Martin: The so-called Indigo Children.

Ghost Wolf: Yeah. Weíre seeing these 22 strands of the original strand of what we were, well, that comes from 22 different places in the universe. Weíre a combination of many races. We hold, within us, the consciousness of the: Rigelians, of the Andromedans, of the Sirians, I could go on, of the Pleiadians. Itís all there. The documents are there. The documents are in the ancient Pyramids. The skulls are there. The writings are there, but for so long this was all taken and hidden, burnt, destroyed, thrown away, carted-off to the Vatican, put it down in the vaults.

Then the Germans came and they made a deal with the Vatican. They took everything out of the Vatican and they hid it in castles all over the Black Forest. Then the Germans started to lose, so they turned around and they took everything that they had and they shipped it out to places in Argentina and down in Antarctica. The science went on. The scientists went on. All the scientists, everything that controlled GermanyóIím trying to give an overall picture so we donít get too, you know? So if I need to clarify a point, just let me know.

Martin: Ok.

Ghost Wolf: So I donít skip. But we have this whole situation going with the Germans after the war. Where did all the scientists go? They came over here. You see, they had all these incredible companies, you know, Squibb Pharmaceuticals, I could go on, strange aerospace companies that were put up all over the place.

Martin: Operation Paperclip.

[Editorís note: Operation Paperclip, for you readers who may be new to this topic, was the project and conduit under which many German scientists were quietly imported into this country (and others) after World War II. Probably the most publicly famous of these was Werner von Braun, the rocket scientist, but some of the most important are ones whose names you would not likely recognize since they kept a low profile.]

Ghost Wolf: Yeah. Lockheed, with their famous black buildings with no windows!

Martin: Well, NASA, for crying out loud.

Ghost Wolf: I mean, thereís one in Sunnyvale, if you ever want to take a drive down there (up there). It looks like something out of Darth Vader-land. Itís totally black, black glass, the whole thing, but no windows. And inside, they do a lot of this kind of stuff, and a lot of genetic engineering.

Now, weíre going to two things, back and forth, so part of what Iím saying is based upon actual facts that have happened; part of what Iím saying is what the elders saw, what the Mayans saw, what the Mayans talk about, what the Hopi talk about, what the aboriginals talk about, what the Dogans talk about. How do these people know about it? Theyíre not in our society. How did little Hopi children, 15 years ago, know about pathogens that would come from the plains? They didnít have TV then; now they do, but then they didnít.

Whatís happening is human consciousness is imploding. Itís not over, itís part of a purging. So, letís move into the other scenario because we have enough, so far, of the Kurt Vonnegut possibility of tomorrow.

We have the ability, within us, right now, we have the technical know-how, to HEAL every known disease on the planet. We have to change the way the system is. We have to come together, just like we do as a couple, in compassion and love and understand that if we donít work together as human beings, the whole game is lost anyway.

The AMA likes to turn around and play with us, and if you come out with a real cure for cancer, or if you come out with a real cure for carpal-tunnel syndrome, or if you come out with something that will heal your lungs, right away it becomes an illegal substance. Right away they slam everything on you and the black-limousines, the black suburbans pull up to your house and youíre carted away.

If you turn around and you come up with an answer to an alternative to burning fossil fuels, youíre in deep trouble. They really do have things, folks, that you can put on your cars and magnets that you can put on your fuel lines and, number one, youíll triple, if not quadruple, the amount of mileage you get, and you can run your car off Brownís gas. You can run your car off hydrogen, and itís free. You simply have to get a converter for the engine.

Itís all there, but you canít go out and buy the stuff in the market because the minute that people try to put it out on the market, theyíre put out of business. We have all this technology. We have this knowledge. We can work with the frequencies. We can STOP the pathogens. We can reverse the self-destructive syndrome. And where does that self-destructive syndrome come from? It comes from the reptilian gene. The reptilian and the mammal, weíre a combination of both. The reptilian has been in an eternal battle with the mammal.

Now, you can go all the way back in your ancient texts, in any culture, in the stories there. The reason why itís so incredible, right here in America, and why itís such a great place to be is because for so long, that stuff here was not destroyed. So we still have the remnants of it to look at, to understand.

When I went through Colorado and I looked at the Sphinx, and we talked about, for 4 hours, how much snow was on the ground, (laughter) nobody ever asked the question: "Well, what else did you find?" No one ever asked the questions about: "Well, what did the petroglyphs that you found up there, and the carvings up there, have to say?"

