THE UNIVERSE IS A LIVING INTELLIGENCE ITS HEARTBEATS THUNDER AT THE CENTRE OF galaxies and whisper in the nucleus of atoms. With the spiraling wave-forms of its own essence it creates from within its infinite depths the matter which constitutes all physical substances, living or inanimate. It was-it is-it always will be-timeless.


We are created by this intelligence from the same myriad of wave-forms that interlace the depths of space, connecting all things. We and it are one. For all truth and wisdom look within, for we are a shimmering mass of miniature stars and worlds, with emerald seas and sandy shores, which in their turn provide home for intelligence.

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Harmony and harmonic etc. as defined by the Britannica World Standard Dictionary:

1. HARMONY: A state of order, agreement, or completeness in the relations of things, or of parts of a whole to each other.


2. HARMONIC: Producing, characterized by, or pertaining to harmony.

(a) MUSIC: Pertaining to a tone whose rate of vibration is an exact multiple of a given primary tone.

(b) MATHEMATICAL; Derived from, or originally suggested by, the numerical relations between the vibrations of the musical harmonies, or overtones, of the same fundamental tone: Harmonic functions.


(c) PHYSICS: Any component of a periodic quantity, which is an integral multiple of the fundamental frequency. In this book we discuss the fundamental harmonies of the vibrational frequencies which form the building-blocks of our immediate universe: and that of the theoretical anti-universe which modern scientists have postulated as existing in mirror-like image of our own. We theorize that the whole of physical reality which is tangible to us is formed from the basic geometric harmonies, or harmonics, of the angular velocities, or wave forms of light. From these basic harmonies, or resonating wave forms, myriads of other waves are created which blend in sympathetic resonance, one with the other, thus forming the physical structures. Einstein stated that the geometric structure of space time determines the physical processes.

We theorize that space and time manifest from the geometric harmonies of the wave motions of light. The fundamental harmonic of light in geometric terms being an angular velocity of 144,000 minutes of arc per grid second. There being 97,200 grid seconds to one revolution of the earth.

The reciprocal harmonic of light, or 1/144,000 being 694444, repeating. It was found that to calculate the values of harmonic wave forms that have sympathetic resonance, it was possible to disregard zero’s to the right, or left, of whole numbers and extract the values direct from the mathematical tables. Harmonic 69444 therefore refers to the geometric reciprocal of light, which in theory forms the basic building-block of the anti-universe, or region of negative reality.

3. ANTI-MATTER: A hypothetical form of matter in which all the component particles, as protons, electrons, etc., are assumed to carry charges opposite to those associated with the corresponding particles of the known universe.

4. ANTI-GRAVITY: In the known universe all physical matter has a common gravitational attraction or tendency to coalesce together. As the word itself suggests, a body under the influence of antigravitational fields would be repulsed or tend to move away from normal physical matter.

It has been found in later research that the harmonic of the speed of light varies in relation to the geometric distance from the centre of the earth. The value at various levels, from the centre to the edge of the atmosphere, is demonstrated in my fourth book, “The Bridge to Infinity, Harmonic 371244.”

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First, in 1927 by American experimenters Taylor and Young, from apparent distances of 2,900 to 10,000 Km. Halls, an engineer, reported to Carl Stormer of Oslo that echoes of 3 seconds delay had been heard at Eindhoven, Holland. On 11th October 1928 Carl Stormer, with Halls, helped by Van der Pol transmitting from Eindhoven, picked up 3-second echoes on 31.4 meters, which changed to echoes varying from 3 to 15 seconds.

The signal pulses were transmitted at 20 second intervals. Echoes were received in the following delay sequence: 8, 11-15, 8, 13, 3, 8, 8, 8, 12, 15, 13, 8, 8. In two cases echoes were heard 4 seconds apart. The consensus was: that the signals were saying — Here I am in the orbit of your Moon.

And nobody wanted to listen.

More than twenty years have passed since I presented the manuscript for my first book, HARMONIC 33, for publication. In it I related the findings — up to the time — of my investigations into the mystery of unidentified flying objects. Amongst other interesting facts, I had discovered evidence of a world energy grid system and little did I know then that I had opened up a line of enquiry which would cause me to get attention from the intelligence agencies of several of the major countries around the world. It soon became obvious that I had discovered something that many of the worlds power groups preferred to remain unknown to the general public. As time went on it was admitted that the world grid did exist, but it was considered that it was not yet time to openly admit to a source of almost free energy. Energy means power in more ways than one.

As my work has progressed I have found more than enough evidence to convince me that the public is not being informed of the most fantastic and advanced scientific discoveries in the history of man. After forty years of sightings, scientists, and government agencies, are still trying to convince the public that Unidentified Flying Objects are figments of the imagination. I state, without any doubt whatever, that the public is being conned. UFOs do exist; they are interdimensional anti-gravity machines.

I believe that many of the machines sighted are visiting us from outer space, but a great number of sightings are of machines produced by our own scientists on Earth. The secrets of anti-gravity and free energy production are known in top scientific circles and they will go to any length to keep this knowledge from us. Many reasons could be given for the suppression but I believe that one of the main ones is the financial consequences of complete release of such advanced technology on the world economy. This would certainly be a problem, but the longer things are left the way they are the greater the problem is going to be.


Whatever the reasons are, we have the right to know the truth and it is up to every one of us to demand that the truth be given. Every day, somewhere in the world, there are verified sightings of UFOs. While the skeptics continue to assert that such normal circumstances as marsh gas, eye floaters, the rising and setting of Venus, or the flashing of car headlights against banks of low clouds, account for UFO sightings, they have nothing to say about the growing number of radar reports which indicate that physical objects, not always visible to the human eye, are continuing to frequent our airspace.


Vehicles in the sky appear to watchers in the far corners of the globe; they carry out elaborate maneuvers, then fade from sight; or they leave the area at fantastic speed, leaving bewilderment, excitement, confusion or outright fear behind them. Within the last week there has been an incident which has hit the headlines worldwide. The event occurred in the early morning hours of January 20 1988, about 40 Km west of Mundrabilla, near the western Australian border.

Fay Knowles and her three Sons, Patrick (24), Sean (21), and Wayne (18), watched a glowing object which resembled a giant egg in an egg cup, chase a truck and a car, which were traveling in the opposite direction, before it turned and hovered over their own vehicle. They said it picked the car up off the road, shook it quite violently, turned it in the opposite direction, then forced it down again with such pressure that one of the tyres was blown. Crime investigators from Port Lincoln examined the car, which was covered in an ash-like substance and sent samples from the interior and exterior to Adelaide for forensic examination.
It was reported that a similar incident involved a police officer in the United States some years ago.

The explanations for the occurrence have been more bizarre than the story itself. One academic said it could have been caused by a carbonaceous meteorite, “which could do this sort of thing.” I wonder how much longer the public will accept such obvious nonsense. As long as there are inexplicable activities in the skies and on the ground and as long as my existing theories continue to be supported by facts and reports from many parts of the world, I will not be satisfied until I am able to approach one of the vehicles closely, examine it in detail, and if possible communicate with one of the beings who control it.

The knowledge I now possess is far in advance of that which I had when I was preparing my earlier works. A great deal has happened that has tended to confirm my basic calculations and theories. Moreover, the acceptability gap is constantly narrowing; thousands of people who have never given serious thought to UFOs are suddenly turning to all the available reference material in search for a glimmering of the truth.

During my many years of research I have uncovered a consider-able body of evidence pointing to the existence of projects being carried out on a world-wide basis which have direct connections with UFOs. From this evidence the logical conclusion is that top scientists and electronic engineers have direct contact and communication with UFOs.

I also believe it is most probable that a Moon-base has already been established by our own scientists. The advanced technology would give them this capability. When the rocket program was wound down years ago, it was probably because it was obsolete. As I continued making my discoveries — the existence of a vast power grid, the devises contrived to establish communication between some groups on this planet and the UFOs — I made a point of keeping interested parties in government aware of them, fully expecting to be either dismissed as a crank, or at least, to be told to stop my activities. Much to my surprise I was given every encouragement to continue with my probing and to publish whatever information came to light. Possibly this is the first time that any government has ever authorized a civilian to pursue unrestricted research into UFO phenomena.

Among other things, I have discovered a series of Harmonic geometric equations which, when put into practical application, will cause reactions in space-time.
During the 1968 series of nuclear explosion tests by the French at Mururoa Island in the Pacific, it was requested by the head of a government department that I provide a list of pre-calculated explosion dates. In my earlier publications I had indicated how geometric factors determined any possibility of a nuclear explosion, or reaction. I supplied the dates, as requested, and later on I was informed that my calculations had been passed on from Auckland to the heads of four other government departments before the actual tests were carried out. My calculations proved correct. This information is now in the files of the government authorities concerned.

If they are not already aware, then events of this order must sooner or later command the attention of international scientific organizations. One day the scientists will no longer be able to turn their backs on the basic precepts of true science. They will have to examine all evidence impartially before they reach their conclusions - and instead of offering only ridicule, carry out a full world-wide investigation into all the phenomena related to UFOs, and the world grid energy system. 


Facts cannot be ignored forever; although it is obvious to all thinking people that there are interests that would very much prefer the world to be kept in ignorance and in cultivated indifference for as long as possible. My investigations have led me into many by-ways, not all of them of great moment, or interest to others than myself. The workload of my studies has increased enormously; and yet there are facts, as well as hypotheses, which I feel must be brought to the notice of the public urgently.


Some of the information will be found in the following pages of this updated book.


