtyard. And the courtyard is like the "Temple of the Moon", is what it’s actually translated to, from Mayan. It means "the Temple of the Moon". In the "Temple of the Moon" there is a square with an inner square, and inside the inner square is a circle. Ok?

And you look at it and you go "Well, maybe there was water and other things that went into this, there was a pool." If you look closely at the circle, and you look at the stones in the center, you realize that what the stones in the center had created, at one point, was a star tetrahedron, a merkaba, or what could be called the "Seal of Solomon".

If you look around the outside level of the first square in the courtyard—remember, it’s a square within a square, with a circle in the middle—around the outside square you have 13 columns in a circle. 13 columns in the circle—when you turn around and reconstruct this on a piece of paper, what you have is the breastplate from the Priests of Aaron in Israel. It was the High Order of Priest. That’s as much as I can say about it now. Same symbol, a merkaba—the merkaba surrounded by a circle of 13 pillars, to mark the 13 phases of the Moon. The square within a square with a circle, which is a sign of Divinity, and in the middle of it there’s the merkaba that’s open to the heavens. Incredible.

If we go to the site, they also have the merkaba everywhere. Now, I don’t believe, at this point, that what we have is a temple as much as it’s a hall of records. Some of these chambers—because we’ve done the appropriate scientific research, and we had the wonderful gift of technology these days—some of these chambers are 260 feet below the ground. They go in at an angle, the same angle as you would go into the Great Pyramid—the chamber that goes down, the passageway, in the Great Pyramid—same angle, same geometry, same mathematics. Incredible.

You can understand why my friend Richard Hoagland is all excited too, right? (Laughter) It’s like "Yeah, here it is!"

Martin: I would think security would be a problem.

Ghost Wolf: Eventually, yes. The security in the Smithsonian, probably. They probably want to take everything and put it in the museum. But we are now at the point where we are getting ready to make the actual entrance into the other chambers, because we had to do a considerable amount of research to find out where they were. We’re going to resume the same mapping project during this winter, because you work with the weather, unfortunately. We still have to deal with the weather.

One of the things that we’re going to do is go down to the location down in Yucatan, and we’re going to map that one out and see how many chambers we have there and if it’s the same geometry, and if the passageways are at the same angles. If they’re at the same angles, then it all ties in, and it all comes up as ancient manuscripts that we have.

What is it that we believe that we’ve found, and why are we doing it?

We believe—the people who I work with— that people have been lied to for too long about what the truth is of their origins and what they are, and the true capabilities and potentialities that we have as human beings. And, you know, knowledge is power. Information is energy. If we have the information, and we can bring the information out, in this window of time that we have, this very brief window of time, for multiple reasons—number one, the clock is ticking. But that brings us back to the 7th Thunder.

We basically have less than 2½ years. Then all of the pathogens that are in people are going to click into gear, and you’re going to see millions of people die, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s too late. They were already infected, unless they get on the programs.

You see—I don’t want to get off—let me stay on what we’re talking about. We have a brief window in time now where I sit here and I can talk to you about these things, where you can print these things in your publication. I can get up on the radio and I can talk about them. We can get together in L.A. and speak about these things and I can bring the artifacts out in front of you and show you. It’s not just something that I’m conjuring up in my mind. I can show you these things. You can touch them, you can hold them. You can put this horse in your lap, it’s about 14 inches high, and go: "Where did this horse come from? They didn’t have horses until, you know, the Spanish brought them over." That’s what I was told. And swords? Come on! So we know that it’s not Native American. We know that it’s before that.

There’s also an enormous amount of information in here about the Ark of the Covenant. I mean, tablets and tablets talking about the Ark of the Covenant. We haven’t translated all of the tablets that we’ve found. The main concern was to find out how big the find was, and to verify what we had, and then to be able to go out to people who could help us—because, unfortunately, we live in a world where it takes money to do this kind of work.

You can only take so many weeks and months off and get lost in the wilderness. We have to dig the tunnels and go down. That’s where we are now. If this Hall of Records—which is what we really believe that it is—can be brought out to the world all at once, it will, literally, blow the lid off every organized religion because this is the simple, unadulterated truth. And it’s all in their languages. Isn’t that incredible?

Martin: That is!

Ghost Wolf: What can you do when you’re looking at the truth of everything that you ever believed in, written in all other languages, and here it is all in one place? All the languages of the world in one place, all telling the same story. What do we do when we find out that the Lost Tribes really were here? What do you do when you find out that, when Moses was lost in the desert, maybe it wasn’t Sinai. Maybe it was here.