They talk about this time. They talk about right now. They talk about the things that weíre talking about. They talk about the tremendous ability that we have right now, as a human species, to totally turn this entire picture around.

However, we have certain problems, and the problems are that we have let our governments become these run-away giants that dictate WHAT we will read, WHAT we will know, WHAT we will eat, HOW we will live, WHO will live where, WHO will die, WHO will get the medicine, WHO will not get the medicine.

They come and they tell the farmers who, 20 years ago, could buy a combine for $18,000 and now that combine costs $300,000. Theyíre so into debt to the system that they turn around and they tell the farmers: You will plant with this. You will spray this on your crops. You will do this, or we will not give you the loan to continue. The farmer canít sell his land because he wonít get enough out of selling the land to live for a year, because if you go out and try to buy a house, itís going to cost you $400,000 or $500,000óbut then not everybody in this country has been to California, huh?

Martin: (Laughter)

Ghost Wolf: And you and I know, weíre not talking about a new one. (Laughter) And Iím not sure for $400,000 you get the garage.

Martin: Right.

Ghost Wolf: Itís this whole system, and it has moved in so thick and so heavy, itís like a fog. People are totally in a fog, they donít see it. They donít see that you donít raise cattle in this country anymore. You go out and you look at the corn fields and nothing grows. Itís all genetically engineered seed. Itís death. You canít grow it. You canít take the seeds, you canít grow it. Not only canít you grow it, but you canít live on it. Ok? You canít live on it.

We had something that happened here, though, the miracle of miracles. And thatís that those who are implementing this structure, who were implementing this wonderful program of enslavement of the masses that only the few elite would be able to have whatever they wanted, and they are the ones who built those incredible undergrounds that "donít exist" in Colorado and New Mexico, North Carolina, you knowóIím probably already in enough trouble with what Iím sayingóbut, this is what happened: All of a sudden they became ill.

Clinton is dying of throat cancer. He has so many pathogens in him right now, he doesnít know whatís going on. Heís totally addicted to Aspartame. His brain is melting because of the Aspartame content. Ha, they didnít tell him about that. I guess when youíre dealing with a system thatís corrupt, they donít have to tell you those things.

So, whatís happening now? People like me can get up and talk, providing we donít draw too much attention. On a personal level, in my life, before I started going out and talking on the television and the radio, and I would just go and I would attract 20 or 30 people, it was ok. Ghost Wolf is just some crazy half-breed talking about strange paranormal things and Native American culture. Heís not hurting anybody.

But the minute I started to go places and draw crowds of thousands of people, the minute I started getting on the radio and talking to millions of people and making them ask questions, the minute I brought up pictures I wasnít supposed to have on my website and I said "Will you please tell me what the Sun Cruiser is? Now, hereís the military pictures, here you can seeóhere where we did this enhancementóthis is obviously a structure thatís not natural." The minute I started to get people to ask questions, and a lot of people started to listen, I started to get attacks that were so heavy it was unbelievable.

They took my friend Speaking Wind out. He died of a heart attack.

[Editorís note: Speaking Wind was relatively young when he suddenly had the "heart attack" shortly after an appearance on Art Bellís late-night talk-radio program.]

Last week we were talking with somebody, and I was working with Richard Hoagland, a bunch of scientists who were coming up with some people who were very well connected to the NSA, who knew about what was going on, who were willing to come forth and start talking, and all of a sudden, last week, after about two-and-a-half weeks of conversation, trying to make a presentation on a well-known radio showóand we had to bring enough evidence of where this person was coming from that the host of the show would allow them to get on and speakóthe man suddenly had a heart attack.

Martin: Right, typical.

Ghost Wolf: And we all know that Richard Hoagland had one, ok?

Martin: Right.

[Editorís note: And that "heart attack" was another unusual event that happened with no forewarnings. Immediately after it happened, Art asked all of his listeners to pray for Richard, who subsequently recovered from a very serious condition very rapidly and spoke about his curious case on Artís show.]

Ghost Wolf: Everybody that I know, including Dannion Brinkleyówho within the last year and a half has been turning around and bringing this information without naming names, just asking people to think and getting real close to the button of what was going onóhas had something happen to them. The point of the matter is, we have to decide whether weíre spiritual beings or are we 3rd-dimensional beings?

Everything thatís being employed against us, so to speak, everything thatís being put up in a shield to frighten us, is from the 3rd dimension. Itís terrorism, itís financial tyranny, itís bullying, itís people coming in and taking out your computer, itís someone coming in and roughing your house up, or maybe even burning it down, ok? Not much difference between what Iím seeing today and what happened in 1973 at Wounded Knee, is there? Itís all Thunder Heart. Itís 3rd-dimensional stuff.