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WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE CLASSICAL IDEAS of scientific research? It has always been my understanding that the basic attitude towards any scientific investigation should be one of non-bias. The scientist, I understood, was it person who collected all available data on the subject of his study, weighed it and interpreted it, and reached certain conclusions about it without prejudice and without preconceived notions.


Today Science is up on a pedestal. A new god has appeared; his high priests conduct the rituals, with nuclear reactors, moon-probing rocket ships, cathode tubes and laser beams. And their territory is sacrosanct; laymen are denied entry.

A letter to an Auckland newspaper signed by Robert Adams, chairman of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers of the USA, New Zealand section, referring to the proposed installation of an Omega station, states with supreme satisfaction: “It is not for laymen to pass comment on such installations.”1 As the more advanced nations lead the way into a state of technocracy, it becomes more and more apparent that the laymen of the world will have no more say in this planet’s affairs than did the slaves of Pharaoh. Already there are clear indications that the scientific Establishment in a number of countries is able to operate, and to conduct activities with government funds without having to account scrupulously to government or citizenry just what those activities are.


There is an open and manifest activity in certain directions, but there is reason to suspect that this often cloaks an inner, secret activity — an activity in which government and people have no say. Already scientists speak among themselves in a language that is no longer public property. Have they, despairing of the muddled state of the world’s affairs, banded together in a modern — day monastic order of their own, with the aim of taking over entirely the affairs of the earth?

There is an enormously vast mass of data that has never been explained satisfactorily, ranging through every branch of every recognized science; the indefatigable Charles Fort referred to this body xNew Zealand Herald, 17 January, 1969 of data as the “damned” — damned by science because it did not fit in anywhere, and so in order to preserve the status quo of the scientific Establishment, had to be rejected and ignored. UFOs are in the category of the damned.


Never before has public interest been so high in flying saucers, strange aerial lights and objects, reported landings, unidentified submarine objects, alien voices speaking no known earthly language on low-frequency radio bands, unexplained explosions which coincide very often with sightings of UFOs, and a host of related phenomena. There is no existing science capable of neatly fitting in all this data and offering a consistent explanation. To acknowledge what millions of laymen around the world already know — that UFOs do exist — would result in a complete upset of the scientific Establishment. The facts are all there, staring blind science in the face. But the facts are unacceptable; therefore, UFOs don’t exist.

There is nothing new in this attitude; the only thing new is that the establishment itself has changed. In medieval times “Establishment” meant the ruling families of Europe, in the West; the knowledge then being built up and explored by people known as “witches” and “alchemists” was contrary to accepted theories about reality. The penalty for these seekers of truth was frequently a lingering death.

Today science is on the throne, but nothing else has changed. Uncomfortable data are still rejected and filed away somewhere, at best as “curiosities.”
In examining his data, with a clear, unbiased attitude, the true researcher must correctly reject all those which are clearly not free of doubtful accuracy; but after all his sifting, if even one datum remains that cannot be ignored, it is obviously his duty to come to grips with it.

UFOs are notoriously nothing more than “hallucinations,” but even if we allow for all the unwitting or otherwise human errors of observation, there is still the implacable scientific and impersonal evidence of radar to be accounted for.

Radar is not subject to hallucinations. It records the presence of solid objects, establishes their movement patterns, tracks their flight.

Auckland’s radar station at Mangere is only one such station of thousands throughout the world which is habitually recording the presence in the sky of unidentified moving objects — moving too fast to be explained as birds or aircraft and moving in flight patterns impossible for any kind of earth-made craft. There have been many occasions when radar control has directed incoming aircraft to areas nearby where objects are “seen” by radar; frequently the pilots have been unable to detect anything visible. While they search for the object, the radar follows the search; the unseen object’s “blip” is watched on the radar viewing screen; it plays leapfrog with the searching aircraft, bobs up and down like a yo-yo, or veers away and moves off at a fantastic speed. Inexplicable, yes — by our present understanding. But does evidence of this kind also have to be rejected, ignored, tucked away for “future reference”? It would appear so.

In January 1969 the University of Colorado issued a report on a UFO investigation endorsed by a panel of “leading scientists” convened by the National Academy of Sciences. “Our general conclusion,” according to the bulky report, “is that nothing has come from the study of UFOs in the past twenty-one years that has added to scientific knowledge.” This is of course double-talk; it does not deny the existence of UFOs outright, but merely publicly admits that science has failed to come to grips with the world-wide phenomena.

The panel of scientists noted that the report concedes a residue of “perplexing episodes.”

At England’s Lakenheath airbase, used by both the USAF and the RAF in 1956, radar operators on the ground detected “one or more” targets moving apparently at speeds as great as 2000 or 4000 mph, although there were no sonic booms. They made right-angle turns at a ‘Tew hundred miles an hour” (an impossible maneuver for terrestrial craft).

Two RAF fighters were sent out, and one obtained radar gunlock on the target. But the object, whatever it was, circled the fighter’s tail and remained there in spite of all evasion attempts. The plane eventually had to land in order to refuel, and ground staff saw “one or more white rapidly moving objects.”
This is but one example of the inexplicable residue which flatly refuses to be categorized or classified into some convenient pigeon-hole of knowledge. There were fifty-nine cases cited by the report as being of “special interest from several hundred” that were reviewed.

Mr. William Ryan (Democrat, New York), the congressman in Washington who is also the voice of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), which has about 10,000 members in some forty countries, told the House of Representatives:

A Federal UFO surveillance programme should be set up. UFOs cannot be wished away, and reported sightings will persist.” And NICAP added a bombshell of its own: it claimed to have proof that the Colorado investigation team had never intended to study UFOs objectively, but had intentionally fitted its data into a negative report.

Reading of this, I was inevitably reminded of a document in my possession. It is a copy of a directive to USAF investigators of UFO reports; it is signed by General Curtis LeMay, who was at the time of its publication chief of the USAF. In effect it instructs investigating officers of UFO reports how to denigrate UFO reports, how to play them down and how to offer logical explanations for various phenomena. It does not suggest that UFO sightings are to be considered worthy of a fuller study.

I wonder: can scientists really be as hollow as they appear to be? Do they really imagine the much-despised laymen of the world will settle for shrugged shoulders and a shroud of marsh gas? I wonder: couldn’t it be that the scientists already have the full explanation of UFOs — and for reasons not yet clear, are deliberately keeping the knowledge as a jealously-guarded secret within their own closed ranks?

Incredible as it may seem, this appears to be the truth. I have amassed a considerable amount of evidence which strongly suggests that scientists in a number of countries not only know a great deal about UFOs, they also know how to keep in contact with them. I believe that from such contacts there has already been a considerable exchange of information.


I believe that the Establishment has gone through a phase of shock, amounting to severe trauma, as new knowledge has been revealed, and that there is not one science, not one major industry, that can remain unaffected by what the scientists have already learned. The rocket programmes of the Soviet Union and the United States, the transportation systems of the world, the power supply authorities and every conceivable kind of industry would be rendered obsolete if a new, unsuspected yet universally available system of power were to become available. I believe the earth is on the brink of having access to that power source.

I am neither a naive fantasy fan, nor a proselytizer of any particular brand of faith. I am in complete accord with the French authors, Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergior 1, in that I declare: it is not necessary to believe everything; it is only necessary to look at everything, to study and to examine everything; to explore with an unbiased mind, free of bigotry; to sift evidence and known facts, and upon these to reach certain tentative conclusions which are not the product of preconcieved notions. I hope that at least a large number of readers will feel the same way.


1 The Dawn of Magic, 1963

The road towards an equation began with the discovery that there exists on this globe an all-encompassing grid, the interlocking lines of which correspond to the lines of flight of verified UFO appearances. It would be in order here to recapitulate briefly, the theories and calculations regarding the nature of that grid. First of all, a geometric pattern of UFO activity was discovered which indicated a definite purpose in the presence of UFOs about our planetary surface. Having established the pattern of the grid, the next step was to break it down into mathematical co-ordinates. When this was done, it was found that all the values represented in the grid had direct harmonic relationships with the speed of light, gravity and earth mass.

Once these relationships became clear it was possible to theorize on the method of propulsion employed by the UFOs. It would appear that by setting up a harmonic imbalance of gravitational forces, the UFOs are able to reposition themselves in space-time; that is, the UFO moves from one point to another in order to restore the balance of the forces caused by space-time geometries. I hope the full meaning of this concept will become completely clear as we proceed.


The thinking up to this point followed rationally from the theories of Einstein which state, in part, that the geometric relation-ships of space and time control all physical processes. My findings led me to conclude, further, that volcanic activity, atomic disruption (nuclear bomb detonations) and earthquakes could all be related to the grid structure, an atomic bomb being a space-time geometric device, and volcanoes and earthquakes occurring on geometric points of the grid system, due to disturbances at these points.

A correlation of all these different phenomena led me to conclude that all major changes of physical state, anywhere in the world, are brought about by the harmonic interactions of those manifestations which we refer to as: light; gravity; mass; and electrical and magnetic forces.

The controlled manipulation of these resonant factors would, in my hypothesis, make it possible to move mass from one point to another in space-time (that is, to the eye of a theoretical observer, instantaneously); or to change the form of mass to a more, or to a less, tangible state. The contraction or expansion of time could also be controlled by the same manipulations of harmonic pulsations, or resonances, since time has a direct relationship with the speed of light. The “speed of light”, as we call it, is not a constant, contrary to all the declarations of the scientific establishment. In theory, for this is yet to be demonstrably proven, there is no limit to the speed of light.