Forty years is a long time to walk around. Have you ever been in the Sinai? It’s not that big. But the tie-ins have been incredible, in the different locations—between the one location, how it relates to the other location, the geometry that is involved in the petroglyphs. An enormous amount of sacred geometry. And how these things were carved, we don’t know, we don’t know.

[Editor’s note: Without getting into a long discussion here, when Robert talks about "sacred geometry" he is referring to important recurring mathematical and geometric relationships that are found associated with many ancient sites, such as the Great Pyramid. These mathematical and geometric situations are not just coincidentally associated with these sites, but are purposeful and related to the TRUE properties of space and time that hold our physical world together, properties you do not read about in our "sanitized" normal physics books. Richard Hoagland’s books and website are a good place to go to learn more about this most intriguing subject.]

Yes, there is metal, there’s metal artifacts there. And there’s things that we can’t talk about, yet. But what they show us is that we have to be very careful about how we bring this information out and we have to make sure it gets out to the whole world.

So, right now, I’m putting some things together with Dannion Brinkley and Time-Warner, and trying to be able to come out and put this thing in a video presentation for everybody so that, if the whole world knows about it, how can they say it didn’t happen? If you understand what I’m saying!

Martin: Yes, safety in wide publicity. Now let’s talk about the Sun.

Ghost Wolf: My new book, which is coming out in December, is the last prophecy book I’m going to put out. It’s very hard to do that kind of work, ask my wife. If it wasn’t for her love, I don’t know what I would do, because you don’t know when you’re going to get the vision, so to speak. You have to put yourself into this place where you’re constantly open to it, and it can create some very uncomfortable, sleepless nights, never mind days. It’s sort-of like the same stuff that happened to Nostradamus, happens to me. These things come over and I see them, and they’re so real that I just don’t want to keep doing it.

But, Days Of Destiny [The Days Of DestinyThe Stargate Files, Ghost Wolf’s new book, out soon] is important. What Days Of Destiny has to do with, essentially, is that it is not the end of the world. Now, nobody else is going to believe that until January 1st at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. It’s about the next 120 years, as we go into the Earth changes, because we’re not really in the Earth changes yet; they just began.

One of the things that we found at all of these sites was a story, and the story started to become too frequent. We found it in Illinois, we found it in Arkansas, we found it up in Massachusetts, we found it in Connecticut, we found it in New Mexico, we found it in Colorado, we found it up in Washington, we found it in Montanta.

It had to do with Orgam writing, Celtic writing, for the most part, it had to do with caves and temples that were obviously built by Celtic people. Not only were they Celtic, but everywhere we went there were also the symbols of the "Seal of Solomon" and the Knights Templar, everywhere.

They talk about a "Cycle of the Sun". They talk about something that happens, for the sake of this article, between 1150 and 1200 years, in cycles. And that the Sun goes through these cycles, and what happens is that these burning balls of fire come out of the Sun.

If we go and we back it up with geological research, we find that, in fact, we can tell by the rocks and certain things that are buried, under however many feet of soil that remains of petrified wood and everything, that there was a tremendous fire here, that everything was burned down, that everything was destroyed. And what they talk about is this "Cycle of the Sun". They talk about this destruction that comes from the Sun.

We are now, at this point, into the 2nd year of a 5-year cycle, in which the Sun—the only words that I can use are their words:

"And the terror will come from the heavens, and it will destroy all in its path. Do not let this happen to you. There are things that you CAN do. Prepare for what is coming from the Sun, the purging of Ra."

And it talks about how the Sun, basically, goes through a rebirthing cycle or a birthing cycle, in which new substance is released into our solar system. It takes the effect here of what, probably what we’re seeing right now with the solar flares. And the Sun, you know, is really—all the Sun is, is ectoplasm; it’s not really what everybody thinks it is. And the ectoplasm is necessary, at one point, to give new cellular life to the universe.

If you go back to the holographic theory, if you go back to "all cells are programmed with information", if you have a civilization on Earth that is totally corrupt, that no place that you can go can you find a place that doesn’t have the corruption, it’s everywhere. And you’re trying to birth a new consciousness. What does that consciousness need to take root? It needs new matter—the same way, in essence, that the Earth is now rebirthing herself throughout the Ring of Fire, throughout many of the underground passageways that the magma is moving.

