by Bruce Leonard Cathie


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THIS BOOK IS A REVISED COMBINATION OF MY second and third books, “Harmonic 695, the UFO and Anti-gravity” and, “The Pulse of the Universe, Harmonic 288”. The contents have been up-dated

in relation to my present Knowledge.
To do this I have deleted a small amount of material which I now believe to be inaccurate, or covered in a more comprehensible form in my later works; corrected, or added, material necessary

to explain my theories as clearly as possible.

I realize that I cannot be one hundred percent correct at all times in my speculations, but if some progress is being made in new concepts, then I am more than satisfied. A fantastic future awaits us if we can unravel the secrets underlying the basic structure of the universe.







  1. The Branching Areas for Investigation

  2. Mathematics of the World Grid

  3. The Unified Equations

  4. Further Evidence of the UFO Grid

  5. The Mysterious Aerials

  6. Scientists and the UFOs

  7. Mathematical Values of Interest

  8. The Earth’s Magnetic Field

  9. Pythagoras and the Grid

  10. The Maps of the Ancients

  11. Russians and Germans Discover a World Grid System

  12. Tesla - The Forgotten Genius

  13. Space Communication

  1. Where Have All The Flyers Gone

  2. People We Would Like to Know More About

  3. The Secret of Life

  4. The Harmonics of Humans

  5. Builders in Stone

  6. From Alpha to Omega

  7. There is Something in the Air

  8. Ooparts and Oopths

  9. Spaceship or Survey Peg?

  10. Ruapehu Erupts

  11. The Australian Stonehenge

  12. The Organization of a Miracle

  13. The Diminutive Man of Mystery

  14. Bits and Pieces

  15. Coincidental Pattern of Oil Wells

  16. Wake Up Earth!