The concept of relativity has been with us for a long time; it reached its clearest expression at the hands of Albert Einstein. Now, a study of UFOs can show us some of the practical applications of the theory.

It is commonly believed that Einstein expressly declared that the speed of light was an absolute, and that nothing could exist beyond this speed. Biologist Ivan T. Sanderson states in a recent book1 that shortly before his death, Einstein denied that he had ever made any such statement:

“What he did say was that around 186,000 miles per second mass would become infinite — that your backside would become your front side, and time (as we conceive it) would come to a stop — in other words, there is no reason, theoretical or otherwise, why that particular speed cannot be exceeded.”

There is also a widely-held belief, possibly one that has been deliberately encouraged, that Einstein’s work on his “unified field theory” had not reached its final stage when his death left this work to be completed, presumably, by still other brilliant minds yet to develop. But Sanderson asserts that Dr. B. Russell has privately stated that Einstein completed his theory before his death. There is evidence to suggest that Dr. Russell might be correct. In 1945 secret experiments were carried out in the mid-Pacific by American scientists. A unified force field was created, and a ship of the US Navy, fully crewed, was made to disappear. Ivan Sanderson and others have brought forward further detailed evidence in their own books.

Over the past few months I have found evidence which strongly suggests that the unified field concept has been incorporated in the UFO grid system, in a harmonic sense. By doubling the C, or light values in the harmonic unified field equation based on the famous Uninvited Visitors, 1968 Einstein equation (E = MC2), a gravitational effect becomes possible.

But I will leave the full explanation of this to another place. In Harmonic 33 it was my endeavor to establish that the harmonic equivalents of light, gravity and mass and so on are built into the global UFO grid system as geometric, or angular, units, and are expressed as minute of arc values. Some of these values are as follows:

Speed of light harmonic: 1439
Anti-speed of light harmonic: 695
Harmonics associated with the earth’s magnetic field: 2545.5 and 3930.
Earth mass harmonic: 1703

Logarithmic and radian values as well as trigonometrical values were also found to be harmonically tuned to the geometric pattern of the system.

At that time my calculations were taken only to four-figure accuracy, chiefly because this enabled me to carry out my calculations more easily. My log tables only run to four figures in any case, and it would have taken many months of additional work to find all the correlations if I had had to work with, say, seven or eight-figure harmonics.

But in recent months, thanks to the receipt of much new information coming to me, as I shall explain later, I did extend my harmonics to five figures. I then found a harmonic unified field equation.

The main lattice type pattern of the grid, I had found, consisted of areas of 30 minutes of arc oriented approximately north-south (006° true) and 30 minutes of arc approximately east-west (276° true). Subsequently, it has been my discovery that these areas are further divisible into sixteen smaller areas, measuring 7.5 by 7.5 minutes of arc.

Note: For all practical purposes the orientation of the system has been stated as 006 degrees true, according to the accuracy of the plotted grid on my original maps. Recent computer work allows the possibility that the actual orientation could be: 5.90165 degrees. The harmonic reciprocal of this value is 0.169444. This would create a direct harmonic relationship with mass, as discovered in later research.

Recent radar and verified visual sightings of UFOs, plus a large volume of evidence coming to light in the New Zealand area alone, have verified the existence of the grid in the pattern. I have described it beyond any shadow of reasonable doubt.

Furthermore, the creation of a complex network of manned radio stations within the structure of the UFO grid system proves not only that the system is there, but also that our technical experts have a knowledge of it, an understanding of it, and through it, direct communication with the UFOs themselves. Incredible? In the framework of conventional thinking, and in the light of concepts which we have been conditioned to accept as the cornerstones of what we euphemistically call reality, my statements may indeed seem beyond belief. I do not intend to allow my incredible statements to remain hovering in mid-air, as it were.

In this book I shall be presenting a variety of evidence, facts and hypotheses. I hope to answer at least some of the important questions that must arise; and I hope to point the way in which other investigators, perhaps infinitely more competent than myself, may travel in the search for truth.

Meanwhile, I must at this stage offer some evidence to the doubtful that the grid really does exist.

I am satisfied that there is an overwhelming body of evidence that provides all the proof necessary, and that establishes that the harmonic radiations emanating from it are in turn causing certain physical effects at specific localities. Moreover, the activities of scientists in certain key areas indicate that there is feverish, government or otherwise backed, activity going on in connection with research into the basic structure and character of the grid. My grid system, drawn up on a map of New Zealand, was completed in 1965. As verified sighting reports came to hand, I plotted on this map the precise positions of the sightings, and not to my surprise found that invariably the UFO positions fell with uncanny precision on the grid’s lines of longitude or latitude — never in the intervening spaces.

In September 1967 reports came of four accurate fixes of UFO sightings a few minutes apart in the Hawke’s Bay area (Map 1). Here were no isolated sightings, but four, all within a short period of time and in a relatively small area.

When I plotted the position of these four verified sightings on the grid map I found they fell exactly on four parallel lines of grid latitude. One was over the city of Napier, one to the north-west, one to the north-east, and one to the south-east. As I told an Auckland


A portion of the grid superimposed on the Hawke’s Bay area where UFO sightings were reported. The four sightings (ringed) coincide perfectly with the lines of the grid which had been drawn up three years previously on the basis of confirmed sightings throughout New Zealand. reporter at that time:

“The Hawke’s Bay sightings provide the most Impressive evidence to date in support of my grid theory.”

The UFO, or UFOs, incidentally, were seen on 3 September 1967 by residents of Hastings, Pakowhai, Wairoa and the Esk Valley. Did I somehow employ ESP when I constructed the grid map three years earlier predicting, as it were, by means of lines on a map just where future sightings would be made?

We are told by the scientists that, theoretically, there should be a region of negative matter in the universe. This would constitute a negative reality that would consist of matter made up of anti-protons, anti-electrons and anti-neutrons etc. If any particle of matter from the negative reality were to drift into, and come in contact with, a particle in our positive reality there would be instant annihilation of both particles. A Cosmic atomic explosion.


This sounds all very well and would create some sort of symmetry in the Universe, but they never explain where the boundary is between the two regions. Space is not empty, as most people imagine. There are all sorts of particles drifting round in space which could light the fuse of such a system. If this were so I believe the Universe would be a very dangerous place to live in.

My fundamental theory concerning the formation of particles of matter and anti-matter is as follows:

First, matter and anti-matter are formed by the same wave motions in space. The waves travel through space in a spiralling motion, and alternately pass through positive and negative stages. Matter is formed through the positive stage, or pulse, and anti-matter during the negative pulse.

An electron is formed by three spiraling wave motions in space. These waves pass through each other at 90°. The point of intersection in space causes the manifestation of what we term electrons. The electron thus formed carries out a spiraling motion. Each spiral of 360° forms a single pulse. The circular motion of an electron about the nucleus of an atom is therefore an illusion. The relative motion of the nucleus and electrons through space give the illusion of circular motion. The period during the formation of anti-matter is completely undetectable, since obviously all physical matter is manifesting at the same pulse rate, including any instruments or detectors used to probe atomic structures. The period or frequency rate between each pulse of physical matter creates the measurement which we call time, as well as the speed of light, at the particular position in space of which we are aware, at any given moment. (See Diagram 1).

Note: Recent research has indicated that the electron could possibly move through 371.27665 degrees. This being the radius multiplied by 3.24, which I call spiral Pi. The harmonic of 37127665 would be a reciprocal value of that derived from the unified equations. (26934) approx.

If the frequency rate of positive and negative pulses is either increased or decreased, then time and the speed of light vary in direct proportion.


Formation of matter and anti-matter in alternate positive and negative cycles. The frequency rate between each pulse of physical matter determines the rate of flow of time, and the speed of light, at any particular point in space.

The path of the nucleus through space would also be a spiral, but for the sake of simplicity it has been shown as a straight line in this diagram.

This concept would explain time as a geometric, as Einstein theorized it to be.

A rough analogy of physical existence can be made by reference to a strip of motion picture film. Each frame or static picture on the film strip may be likened to a single pulse of physical existence. The division between one frame and the next represents a pulse of anti-matter. When viewed as a complete strip, each frame would be seen as a static picture and, in a sense, by comparing two of these static pictures — say one at either end of the strip — then the past and the future can be viewed simultaneously.


However, when the film is fed through a projector, we obtain the illusion of motion and the passage of time. The divisions between the static pictures are not detected by our senses because of the frequency, or speed, of each projection on the movie screen. But by speeding up or slowing down the projector, we can alter the apparent time rate of the actions shown by the film.

To continue this analogy: our consciousness is the projector. The conscious “I am” part of our individuality passes from one pulse of physical matter to the next within the framework of the physical structure which we term our body, thus giving the illusion of constant reality, and the passing of time.

It is logical to assume that we have a twin stream of consciousness on the anti-matter side of the cycle, which in fact creates a mirror-image of our own individual personality. (This postulate has already been put forward by scientists.) The frequency of manifestation of both streams of consciousness, that is, the plus and the minus “I am” would position our awareness of the illusion of reality at a particular point in space and time. In other words, if the frequency of pulse manifestation is altered, even fractionally, our awareness of reality, in the physical sense, will shift from one spatial point to another. In fact, we would travel from one point in space to another without being aware that we had traversed distance in the physical sense. This would be space travel in the truest sense. Let’s look at another analogy: we can consider a simple spiral spring as representing the wave motion of an electron through space. Every second 360° spiral of the spring represents the path of the electron in physical matter, while the opposite applies to anti-matter.

The theory outlined above explains why light has been described as being caused by both a wave motion and a pulse. Both explanations are correct.