There’s a tremendous amount of activity going on through the central United States right now, that they’re trying to keep quiet, for some reason. We’re going to see, in the next 2 years, something dramatic happen somewhere in Wyoming or Eastern Montana—an earthquake of proportions that you couldn’t calculate.

When the fireballs come from the heavens, this relates to the prophecies that I got and that the Hopi talk about: "It’s going to rain fire from the sky." And, I believe it’s even in the Bible: "It’s going to rain fire from the sky." These balls of fire are going to come down, like golf ball size and bigger, but they’re like storms; they’re solar storms in which we get hit by these things.

What we know at this point, from looking at these writings which come from all over the country—and there was a specific disaster that happened here about 1200 years ago, that happened from what we’re going to call the Delta area of the South, the Louisiana Delta area, straight up through the Southwest and up into Montana, where life was just devastated.

For the most part, we believe that life was devastated throughout pretty much a lot of North America, because we have these great mound-builders, we have these incredible civilizations that, all of a sudden, the people are nonexistent.

The proof of all this we’re finding in the chambers that we’re now excavating, which is that there was a lot more here than Native Americans running around in feathers and nomadic tribes. There were incredible civilizations here; they had incredible technology. What happened to them? Where did they go? How come they all disappeared?

These writings talk about that cycle. They talk about, based upon the calculations, again, that we are now 2-2½ years—it’s hard to tell because you have to analyze the calendars, and the calendar that we have has nothing to do with reality. It’s an imposed, artificial belief. We have to go back to the Mayan calendars, we have go back to the astrology of the Chaldeans to understand how everything was once calculated here, scientifically, with such precision that they knew EXACTLY where Joshua was going to be born; that they knew exactly what year the younger brother would be coming from across the ocean back; that they knew exactly when these cycles would occur.

Knowing when these cycles would occur, they built many of their civilizations and cities underground. They built them in the sides of the caves in Chaco Canyon, so that they would be protected from that kind of thing happening from the cosmos. The solar flares over the next 2 years are going to increase to such an extent that they’re going to disrupt everything, because they also—when you get hit with these blasts, and with the flying debris because, as the ectoplasm travels through space—I’m trying to make this so everybody can understand it—but as these things travel through space, they pick up debris; they pick up dust; they pick up particles, and they pick up all the astral stuff and everything that’s floating around, things from old meteors and everything.

They come here and they’re solid. As they come into the Earth’s atmosphere and cool down, they take form, sort-of like flying rocks, you know, of heat—balls of heat, only it’s magma. And these things are coming. They also will change a lot of the electromagnetic frequencies when they come, tremendously.

The main concern that we have in the next 3 years is what is going to be happening with the Sun because we don’t know, there’s no way that we can calculate with the knowledge that we have now. We don’t have the knowledge that they have—maybe if we can get into all of these ancient sites in time and bring this out and work with our computers, we could figure out what the solution is, that we could divert certain things from happening here.

I don’t have any concerns about Y2K. (Laugh) I think that there’s going to be some disruption. I think a lot of it is manipulated. You’re going to see the main effects of Y2K starting to happen as of March of next year. They will be tied into the reorganization of the world financial structures. There’ll be new banking programs implemented. They’re already implemented, they’re just waiting to take hold. There will be disasters in certain cities.

I believe that what Richard Hoagland is talking about is an absolute reality. Technologically speaking, I know that we have those capabilities and we have that technology. I have too many friends in high places. I don’t believe it’s going to happen tomorrow night, but I believe that it will happen sometime in the next year. And I believe that it’s been created to perpetuate the most incredible myth that we have ever created on this planet, which is the Armageddon syndrome.

If you’ve lost control of the world’s religions, you’ve lost control over human spirituality. The danger in that is that, along with the Neanderthal-type of person on the one hand, on the other you’re also going to have the Awakening ones.

And if the Awakening occurs, consciousness will reach "critical mass" and we will awaken—the "hundredth monkey" theory. Once we awaken, we can never be controlled again. We have been controlled for over 5,000 years. For 5,000 years there’s been a war to try to crush and remove from the face of this Earth any of the ancient schools, any of the ancient knowledge that could disrupt the paradigm of enslavement. It’s been an ongoing, methodical procedure.

When they came over here from Europe and they realized that the ancient temples were still here, even though some of the people did not have the means of understanding it all, there were people who understood what they were looking at. And they knew it had to be removed, because it was a threat to their control system.