As a being, as a spiritual being, if we make the conscious choice and we put out the effort to make the commitment to change that condition, it will slowly start to turn back. And then it will start to pick up momentum.

If we make the conscious choice to talk to people who have the technology that can heal these pathogensóand Iím going to say, right now, Iím one of the people who has it. I donít know how to get it out. But I can turn around and work with people, and I can put them on certain herbs, homeopathics, and teach them some very basic things, and I can even cure M.S. through that program. Not me, through the program, because you do the healingóI donít do the healing.

I just know how to reverse the technology. I know how to correct the frequencies. I work with energy. Iím a shaman. But, Iím not a shaman from 600 years ago, and I donít crawl the Peruvian jungle, and I donít do ayahuasca. I live right here.

We have forgotten our own holy people in this country. We donít honor our elders in this country. We donít have sages in this country. We think theyíre just crackpots, after a while. Iíve seen complete cycles, since the í70s, of how they bring people up, how they worship them, how they follow them, how they create ashrams and schools around them, and then how they turn around and persecute them and crucify them and let them goóand then, all of a sudden, they come back 5 or 10 years later. They want to resurrect them, once again, as an icon. Iíve seen that from Ram Dass to Drunvalo.

The 7th Thunder, in a nutshell, which is what weíre talking about, is all about extraterrestrial intervention and total dimensional shifting. Because the octaves will hit such a point, theyíll hit such a frequency that the old consciousness, literally, wonít be able to hold-on. You wonít be able to hold-on, you wonít be able to hold-on to reality. So what happens, a lot of people will go into the other place. I donít know what the other place is.

Martin: Thereís been a lot of talk in the esoteric literature about a so-called "harvest". Has any of the Mayan or other information that youíve gleaned over the years dealt with that or explained that?

Ghost Wolf: Iím familiar with what youíre talking about and I think, didnít that all start with books by Ruth Montgomery?

Martin: Some with Ruth Montgomery, some with the Ra Material.

Ghost Wolf: Right.

Martin: Iím not sure if Cayce talked about it.

Ghost Wolf: Oh yes, Mr. Cayce talked about it; Cayce knew. We have extraterrestrial origins. So letís stop playing that game: Is it? Isnít it? Did it? Who? We had it. Our ancestors coming back are them.

There was a certain period of time wherein weíre being allowed to develop, because of things that happened here, things that happened both during Atlantean times and afterwards, where we had a collapse of the matrix that weíre talking about, the holographic field through which consciousness could express, in which an artificial grid was established on the Earth to, literally, broadcast and create another grid so that we could express, and we could, somehow, perhaps evolve and come out of the tampering that was done with us, both genetically and consciously.

I mean, genetically it was such an impact that, literally, our brains were split into two hemispheres, so that the one hemisphere couldnít create and communicate with the other hemisphere. Now, how do we achieve overcoming that? Through meditation, through breathingóitís a very simple process, but itís very hard for the Western mind to understand that because the Western mind has been geared toward linear thinking, where everything goes from point A to point B. You have to have a mathematical explanation for everything, and there has to be a whole bunch of research done.

They donít take into account that this stuff has been being done for thousands of years. All due respect to Ed Dames, but I donít remember Grandfather Frank Foolscrow selling tapes on Native American remote vision, but they were doing it for thousands of years. I think that when you do remote vision, and when you play with substances in-between those experiments, that youíre playing Russian roulette.

And how do you know that what your seeing is not the effect of the substance or the effect of your own fantasy? I would tend to put my money on the Mayan whoís been doing this for a couple of thousand years down through the generations, or the Tibetan, or the Buddhist, or the Zen. I would tend to put it on that, rather than some guy who went and learned something at a military compound and took all sorts of chemicals. Letís get real about what goes on there, boys.

Martin: (Laughter)

Ghost Wolf: They donít even know what the heck the names are on half the things that they fed them. They just come in with a little tray and they say "You take two of the pink ones and one of the green ones. Now weíre going to play the acid-rock late-í60s song In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida and youíreó

Martin: (Laughter)

Ghost Wolf: ógonna listen to this music and all of a sudden they come back with these phenomenal stories, you know. Iíve talked to many, many people who were involved in the Montauk Experiment. Iíve had countless conversations with Al Bielek and other people. Some of them are credible, some of them, I think, are on the other side of lunacy.