A pulse of light is manifested when the energy level of the atomic structure is altered by outside influences (theory of Max Planck). In the physical plane, the electron of the atomic structure appears to jump from its orbit. According to my belief, the electron does not jump orbit. But this is the illusion we obtain, since we are not equipped to perceive the path of the electron during the anti-matter cycle. What actually happens is that the radius of the spiralling motion is increased or decreased in order to absorb or release the energy imparted to, or removed from, the atomic structure. If the energy is imparted, then the electron must extend orbit in order to maintain balance in the system; and vice versa. Light, or any other radiant energy above or below light frequency, is therefore manifested by undetectable changes in the radius of the spiral motion of the electron during the anti-matter cycle.

If this hypothesis is correct, movement from one point in space to another point, regardless of apparent distance — in other words, true space travel — is completely feasible. By manipulating the frequency rate of the matter-anti-matter cycle, the time and speed of light can be varied in direct proportion to any desired value. This, I believe, is the method of propulsion used by UFOs, and it is at the core of the theory upon which I have constructed the global UFO grid system.

This is the basis. I am aware that considerable refinement will have to be undertaken. But I believe that the completed concept will be quite simple. As our technocracy advances, you will find from a casual examination of many examples (printed circuits, for example) that equipment and apparatus become simplified rather than more complex.

And now, to round off this section of my mathematical theories, in a word or two about the equation which I believe will set up a reaction in space-time.

The classical Einstein equation is contained in this, but the speed of light factor, C, has been doubled.



is equal to M, or the volume or mass of any unit body in space.


By calculation of the diameter of any spherical mass and the rate of its rotation, the value of the speed of light, time and gravity accelerations should be capable of being determined. If the volume of irregular bodies can be determined, then by calculation of the equivalent spherical volume the other values can also be determined.

There is a corollary: the linear speed of light in any particular point in space determines the volume of the body precipitated at that point. Therefore, relative to earth values of light, a lesser speed will determine smaller masses, and larger speeds will determine larger masses — such as that of Jupiter, for example. The angular acceleration of light will remain constant.

Corollary: for any unit body, once precipitated, then the rate of rotation, or spin, and its volume will directly determine its rate of acceleration in space (i.e., its movement in space relative to other bodies). This movement will maintain a constant balance of the angular acceleration of light at the point in space in which the body may be at any given instant.

If these theories seem to be complex and abstruse, bear with us. They are presented here as a means of establishing the foundation of other theories in support of which evidence will be offered.


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MY INTEREST IN THE INCREASING UFO ACTIVITY in the New Zealand area led me to the discovery that the surface of the world was crisscrossed with an intricate network of energy grid lines. I began my research in 1965. In a general way I was convinced that UFOs were actively engaged in a survey of the earth for some definite reason. I felt that their visits were not haphazard; they were not just on casual sightseeing tours.


Quite a number of investigators around the world had come to the conclusion that the sightings were beginning to form a pattern. At this period, however, this pattern was so complex as to defy any definition, or solution. By the correlation of sightings small sections of track had been identified, and some saucers had been seen moving along these set paths. Some of these had hovered over certain spots at set intervals. But these bits and pieces of tracklines were so scattered around the surface of our planet that It was quite impossible to fit them together into any semblance of order.

I was certain that if an overall pattern could be found and plotted, it might be possible to establish the reason behind UFO activity. I considered that the pattern would be geometric if these things were intelligently controlled, and that if somehow I could find the key to one section then I might solve the rest by duplication and Inference. I had sighted a number of unidentified objects in the sky over a period of several years, and by correlating two of these with other data, I was eventually able to construct a grid system which covered the whole world.

One of these sightings was in 1956. I was a DC3 co-pilot crewing a flight from Auckland to Paraparaumu. It was about 6pm, conditions were calm, and there was unlimited visibility. We were just south of Waverley at 7000 feet when I saw this object at an extremely high altitude in the east. I drew the captain’s attention to
it and together we watched it travel in a curved trajectory from east to west across our track until it disappeared in a flash of light at about 10,000 feet in the area of D’Urville Island. It appeared to travel across New Zealand in the vicinity, or slightly to the north, of Cook Strait, and it was so large that two streaks, similar to vapor trails, were seen to extend from either side of its pale green disc.

When about halfway across the Strait a small object detached itself from the parent body and dropped vertically until it disappeared. It looked almost as if the main disc was at such a high temperature that a globule had dripped from it. I thought about this later and decided that if that were so, the small object would also have a curved trajectory in the direction of the parent body. But this was not so; it detached and dropped vertically down at great speed. There could be only one answer from this action: the small body must have been controlled.

Calculations at a later date proved this UFO to have been between 1500-2000 feet in diameter. A report in a Nelson newspaper on the following day described an explosion at a high altitude to the north of the city. The shock-wave broke windows in some local glasshouses.

The other sighting occurred on 12 March 1965. This was the best and most interesting of them all, and from then my investigations were pressed on with all speed until they culminated in my present findings.

I had always expected to see UFOs in the sky, and that was where my attention was usually focused. When I was flying I was alert and ready to analyze any object sighted from the aircraft. I never expected to find a saucer landing at my feet and so far this has never happened. This sighting however was different from all the others because I observed it lying under thirty feet of water. I was scheduled to carry out a positioning flight from Whenuapai, Auckland’s main airport at that time, to Kaitaia. Departure was at 11 am and as no passengers were involved and the weather was perfect, I decided to fly visually to Kaitaia along the west coast. An officer from the operations department was on board and this was a good opportunity to show him some of the rugged country to the north. (I must stress that air-traffic regulations were strictly observed during the flight.)

On leaving Whenuapai I climbed to clear the area and when approaching the southern end of the Kaipara Harbour, just north of Helensville, I dropped to a lower altitude to have a better look at anything in the flight path. The tide in the Harbour was well out, and the water over the mudflats and estuaries was quite shallow.
I suppose we were about a third of the way across the harbor when I spotted what I took to be a stranded grey-white whale. I veered slightly to port, to fly more directly over the object and to obtain a better look.

I suppose a pilot develops the habit of keeping his emotions to himself. As far as I can remember I gave no indication of surprise, and I said nothing as I looked down. My “whale” was definitely a metal fish. I could see it very clearly, and I quote from the notes I made later.

  1. The object was perfectly streamlined and symmetrical in shape.

  2. It had no external control surfaces or protrusions.

  3. It appeared metallic, and there was a suggestion of a hatch on top, streamlined in shape. It was not quite halfway along the body as measured from the nose.

  4. It was resting on the bottom of the estuary and headed towards the south, as suggested from the streamlined shape.

  5. The shape was not that of a normal submarine and there was no superstructure.

  6. I estimated the length as 100 feet, with a diameter of 15 feet at the widest part.

  7. The object rested in no more than 30 feet of clear water. The bottom of the harbor was visible and the craft was sharply defined.

Inquiries made from the navy confirmed that it would not have been possible for a normal submarine to be in this particular position, due to the configuration of the harbor and coastline. The chief engineer of the Ministry of Works, Auckland, checked this spot on the harbor with a depth-sounder in September 1969. He informed me afterwards that a hole had been detected in the harbor bed approximately one eight of a mile wide and over 100 feet deep, which I consider would indicate that some activity had been carried out in this position some five years previously. (See photocopy of the report — page 246).

I had a further key to the puzzle in April 1965. My wife saw an advertisement in the local paper seeking members for a UFO organization called New Zealand Scientific and Space Research. I contacted this organization and found that a vast amount of information had been very efficiently compiled. Material had been collected from twenty-five different countries over a period of twelve years. I was invited to study the information at leisure.

Amongst this mass of data I discovered the reports of a UFO that had been seen from several different localities in both islands of New Zealand on 26 March 1965. People in Napier, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Wanganui, Feilding and Otaki Forks in the North Island; Nelson Coast Road, Blenheim and Westport (Cape Foulwind) in the South Island, had all reported sightings. It was decided that I try to plot the track of this UFO. From the considerable amount of information available I found that the maximum variation in the times of sightings from all areas was 15 minutes. Most reports gave the time as 9:45 pm. This proved that the object must have been very large and at high altitude during the greater part of its trajectory.

Here is a brief description of each sighting taken from the original reports:

1. New Plymouth
About 9:40 pm Mr. A. Nixon went outside his home to put out the milk-bottles. He had a clear view over the sea to the north. A glow first appeared on the horizon and as he looked at it he saw a light that was approaching slowly. Then it came nearer at tremendous speed, lighting up the clouds in a red glow as it passed through them. As it passed overhead in a clear patch of sky, the object was sharply defined. It was bright white in color, and was ball-shaped with a silvery edge. After passing overhead the rear emitted a red glow. It sped to the west of Mt Egmont and disappeared. According to Mr. Nixon “his hair stood on end”.

2. Napier
A bright object was seen by a resident to curve through the sky at 9:45 pm. It was visible in the north-west and changed color from white to a vivid green, then to a vivid red before it disappeared behind some trees.

3. Wanganui
Between 9:30 pm and 10:00 pm Mr. M. F. C. Grotenhuis was looking out of a window when he saw a flash similar to lightning. Then he observed a fireball which appeared to fall towards the south. It began as a bright white light, changed to greenish blue, then to a sizzling red before it disappeared like a shooting star. The sky was clear at the time.

4. Feilding
While cycling up a hill Miss Ralda Campbell heard a swishing sound. It was followed by a blinding bluewhite light, similar to a flash of sheet lightning. The whole area was lit by this, then she saw a huge orange ball that “looked like a dinner-plate”. The ball seemed to emanate from the left edge of the blue-white light.