It was a threat to the system that people would know that a little man by the name of Joshua Ben Joseph conducted the greater part of his ministry here, and not over in Judea. That would disrupt everything. But they’re going to have a hard time trying to control that now, because there’s more than one place. There’s not just me working on it. I’m involved with 14-28 people working on this now.

When Speaking Wind passed over, I had to make some decisions. Now, in his manuscripts he talks about me quite often, so none of this is fabricated. But how do you get the word out? We have to look toward the Sun, now. And there are others out there watching it, too. We are Divinely protected, but when you’re dealing with something of that kind of awesome power, I don’t know, it’s beyond my knowledge what they can do. It’s beyond my knowledge what could happen to the Sun.

I know that when I traveled through New Mexico and I saw mountains that were upside-down, I realized that something once hit this Earth that was so powerful it must have been incredible to experience. And yet, I know that there were people living here when that happened, because you can find the artifacts, you know? You can find the stuff in the caves, you can find the petroglyphs, and they talk about it. What it was, we don’t know. It’s been lost from our memory.

What we’re finding now are the pieces. And if we could find the pieces of what we lost, if we know from where we came, we can calculate to where we’re going. But if we don’t know from where we came, we’re just like blind men trying to feel our way through the woods. We’re just stumbling.

I think it’s important here to finish the final scenario of the 7th Thunder.

Martin: Yes.

Ghost Wolf: We have the one, which is obvious, which is that things aren’t going to be so good. The Sirians, and the ancestors from the stars, are going to come down and they’re going to say "This is the way it is. You had your chance and you blew it. Now we had to save your planet again." This world, this 4th world, has been destroyed 3 times already by our fumbling and our refusal to acknowledge the natural forces and laws of this place. Three times!

But something that Drunvelo and I started talking about when we came back from Yucatan, and the ceremonies that we did down there with Humbatzman, where we took 144 people through a time portal, it was incredible. 144 people, we all went through, and for a brief moment in time every place around us was totally intact. The pyramids were not in a state of ruin, they were totally intact, and everybody experienced it.

The important thing that we have to realize now is that we really have the answers to the resolutions and the solutions for all of the dilemmas that are coming our way. We have to really move into consciousness and realize the power of the human mind, that the human mind is an instrument of a Divine source, and that if we have the courage to get out of our own way and walk through our fears to the other side of the veil, we’re going to find that we’re capable of extraordinary things; that we’ve never had so much hope as we do right now.

The only difference between our being able to do it and change the world, is a thought, it’s simply a thought whether we can or we can’t. If you tell the child at the time of 3 that he can’t jump over the 8-foot fence, he’ll believe it in his body-mind consciousness. But if something happens that, by some quirk of circumstance, the child accidentally or without thinking jumps over the fence, he can never forget that he did it.

We are an incredible, incredible race because we have the ability within our being— it’s been engineered into our being, it’s been encoded into our cosmic proportions, if you will, if I can borrow from the Mayans, into our cellular structure and our DNA, the intelligence of all of these incredible races from which we are descended.

As the frequencies keep rising in octave, we’re going to reach a point where the whole thing could ignite and we’ll have the total power of what we are. We’ll be able to work with both hemispheres of our brain and change things in a moment. It’s not a fantasy, it’s a reality!

We already can do things that cannot be explained. Normal human beings walking on this Earth now do things that were once only reserved for the avatars. Healings of incredible, miraculous nature can occur with a lot of people. We’re seeing dark, we’re seeing light, we’re seeing both things side-by-side. You’re not going to be able to stop what’s going to happen with tactile consciousness. This is not force against force, matter against matter; this is mind OVER matter. It’s like watching the Shaolin priests catch the bullets in mid-air and then throw them to the ground. They do that. Not everybody can do that, but if we know that a person can do that, then that means that the probability of you doing it is now greatly enhanced.

If we find out that we don’t have to die from these pathogens, because the pathogens came from the Middle East. They were put into the fuel, they were put into the petroleum, they were put into the water, and they, basically, are a 6-year gestation period. We’re now 2½ years into that, maybe 3; it’s a time clock.

If we can change this around by raising our frequencies—there was a saying, once, in the Bible where Jeshua turns around to the people who are questioning him and he goes: "Oh, ye of little faith. If ye had faith, ye could move mountains. Through God, all things are possible."

We ARE God! God moves THROUGH us! But we have the choice of slipping into the darkness of our illusion and becoming self-destructive, or we have the choice of moving into the higher octave and letting the higher octave dictate what we do, simply by allowing our feelings to be feelings, by allowing ourselves to become more compassionate, by allowing ourselves to become more sensitive to each other.