But I came up with a very interesting contest for them. I said "Ok, given that everything youíre telling me is real, and that you went through these experiences, and you traveled through time, and you went into outer-space and you did all of these things with the delta-force, and all of that kind of very interesting stuff, and youíve manipulated the time-space reality, and that this is going to be the outcomeódid it ever occur to you that there is, perhaps, some Raji in India who is working at a level of mind where he created another outcome? Did it ever occur to you that there were perhaps thousands, if not millions, of Mayans working on a different outcome? That there were perhaps thousands of people, Miori, in New Zealand, who were working on a different, feasible outcome? And that there were other people, working on other levels of mind that basically know the same thing that you know? That maybe your outcome is not for everybody?"

Everybody got very upset and left the room!

Martin: (Laughter)

Ghost Wolf: Because how can you deny it? I donít care what your belief patterns are, nobody can deny what a man in India by the name of Sri Sai Baba does. And he didnít do that with drugs. When Grandfather Frank Foolscrow would come into a lodge, and he would take 7 breaths and breathe on the stones that were cold in the pit and they would suddenly glow, red-hot, he didnít do that through substance. He didnít do that through technology. He did that by rightful will. When Iíve seen healers heal people, when Iíve had people come into sweat lodges, and Iíve seen brain tumors, literally, be coughed out on the stones, it didnít have to do with technology. It had to do with the rightful use of will.

Martin: When you were in Tibet, did you have any experiences with Babaji?

Ghost Wolf: Yes, I did. I thought he was an incredible human being, absolutely incredible human being. But he used to make jokes with me a lot. He used to tell me I took life too seriously.

Martin: Itís hard not to!

Ghost Wolf: He told me I should laugh more, and that I should realize there was nothing that I could really change. All I could do was just go along my personal path of dharma, and that those who I would come in contact with would realize what I was telling them, and why did I feel that I had to tell them anyway? That was my memory of Babaji. Have more fun and have a lighter heart about what was going on because it was not something new.

Martin: I assume he has, but has he worked with the Mayans, directly?

Ghost Wolf: Yes. I donít know to what extent; I donít know his personal involvements.

Martin: Thatís just a personal question.

Ghost Wolf: In my new bookódid they send you a copy of the manuscript Through The Eye Of The Shaman?

Martin: I picked one up at the Awareness 2000 Expo down in Los Angeles.

Ghost Wolf: Right. In that book I tried to put things in Western language.

Martin: I noticed that.

Ghost Wolf: It is kind of funny that weíre saying Western language, because it really didnít come from the East Indians, it actually came from my understanding in working with Mayans and Hopis. The art of manifestation, the whole teaching of Kryah in that book is everything that weíre talking about with the holographic world.

And Iíve worked out a program now with some scientists who, over the years, realized that Robert Ghost Wolf DID have something to say, and that he understood science, as well as feathers and leather. And we put together this program where itís basically been 100% effective. I donít care what the malady is, as long as your Life-Force is strong. In your will to live, you will overcome them, you will overcome the maladies.

People hold within their bodiesógoing back to the theory that our body is nothing more than an extension of the universeóthey hold in their bodies the frequencies of all of these things. Because we hold in our bodies pent-up emotion. Itís very simple. From the time you were a child, from the time I was a child, things would happen and we would bottle them up and continue. You go through a relationship. Someone you love died. Youíre in the service. You saw a lot of trauma. You were involved in an automobile accident. You were an abused child. Whatever the circumstance, you bottled up emotion.

What we found was that by working with a combination of homeopathics and herbs, very similar to the Bach remediesówe also work with a lot of natural herbs, because when you heal the body, when you dismantle the frequency of the illness, you then have to put something back in the body. The body is a machine, itís a biochemical machine. So by putting in the proper nutrients, the body restores itself in a very, very short period of time.

Right now weíre working on the program. The success of regenerating the body has been absolutely incredible.

The things that Iím mainly concerned with, besides all of the incredible stories that I get because thereís a part of my life thatís, you know, Indiana Jones, because I find these places. When I found the Sphinx, I wasnít going out to make a discovery. I just, literally, wanted to get lost for a couple of weeks and get away from people. (Laughter)

And I walk into a place and somebody says "Would you like to see this?"

And I go "Sure" and then Iím on another adventure.

But what Iíve been working on, and what my wife has been working on, is this science of the Kryah. And we have been working on this, extensively now, for 7 years. And our involvement now with scientists and people in the medical profession who understand what weíre talking about, weíve created a program where we can analyze almost any hidden ailment, things that you donít know that you have, things that are hereditary, things that might have come from your great grandmother, and you hold the resonance for that frequency in your body.