After a few seconds it exploded and three orange balls, like tennis balls and very dense, appeared at the right-hand edge and disappeared.
Miss Campbell said the three smaller balls seemed to emerge from the larger ball when it vanished. The apparent track was from north-east to south-west.

5. Palmerston North
A woman witness saw an object in the sky at about 9:30 pm. It was a vivid green with a long comet-like tail issuing from a deep orange centre. It descended and disappeared from view behind a nearby building.

6. Otaki Forks
This is a position in the tararua mountain range. While tramping in the area, five Venturer Scouts saw an enormous bluish-white ball of light in the sky at 9:45 pm. This was surrounded by what looked like sheet lightning. The sighting was brief; the ball seemed to be stationary and apparently far away to the west, and about half the size of a full moon. One of the scouts, Mr Parnell, Baid that later the size of the object worked out trigonometrically by the group and the diameter arrived at was about 2000 feet.

7. Nelson
Over the mudflats of Tasman Bay, a resident saw a very bright flash in the sky. Immediately afterwards, three bright green balls descended at a 45° angle. This was 9:45 pm (a flying pawnshop?).

8. Nelson Coast Road
At 9:45 pm a Nelson resident driving towards Wakapuaka saw a big white ball with a bluish tail light up the place like day. It then burst in a shower of bright particles.

9. Westport
Mr. L.H. Keay, a farmer, saw a bright object in the sky. It was far brighter than the moon, and lit up the sky with a bright white light that changed to green, and then to red. It apparently fell eastwards. The time was “somewhere around 10 o’clock”.

10. Blenheim
Mr. and Mrs. Bell and their daughter Linda, Margaret White, and many other people, saw a great green ball of light that seemed to explode over their heads. A small brightly-colored ball broke away and whizzed off to the east. It was 9:45 pm. Mrs. M. Christensen observed a green ball, about the size of a cricket ball. It descended steadily from the sky, and appeared to be very close and dull in color. Time 10:15 pm.

There was nothing of any great significance or originality in these accounts, and they followed the pattern of many other sightings. However from the mass of detail supplied by so many different people over so wide an area, it was possible to plot the track of the object with reasonable accuracy. I started work on a Mercator’s plotting chart, and after several hours of checking one report against the other and calculating possible elevations and trajectories, I felt I had refined the plot sufficiently to draw in the final track of the object, or objects. The result is shown on Map 2.


The track began about seventy nautical miles north of New Plymouth, passed just to the west of Mt. Egmont, and finished at D’Urville Island. When first seen the altitude would have been about 30,000 feet curving down on a flight path to somewhere around 10,000 feet when it disappeared.

Some time after those sightings on 26 March 1965 I had another look at the plot I had made. I could find no flaws in my thinking, but I needed more information. As I was to discover many times later, the clues were quite obvious, but I was then not sufficiently expert in realizing their significance. In point of fact this first track-line was to be the starting point of a whole string of discoveries of which I have yet to find an end.

I pored over that plot for a long time before it suddenly occurred to me that the track appeared in line with the position where I had sighted the unidentified submarine object, or USO, on 12 March 1965. On extending the line back I found it was in line with the sightings of 26 March. I was positive there had to be a connection - but to prove it was a different matter.

I checked my report files again and found that on 2 March some fishermen just north of the coast at New Plymouth had seen a large object plunge into the sea and disappear. They thought it was an aircraft and reported the incident to the appropriate authorities, but no aircraft or personnel were missing. I checked this position on the map and found that it also fitted the established track-line. Was this connected with the USO of 12 March, and could the two sightings be of the same object, sighted twice in ten days? Could it be working slowly up this track carrying out some project on the sea bed? I tucked this thought away for future reference and carried on with the search.

It was some days later that I remembered the UFO I had seen in 1956. This object was similar and, most significant of all, both objects had apparently traveled at 90° to each other, and finished in the same grand all illuminating flash in the area of D’Urville Island.



Showing path of UFO from Kaipara Harbour to D’Urville Island.

If these objects were not controlled, how could anyone explain such coincidences? No two meteors or other natural phenomena could coincidentally carry out similar maneuvers, travel at 90° to each other, and both decide to end their existence at the same point in space, within nine years of each other. Also, in both cases, objects had been seen to emerge from the parent bodies. Was this irrefutable evidence that they were intelligently controlled vehicles. I plotted the track of the 1956 UFO on the map at 90° to the north-south line. I realized that I had no definite proof that they were at exactly 90° to each other or that the 1956 track was not a few miles north or south of this position — still, I had to start from somewhere, and I would assume this to be correct unless and until other evidence proved me wrong.

Two track lines at 90° meant little on their own. If I found several at 90°, I might have something — a grid perhaps? These two lines hinted at this, and I believed that if I could solve the system of measurement, then I had two readymade baselines to work from.

Once again I went to the UFO files and found that a Frenchman by the name of Aime’ Michel had been studying UFOs for a number of years and had found small sections of track-lines in various areas of Europe. Saucers had been seen hovering at various points along these track-lines, and Mr. Michel had observed that the average distance between these points was 54.43 kilometers.


By itself this was only a small grain of information but, like a starting gun, it set me off again.

Using the Kaipara Harbour as a starting point, I marked off the 54.43 kilometer intervals along the track-line I had found. I was disappointed when I was unsuccessful in obtaining an even distribution of positions to the D’Urville Island disappearing point. I checked and re-checked, but nothing worked out. I slept on the problem, and at some time during the night inspiration turned up the wick; once more the light grew bright.

I remembered that a great number of sightings had occurred around the Blenheim area. Even before the advent of ordinary aircraft in New Zealand, this area had been visited by UFOs. I had read about them in old copies of the local papers, and many recent sightings suggested again that this area had something special about it.

So I dragged out my map and extended the track-line until it cut a 90° coordinate from the town of Blenheim. The distance from this point to the Kaipara position I found to be exactly 300 nautical miles. So far so good. I stepped off the 54.43 kilometer intervals - and swore. Still the thing didn’t fit! Frustration was always my companion in this business, and we had many, many arguments! Sometimes it was a protracted battle of wits...a fiddle with my computer and I was off again.

The distance of 54.43 kilometers found by Michel was only an average estimate. I found that 55.5955 kilometers was equal to 30 nautical miles, and this divides exactly into 300 nautical miles, ten times. Was this the system of measurement used by the UFOs? There was no proof of course, but it seemed a reasonable assumption. A minute of arc is a measurement which could apply to the Whole universe. It just so happens that a minute of arc, from the earth’s centre subtends, at the surface, what we call a nautical mile. So be it........

Since I made that statement in my first book I have been attacked repeatedly by university personnel and others in the academic field. They have maintained that degrees and minutes of arc are arbitrary values set up by the ancient mathematicians and that therefore my calculations are meaningless. I believe the evidence shown in this book will now convince them that my original assumptions were correct. The angular values of 360° and 21,600 minutes of arc which constitute a complete circle have direct geometric associations with the speed of light.

The fifth interval of 30 nautical miles from the Kaipara position coincided with the position off the coast of New Plymouth where the mysterious object had plunged into the sea. The plotted points of disappearance of the two large UFOs at D’Urville Island did not quite match up with the ninth interval, but this did not worry me unduly as I expected that a small percentage of error must be expected in my original plot. I readjusted this position to the ninth interval, and carried on the search to see how many other sightings I could fit into this pattern.

The results exceeded my expectations. I found that by using units of 30 minutes of arc latitude north-south, and 30 minutes of arc longitude east-west, on my Mercator’s map, a grid pattern was formed into which a great number of UFO reports could be fitted. I eventually had a map with sixteen stationary and seventeen moving UFOs plotted on grid intersections and track-lines.



Having satisfied myself that my reasoning and plotting were not false, I considered that I had good proof that New Zealand, possibly other countries, and probably the whole world, were being systematically covered by some type of grid system (see grid map 3).

I subsequently discovered that the grid lattice could be further divided. It is now evident that the grid lines in the main system are spaced at intervals of 7.5 minutes of arc north-south, and east-west. The importance of this will prove itself when compared with the rest of the calculation in this book. There are 21,600 minutes of arc in a circle, and when this is divided by 7.5 we get a value of 2880. The grid lattice therefore is tuned harmonically to twice the speed of light (288), as will be shown in other sections. It appeared that I had found a section of a geometric grid pattern in the New Zealand area. I now had to form some theory of construction for the whole world. I could then possibly fit the New Zealand section into it.

By drawing a series of patterns on a small plastic ball I finally found a system which could be used as a starting point for a global investigation. (The basic pattern is shown in diagram 2.) I was sure I was on the right track, but I now had to superimpose this pattern on the world globe. It was essential that I find a point position somewhere on the earth upon which to orientate the geometrical pattern. I finally came upon an item of news that gave me a very important clue on how to proceed.

On 29 August 1964 the American survey ship Eltanin was carrying out a sweep of the sea-bed off the coast of South America. A series of submarine photographs was being taken of the area by means of a camera attached to a long cable. A surprise was in store when these photographs were developed. On one of the points, in marvelous detail, was an aerial-type object sticking up from an otherwise featureless sea-bed.

The object appeared to be metallic and perfectly symmetrical in construction. The array consisted of six main crossbars with small knob-like ends and a small crossbar at the top. Each cross looked to be set at angles of 15° to the others, and the whole system stood about 2 feet in height. The position where this object was found was given as latitude 59°08’ south, longitude 105° west.


As this bit of ironmongery was situated at a depth 13,500 feet below the surface, I was certain that no human engineers had placed it there.