And where is the healing going to come from? The healing is going to come from relationships. If man and woman can heal themselves, if they can heal the nature of their relationships, through that the entire world will be healed.

Remember the story of the Iroquois: everything comes from the relationship of you and your other self within, then you meet your mate, then you have your children, you have your brothers, you have your sisters, they have uncles, and from there the whole of society is created. But it comes down to that one point.

This is the struggle that we have, now, because every place that we turn, it seems that they are trying to crush our dreams. It seems that things are becoming so expensive that you can’t possibly afford them anymore. It seems that you can’t even afford to grow corn in your field without selling everything that you own to the system. It SEEMS that way, because we have to develop the courage to say "No!" And it won’t work if just one individual does it. There will be many who will come up and who will take that stand, and because they’re individuals, they’ll probably fall. But they’ll probably, also, be martyrs and they’ll get other people to realize: "We have to put this thing together now and work together in cognizant unity." And, in working in cognizant unity, you will stop the enslavement illusion.

More and more people are being born and being awakened at every moment. Being born—meaning the new children coming into the Earth and being born; being awakened— meaning we’re awakening to the new thoughts and the new conversations that we have with ourselves and with others, that we can have these kind of conversations now and you don’t call the little guys in white coats to take me away, because I talk about some pretty far-out stuff. But it’s all real.

You can go to a field, and you can radionically project a disease, a blight on that crop, and the same thing that projects the blight can also project a healing. When Native people said "I don’t want you to have my picture, because if you have my picture you can play with my essence" it wasn’t such superstition. We’re now understanding that they understood a science that we forgot.

And I think a good closing statement would be that my friend Dr. Lewis likes to tell this story: "If Buddha had a tooth-ache, and all he thought about was the tooth-ache, there would be no divinity, there would only be tooth-ache."

So, where do you choose to put your consciousness in the next 12 months? Do you want to give into the fear? Do you want to have people say that you have to do this? Do you want people to come in and tell you how much you can spend and how much you will pay? If what I’m saying is all an illusion, then how come every place you go you have to have a thumb-print, you have to have a picture, you have to have all of these things that create your essence?

Doesn’t this sound strange, like something they could use for radionics? Did you know that you could go down to the motor vehicle bureau and you can buy everybody’s name and picture from them on a list? Did you know that you could do that? It’s accessible to the public. Why would they have something like that? So any lab can turn around and mess with you. They can move into an area and genetically mess with you.

The Hanta virus that went loose, several years ago, and then only, for some freak reason, killed Native Americans between the ages of 18 and 35, was a genetically manipulated virus. When we look at the storm that just recently hit Florida, the hurricane, with—what did it have, 200 mile-an-hour winds? It was moving at an enormous amount of speed. Was that a manipulated storm or was that a manipulated storm?! Wasn’t that incredible?!

I know that sounds far-out, but if it’s far-out, then answer me this question: How come right after it happened, Clinton signed a whole bunch of "Emergency Action Bills" and "Presidential Orders", and how come he made the statement that this is wonderful because now we know what we can do and how fast we can evacuate these areas in case of an emergency?

Look at what’s going on around you, and realize that you can move through that. If you try to go up and taunt "the Beast" in the face, he’s bigger than you. But if you move quietly, you walk right around him. I do not see hopelessness coming. I see a lot of destruction, yes, and most of that destruction is man’s destruction to himself.

I do not see the world ending because of Y2K; that’s ludicrous. And what happens to all the other people in the world who make up the majority of the population that are not computer-dependent? Do they suddenly become the new leaders?

There will be a lot of disaster from the Sun, but it’s not the first time we’ve been through this, and maybe part of that is necessary so that we can realize there is something bigger than us, at last.

I think that the purging that’s got to happen now has got to happen with our own emotions and with our own feelings. We’ve got to learn to drop judgments. We’ve got to learn to walk the path of compassion. We’ve got to learn to exercise that beyond any cost. Nothing matters anymore but that we all get along and stand with each other; that’s all that matters. Because the only thing that’s ever healed anybody on this Earth has been Love, and that’s already been proven. The only thing that makes a person move through an absolutely terminal, crippling illness is the Will and Desire to live. If we could keep that fire alive, we’ll be fine.

The enemy is not coming from outside; it’s already here; it’s inside. We are the ones who we’ve been waiting for!

Now, where do we go from here?

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