Well, letís go back to what we talked about with the stealth virus and the mechanically manipulated pathogens. Well, where do they coagulate? Where do they gather? They gather around the place where that frequency is out of balance because, if your body is in a perfect balance, you, again, do not have disharmony, so the disease just moves through.

When youíre dealing with a person like Sai Baba, someone might say "Well, what is this guy talking about? Why would someone like Sri Sai Baba be on the program?" Do you know how many tens of thousands of people that man works with on a 24-hour-a-day basis? Itís like, that is absolutely exhausting. I mean, this guy gets more phone calls than Santa Claus.

And everybodyís got a trauma, and everybody wants to be healed, and everybody is asking him for the answer to life. It is a constant drain on his Life-Source. That takes a tremendous, tremendous toll on the physical body, even for someone like him.

So, the question that I would like to bring up is: If the Lightworkers and truly high, awakened beings of this planet are getting tired, isnít that indicative that we have to do something in this war of valued life? Itís time for us to start making some very definitive moves.

We have all the abilities to do all of these different kinds of things. This is part of what the 7th Thunder is all about.

Weíre moving back to a Galactic Reality. We were never alone. We were never without interaction with people from beyond the Sun. THAT is the unrealityóto assume otherwise. Everything about us, everything about the knowledge, all the technology that we have today, from computers to Velcro, all came from our brothers "out there". Thatís where the knowledge came from.

You know, we talk about these ancient things that people work with like they were prehistoric magic, and we like to make animated cartoons about wizards and strange things. Well, crystals are not exactly that, because if it wasnít for the crystals, you wouldnít have IBM.

But if you can program a crystal, how does the crystal work? Thatís how our body works. Whatís your blood? Whatís in your blood? Crystals. How does it work? You can program the crystal. You can program the energy.

You know, thereís a lot of conversations that Iíve had along the years with Deepak Chopra. I remember Deepak when he was just coming out into the world, and he was fascinating to listen to, and I used to say,

"Well, how can we employ that with the Western society, because the Western society doesnít have a background of thousands of years of ayurvedic understanding?

"They donít even accept the fact that in-taking of gold, alchemically, can cause frequencies to alter in the body and heal many maladies. They donít even accept that yet."

They want to find out about it, so that they can turn around and make a chemical replication of it, and then shoot you with some sort of vaccine. But they donít understand that all of these things are being accomplished through natural means.

If you go into any medicine, if you go into any vaccine, what they are, are simply synthesized elements from Nature. But there is a problem when you make synthesized elements, and thatís that theyíre mechanical, in a sense, and something can go wrong. Theyíre synthetic. Which is better, the electronic synthesizerís violin or the Stradivarius? You see? And for the guitar players: would you rather play with a Casio, or would you rather have a real Martin guitar made out of Rosewood?

The 7th Thunder has got to do with the fact that we will either have taken control over our consciousness, we will have taken control over our world societiesóweíre fast moving into this New World Order and this One World Orderóitís so fast, itís so big, that sometimes I look at it and Iím overwhelmed. Because, what can you do?

What can you do with the fact that, over the next year, everybody in the world is going to be working off a debit card? What are you going to do when they have a whole new communication system, and unless youíre part of the accepted system, so to speak, you wonít be able to get in on the communication system because your old computers wonít work. You wonít be able to get into the new programs.

I noticed that you were nice and didnít ask me about Y2K. I have my own theories on Y2K. I donít believe in Y2K. I think that Y2K is, basically, a synthesized reality. I think itís going to be tremendously capitalized on, so that they can insert new financial systems, new communications systems, so that they can use it to cause trauma wherein theyíre going to come into whole sections of cities and have to take them over, and use military strength to take them over.

We no longer have a United States military force; everything is UN. Itís not a myth that the whole communications systems of the country are moving down to the Phoenix area. Itís not a myth that the whole communications systems of the world are moving into Denver. Why are they doing that?

If what I am saying, if what people like Dr. Len Horowitz is saying, is not true, then how come every place you go, in Arizona I think itís Walgreenís that theyíre building everywhereóitís like every couple of miles thereís another Walgreenís. Up here in the Pacific Northwest itís Rite Aid. From where my house is, within a five-mile area, they have just built five new Rite Aid Drugstores. Each one of them is the size of the one of the old department stores.