Aerial type object photographed by the survey ship “Eltanin’



Showing relationship of grid structure to the geographic poles. Each of the two grids has a similar pattern, the interaction of which sets up a third resultant grid. The poles of the three grids are positioned at three different latitudes and longitudes.

Scientists may be able to descend to those depths in specially constructed bathyspheres, but I don’t think they could work as deeply as that on a precision engineering problem. In view of my earlier sightings in the Kaipara Harbour, I was willing to accept that the aerial-type object had been placed there by a unidentified submarine object, or USO.

Since this photo was taken there has been a determined attempt by the scientific world to label this object as nothing more that a plant of some sort. A journalist friend and I managed to visit the Eltanin during one of its few visits to New Zealand and when we discussed this object with some of the scientists on board, the comment was that it was classed as an artifact. This was before the great hush-up but, regardless of that, I believe that the mathematical proofs will show without doubt that the object is artificial, and most probably an aerial of some sort.

The form of this aerial-like structure also fitted in with the general pattern of the grid as I had envisaged it on the plastic ball. The six main crossbars denoted the radiating points of six or twelve great circles which form the main structure of the grid. I centered the grid on the position of the object found by the Eltanin, and the 180° reciprocal of this is in Russian Siberia, lining the whole thing up with the section I had found in New Zealand. I found the system to be lined up very closely with the magnetic field of the earth. The equator of the grid followed very closely the line of zero dip around the world. (That is, the positions on the earth’s surface where a magnetic compass needle has only a horizontal and no vertical component.)

In my earlier works I discussed the methods I used to line up the system and calculate the first estimates of the grid pole positions, and the major focal points of the grid similar to the Eltanin “aeriali placement.

The reciprocal position of the Eltanin “aerial” is at latitude 59°08’ north, longitude 75° east, in Siberia. I calculated the length of the diagonal of what I call, for simplicity, the “polar grid square” and found it to be 5091.168825 minutes of the arc long. I plotted a track from the Siberian position through the north geographic pole and measured off this distance to locate another corner “aerial” of the polar square.


(Square is not technically the right word to use as the four sides are formed by sections of small circles which are in different planes to each other. When the “polar square” areas are transferred from the surface of the earth sphere on to a flat plane such as a map, then a perfect square is formed with sides 3600 minutes long and diagonals of 5091.168825 minutes of arc.)


In my first two books I stated, in error, that the sides of the “polar squares” were formed by sections of GREAT circles 3600 minutes of arc long, instead of SMALL circles. The great circle distance between these points is in fact 3,418.5 minutes of arc, which is very confusing to any investigator attempting to reconstruct the grid. I apologize to my readers for this error, which was caused by my lack of access to calculators during my earlier research. In the grid pattern there are actually two small circle segments, and one great-circle segment connecting each of these points which form the polar squares. Each of the segments has a different path over the earth and some tricky calculating is necessary to ascertain the true length.


Although I used the wrong term in my earlier publications, the actual calculations derived from the grid system are not altered in any way, and still stand the test of time. Over the last few years I have slightly refined the values I demonstrated previously, derived from a mixture of practical and theoretical studies. I have now set up what I see as a completely theoretical system, discovered by working entirely by calculator. Time will prove how close my calculations are. I have no doubt that I, and others, will continue further to perfect the system as more facts come to light. Once I had established this first baseline I found it quite easy to construct the main skeleton of the grid over the whole surface of the earth.

As my work progressed I found that there were in fact two similar grids, interlocked with each other. The poles of the grids were spaced at different distances from the north geometric pole, and this arrangement set up a series of geometric harmonics which were directly related to the speed of light, mass, and gravity. The interaction of the two grids created a harmonic resonance which in turn, formed a third resultant grid.

The theoretical position for the three grid poles in the northern hemisphere are a follows:

Grid pole “A” = Latitude 72.4266°/longitude 90° west 1054.4 minutes of arc from the North Pole.
Grid pole “B” = Latitude 78.4266°/longitude 105° west 694.4 minutes of arc from the North Pole.

Resultant grid pole “C” = Latitude 75.6°/longitude 97.5° west 864 minutes of arc from the North Pole. Reciprocal positions will give similar values for the southern hemisphere.


Showing the relationship of a grid polar square to the geographic pole. Each grid has a similar pattern.

The pole of each grid is set at a different latitude and longitude.


Showing the relationship of grid polar squares A, B, and C.

The polar squares are orientated in reciprocal positions around both the north and south geographic poles.


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SPACE TRAVEL, THANKS TO THE AMERICAN AND Russian rocket programmes, is a reality. By using great masses of hardware, miles of wiring and plumbing, Newton’s law of motion and some not inconsiderable beginner’s luck, the first man on the moon has stepped out of the pages of Jules Verne into his-story. Probes have been sent out to study Venus and Mars at close quarters. Considering the brief time in which man has taken serious notice of ways to bridge the gap between earth and sky, these are remarkable achievements.

During the 1939-45 war German scientists were carrying out experiments in rocketry; their experiences gained in directing doodlebugs towards London made them the leaders in this field; Werner von Braun and other German experts subsequently passed on their knowledge and experience to others on both sides of the Iron Curtain. Those Model T’s of rocketry, the V-2s, have given rise to the sophisticated Apollo and Vostok power units which thrust comparatively tiny pay-loads into the void of space.

They work. And they have enabled man to venture far away from his own planet.

Yet, before the first space vehicle built on this planet thrust its snout beyond the ultimate atom of air in the envelope which clings as a life-sustaining wrapper about our planet, the method was already out of date. It may have been out of date centuries ago. As a means of propulsion rockets are obsolete — as obsolete as a propulsion method as the sling-shot is out of date as a weapon. In both cases brute force is the criterion; in both cases the law of diminishing returns rules the game. As the power of the prime mover is increased, the size and cost of the system becomes less and less practicable, and the pay-load must eventually fail to give sufficient returns in relation to the effort expended in moving it through space. A rocket allowed mankind to take the first essential step; but it is obvious, if we stop to think about it, that rocket propulsion cannot be the answer to exploration of the star systems that surround our galaxy.

Even if we could eventually achieve speeds approaching that of light itself, we could never hope to venture far from the solar system in one lifetime. The distances are vast; rockets the size of small cities would be necessary, so that several generations could live out their lives during the journey through space in order that there would be colonists for the far planet destinations. It might be possible to do this. It would not be very practicable. As a theme for science fiction writers it has been a bountiful source of stories.

The first glimmerings of how true space travel might be achieved came to me when I uncovered the first clues that led me to the UFO grid which laces about our globe. I published my findings and hoped that someone with greater scientific knowledge than I possess would carry on from that point — and finally discover every secret locked into the system.

I was aware that my calculations were not precisely accurate — in the strict mathematical sense — but I could see that the system was based on space-time geometries, and at least there was the best possible support for this none less than the theories of Einstein. Somewhere, I knew, the system contained a clue to the truth of the unified field which, he has postulated, permeates all of existence. I didn’t know at the time that this clue had already been found by scientists who were well ahead of me in the play. I know now that they must have understood something of the grid system years ago. They knew that Einstein’s ideas about the unified field were correct. What’s more, for many years they have been carrying out full-scale research into the practical applications of the mathematical concept contained in that theory.

I believe, and with good reason, that the full facts have been known to at least some scientists for many years. The very fact that man-made scientific equipment has been built into the UFO grid system, which I put forward as a theory years ago, is evidence that at least some people had prior knowledge of the grid and its workings. It must have taken them years to build up the network of stations which now exists. But as far as they or their masters are concerned, it is not our right to know.

The only way to traverse the vast distances of space is to possess the means of manipulating, or altering, the very structure of space itself; altering the space-time geometric matrix, which to us provides the illusion of form and distance. The method of achieving this lies in the alteration of frequencies controlling the matter-antimatter cycles which govern our awareness or perception of position in the space-time structure. Time itself is a geometric, just as Einstein postulated; if time can be altered, then the whole universe is waiting for us to come and explore its nooks and crannies. In the blink of an eye we could cross colossal distances; for distance is an illusion.


The only thing keeping places apart in space is time. If it were possible to move from one position to another in space, in an infinitely small amount of time, or “zero time”, then both the positions would coexist, according to our awareness. By speeding up the geometric of time we will be able to bring distant places within close proximity. This is the secret of the UFOs — they travel by means of altering the spatial dimensions around them and repositioning in space-time..

When I had completed my first book I was not aware of just how close I had come to this truth. The answer was literally staring at me from the pages of my own work for nearly three years, before a visit from a stranger brought it into my grasp. A year after the book was published I had a telephone call from a man who had just arrived in New Zealand from England. He explained that he was a textile salesman and would be here for only a few days on business. He said he had heard of my research, and was most insistent that he should see me. He said that he had very little knowledge of UFOs, but that he would like to talk to me about my theories. Could he come out to my home for a visit? On that particular evening I was busy with some affairs of my own; I wasn’t anxious to entertain a stranger, but in the end I agreed to see him.

He arrived in a rented car, and at once began questioning me about my activities and my research. It was soon obvious that he knew a great deal more about the subject of UFOs than he was prepared to admit; and he was quite demanding about getting his questions answered. He had an air of nervous tension about him as he checked through pages of my calculations; then he wanted to know where I kept all of my data, and if there were many people who knew about my studies.

I make no secret of whatever findings I turn up, and I showed him everything he asked to see. Finally he insisted that there was something I hadn’t shown him — an equation which knitted all my calculations together. In some surprise I told him I knew of no such equation; his expression was eloquent of disbelief.