You go in there, and at any one given time, thereís maybe five people. You can go in there at Christmas time and there may be twenty. Why are they building so many of these things? How come, as I go all over Arizona, all I see are these new Walgreen Drug drive-through outlet places, every couple of miles? Theyíre like McDonaldís. Are they aware that somethingís coming?

So, I think itís a matter ofówith whatís going to happen on the outsideóI donít really believe that we have to worry about any ET invasions. They are a much older society than we are. Anybody who has the ability to come from elsewhere and come here and communicate and alter things to the extent that I canít explain it, or no one else on this planet can explain it, I think if they wanted to get rid of us, they would have gotten rid of us a long time ago.

I think that the enemy is within. I think that the enemy is us. I think that the enemy is our system, and right now itís particularly frightening as we go into the 7th Thunder scenario because people donít have any will anymore. If you talked about some of the things that are going on now in this country, if you talked about some of the things that are going on with educationóIíll bring it home.

I just had an Indian grandmother call me from Tennessee. She was all excited. She said to me "Robert, what a great day; weíre going shopping."

I said "Good, grandma, thatís good."

And she said "Oh, yeah, and they gave us more money. They moved my monthly allotment up from $39 a month to $59 a month."

How can a human being live on $59 a month?

Martin: Impossible.

Ghost Wolf: I mean, these are real things that are going on.

They have an immunization program now where theyíre vaccinating children all across the nation with Hepatitis B. Itís mandatory. It started to take place in all of the schools.

Weíre sitting there and I have documents, I have government documents that substantiate that in many areas throughout the Southwest, theyíre running what they call "evacuation programs" where theyíre having meetings in towns, running tests in the local schools for what they would have to do in case of an evacuation. Theyíre told that the military presence will be here for a period of time. We will run through these "mock" evacuation situations should life become such a situation that we have to move you out of the area.

Now, when I first heard thisóI get a lot of strange mailóI said "Ok, show me the proof." Well, they sent me the documents. I saw the documents; they were post-marked; they were real. That kind of stuff gets me worried.

When I turn around and I see and talk to doctors and I find out that the emergency rooms in the hospitals are so overtaxed, that in some places theyíre even closing them down. Like I said when we startedóonly in the severe case like a trauma, like an automobile accident, or somebody got shot, are they dealing with people. Thatís what scares me.

When I see the genetic manipulation of food, and I see all thatís going on to hurt the people, unknown and unaware, by gigantic monsters like Monsantoóand theyíre talking about how Monsanto just did this wonderful thing, theyíve decided to discontinue their program with the terminator seed. When I see things like that, and then I read in the next paragraph how Monsanto is now going into water. (Laugh) Those are the things that make me concerned. I donít really care about people coming from outer space.

If we take a look at the pictures on my website called the Sun Cruiser, if you look at the things on Richard Hoaglandís website, if we look at these things around our solar systemótheyíre already here, folks! Theyíre already here! What are we, as human beings, going to do?

I spoke with you in this interview about certain truths that the Mayans still had, that they were trying to get out to the world. Thereís been a lot of terrorism going on down in Mexico with the Mayans. Just a short time ago, the Mexican army, the federales, whatever they are, pulled into a village called Chiapas. And to teach the Mayans a lesson in humility, they turned around and machine-gunned 250 of them down. I didnít see a lot of play in the press on that up here. Many of the Mayan elders have had their visas canceled from leaving the country. They can no longer leave.

So, itís time for us, as human beings, to start taking responsibility for whatís going on in the world. Again, in the í70s, if we talked about things like this going on, we were considered crackpotsóif we talked about "youíre all going to be put on the debit card" or if you talked about "youíre all going to be controlled and have to work with electronic money". And "you will not be allowed into the national forests"ódo you know that people are no longer allowed, in a lot of the areas, in the national forests? Are you aware of that?

Martin: Yes.

Ghost Wolf: Are you aware of the fences and everything else thatís going up around the national forests?

Martin: Iíve heard reports of that.

Ghost Wolf: You know, when you see things like that, you have to go "Where is the real enemy?"

I did a talk a few months ago, and there were elders there from many nations, maybe 300 elders, and there were White people and hippies and cowboys and guys from L.A., and everybody was standing around, getting along, and they were all talking about their spiritual things. But then, there were also, after a few days, the little differences that started to creep in between people. These people have their way of doing things, those other people have this way of doing things, and I was watching all this stuff and, suddenly, I knew what I had to talk about.

What I talked about to them was: Stop bickering with each other, and realize that we have a bigger enemy to look at. And that the enemy was all of these programs that were put out by a corporate world. I do not say that itís the government. I think that is a ludicrous statement.

I know a lot of people in the government who are incredible human beings. I know a lot of guys who work for NASA who are great. I know a lot of guys who work at the Lawrence Livermore Lab, in the San Francisco Bay Area, who are greatóbut they donít have any idea what the heck theyíre making. They donít realize that what theyíre producing over there are implants. They donít know that, because thatís how the military works. Every department isó

Martin: Compartmentalized.

Ghost Wolf: ódevoid of what the knowledge is in the other department. Theyíre just putting these two little plastic parts together and making it a chip. As far as theyíre concerned, itís something for a computer. Except, all of a sudden you find out that everyone is getting a terminal illness in the hospital, and every new child who is being born in California is having a chip inserted.

Excuse me, what is going on here? So, these are the things that I think people should start focusing on.

Martin: Can I digress for just a second?

Ghost Wolf: Sure.

Martin: Have you heard WHY these fences are going up around the national forests?

Ghost Wolf: For me to answer that, Iíd have to answer you from the heart, so to speak, from conversations that Iíve had with elders and my friends who live there and travel there.

I spend a lot of time there. I mean, most of the ancient archeological sites arenít exactly in the city. I believe, we believe, that they realize that something in the program has gone awry, and that there will be many areas in this country that will be uninhabitable soonófrom pollution, other things, other occurrences.

There are massive plans being made about martial law. A lot of the Forest Service people and Fire Departments are being brought into classes where theyíre being taught, again, evacuation procedures, riot control, and how to deal with mass graves. I am simply saying what Iíve seen documentation on, what Iíve talked to these people directly about.

I am saying that I have seen unbelievable amounts of dollars being put into the conversion of military bases, prisons being built of unbelievable size in the California desert, the Nevada desert, the Arizona desert, that could be nothing more than compounds because theyíre expecting a lot of trouble to happen, very soon, inside the urban areas.

In a lot of these new complexes, from what Iíve had given to me in information from people who work for the engineers who build them, and say "Hey, thereís something going on here. We donít really know what it is, but maybe it will help you; help us find out what it is".

A lot of the life-term convicts have been brought to these areas. Within the next year theyíre about to come out with a program where theyíre going to bring the federal penitentiaries into the public work market, where they will be doing much of the manufacturing at a very low wage. I mean, what do they get paid? Maybe 27 cents an hour and a pack of cigarettes? So, theyíre going to be competing in the work force. I donít know WHY theyíre doing this. Iím telling you what Iím seeing.

Why do I think theyíre keeping people out of the forests? Well, six years ago when I lived, extensively, in ranch country and I lived in Arizona, which is mostly national forest, something was going on there where people were being moved out of their old homesteads, places that theyíve had for six and seven generations. Their property was being condemned; they were being given nominal amounts of money and being told "You have to leave".

When the water dried up and they wanted to dig a new well, or they had a flood and they wanted to take their bulldozer out and dig out the road, and they had to cut across the creek, the Forest Service would come in and close them down and say "you canít do that because youíre disrupting the breeding policies of the Brown Trout" or some other fictitious reason. This started to happen with too much frequency, everywhere. People were being moved out of those areas. Those areas, number one, ARE our national resources.

So, if we were going into a situation where we were about to be taken over by, say, World Banksóbecause we donít own America any more, America is leased, and itís leased through foreign banksówell, if we wereóand this is a potentiality nowóif we were going through a radical financial shift, in our whole financial system, the whole banking system, and the World Bank was really going to move in and they were going to create this whole new standard, they were going to take the whole country off the gold standard and put them on another standard, they were to work everything through electronic money, well, one of the things that you would want to hold onto in a country, one of the most valuable things that we have here, is our natural resources.

Whatís the other thing that we have in America? We are the food basket for the world. Look at the grain, look at everything that we grow. If they keep people out of those areas, they can maintain control over those areas. The other, far-fetched reason is that our national parks represent the wonders of whatís left of this country, itís the place where eagles fly, and you can pan gold out of a creek, and you can hear elk bellow in the morning. You can go there and you can get the energy from the Earth. You go to L.A. and you canít get Earth energy out of anything. Thatís necessary to perpetuate life in the new paradigm. If the paradigm that holds-up consciousness now were to collapse, and an artificial paradigmóweíre getting into Kurt Vonnegut againówas created through transmitted frequencies, they could control the population.