As this discussion proceeded I informed him that there were probably others who thought as he did — that I had some such equation up my sleeve, because I was being watched and on several occasions my car had been followed. I added that since he had come to my home he would most likely have unwanted company on his way back into the city. Whoever it was that was keeping an eye on me, I told him, would probably believe him to be a contact man from abroad and would therefore be interested in his movements. I must admit that I told him this intriguing little tale to see what his reaction might be. I was fascinated to see his apparent nervousness become increased, and in some agitation he decided it was time to leave. His departure was hurried; I have neither seen him nor heard of him since.

For the next two or three days I found myself going over and over his questions. The more I thought about it, the more convinced I became that the stranger had known far more about my calculations than I did myself. Was there something there which he could see — but which I had missed? If there was an equation buried somewhere in my figuring, then I would have to find it. Reworking the math, I finally decided to concentrate specifically on three harmonic values which appeared to have a close relationship with one another. Previously, I had shown this connection, and had truthfully pointed out that I did not know why the relationship was there at all.


These were the harmonic values that now fully occupied my attention:

1703 — This is the four-figure harmonic of 170,300,000,000, which is the expression in cubic minutes of arc of the mass or volume of the planet Earth and its surrounding atmosphere.

1439 — A four-figure harmonic of 143,900 minutes of arc per grid second, representing the speed of light in grid values.


2640 — This figure, expressed in minutes of arc values, is built into the polar portion of the grid structure as a geometric co-ordinate.

Now I found that when I matched these values harmonically the results were as follows. Zeros to the right-hand side can be ignored in this form of harmonic calculation:




In other words the difference between the harmonic of mass and the harmonic of light is the harmonic of 264(or 2640). It was now apparent that if any calculations were more accurately worked out it should be possible to find out just what the 2640 figure referred to.

After several hours of work the following was what looked up at me from my paper:

17025 earth mass harmonic

- 2636 unknown harmonic


Checking through the five-figure mathematical tables I found to my surprise that 2.6363 is the square root of 6.95 (from the 1-10 square root tables). In harmonic calculations of this kind decimal points as well as zeros to the right of a figure can be ignored; so it could be said that the square root of 695 was 2636. Now I could perceive the first steps necessary to solving the elusive equation. I had long established that 695 is the harmonic reciprocal of the speed of light, or 1/1439.


The calculations were now sufficiently accurate for algebraic values to be substituted — although obviously a computer would be necessary to solve the true values to extreme accuracy.

17025(earth mass)
- 2636(square root of speed of light reciprocal)
14389(speed of light)
If C = the speed of light, and
M = mass

Now at last I had the first part of a unified field equation in harmonic values. To take the next step I first had to go back to Einsteinian theory, particularly the famous equation, E=MC2, where E is energy, M is mass and C the speed of light.

Einstein declared that physical matter was nothing more than a concentrated field of force. What we term physical substance is in reality an intangible concentration of wave forms. Different combinations and structural patterns of waves unite to form the myriads of chemicals and elements which in turn react with one another to form physical substances. Different wave forms of matter appear to us to be solid because we are constituted of similar wave forms which resonate within a clearly defined range of frequencies — and which control the physical processes of our limited world.


Einstein believed that M, the value for mass in the equation. could eventually be removed, and a value substituted that would express the physical in the form of pure energy. In other words, by substituting for M, a unified field equation should result which would express in mathematical terms the whole of existence — this universe, and everything within it. As I have already said, it seems that before his death Einstein did indeed produce this equation. What the mathematical terms were which he used, I do not know; but I couldn’t help wondering what results I might get if I were to tackle the problem from the point of harmonic math. If an equation could be found which had a harmonic affinity with all substance, one which showed a resonance factor tuned to matter itself, then the problem, perhaps, would be solved.

Einstein maintained that the M in his equation could be replaced by a term denoting wave form. I had now found a substitute for M in terms of wave form of light. So the obvious step, to me, was to replace Einstein’s M with the values of C, found from the UFO grid.

These are the results I obtained:

in terms of light or pure electromagnetic wave form — the key to the universe, the whole existence; to the seen and the unseen, to form, solids, liquids, gases, the stars and the blackness of space itself, all consisting of visible and invisible waves of light. All of creation is light; that was the answer that had been right within my grasp for four years.

Now it was necessary to check the validity of the equation; to accomplish this I needed a computer and the help of an expert in pure mathematics.

A young man who had attended one of my lectures said he was willing to put a small computer at my service and a friend of his, an excellent mathematician who had a larger computer was willing to programme it harmonically to give me assistance should I need it. I was deeply appreciative of both offers and the subsequent calculations proved the initial equation to be valid. Throughout all my research I have always been at the limits of my own knowledge, for ever frustrated by my slow rate of progress. I could always see much further ahead than my technical ability would allow me to travel.

In my earlier publications I had stated that I believed that the value of 2545.58, the geometric distance in minutes of arc, from the grid poles to the main corner aerial positions, in the grid polar squares, was a harmonic of gravity acceleration. I am now aware that his assumption was incorrect and that the true value for the harmonic of gravity acceleration is derived from the speed of light. The diagonal of the “polar square” of 5091.168825 units can be broken down into a series of values:

5091.168824 / 2 = 2545.584412
2545.5844122 = 6480000

The number 648 is a harmonic factor of great importance, as will be demonstrated in other sections of this book. The many other harmonic factors centered around the “polar square” corner aerial positions, form a series of complex mathematical associations and this can be left for those who wish to carry out their own research. The reciprocal of 2545.58, rounded off to four-figure accuracy, was given as a harmonic of 3930, (Now corrected to 3928371).


When I made my initial discovery of the unified equations, the harmonic of 3930 was thought to be that of anti-gravity. It is now known that this value is related to the earth’s magnetic field. Although I labeled them wrongly the actual values have stood the test of time and still fit into the equations as originally demonstrated. The harmonic equations are those from which an atomic bomb is developed. By setting up derivatives of the equation in geometric form, the relative motions of the wave forms inherent in matter are zeroed, and convert from material substance back into pure energy.

By reversing the process, physical substance in any desired shape or form could be produced from pure energy. While practical applications of the latter possibility may still be far in the future, we are nevertheless at least capable, now, of destroying matter. As I have stated elsewhere — scientists can make a bang from a bomb, but as yet they are still unable to get the bang back into the bottle.

Although I was much happier with progress when I arrived at this point in my calculations, there were still some important answers missing. As far as they went, the equations explained the workings of a nuclear explosive device, but they still had not yielded the secrets of UFO propulsion. The UFO grid was undoubtedly constructed on the basis of the equation, yet a UFO does not disintegrate when it moves within the resonating fields of the system. There had to be an extension of the equation, which so far I had missed, that would produce the necessary harmonics for movement in space-time. But I felt close to the solution, and I was determined to find it.

It has often been my experience that when a stalemate is reached it is best to throw aside one’s work for a time and take a rest. For the next few weeks I deliberately forgot everything even remotely connected with UFOs. But one evening, unheralded and unexpected, a thought flashed into my mind. Why only deal with single values of C?

The key was turned and a sequence of doors swung open, one after another, to reveal secrets of space and time. In the polar area of the UFO grid the geometric values of some of the co-ordinates appear to be doubled up.

The diagrams of the “polar squares,” as I have termed them, incorporate twice the value of 2545.56.

In the resultant grid polar square the speed of light reciprocal harmonic of 695 is incorporated in a harmonic of 2695. These coordinates are the same from corner aerial positions to the geographic poles. It appears that the factor 2 preceding the 695 serves to harmonically double the reciprocal of the speed of light.
I reasoned that a way to check this idea was to increase the values of C in my equation, and observe the changing harmonic of E. In a few hours in pursuit of this line of thought, I was able to say: “I have found something extremely interesting”.

It was apparent that one only had to double the value of C. Once I had done this, it was possible to produce two different equations through the use of the tables relating to the square root portion of the equation. The results differed according to whether square roots 1-10 or 10-100 were employed. In equation No. 1, I found that the resulting harmonic was: 3926991712050.


This was the value calculated by the computer after we had fed the equation in, and gradually corrected from one side of the equation to the other. I was only too well aware that my calculations were only of “near-enough” accuracy up to this point, and had been sufficient only to form a general basis for the theories I had developed. Four-figure accuracy in fact is just not nearly good enough, as any pure scientist will be quick to agree. By feeding in the harmonics on either side of the equation and gradually correcting, the 12-digit value was finally arrived at.

This harmonic is not yet completely accurate; larger computers will the necessary to carry on the correction to the ultimate of precision. Nevertheless, the result is now “good enough” as far as I am concerned, and it may at least start off a scientist of an independent nature to carry out further investigations of his own. I had shown previously that the four figure harmonic of 3930 (rounded off to four figures) was the close reciprocal of 2545.58.

In a practical sense the values were near enough to demonstrate what I was trying to establish. Therefore I considered that the harmonic of 392699171205, derived by doubling the C component of the equation, was also indicating a reciprocal of the 2545.58 value found in the grid polar square areas. With slight corrections the equation could now be expressed thus:

The second equation is derived by using the square root of the 10-100 tables. This equation is as follows:

The nearest we have brought this to accuracy, using a small desk computer, is as follows:

The speed of light harmonic accurate to four figures is equal to 1439, as I have said elsewhere. The value used in this calculation according to the more accurate computer check equals 1438881. As I have already stated, the true value will only be derived by the use of highly sophisticated computers.

Another possible lead for mathematician readers is the fact that the natural tangent of 36° is 72654. The square of 26953 from the equation is 726504, which is very close.