Along with what theyíre holding in those national forests, they are controlling the weather. Theyíre manipulating the weather. They are creating storms. They are creating earthquakes. Theyíre playing with HAARP, theyíre seeing how far it can go. How far can they zero-in with it. Can we screw around with human emotions? Can we make everybody in the town of Spokane angry tomorrow? How about tomorrow we focus on Los Angeles and see if we can make everybody manically depressed. If we notice whatís happening with people all around us, if we just start to look all around us, we tend to see that when something tends to happen, itís happening to everybody. Itís more than just coincidence.

So, where am I going with this? Do you remember when we talked about the time-space continuum? And we talked about feasible experiments that happened with Montauk, and there were a lot of them, not just the Montauk experiments? At the time-space continuum, the time, itself, is like a tinsel bubble. I said that time was not linear, it was more spherical. If everyone was given certain elements that they carried in their body through injection of food, vaccines, these little crystals that go through your body, they resonate the frequency. You can send frequencies out.

There are enough people out there in the world today who know that I can bring you into a room and I can play musical tones and I can change your emotional outlook, simply by the tones and frequencies that youíre listening to. They turn around and they use this with plants. They use this on whole fields. They turn around and they work with radionics on entire fields of corn, removing blight, infecting them with blight. There have been a tremendous amount of studies in genetic experiments between plant cells and animal cells.

Well, where do I get this information, because Iím really going far out there, now?

Well, you have a situation going on out here in the West where they have been slaughtering buffalo, senseless slaughtering of buffalo in the Yellowstone. The excuse was that the buffalo had brucellosis, right? It was affecting the cattle. The fact was, they found that in the thousands of the buffalo that they killed, less than 1.5% had the potential for carrying the brucellosis virus. That, in fact, the virus itself came from the cattle.

But where did that stuff all come from? A couple of years ago, when they were experimenting up in Canada with wheat fields, they were doing genetic experiments with seeds. Monsanto was doing this, where they were experimenting, for various reasons, and they had to get rid of the crops. Well, they had a problem with the flour because you couldnít make bread because the bread wouldnít rise. It was genetically defective.

So they turned around and they did 3 things. One thing was, they took an enormous amount of it and they made feed for all of the cattle, all the farm animals. What do animals eat on a farm? Basically, cereals. What do your dogs eat when they eat dry dog food? Itís basically cereal.

Then they turned around with what was left, because they wanted to get rid of the plants and try to further the experiments, they burned all the fields. So then you had hundreds and thousands of miles of burning fields, with the wind carrying everything down what we call the "Northwest corridor". It goes right down through Montana, right down into Utah, spreads down, and goes over to Nebraska; it goes right down that whole wheat belt.

Martin: Youíre talking about the smut that Len Horowitz talks about.

Ghost Wolf: Yes. Well, this stuff turned into another form of fungus that started growing on all the plants and growing in all the soil. And it started to infect a lot of animals and a lot of different things. And what they were doing, they were experimenting with genetics, literally experimenting with genetics. And Iím talking about a combination between human and plant genetics. Why they were doing it, who knows. How do you explain why insanity is the way it is? Once it reaches a certain point, it just reaches insanity.

So, what Iím saying here and why Iím touching on this is that when people come to a spiritual person and they say "Well, whatís going to happen?" they have to understand that the spiritual person whoís truly worth their salt is totally cognizant of reality. You know whatís going on. If you donít know whatís going on, youíre living in a bubble and you have no effect on anything.

When we go into this 7th Thunder, we have 2 choices.

  • We are either going to lose our planet and give it up to some other lifeform,

  • or weíre going to continue and weíre going to transmute into what weíre supposed to be.

But, unless we stop the manipulation of us as a species, unless we stop the experiments by companies like Monsanto, unless we stop the vaccination of our kids against unproven thingsóhow the heck did AIDS comes out? How many examples do we have to have of these things going crazy, you know?

When Strickley gave the report on AIDS and tried to tell them about the bovine factoró and how many things are bovine factors in? Go look at your health-food store and look at how many products in the store have bovine in them, and those are the ones that are FDA approved. Well, the germís there. How many people eat at McDonalds? Ok? Weíre living on all of this stuff. Weíre taking all of this stuff in.

Who is making the garbage bags and what are the garbage bags being made out of? Do you know that most of the garbage bags are being made out of soybeans right now, because it makes for a better bio-degradable bag, because weíre environmentally conscious. But, do you know what they do with the scraps from that? Take a good look at your box of veggie burgers. Take a good look at what theyíre putting in Taco Bell products. Take a good look at what theyíre putting in as food additives. Theyíre feeding you all of that stuff, all over again, all of that genetically manipulated food.

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