The fact that the harmonic of light has only to be doubled in order to obtain anti-light fields must be related to the matter and antimatter cycles of the physical and the non-physical worlds. If the two, plus and minus, fields are interlocked, as I have postulated, and matter and anti-matter manifest in alternate pulses, then a double cycle must occur between each pulse of matter and antimatter. The antimatter pulse cannot be perceived by us, for fairly obvious reasons; but when calculating the frequency interaction between the two, both cycles must be taken into account. By stepping up or slowing down the frequency of C between the two cycles, a shift in space-time must occur.

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...AND NOW TO LOOK AT SOME EVIDENCE OF THE existence of the global grid which is used by UFOs, either for propulsion, navigation or both.

In the early part of 1968 I was approached by a co-pilot of a National Airways Corporation Viscount. He had an interesting account for me:

The previous day he had been a crew member of a Viscount flying north to Auckland from Wellington. Between New Plymouth and Auckland, with the aircraft at 19,000 feet, a request was received from Air Traffic Control to divert slightly starboard of track. Radar operators at Auckland airport had three stationary objects on their screen, spaced at intervals down the west coast between Raglan and New Plymouth.

The Viscount was vectored towards these positions by radar control, and the crew was asked to scan the area, to check whether the objects causing the radar blips were visible to the human eye. The maneuver was carried out accurately, but there was no sight of anything unusual in the sky. Although the presentation of the objects on the radar screen was clear and pronounced, the operators, in view of the crew’s negative report, prepared to dismiss the incident. And suddenly the blips disappeared, disposing of the problem anyway.

Until the next day, when I appeared in the radar room with my grid map under may arm.

I discussed the incident with the radar crew, and one of them then plotted the positions of the three unknown objects on the radar map on the display board. When these positions were compared with my grid map, it was immediately apparent that the UFOs were spaced along one of the north-south grid lines running down the coast, and that the intervals between the UFOs were thirty nautical miles and fifteen nautical miles — a spacing that coincided with track lines running east-west on the grid.

Clearly our visitors were active again; some project was in progress on this section of the system occupying their attention when they had been disturbed by the approach of the Viscount.

Recently I have been able to correlate this particular incident with other human activity off the coast of New Zealand, which strongly suggests that our close-lipped scientists are not only aware of the actual existence of alien visitors, but are indeed working in close co-operation with them. We shall enlarge upon this point later.

By now my old, original grid map, which I completed in 1965, is showing signs of wear and tear; but it still helps me to prove to anyone interested that the grid is no myth, not something I have just dreamed up in order to confuse an already baffled public. I could not possibly have predicted the positions of those three blips seen on an airport radar screen, long before they actually made their appearance; yet, unless the grid map is in fact accurate and reliable, that is the only alternative explanation. At least one of my critics has dismissed my work with an amusingly contemptuous “Oh well, you can prove anything by numbers!” Forecasting the future by numbers and lines may or may not be possible, but I have neither the training, knowledge nor understanding to attempt that sort of thing. And I’m pretty sure I don’t possess second sight; more’s the pity!

Another incident which occurred later in 1968 was one that startled the flying fraternity. The RNZAF was in on this one, but as happens with air forces in other parts of the world the authorities quickly hushed the matter up. The lid was slammed down tightly on Pandora’s box, which must be pretty full by now; it manages to fly open with increasing regularity, much to the anguish of those who would like to have the whole business of UFOs thought of by the public as a modern fairy-tale.

An Air Force Orion was carrying out a routine exercise mission off the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island one cloudy afternoon, when the crew was alerted by radar control. An unidentified object was traveling at the leisurely pace of about forty knots from north to south some thirty miles off the coast. The Orion was requested to check on this intruder, and was vectored on to an intercept course. Approaching closer to the object, the Orion’s forward-seeking radar locked on to the visitor, but there was no solid object visible to anyone on board. According to my information the object then lost altitude, and the Orion followed it down. The crew then reported that a whirlpool-like eddy was visible on the surface of the sea. Perhaps the object, whatever it was, had dived into the ocean and escaped in submarine fashion.

This, you may be sure, will not be the last time that UFOs will be tracked by radar in our skies. About once a month I am approached by an aircrew member and am informed of yet another UFO sighting in the New Zealand area. If all these crew members are crazy, then our airlines are a fairly precarious means of travel for the unsuspecting public.

Why is it that none of the reports that reach me are printed in the newspapers? The answer is this: the newspapers never receive them. Aircrew members are, on the whole, a conservative breed, and they jealously guard their image as a sane and level-headed group, dedicated only to the task of flying in a “safe and expeditious manner”, as it is termed in the code of regulations. So far I have been one of the few foolish people in commercial flying to stick my neck out and make public what I have seen, theorized and heard. Perhaps in the near future others in my profession will come forward give support to my statements; there are many who believe, as I do, that the truth is more important than most of the artificial criteria with which we burden ourselves in this so-called civilized society of ours.

Nuclear tests are still with us, and provide a perfect check on the harmonic calculations which I described previously. The French were active at Mururoa Island again in 1968, and gave me a further opportunity to make some predictions on the possible dates on which a nuclear device could be exploded.

Mostly for my own satisfaction I spent one evening calculating all| the possible combinations in harmonic values necessary for the detonation of a nuclear bomb, to cover the whole of the testing period.

I was quite aware that I had not yet discovered all of the harmonics involved, but by carrying out constant checks on the activities of the scientists involved, I hoped that in time most of the secrets would eventually be revealed. I doubt if many of the boffins will welcome my constant snooping; but I believe that if the public is under a constant threat of annihilation they at least have the right to know how the mechanics of the operation will be carried out. The more knowledge we have, the better our chances of stopping these idiots from blasting our planet into eternity.

A few weeks after I tucked away my calculations, I was invited to present a lecture on UFOs to the Royal Aeronautical Society in Auckland. Just before the lecture I was taken out to dinner by the president and the secretary of the society. Over the meal conversation turned to my theories regarding the nuclear bomb tests. Not altogether unnaturally, the president was inclined to be skeptical of my methods of calculation, and he asked me quite casually when the next French bomb would be detonated. I told him that the 25th of the month, about a fortnight away, was my bet; the talk then switched to more mundane matters.
The lecture, presented to a capacity audience, was well received, and the bomb discussion forgotten.

On the 25th of the month the peace of Mururoa Island was shattered, and the echoes of the French nuclear explosion rippled around the world. It was another personal victory for me to chalk up.

That afternoon my telephone rang. It was the president of the Royal Aeronautical Society. Could I come into the city for a chat, and could I give further test dates to cover the rest of the current French series?

This I did. The dates I supplied proved to be correct, culminating in the explosion of France’s hydrogen bomb. Further tests were cancelled when President de Gaulle found that the French bankers were having a lean year. It was a choice between bread and bombs, and bread won.

I had proved my point that the dates of nuclear tests could be accurately predicted on the basis of harmonic calculations. The president of the Society, who is also the head of a government department, gave me a copy of notes he had made on some of my predictions. He told me that these had been passed on to the heads of other government departments.

This memo is shown in photocopy No. 1. It shows that my prediction for the hydrogen bomb test was very close. For the moment I was quite satisfied with this very small error. I would have been satisfied had I been several hours out.

Newsweek magazine reported:

“Drilling for future nuclear tests - Last week’s underground test of an ‘advanced nuclear weapon’ at Pahute Mesa, north of Las Vegas, foreshadows even bigger blasts. The atomic energy commission has drilled several cased holes a mile deep in Central Nevada 100 miles north of the present test site. It has let further contracts for construction of four test holes to a depth of 6000 feet on Amchitka, the fourth island from the end of the Aleutian chain. These holes take a year and a half to drill and mine out at the bottom. In essence the AEC is stockpiling holes in the ground against future test requirements.”


Photo-copy of predictions of atom tests to be carried out by French scientists at Mururoa Island in the Pacific, in 1968,

handwritten and predated by the head of a government department in Auckland City, New Zealand.

The actual time shown is that of the hydrogen bomb.

I was informed that this note was passed on to four other government departments before the test date.


Recent computer lists of the geometric positions of many atomic tests carried out at the Nevada test site show that a great number of them have been detonated on positions which straddle a latitude of 37.1195° north. This would create a reciprocal harmonic of 2694, an average value related to the unified equations discovered in my research.

In my earlier publications I indicated that a mass value was possibly utilized for the Aleutian Island tests. Now that I have computers to work with I believe that a more accurate set of values can be demonstrated which would allow the geometric harmonics, required for successful detonation, to be fulfilled. A position of 51° 25’ 10.85” north/ 179° 24’ 00” east, on the south east end of the island would be ideal as a test site. The great circle distance from this point to longitude 180°, at the same latitude is:

1347 seconds of arc; which is a half harmonic of 2694; the average value derived from the unified equations.

The circumference of the parallel of latitude at 51° 25’ 10.85” is:

13470 minutes of arc, or nautical miles, relative to the Equator.

This again is a half harmonic of 2694 (unified equation) Other harmonics which are associated with this position and grid pole “B” in the north have connections with gravitation. This will be explained more fully in later works.

For interest, the test site of Bikini Island and Eniwetok are 11° 35’ north latitude, which equals 695 minutes of arc. This figure, 695, is the harmonic of the speed of light reciprocal, or 1/1439. Johnson Island is 169.5° west longitude.

Note: It has been discovered in later research that the speed of light is not a constant over the earth’s surface. It varies in relation to gravity acceleration. This in turn causes a slight variation of the values derived from the unified equations. This will be more fully explained in future publications.


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